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I<:rtin and Fred Mills San Fernando Valley,

Returning from an Aeroplane-Hunting Expedition in the California, with Three Coyotes and Two Bob\ Cats That They Had Killed.

How Lions, Tigers, Elephants and Other Wild Beasts of the Jungle, the Forest and the Plains May Fall Victims to the New Sportsmen of the Air.
WHEN the



over aviators now






hunting each other may turn their attention to the equally fascinating,
though less harmful, sport of warring on wiid animnlq from the air. This comparatively new sport has recently become very popular. Skilled avlatora and experienced
hunters who have tried it declare that it possesses many advantages over previous methods. While hunting wild animals from aeroplanes Is a comparatively harm less pastime from the standpoint of the hunter, and, to that extent de prives the sport of some of iis zest, this disadvantage i^ compensated in other directions.

Accurate shooting at long range, for instance, becomes very essential. If the aeroplane comes too close to earth the noise of the engine scares off the quarry. Shutting oft the en gine and volplaning to the earth 1b not always feasible. In fact, more often than not, the trail leads through more or legs thickly wooded sections, where volplaning would be attended with great danger. The consequence is that the aero plane hunter must depend largely

ties of the
reason at



toe necessary first to drive them out of the jungles into the open before attempting to 6hoot,^. Out in the vopen, however, these creatures would make splendid targets for the sky hunter, who could pursue his quarry

elephants might not. be hunted from the air, although, of course, it would

sport. There is no why lions, tigers and

stretch their legs a third coyote. 4nsuspicious of peril, trotted within range. It, too, was added to the bag. This incident Indicated that the ap proach of the aeroplane had not alarmed the denizens of the wilds as much as the coming of h party of

Jequith, the Chicago Sportsa man, Uses a Flying-Boat

When He Goes Duck

connection with the Belmont meet, of tho first to realize the possibilities of aeroplane hunting. At the Bolso Chl^o Club, Los Angeles, <><; gave a splendid exhibition of rial hunting in his Antoinette monoplane, flying over the feqdlng grounds of wild fowl at such a nigh rftte of speed that the birds were frightened into the air In flocks of thousands. Latham was armed with
v. as one

already obtained many follow ers, but aviators all over the world are awakening to the great possibill-

long-range marksmanship to bring down his quarry, and this fact gives the game the chance which good sportsmanship demands. lu California aeroplane hunting has

long as the animal kept in sight, firing only to prevent it from obtain ing cover. Henry Woodhouse, of the Aero Club of America, recently received a detailed account of an aeroplane hunting expedition in the hilly -coun try near Rosco, Cal., from (Jlenn L. Martin, the Los Angeles aviator ami constructor, which gives a splendid idea of the


fascination of the


"There is


why lions, tigers and elephants might not be hunted from the air, although, of

at all

course, it

would be necessary first to drive them out of the jungles into selves. the At the

When they arrived at a section of the country where coyotes and bob cats were known to abound they circled about in great rings, while Mills studied the ground with a glass. Soon he discovered a prowl ing coyote and his mate Btalking a covey of quails. The coyotes were so intent upon killing that they had no thought of being killed them

aeroplane. After leaving the hangar the aero plane rose to a height of about ;>,0U0 feet and set off up the valley at a rate of Bixty miles an hour. In that way they covered twenty miles over hills, valleys and streams in twenty minutes, which would have meant an hour's hard riding on horseback.

The members of the party "were 11. H. Dyas, formerly of St. Louis; Fred Mills, the crack marksman, and Martin. Mills was the sharpshooter of the party and Martin handled tl:e

times, and when he let go both bar How Fred iVTills, the Marks rels he couldn't help hitting the birds. man, Shoots When Hunting Water fowl, in the vicinity of the marshes flew out to sea but Latham in an Aeroplane. followed them for three mfles.
hour and a half! Compared with the time required for such a feat in the old way, with horses and dogs, which would have taken be tween three ttnd four hours at the


gun and

fired ten

men on

the French Aviator, 'Shooting Ducks from His Aeroplane.

horseback with dogs might the arrival of visitors from the sky. have done. With the five animals they had While wandering around the party killed the hunters then embarked in had an opportunity to shoot two bob- their machine and made for home, cats, who evidently were unaware of The whole'expedition had taken just

expedition aroused so much interest in hunting circles and among avi ators that the Bport promises to be come popular all through the West. Duck hunting in a Curtiss Hying iboat is one of the favorite sports of Jequith, the Chicago sportsman, while Martinet, the French aviator, frequently lakes a party of friends ou a hunting trip in his aeroplane. The late Hubert Latham, the wellknown French aviator, who was in
this country

creditble showing. The story of the

Ifnst, this hunting trip makes



of this

Many of tho obstacles which, con' front aviators In the matter of ac curate shooting have been overcome by tho Invention of instruments which enable them to ascertain the speed at which they are flying, their altitude, the wind velocity and va rious other data which might affect

markmanshlp. But, notwithstanding these helpful devices, the task of hit ting a small moving object from a flying-machine In motion is vfoy no
large stationary buildings.

means an easy one, as is demon strated by the difficulty experienced by aviators in the. war in hitting

five years ago In

Aeroplane-hunting is no doubt a facinating sport but many an aerial hunter will find It frequently necessary to descend to earth and stalk his prey in the qld-fashloned
way to avoid

returning empty-handed.




altitude at which the ma flying when Mills sighted the coyotes the whirring of the was inaudible even to their engine sharp ears, but at that range it would have been almost impossible to have hit the creatures. It was decided,

THE July charts introduce

What the Stars Pmm f <sp> frsi Jhilv


extraordinary phenomena

to our

therefore, to descend, particularly .-.8

Hie nature of the country


and Mills, leaning out of the cockpit, drew a bead on the unconscious coyote. The coyote in the van was just close enough to risk a spring. Ho crouched, gathering up his muscles like steel springs. His mate,

The engine was accordingly shut off. and the aeroplane glided noise lessly toward the spot where the coyotes were about to make the quail their pray. At about 300 feet the aeroplane was swung on a level keel,

acting somewhat as a rearguard, stood as tensely as himself. Mills llred, and the foremost coyote tumbled to the earth. The quails whirred into the air, but the other coyote was too surprised to stir. The shot had come apparently from nowhere. No telltale scent told the puzzled coyote of the direction of the enemy. The creature didn't wonder long, for a second bullet
from Mills's rille crashed into her a moment later. The machine then glided to the earth to retrieve the game. While the hunters were walking about to

Oopyrlg'ht, 1915,

shadow the gathering of forces which we shall feel in August and the midTall. In the meantime the sinister Saturn threatens us with secret foes within our borders and the greatest alertness should be exercised on this account. Women spies will be discovered in Washington's upper circles as well as in New York. This same token creates pernicious ac tivity in the criminal classes of both sexes, and -unsavory developments affect ing public institutions are promised. The foregoing facts are more patent after the 12th, which ushers in an intemperate and restless spirit for the ICastern com munities, and particularly New York City, with her ruling sign Cancer peculiarly affected; Saturn afflicts the lights at the preceding full moon between the zenith and nadir, which portends scandals in connection with municipal affairs, and building and real estate Interests are thus jeopardized till the 12tli, with Jupiter lelicitatlng officialdom thereafter. by the Star Company. Great Britain Rlghta Reserved.

notice. The luminaries approach ing the horizon are preceded by Mercury and Venus, conjoined with Saturn and followed by Neptune. This latter would be more ominous but for Its trine aspect with Jupiter exactly on the meridian, which fortifies our national interests, no matter what the complication. But we are in the midst of peculiar circum stances, and the astral screens fore

gize speculative values, which will then become reactionary till after the 17th. There will be a temporary recovery be tween the 18th and 2lBt, followed by a

The first week of tho month will



startling failures are then imminent. There will bo dissensions in the Cabi net, with tho possible displacement of a secretary. Foreign relations will be Jeopardized by Saturn this month. Marked activity Ib to bo expected in the defensive branches, with a concerted movement of troops. Jupiter, however,

sentiment in the last weekFinancial centres arc much disturbed as the midsummer approaches, and some

reason for confidence in this con nection. Mexico is In a more distracted state than heretofore, with tho red orb nearing the zenith, and with internal enmity and acts of self-undoing strongly marked in their. lunation. This affects our southwestern borders. As much of our national problem this month Is due to Saturn, and that planet Is the ruler of Mexico, tho deduction Is obvious. These astral positions disturb our Pacific States with labor and other troubles. Tho Middle States are moro normally disposed, though incendiarism will be more provalent than usual. Venus conjoined with Saturn indicates an in crease of Infant mortality weBt of tho

a downpour on the 4th and 6th. Much sultriness prevails in the first waek, ac companied by sudden cloudbursts and sheet lightning. A low, murky atmos phere around the 7th and 8th, then more genial to the 11th. Jupiter angular at now moon on the 12th will bring the wind to northerly directions and Insure a wholesome first quarter, but with Inter vening disturbances around the 17th in the form of old rain. Generous winds between the 19th and 22d. A storm area covers the last week of the month. Specific Incidents may be looked for on or near the following dates: July 7-9..A diplomatic problem and Mexican affairs cause anxiety at this time. Storm formations South and WestJuly 1G-17..Many crimes against

July will open -with gusty winds, fol lowed by much humidity and a risiug tem perature on tho 2d, which dovelopa into



city hospital by official in vestigation. July 19-20..N'aval happenings enhance the popularity of the service. An execu tive act receives popular approval. Money centres are favored at this time, July 22..Renewed concern over the Mexican situation. Official malfeasance occompanies this Mercury-Saturn aspect. A State Department the subject of ad verse criticism. July 21-25..A prominent banking in* stitutlon in straits; the financial world much disturbed, and Government affaire at a crisis. I-Abor agitation throughout the East. A notable discovery in science

women and Yhlldren. A arouses criticism, followed