Take a close look at the Islamic law of Jihad.

This is page 140 of the second volume of Hedaya, the fiqh of the Hanafi madha as p!acticed in "olonial India. Highlighted a!eas a!e e#panded on elow.. $old, lue unde!lined te#t is hype!linked to e#te!nal te#ts. %ou can !ead and download this page and the !est of Hedaya &ol. ' he!e( http://www.archive.org/stream/hedaysorguide00hamigoog#page/n153/mode/1up.

Sacred Injunction
Jihad is en)oined in *u!ah +l,+nfal and *u!ah +t,Tau ah. -uslims a!e commanded to fight pagans until !esistance ceases and only +llah is wo!shiped. .eople with sc!iptu!al !eligions a!e to e fought until they a!e su )ugated and su mit to e#to!tion. The Jihad impe!atives a!e outcome o!iented, unlimited y geog!aphy o! time. 8:38. *ay to those who have dis elieved, if they cease /f!om dis elief0 thei! past will e fo!given. $ut if they !etu!n /the!eto0, then the e#amples of those /punished0 efo!e them have al!eady p!eceded /as a wa!ning0. 8:3 . +nd fight them until the!e is no mo!e 1itnah /dis elief and polytheism( i.e. wo!shipping othe!s esides +ll2h0 and the !eligion /wo!ship0 will all e fo! +ll2h +lone 3in the whole of the wo!ld 4. $ut if they cease /wo!shipping othe!s esides +ll2h0, then ce!tainly, +ll2h is +ll,*ee! of what they do. !he "rder to #ight to eradicate Shir$ and %u#r :& . 1ight against those who /10 elieve not in +ll2h, /'0 no! in the 5ast 6ay, /70 no! fo! id that which has een fo! idden y +ll2h and His -essenge! /40 and those who acknowledge not the !eligion of t!uth /i.e. Isl2m0 among the people of the *c!iptu!e /Jews and "h!istians0, until they pay the Ji8yah with willing su mission, and feel themselves su dued. !he "rder to #ight 'eop(e o# the Scriptures unti( !hey give the )i*yah

+ivine "rdinance
*u!ah +l,$aqa!ah o!dains Jihad fo! -uslims. &:&1,. Jih2d /holy fighting in +ll2h9s "ause0 is o!dained fo! you /-uslims0 though you dislike it, and it may e that you dislike a thing which is good fo! you and that you like a thing which is ad fo! you. +ll2h knows ut you do not know. )ihad is made "-(igatory

S(ay the In#ide(s
*u!ah +l,$aqa!ah, *u!ah +n,:isa9 and *u!ah +t,Tau ah contain simila! e#p!essions. *ince +t,Tau ah was ne#t to last in sequence of !evelation, its intole!ant ; violent ve!ses a-rogate ea!lie!, mo!e tole!ant and passive !evelations including &.&5,. &:1 1. +nd kill them whe!eve! you find them, and tu!n them out f!om whe!e they have tu!ned you out. +nd +l,1itnah is wo!se than killing. +nd fight not with them at +l,-as)id,al,Ha!2m /the sanctua!y at -akkah0, unless they /fi!st0 fight you the!e. $ut if they attack you, then kill them. *uch is the !ecompense of the dis elieve!s.

!he .ommand to #ight !hose /ho #ight 0us(ims and $i((ing !hem wherever !hey are #ound 1:8 . They wish that you !e)ect 1aith, as they have !e)ected /1aith0, and thus that you all ecome equal /like one anothe!0. *o take not +uliy29 /p!otecto!s o! f!iends0 f!om them, till they emig!ate in the <ay of +ll2h /to -uhammad 0. $ut if they tu!n ack /f!om Isl2m0, take /hold0 of them and kill them whe!eve! you find them, and take neithe! +uliy29 /p!otecto!s o! f!iends0 no! helpe!s f!om them. .om-atants and 2oncom-atants :5. Then when the *ac!ed -onths /the Ist, =th, 11th, and 1'th months of the Isl2mic calenda!0 have passed, then kill the -ush!ik>n /see &.'(10?0 whe!eve! you find them, and captu!e them and esiege them, and p!epa!e fo! them each and eve!y am ush. $ut if they !epent and pe!fo!m +s,*al2t /Iq2mat, as,*al2t0, and give @ak2t, then leave thei! way f!ee. &e!ily, +ll2h is Aft,1o!giving, -ost -e!ciful. !his is the 3yah o# the Sword

/ar is permanent(y esta-(ished
The quote does not tu!n up in the canonical hadith collections. "itations on the we all ci!cle ack to Hedaya. The!e a!e at least two sayings !elevant to the continuity of Jihad. This is a va!iant of the infamous genocide hadith in which the .!ofit made genocide of Jews a p!e!equisite fo! Besu!!ection 6ay. "lea!ly, he e#pected Jihad to continue until the end of the wo!ld. Sahih 4u$hari 5o(ume 16 4oo$ 5&6 2um-er 177( :a!!ated + u Hu!ai!a( +llah9s +postle said, 8!he 9our wi(( not -e esta-(ished unti( you #ight with the )ews6 and the stone -ehind which a )ew wi(( -e hiding wi(( say. 8" 0us(im: !here is a )ew hiding -ehind me6 so $i(( him.8 . The .!ofit also said that Jihad would e pe!fo!med continuously until the end of the wo!ld. Sunan 3-u +awud 4oo$ 116 2um-er &5&, :a!!ated +nas i n -alik( The .!ophet /peaceC eCuponChim0 said( Th!ee things a!e the !oots of faith( to !ef!ain f!om /killing0 a pe!son who utte!s, DThe!e is no god ut +llahD and not to decla!e him un elieve! whateve! sin he commits, and not to e#communicate him f!om Islam fo! his any actionE and jihad wi(( -e per#ormed continuous(y since the day 3((ah sent me as a prophet unti( the day the (ast mem-er o# my community wi(( #ight with the +ajja( ;3ntichrist<. The ty!anny of any ty!ant and the )ustice of any )ust /!ule!0 will not invalidate it. Ane must have faith in 6ivine dec!ee.

/ar is murderous and destructive
The wo!ds used in the Fu!9an a!e va!iants of =ita(, meaning 9fightGkill9. How do you suffe! injury or death st!uggling against you! ego and temptationsH *u!ah +t,Tau ah I.111 defines elieve!s as those who fight in +llah9s cause, killing and eing killed. :111. &e!ily, +ll2h has pu!chased o# the -e(ievers thei! lives and thei! p!ope!tiesE fo! the p!ice that thei!s shall e the .a!adise. They fight in +ll2h9s "ause, so they $i(( ;others< and are $i((ed. It is a p!omise in t!uth which is inding on Him in the Tau!2t /To!ah0 and the In)eel /Jospel0 and the Fu!92n. +nd who is t!ue! to his covenant than +ll2hH Then !e)oice in the a!gain which you have concluded. That is the sup!eme success . 3((ah has purchased the Sou(s and /ea(th o# the 0ujahidin in >eturn #or 'aradise

3dvancing #aith or repe((ing evi(
+dvancing the faith is a matte! of e#panding 6a! al,Islam y !inging new lands and people unde! Islamic domination. In Surah 3r?>a@d 13.11, +llah p!omises to give the land to -uslims th!ough conquests. In Surah 3t?!au-ah .33, he decla!es the pu!pose of making Islam dominant. 13:11. *ee they not that <e g!adually !educe the land /of dis elieve!s, y giving it to the elieve!s, in wa! victo!ies0 f!om its outlying o!de!s. +nd +ll2h )udges, the!e is none to put ack His Judgement and He is *wift at !eckoning. 'unishment is -y 3((ah6 and the 0essenger@s )o- is on(y to convey the 0essage :33. It is He <ho has sent His -essenge! /-uhammad 0 with guidance and the !eligion of t!uth /Isl2m0, to make it supe!io! ove! all !eligions even though the -ush!ik>n /polytheists, pagans, idolate!s, dis elieve!s in the Aneness of +ll2h0 hate /it0. Is(am is the >e(igion !hat wi(( dominate over a(( "ther >e(igions I-n %athir@s ta#sir o# Surah 3(?3n#a( 8.3 tells us th!ough its title that wa! is commanded against pagans fo! the elimination of polytheism and !e ellion against +llah. This e#ce!pt f!om 9edaya6 5o(ume &6 page &1, info!ms us that imposition of Ji8ya is a punishment fo! dis elief in +llah. <e lea!n that dis elief is an evil which must e !emoved f!om the wo!ld y conve!sion to Islam o! death. $ut people with sc!iptu!al !eligions can e let off in e#change fo! annual e#to!tion payments.

.age '1K gives us a vital hint of the me!cena!y motivation of Islam. 'age 111 testifies against the inte!est of Islam y e#posing intent to p!o)ect a false pe!ception of its motivation. They want thei! victims to pe!ceive that they a!e eing attacked fo! the sake of !eligion, not fo! plunde!. +nd, if the p!ey accept the false p!emise, they may capitulate without a fight.

'age &13 displays the me!cena!y mission of Islam to the disce!ning eye. This e#ce!pt clea!ly shows us that the p!ope!ty, widows and o!phans of attack victims a!e plunde! fo! thei! -uslim attacke!s.

5arious passages
Jihad is o!dained fo! -uslims in Surah 3(?4a=arah &.&1,. They a!e commanded to wage it against pagans in Surah 3(?3n#a( 8.3 and against Jews, "h!istians ; @o!oast!ians in Surah 3t?!au-ah .& . -uslims a!e en)oined to fight the dis elieve!s nea!est them in Surah 3t?!au-ah .1&3. -uslims a!e wa!ned in Surah 3t?!au-ah .38?3 of eterna( damnation if they do not answe! the call to Jihad They a!e p!omised admission to 3((ah@s ce(estia( -orde((o as a !ewa!d fo! Jihad in Surah 3t?!au-ah .111 and Surah 3s?Sa## 10?1&. :ume!ous ayat en)oin -uslims to Dst!ive ha!d and fight with you! wealth and you! livesD.

9o(y war
To e holy, Jihad must e waged fo! the pu!pose of +llah9s good pleasu!e in making his wo!d supe!io!( wo!ld domination. Sahih 0us(im 1 .1& 1 info!ms us that holy wa! would e p!ofaned y em e88ling the spoils, killing child!en, mutilating odies o! fleeing f!om attle. Lm e88ling the spoils is p!ohi ited ecause acc!ual of spoils is the !eal pu!pose of Jihad. If you have any dou t of this fatal fact, !ead *u!ah +l,+nfal M.1, 11 ; ,7. The child!en of pe!sons attacked a!e pa!t of the spoils. The spoils elong to +llah and -oe, who gets the top '0N, fi!st pick. -utilating odies was ta oo among the +!a s. 1leeing f!om attle was a sign of lack of faithE a ma!k of hypoc!isy if not kuf!.

Aard 3in
1a!d means o ligation. A ligations inding on -uslims individually include p!aye!, fasting, Ha)). @akat and defensive Jihad. 1a!d al,kifaya is a communal o ligation f!om which the Ommah is discha!ged once a sufficient num e! have answe!ed the call. Affensive Jihad is fa!d al,kifaya. The holy wa! discussed in page 140 of the second volume of Hedaya is fa!d al,kifaya( offensive wa!fa!eE a communal, not an individual o ligation. If you !ead *ahih $ukha!i, you will discove! that sheiks, mino!s, women, slaves, de to!s, men with dependent pa!ents, the lind ; lame and those too poo! to affo!d weapons a!e e#cused f!om the fa!d al,kifaya of offensive Jihad. Those a!e only o ligated to fight when 6a! al,Islam is invaded and in dange! of eing ove!,!un. Those who stay ehind a!e e#pected to suppo!t the Jihad with p!aye!, funds, p!opaganda and suppo!ting the families of the mu)ahideen. Ane who dies neithe! going out no! intending to go outE without sca! of attle, will meet +llah as a hypoc!ite, destined fo! the fi!e. Bead the Jihad ooks of the va!ious hadith collections to lea!n the !ules of Jihad, Ji8ya and dist!i ution of the spoils. 1ollow these links to find them(  http://www.=uraneBp(orer.com/9adith/Cng(ish/9adith/-u$hari/001.05&.011.htm(  http://-ew(ey.virtua(ave.net/-u$hari&3.htm( D  http://www.=uraneBp(orer.com/9adith/Cng(ish/9adith/-u$hari/001.053.3&1.htm( DD  http://www.=uraneBp(orer.com/9adith/Cng(ish/9adith/-u$hari/005.05 .&85.htm(  http://www.=uraneBp(orer.com/9adith/Cng(ish/9adith/mus(im/01 .1& &.htm(

 http://www.=uraneBp(orer.com/9adith/Cng(ish/9adith/ma(i$/0&1.0&1.001.001.htm(  http://www.=uraneBp(orer.com/9adith/Cng(ish/9adith/dawud/011.&173.htm(  http://ia,0050 .us.archive.org/&&/items/)amia!irmidhiSunan3(?tirmidhi/1,7,801,?)ami?a? !irmidhi?Sunan?a(!irmidhi.pd##pageE737  http://www.&mus(ims.com/-oo$s/>iyad?Fs?Sa(iheen.pd##pageE37&  http://www.$a(amu((ah.com/4oo$s/CBc(usive/Sunan?an?2asa?i?5o(?1?Cng(ish.pd##pageE15  http://www.archive.org/down(oad/SunanI-n0ajah55o(.Set/Sunan?I-n?0ajah?5o(ume?1? Cng(ish.pd##pageE11 The fi!st image a ove is page 140 of the second volume of Hedaya, the Hanafi fiqh as p!acticed in "olonial India. Hedaya fills in some gaps and points out the diffe!ences etween the Hanafi ; *hafi9i schools of *ha!i9ah. <hile Hedaya is dense, p!inted in an antique font and difficult to !ead, it is well wo!thwhile. The Book of Jihad y + i @aka!yya +l 6imashqi +l 6umyati concent!ates on the fiqh of Jihad. 'age 18 discusses fa!d al,Pifaya and shows us that Jihad is a communal o ligation which must e pe!fo!med in eve!y yea! when it is possi le. Reliance of the Traveller is the classical manual of *ha!i9ah of the *hafi9i madha . $ook A, "hapte! I includes the laws pe!taining to Jihad. " .0 and AI.1 define Jihad and desc!i e the communal o ligation to pe!fo!m it in eve!y yea!. The Risala : A Treatise on Maliki Fiqh y 9+ dullah i n + i @ayd al,Fay!awani is the hand ook of -aliki fiqh. Its law of Jihad egins on page &81. Bisala is ette! p!inted and scanned than Hedaya ; BelianceE it is much easie! to !ead ut less detailed. Reliance ; Hedaya can e pu!chased in ha!d copy f!om +ma8on. Risala is only availa le in pdf fo!mat on the we . Q The on line ve!sion of Phan9s t!anslation of *ahih $ukha!i has een owdle!i8ed. +isha $ewley9s t!anslation is complete. :ote that he! t!anslation uses a diffe!ent num e!ing system and lacks the named ancho!s which facilitate linking di!ectly to sayings in the O*" hadith data ase. . QQ The $ook of Phumus illust!ates how -oe divided the spoils among his companions.