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Week starting: October 19, 2009
Submission deadline Friday 5 p.m.

Risk and Flight

Last week the Eastend Arts Council hosted Nanci Lee reading her CBC award-winning poem Icarus.
He was the mythical Greek youth whose father designed wings of feather and wax so that they could
escape from their enemies. The father, Daedalus, warned his son to be cautious, don’t fly too high, don’t
swoop too low. Be careful, be careful. However, Icarus, carried away with excitement, flew too near the
sun. The wax melted and he fell into the sea. A caution to us all not to expect too much of life, I guess.
Nanci says that Icarus fell but, so what? He was inspired and followed his dream. To fall was not so
very important. At least he used those wings and flew. It wasn’t until I listened to her that I remembered
that I too used to have that attitude about risk when I was much younger. A risk was tantalizing. It meant
that the future belonged to those who were willing to go beyond the boundaries of comfort. As Brown-
ing said, “a man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?”
When did I start to lose that feeling? When I lost, I guess. Losing isn’t for sissies. It hurts and it always
has a price. Somewhere along the way I began to weigh the cost of possible loss more heavily than the
reward of success. Maybe the victory of some successes didn’t seem so sweet after the toll of the strug-
gles. Maybe I began to feel rather tired and a bit old. Then one morning I woke up and realized that be-
ing careful at every turn is too limiting. Life becomes narrow and confined. All the colours fade to gray.
Isn’t this like eating from only one dish at a banquet table? Life is always about risk. I can’t breathe or
make the most basic decisions without risk. Maybe I need to remember how to use it better, become
more comfortable with it again.
Risk isn’t about losing. It’s actually about judging and learning to improve your sense of assessment.
CUT N DRIED HAIR No risk should be undertaken casually. To do so is foolish. Risk requires study, consideration and judg-
ment. A risk successfully taken can be the springboard to greater security and a more interesting life.
DESIGN The objective is to succeed not to avoid loss at all costs. Some loss is inevitable and it needs to be mini-
mized because risks have to be taken repeatedly in order to achieve anything significant. Buying a lot-
In support of tery ticket isn’t taking a risk. In order to risk you have to have a belief in the first place; a belief that
Breast Cancer Awareness Month something better is possible and that you’re willing to do nearly anything to make it happen. To take a
during October: risk is also to hope against all odds and particularly against great odds. Risk requires determination and
persistence but it also requires a burning spirit, a passion to see things through.
$1 from every retail purchase will be
donated to the Where do you learn these things in life? Possibly from a father who builds you wings and then experi-
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation ences the agony of watching your first attempts at flight. I learned from my mother who believed that
great things were always possible if you wanted them badly enough. The legacy is to teach your children
Please come in and see to appreciate risk and that the resources they need most in life are within themselves. To fall is an educa-
our great tion. To fly is what we were born for. JK
selection of hair products
as well as blow dryers,
flat irons and
make up. Letter to the Editor
We are writing this letter as parents, ratepayers
and business owners in Eastend to make
317 Red Coat Dr. everyone aware that the school division EASTEND SWIMMING
295-2616 election is coming on Oct. 28, the same day as POOL
municipal elections.
We are asking that each and every one of you
remember which members of the Chinook Saturday, Oct 31st
School Division board voted to close schools. 7pm to 2am
Eastend Memorial Hall Our schools are a critical part of our
communities, whether or not we have school Dance at Eastend
Fowl Supper age children. Memorial Hall
Sunday, Nov. 1st This year when you vote we ask that you Raffle
4:30—7 pm support candidates committed to keeping our Kids Games
schools, as we believe the loss of our schools Costume Prizes
Adults—$10 will mean the loss of our communities. Chili Supper
6 –12—$6
Under 5—Free Stacey and Bonnie Gleim - Eastend Bring Carved Pumpkins
Take-out meals—$11 Cost: Children $5.00
135 Oak Ave. N. Adults$10.00
Everyone in the community is
is Open for Breakfast Children must be accom-
asked to help in some way with panied by adult
this supper. Monday to Friday
Thanks 6am to 8am

343 Red Coat Dr.

295-3505 Badlands
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October 31st
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At The Planet Mars

Eastend United Church
October 28th is Election Day This magnificent planet has been a major
Friday, October 23rd candidate for science fiction movies for
My name is Gerry Egland and on many decades. When we consider all the
Oct. 28th I would like to ask for your 2 pm—4 pm facts it is difficult to imagine that any life
support in the election for Division 6 of could exist on Mars. However, scientists
the Chinook School Division. I have Everyone Welcome! believe that straight lines on Mars are
been a lifelong farmer on the family evidence of ice deposits underneath the
farm about halfway between Eastend planet's surface. The most concrete theory
and Frontier. I have three grandchil- is that life on Mars existed a billion years
dren currently attending school in the ago and some believe that there are re-
Chinook School division and two more mains of ancient civilization on Mars’
who will attend school in nth next few surface. The strange belief, based on Ma-
years. I bring with me experience from Looking for a lift to Swift Current
yan studies, is that Martians fled their
the Eastend Union Hospital Board, the weekend of Oct. 24-25 if anyone might be
planet and landed on Earth (some believe
Town Council of Eastend and from be- going. Happy to share cost of gas.
that Mayans descended from Mars. Mars
ing a founding member of the South- Flexible about the days.
is made up of iron and is home to the larg-
west Terminal. As I look to another Call 295-4119 est volcano in our Solar system called
generation being on our farm it is Olympus Mons and the largest canyon
Critical that we preserve all the services Valles Marineris, which is 2,500 miles
we have here in the southwest. This Week in History… long. Mars has two moons and scientists
believe that the moon Phobos will crash
IF I AM ELECTED I WILL 1415 - Battle of Agincourt Welsh longbow
defeats the armored knight. into the surface of Mars in less than 50
• Defend our schools 1675 - Iapetus moon of Saturn Discovered by
years. Moon debris will stay in Mars at-
Giovanni Cassini.
mosphere thus creating a ring around
• Represent the people of Division 6 Mars similar to Saturn's ring. An interest-
who elected me 1836 - the match is patented.
ing fact about Mars is that NASA sent
1872 - world's largest gold nugget (215 kg) many missions to Mars and more than
• Commit to having decisions made found in New South Wales.
in public meetings rather than be- half of them disappeared without trace.
1879 - Thomas A. Edison successfully
hind closed doors demonstrates the electric light
• Search for efficiencies to make the 1929 - Black Thursday the beginning of the
system better for ratepayers and stock market crash. The Eastend Edge is a proud supporter of our
students. 1945 - Women in France allowed to vote for community and is distributed across North
the 1st time. America.

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