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MODULE 8: SOA Project Management LZA Homework Exercise #6 reating a SOA !

oa"ma# $ Project P%an De&e%o# a &is'a% SOA (m#%ementation !oa"ma# )ase" on t*e Za#+*ink SOA (m#%ementation !oa"ma# #oster, (We used the TIBCO implementation map) Include discrete timelines for organisational, architectural, infrastructural, and governance. When possible, be as specific as possible in the determination of timeframe, steps, and ordering for individual SOA implementation components.

TIBCO Integrate% Services "nvironment -IS"0 Services Construction & Orchestration

Custom &pps ,5""673"T Pac age% &pp


Tra%ing Partner Services

Data Integration "T' & ,DBC

Business Process Management

3e4 Service

"#isting Service




TIBCO Services Bac !one & "SB

+e! Services SO&P +SD' $TTP

Core "SB Services

Data Trans(orm )S'T Intelligent Routing Su!*ect Content Service Runtime Container

"vent Services Transactions

)& ,T&

Cross Re(erencing Security


"#ception $an%ling &u%it & 'ogging

TIBCO Distri!ute% Messaging Bus -"MS. Ren%e/vous0

Multi1Protocol Message Translation -$TTP. M2Series. any ,MS0

TIBCO Repository

UDDI Registry

Security & Policy

TIBCO Portal Services

TIBCO Rich Clients

Services Governance TIBCO Management & Monitor

User Interaction

We used TIBCO SOA tool foundation to pick the re uired soft!are"components to satisf# our infrastructure re uirements. This is performed in step $ of the TIBCO SOA %&ecution 'odel. Sketc* an o't%ine o- t*e #rimar. iterations .o'r organisation s*o'%" com#%ete to exec'te on t*eir SOA &ision, We used the TIBCO Accelerated (alue )rame!ork * the SOA %&ecution 'odel to guide our SOA pro+ect.
TIBCO "nterprise Integration Planning -TIBCO "IP0
8ision. &rchitecture. Roa%map Re:uirements De(inition &rchitecture & Design

Implementation Pro*ects

Organi/ational 9oun%ation

Common Services. Stan%ar%s & Tools

Implement & &ssem!le

Technical 9oun%ation

Strategy (or SO& an% Business Process Management an% Optimi/ation

Deployment & Operations


Governance Pro*ect 6 Technical Management an% In%ustry "#pertise ;no4le%ge Trans(er & Mentoring

/ +(0 O Acce%erate" 1a%'e 2ramework 3A124,

+*e tasks .o' wi%% nee" to com#%ete in t*is #roject: 'etamodel definition Conceptual )rame!ork Business Capabilit# assessment Technolog# 'aturit# assessment 'odel the baseline ,current state architecture 'odel the target ,future state architecture-

+*e reso'rces 3#eo#%e4 t*at .o' wi%% nee" to com#%ete t*is #roject: .ro+ect 'anager and the .ro+ect 'anagement team ,/ %nterprise Architect and the Architecture Team ,/ 0evelopment 'anager SOA 0evelopers ,$ C1' Consultants ,/ '0' Consultants ,2 3egac# Specialist ,2 Senior Business Anal#st and a team of Business Anal#sts ,4A 5antt *art re-%ecting t*e #roject #%an, 6o'r 5antt *art s*o'%" *a&e tasks a%ong t*e &ertica% axis an" time a%ong t*e *ori7onta% axis8 wit* *ori7onta% )ars in"icating t*e "'ration o- tasks an" "e#en"encies among tasks: (Project plan is highly classified)

So putting it all together, the TIBCO SOA Execution Model consists of these 6 steps:
Step 1 !e"elop #ision, $igh%le"el Architecture and Strateg& Step ' !efine and I(ple(ent Organi)ational *oundation Step + !efine and I(ple(ent Technical *oundation Step , !eco(pose -rocesses into Ser"ices Step . Build Ser"ices and Co(posite Applications Step 6 Operate the Business

NOTE: The SOA initiative is governed by the established Enterprise Architecture capability.