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Mdulo I

FORMA DE PUBLICACIN: Publicar su archivo(s) en la opcin TRABAJO ACADMICO que figura en el men contextual de su curso

Fecha de publicacin en campus virtual DUED LEARN:

HASTA EL DOMINGO 12 DE ENERO 2014 A las 23.59 PM



Recuerde verificar la correcta publicacin de su Trabajo Acadmico en el Campus Virtual antes de confirmar al sistema el envo definitivo al Docente. Revisar la previsualizacin de su trabajo para asegurar archivo correcto.


Las fechas de recepcin de trabajos acadmicos a travs del campus virtual estn definidas en el sistema de acuerdo al cronograma acadmicos 2013-3 por lo que no se aceptarn trabajos extemporneos.


Las actividades que se encuentran en los textos que recibe al matricularse, servirn para su autoaprendizaje mas no para la calificacin, por lo que no debern ser consideradas como trabajos acadmicos obligatorios.


Gua del Trabajo Acadmico:

4. Recuerde: NO DEBE COPIAR DEL INTERNET, el Internet es nicamente una fuente de consulta. Los trabajos copias de internet sern verificados con el SISTEMA ANTIPLAGIO UAP y sern calificados con 00 (cero).

5. Estimado alumno:
El presente trabajo acadmico tiene por finalidad medir los logros alcanzados en el desarrollo del curso. Para el examen parcial Ud. debe haber logrado desarrollar hasta la pregunta N 2 y para el examen final debe haber desarrollado el trabajo completo.

Criterios de evaluacin del trabajo acadmico:

Este trabajo acadmico ser calificado considerando criterios de evaluacin segn naturaleza del curso:

1 2 3 4

Presentacin adecuada del trabajo Investigacin bibliogrfica: Situacin problemtica o caso prctico: Otros contenidos considerando aplicacin prctica, emisin de juicios valorativos, anlisis, contenido actitudinal y tico.

Considera la evaluacin de la redaccin, ortografa, y presentacin del trabajo en este formato. Considera la consulta de libros virtuales, a travs de la Biblioteca virtual DUED UAP, entre otras fuentes. Considera el anlisis de casos o problematizadoras por parte del alumno. la solucin de situaciones




4 points

1. If the builders didn't make so much noise next door, we __________ the windows more often.

A. B. C. D.

Opened would opening would open would have open

2.- Last night, I would _________ to the pub if I hadn't had so much homework to do.

A. B. C. D.

go going be go have gone

3.- The teacher wouldn't have written a test about conditionals if we _______ them this week.

A. had studied B. hadn't studied C. studied D. didn't study

4. If the lesson had been more interesting, Easa wouldn't ___________ asleep.

A. fell B. had fallen C. have fallen D. be fall

5. If the students ______ mistakes in their homework every week, they wouldn't learn so much.

A. B. C. D.

don't make didn't make wouldn't make hadnt made

6. If Charlie _________ a million pounds in a lottery he would still ride a bicycle to work.

A. wins B. winning C. would win D. won


7. If Sofia ______________ to talk to a friend this morning, she wouldn't have missed the bus.

A. B. C. D.

stopped didn't stop had stopped hadnt stopped

8. If we ______________________ a class election every week, the same student would win every time because he is so popular.

A. B. C. D.

have having had had had

9. There _________ so many cups in the rubbish bin if students drank less coffee every day.

A. B. C. D.

wouldnt wasn't wouldn't have been hadn't been be

10. Monica ____________ about the third conditional if she hadn't missed Thursday's lesson.

A. B. C. D. Check these links:

would learn would have learned would be learn had learned


10 points

The Mini Problem

. Lilys anger could not have been more palpable. She awakened Christmas morning and, along with her brother, ran down to see the gifts under the tree.


In the living room sat a magnificent mini bike. It was red with a pearly white gas tank and side panels. For a brief moment, Lily was filled with what seemed like insurmountable excitement. She couldnt imagine anything better than getting that bike. Then, her eyes caught sight of a baby doll sitting on the couch with a huge bow. She knew. She knew that the mini bike belonged to her brother and that she had been relegated to that doll. It was par for the course. Tommy always got cool things: skateboards, gliders, science kits. The mini bike was just the latest cool thing. Lily always got the boring gifts: a doll with a gown, a doll with a tutu, a doll with a puppy. This doll seemed unusually blah. The doll wore a petticoat. The doll had short, straight black hair. Tommy had seen that mini-bike in the front window of Moores Bike Shop, but hadnt Lily too? Both had begged for the bike. Both had said it was the only thing they wanted for Christmas. Hadnt Lily asked for it with as much fervor as her twin brother? Tommys eyes grew wide at the sight of the bike he knew was hisno doll for him. He ran into his parents room and jumped excitedly on the bed. Thank you, Mama! Thank you, Papa! he yelled. Meanwhile Lily simmered in the other room. She was furious. She was enraged. She was incensed. It took a while for anyone to even realize she was missing. Whats wrong, Lil? Papa asked. Did you see your pretty doll? I saw it, she said sulkily. Whats wrong? asked Mama. Silence. Lilys jaw was fixed. Her hands clenched. Her whole body trembled. Oh, Mama, you know Lily is never excited by presents! her brother laughed. Come out and watch me ride! And so they did. Choose the correct answer: 1) In the beginning of the story, Lily's anger was described as palpable because it was A. unusual B. irrational C. difficult to understand D. easy to feel 5TA20133DUED

2) As used in the beginning of the story, which is the best antonym for insurmountable? A. sane B. phony C. unjustified D. surpassable 3) As used in the beginning of the story, which best describes the act of being relegated? A. A star athlete is given a coveted award. B. A disobedient dog is put in the garage to sleep. C. After being tested, swimmers are put into groups according to their ability levels. D. The birthday boy is taken to his favorite restaurant. 4) As used in the beginning of the story, the expression par for the course implies that something A. is to be expected B. cannot be undone C. is sure to cause anger D. was meant to be hurtful 5) What is ironic about the title of this passage? A. Lily has a big problem. B. Tommy is perfectly happy. C. Lily does not get a mini bike. D. Lilys parents do not realize there is actually a problem. 6) What could the author have written if she wanted to show Lily taking steps to improve her situation? A. a scene with Lily storming out of the house B. a description of Lily getting to ride the mini bike first C. a paragraph describing Lily pretending to appreciate the doll D. a dialogue with Lily explaining to her family why she was so angry 7) As used in the middle of the story, which is the best antonym for fervor? A. gluttony B. indifference C. politeness D. passion 8) Using the information in the story as a guide, it can be inferred that Lily's parents could reasonably be accused of being 6TA20133DUED

I. unloving II. insensitive III. gender biased A. I only B. I and II C.II and III D. I, II, and III 9) In paragraph 6, the author most likely repeats the word "doll" to A. highlight how extravagant the dolls were B. juxtapose the number of dolls with just one mini bike C. emphasize how common this gift had become for Lily D. make it clear that the doll she got this Christmas was the worst of all 10) As used at the end of the story, which is the best antonym for incensed? A. pleased B. annoyed C. patient D. indignant What would you do if you were in Lilys position? Explain. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Check the links :



4 points

1. She__________________________( never be) to the North Pole until 2002 . 2. They _______________________(never fight) before they _____________ (move) together. 3. He _____________________(never break) anything before he __________ (start) to crawl.

4. When we _______________________(arrive), we ______________ (discover) that the bus ____________________________(leave). 5.-When I _________________________ (call), she __________________(go) to sleep. 6. Ashley__________________________ (never meet) him, so she _________ (want) more details. 7. He _________________________(never kiss) a girl, so he _____________ (be) embarrassed. 8. Patrick ______________________________(save) a lot of money before he _______________________ (buy) the house. 9. They ________________________________(go) some place, because they _______________________ (be) not there when I ___________________ (arrive). 10. It _______________________________(be) too late, because the car ________________________________ (sell) to someone else. Check the links:


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