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The New Brunswick Association for Community Living is proud to offer a variety of upcoming Training Workshops.

All the following sessions will be conducted by celebrated facilitator and parent Danny Soucy. Sessions will be held in English unless otherwise indicated.
Building Bridges – 1 day session Cost $150 – Includes nutritional breaks One day workshop for parents, teachers and service providers on how to facilitate transitions for youth with intellectual disabilities. This workshop is designed to help not only families, but also teachers and service providers, to understand the role they can play in helping youth achieve their goals by making a successful transition from being a student to being an adult. Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope - PATH – 2 day session Cost $300 – Includes nutritional breaks, lunch and resource materials NBACL uses a person-centred planning tool called PATH to help individuals with an intellectual disability plan for their futures. The process also helps to identify the people that will help them accomplish the goals they identify that will guide them towards the futures they desire. It is an exciting collaborative process. PATH outcomes are achieved by planning backwards, from the vision of a desirable future to a detailed action plan. Sexcess – 3 day session Cost $400 – includes nutritional breaks and resource materials The workshop is based on Friendships, Feelings and Futures: Relating to Myself and Others, a guide developed by NBACL. During this workshop, we will take an in-depth look at all aspects of sexuality within three main themes: • Relating to Myself • Relating to Others: Building Healthy Relationships • Exploring Boundaries, Trust and Ways to Keep Safe. Whether it is self-esteem, privacy, or healthy relationships, this training will cover a variety of tools and activities that you can use with individuals to support them through their personal growth. It will be an interactive, informative, and fun-filled three days! Bereavement – 1 day session Cost $150 – includes nutritional breaks How can we help individuals with intellectual disabilities deal grief, bereavement and loss It is a common misbelief of our society that individuals with an intellectual disability do not understand death nor have the ability to mourn. Because of this misbelief, individuals with an intellectual disability are not included in the many rituals that typically help us all deal with our grief, bereavement and loss. The intentions of this one day session are: • To reflect on what death has come to mean for us personally • To explore the fears that get in the way of us facing the topic of death • To explore different religious and cultural beliefs • To explore how and where individuals can participate in the process • To explore how we can help someone express their emotions • To explore how to help someone deal with the grieving process • To explore when to seek professional help • Etc. Please contact Rebecca Pilson to register. Rebecca Pilson - Administrative Planning Coordinator email: Tel: (506) 453-4400 Toll Free: (866) 622-2548 Option #2


Moncton, New Brunswick Location: Amsterdam Inn, 2550 Mountain Road
Building Bridges - November 18 2009 Sexcess - January 20, 21 & 22 2010 Bereavement - February 10 2010 Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope PATH - March 11 & 12, 2010

Halifax, Nova Scotia Location: Super 8 Hotel Dartmouth, 65 King Street
Sexcess - November 4, 5 & 6, 2009 Building Bridges - November 17, 2009 Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope PATH (French) – February 11th & 12th, 2010 Bereavement - March 3, 2010

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Location: The Islander, 146 Pownal Street
Building Bridges - October 28, 2009 Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope PATH- November 12th & 13th, 2009 Sexcess - December 2, 3 & 4, 2009 Bereavement - January 13, 2010

About the Facilitator… Danny Soucy is the Program and Training Consultant for the New Brunswick Association for Community Living. He provides consultation on various areas of the association’s work, develops and carries out various training for the association. He also provides one-on-one and group counselling for individuals with intellectual disabilities on sexuality and healthy relationships. Prior to doing consultation work for the association, Danny Soucy started his career at the Canadian Rehabilitation Council for the Disabled, NB Branch, as their Camp Rotary Directory and Community Liaison Officer, he then worked 16 years as the executive director of the Grand Falls Association for Community Living. From the time Danny was in junior high school he shown an interest in people living with a disability. He received his training as a Human Service Counsellor. During his many years of work with and for persons who live with an intellectual disability he has received various training and has become a trainer in areas like: person centred planning PATH & MAPS, Sexuality and Healthy Relationships, Persons with developmental disabilities in the Justice System, transition from school to community, work customization for employers and building employer capacity, Inclusive school culture, Creating circles of friends, how to help individuals make community connections, Gentle Teaching (interdependence), Paraprofessional in the education system role as inclusion facilitators, inclusive early childcare, etc..

Danny is a dedicated volunteer on the local, provincial and national level, particularly for family-focused organizations and is a key player on various committees of GFACL, NBACL and CACL.
Danny and his wife, Jacinthe, live in Grand Falls, New Brunswick and have four adult children, the youngest living with Down syndrome.