October 7, 2009

Google Sidewiki and Its Implications for Pharma Brands
Rosetta Point of View and Recommendations


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Purpose of This Document
This Point of View (POV) is meant to simply explain to pharma marketers:
• What • Why

is Google Sidewiki?

is it important to your brand’s website? should you do about Google Sidewiki?

• What

This POV will also provide several options for minimizing the risks associated with Google Sidewiki, and recommends you develop and implement a plan of action as soon as possible. These recommendations are offered as general principles; any specific brand or client will naturally need to assess their particular situation and act in accord with their company policies and legal guidance.


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First: What is a “Wiki”?
• A

wiki is a website that allows users to add and update content user generated content is largely unmanaged – although content can be corrected by other users is made possible by Wiki software that runs on the Web server end up being created mainly by a collaborative effort of site visitors

• his T

• his T

• ikis W

A great example of a large wiki is Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia in many languages that anyone can edit


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So What is Google Sidewiki?
• oogle G

Sidewiki is a browser sidebar that lets you contribute and read information alongside any web page order to contribute and view Google Sidewiki content, all that is necessary is for a user:

• n I

– To have a Google account – To download and install an add-on to the Google Toolbar for either Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser

• It

launched September 23, 2009


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What does Google Sidewiki Look Like?
CDC Website without Google Sidewiki

Same CDC Website with Google Sidewiki

User comments on CDC Website via Google Sidewiki

Note: Sidewiki comments can also be specific to individual page elements (e.g. one sentence of text), and when this happens, the page element that the comment applies to is highlighted within the page.


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How Does Google Sidewiki Work?
• he T

user simply goes to your website, and enters in a comment on Sidewiki:

– It looks like it is a part of your website – Other users who have Sidewiki and come to your site will see all the postings • he T

comments are not posted in chronological order, but rather the position is determined by a combination of factors, including (but not limited to):

– Content of the web page – Quality of the comment as voted by other Sidewiki users – The commenter’s Google Profile history and authority (a Google account is required to use Sidewiki) – Importantly, the site owner is entitled to post the first comment visible on the page •

Comments are permanent unless deleted by the user who posted it or if it violates the comment policy (no porn, hate speech, etc.) See Google Sidewiki Homepage: http://www.google.com/sidewiki


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Will Google Sidewiki Matter for Healthcare?


Patients are constantly seeking new ways to learn about health information on the web. I find it exciting that Google Sidewiki provides a new platform for sharing medical information with users who are seeking additional background or context about this important topic.

President of Preventive Medicine Research Institute

Source: Newsfactory.com, “Now You Can Comment on Web Pages with SideWiki” , Patricia Resende, 9/23/09


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Why is Google Sidewiki Important to Your Brand?
1 Control of pharmaceutical brands’ online assets is being challenged 2 Comments are already appearing on the first page of Sidewiki entries on pharma brand sites – and most are negative 3 The FDA could perceive Sidewiki entries as an integral part of a brand site


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1 Control of pharmaceutical brands’ online assets is being challenged
• Google

Sidewiki empowers patients, HCPs and caregivers (anyone) to share relevant information alongside almost any web page challenges your ability to manage your Brand’s online presence:
Sidewiki (it is already happening in pharma)

• This

1 On-site: Damaging comments could be left on your site’s 2 Within Search Engines: Sidewiki comments could play a role in search engine rankings and achieve first-page listings on their own 3 Within Social Networking Sites: Sidewiki comments are easily shared on sites like Facebook and Twitter


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2 Comments are already appearing on the first page of Sidewiki entries on pharma brand sites
• To

date, the majority of comments we have found are negative, including:

— Amgen Homepage: Enbrel and Aranesp — AstraZeneca: Seroquel XR product page — Merck Homepage: Vioxx, Gardasil, Vytorin brands — Pfizer: Viagra Product Page

Most pharma brands have no comments at this time:
— However, we expect the number of comments (positive and negative) to increase (think of Facebook and Twitter’s proliferation) — The latest Google Toolbar launched on July 1, 2009 a nd has over 4 million users to date (the original toolbar has tens — of millions of users, and launched over 5 years ago)


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3 The FDA could perceive Sidewiki entries as an integral part of a brand site
• If

a Sidewiki comment were to contain an adverse event mention, would the brand be responsible for reporting to the FDA? especially could apply if a site owner exercises the privilege of controlling the first Sidewiki entry displayed guidance may come after the November 2009 FDA “open hearing” on the Internet and social media

• This

• More


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Example of Negative Sidewiki Comments Potentially Damaging Online Reputation

First-page comment on Amgen homepage mentions lawsuit for illegal marketing of Enbrel and Aranesp


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Example Of Negative Sidewiki Comments Showing Up in Search

Sidewiki entries are also indexed by search engines and are also easily shareable on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Over 1,800 comments are already indexed by search engines and shown in organic search results.


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Google Sidewiki is Not All Negative
• Positive

comments could be useful to your Brand and those seeking information on it comments provides free insights as to what patients and doctors are thinking on your Brand – as well as competitive brands provides an opportunity to identify patient advocates for your Brand the right policies, you may be able to address questions and correct misinformation on your Brand

• Monitoring

• It

• With


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Rosetta’s Recommended Approach to Google Sidewiki
1 Verify your site with Google Webmaster Tools:
• Grants site owners the right to control the first entry displayed within Google Sidewiki on each page • Enables future alert tracking.

2 Prepare content strategy for Google Sidewiki comments 3 Determine when to engage with comments


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1 Verify Your Site With Google Webmaster Tools
Verifying a site with Google Webmaster Tools enables a site owner’s Sidewiki entry to appear at the top of the first page of Sidewiki entries. Rosetta Recommendations 1 Verify site within Google Webmaster Tools – Responsibility for this usually falls to either IT services group or the brand’s SEO agency 2 Install the latest version of Google Toolbar and Google Sidewiki and monitor your brand pages To receive alerts about comments: • he Google API provides the possibility for registered Web T site owners to receive alerts when comments are posted on their pages’ Sidewikis • owever, each page of a site has to be registered to H enable this functionality throughout the domain (though Google is working on expanding this functionality to apply to the entire Web site) • osetta is exploring ways to work with the Sidewiki API R to enable clients to receive automatic alerts when new comments are posted to their sites • Additionally, Social Media monitoring tools such as Radian6 are developing the ability to provide monitoring for Sidewiki entries
Google Sidewiki API Code Reference Guide: http://code.google.com/apis/sidewiki/ docs/2.0/reference_guide.html


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2 Prepare Content Strategy for Google Sidewiki Comments
Once a site is verified within Google Webmaster Tools, the site owner can control the first comment shown when users click to post or review comments within Sidewiki. Rosetta Recommendations 1 Develop approved messaging now 2 A pre-approved Sidewiki comment can be used to push potentially negative comments off of page 1, and enable a fast response when necessary 3 Determine when to post specific comments There are several content opportunities that should be considered, including: • disclaimer regarding what’s posted A • entioning that the brand is not monitoring the M comments • iving instructions/phone number for adverse G events reporting • roviding concise statement of indications and risk P information (if PI information is too long, consider linking to this information)


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Example of Claiming the First Comment on Google Sidewiki (Nationwide Insurance)

Rosetta helped Nationwide proactively ensure their brand voice and message are in a prominent first place position within Google Sidewiki


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3 Determine When to Engage with Comments
Engagement Approaches for Google Sidewiki



• Immediately claim first listing on your web pages’ Sidewikis • Begin with the highesttrafficked pages • Populate with a site-ownerentry long enough to fill entire first page of Sidewiki comments

• Quickly reduces risk of a negative comment achieving first-page listing • Potentially reduces risk by adding disclaimer or ISI

• May attract attention from regulators and Sidewiki users • Unhelpful comments may create perception that brand “doesn’t get it”

• Prepare a content strategy + approved Sidewiki entries now • However, wait to post to your brands’ pages until user comments appear

• “No harm, no foul”— no action unless negative postings occur • Prepares marketing and legal thinking on issue • Buys some time

• Risk creates an opportunity for negative commenters by allowing them first-page entry • Requires active monitoring for negative comments


• Do nothing

• Allows for following the lead of other brands (more conservative) • Less work in the near-term

• Risk negative Sidewiki comments appearing alongside brand pages • Lack of a plan should rapid response be needed


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Additional Untested Opportunities to Manage Sidewiki





• Add SSL Certificate to all website page

• Blocks Sidewiki from your web pages

• Could raise suspicions among Sidewiki users • Could cause temporary dip in search engine rankings • Would break incoming http:// links requiring re-directs to be set up on all pages


• Untested Javascript code that could be added to a site to block Sidewiki • Not officially authorized by Google

• Blocks Sidewiki from web pages

• Would block Google Sidewiki users from accessing the site entirely • Unknown risks to site security and/or search engine rankings • Not feasible for sites that use hashtags in their URLs


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