Safe Use & Operating Instructions

I. SAFETY ASSEMBLIES: Lever Type & Locking Pin  All Competitor & Standard Series spearguns we use a Lever Type Safety. When the lever is all the way down, your safety is ON. The spearshaft will not engage the mechanism at this time. When the lever is all the way up, the safety is OFF. Note: If the safety is not all the way down it may not be on safe.  All Mid-Handle & Metal Tech Series spearguns we use a Locking Pin Safety. Pulling up on the safety hoop will release the holding pin. Raise the lever in a vertical position while the cable is coming out of the rear stock. Place the pin in front of the rear mounting bolt of mechanism and take the palm of your hand and push down on the back of the locking pin to engage safety. To release, twist the locking pin back and forth gently, lifting the pin out of mechanism. At the same time, push down on the hoop to push cable back into the hole, locking tightly between the two small pins or tabs.  All Euro Series spearguns use an updated Lever Type Safety. Back is SAFE, front is FIRE.

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First be sure the safety is OFF Place spearshaft under power bans and on to grooved track located on top of the speargun stock. To assure spearshaft is properly engaged, hold shaft in hand near the front of the spearshaft, slide the end of the spearshaft into mechanism giving a firm push to overcome spring tension. Push and pull on the spearshaft to ensure full trigger engagement. DO NOT slam the spearshaft into position. This may damage firing mechanism. Before loading bands be sure to place safety into ON position. To prevent damage to the spearshaft and mechanism it is best to use a Velcro Strap around the barrel of speargun and shaft while transporting out of water. INSTALLING SHOOTING LINE:

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String line from forward tab up to the line plate located on the front of the muzzle. Place line under plate and move across the top of the spearshaft to the line groove on the muzzle. From the muzzle groove bring the line back down to the line release From line release string line back up to the line anchor located under the muzzle. String line over line anchor back down to the line release connecting the last wrap around the line release.

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INSTALLING POWER BANDS: Wet bands and slide into position equally. INSTALLING SPEARSHAFT: Installing the spearshaft into firing mechanism should be done with care. o

Recommended black monofilament shooting line for the following shaft sizes:

 1/16” S. Mono  3/8” (9. You may loosen or tighten the tip by using an adjustable opened wrench on the machine flats under spearhead barbs. Black Coated Cable – 500 lb.35mm) & 17/64” (6. Follow by polishing with a new cloth. Take both hands and pull power band to the first tab (closest to the front). You may keep this stub for your records. To maintain a new finish on your teak stock we recommend the Teak Maintenance Kit. raise speargun by the power band to high stomach area and finish loading to other tabs. Black Coated Cable – 270 lb. Use spray lubricant in mechanism to maintain smooth operation. placing other hand at butt of the speargun. After use. Let dry before storing. Mono Optional line: Serial #: ___________________________________ Model #: ___________________________________ Date Purchased: _____________________________ Care & Maintenance  3/64” S.S.1mm) & 5/16” (8mm) Shafts = 300 or 400 lb. 6. (50 kg) stretched)  3/4” (19mm) (135 lb. Light oil may be applied to spearshaft to prevent corrosion while in storage. free from heat and sunlight. Replace worn or damaged shooting line to prevent loss of spearshaft.S. (Speargun does .S.  Apply #1 Teak Oil with a clean dry cloth. After rinsing. The Rest Tab is for ease of loading and short shots. Swing into stomach area. Two bands can be loaded per tab Spearshaft with Rest Tab: Place butt end on your hip to load the power band to the rest tab. o o o Please detach and mail your warranty card for your guarantee. 7.5mm) Shafts = 400 lb. Apply generous amounts of fresh water to the trigger mechanism and handle. 5. To prolong the life of the power bands. store in an airtight bag. Thank you for choosing RIFFE! 8. Non-Coated Cable – 500 lb. (39 kg) stretched)  5/8” (16mm) (110 lb. (61 kg) stretched) o Take the first power band in one hand. 3. flush with fresh water. 1. 1/4” (6. The second power band should be loaded on the second tab & third. turn speargun in the opposite direction to drain. When removing spearhead from the spearshaft use a vice or vice grips to hold the shaft in place.75mm) Shafts= 200 or 250 lb. After loading to rest tab. 2. We recommend low strength thread locking compound to prevent corrosion or loss of spearhead. Especially the Metal Tech Series spearguns due to possible corrosion when used in salt water. (32 kg) stretched)  9/16” (14mm) (85 lb. Mono  9/32” (7. Maintain sharpness of spearhead by hand filing. V. 4. LOADING POWER BANDS: Power Band Sizes:  1/2” (13mm) (70 lb.  1/16” S.

“DIVE SAFE”   The RIFFE speargun has been used for many years by blue water and bottom hunters with outstanding results.  For total refinish or touch up. When loading speargun. Never fire speargun out of water. FISH FOR THE FUTURE Selective divers set their sights on only those few prize game fish they will enjoy eating . Scotch Bright (plastic wool) may be used to remove any marks from stock. Only use RIFFE replacement parts to ensure safe operation. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause damage to stock’s finish and power bands. Never leave a loaded speargun unattended. use RIFFE Speargun Bag. (Partial dismantle may be required). make sure of your target. Armoral protectant may also be used to maintain the stock’s finish. For proper storage and transporting of speargun. light sanding is suggested.  To maintain new finish on your Metal Tech speargun.not have to be dismantled to during this process). 9. Apply #2 Teak Oil and let dry for 48 hours. The RIFFE design is the most advanced rubber powered speargun on the market today. Avoid dropping speargun in the sand which may cause clogging of pushrod and mechanism assembly. Then apply #1 oil as noted in section a. TIPS & PRECAUTIONS WHILE USING YOUR RIFFE:       Never load speargun out of the water.  Before leaving the water always unload your speargun and place the tip protector on spearhead. Fire speargun with arm locked and fully extended to prevent recoil.