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1. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. (12 marks) Americans have been captivated by a new kind of entertainment called "reality television." More than two dozen reality shows are on the air so far, and more are in the works. Each week, ordinary people appear in unusual situations, trying to win $ million, going out on a date ""#, with a stranger, you, or $hip. displaying %our their abilities in on!air very, talent very shows. corny."




American &dol's (imon $owell, a )ondon!based music producer, tells *"A the program searches for talented singers, awarding the best with a recording contract. A +udge on the program, Mr. $owell produces a similar show in ,ritain called -op &dol, and says he's never shy about bursting anyone's bubble. &n fact, he's brutally honest. "&'ve been doing auditions for ./ years, and the nature of auditions are to tell the truth. And unfortunately, most people who turn up are dreadful," he says. "And & tell them."

0he reality series (urvivor watches ordinary people as they struggle to survive under harsh conditions. )ast season, contestants were left on a tropical island in 0hailand. 1inner ,rian 2eidik says the show was about sleep deprivation, lack of food ! and patience. $ontestants face challenges from nature and from their fellow contestants, who winnow their numbers by voting people one by one off the island. 0he winner, in this case Mr. 2eidik, receives $ million. A car salesman with a gift for persuasion, he says he started with a strategy

"&'m going to control your mind.achelorette. in the case of the . and good story telling." E4ecutive producer Mark . !hat do "ou think is the meaning of the word #$apti%ated&' (2) (. compelling characters. like the series 8oe Millionaire. )Realit" *hows) ha%e all failed.rue or false' (1) .razilian Amazon. is +ust as engaging as a movie. &t's not stunt 0*." he says.achelor and 0he . the money." 0he series was shot in advance of airing. "&t's a vicarious travel e4perience." (ome. "0he most talked!about show of the year. in his opinion. & reaffirmed to myself every day why & was there 3the money. "0hese shows are all pretty tightly edited because you shoot round the clock. No+od" wat$hes them. .5 million viewers because the series. for seven weeks. '8oe Millionaire. Mike 6leiss produces several reality outwit other contestants. "(ee. the money.' And it all starts right now. most people forget why they're out there. . (urvivor will soon enter its si4th season with contestants left to fend for themselves in the . including 0he ." he says. &'m going to manipulate your emotions. & kind of stuck to a plan. which track the dating adventures of a single man and woman. "(o we end up with 755 hours of tape. 0he women he dates do not know that he is in fact a construction worker with a modest income. so producers were able to keep the truth from the women until production was finished. 0he series features a man who has supposedly inherited $/5 million. (o we're boiling it down pretty thoroughly." he says. the money.achelor show. but &'m going to have a good time doing it.urnett says (urvivor has a loyal following of . have been criticized as ethically 9uestionable. and we only make seven hours of it.

Do "ou agree or disagree with the a+o%e' !hat are "our %iews on realit" shows' !rite a+out them in no more than 1./110 what does #+ursting an"one1s +u++le& mean' (2) 2.-. *ome people +elie%e that realit" tele%ision shows should +e +anned +e$ause: 1. ..he winner of 7op Idol $) .rue or false' (1) D.he winner of 8oe 5illionaire 9. 9i%e e. In line 1. .he shows make instant $ele+rities who do not ha%e an" $ele+rit" %alue otherwise0 and :. In line 130 what does the word #manipulate& mean' (2) 4. *ome shows ma" humiliate $ertain people or show inde$ent things a+out some people.he winner of *ur%i%or +) . *imon -owell thinks that most of the people going to his auditions are %er" good singers. (1) a) .amples with "our arguments where%er ne$essar". (:) . 6eidik' -ir$le the $orre$t answer.he shows1 $ontents are a$tuall" made up0 2. . words. !ho is 5r.


" .. "thers might :::::::::: be satisfied by actually climbing the mountain. technical skill. As one climbing enthusiast put ::::::::::3 "(ome people can get full :::::::::: from simply admiring a mountain :::::::::: a safe distance.. Africa and (outh ::::::::::.2. however. (1< marks) 0he traditional reason for e4ploration ! to boldly go where no man ::::::::: gone before ! has :::::::::::a :::::::::out of date now. +udgment and good ::::::::::. and from polar :::::::::: to tropical rainforest. may range from packaged adventures :::::::::: well!known routes to a :::::::::: assault on some remote mountain :::::::::: where survival relies on good ::::::::::. 0he line dividing e4ploration from :::::::::: is difficult to draw now ::::::::::. $orners :::::::::: the world that have not :::::::::: e4plored are rare indeed. 0he increasing :::::::::: in e4ploration is reflected in :::::::::: growth of companies which specialize :::::::::: holiday!length e4peditions to the foothills :::::::::: the 2imalayas. (uch tours are unlikely to :::::::::: real danger but they offer :::::::::: challenge to allow the traveler some :::::::::: the achievement of full!scale ::::::::::. from .555 m :::::::::: in the 2imalayas to submarine :::::::::: in the $aribbean ! the attempts :::::::::: discover still continue. 4ill in the +lanks with the $orre$t word from the +o. 0hey :::::::::: e4ist.

. and burning with curiosity. Read the te.ploration/ /lu$k/ /the/ /of/ /to/ /in%ol%e/ / onl"/ /%a$ation/ /peaks/ /satisfa$tion/ /training/ /+e$ome/ :./along/ / meri$a/ / fa$e/ /of/ /+een/ /from/ /of/ /$a%es/ /has/ /demanding/ /in/ /interest/ /regions/ /do/ /2. hul$ means: todayC whichC whenC after .peditions/ /it/ /little/ /suffi$ient/ /e. (: marks) Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank. she foln across the field after it. for the hot day made her feel very sleepy and stupid>. but it had no pictures or conversations in it. hul$ suddenly a 1hite ?abbit with pink eyes foln close by her. . and then hurried on. whether the pleasure of making a daisy!chain would be worth the trouble of getting up and picking the daisies. -ir$le the word "ou think is the $orre$t meaning for ea$h answer. for it flashed across her mind that she had never before seen a rabbit with either a waistcoat!pocket." thought Alice "without pictures or conversation<" (o she was considering in her own mind =as well as she could. foln means: drawC seriousC ranC followed -. but at the time it all seemed 9uite natural>@ but hul$ the ?abbit actually 0""# A 1A0$2 "B0 "6 &0( 1A&(0$"A0!-"$#E0. "and what is the use of a plom. or a watch to take out of it. and fortunately was +ust in time to see it pop down a large rabbit!hole under the hedge. Alice started to her feet. plom means: leafC bookC coverC dress (. and of having nothing to do3 once or twice she had peeped into the plom her sister was reading. ""h dear" "h dearA & shall be lateA" = hul$ she thought it over afterwards.hree words in the te.t ha%e +een repla$ed +" nonsense words: )plom)0 )hul$) and )foln). and looked at it. it occurred to her that she ought to have wondered at this.t $arefull" and guess whi$h 2nglish words the" stand for. 0here was nothing so *E?% remarkable in that@ nor did Alice think it so *E?% much out of the way to hear the ?abbit say to itself.

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