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Excerpt from the Smoke Shop Days
Webermc.. n wa s never c; ui te happy while ther e was s t ill a part l eft
f or h i m t o pl a y. The onl y r eal pl easure he got out of lif e was pl aying
t he part where he was c oi gnisent of ot hers fea rs and shortcomings and
used t heru to his advantage . That 1·1as Hhy he 1v- as secret ly f ear ed s o by
those who lme1·1 hi m well.
ifuen one found onesel f as weak a s Weberman found hi ms el f , the t J J
al terna tive open t o him was t o di seniage his fears of the s light est
11\F- fi.
pres t i g _t o them in er t o gain'''\sc endcy over
hi msel f and those around him. He attempted t o teach hi mself t o vi ew hi sli
as t hey Here , to look at them from 811 angl es a nd t hrough a ll availubl e
l enses i n order t o deta ch hi msel f , t o liberat e hi msel f from hi s fears
and thus render t hem innoocuous . But h e una bl e .
How one Sl ips s ilent l y fr om vi r t u e int o the dept hs of depavl t y . One
hardl y realizesftuntil i t i s t o l a te . Fear guid es one s t ea t hly int o t he
wai t i ng a byss of moI?al l axi t y as su..rl y as t he omnipresent br eeze guided
the fea th erlik e smolce from t he tip of the joint which 11eberi:i_nn hel d bet-
ween h is boney f ingers , ac• ross the room and out of the wi ndow, t o
ally circul a t e t h e unlfo1901-1inc peopl e 1·1ho pass ed beloii .
We berman arose from the ma tress :J.nd spri ng which s erved h i m a s a
bed , a couch and an al t er , and swi tched off the exposed light , wi t hout
s aying a word. Cri me s huns t he light ; i t f ear s anyt hi ng which mi gh t ex-
pos e i t and bri ne i t ouvertl y bef ore ot h er s . I t i s s afe only when i t wr &PS
- H
i tsel f in t he shAdows of mystery and the shourd of He t urned to
t he s ilent f i gure n ext t o h i m and immedi a t l y spoke .
Eve1-:yt hing contra ry t o morality a nd religion ha s al ways gi ven me
V"l ll )-t
the t pl easure , a nd I hav e a lways been a pposed to anyt hing -whi ch
doesnot offend either virtue or ones sensi bilities . All t h e s i ns which I
hav e commi tt ed lhn Ghe pas t ha ve caused me no bu t I do conf ess t o

you that I won
t b e rendering you a servic e i f I a llow you t o
partake of this v ile drug" .
Bu t the ca d knew t hat hi s henious ivarning 1-rnul d only encourage
t he perverse a nd pa t h ologi cal tendenci es whi ch he h a d previous l y
detected i n Ann, a n d smi l e on h i s lip's i ndicated complete con-
fmden ce i n fuis di scovery . Ann, a t h ouhly uns cr upulous gi r l, comb ined
a ll the qu a l ities that exci te v i ce a nd offend mod esty . As Web erman
g l anced at t he f irm figure reclining a short di s tance fr om where
sat , the thoughts t hat went throuc;h hfus mind , a l r eady con tami nated by
drug s , i-Tere s o d ebas ing , s o v ile , I bl ush t o revel them. The
of t h e perver ted mi nd and t he c a lumy i t i s c a pabl e of perpetrati ng
can s ome t i mes be convayed onl y t o t he c old s ou l. To t he f i end I des -
c r i be , there was no t hing more i mpotant thon t roubl ine; ot h ers . He \'7QS
content onl y Hhen there was <t mpl e mi s ery surrounding h i m.
As he smelt ed the thin narco t i c a i grette a nd inha l ed t he mi stlike
smoke deep i nto his l ung t i es , he err a t ic a lly brolce i n t o s hort
peel s of l augh ter . I ns tan taneouslyl\revel ed t h e depravi ty of h is s oul.
The l a ugh t er f i l l ed the a ir. of the room, wafteed by t he s li,;ht breez e
eminati ng from t h e cra ck in the wi ndow, <-' nd i n t ermingl ed . 1v i t h t he
smol\:e of dr u g . I t ca used one who chanced to i nha l e t hi s gaseous
suspension n aus ea i n its most c:[ t reme sens e , nausea of t he s oul . I t
was a n ausea i n whi ch one Has fore c d t o bring t o the   through
a s ort of reverse periste.l s i s of t h e i nnermost s oul , t he :f ear of a ll
manlci n d .
Th e venom of a los t s oul diffused t hough ou t t he lonel y t enement
s omewhere i n t he r:;,re.y nigh t of the Midlle 1"Test of Amer i ca , a nd s l ol'll j
f ound i ts way t o a no t her , who momen taril y shared a comn en des t i ny
with Web er man . And b ot h moved further and further t oward Lhe very
end of the ni;·;ht ..•• Let us s hudder !
Leaning over the bed, Hebe.eman reached f _or a small paper envelope which was hidden
by the darlmess. He fel t around with his fingers until he chanced upon it, l ying near
an empty bottl e of Colt 45. He eX8mined tho contents with his thumb and fogefinger and
and tol d Ann that he had gotten "an excedingly bad count "• Thai he emptied the contents
e onto a sheet of paper which he used expressly f or this purpose. I t was impos sible to
disern the color of the drug in the dark, but he noticed i t was clean, that i s it con-
tained no twigs or seeds. An expression of contentment passed ov er the face of our hero,
as he examined the r' rug more meti culously in the drear l ight of doom. He then produced
a packa13e of cigarett e papprs , two of which he ext.racted from the package. He wet the
gum on one of them, with the tip of h1Jis totmge, and attatched it to the other on the far
side of the gumless f ~ e   A small ridge was thus brought into existence into which he
pl aced pinches of the drug. After a sui'ficent ammount :irof t he drug had been transfered
in this fashion , he r oiln. ed the thin paper into a f irm cyl inder, and wet the entire cig-
a.rett e by injecting it into his mouth. Ttirnimr toward Ann. he sai d :
"Here, taJce it, t he first one is tlways free •
Innocent peopl e , those who never suspect the evil mn others of which they themsel ve
are mcapabl e of, are readily taken in by the f ir st scoundral who happens to seize upon
them. For someone l ike "Weberman, there wa s much ease and l l ttl e glory in dec icving them. I
He did it only to demean himself, and by doing it did not even prove his tolent to vice,
but .instead added greater meanme to virtue .
He handed her the jay, startme; Ann on the road which l eads to nothing at all. She
l ooked at the joint, t hen pl aced it between her lips. After s eachmg h is pokets and find-
9 ing no matches, Weberman a.rose and went over to the chest of drawers, grasping in the
do.rk f or a pack of matches .
tiil'lll me i
:rJl&l!l. out of matches •••• the gate to a kinsdom of the mirlq., and t he
key, roerly a mat!ch.
"I t hink I have some in my pocket-book
Ann said, sealing her doom.
m1ile Ann was rummaging through her pocket book, ti oberman turned on the record play;
er, putinc 01a a. Disc by Col trane. The s ound uf jazz circulated t hr oufj1out t l1r e
r oom, whi ch uus completl y darlc.
I t hink I shall l i eht a candl e f oo p!'esidcnt Kennedy "
An<l Heber rnan l it the t h ick red condle with one o!f the matches j ust hrndecl to him
by hi s accor.1pl i sroc in s lk.'l]!le, Ann.
Het it first , so i t doe sn
t burn t o qui cl(Ly
and 1-Teberno.n sat c.101m next t o
\ m. After a preg11ant pause /Inn lite the j oint .
She causiousl y brought the e;r ass t owar d her l ips wh ich were poised to inhoJ.e.
Then she inhaJ.od.
Ho Ann , you mu st draw a ir in alnoc with the smoke , i t isx absolut l y i mper iti ve
t hat t he smoke d!'rom the drug i s thr oughl y mi., "'{ed wit h the air which
Taking the joy f r on A.l'.ln
s hand he put it t o hi s lips , i nhaled , then took in a lung
full of a ir . He kept the se short bre athes a s l ong o. s he coul d , and
finally he exhaled . No smoke l eft him.
Then he handed t he j oint to Ann . She ber;ro1 t o smoke it a s he per s cribcd.
One never f i nds ones 01.m way mto t he dar lme s s , f or , their i s always s ome-
one who i s will ing t o aqaint you wi t h hi s partit..' for m of escape in orrler t hat
he may be mor e Gecure knowi11g tha t he is not clone. Dut his happm e ss, l il:e n1l
happine s s built on others mi sf'ortune:s, will n enr l y aluays turn to a cur se bef or e
ui sbing
the lifetime of t he s condral ends . Those who e4:I; freel y aid other s ill
di vinit y
the spark of d;i,yi...i;Q which e; od plo.ccs i n   t heir ::Jonl, c.s he pla.ccs in
all men s soul s , shnll burn their lives out eternally i n sl:epi s isra ruld cl i sill us ion-
"Pot i s a r elief f rom o.. r edundant rit ualistic wa,y of l ife, f or witll"mt the
cannab is pl ant there is only ter r or . I can rej oice only when I am st oned
not beca11se of the dr ug but t her e is sor1ethinG miss ing in ny per sonolit.y
vban I am strdeht which forbides me to be happy. Marijuana burning almdy
Sn the sldnJv' cdgllt"Gtte and inba:l.od deeply' through 'the jrrattod tbrod into
1'4> '!> f &H 0
the rott en lungs af'f'orda the teabead J;1Q1 "°""much pare pleasnre, but-"= •Mlwr a1l.ovll
es-<- i... -
h!m tA> see the bouvert pleasure 1n t.til•* th1ng11, snob u mnsic.Jrt or sex. Ann, you
know tho best cmre :f'or lonlmeae is the bush. You oan enjoy your own cauciousness
'?"'..,_ '-r...._ .
and nothing else. It trees me soo:lta1 restraints • .Ind Liaton to the
tidal wave& of tho Trane, a swirling surf' of sensation ell aroun4 ym;;untn , t;r the
. · 5£tz£5 '"t'
sndrling increase& to its anitb. and pi-esantimnt of Nirvana,!\ a gigantic farce-
tull fl.av araeldne dawn upon ..a,you,     are thrust onto tho super&0f't snnd.
where you lq everso still, tr&nq'UilJ.y to the gont.1.e irlnd you can t1:Wlk
of' nothlng but beaufU' and you fool only ecstaeu.

.Jjalr:. one .ai becomcs COI!1}l1.elty ab3Urd. You.._ be.bbl.a !ncohcrent11' or speak v.lth
!mpeocable eloq11anoe and enunciation end say nothing or something bcmtifUl. Ann, ymi
ebal1 ooon knov the sac:r.-oo powro of' Cumabis ean •t svaryone! •
. bad !t
llebarmon bEilievod nothing of' what he had just aa1d. He/ aaid/}rmarly because
of hie evil chm-acter and his desire to c6nv.inco A."m that 11Bl'l:1'W• kai&
-..£ through merijmma ono ·could attain tmlimited pleasure. He hod oocn to L'lD.ey
akvard things m his time to be content vith a mere drug snpplmc an ansuer.• to bhe
suf'f'erings of' his 11.f'e.
Evory-tme Ami vmild take a drug on the joint, the wuld smile to that
she vo.s d1gg1.Dg it. It ue.s f .irst tme sho had ew:r ::JmOkod and w.s
because of the ebeensce of arq direct phisolog:ical efi'ect.
A3y' tMs t1mo
our hero, to drug hlmat41' into a state of almost
total. ohlivicm• 'Wherein ho was oapeble of oomprending nothing, save a slight
between h1s leg&. Ilo then became conscious of an erection which he had all night, .in
fact all e.:ttorrmon, and of which he \1llS beco:mtng oore oonscious of socon6 by eocon.d.
The dmJg bad burned down to a butt• callod by those vho perlake in the smoking
the nru:rcoti c hemp resin of the female cannabis sativa bud, a
In this advanced state of narcotic intoxication, something ext:tfa had been added
to Weberman
s viperous appearence. Under the f oul influence of marijuana, one could
detect a subtle reflection in the eyea of om· herp; possibly a g1irrnner of r ernourse .
Upon piliminary exam:i.nation, immediatly, be pvercome by the
of Heberman
s externnl appearance and one be revolted by it. Then, perhaps
after he had spoken, the feel ing of r evulsion HJuld :evolve into ane of pity. And it
is the same '· i th the other apostl es of drugs and vice. T-here isn 1t one of them, who,
if he for one instant could be s:i.ncere and could tell t..h.e truth, wouildn ' t admit that
he ahs blinded himself to the truth ancl wishes to blind eve;vyone else aro' him.
Unconsciously he knows that he is rnistaJrnn, o.nd wants else to be mista}::en
along with h:iJ.n. Yet if one pi erce s the externfil outer shell, and one peers into the
depths m!B his soule, one would fing only sorrow ahd remonsc •• •••
Thus was the plight that A1nn Boph Weberman found himself. His entire l ife was
was based on the phisical state of his mind. He was afraid to look to himself .for · an
answer, afraid of what he mi[{ht find. lt was better for him to eo on kidding himself
along   to to let others help him :iJ.1 tM_.e self clecption.
Hea:rnrhile, us the drug began to taJce effect on Ann, "
eberr1B.n bep,an to tap his
fingers nervousl y alnog with the music.
"Whats the matter'?
asked Ann axiously.
1'Nothing, except I am wasted" end Weberman l et out a l augh which slowly 4Qe
d is-mterga.ted into the night radiating siclamss and disease. A scizm formed ,
s eperatru:ig

world of insidiousness and venom, from the world of reality.
"This pot gives you hallucinations, its r eally bomb shit "
Compl etly l ost in the wind:iJ.1g passage-way of his ovm mind, \'leberman jounied to
the l imits
' ..