thcn.iropl,.r,c - U.rely cradle it Ins lmuly itit in factor in romance and adventure, and 'iere is not an emotion tliat has not found ti out sot at some time in this new air elude 'I he temperament, il 1'reiK'hllMII urtieiil.irly lias found it a source of relief, ne lYenrlim.in committed suicide in his emplane because the woman he loved d to s.iy the right word, many have andoned their air careers for the s..me ivison; one lost his life in a duel of flying which was inspired ly a oung woman of I'aris, ntid a young viator, it was said, deliberately ioiirtil livitlt in an aeroplatie because of an

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II MlL'r

Already It Has Brought Good Lucl in Several Courtships and Been the Means of an Elopement


Aerial Adventures Constantly Finding New Uses, Both Practical and Spec-

tacular, for Flying Machine
stead administered the usual fine. To Miss Mathilde Moisant belongs the distinction of being the first air pilot to evade an ofllcer of the law by fleeing in her monoplane. At Nassau Houle- va rd, L I , last summer a Sheriff appeared with a paper in which it was charged that Miss Moisant had violated a law against Sunday flying. 'Hie aviatrice mounted her monoplane and vanished into cloiidlaud. The Sheriff attempted j to follow in an automobile, but it was of no Use, for he could not skim fences and other obstacles with his ground



he met Miss liorolhy Taylor niece of the late (5ov Taylor, who became interested in his air career. As soon as he reached the States he took her for several aerial rides, and It was after one of these that she promised to marry Inm The wedding took place on the other side, and several aviators, including Sopwith, Hamel and Loraine. flew from the Heiidon aerodrome to the church lawn to attend the ceremony (irahame-Whit- e (lew over the day before, dropping roses from his aeroplane The couple planned to take their honeymoon trip by the air line, but decided later to go for a cruise on a yacht. Later they did take


malady Not the I'reni'hmm alone has taken dvantage of the resources provided by henerial route Hen- - in America its One couple ivo been just as erratic i.ive elop.l by aeroplatie, one aviator ew to court, an aviatrice evaded the law y fleeing in lier monoplane, a physician initial a ptitient in an aeroplane and the ying machine has been prcs-e- d into ser-ic- e as a life saving device. It is men of this type, aerial adventurers, ho are constantly discovering .1 new use or the aeroplane The ill starred flight of Chavez across he Alps, which will go down in history s a feat of great daring and achievement, i said to have been actuated by a It was to win the tirioim motive of a young woman of I'aris that n eand another aviator engaged in a of sensitional Hying Hilud previously been noted for his ool and calculating Hying, but suddenly evelopcd into a sensationalist. He piled p tecords and performed feats that locked i nd surprise! those who lu.d een ccustomcd to his conservative lettf ('s 'I he prize of i'.'o.noo offered for le iht ..cross the Alps was generally egurded as a shrewd piece of advertising nd it w..s nott)iought tliat any one oulil attempt to win it ('have, again tirprised )iis friends by announcing that e was going make the (light. Hp fell .d v., is killed just before landing on the rtlier slo,e (Ine wing of his machine II. i sih! when he wah tliirty feet above ound II iliert Latham, who some mouths ago a Killed in the jungles of frica by a - san! tn have taken to the aero-lun- . iH a " iai.se he was a victim of tuber-los- i. V. hen l,atlia'u decided to fly ho ii'kcl ohi the most dangerous aerial N'n eeiler i lie Antoinette monoplane her 'nan had eve- - managed this danger-i liad I'd s ie. - f thrown Ive a 'er (I i ur. a id it was Latlia u aile Lot t ic iiiiti lune and him-e- lf 10 no He smashed machine after machine t always escaped. He (lew in storms. lot ducks from his aeroplane and smoked rnrettos in the air. It was a habit of 1 to smoke a cigarette with a long holder, 'lich he often lighted while aloft. Ho ould reach in his pocket for a match id calmly proceed to light it. His fly-- I woh always of a spectacular nut lire, ice this jaded young man did not care
n-- es com-etitios I .

the proposed air trip Aviator Lee Hammond, who performed star stunts under the management of t'apt. Baldwin, is also indebted to his flying machine for the happy culmination of a romance which began at the Mineola aerodrome. A young woman happened to visit th" Held and saw him lly She went up to congratulate him Day after day sh" ret ,irned to see more Hying. Then it was that ( apt Ilalilwm took Hammond olf to the Orient Hammond made brilliant (lights there anil all went well until one day he received a letter from New York. He must give up flying, it said, or this particular young woman could not consider his offer for one He broke the news to Capt moment. llaldwin, who was somewhat put out on losing his star attraction, but told Hammond it would be all right The weddiiiR occurred a few days after his arrival here. A few weeks ago Art Smith, an aviator, and Miss Aimee ('our of Kort Wayne, Ind , eloped in an aeroplane. They flew seventy-on- e milesaiid met with a smashup. This did not discourage the young couple, who lost no time in (hiding a minister. Smith said that was the only time he had n alile to get anything on his ever competitors Kvery time he planned a stunt some one came along and beat him
to it

(leorge W Iteatty courted his wife in an aeroplane. She made many sectaciilar flights with him. Liter when he took another young woman for an air spin them was trouble in the family that almost ended in a divorce proceeding H.'.itty some time ago was arrested for speeding in an automobile He flow to court and offered the Judge a free ride, which the Judge declined and in- -




raw the overturned boat and set out to save Strohbach, who was bobbing between the whitecaps. Wald landed on the water and caught the drowning man by the hand and lifted him into the seat before he coul get aid from any other source, ohbach could not swim and had not tne aeroplane readied mm pronauly would have lost his life. Mr. Wald be lieves that in the future the hydroaeroplane will be used on coasts for life saving purposes. At New Orleans last February Aviator Dobcl discovered the body of Herbert Johnson, an architect who had been drowned, by flying over the water at a height of about .Mil) feet. Circling lower, lie made sure it was the body sought and then flew to shore to notify members of the yacht club. Johnson's friends took a launch and found the body from Dobel's description. After some tests made at the last maiui'iivres of the French army Dr Heymond, Senator for the Loire De partment, who ranks as Surgeon-Majo- r ill the army, advocated the use of a Ited i ross aeroplane to seeic tne wounded. He scouted over the field and reported the location of men at headquarters. I) Itcymond says there lias been much the possibility of licking up tilk about ' -- ..!.... .1 I. .1 n 1... ny ijieui on niiuiiiiMi iiit'o anil eitll)ldK meaiis of aeroplane to where the.r injuries can n ccive attention
pas-eng- er

Aviator Charles Wald, who conducts a school for flying at (!len Head, L. 1.. was the first to rescue a drowning man bv aeroplane. Iist October Walter Slrohbach, a chauffeur of llrooklyn, was in a rowboat when it capsized. Wald was just hauling his machine out of the hangar when he noticed people running along the shore crying for help. He

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service. "During the war of 1S70 and the flght- ing in Manchuria many wounded men remained days and nights without succor and many died not so much because of their wounds as from the delay, e.x posum, cold and want of food and drink, And yet this state of affairs was not alwayi due to inefficiency of medical aid; oftei 'enough the means to aid was relativelj close at hand and not fully occupied " A few weeks ago a Hummomlsport physician had an urgent call to visit a patient across the lake. Not being able to get a boat immediately, he secured an aeroplane that happened to bo handy, A delay might liave meant the loss of the patient's life. Tho aeroplane is also said to have been used as a wea i n of p venge. An aviator claimed that an ao- cident that occurred to him was due to the treachery of an enemy, who tinkered with his machine. Queer questions in regard to the aero-plane have come up for the law to adjust. necentiy Aviator uouy Killed u cow in making a descent on a farm near Iyoudou. The farmer brought suit against the aviator for damages. 'Die aviator charged that the cow had committed suicide. She rushed at the monoplane as he de- scended and thereby lost her life, ho said. Tho Judge did not accept C'upt Cody's view and he ordered him to pay the farmer $00.
re-uj S

"I in not know if the future will see such a problem," he says, "but 1 trust that its solution will not lie allowed to interfere with the plan, which can al- -' ready be rwilied, of using the aeroplane to seek where wounded men are lyliuc and bring back word to the hospital

thousand spindles of the at New Hidfurd suddenly ct'Hsed to lilrl the other day and 601 ojioratlves sat Idle at their machines. And It was all the fault of Jlminle, i parrot, the mascot of the enRlne loom. Jimmy Is the pet not only of the Klne room, but of the whole mill fmin Awnt Itohert Fchollc 1.1 dew n It's "Hello, Jlmmlc" from all who enter the i iiKltnroom on any errand, and Jimmle conni hack with his cordial "Hello." It wai this noisy bird that shut down he mill. Whether the hum of the tilR ope diivo became to him suddenly tin" uiimiir of south winds in tropical tree 'X whether mere caprice lured him, right up amonK the rushliiK mpes and rapidly revolving pulleys. The or saw hint mount, but It was too late to stop him. And so nfT went tlm steam, production or no production, and the enRlne room force rushed to see what had become of Jlmtnlr. Ho had been hurled over the top of the blfr pulley tn tho floor below. They found him there, ruffled of wIiikh, badly shaken up, and still dazed from his toimh but physically iinlnjuied. And every one gave thanks, as the mascot was home back to Ills perch at the other end of the room, with the admonition never to try It again. Jlminle, Indeed, from that hour became a sadder anil wiser bird. He has not tried the experience again; conseipieiith the mill's sixty thousand spindles have revolved throughout the days without Interruption. That one meeting with the whirling ropes was enough for the parslxty-oild

The Sharp





the Antoinette monoplane it has practically passed from use. Anot her Frenchman who had unsuccessfully sought the love of a woman i.ivited her to kpo him tly and deliberately loleased tho lovers of his machine in the r.ir and foil to death. Dubonnet, who won fame In tho air, ."Iso won his bride at fhn nenxlromo. ' he won captivated by his daring, but tractcd a promiso that he would never, iftvor again lly before she said "Yob," Ilw. Vrw.llu), fl..,,,l., lrl,..,n.U'l.ll., ! viator, 1h another who owes his success n board ship Li lovo to tho aeroplane.

He attempted the (light from France ' i Kugland and splashed down in the iglish Channel. When a boat arrived i rescue I.atham lie was sitting on a lug of his Moating machine smoking a igarettc. Latham took along an on the hunting trip in which ho 'ist his life. Since Latham stopped flying

lat happened.




Emile Dubonnet

Then H&d To Sweajr off To



Be&sutiul Mxd Ple,&-sc





GrhaJT-White.Wh- o

Won His Bride Witn A.n Aeroplane ftnd Used One or rtis Honeymoon irip.

Jimmle, however, condescended to descend from his perch again one day, when a cat, whose rightful residence Is In the basement under the engine room, ventured within tho parrot's domain. Jimmle evl-- l' dently believes that in him alone is vested the light to act as mascot of the engine room. He drove the cat on tho run Jimmle Is the pioperty of Mr, Sharp" himself, and was brought by hi in to the mill. He Is a macaw and observes the fashions of his species by having a very long tall and a strong, hooked bill, Ills plumage Is brilliant. His original home was Koulh America. Like other Inhabitants of that part of the world, he is a levolutlonlst, His Invasion of the region of belts and pulleys flopped the mill. The Intrusion of the cat caused her le- noble retreat. He Is as polished In his manners as a Spaniard, and us flighty In his temper as Venezuelan Insurrectionist. He Is, In tine, ot tne south, polite, hot tempered, sporting gorgeous raiment, and fearless of death,

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