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Miguel Angel Mendaro

Copyright 2013 I Am Maico

For you.

If I said that I was born on October 9 , 1854; I will probably draw

yself in blac! and white.

I agine then if I said that I a not yet born, that it will happen on the 4" th of October of the year 1,#$%,8#4& I definitely would draw yself with any, any colors& 'undreds, thousands, illions, billions, trillions(

I am an artist!
And I li)e *ust by and for her+ ,iolet, y i agination&

-he whispers to e& .hen that happens I write or open y etal bo/ of crayons& 0here they are all placed+ thirty1si/ pencils sorted by colors& I ha)e spent all night thin!ing about her& My one true lo)e2 I li)e in so ething li!e a bubble that isolates e under the sea, cal today& 3ro down here I see the stars that ha)e dropped to be cradled on the water4s surface& It is )ery beautiful and e)en ore when she sings to e fro the distance& 5ut I can4t, I shouldn4t2

6ow I state+ I was born the 4"th of October of the year 1,#$%,8#4, and li)e in 1854; specifically as y diary confir s, I arri)ed the 9th of October, when October had fewer days& And y duty is to obser)e without interfering& 5ut then she ca e&&&

Gi)e e a word and I will sow it, e brace it, and lo)e it& 0ogether, let4s wait until it grows& -ooner rather than later, I4 con)inced that fro that word will grow a s all stal!& And later rather than early it will be a tree and we will obtain infinite and pure lyric& 0he bucolic tree foliage that roc!s beneath the ocean currents2 It is not fantasy& 0hat is what happened2 -he ga)e e a word that I planted in the deep sea floor& And I did it *ust for her, for e, and for the & 3or all, 3or you&&&

Last night I saw a fisher an fishing& I was trying to fi/ a co ple/ proble that for so e reason ade y bubble ship not to respond properly& My ission was finished and I had to return to y ti e2 0he fact that the fisher an whistled with true de)otion and deep feeling helped e not to worry& 5ut the 7uestion re ained there+ will I re ain fore)er in this ti e8 And if so, could I li)e or will I die if y bubble failed8 5ut I re e bered that I was an artist& And that I had pictures& I also lo)e writing& I still could not gi)e up and resign yself to die2 I wanted to li)e by and for her& ,iolet( My one true lo&&&

I stayed a long ti e loo!ing and listening& 'is boat roc!ed in a sea increasingly rough& 'e could not see e because y bubble can disguise itself as does a cuttlefish& 5ut it was when I lit a fire when I really caught his attention& I felt an uncontrollable desire to go up and e/plain that was possible, how we had astered the art of sub arine fire& 5ut I re e bered+ 9o not interfere& And if he saw e, he would definitely thin! that I a an alien fro so e other world&&& And that4s not true222 :.itchcraft2; 'e suddenly shouted& I laughed so hard that he probably heard e because he left 7uic!ly fro there& 5ut in less than an hour he returned with another fisher an& 0hen another and another, and a priest2 I don4t !now how to describe it, but their fascination <in a purple color= and their fear <in a yellow color= were i/ed together in their loo!s of astonish ent <gi)ing an unbelie)able e/traordinary color=& I decided to put out y fire& 5ut suddenly y bubble ship began to rise uncontrollably& .hen it finally stopped it stayed static at three feet abo)e the sea le)el& 3or ore co plication, the ca ouflage syste did not respond& -o I was a helpless cuttlefish that had *ust bro!en the cardinal rule+ do not interfere&

There I was+ le)itating faced towards that group of )illagers in a couple of boats& 6obody said anything and neither did I for caution& 0hey see ed to ha)e no fear at all, but hundreds of illions of billions of trillions of 7uestions& And one of the )entured to as!& 0he 7uestion ca e out of his outh and flew to y ears& Who am I? 'e as!ed& Who am I? I am an artist! I replied, and of course I showed the y ideas, drawings; writings &&& and that I had planted a seed in the botto of the seabed& In that way I a)oided answering the 7uestion& I could not tell the in any way that I was one of the , a )ulgar and :e)ol)ed; hu an being fro the year 1,#$%,854 who escaped fro the future to see! inspiration in the past& A future so difficult to understand &&& 0here one was prohibited fro planting words2 0hey surprised e so uch2 Instead of starting a witch hunt, they loo!ed with fascination at y wor!& ;He is really an artist. May I ask you what did you planted down there? What is it? What is it! I replied+ :I planted the word that she ga e me! !iolet! My one true lo e! Who is your "elo ed# i$ you allow su%h a "old &uestion? :'he is the one that allows me to $ly# sing# dream...! (nd what word did she gi e you! It must "e a "eauti$ul one... It is a gorgeous se%ret! ... ( se%ret that we will $lourish sooner rather than later! )h !iolet# you did it!

*ays passed without seeing anyone again here& My bubble ship was repaired and returned to ca ouflage under water after answering all their 7uestions& 6ow they !now that I planted a word and that I will be lea)ing soon& Oh, y !ind and poor guests2 .hat ha)e I done2 In the century that I a in now, they are probably hanging fro their nec!s in the s7uare& >robably sentenced to death for telling illogical and stupid )isions filled with ridiculous ideas& .hat i prudence2

.hy did all this happen82 I a see a word sprout2 6ow I can only ourn&

so selfish2 And all this because I wanted to

-he, y ,iolet, painted terrible pictures that I a 5ut&&& .hat do I hear8 .hat do I see8 .hat2

trying not to draw &&&

*rifting glass bottles co e to

e with

essages inside& 0hey did

not die2 0hey tell e with *oy that they ha)e chosen to re ain silent and !eep y secret safe& -ecretly, they share y feelings+ ?)ery night they drea with her, *ust li!e e2 And they are intrigued to !now what word ,iolet ga)e e to plant&

I draw the answer because I a

&&& an artist2

@ 'eart in -panish&

0he word has sprung up this orning2 I could not help it+ ,iewing an outbrea! fro the earth with the word :heart; ade e cry all the tears that were inside of e& -he ga)e e the ost beautiful word that a hu an being could e)er i agine to plant& 0his outbrea! a!es It really does2 y *ourney worth it&

!iolet, e, the and one heart& Its branches reach up to tic!le the stars& Its falling lea)es produce new born gala/ies& 0he roots touch the heart of the uni)erse& 6ot e)en ,iolet could ha)e drawn e such a great beauty& I4 laughing and crying at the sa e ti e2 'ey, and I do it in blac! and white& .ith the purest and deepest *oy e)er i aginable&

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