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News for God’s people at Peace With Christ Lutheran Church

October 2009

And God is able to make all grace abound to you,

so that all things at all times, having all that you need,
you may abound in every good work.
2 Corinthians 9:8

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Members are invited to sign up to place flowers on our altar

for special occasions: in memory or honor of a loved one or
a special event. Please sign up on the flower chart located
in the Sunshine Hall and see posted guidelines for flowers.


1412 West Swallow Road Pastor: Ralph Patrick
Fort Collins, CO 80526 Parish Worker: Reena Linke
Phone: (970) 226-4721 Ministers: Members
Fax: (970) 204-1570 Editor: Marcy Petago Youth Coordinator: Marilyn Lasich
On the Prayer Chain Coordinator: Cheryl Harsen
Prayer Chain: 229-1459

Radio Broadcast: KCOL (600 AM), at 9:00 AM Sundays

Church Elders:
Wes Nierman, Head Elder.. ……………………………………..………….….226-5936
Ray Kaiser, Worship Elder…………………………………….….…………....223-0987
Dan Krueckeberg, Staff Elder…………………………………….….…….… ..482-9545
Art Pforr, Elder……………………………………………………………… . .223-8533
Dan Prevedel, Elder...…………………………………………………………..204-4008
Michael Rohlfs, Elder………………………...…………….….…….…………482-2663

Church Council:
President, Chad Hamilton
Vice President, Larry Siegfried
Secretary, Ernestine Munsey
Treasurer, Lisa Bernhardt
Education Chairman, Eric Petago
Education Co-Chair, Jane Pennington
Evangelism Chairman, Rhonda Kaiser
Fellowship Co-Chairman, Kerri Fagan/Linda Siegfried
Youth Ministry Chairman, Amy Hoy
Missions & Ministry Chairman, Jerry Buchleiter
Head Trustee, Fred Kropp
Hands in Harmony Chairman, Betty Keeney

Next month’s articles are due Sunday, October 18!

Pastor Patrick’s Pen

“Elijah was a man with a nature like ours and he prayed

earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the
land for three years and six months” James 5:17

Dear Children of God,

Martin Luther once claimed that if he didn’t spend at least

three hours a day in prayer he wasn’t able to accomplish all
the tasks that awaited him.

What a powerful reminder of how important, yes essential,

prayer is for men and women of God.

We are reminded of this in the lesson from James. Elijah

was indeed a godly man, a great prophet, a man who ac-
complished great things. And yet, he was a man, with a na-
ture like ours. A weak nature, a sinful nature, a doubting
nature. And therefore he was compelled to be in commun-
ion with God. He was compelled to spend extended time in
prayer. We’re told in 1 Kings 17 that prior to the severe
draught the Lord led Elijah to the Brook Cherith where he
devoted Himself to the Lord and to prayer.

We are no different from Elijah, for we also face the joyous

victories of the Lord and the mountain-top experiences, as
Where is it that we go to “be still, and know that I am

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God.” Do we well as the times of draught in our daily

life. The question is: Where is our Brook Cherith?
Where is it that we go to “be still, and know that I am
God.” Do we recognize the need we have to be fed by
the angels as Elijah was, or do we try to go on our own
strength? Do we find ourselves so busy that we simply
MUST spend time with God?

Consider the following from F.B Meyer:

Looking back to the blessed age from which we date
the centuries, there are many notable “ravines”. The
Isle of Patmos, the solitude of the roman prisons, the
Arabian Desert, and the hills and valleys of Palestine are
all as enduringly memorable as those experienced by the
people who have shaped our modern world. Our Lord
Himself lived through His “Brook Cherith” in Nazareth,
in the wilderness of Judea, amid the olive tress of Beth-
any, and in the solitude of the city of Gadara. So none of
us is exempt from a “ravine” experience, where the
sounds of human voices are exchanged fro the waters of
quietness that flow from the throne of God, and where we
taste the sweetness and soak up the power of a life
“hidden with Christ” (Col. 3:3)§

God bless you as you spend time with Him in your

Brook Cherith.



Taken from “Streams in The Desert” by L.B. Cowman.
Dear Friends in Christ,

This past month has been a whirlwind of beginnings –

Sunday School, FED nights, the children and youth
choirs, college/young adult group, Rocky Mountain
lunches, and the list goes on! Through these various
opportunities we teach a variety of ages about the
faith of the church. One particularly important facet of
several of these is song. Liturgy, hymnody, and an-
thems express our theology in a way that is more
than cerebral. As Robin Leaver describes in his pam-
phlet, “The Theological Character of Music in Wor-
ship,” “Theology prevents music from becoming an
end in itself by pointing man to its origins – in the dox-
ology of creation. Music prevents theology from be-
coming a purely intellectual matter by moving the
heart of man to consider its ultimate purpose – the
doxology of the new creation.” Music and theology
work cooperatively in worship, neither an end unto

Further, music and congregational song are not just

for the musically talented or for those with the gift of
singing. All believers share in this “elevated speech,”
lifting our words from mere talk to that of the angels
and the archangels. Luther believed presence in wor-
ship was not enough and said that because “God has
made our hearts and spirits happy through His dear
Son….He who believes this sincerely and earnestly
cannot help but be happy; he must cheerfully sing.”
While certainly we are not under the Law with regard
to singing, it is and has been an integral part of wor-
ship for all time.

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Hymnody and congregational song are a great way to

teach and discuss the faith with your families and chil-
dren, as well. Here are some practical ways to en-
gage members of your family in song: Have your
child find the hymn in the hymnal and point to the
words as they go, sing as an example to your children
and others around you, discuss what different hymn
verses or parts of the liturgy mean later on that week,
sing one of the meal prayers in the Lutheran Service
Book before or after evening meals, or maybe memo-
rize a hymn a month. Most of us listen to the radio
and can sing many of those songs by heart; how
great would it be to sing the songs of our faith as eas-
ily! As we worship together, may we look to song as
the viva vox evangelii (“a living voice of the Gospel”),
teaching, expressing, and uniting in the faith of our
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory!


♦ October 4th is LWML Sunday! The mite box for World Mis-
sions will be in the Narthex this morning.

♦ Through mid-October, LWML will be accepting donations

to support Roadrunners for Christ. A monetary gift
equivalent to the cost of 1-2 gallons of gas ($3-6) would go a
long way in helping Roadrunner to continue delivering
their precious cargo and message of hope. Marked enve-
lopes are available in the Sunshine Room.

♦ Ladies of LWML will provide treats to go with your coffee

EVERY Sunday in October. Your free will offering will
support Cameron and Andrea (Chandler) Heiliger’s mis-
sion work in Turkey.

♦ LWML’s Ladies Day Out is Saturday, October 10th . We’ll

get to know Reena a little better through a short program at
Mulligan’s Restaurant beginning at 10am. A delicious
lunch will follow. All ladies are welcome to join us for food
and fun!

♦ A FINAL Craft Workshop for the Holiday Craft Fair is be-

ing offered Saturday, October 24th at 9am in the Fellowship
Hall. Connie Jesser will have a variety of simple projects to
complete. There is something for everyone!

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♦ LWML’s Holiday Craft Fair and Soup & Pie Luncheon is

only a month away…Saturday, November 14th. Proceeds
will benefit Stephen Heimer, current student at Concordia
Seminary, future LCMS pastor. Sign up sheets for baked
goods, pies and soup, kitchen help, cashiering, and set up
are posted on LWML’s bulletin board.

♦ LWML’s Executive Board will meet Monday, October 26th

beginning at 6pm in the home of Colleen Rohlfs. All ladies
are welcome!

Tuesday Afternoon Group
All older adults are welcome to attend the various activi-
ties and Bible studies of this Older Adult Ministry
Group. Our Bible study and meal are on the 1st Tues-
day of the month. Some months there will be an addi-
tional activity. Come and enjoy the fellowship.

Tuesday, October 6th at Noon

October is the time for Oktoberfest. Bring your favorite
German dish to share. This will be followed by a Bible
study led by Pastor Caspersen at 1:00pm.

Joy Circle
October 8th at 1:00, Pat Patrick will present a
program on her trip to Africa. Pat Stegner will
have devotions. Ida and Cheryl will be hostesses.
All ladies are welcome to join us!
Adopt - A - Seminary Student Committee

Dealing with debt is something most of us are familiar with in some

way or another. Substantial educational debt in the lives of LCMS
church workers is the subject of two recent issues of The Lutheran
Witness (December 2008 Letters; February 2009 Rocky Mountain
District, Opportunities).

Neither our committee nor our congregation is chartered to elimi-

nate debt in the affairs of our adopted seminary student ministerial
candidates nor would we have been able to over the 20 years we
have administered funds for their training. We have simply pro-
vided what we can toward their training, relying on their discretion
to use our gifts as best they can, trusting in God to provide the in-

Our Rocky Mountain District has a Debt Assistance Program de-

signed to help pastors, teachers, and other called workers, but fund-
ing toward helping other than our pastors has not been possible. In
our Rocky Mountain District as of February 2009 there were 28
pastors with a total $940,000 educational debt who were receiving
assistance. This is an average $33,571 per pastor. The burden of
dealing with such debt can often distract from the ministry of the
pastor bearing it.

Our congregation has, through our church council, designated Ad-

vent and Lenten offerings for support of the candidates we choose.
Generally, our candidates for the ministry are known and nomi-
nated by someone in our congregation, providing a personal rela-
tionship with them and their families. Our committee feels that
congregational support, as a result, has always been generous.

We are currently supporting Stephen Heimer who is entering his

third year of training. Many of us at PWC have met him during
previous visits and he and his family will again be here Oct. 4th.
We look forward to his visit here with his family, Lysia and young
Jaden Timothy.

For the committee, Dave Muth


Fritzler’s Haunted Corn Maize – Thursday, OCT. 15 meet at

PWC at 6:00 pm to car pool to Fritzler’s (PSD and Thompson
Valley schools have Oct 16 off). Please eat before arriving,
there will be snacks later at the maze. Cost is $15 per person.
IF you bring the following items (2 canned goods & 1 pr. mit-
tens/gloves), PWC Youth will pay $5 off your entrance fee,
with a cost to you of $10. Items to bring include canned fruit,
vegetables, or soups; mittens or gloves for kids are great, too!

Harvest Farms Corn Maze - Sunday, Oct. 25 meet at PWC

at noon. We will eat lunch before heading to the maze. If the
weather permits, there will be a bonfire at Lasich’s after we
finish at harvest farms. Cost is $15 per person. IF you bring
the following items (2 canned goods & 1 pr. Mittens/gloves),
PWC Youth will pay $5 off your entrance fee, with a cost to
you of $10. Items to bring include canned fruit, vegetables, or
soups; mittens or gloves for kids are great, too!

FED Night meal - Oct. 20 & 21. We will again serve the meal
October 21. Plan to come on Tuesday, Oct. 20 at 5:30 pm to
help cook the main dish and dessert. Then plan to help on
Wed. Oct.21 beginning at 4:30pm to serve and clean-up. All
donations will go to help cover the cost of fall events.

Football Games - there are two games in October that we

can attend as a group: Oct. 17 – Rocky/Poudre and Oct. 30
Fort Collins/Rocky. We will meet before the game and then
return to PWC for donation and food. Please sign-up!


Dear Family at PWC,

As I write this to you, it’s the first day of autumn and

it’s easy to believe as it is rainy, only about 50 and a very “fallish”
day! October is a time of harvest and seasonal changes. The leaves
begin to change, it may snow, corn and beets are harvested, there
are homecomings, bon-fires, hayrides, the pumpkins, squash and
gourds are ready in the pumpkin patch. It’s a wonderful time of
the year. A good time to reflect on the many blessings we have
and receive daily from our Lord.
What blessings have you received over the last ten
months? What do you find joy in this season? We can even rejoice
in God’s comfort during our times of sorrows and troubles, see 2
Cor. 1:1 – 7. These are times when we may rely more on His grace
and pray more often. He promises to be with us through it all and
share in our burdens and joys.
All these earthly blessings of the season enable us to
see the wonder and beauty of God’s creation but they are nothing
compared to the joy and blessings we receive through faith in
Christ. God richly blesses us each and everyday. In Luther’s
Morning and Evening Prayers, he thanked God each morning and
evening for keeping him safe throughout the day and night. It’s an
awesome way to begin and end your day. We have assurance of
forgiveness through Christ’s death on the cross, the assurance of
everlasting life through His resurrection, the promise that He will
always be with us in sorrow or rejoicing – what glorious blessings!
Remember this month all the earthly gifts you enjoy in this
life. Rejoice in the heavenly gifts given to you, God forgives us and
loves us!

In His love,

Conversations of Grace Conference
Please consider attending the 2009 Conversations of Grace
conference on November 6 and 7 in Albuquerque. There will
be a great lineup of speakers for this personal evangelism
conference. Please see the poster on the bulletin board
(across from the kitchen) for further details. You can also
find information on the Internet at

Small Jelly Jars - If you have any small jelly jars

that you would be willing to donate to the Youth
for their hard candy sales, it would be greatly
appreciated. Please put the jars in the Youth
Room or contact Marilyn.




Did you know that the Scrip program is a fund-raiser
for the PWC Youth Group? It is! We have gift cards
available for groceries, restaurants, department
stores, movies, candy - just check out what we have
or see if we can order cards for you for your favorite store! You
receive the full amount of the card - the youth receive a
percentage of the total from each retailer.
Know Your Leadership
Larry Siegfried, Vice President

I was born in a farm house one mile south of Severance, Colorado to

Henrietta and Rheiny Siegfried. I grew up on a farm southeast of
Timnath, Colorado and attended first grade through twelfth grade
at the school in Timnath. My high school class was the last class to
graduate at Timnath high school.

I attended Colorado State University and graduated with a Masters

Degree in Vocational Agriculture and taught agriculture classes in
the high schools in Julesburg, Colorado, Montrose, Colorado and at
the Larimer County Voc Tech Center in Fort Collins for 21 years. I
met Linda when I was teaching in Montrose and we moved to Fort
Collins in 1970. We have two children, Suzanne Malm who lives in
Greeley, Colorado and Jim Siegfried who lives in Sheridan,
Arkansas. We also have four grandchildren - Jack, Jake, Madelyn,
and Griffin.

For the past 25 years, after I resigned from teaching, I have been a
life insurance agent and registered representative helping clients
with their insurance and financial needs.

When I was growing up, I attended Bethel Lutheran Church in

Windsor, Colorado where I was baptized, confirmed and have been
a Lutheran all my life.

In 1970 when Linda and I moved to Ft. Collins, we started

attending St. John’s Lutheran Church and were involved in the
initial meetings to start a mission church which became Peace
With Christ Lutheran Church. As charter members of Peace With
Christ, I can still remember meeting at O’Dea Elementary School
for two years while Peace With Christ was being built.

Since I have been a member of Peace With Christ, I have served as

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Elder, Chairman of
various committees, Chairman of our 30th Anniversary,

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Sunday School Superintendent, Youth Leader, and various Call

Committees. In addition to these activities and responsibilities, I
help Linda clean our church facilities. P.S. I also play golf and go
RV camping. Another memory, was working with fellow mem-
bers at Peace With Christ and Labors of Christ to build the addi-
tion to our church which included the fellowship hall, preschool
rooms, kitchen, etc.

I want to say that most of Linda and my best friends and associ-
ates are members of Peace With Christ and look forward to this
continued relationship. We are very blessed to have our church
family in our daily lives. God Bless you all.

Dates to Remember

December 12 & 16 - Children’s Christmas Service

rehearsal (12th) and Service (16th)

December 19 - Christmas Caroling to shut-ins and

nursing homes

Quilt Sale

Saturday, October 24th 9:00am - 3:00pm

Gloria Christi Lutheran Church
1322 31st Ave., Greeley (corner of 13th & 31st)

Additional miscellaneous quilted items and

un-quilted quilt tops to finish.
Proceeds will benefit church kitchen, Quilts of Valor,
& other charity quilts.

In the morning...come up...Present yourself to me there on top of
the mountains. (Exodus 34:2)

The “morning” is the time I have set to meet with Lord.

“Morning” - the very word itself is like a cluster of luscious
grapes to crush into sacred wine for me to drink. In the morning!
This is when God wants me at my best in strength and hope so
that I may begin my daily climb, not in weakness but in strength.
Last night I buried yesterday’s fatigue, and this morning I took on
a new supply of energy. Blessed is the day when the morning is
sanctified - set apart to God! Successful is the day when the first
victory is won in prayer! Holy is the day when the dawn finds me
on the mountaintop with God!

Dear Father, I am coming to meet with You. Nothing on the

common, everyday plain of life will keep me away from Your
holy heights. At Your calling I come, so I have the assurance that
You will meet with me. Each morning begun so well on the
mountain will make me strong and glad the rest of the day!
Joseph Parker
Still, still with You, when the purple morning breaks,
When the birds awake, and the shadows flee;
Fairer than morning, lovelier than daylight,
Dawns the sweet consciousness, I am with Thee.

Alone with You, amid the misty shadows,

The solemn hush of nature newly born;
Alone with You in breathless adoration,
In the calm dew and freshness of the morn.

As in a sunrise o’er a waveless ocean,

The image of the morning star does rest,
So in this stillness, You discerning only
Your image in the waters of my breast.

When sinks the soul, subdued by toil, to slumber,

It’s closing eyes look up to You in prayer;
Sweet the repose, beneath Your wings o’ershadowing,
But sweeter still to wake and find You there.
Harriet Beecher Stowe


Peace With Christ Lutheran Church will be hosting a preventive

health event for local residents. The event is being offered by
Life Line Screening and will take place on Monday, October 26.
Life Line Screening is the nation’s leading provider of preventive
screenings and scans for potential health problems related to:
blocked arteries (which is a leading cause of stroke); abdominal
aortic aneurysms (which can lead to a ruptured aorta); Harden-
ing of the arteries in the legs (which is a strong predictor of
heart disease); and atrial fibrillation (irregular heart beat) which
is closely tied to stroke risk.

All four affordable, non-invasive, painless vascular screenings

take 60-90 minutes to complete. Register for the four tests for
$149. Also available will be an Osteoporosis screening and three
important finger-prick blood tests (lipid panel, glucose for diabe-
tes and hs-C-Reactive Protein). You must pre-register for the
screenings. Appointments are limited, so sign up now by calling


The Lutheran Chorale invites you to the first concerts of the

2009-2010 season.

First performance is Saturday, October 24 at 7:00pm at As-

cension Lutheran Church, 1701 W. Caley Ave., Littleton. A
free will offering will be collected.

On Sunday, October 25, at 7:30pm, will be performing at

Concordia Lutheran Church, 13371 W. Alameda Pkwy.,
Lakewood. Ticket prices are $12 for Adults, $10 for Seniors/
Students, and $25 for families.

For more information or

Linda Blandin at 303-973-1161.

FocusOn® Financial Management workshop:
Take steps to reach your financial goals.

A free educational workshop, FocusOn® Financial Management,

can help you learn how to develop a financial strategy to reach
your goals. The workshop focuses on important financial man-
agement issues and shows you how to take steps to:
• Protect what you value.
• Manage your cash flow.
• Make wise investment decisions.
• Determine how much money you need for retirement and
prepare to retire with confidence.
Pass on your legacy to the people and institutions that are impor-
tant to you.

The one-hour workshop will be presented by Thrivent Financial

for Lutherans representatives Nancy Behm, Ryan Behm, Paul
Caylor, Jeff Losh and Robert Watson.

When: Tuesday, October 27th, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Where: Ft. Collins Hilton, 425 W.Prospect Rd.
****Complimentary refreshments will be served.

Sign up for this free workshop today!

Contact Ryan Behm, at 970-266-1700 or email at by Fri. Oct 16th to reserve your seat.
In Search of Fun-Loving-Party-People
Lutheran Family Services needs men and women who enjoy mak-
ing good times happen. On November 14, 2009 at Redeemer Lu-
theran Church in Ft. Collins we are holding a Family-Fun Event
called “Deck the Halls” Festival. There will be great family enter-
tainment, Christmas decorations of all types for sale and amazing
Holiday Food. If this sounds like a fun time...we’d love to have you
assist us in planning and producing this fundraising event. Please
call Doyle Lott at 303-217-5860 for more information.


Vern & Char Carlson October 9, 1949

Joshua & Darci Johnson October 11, 2003
Mark & Kirstin Olsen October 19, 1996
Brian & Kim Molzer October 21, 2006
Mike & Lewanda Fields October 23, 1976
Jerry & Barbara Holder October 25, 1969
Wes & Eunice Nierman October 28, 1961

We apologize if we missed your anniversary.

Please notify the church office to update.

Financial Update
As of August 31 2009

2009 budget: $359,000.00

Year-to-date total PWC income: $222,438.87

Year-to-date total PWC expenses: $229,249.80

Net Income: -$6,810.93

Helen Leben 1st
Viola Monahan 1st
Steve Inscho 2nd
Brendon Votipka 3rd
Paul Rubel 4th
John Jesser 5th
Fran Watson 5th
Ken Keeney 6th
Lisa Bernhardt 8th
Claude France 8th
Jillian Jesser 8th
MacKenzie Ross 12th
Naomi Loschen 13th
Mackenzie Cheuvront 15th
Mark Olsen 15th
Stacie Yeldell 16th
Charity Dowdell 17th
Reuben Blumenshine 21st
Elenore Lund 23rd
Jerry Buchleiter 24th
Tyler Dixon 24th
Ashley Holloway 24th
Dana Leininger 24th
Esther Daugherty 28th
Evelyn Marweg 28th
Dana Spanjer 28th
Nancy Spillman 28th
Bridger Boehnke 30th
Alex Cheatham 30th
Ashley Fischer 31st
Doug Kettelson 31st
Molly Krueckeberg 31st
Scott Yeldell 31st

Non-Profit Organization
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Permit #355
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