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Suggestions of good web sites for class preparation and material selection: The sections are only for

grouping certain functions, but most sites are overlapping

READING This web site is really helpful if you want to provide some reading comprehension activities, vocabulary, flashcards. We can find some news. They are easy to be understood and the students like them. Reader s digest. There are many interesting articles. Teen maga!ine website. "t is interesting because of the content and vocabulary, specially designed for adolescents. There we can find information about the male and female soccer team from #S$. "t%s good to practice reading te&t and we can see some sport e&pressions during a soccer match shown on'line. http: http: http: time http:

www.studentso$ Students and teachers can interact with people from all over the world, e&changing ideas and culture facts. "t%s really interesting. $ site especially for students up to (). *reat to practice the target language and also learn others. There are people connected from all over the world.

GA%ES$ There are many cool games, such as boardgames, pu!!les, crosswords related to a sort of vocabulary, grammar and themes. www.lantern$ $ game with different topics to be worked with kids + teens. www.&oga& content view '() *+ www.&oga& content view )'( *+ www.woodlands,& games inde-.html http: www.esl, There are nice board games.

GRA%%AR There are good e&planations and e&ercises as well. "t is a good resource to be used when preparing classes. With loads of movie activities. There are good grammar e&planations. There are lots of activities about grammar, vocab, reading, listening, it,s very well organi!ed and the activities are separated by topics and then by levels, there also some videos, worksheets etc. http: pastper$ectcontinuous menu.php " usually use these e&ercises in class, so that students can use the interactive board This web site mi&es $merican and -ritish .nglish in some e&ercises.

www.esl$ There are some photocopiable e&ercises and online ones. We can find some topics to be worked in speaking classes. /ne has got to become a member to take advantage of all the resources it offers, but it,s for free. $mong other things, on that site you are able to download activities and e&ercises, read articles on teaching .nglish, and also take part in different forums, which " find very interesting and useful. http:

www.english,( There are many activities for kids, celebrations and others, it s free and we can print. http: www.writing$ "t teachs kids how to write. There are some videos and tips for kids en0oy themselves in holydays. There is a lot of information about many topics, as 1family1, 1health1, 1recipes1, and 1holidays1. This one offers the history of $merican holidays, celebrations and printables.

0RI!IS3 "45N"I1 .&ercises, podcasts and others. http: learnenglish,central,grammar,past,per$ect.htm This site is good for teachers who want further e&planation about grammar etc http:

00" 2ocus on 1sounds of .nglish1 the videos are really nice. http: worldservice learningenglish $latmates inde-.shtml

DI"!I4NARIES "t,s a website which finds dictionaries. http: http: www.the$ http: http:

http: 3ou,ve *ot 4ail R.5#6: e&cerpt from the movie 13ou,ve *ot 4ail1, with 4eg Ryan and Tom 7anks. "t is very useful for teaching abbreviations in .nglish 8the main characters are typing instant messages to each other9.

www.esl$ This one " usually use for speaking activities: although there are writing, reading and other kinds of activities, ",ve only tried the speaking ones9

!ES!S There are lots of tests about different topics like movies, personality, "; tests etc. http: #4"A0S3EE!S actions actions.html " usually take advantage from its <ui!!es.

http: pronunciation.html "t also has some good e&ercises of pronunciation for beginners= http: 7acadtech phonetics To learn about the sounds and phonetic symbols. home demos tts tts8e-ample.php "mportant to practice the listening and to learn about pronunciation. http:

http: http: 4ake your own page. http:

http: students ;cc<br=sel1anguage<en 4y favorites are $merican headway and new headway. http: http: www.esl, http: www.davesca$ http: www.english,to, http: http: bra>il http: www.t(tenglish.u$ http: http:$

http: 4ake your own survey http: http: http: http: http: www.te$ esl,lesson,plans esl,worksheets,tp.htm http: blog http: home demos tts tts8e-ample.php

http: citi>ens holida.s.shtml http: etc... "reate .our English,practice site@ ASee BI practice EnglishC $or a sampleD