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ro.a1t6 not too long ago # re1eived a letter .1h alive! :e not only e2ists b.a -an /ho said6 3Oral Roberts6 /hy do yo.l.lar e2pression and -ade the devil a ho. " *o yo.ro. the po/er belonging to 9od! +any people see.the television sho/ several years ago0 #t be1a-e a pop.en1e on people8s lives03 # tal5 abo.t he has the ability to in.-ero.re yo.st a 4o5e7that he isn8t real! #n .# $A%& 'O &O B( )OR($AR%(* A%* )OR(AR+(*!!! "The devil made me do it.to thin5 o.t the devil as i.it /ith a long pointed tail holding a pit1h.-an beings /ho 1hoose to .sehold /ord! 'et in the -idst o. /as 4. re-e-ber that line .t a .se he is real! A11ording to the $ord o.gh it is b.l. 9od6 and a11ording to e2perien1es #8ve had that are too n.or57 < .ra1tion o. the 34o5e63 -any people see-ed to thin5 that the devil hi-sel.1hara1ter idea o.ollo/ hi-! :e has great po/er6 altho. he /ere real and able to have in. a -an dressed in a red s. tal5 abo.s to tell in this s-all boo56 # /ant to ass. today that the devil is very -.t the devil being real be1a. the devil as al-ost a 1artoon.en1e and de1eive all h.

st al/ays be a/are that the devil e2ists and he is o.1tion> !!! and his po/er is b.-an beings! :e stal5s the earth as a lion =noti1e6 he is not a lion6 he 4.ollo/ing pages6 yo.one ene-y every day that /e live on this earth! # do not /ant to 3s1are3 yo.t an ill.rpose is al/ays the sa-e =death and destr.How to Resist the Devil /hi1h is not tr.-ber.ore/arned and . possesses people 1o-pletely so that their /ills are s. the @.t the devil and his de-ons6 and -y ans/ers based on the $ord o.ind so-e o.estions that people as5 -e the -ost . the :oly "pirit! At the sa-e ti-e6 the devil8s very p.8ll . the real po/er o.orear-ed against the-! #n the .e! &he devil is not a 1artoon 1hara1ter! :e is real! :is tal5 is a lie !!! his t.s Christ have no reason to .s one against 9od !!! his p.r n. 9od6 the :oly Bible! A .b4e1ted totally to the devil! $hile /e /ho pla1e o.l.ne is al/ays the sa-e rebellio.st in ?es.ear the devil6 /e -.t # /ant yo. to be .t the devil and his de-ons6 b.st tries to a1t li5e one>6 see5ing /ho. in tal5ing abo.rpose is to try to e2ert great in.or.re@.r! :e oppresses !!! depresses !!! i-presses people to per.en1e !!! always ending in something negative or destructive !!! over h.evil a1ts !!! and in some cases.he -ay devo.r tr.ently abo.sion o.

O Lucifer. that did sha e ingdoms' That made the world as a wilderness. heaven to be1o-e 3the god o. that o)ened not the house of his )risoners*" =#saiah 1<C12. the air3 =(phesians 2C2>! 'How art thou fallen from heaven.ti.t o. " will ascend a%ove the heights of the clouds' " will %e li e the most High. which didst wea en the nations! !or thou hast said in thine heart. "s this the man that made the earth to trem%le..er6 the bea.l ar1hangel o. 6 .. son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground. and consider thee. and destroyed the cities thereof.1! $:O OR $:A& AR( *(+O%"0 AR( &:(' R(AB0 &he Bible tea1hes that de-ons are 3. " will ascend into heaven.. this /orld3 =2 Corinthians <C<> and 3the prin1e o.1i. saying.allen angels!3 &hey . heaven6 /ho rebelled against 9od and /as 1ast o. # will e$alt my throne a%ove the stars of &od. the po/er o.ell along /ith B. They that see thee shall narrowly loo u)on thee.1D>. (et thou shalt %e %rought down to hell. to the sides of the )it.

steel6 b.allen angels are no/ 3reserved in everlasting 1hains Eor pitsF .rothe-! &hey have lost their spirit. spirit.How to Resist the Devil &here /ere on1e three great ar1hangels in heavenC B. heaven! One third o. heaven =Revelation 12CD.er in his rebellion and /ere also 1ast o.led one third o. heaven! B. dar5ness3 D .9>! &hey be1a-e "atan8s ar-y o.are not ones .t they are 1hains o.th6 and this dar5ness is bondage .al ill.t o.nder dar5ness3 =?. heaven .th6 they are 1apable o.s6 they 1an only spea5 lies and de1eption! &hey are tor-ented by these 31hains o. de-ons! #n one pla1e in the Bible they are 1alled the 3devil8s angels3 =+atthe/ 2AC<1>! $e are also told6 3:ell is prepared . above 9od! :e is the only one /ho transgressed the la/ o.t godly 5no/ledge and balan1e6 they have be1o-e perverted!!! -iserable !!! psy1hopathi1 !!! abnor-al personalities! &heir total la15 o. 5no/ing only lies and de1eption6 and th.in dar5ness6 /here they are not 1apable o. the angels o.de 6>! %ote that the 1hains that bind the.or the-! "in1e they 1annot 5no/ tr.ght to elevate hi-sel.or the devil and his angels!3 &he Bible also says that these .-ination and they are devoid o.1i.al goodness 5eeps the. dar ness! &he light in /hi1h these angels /al5ed /hile they /ere in heaven has been ta5en . godly /isdo-! $itho. ther. 9od and /as 1ast o. the angels o.1i. 5no/ing the tr.er is the only one /ho be1a-e .illed /ith pride and so.orged o.1i.er6 +i1hael6 and 9abriel! (a1h o.t o.ollo/ed B.

or yo.lt6 their p. heaven and the saints o. to re-e-ber! "atan and his 1ohorts are still at /ar against the hosts o. 9od! 8 .1aptive and6 as a res.e to be in rebellion against 9od! &hat is a very i-portant point .li1t tor-ent =?ohn 10C10a>! "atan and his de-ons 1ontin.Oral Ro%erts that hold the.rpose is to in.

his evil personality thro.larly see5 h.ore they /ere 1ast o.ell . 9od! Based on this 5no/ledge6 "atan harassed and te-pted the .ight against 9od and :is /or5 on the earth is a 3pa/n3 o.r1e o.-an e-bodi-ent! +an has the greatest po/ers o. the devil! And along /ith the de-on6 he is separated .-an or other physi1al e-bodi-ent in an atte-pt to regain their .t 1reating -an5ind! &hey 5no/ a great deal abo. his strange behavior and e2press so-e o.s Christ! %ever . e2pression thro.1i.irst spo5e abo.orget that "atan and his de-ons /ere in heaven /ith 9od be.nsels o.t ho/ -an is -ade and -any o.or-er glory! $hen a de-on enters a h.sts and desires to stri5e ba15 at 9od! A person /ho be1o-es the de-on8s instr.-an being6 he is able to trans. the other se1ret 1o.2! $:A& *O *(+O%" $A%& $#&: : +A% B(#%9"0 $hen B.his only "o. help6 salvation6 and deliveran1e7?es.heaven6 they also lost their 1elestial bodies and they be1a-e 3spirits!3 &hey no/ see5 so-e type o.ro.er so-e o.ore -an /as 1reated! &hey heard 9od /hen :e .ro.-ent to . h.irst 9 .gh /hi1h de-oni1 spirits 1an display their o/n evil l.er8s angels .t! &hey /ere there be.gh the person he has entered! &hat is /hy6 in -y opinion6 de-ons parti1.

t yo.re that is -ost li5e 9od! +an is the 1reat.lar 5ind o. to re-e-ber is that the devil and de-ons 5no/ a great deal -ore abo.-an beings is be1a.or entran1e to that opening in the /ay /ater probes .t! &hey probe .! ="ee ?ohn GC16!> +an is 9od8s priHe !!! 9od8s desire !!! 9od8s beloved! &he 10 .ed to harass -an5ind thro. have po/er over "atan and his de-ons to 5eep the.se -an is the 1reat. is that so-eho/ /hen Adaand (ve sinned and all o.l.gh that opening6 they begin to /easel their /ay in and to tor-ent6 or try to 1ontrol! &he -ain point .Oral Ro%erts -an and /o-an to disobey 9od in the garden o.essed sin6 or in an area /here there is a nat.en1ed6 an openness in the h.ind entran1e thro.t! 3'e are o. 9od6 little 1hildren6 and have over1o-e the. (den! :e has 1ontin.Espirits o.o.or a /ea5 spot or a 1ra15 in a /all! &he de-ons 1o-e at a -an or /o-an6 or even a yo. than yo. sin! And /hen the de-on spirits . Anti1hristFC be1a.ral bent to/ard a parti1.gh the ages6 trying to destroy -an by getting hi.re so dearly loved by 9od that 9od sent :is only begotten "on to die on his behal. -an5ind /as in.6 than he that is in the /orld3 =1 ?ohn <C<>! Another reason that the devil and his de-ons see5 to enter h.ng person6 at their /ea5est spot7so-eti-es in an area /here there is .t yo.or yo.se greater is he that is in yo.to 4oin his rebellion against 9od! +y personal belie. -ay thin5 they 5no/! B.-an spirit /as 1reated that de-on spirits 5no/ abo.n1on.

9od8s eye7the treas.or a -an or /o-an6 as 9od is! %o6 the devil doesn8t love people6 he .re6 the -ost val. great pri1e3 in 9od8s eyesI &he devil only /ants a -an or /o-an be1a.ter -an6 the devil is going a.se &od wants that man or woman more so! &he devil isn8t -otivated by love .ses people to stri5e ba15 at 9od and /ith the p.ter the apple o.rpose 3to steal6 5ill6 and destroy3 =?ohn 10C10>! 11 .ed 3pearl o.How to Resist the Devil i-portant thing is to stay on 9od8s side! By going a.ses the-! :e .

death! #n pla1e o.and ..ers li.ndant li.ree /ill :e gave to -an 12 .nning in their lies and de1eit! ?es. death6 ?es.e6 and that more a%undantly =?ohn 10C10>I ?es.ers both 3eternal li.rns to the earth6 9od has allo/ed "atan to 1ontin.st as Ada.e to have the po/er to tem)t -en and /o-en and to in..i1.e3 here on earth .G! AR(%8& $( : +A% B(#%9" "&RO%9(R &:A% *(+O%"0 %o6 not in o.rre1tion6 robbed "atan o.-an po/er! &he Bible says that /e are -ade 3a little lower than the angels3 =:ebre/s 2CD>! "atan and his de-on 3angels3 5no/ the /ea5nesses o.in heaven and an 3ab.l. his greatest po/erC the .inality o.r o/n li-ited h.ntil ?es.t .en1e those /ho yield to his te-ptations! 9od /ill not override the .s o.s o.s Christ ret.s Christ6 thro.ollo/ :i-! B..gh :is death on the 1ross and res.or those /ho believe in :i.lty resisting their te-ptations =4.and (ve>! "atan and his de-ons 5no/ ho/ to -as5 their evilness and to -a5e /rong appear to be right and right appear to be /rong! &hey are very 1. -an and ho/ to play on those /ea5nesses in a /ay that -en and /o-en in their o/n strength /ill have di.e3 /ith :i.

"atan8s po/er !!! and neither sho.e 7and that -ore ab.How to Resist the Devil /hen :e 1reated hi-! "o /hile 9od 1alls .ld yo.s to rebellion and death! %o/here does the Bible -a5e light o.s to 3li.ndantly63 the devil also has the ability to 1all . or #! 1G .

e to ?es.s and repent o.again Christian /ho is living . are not .ndly 1onverted born.s the nat. 1< .nder the do-inion o.or ?es.s as the Bord and "avior o. o. are in this /orld7/hi1h by and large is in a lost and .s Christ6 :e gives yo.lee! ="ee ?a-es <CD!> &he good ne/s o. 9od and the /ill o. the gospel is that through ?es.eat "atan! $hen /e believe in ?es. "atan! "till6 as long as yo. give yo.s6 yo. o.so he /ill .s! $e also have the Bible itsel.les7it is i-portant that yo. are in the -iddle o. the po/er to over1o-e "atan and his de-ons! &he Bible says that 3having spoiled prin1ipalities and po/ers6 he E?es.t yo.nselor3 /ho is in . are a so.<! A" : +A% B(#%9"6 &:(%6 AR( $( A& "A&A%8" +(RC'0 Absol. to sho/ .illed /ith :is :oly "pirit! ="ee A1ts 2CG8!> &he Bible re.sF -ade a sho/ o.r sins and a11ept ?es. yo. /hat the Bible des1ribes as a 3/restling -at1h3 /ith the devil and his de-ons! ="ee (phesians 6C11612!> "atan /ill not 1on1ede de. re-e-ber that yo.r resisting hi.r li. /itho.eat to yo.ers to the :oly "pirit as o.nregenerate state over /hi1h "atan r.tely notI $hen yo.r 3divine 1o.openly6 tri.-phing over the-!!!3 =Colossians 2C1A>! #.s /e 5no/ /e 1an de. the.r lives6 /e are .re o.

rning point o. to .r lives! &he Bible also tells .ore7and this is very i-portant .s very 1learly abo. 9odI &here. any battleI 1A .t the devil8s nat.rposes6 and his ta1ti1s! "o read and st. yo.ten the t.nderstand7as a Christian yo.or o.How to Resist the Devil 9od .re and plans o.dy yo.p to !!! that8s very o. the ene-y! And i.r Bible! Kno/ the $ord o.re6 his p. 1an 5no/ /ho the ene-y is and /hat he is .or yo. have been given insight into the very nat.

ers to total 1orr.gho.erred to -ore than 1DA ti-esI :ere are 4.e/ o.s8 o/n /ords6 /e 5no/ that the devil is 3a thie. 9od6 "atan is given vario.b =-eaning 3lord o.st a .12 "erpent =-eaning 3veno-o.lies63 /hi1h re. the po/er 16 .rer!3 &hro.rderer6 and a destroyer3 =?ohn 10C10>! #n +ala1hi GC11 the devil is 1alled 3the devo.A! $:A& *O(" &:( B#BB( "A' ABO & &:( *(J#B8" %A& R( A%* :#" P RPO"("0 #n ?es.6 a -.s na-es and titles! :e is re. 9od 1alls the devilC "atan =-eaning 3opponent3>!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revelation 12C9 BeelHeb.ption>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +atthe/ 10C2A *ragon =-eaning 3having 5een sight3>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revelation 12CG.r adversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 Peter AC8 &he /i15ed one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +atthe/ 1GCG8 9od o.s3>!!!!!!!!2 Corinthians 11CG &he te-pter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +atthe/ <CG 'o.t the $ord o. the . this /orld!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 Corinthians <C< Prin1e o. the things the $ord o.

lti-ately the devil and his de-ons are behind every evil6 sin. against )owers.How to Resist the Devil o.lti-ately o. and # -ay thin5 so-eti-es6 /hen things go /rong all aro.r ene-ies in this li. %ut against )rinci)alities. the brethren =or believers in ?es.e! :e is &:( ene-y6 a11ording to 9od8s $ord! 'o.nd .G A11.s7that the devil is not on 1D .s h.t the devil8s three p.st realiHe 1onstantly7and espe1ially /hen so-ething bad stri5es . o.t they are not really o.r proble-! B.r proble-! "atan /or5s thro.gh people b.ather o.-an beingsC to steal !!! to 5ill !!! and to destroy =?ohn 10C10>! $e -..rposes as they relate to . against the rulers of the dar ness of this world.st one o.ser o. lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?ohn 8C<< +.s>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revelation 12C10 &he .t he6 "A&A%6 is .r proble-I &he Bible -a5es that 1lear in these /ordsC '!or we wrestle not against flesh and %lood +human %eings. against s)iritual wic edness in high )laces "-.)hesians /0#12.s6 that other people are o.rderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?ohn 8C<< &he ene-y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +atthe/ 1GCG9 &he devil isn8t 4.. the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (phesians 2C1.l6 bad thing that happens in this /orld! And # -ean they are actively behind it! &he Bible also 1learly spells o.

your great enemy.t to do .and ensnare .Oral Ro%erts o.s! "atan is 1onstantly on a 3death -ission!3 '3e careful4watch out for attac s from 5atan. loo ing for some victim to tear a)art" =1 Peter AC86&BB>! 18 .s in any /ay he 1an! lti-ately he see5s to destroy .r s/orn ene-y o. roaring lion.tral to/ard . He )rowls around li e a hungry.s! :e is o.s har.r side and he is not ne.

inal .s at the point o. one great desire that all h.a1e6 and by the po/er o.nd and the dread.te those /ho atte-pt to .l pra1ti1es o.st .p to that one overriding te-ptation! &he devil te-pts . other people in this nation6 /at1hed a pri-e.ten lead to br.inally to say that 9od8s /ay is /rong and o.6! A%* $:A& *O(" &:( B#BB( "A' ABO & &:( *(J#B8" &AC&#C"0 &he devil te-pts .rders and deaths! As # 19 .le and perse1. 9od6 they are the te-ptations /e -.-an beings have to so-e degree or otherC the )ower to %e your own god! All other te-ptations lead . 5no/n investigative reporter atte-pted to .tal6 biHarre -.r -ight! A 5ey /ord in des1ribing the devil8s ta1ti1s to/ard .ollo/ 9od !!! and .s to ignore 9od !!! to say that the things o.st resist /ith all o.s is the /ord )ower! %ot long ago #6 along /ith -illions o.-entary spe1ial on television in /hi1h a /ell..ti-e do1.or-6 o.r /ay is right! &hose are the te-ptations /e -. 9od don8t -atter !!! to avoid asso1iation /ith people /ho believe in 9od !!! to ridi1. satanis-7pra1ti1es /hi1h6 in their .ndergro.n1over "atan8s .

other people aro.ollo/ "atan e2ert only 3te-porary po/er!3 &heir po/er is event.and the destr.the.Oral Ro%erts listened to those being intervie/ed on the progra-6 # noti1ed a very spe1i.or the -otivation behind their involve-ent /ith the devil! " wanted )ower.nd the-! lti-ately6 they so.ght the po/er to deter-ine /ho /o. yo. having absol.t the po/er that the devil pro-ises is al/ays po/er -eant to .li1ted on others! &he only tr.3 they all said !!! the satani1 po/er o.ld live and die and they lived to destroy others in order to sho/ their allegian1e to the devil! "atan al/ays pro-ises po/er! Po/er to be in 1ontrol o.ally stripped .1tion they e2perien1e is al/ays .ar greater than the evil they have in.alse pro-ise o.ro.s. po/er6 be1a.e everlasting po/er belongs to 9od and 9od alone! 20 .i1 pattern e-erging .te 1ontrol over their o/n lives6 and over the lives o.r o/n destiny! Po/er over others! Po/er to obtain things! B.rp the po/er o. 9od! And his pro-ise is al/ays a .se in the end6 those /ho .

against the devil and to over1o-e te-ptation and sin! &hose three reso..D! :O$ CA% $( "A' 3%O3 &O &:( *(J#B8" &(+P&A&#O%" #) &:( *(J#B #" +OR( PO$(R) B &:A% $( AR(0 +ore po/er.l than /e as h.ro.9od8s property and in the %a-e o.s that /hen /e are te-pted by "atan /e are to resist him in the 6ame of 7esus and that /hen /e do6 he /ill .a1ed the sa-e battle that /e .ro..se /e are 9od8s propertyI $e say6 3*evil6 #8.or /hat he is6 a liar and a thief and a destroyer! And /e then -.a1ed /ith te-ptations .p on the inside and 1all the devil .s8 %a-e6 to leave .r1es /ere =1> :is .s # tell yo.aith in 21 . to go right no/I3 $hen ?es.st 1o--and hi-6 in ?es.r1es to prote1t hi-sel.-an beings B#%K(* P $#&: ?(" " C:R#"&0 %oI &he Bible tea1hes . ?es..l than /e as h.s /al5ed this earth as a -an6 he .-an beings0 'es! +ore po/er.s! ="ee ?a-es <CD!> #n other /ords6 /hen /e are .a1e against "atan and his de-ons! :e .s alone be1a.lee .the devil6 /e -.sed only three reso.st stand .

sting 9od to bring .gh o..aith63 tr.ight the good .s thro.sing the $ord o. 9od! 'o.ll ar-or o.ight o.r1esI #t is .r battle /ith "atan vi1torio. and # have a11ess to these sa-e reso.sly! And 9od /ill do itI 22 .s to do in (phesians 6 and then to 3.l instr.t on the . .1ts .p to .Oral Ro%erts 9od6 =2> :is obedien1e to 9od6 and =G> . 9od63 as Pa.s to 3p.

rse that is .t or so-e other area o.by so-eone /ho is involved in /it1h1ra.a-ily involved in the o11.rse3 or a 3spell3 pla1ed on the.lt pra1ti1es! )or e2a-ple6 in these 1ases a person -ay have had a 31.gh no 1ons1io.e6 and they have not been involved in so-e /ay in o11.a. their o/n6 b.ndly 1onverted born.lt in the past7even a generation or t/o ba157and they need to pray and as5 the Bord to brea5 that .pon this earth and the .t 9od! # -ean by this6 so-e people are tor-ented /ho have not consciously given the-selves over to sin that is regular and ha%itual in so-e area o. the o11.a-ilial 1onne1tion /ith evil! Or it -ay be that a so.lt o.lt! Perhaps a person has had a -e-ber o. the 1. their li.s . their .t as a res.a1t that /e are living in a /orld that6 generally spea5ing6 is /itho.lt o.-an beings /ho are 3tor-ented3 by evil spirits thro.8! CA% A P(R"O% B(CO+( PO""(""(* B' &:( *(J#B $#&:O & K%O$#%9 #&0 *O(" A P(R"O% :AJ( &O B( A $#BB#%9 PAR&#C#PA%&0 +y personal belie. is that there are so-e h.again Christian has been 3stepping 2G .

t no/ is harass-ent by the devil! &his harass-ent -ay be e2perien1ed as tor-ent6 or as o))ression! #t -ay be e2perien1ed as a de)ression that is spirit.ten people ..lt /itho.eI> 2< . yo. /or56 or in so-e other area o. depression are o.n or 3e2peri-enting3 /ith so-ething har-less! &he res.en1es o.lts are 4..s! &hey thin5 they are 4.lly 9#J( their /ill to "atan! #t is at that point that "atan 1an 3possess3 the.s a1tivities are spirit.Oral Ro%erts on the devil8s toes3 by the i-pa1t they are having .1o-pletely! O.and 1ontrol the. they 5ne/ in advan1e /hat they /ere doing! ='o. a strong /itness . the o11. that la/ /ill ta5e hold o.ally dangero. a 1li.st as real6 ho/ever6 as i.into a do/n/ard progression .t realiHing that vario.al in origin! =Other 1ases o. the ene-y3 against a person6 Christians in1l..or Christ in their . gravity b.r li. yo.spea5ing abo.or Christ! $hat # a.a-ily6 their pla1e o. de-oni1 )ossession6 ho/ever6 are di. -ay not 5no/ the la/ o.ded! Cases o. )ossession6 a de-on a1t.ten physi1ally based and 1an so-eti-es be helped by a physi1ian!> &hese are 3atta15s o.6 the 1onse@..ntil they event.t i.e that has led the.st having . the edge o.ally enters a person and 1ontrols hi.or her 1o-pletely! # believe in those 1ases the person has generally -ade a 1hoi1e or a de1ision at so-e point in their li.erent! #n 1ases o.irst get involved in the a1tivities o.ally get to the point /here they turn over their will to the devil.. /al5 o. #n other /ords6 they /ill.

ro.t.s! &hey are 3se1ret things3 that are not yet revealed and the Bible -a5es it very 1lear that 3the se1ret things belong to the Bord3 =*e.i1allyC "Let no one %e found among you who • sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire.st 9od to reveal to .e6 that are a-ong the se1ret 1o.t the past6 present6 or ."atan those things abo.t dangero.ro.p6 to 5eep so-ething as a se1ret6 .i1eF.de-oni1 spiritsF6 2A .nrevealed po/er!3 &he a1tivities o.lt are all ai-ed at .-an sa1ri.n1overing so-ething abo.re that 9od in :is divine /isdo..s /hat /e need to 5no/ /hen /e need to 5no/ it! $e are not to see5 to 5no/ . the o11.r li.t.lt pra1ti1es very spe1i.terono-y 29C29>! #n other /ords6 /e are to tr.pernat.has not 1hosen to reveal to .rally .e6 or so-eone else8s li.ses po/er gained s.nsels o.9! $:A& (KAC&B' #" &:( OCC B&0 $:A& AR( OCC B& PRAC&#C(" &:A& &:( B#BB( *("CR#B(" A" *A%9(RO "0 &he /ord occult literally -eans 3to 1over . Eengages in h.. 8who )ractices divination Epredi1ts the .t o.s o11. 9od! &he Bible spells o.reF • or sorcery E.

or to 1ontrol another person8s a1tionsF6 • or who is a medium or s)iritist or who consults the dead Eanyone /ho 1ond.psF6 • or casts s)ells Eprono.ollo/ing -y horos1ope every day or listening to hard.o.thority o.ro15 -. -any hard.r lives 26 . 9od6 o.alse praise -.I &he $ord o.ro15 gro. 9nyone who does these things is detesta%le to the Lord" =*e. 9od tells .or.e a11ording to the horos1ope in yo. telling -e that .1ts sean1es 7or other -eetings7to 1onverse /ith evil spirits i-personating those /ho have died6 or /ho p.ten des1ribing the-selves today as 31hannelers3 or 3trans1hannelers3F.ro15 -.not telling yo.rports to be the 3-o.ral spirit other than the :oly "pirit o. -ay say6 3Oral Roberts6 are yo.si1 is /rong03 #8. evil6 in1l.si1 alb.ig.ld be 1ond.ill yo.n1es evil 1.s again and again that /e are to live o.r daily ne/spaper or to in.ding the 3.se har.re events or ho/ a person8s li.rses6 or he2es6 on people or in so-e /ay atte-pts to 1a.pernat.rations on /hi1h horos1opes are based6 to .or any s. -y o/n opinion that it8s /rong to live yo. on the a.r li.1tedF6 • engages in witchcraft E/orships the devil or any .si13 o.terono-y 18C106116 %#J>! 'o. 9od is telling yo.r -ind /ith the -essages on -any hard.t.thpie1e3 ..e sho.1h as star and planet 1on.oretell .ses signs6 s.Oral Ro%erts • inter)rets omens E.-s!!! the $ord o.

o.or the $ord o.ne.te .ntered a /o-an /ho had on1e 2D .st in so-ething or so-eone else! #8going to ta5e -atters into -y o/n hands!3 &hat brings .st 'o.ro.r tr. /ith -y li.tellers6 pra1ti1ing astrology6 and so .riosity and grad. to be 9od in -y li. to reveal to -e /hat # need to 5no/ in -y li. 9od8s 5no/ledge .en1e thro.or the-selves! &hey are -a5ing the-selves o.orth! $hat begins inno1ently -ay have li.rp the po/er o.1ted . an e2a-ple .l.r great healing 1r.e1t6 saying to 9od6 3# don8t tr.seat 3tent 1athedral3 in the 19A08s6 # en1o.bstit.s.e! # don8t tr.sades # 1ond.ide -e in the paths that are pleasing to 'o.t it8s 3detestable3 to the Bord /hen /e p.lt pra1ti1es spelled o.! # don8t tr.s.re /e8ll never 5no/ the great n.al involve-ent in the o11. people /ho have 1o-e .e6 9od6 and #8. to have the po/er and 5no/ledge to prote1t -e .nder the 106000.ort..t o.lt pra1ti1es6 they are trying to .ro.-bers o.e.t -y tr.gh their 1.st in these o11.lt a1tivities! $hen /e engage in these pra1ti1es /e are6 in e.e! # don8t tr.or.How to Resist the Devil "OB(B' B' &:( $OR* O) 9O*! A horos1ope6 or any other o11.evil and to g.t in the Bible7 /it1h1ra.en1es! Bet -e give yo.s ba15 to that /ord po/er! $hen a person engages in o11.ring one o.st 'o.st 'o.t to be their o/n gods! #8.nder de-oni1 in.t6 going to .death 1onse@. 9od6 b.lt pra1ti1e6 is not only a very poor s.st 'o.going to p.-y o/n healing -inistry! *.

ri1a6 she had been e2posed to /it1h do1tors and their pra1ti1e o.sade .ld .and to so-e degree be1a-e involved /ith /hat the /it1h do1tors /ere doing! O.perh.ld 1ontain her! :er -ind /o. the devil /ere saying6 3*on8t let hi.or -any years! $hile in A.rsts! As # /as led to/ard this /o-an to pray . the tent poles d.ri1a .se her great strength to shove it a/ay! #t /as as i.ght ba15 to the nited "tates in s.1h a 1ondition that no one 1o. her violent o.riosity abo.as1inated /ith the.ring the servi1e be1a. 9od7to dis1ern their presen1e6 their n.nd her6 tor-enting her and trying to 5eep -e .ld 1o-e and go! Physi1ally6 at ti-es6 she had s.rse6 # didn8t 5no/ any o.-an strength! And /hen her pastor bro. /it1h1ra.i15ly realiHed that so-ething /as dread.ntil she be1a-e .!3 &hen # 28 .lly /rong7that de-ons /ere either in her or they /ere all aro.t every ti-e #8d p.tb.ral 1..gh the po/er o.t these things to ta5e over .ld be able7thro.get his right hand on yo.t and she had grad.or prayer6 she had to be 1hained to one o.1hing her! "o-eho/ the de-ons 5ne/ that the -o-ent # /as able to lay -y right hand on the /o-an8s head6 # /o.t -y hand o.-ber6 and their type! # -oved to/ard the /o-an to try to lay -y hand on her head6 b.ght her to -y 1r.ro. that /hen she /as bro.or her6 # @.to. 1o.t to/ard her6 she /o.ally allo/ed her nat.Oral Ro%erts been a -issionary to A.se o.sade! # didn8t 5no/ that she had re1ently been bro.ght to -y 1r.

1o.ationI And the 1ro/d 5ne/ it too! # -ean6 that pla1e got so @.l! )inally # /as able to get -y right hand on her .-an and de-oni1! As # got .ttoned7and had li.How to Resist the Devil began to try to o.t o.a1e to . the sit.ll -y hand o.nd -ysel.ted -e .orehead! B.raid! B. 9od /as in 1harge o.o.p6 # . that 29 . her head! Right then # 5ne/ that the "pirit o..orehead and # dis1erned i--ediately that it /as /it1h1ra.and began to 1all the..ll -y hand o.a1e! &he Bord has al/ays 5ept -e ..ear o.perh.ndI %o/ # /eighed 18A po.6 # have never been -ishandled /ith s. -y 1lothes6 ripped -y 1oat open7 /hi1h had been b. standing be.eI #t /as strength beyond anything h.p and al-ost sla--ed -y body to the gro.st -o-ents be.ore her . her! "he too5 -y hands and tried to p.lar 5ind o.-an # 5ne/ abo.t she blo15ed -y rea1h by p. de-on that /as very po/er.t by that ti-e6 the sa-e hands that had 4.t! #n .t/it the devil by -oving -y hands in di.1h physi1al strength in -y li.ld not no/ even p.iet yo.ore pi15ed -e .-ber o.t o.ld al-ost hear a pin drop! # began to 1all those de-on spirits o.t # 5ne/ that # /as dealing /ith a parti1.t de-ons that # /as dealing /ith! # dis1erned the n.erent dire1tions as # rea1hed to/ard her! B.o.nds and this /as a nor-al.. her .a1t6 it /as s. her ar-s in bet/een -ine! And the ne2t thing # 5ne/6 she had ta5en hold o.siHed /o-an! And # tell yo. the. de-ons6 so # /as not a.tting both o.p and had literally al-ost sla--ed -e to the gro.nd 1o.rohaving any .

and to now the-! And then a fascination too5 hold o. the %a-e o.t! )inally all the de-ons had le. the /it1h do1tors! )irst6 she be1a-e curious! &hen she began to get near the.ally . )riend6 yo..e! %ote the progression she .Oral Ro%erts /o-an in the a..orbade the de-ons6 in ?es.erently! "he loo5ed aro.riosity led her to familiarity and association! And then fascination and e$)erimentation. 1.t /as .t o.ll .t! By her a1tions6 # 5ne/ that she had been 1o-pletely set .t o.ld hear theal-ost tear her body as i.li-b as they 1a-e o.nd to see /here she /as as i. she had 4. /it1h1ra.ollo/ed! "he /as curious! :er 1.a1e lighted .na/are o.lt7/hether o.or1e o. her abo.rn to her ever again! &hen # began to tal5 to her and she told -e ho/6 as a -issionary in A.t the strange things that the /it1h do1tors /o. 1o.ld do6 and as her .riosity as this G0 .pon her and de-on spirits began to 1ontrol her li.ri1a6 she had observed the /or5 o. ?es. 1annot play /ith the devilI #.s8 %a-e6 to ret.as1ination gre/6 she be1a-e . yo.t her and i--ediately she began to a1t di.p and she 1ried6 3&han5 9odI3 /ith al-ost a sho.ro.thority o. ho/ the /it1h do1tors /ere de1eiving her and 1o-ing against her spirit. the o11..erent /orld! :er .a di.ntil the .s! &hey began 1o-ing o. they /ere trying to rip her li-b . 9od and # .ro. her and yo.st 1o-e . have already been involved in any aspe1t o.ree by the po/er o.

lt6 or o.r1e o.rn to those things again as a so.s! :elp -e6 9od6 to -ove .th abo.r li. to set -e . /ill.reeI A-en and a-en!3 G1 .e! Bet8s pray right no/! "ay this prayer o. and to 9od that yo.st 'o.orgive -e! # /ant ?es. /ill never t. po/er or in.or g.rn to ?es. to .s Christ and tr.t o..or/ard6 # /ill loo5 to 'o. these a1tivities! # tr.rsel.ello/ship /ith people /ho love and /orship the Bord ?es.n1e that involve-ent and to vo/ to yo.or-ation6 b.t the o11.aith and to p./ith yo. -y -ind6 -y heart6 and -y li. ignoran1e to the tr.t o.e6 any re-e-bran1e o.l rebellion against 9od6 # strongly advise yo.dC 3*ear 9od6 # reno.n1e any and all involve-ent # have had /ith "atan and the o11. only . right no/ to reno.idan1e and dire1tion in -y li.How to Resist the Devil /o-an7or o.s to be -y personal "avior and Bord! )ro.t lo.e /ith .t instead6 yo.this day .or/ard in -y li.lt6 and # as5 'o.dy 'o. /ill t.e! # /ill st.t o.t o.st :i.r $ord6 the :oly Bible! # /ill get into .

ro. de-ons! #n -ost 1ases6 # believe /e are dealing /ith a person /ho is de-oni1ally o))ressed =rather than possessed> or demoni:ed6 as so-e people pre.irst o..en1es or a1tivity is that G2 .10! :O$ CA% 'O &(BB #) "O+(O%( 'O K%O$ #" %*(R &:( *#R(C& #%)B (%C( O) *(+O%" !!! OR +A'B( (J(% *(+O%.or1es outside their being! &he i-portant thing to re-e-ber in the dis1ern-ent o.en1e o. all that # personally believe that the tr. that person8s a1tions or behavior7are e2tre-ely rare! And the average person8s 1han1es o.er to 1all it7that is6 harassed .ntering a person /ho is tr.e 1ases o.possessed are e@.l.ation /here yo.l.-an being and have absol. de-on )ossession7/here satani1 spirits literally ind/ell a h. believe that so-eone is .ally rare! "o it8s very i-portant not to overstate the 1ase /hen dealing /ith a sit.nder the dire1t in. de-oni1 in.te 1ontrol over 1ertain areas o.ly de-on. ever en1o. PO""(""(*0 Bet -e say .

need to be parti1.r1e to be behind a person8s behavior! 'o. tell other people abo. people6 or 4.th7even in sit.re! Bet -e give yo. &hat person then /ill e2hibit behavior that goes %eyond the norm o.tal5ing abo.en1ed by a lying s)irit =or de-on> they /ill begin lying to s.eren1e bet/een a lie and the tr. say to the person hi-sel.ations /here it /o. a person is being harassed or in.t /ho also tells the tr.t so-eone /ho appears in1apable o. ti-e6 # believe it8s possible that that person is .nder severe de-oni1 atta15! Again6 this is /here # say that /e sho.ten involved in the e$cesses or of the e$tremes of human %ehavior as they try to ma e their victim %ecome what they are.1h an e2tre-e /ay that they 1annot 5no/ the tr.th7/hi1h /o.l.a very strong believer in the .ail.ral to do so! %o/ #8.gliness in GG . yo.de a -a4ority o.How to Resist the Devil de-ons are o..t the sit.easy and nat.larly 1a.s in /hat yo..t everyone! #8.ld in1l. the -eanness6 1r.t so-eone /ho tells a lie no/ and then6 b. /hat # -ean! )or instan1e6 i. so-e e2a-ples o. /hat /e generally 5no/ as sin and h.n1e the so.-an .ld be very 1are.tio.a1t that not all o.not tal5ing abo.ld see.1h a point and in s. telling the tr.a do1tor -ight 1all a pathologi1al liar! #.l in o.th6 or /ho -ay not even re1ogniHe the di.ore they 1annot tell the tr.elty6 or .st abo.! # a.th and there.r esti-ation o.ation or in /hat yo.or a period o. /hat /e prono. 5no/ so-eone li5e that and their behavior has been that /ay .th !!! so-eone /ho.

the dire1t in.Oral Ro%erts h.en1e o.-an behavior 1o-es abo.ro.t .st plain -ean6 or /ho are 1r.l. their o/n a11ord! &hey si-ply 1hoose to be that /ay! G< . de-on spirits! # have personally 5no/n -any people in -y li.e /ho are 4.el6 o.

sin3 is so-ething the :oly "pirit 1a. /e are starting all over! %o/ i.-an being is not 1ontin. 9od and 1ontin.r lives> !!! then as5 9od to ta5e a/ay that sin nat.ront in o.the condition o.r -inds and /ills that /e /ant a 1hange in o.s to thin5 abo.r sin.eren1e bet/een an 3a1t o.t and to 1on. sin into /hi1h all -en are born in this .al nat. sin3 in their lives! &he Bible says that 3all have sinned6 and 1o-e short o..p /ith the "pirit o. the glory o.ro.re is literally 3born ane/3 as i.re !!! then repent o.t thro.ally s.r spirit.p o.-an behavior springs . a h.illed .allen /orld! &here8s a di. sin3 and the 31ondition o.re !!! and .re o.b4e1ting his GA . being a sinner!3 (very -an6 /o-an6 and 1hild is born /ith the 31ondition o.ses .gh h. see6 it is 9od8s desire that /e re1ogniHe o.11! $:A& #" &:( *#))(R(%C( B(&$((% *(+O%#C OPPR(""#O% A%* "#%0 # believe that6 .ally .l nat. sin that 1o-es o.r lives! 'o.p to a point6 any form o..inally to a11ept the nat. 9od3 =Ro-ans GC2G>! &hat 31ondition o.s Christ6 in its pla1e! &hat is /hat is 1alled 1onversion or being 3born again!3 O. it =/hi1h -eans to -a5e . :is "on6 ?es.

s.11 and yo.otes6 and perverts the pro-ises and 1o--and-ents o.ally right a.8re on top no/6 b.8ll see /hat # -ean!> 5econd.re3 every ti-e they are 1on. to believe that 9od -ade yo. the /ay yo.Oral Ro%erts or her /ill to 9od8s /ill and allo/ing 9od to restrain and retrain that sin part o.eeds a person6 and .ro. are! G6 .@.ral -an8s 3sin nat. to be! And ..8re not really that good! 3#n . really are! 3'o.t the devil as the 3te-pter63 /hi1h is /hat he is 1alled in +atthe/6 1hapter <! !irst.or his o/n p. don8t deserve this! 3'o.8re nothing spe1ial at all! 3Other people don8t see yo.rther-ore6 he8ll try to get yo.ord of &od.re6 then they /ill .t yo. 9od .ter so-ething good has happened to the-C 3$ell6 yo.. the tem)ter comes at us with a twisted.otes6 hal.r sel.ronted by the devil8s te-ptations! Bet -e say a /ord abo. war)ed version of the .8re going to lose it all! 3'o. :e -is@. +atthe/ <C1.sI =Read all o.all ba15 into the nat..rposes! :e even tried to do that in te-pting ?es. line the te-pter . 5no/ ho/ yo.i-age and 5eep yo. .a1t6 yo. the tem)ter comes at us with a twisted. war)ed version of who we are. :e8ll tell yo.being all that yo. every bad thing he 1an to try to destroy yo. 1an be and all that 9od desires yo. their nat. that /ay! )or e2a-ple6 this is the 5ind o.

How to Resist the Devil 3'o,8re really nothing! And 4,st /ait6 yo,8ll end ,p /ith nothing! 39od never -eant yo, to be anything and :e doesn8t /ant yo, to have anything! 3'o,8re a big Hero in 9od8s eyes ! ! ! 3 !!! and so the te-pter8s lies go6 p,lling yo, .arther and .arther do/n ,ntil yo, have to loo5 ,p to see botto-! &he te-pter al/ays 1o-es to te-pt yo, to believe so-ething that is %&R ( abo,t yo,rsel. and abo,t others! &he $ord o. 9od6 on the other hand6 does 4,st the opposite! ?es,s saysC 3Rise ,pI 'o, 1an -a5e itI 39od didn8t -a5e yo, to be a .ail,re or a Hero! :e 1reated yo, to be so-ebody! 3#n .a1t6 :e 1reated yo, to be :is 1hild! 39od loves yo, and :e loves yo, so -,1h :e sent ?es,s to die on a 1ross .or yo,r sins so that /hen yo, repent yo, -ight be .orgiven and .illed /ith :is :oly "pirit and live /ith :i- .oreverI 3:e has the ab,ndan1e o. heaven available to po,r o,t on yo, and :e desires .or yo, to live an ab,ndant li.e and to be prospero,s in every area o. yo,r li.e! 3'o,8re i-portant to 9od! :e /ants yo, to be /hole and strong7in body6 -ind6 spirit6 e-otions6 .a-ily and .riends6 .inan1es! 39od /ants to bless yo, and :e /ants yo, to GD

Oral Ro%erts B( a blessing to othersI ! ! !3 !!! and that8s the &R &: o. 9od8s $ord! &hat8s the good ne/s abo,t 9od and abo,t yo, that the te-pter never /ants yo, to hear or believeI &he te-pter not only perverts the $ord o. 9od and perverts the tr,th abo,t yo,6 b,t !!! Third, the tem)ter comes as an "angel of light" =2 Corinthians 11C1<>! $hat /e see on the &J progra-s abo,t satanisis /hat # 1all the inside o. "atan7the ,gliness6 the evil6 the abs,rd! &hat8s not the /ay "atan ,s,ally 1o-es at ,s! :e ,s,ally /ears the 1loa5 o. so-ething bea,ti.,l and enti1ing! # learned early on as a Christian that the devil is ,s,ally behind those things /hi1h appear to be bea,ti.,l and e21iting in the beginning6 b,t /hi1h ,lti-ately t,rn o,t to be ,gly and evil! )or e2a-ple6 it o.ten loo5s gla-oro,s or e21iting /hen /e see so-eone on &J or in -ovies6 or so-eone in real li.e /ho ta5es a .e/ drin5s to 3,n/ind3 so1ially! B,t /hen yo, see a drin5er /ho has grad,ally slipped into the degrading6 heartbrea5ing depths o. al1oholis-6 yo, 1an see that it /as the devil at /or5 all the ti-e! :e al/ays tries to 1over ,p his real sel. so yo, /ill a11ept /hat he is o..ering yo,! And /hen yo, parti1ipate in that thing7that sin7and 1ontin,e to .ollo/ it to its 1on1l,sion6 no -atter /hat type o. sin it is6 then the ,gliness e-erges and death is ,lti-ately the res,lt! )riend6 the devil never sho/s his tr,e .a1e ,p G8

How to Resist the Devil .ront! :e 1o-es in disg,ise6 in a -as@,erade6 pretending to be an 3angel o. light3 /hen he8s really a pa15 o. lies6 death6 and destr,1tion! !inally, the tem)ter comes at us often, and usually when our defenses are down or when we least e$)ect him. &hat8s /hy it is so i-portant to have a relationship /ith 9od that operates on a daily basis! "aying a prayer to 9od is not 4,st a one;ti-e thing! 9oing to 1h,r1h on ",ndays isn8t eno,gh! Being a Christian is so-ething that re@,ires o,r *A#B' 1o--it-ent6 o,r *A#B' a1tivity and e..ort6 o,r *A#B' 1on1ern! &he te-pter o.ten 1o-es at ,s again and again6 as i. he8s ha--ering a/ay at ,s in hopes /e /ill brea5! Again6 it is al/ays in the .or- o. a B#( abo,t /ho yo, are or abo,t /ho 9od is! $hen a ho-ose2,al -an or /o-an says6 3# /as born this /ay63 or so-eone /ho is a thie. says6 3# 1an8t 1ontrol -ysel.63 or a -arried -an /ho is a /o-aniHer says6 3#8- 4,st -ade this /ay63 to a point6 # believe they are right! They were %orn with the seed of sin in their heart... 4,st li5e every other h,-an being! B,t the tenden1y that /e all have to/ard sin is 6OT an e21,se to live /ith that thing r,nning ra-pant in o,r lives! $e 1an do so-ething abo,t that tenden1y to/ard /rong! # 5no/ /e 1an be1a,se 9od tells ,s in :is $ord that /e 1an and be1a,se o. -y o/n personal e2perien1e as a yo,ng -an! G9

st never pres.e OP(%" &:( *OOR to de-oni1 in. Bet -e repeat thatC "in that /e don8t ad-it to 9od and /hi1h be1o-es habit.s in a state o. li.gh Oral Roberts could change it! And /hen # a11epted ?es.ghts and -y desires to /here today # 1an honestly tell yo.t o. that # have never desired a /o-an other than -y darling /i.or. -arriage! %o/ that8s a -ira1leI &hat8s Oral Roberts allo/ing 9od to trans. 1D6 9od too5 that thing o.-y heart and -y -ind on a daily basis! All o.s Christ as -y Bord and "avior at the age o.orgive .. .nderstands o.estyle! &hat /o.oolish and dangero.t &od thro.ld not 1hange it6 b.-e . rebellion be.en1e! #t p.ggle /ith sin and :e is there to .p -y tho.ore 9od that -a5es <0 .ter her! #t too5 9od to 1hange that /rong desire in -e! Oral Roberts 1o.s 3-iss the -ar563 or -a5e the /rong 1hoi1es6 at ti-es! =&hat8s /hat 3sin3 -eans7to -iss the -ar5!> 9od .pon a /o-an /itho.l.e (velyn in o.ts .r str.se sin that is not re)ented of and that %ecomes ha%itual in our lives leaves the door wide o)en to direct demonic influence and harassment. -e! :e 1leaned .s and to give . -y li.t l.Oral Ro%erts # /as born /ith a tenden1y that 1a.s proposition6 be1a.pon 9od8s gra1e and t.al6 /ill.rn to sin as a li.e that /ere /rong and against 9od! As a yo.r -ore than A0 years o.sed -e to do things in 1ertain areas o.l6 and a /ay o.sting a.ng -an6 # 1o.ld be a very .ld not loo5 .t /e -.s :is gra1e to over1o-e te-ptation when we turn to Him! B.

s ripe .or "atan8s te-ptations o.How to Resist the Devil . po/er and hidden 5no/ledge! <1 .

nd3 .l.t ?es.pright! &he A-pli.ore6 /hile # believe that sic ness in general is an o))ression of the devil against man ind.s healed the si156 /e have no indi1ation that the person had a 3spirit!3 &here.al in origin! ?es.l.al has a spirit.als is 1a. de-on spirits! Bet -e elaborate brie.ir-ity6 b.5e 1G that one /o-an /ho 1a-e to :i.had a s)irit of infirmity that had 1a.al root6 b.sly not all si15ness in parti1.ro. obvio.p straight again! ?es.lar individ.12! #" "#CK%("" &:( $ORK O) *(+O%"0 %ot all si15ness in a parti1.t so that the /o-an /as able to stand .ly on this point! &he Bible tea1hes .ir-ity 1a.or 18 years6 totally .ied Jersion o.sed by a spirit Ea de-on o. .t si15ness may be spirit.s delivered her 3/ho"atan had bo.s dis1erned that this )articular woman did.t hersel. the Bible 1alls itC 3an in. the de-on! #n -any other instan1es /here ?es.s 1a-e to 3heal those /ho /ere oppressed o.lar individ.sed her to be bent over .en1e o. si15nessF3 =verse 11>! %o/ not all bent7over people have a spirit o.sed by the dire1t in.nable to li. And :e dealt /ith the spirit and 1ast it o. in.s that ?es.the in. the devil!3 ="ee A1ts <2 .en1e o.s indi1ated in B.

inite lin5 bet/een 1an1er and "atan hi-sel. oppressions3 that he 1arries aro.ill the devil8s p.1ontrol 3rebellio.and destroying the-! &his is a -irror o.ro.. the .lies3 and this ter. the devil8s 3sa15 o.s and to t.ten robbing the person o. 3robbing6 destroying6 or 5illing!3 ="ee ?ohn 10C10!> "i15ness and disease are one o.rn .ally a battle against the devil! "i15ness6 then6 is part o.s8 healing /or5 against si15ness and disease /as a1t.s 1ells3 that ravage other 1ells6 invading the.9od! # personally believe there is a very de.s a/ay .nd6 as are poverty6 tragi1 1ir1.l. the devil6 # do %O& believe that a person /ho has 1an1er is ne1essarily .lies as they s/arover a 1ar1ass! Can1er6 li5e no other /idespread disease # 5no/ o.pts and 1orrodes the body o.b in +atthe/ 10C2A! 3eel:e%u% -eans 3lord o. 4oy6 pea1e o. /hi1h are -eant to .o. -ind and heart6 energy6 and <G . today6 1orr. 9od on this earth! %o/ /hile # believe strongly that 1an1er is lin5ed dire1tly to "atan and is a vile oppression o. "atan8s o/n rebellio.re.illed /ith the devil! %ot at allI &hat person is being o))ressed by the devil6 /ho is .6 /ho is 1alled BeelHeb.ses in his atte-pt to destroy .ral 1atastrophes6 and -any other things6 all o. the +(&:O*" "atan ..ption and de1ay o.How to Resist the Devil 10CG8!> ?es.t.-stan1es6 nat.sing 1an1er to in.rpose o.ten asso1iated /ith .ers to the 1orr.li1t great agony6 o. heaven and the people o.s 1a-paign against the hosts o. a -an or /o-an! Can1er 1an be vie/ed as o.

trition and any other .Oral Ro%erts strengthL destroying the person8s physi1al body6 and .l tells .nder atta153 .ding the $ord o. -edi1al 1are6 the best o. that is the 1ase6 the si15ness /ill need to be dealt /ith .or in pre1isely those ter-s! "i15ness is a /or5 or an o))ression o.re.or1e that si-ply /ill not allo/ the body to /or5 as 9od intended .n1tion o.ndone that /e 5no/ to do7/e then stand against the ene-y and tr.or1e that 1an /or5 to bring abo.ail to /or5 properly6 or to any other physi1al .st 1all .en1ed! And i. love6 and a good 1li-ate and n.a << . the body! #8. 9od8s healing -ethods and get the best o. regaining health that /e 5no/! A person /ho is si15 needs to ta5e advantage o.erring to so-ething s)iritual that has a grip on the healing pro1esses! #8tal5ing abo.pon every -eans o. 9od! 3:aving done all6 3the Apostle Pa.that -ay .l.the ene-y and -.st re1ogniHe that the devil is on the atta15 and /e -.st 9od to do all that :e 1an do! #n so-e 1ases6 ho/ever6 and # -ight add6 in RAR( 1ases6 a . the devil! And /hen si15ness stri5es6 /e -.lti-ately 5illing that person! &he person /ith 1an1er is 3.t a spirit.or1e is at /or5 /ithin a person that BBOCK" any and all atte-pts at healing! %o/ #8not re.ro.s in (phesians 6C1G7-eaning /e leave nothing .al .erring to a person8s i--. all o.ro. prayer6 the best o.t healing6 in1l.ne syste.or it to /or5! &hose are situations that -ay very /ell be de-oni1ally inspired or in..st be prayed .

or the si15 .ro.e/ years! $hen she handed -e that 1hild and # too5 hi.ng -an .ire3 or 3/ater3 /hen he e2perien1ed a seiH.t a .nd in 1onv. "1ript.or -ore than <1 years6 " %elieve that a very small )ercentage of cases involving e)ile)sy or other convulsive<ty)e disorders are caused %y demons..e/! # re1all a little boy # on1e prayed .lsion -ight be in and o. praying .sing hi.ld 1all epilepsy today! ="ee +ar5 9C1D.li1ted -an reported that in -any instan1es6 the boy /as 1ast into 3.ering /ere deeply et1hed in his .1h li5e /hat /e /o.lsions a day . s.in -y ar-s and loo5ed into his eyes6 # sa/ /hat those parti1. read that passage o.re and on -y o/n e2perien1e o.. . "1ript.liar l.or /hose -other told -e that he had been averaging <0 1onv.ore the person being atta15ed /ill .re that these /ere not ordinary seiH. +ar56 ?es.s delivered a yo.or the past .ro.al angle be.ind any relie.6 so-ething beyond even a 3nor-al3 1onv.lsion /as happening in this parti1. 1ases by any -eans6 b.res! &he .How to Resist the Devil spirit.lar de-ons had done to hi-! :is eyes had the pe1.n5en ba15 in his head! :is body /as e2tre-ely /asted6 and lines o. de-ons and /ere s. itsel. the a. to the gro..ather o.their 1ondition! #n the boo5 o.or-ed .ster o.G0!> %ote as yo.lsions6 or seiH.a1e! #n short6 he had been trans.ro.re! As abnor-al as a 1onv.a de-on that /as 1a.to thro/ hi-sel.a little 1hild into a <A . %ot the vast -a4ority o.res6 -.lar 1ase! Based on that passage o.

s that there are also demons of self< flagellation.t on1e he /as delivered6 that little boy be1a-e a nor-al 1hild again and never on1e had another proble.sing <6 ./ith 1onv. +ar5 sho/s .th 1hapter o. Begion in the .a1ed in -y -inistry! And there /as a str. -. sadisti1 1r. #t8s be1o-e 1o--onpla1e to hear so-eone say6 3"o-ething inside -e told -e to 5ill that person! # don8t 5no/ /hy # did it!3 And o.t their body /as violated or -. People /ho 1o-e .i.p a ne/spaper to 5no/ that there are murdering demons and demons of sadism or cruelty.thority o. sin.elty in the-6 /here a person /asn8t 4.ter/ard! # believe that there are also -any types o. all de-ons that # ever personally . 1onv.rders have a very strong ele-ent o. de-ons that e2hibit e2aggerated .steal! &oday6 all yo.ten say that so-ething -a5es the. 9od inside o.ggle be. &hese de-ons too5 delight in 1a.lsions .l. hia.ore that 1hild 1o.tilated in an al-ost inh. need to do is pi15 . al-ost total abnor-ality! &hose parti1.re o.. the "pirit o.or-s o.st 5illed6 b.lar 5ind o.ld be 1o-pletely delivered by the a.-an /ay! &he story o. -e that /as greater than the de-ons8 po/er! B.Oral Ro%erts 1reat.lsive de-ons are the strongest o.en1e steal com)ulsively and say they 1an8t help /hat they are doing! &hey o.l behavior! )or e2a-ple6 # believe that there are stealing demons.nder their in.ten those 5inds o.or all the years # 5ne/ o.

-an strength6 so that no -an /as able to s.or1e inside o.ten .! Or rather # sho.s to r.tting hi-sel.long eno.ro. 1o.o.gh to help hi. 9od to bring deliveran1e to Begion! #t too5 ?es.t o.a-ily and his 1o--.to his right -ind and to his ..nity6 to /ear no 1lothing6 and to live li5e a -ad-an a-ong the to-bs! Can yo. see /hat # -ean abo.s tells .ntil he /o.t hi-sel.pain6 and to try and get a/ay .ral po/er o.nd pleas.0 O.ro.How to Resist the Devil the -an 5no/n as Begion =a na-e that the de-ons see. h.to leave his .ld bleed nearly to death! And in addition to those de-ons6 there /ere other de-ons /ho tor-ented Begion 1a. .s that this -an /as 1.! :e .pernat.in any /ay! #t too5 the s. the.li1ting terrible pain on his o/n body! #s that a nor-al thing to do to yo.s Christ 1o--anding the de-ons to 1o-e o.li1ting pain on hi-sel.e hi.-an behavior0 &he Bible tells .o. /ith sharp ro15s .re in it! Begion /as li5e a -ad-an! :is d/elling /as a-ong the dead6 rather than a-ong the living! :e had s.t o.inding de-ons in the abnor-alities and the e21esses o.ten 1alled an unclean <D .nd pleas.lesh and in.s physi1ally! B.ld say that the demons inside of Legion . hito set hi.rsel.-bers o.a-ily and his 1o--.n .or to 1ontrol hi.re in 1.perh.ree and to restore hi.ral .sing hi.to have given the-selves6 re.nity! Another de-on is one o.anyone /ho tries to h.t Begion /as in.that inhabited the -an> to 1.rse notI (very nat.erring to the great n.rt .bd.tting his o/n .

ti. -arriage in /hi1h 9od -eant .s.-ber o.ality6 pornography6 and the se2. love .Oral Ro%erts s)irit! #t 1an be a de-on o.al pro-is1. .nnat. hi.al desire7anything dealing /ith the perverting o.ntry to see ho/ the in. -an8s nat.riend or loved one! &hat 1ertainly isn8t a nor-al e2pression o. i--orality6 or a de-on o.re there are -any other 5inds o.al desire that /as p. 1hildren7o.ral se2. need only to loo5 aro.or a 1hildI #8.ten even by a 1hild8s o/n parent or other tr.-an behavior depending on ho/ great their in.en1e over a person has be1o-e! <8 ..sted .by 9od and that is bea. /ays thro.al -olestation o.nning ra-pant today thro.l /hen it is e2pressed in the 1onte2t o.ity6 ho-ose2.t inside o. in this 1o.l and /onder.or it to be e2pressed! 'o.gh se2.ral se2.l. these de-ons is r. de-ons other than the ones # have -entioned here6 and they -ay -ani.est the-selves in any n.en1e o..l.nd yo.gh h.

st be s)iritually discerned =1 Corinthians 2C1<>! &o dis1ern so-ething in the nat.en1ed or 1ontrolled by hi/ill -a5e serio.1G! :O$ ":O B* # *(AB $#&: A P(R"O% $:O #" *(+O%.OPPR(""(*0 )irst6 be very 1ertain that the behavior o.r physi1al senses! B.ally being in.PO""(""(* OR *(+O%.dying their behavior yo.re o.ral -eans to per1eive it /ith yo. /ill 5no/ i. $hen 9od 1alled -e into the healing -inistry <9 . the person is a1t.ation /ith so-ething that goes beyond yo.ally -eans that yo. that person is being o))ressed =or strongly in.ally possessed by de-ons! &he Bible tells . as /ell! "e1ond6 don8t thin5 that 4.l.orts to de1eive yo.t to dis1ern so-ething spirit..st by loo5ing at so-eone6 or by tal5ing to the-6 or by 1as.s 1learly that spirit..l.l.ral senses6 and that is through your s)irit %eing lin ed u) with the Holy 5)irit so He can discern through you. per1eive the tr.s e. -aster.en1ed by de-ons! "atan is a 1reat.l de1eption and anyone /ho is being in.ally st.th o.en1ed> by de-on spirits6 /hether that oppression is so-e/hat light or very heavy6 or /hether the person is a1t.al -atters -.r nat. a sit.

ld nor-ally en1o.nt o. their o/n! And the Bible see-s to indi1ate that the -ore /e gro/ and -at.Oral Ro%erts and sho/ed -e the depth o.re in the Bord and .al dis1ern-ent o.nter6 and G> by the presen1e o.1h a person8s eyes6 2> by the sten1h o.again 1hild o.pon -e and if there /ere de-ons present6 # /o.gh the years7the po/er o.or deliveran1e7parti1.s6 sna5eli5e @.s /ay! :e told -e that as # laid -y hands on those /ho 1a-e be.s and the A0 . s.-bers o.ality o.i15ly! B. people /ith de-ons /ho /o. 9od has a 1ertain a-o.pon that person7or as # /as near that person! $hether 9od anointed only Oral Roberts and no one else to dis1ern de-ons in this -anner6 # do not 5no/! Perhaps so! 9od 5ne/ the n.ld 1o-e to -y -inistry . people8s needs6 :e told -e that :e /o.nli5e any h.-ino.or prayer7as literally -ore than one -illion people have thro. their breath that /as .se the dis1ern-ent /e do have6 the -ore dis1ern-ent 9od gives .ld dis1ern /hat # /as dealing /ith a11. the 1r.i1 /aysC 1> by the l.e born.larly in the early years o.ld 1o-e . 9od /o.rately and @.t /hat # do 5no/ is that any tr. 9od 1o-ing into -y right hand as # laid -y hand .-an sten1h one /o. spirit.sade prayer lines7and perhaps :e gave -e a /ay /here # 1o.ld be able to dete1t those de-ons in three spe1i.ore -e .ld give -e the po/er to dis1ern de-ons in a very dire1t and obvio.

.ro.aith6 a11ording to Ro-ans 12CG6 yet 9od so-eti-es gives a spe1ial gift of faith at 1ertain ti-es so a person is able to believe 9od .ident in /hat to do in sit.t o.ested thro.lar basis !!! those /ho have both honed the po/er o.ations /here de-ons are present! At least6 that has been -y e2perien1e! #t8s al/ays i-portant to re-e-ber that dis1erning or 1asting o.or things greater than .al and to see thea11o-plished!> O. . dis1ern-ent given to all Christians and /ho have 3stirred .How to Resist the Devil sharper o.s. spirits operating in their lives in great -eas.t operates in a /ay si-ilar to the 3gi.or the e$)ress )ur)ose o.t3 that the :oly "pirit gives to -en and /o-en to dis1ern evil spirits! "t! Pa.roevil! ="ee :ebre/s AC1<!> &here is also a de. dis1erning and 1asting o.t o.re o.t de-on spirits is a deadly serio. 3dis1erning o.l 1alls this the gi. dis1erning o. spirits3 in 1 Corinthians 12C10! &his gi.ally the ones better e@.r ability be1o-es to dis1ern good .t spirits6 or de-ons! =&his gi.p3 the gift o.t an a1t.gh 1ertain believers by the :oly "pirit as :e /ills .ipped to bring abo.al deliveran1e .s.gh the :oly "pirit in their lives !!! are . dis1ern-ent operating thro.de-on spirits! Ordinarily they are the ones -ost 1on.aith3 in that all Christians have a -eas.s A1 .ten people /ho e2perien1e the gi.t is -ani.re are people /ho are involved in deliverance ministries! And it8s -y opinion that people /ho deal in deliveran1e on a reg.t o.inite 3gi.

.or a -ira1le! "o 1ertain /as # that this /as o.lnerable to the-! Anyone /ho is not deadly serio. ?es.or their o/n sa.t-ost i-portan1e .de o. that person has tr.or-6 # as5ed the people to lay their hands on the 1hair in .aith and 4oining their .t o.p /ith the "pirit o.t the sit. the sit.ore 9od! As # -inistered deliveran1e /hile on the plat.aith be.ind the-selves to be the de-ons8 ne2t target .aith /ith -ine .e 1o. the.5e 11C2<26!> And i.ront o.or habitation! # /ill al/ays re-e-ber one parti1.ind reentry6 then they /ill see5 entry in other persons /ho -ay be present at the ti-e and in so-e /ay be v.t to be 1ast o.se # .ation /hen de-ons /ere present and abo.e to Christ and has been .rns to that sa-e person to see5 reentry and brings /ith it 3seven other spirits -ore /i15ed than hi-sel.ation6 /ho is not 1overed /ith the blood o. -any other people6 # al/ays as5ed those in the 1ro/d to get into an attit.Oral Ro%erts -atter! #t8s not so-ething that Christians sho.ly given his li.-an host6 the Bible says that it ret.ore -e in the prayer line! Be1a.sness o.s abo. 9od so that the de-ons 1annot .as a )oint of contact .ld ever play /ith or trivialiHe in any /ay! )or /hen a de-on spirit has been 1ast o.t o.ety that # also told theA2 .sade servi1e in /hi1h # spent ti-e delivering a -an /ho had de-ons and /ho had 1o-e be.s6 and /ho is in disobedien1e to 9od in their o/n li. its h.!3 ="ee B.illed . the . so-eone in the presen1e o.nderstood the serio.ld very possibly .or releasing their .lar 1r.

sly /as in an attit.nderstand the serio.gh /e /ere never able to 5no/ . they did not . she /ere r.t7a11ording to her o/n /ord o.ree a great 1heer /ent .ore! As soon as she /as delivered6 she as5ed to re1eive ?es.t -y hand on her and in ?es. and did not .s Christ as her personal Bord and "avior and # led her in the sinner8s prayer as she /as ..or s.ld not be responsible .1tion! And # /as al/ays grate.sness o.p /ith the "pirit o.t o.the 1ro/d! &hey 5ne/ that the de-ons had le.How to Resist the Devil # 1o. -e6 and as he /as set .or their 1o-plian1e and . 9od! On another o11asion so-ething happened that /as very si-ilar6 # believe7tho.de abo.se the person involved AG .de o.nning do/n the aisle to/ard -e6 shrie5ing at the top o. the -an -o-ents be.s and to 1ast every evil spirit o.ro.ngs as i. ?es.nning .or /hat -ight happen to the.t o. testi-ony6 the sa-e de-ons that # had 4.i. /hat /as happening in the servi1e! As she ran to/ard -e6 she s1rea-ed6 3&hey8re in -eI &hey8re in -eI :elp -e6 Brother RobertsI3 As she stood be.nderstanding! # began to pray in the %a-e o.illed .re be1a.ddenly6 a /o-an 1a-e r.t everything in the -eeting! "he very obvio.al6 al-ost -o15ing6 attit.ore -e6 # p. the -an in .ollo/ -y instr.st 1ast o. her l.l .e! (arlier in the servi1e # had noti1ed this /o-an and in -y spirit # /as a/are that she had had a very 1as.s8 %a-e 1ast the de-ons o.or her li.t the person! ".p .nbelie. .ront o.

or habitation! &he -an standing near the edge o.s.ddenly6 /e heard a so.ten /hen de-ons 1o-e o. reentry6 they i--ediately began loo5ing .! &hen a -an standing near the edge o.st 1ast a de-on o.t6 they shrie5 and s1rea.ld hear the.the tent be.p residen1e! And they too5 o.ld tal5 to hi-! # had 4.-an host it is as i. 1o. had invaded yo. 1o.se they are 1o--anded to do so by the a.t! 'o. their h.ally 1yni1al abo.t /hat had happened to hi.gh the 1ro/d6 s1rea-ing the /hole ti-e! ". i-agine they /o.Oral Ro%erts le.p and physi1ally dragged the.ront door! Can yo.le going o.thority o.t thro.st obey! $hen a de-on is 1ast o./ith an open door .sade servi1e6 as these de-ons /ere 1ast o. the tent s1rea-ed and ran a/ay .rse6 b.ld .rse notI &hat8s e2a1tly /hat /as going on in -y 1r. 1o.nd li5e the 1ra15 o.as they 1o-e o.se they don8t /ant to be 1ast o. so-eone bigger and stronger than yo. Christ6 /hi1h they re1ogniHe and -.ld provide the.t o. and 1o.gh6 abo.t /hat /as going on in the servi1e! And the A< .ld ./as thisC $hen the de-ons tried to reenter the person # had 1ast the.t a str..t /hat had happened to hi-! +y o/n . the tent /as evidently .t o.t a.t the servi1e be.t o.t only be1a. 1o.ld /illingly go /itho.t yo.ter /hoever in the 1ro/d /o.ore /e 1o.o.r ho-e6 and then yo.ggle0 O.t! &hey are 1o-ing o.ind no point o.ore /e 1o. so-eone in the prayer line! O. a ri.o.ind o. had pi15ed the.t6 be1a.ldn8t see the-6 o.n.t the .-oving o.or a ne/ host in /hi1h to ta5e .eeling in -y spirit6 tho.ro.

rbed6 evil abode! "o6 yo.l than they are is so-eone /ith that 5ind o.ld never6 ever let yo. 9od to bring abo.e! #t ta5es that anointing o.al anointing o..e1t d/elling pla1e in /hi1h to set .ard do/n /hen dealing /ith de-ons! &he only thing that de-ons /ill re1ogniHe as being -ore po/er.ndist.p their ne/6 and hope.r g..How to Resist the Devil de-ons6 5no/ing that6 obvio. see6 # learned long ago in -y -inistry that yo. 9od on their li.lly ..t a tr.e deliveran1e and to 5eep all those involved prote1ted .ntil the de-ons are 1o-pletely banished and .rther da-age at that ti-e and pla1e! AA . sho. spirit.nable to do .sly /ere dra/n to hias a potentially per.

al dis1ern-ent in the -atter so that yo.again Christian o.nderstanding o. gossip to pass along to their .idential and not . the person8s behavior! #. and add their spirit.together /ith yo.ld inter1ede along /ith yo. the tr. -ay have a 1learer . the proble.r1e o. are 1on1erned that so-eone in yo.nder heavy satani1 oppression6 or possibly even possession to so-e degree6 and yo.e so.or spirit. love -ay be . yo. another person or t/o /ho 1o.rity6 # /o.r . so-e -at. yo.ggest that the first thing you do is to ma e that )erson a very serious matter of intercessory )rayer.riends7# A6 .al dis1ern-ent o.ld s.a-ily or so-eone else yo.r1e o.se it as a so. are a born. 5no/ o.rs7providing that they /ill 5eep the -atter 1on. As5 9od .1<! $:A& ":O B* # *O &:(% #) # " "P(C& &:A& A )R#(%* OR BOJ(* O%( #" *(AB#%9 $#&: :(AJ' *(+O%#C OPPR(""#O% !!! OR +A' %((* &O :AJ( A *(+O% "P#R#& CA"& O & O) &:(+0 #.

essional 1o. 1an .e1ted by hor-onal 1hanges in their bodies at 1ertain ti-es o.ro.-e 1ontrol o. so-e type6 parti1.al behavior! =)or instan1e6 it has 4.4oin /ith yo.t other things that 1o.or days at a ti-e! #n so-e e2tre-e 1ases6 they have been 5no/n to be1o-e ab. their -onthly 1y1le that their entire personality 1an 1hange . s. yo.or the person8s proble-! :ave the person go thro. .1h a 1hange in behavior and personality! B.gh a thoro.ses /hi1h are also not de-on possession!> #. 1o--itting -.r loved one8s 1ondition6 en1o.spe1t there -ay be an ele-ent o.t on1e the 1ondition is diagnosed -edi1ally6 it see-s to be 1o-pletely treatable and the /o-an is again able to res.se there is s. her li. yo.ind s.How to Resist the Devil /o.r1e o. 1a.other 1a. e-otional or -ental illness in yo.1h a 1o-petent e2pert /ho is a born. they have not done so re1ently! "o-eti-es a physi1al proble-6 or 1o-bination o.larly i..sive or physi1ally violent even to the point o.! &hen6 i.r1e o.a-ily -e-bers hardly re1ogniHe their loved one be1a.nselor o.s.n.lt! "o-eti-es . proble-s6 -ay be the so.to see so-eone /ho deals in that area7either a psy1hologist6 psy1hiatrist6 or so-e other pro.se .again believer! #n AD .ld very possibly be a so.rder as a res. behavior 1an /or5 in -en .gh -edi1al e2a-ination i.e! &his 5ind o.rage the. have not already done so by this point6 begin to try and r. yo.ld re1o--end having the.st re1ently 1o-e to light that so-e /o-en are so adversely a.le o.

r pastor /ill 5no/ o.gh psy1hologi1al 1o.s is still in the -inistry o.nselor6 so that as they are being treated -edi1ally or e-otionally the physi1ian or 1o.ld be the reason they are a1ting as they are! And .rage! A8 . at all possible6 # strongly re1o--end that yo. -edi1ation6 yo.t de-ons by the prayer o.lar! ?es.r loved one in parti1..nder the treat-ent o.r loved one has si-ply be1o-e entren1hed in a 5ind o.ied thro. 9od /ho is involved in a deliveran1e -inistry and /ho is /illing to deal /ith yo.nseling or therapy! #.aith! #. s. yo. 1asting o.st beg.r loved one to a Christian physi1ian or 1o.1tive behavior that over a period o.i1ient in the h.Oral Ro%erts re1ent years /e have 4. 1an be ass.r loved one6 that 1o.nselor -ay bring the po/er o.i1ien1y in the brain6 it -ay be that yo. that8s the 1ase /ith yo.essional /ho 5no/s ho/ to pres1ribe the right 5ind o. it8s not a -atter o. a 5no/ledgeable6 1aring health pro. ta5e yo. . destr. a 1he-i1al de. 9od to bear on the sit. .ind the very -ira1le he or she needs to be restored! #. ti-e 1an be -odi.1h a person6 perhaps yo. so-eone6 or a Christian psy1hiatrist or psy1hologist! *o not lose hope or 1o.n to learn that 1ertain vital 1he-i1als 1an so-eti-es be de.-an brain6 1a.ation! 'o.aith or the 1o--and o. don8t 5no/ o. sel.red that 9od has a -an or /o-an o.r loved one -ay .sing people to e2hibit abnor-al or even violent behavior! #.

y o. 9od and the :oly A9 .se as a s/ord o.s Christ as yo.de 1on1erning yo.r heart! +e-oriHe 5ey verses and have the. :is goodness as o. the Ba-b6 and by the /ord o.1A! :O$ CA% 'O PRO&(C& 'O R"(B) A9A#%"& &:( )ORC(" O) *ARK%("" !!! A%* #% PAR&#C BAR *(+O%" !!! &:A& &R' &O CO+( A9A#%"& 'O 0 # believe that the -ost i-portant thing yo. the "pirit! Keep yo.ready at all ti-es to . 1an do is to a11ept ?es.r short1o-ings as the $ord o.rF testi-ony!3 "tay in a repentant attit. to sin! Read 9od8s $ord on a reg.r personal "avior and Bord6 .r "o. have the opport. to te-pt yo.or :e alone is the +aster over de-ons6 and to the best o.t /hat Christ has done . Eo.sC :e is yo.lar basis and learn to hide 9od8s pro-ises in yo. yo. deliveran1e! &ell others abo.ten as yo.! &esti.nity! Re-e-ber in Revelation 12C11 /e are told /e over1o-e the ene-y 3by the blood o.r1e o.or yo.r ability resist the devil as he 1o-es at yo.r eyes on ?es.

r1h and "pirit.e to yo. 9od in 2 &i-othy 1C12 /hen yo.de 20! One thing # 1annot e-phasiHe too -.! "tay 1lean and p.ore yo.nderstanding6 and being .re be.nderstand these things! 60 .illed -inisters /ho .! As Pa. " Bive in an attit. a "pirit.ore the Bord! Re-e-ber the $ord o.Oral Ro%erts "pirit bring the. need ass.1hL and that8s asso1iating /ith believers o. for " now whom " have %elieved.ran1e o..r li.de o. 9od8s 35eeping3 po/erC " ..nderstanding3 =1 Corinthians 1<C1A>! "ee (phesians 6C186 ?.l did6 3Pray in the "pirit6 and /ith the .be. li5e .aith and . prayer6 never tr.sting yo. and am )ersuaded that he is a%le to ee) that which " have committed unto him against that day..nder the -inistry o.illed 1h.rsel..

$#BB 'O B(& +( B(A* 'O #% A PRA'(R R#9:& %O$0 "o o. the gospel6 # a.se it /on8t /or5 i. today0 $ill yo.8re doing! Pray it o. /ill6 don8t thin5 that 4. the devil that i.1alled -inisters! And6 . say it o. yo. # don8t stop and pray right then !!! i.! &here are ti-es /hen # .st li5e yo.d a. in right no/! )or6 altho. let -e pray this si-ple prayer /ith yo. .a h.gh # a. yo. that pla1e /here yo.lts that # astr.t o.e6 4.deter-ined that # /on8t let hido that! #8.st as they are all other 9od.eel so te-pted o.ggling /ith at that -o-ent6 # 5no/ "atan and his de-ons are see5ing to enter and ta5e 1ontrol o.r belly6 o.ollo/ing! $ill yo. read it0 #. Oral Roberts8 -ind6 /ill6 and e-otions! "o # o.ter -e as yo. 5no/ that yo. -y li.an evangelist o.r being6 o.a.t o. 5no/ 61 .! # have /ea5nesses li5e yo. that8s all yo.riend6 #8.t o.ess -y short1o-ings and -y . yo.s Christ /ill have 1ontrol o.t lo. # don8t stop and 1on.r deepest . the depths o.-an being 4.st repeating /ords /ill /or56 be1a.t ?es.ten # pray a si-ple prayer li5e the one # /ant to lead yo.deter-ined that no one b.eelings !!! /here yo.eel yo.ten pray a prayer so-ething li5e the .

-y short1o-ings6 o.r goodness in -y li.t /ith Christ in -e6 # have :i/ho is greater than the devil6 /ho is greater than any and all de-ons! Christ alone has the po/er to -aster -e and to be1o-e -y only +aster! 39od in heaven6 +ost :igh 9od6 .d no/C 3Oh6 9od6 # need 'o.8ll do that6 then pray these /ords o. sin6 to be 1lean in -y tho.nderstanding! :elp -e to love -y Bible6 to st.age and to pray in the "pirit /ith .n the very appearan1e o.dy -y Bible6 to believe -y Bible6 to live o.t -y Bible every day! 3:elp -e to testi. to .or the devil! # 1annot stand against a de-on /ithin -y o/n sel. or -y o/n po/er! B.y o. evil6 the very appearan1e o.ghts and to bring those tho. 'o.orgive -e o.ill -y heart! +a5e -e a ne/ 1reat. today! #8. yo.no -at1h .ghts into 1aptivity to 9od at all ti-es! 62 .e! :elp -e to sh. -y sins! # invite 'o.t lo.r :oly "pirit! :elp -e to release -y prayer lang.Oral Ro%erts that yo. 5no/ that so-ething is either /rong or it is right! #.re! )ill -e /ith 'o.

s6 # stand on 'o. :is goodness and gra1e6 .st in ?es. ?es.orever and ever! #n the %a-e o.rre1tion .the dead! # praise and -agni. ?es.ro.s8 shed blood and :is res.r $ord6 # tr.y the %a-e o. -y heart6 # deter-ine to serve -y 9od6 to be 9od8s 1hild6 and to be a /itness o.s6 -y Bord and -y "avior! A-en and a-en!3 6G .How to Resist the Devil 3By -y o/n 1hoi1e and /ith all o.

nder satani1 bondage ./hat # /o.lt o.st! 6< . satani1 oppression! # /ant to share three o.aith .ld 1all an e$treme case o.her involve-ent o. those progra-s7and others /e have aired 7/e have re1eived testi-onies .&("&#+O%#(" O) 9O*8" *(B#J(R#%9 PO$(R +y son Ri1hard re1ently aired several o.ssed the s.elt they needed it! As a res.e over to ho-ose2.ree .or a -ira1le! One testi-ony is /hat # /o.t the po/er o. these re-ar5able testi-onies /ith yo.ro.ng teenage girl /ho had 1o-e .al "atan /orship! Another testi-ony involved a /o-an /ho /as . in this boo5 to en1o.b4e1t o. the progra-6 deliveran1e /as -inistered to all those /ho .se7past e-otional h. several years in a1t.rts that she had never tr. 9od /or5ing in their livesC a slave to te-ptation and l.ly given to 9od to heal !!! /hile the third is a yo.lt and /ho /as in a pla1e /here -any people are /itho. de-ons! At the end o.o.ality and the o11.r .people /ho had been set . his daily television progra-s in /hi1h he and his g.nder heavy de-oni1 oppression .ro.rage yo. /hi1h # /as one7dis1.ests7o.ro. a yo.ld say is a very common 1a.or.ng -an /ho had given his li.so-e .ro.

?(" " sets yo..do/n 1ross and lost all desire to be involved in any -ore satani1 rit.a1ing in yo.r li.als! &hen # 1alled the OR Prayer &o/er! # reno.pside.riend8s parents are "atan /orshipers and he has been raised in it all o.8re . his li. .or-ed! # a.yo.riend snapped6 3&. being involved in the o11.How to Resist the Devil # 1hose these three testi-onies so yo.t a.est /ere tal5ing abo.ld see that no )ro%lem is too 3"& or too 5=9LL for &od.ree indeed3 =?ohn 8CG6>I Teenage Satan Worshipers Find Deliverance and Salvation Through Christ On :allo/een day6 -y boy.lt! +y boy.riend and # /al5ed into o.ree6 and i.se and Richard Ro%erts Live /as on the air! Ri1hard and his g. .or so-e reason # didn8t do it! #nstead6 /e sat do/n and /at1hed the rest o.t . in his snare6 re-e-berC ?(" " 1an set yo. 1o.r lives /ere trans. the progra-! And that day o.I3 B.n1ed all satani1 involve-ent as the prayer partner prayed /ith -e6 6A .ree6 then 3ye shall be .ter /at1hing Ri1hard8s progra-6 /e didn8t /ant anything -ore to do /ith /orshiping the devil! # i--ediately thre/ a/ay -y satani1 bible and -y .e right no/6 ho/ever yo.16 years old and # have /orshiped the devil sin1e # /as 10! +y boy.r ho.t the dangers o. $hatever proble. .e! B.rn that garbage o.eel the devil has yo.

ld .ree .s Christ as -y personal "avior and Bord! # even released -y heavenly prayer lang.i1.p .ro.s! Please pray .ro. 1rying in the nightti-e6 and # /ondered /hy the terrible .t o.sharing -y testi-ony abo. -y li.ntil # /at1hed Richard Ro%erts Live one day! %ear the end o.bled spirit /ith the possibility o.the ab.e no/ and that # belong to ?es.t very o.ered as a 1hild /o..or -e as # 5no/ -y li.e -ight be in danger ..Oral Ro%erts and # a11epted ?es.ten # /o.ro.ro.rts b.sed as a 1hild! &hose h.anything !!! even the devil8s snare! Woman Tormented ! Past "urts Sa!s# $%ive Those "urts to &esus'$ # /as e-otionally ab. the progra-6 Ri1hard said that he sa/ in his spirit that 9od /as going to deliver so-eone /ho had been /earing so-e 5ind o.s! B.illed /ith the :oly "pirit o.l that the devils are o.age as # /as .ld 5eep 1o-ing ba15! Birthdays /ere parti1.lt6 # /as still 1arrying s1ars .t nine years old6 and6 as an ad.e /as -ade /hole! B.ilt .eelings .ind -ysel.. de-oni1 oppression .a-ily as -iserable as # /as! 'et # never asso1iated -y tro. 9od! Hallelu>ahI #8.s 1an set yo.ght everything in -y li.t ?es.se # had s.t # /ant everyone to 5no/ that ?es. a 66 .the ti-e # /as abo.e # had a11epted the Bord and # tho..the-! Bater in li.larly di.so than5.ro. .lt ti-es /hen # al/ays -ade -y .

e! &hen he loo5ed right into the 1a-era and prayed6 3#n ?es.reeI +y h.s8 %a-e6 # brea5 the devil8s po/er over yo.st /ithin -e be1a-e overpo/ering! &he .l day! +any people have e-otional s1ars they are hiding and 1overing .nresolved g.al6 going to all the gay bars and bathho.ti..gh Ri1hard that de-ons had been tor-enting -e in that area # had 5ept hidden !!! and that no/ :e /as going to heal -e and set -e .st a ..s really heal the-! 9od /as saying to -e thro.e/ days later! )or the .nd 4.ally 1arried 6D .ree! (oung )an Set Free From the *onds o+ "omosexualit! and the .sband /as a-aHed /hen -y birthday 1a-e aro. perversionL the l..e! 'o.s and :e /ill set yo.How to Resist the Devil -as56 or trying to 1over .e in the .t letting ?es.ccult )or nine years # lived li.or -e! )or years # had hidden and denied -y e-otional s1ars6 /itho.l and bea.irst ti-e in o. are being set .rts to ?es.as they did -e! All # 1an tell yo.r -arriage6 it /as a pea1e.sing that to tor-ent the.l in their li.p so-ething pain. is to give those h.r li.ree! (ver sin1e that day # have been 1o-pletely set .t # /as lost in a /orld o.ree %O$I3 $hen Ri1hard spo5e that /ord6 # 5ne/ it /as .ast lane as a ho-ose2. .ilt that # 1ontin.ses in +ia-i! # 5ne/ /hat # /as doing /as /rong6 b.p li5e # /as6 and de-on spirits are .

t6 -ind 1ontrol6 tarot 1ards6 and so.ailed to set -e .ter ti-e6 # be1a-e v.1alled 3spirit.al! #n .e !!! -y hope6 -y strength6 and -y salvation! #8.$)ect a =iracle.s be1a.e and /e plan to be -arried soon! #8ve 4oined a 1h.or ?es.li5e the easier path to ta5e! RealiHing there /as an e-ptiness in -y li.al advisers37b.al li.se ?es.s Christ is aliveI %o/ #8.a di.ire .a1t6 # had been -arried on1e6 and # had done -y best to -a5e the -arriage /or5! B.ndays # /at1hed .ree .lnerable and # allo/ed "atan to -a5e the ho-ose2.e .living -y li.t /hen all -y e.Oral Ro%erts /ith -e 1a.ght a /onder.e6 # began to sear1h .inally able to thro/ a/ay all -y o11.or ans/ers in /it1h1ra.ng /o-an into -y li.lt -aterials6 pornographi1 -agaHines6 and -e-bership 1ards to the gay bars # . Ri1hard8s progra.l Christian yo. that ?es.orts .. &hen one day at the end o.sed -e to despise -ysel.i1ide several ti-es! # hadn8t al/ays been a ho-ose2.s is -y li.erent -an and everybody noti1es it! 9od has bro.ented! $here everything else had .re@.ailed ti-e a.6 and # atte-pted s...rothe bondage # /as in6 9od /as vi1torio.s! # aliving proo.estyle see.or the Bord and # sing 68 .t nothing /or5ed! $hen the -an # had been living /ith died6 # .# prayed /ith Ri1hard and a11epted ?es.inally de1ided to give 9od a try! (very /ee5day # began to /at1h Richard Ro%erts Live and on ".s Christ as -y Bord and "avior! &hat day # /as .r1h that8s on .

How to Resist the Devil in the 1hoir! # 1arry a Bible and #8.reeI 69 .not asha-ed to tell the /orld that 9od has set -e .

need today! &here is no distan1e in the po/er o. Ontario =@B 1&1. D0 .rite0 Oral or Richard Ro%erts. "n Aanada0 Toronto. /rite to . O la.. Tulsa.sting 9od to give yo. prayer! 9od is the sa-e yesterday6 today6 and .ree to /rite .r .r letter6 release yo.r need 7/hatever it is7be.ore o. -ail yo.ll po/er o.or others6 :e 1an do .aith !!! and /e8ll be in agree-ent /ith yo. the -ira1le yo.! $hen yo.aith believing6 tr.or yo. o.or -e!3 As yo. ?@#?#.r )ather in heaven and pray /ith the .or yo.s today and say6 3Oral and Ri1hard6 bo-bard heaven .A )#%AB $OR* &O 'O &O*A'!!! )riend6 -y son Ri1hard and # 1onsider it a high privilege to be able to pray .I )eel .red that /e /ill hold yo.s6 yo. 1an be ass. that 5omething &ood "s &oing to Ha))en to (ou! .orever! $hat :e has done .r .

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