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Marketing Department The marketing department is the prime revenue generating division of the corpora ting. The department is made up of four units is; schedule, Market Research, Sales and production. Each of the units headed by a senior sales staff while the department (both Radio and Television Services) is headed by a Deputy Director who is not only responsible for the day-to-day operations in the department but initiate marketing policies ad ensures the implementation of such policies as approved by the larger Management.

Marketing Department The marketing department is the prime revenue generating division of the corpora ting. The

The department employs research as a veritable tool of ensuring increase in advertising. It also ensures that all commercial transactions are in accordance with the advertising code of conduct and the commercial laws of Nigeria relevant to broadcast advertisement.

All marketing contracts are executed in the department which, is indeed the hub of the establishment in terms of revenue generation. Apart from the function of generating revenue for the Corporation, the marketing department also functions as a public relations unit for the Corporation.

The attitude of the marketing staff to the public goes a long way in enhancing or marring of the economic chances of the station. The staff are mandatory expected to exhibit an amiable disposition that attracts people to AKBC. The marketing staff are

also people who must be quite aware of what is happening in the Corporation, know the programmes of the station and their content in order to be able to explain to people who may be willing to sponsor programmes or even those who merely want to know them. In recent times, the marketing departments of both services have been able to ass to the programme content of the station through the sales of airtime to independent producers who have in no small way enhance the utility level of our viewers. Administration Department The administration department is the gateway and the exit point of every staff of the Corporation. Structurally, the department has the following units: general administration, establishements and pension, registry, planning, research and statistics, transport, security and stores (which is budgeted under accounts department). This department (both radio and television) is headed by a Deputy Director Programmes Department The programmes department of the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation is an indispensable arm of the Corporation. It seeks to educate, entertain and inform the public through the production of standard programmes, for different audience. Such programmes include drama, documentaries discussion etc. Basically, the department produces 80% of the programmes aired, takes charge of programmes research, planning and documentation. In addition to being in charge of programmes quality and content in line with broadcasting codes, the department also ensures that the final production or signal is aired. News Department The News department is responsible for the production of all news bulletins, commentaries, review of the dailies and other

current affairs programme such as interview and news documentaries. It is divided into four units: the Reportorial, Editorial, Current Affairs and Sports. The Reportorial units feeds the editorial desk with news stories gathered from all known source of news while the editorial units in turn process same by way of editing to meet the required standards for airing. The Current Affairs unit, as the name implies, concerns itself with the review of the national dailies to enable those who can not afford newspaper to, at least, keep abreast of what is happening around them. It also handles the writing and production of news commentaries in addition to interview programmes and news documentaries on contemporary issues that affect the people and society. The Sport unit is saddled with the production of sports programmes. Staff in the newsroom is therefore required to be conversant with the duties of all units, as they can be assigned responsibility in any of these units. Perhaps, more than any other department in the corporation, the news department, more than less, does the public relations functions of the corporation given the fact the journalists themselves are public relations men and women.