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This Page Declassified IAW EO12958 UN Classi LED BSTRICTED RITY INFORMATION atien Cancelled ority of Directory Besson Shee Tnatigy U.S. Air Force Historical Study No. 102 Formerly Army Air Forces Reterence History No.2) ( Short Title- AAFRH-2) CNS OF THE EIGHTH AIR FORCE PLANS, ORGANIZATION, DOCTRINES vase | LIVE PLY ‘av jeMeoyy , NvO1 LCN og SCANNED BY ISA. Prepared by ASSISTANT CHIEF OF AIR STAFF INTELLIGENCE HISTORICAL DIVISION } 1 28%3H09 RESTICCERA so NCLASSERTED THIS PAGE Declassified IAW EO012958 This Page Declassified IAW EO12958 \ ORIGINS OF THE ELONTH AIR FORGE PLANS, ORGANTZATION, oOcTRUDES O17 avousT 1942 (Short Title: AAPHR-2) wm w . Prepared, Anaistant Ohdef of Air Staff, Intelligence Historical Division Ceteber 1944 THIS PAGE Declassified IAW EO12958 This Page Declassified IAW EO12958 SLT sCreD SECURITY INFORMATIC PREFACE Yor reasons of convenionse there shupters are published as a separate study. Acteally they are intended os Part I of a first narrative History of the Kighth Air Poree, dealing with ‘the period priser to 17 August 192. Even for that period the story 1a far from complete, ‘The training of the Kighth in this country, the movement overseas, prepsrations for reception md x oupply and maintenance, and the final training for sombet—these Ampertant topics are studleusly eveided. This study deals caly with paligdes, plane, and dovtrines. ‘In part this choice ef topies has been guided by the desire , to effort sme Logical division of lator between this office and the historieal offioers in the field. Whereas many subjects ‘san be treated nore adequately in Mngland, it has been supposed ‘that matters Lovelving decisions ot the Joint or Combined Chiefs of Staff level, or activities of the Air Staff, might mre esaLly be covered in Washington, * But the eheise has net been whally one of expediensy. If “e| the definitive history of the Aray Air Porese apw contemplated . is to serve any justifiable pragutic function, i: cheald be to fumish msterials fer 5 pestomer appreleal of alr power 1a 6 geceras ond tn partiodiar of tbe rele of the Amy Air Perose : in national defense, Because of the natura of its nission, and besanne of the sale, the longevity and the severity ef e ite operations, the history ef the Righth Air Feros will my CgeereneT UNCLASSIFIED “me THIS PAGE Declassified IAW EO12958 wt