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2000-2006 Context

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Social Context Cultural Context Political Context Decade
Economic Context
Dominating Dominating Dominating Dominating - Y2K’s failure to
Factors: Factors: Factors: Factors: happen increased the
-Suicide rates rose -More designers try -President Clinton’s -Bursting of Tech nation’s sense of
from 2001-2003 Westernized looks term ended Bubble comfort, making us
-Marijuana usage -9/11 causes shifts -Focus on more -U.S. has highest more vulnerable to
rose from 2001- in attitudes government income per capita disaster
2003 -Solar towers spending -Spike in -9/11 has huge effect
-Bush’s popularity energy and hybrid -Importance placed unemployment on the nation
rose after 9/11 and cars on the fight against -Rise in population Green Movement has
the capturing of -More masculinity terrorism -Rise in inflation an effect on fashion
Saddam Hussein in women’s looks -Tax cuts made to -Median household and vice versa
-Spike in cell phone -T.V. shows try and spur income increases -Hurricane Katrina
usage captured patriotism investing -Record National gets the U.S.
-Rise in internet -Music moved from -Hurricane Katrina Average High set for involved, pulling
usage more pop to more sends U.S. a gallon of gasoline together to support
-Cosmetic surgery hip-hop and later resources and -Teenagers become their country (9/11
procedures more rap money to help in a larger target market helped fuel this need
increased -Green movement time of need -Increase in K-12 for patriotism)
-Green Movement gained momentum -Homeland security funding -Increase in
-Shortage of and Foreign Policy -Decrease in travel government
gasoline, causing gained importance -More houses are spending- War and
prices to skyrocket and financial seen on the market Hurricane Katrina
-Highest Hybrid support for sale -Rise and fall of
sales -Energy Bush’s popularity due
conservation is to increase and
heavily researched importance of
-Increase in airport information transfers
security -Increase in the price
-Support for of gasoline causes
military campaigns citizens to participate
-Research on in the Green
weapons of mass Movement, because
destruction in other not everyone can
countries afford gas
-Healthcare -Fluctuations in
becomes more of unemployment rate,
an important issue calls on workers for
military purposes,
and later eliminates
positions due to
national debt
Release in regulations
on loan market,
made it possible for
virtually anyone to be
approved, whether
they could
realistically make the
payment or not,
which increased our
national debt.

Hidden Currents: Hidden Currents: Hidden Currents: Hidden Currents: Key Players:
-Greater need for -More conservative -Congress lacks -Teenagers strongly -Military/war
quick information clothing seen after action for Green influenced by the -Teenagers
transfers can 9/11, shows a Movement media, which results -Green Movement
correlate with subtle attitude. -Focus on Hurricane in larger spending supporters
Bush’s popularity -Re-evaluation of Katrina, puts the -The war draws
increase due to the nation’s resources Green Movement workers into the
importance of -More organic on the back burner workforce,
having the material seen in -Anti-terrorism and decreasing the
information as soon fashion mirroring patriotism becomes unemployment rate,
as it happened. Green Movement less of an important soon after 9/11.
-Marijuana usage -Songs gained topic as we moved -Once the nation’s
can cause greater sadness and strong further away from situation levels, less
depression rates, words to show our 9/11 workers are need,
which can spark attitudes on causing a spike in
higher suicide rates. terrorism unemployment in
-Rise in internet -T.V. shows 2004
usage creates need reflected our -Consumer spending
for faster attitudes to be drops due to the lack
information patriotic citizens of confidence of
transfers, and a who would stand by receiving Social
constant need to our country in a Security during
stay “in the loop” time of need retirement
-Troops returning -Recession increases
from the war can fast fashion
contribute to higher
suicide rates, if
suffering from PTSD