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Editor The alleged abduction of Harry Joe Turner in Virginia, reported
ANN DRUFFEL in this issue, provides a microcosm of the problems facing UFO
Associate Editor investigators today. Never has "strangeness" been; higher, nor
evaluation of credibility more difficult. The need for expert
intervention by specialists in various fields is apparent in this case
Associate Editor
and many others like it. Although Turner does not have a good
MILDRED BIESELE reputation among acquaintances, those closest to him feel that
Contributing Editor something must have happened. Also, his report came in the midst
of many similar ones here and abroad. Is Turner crazy, or was he an
unfortunate victim of inexplicable happenings, foredoomed to be a
WALTER H. ANDRUS poor witness because of his reputation? Many of the reports come
Director of MUFON
from citizens of good reputation. What is the answer? As
investigator Fred Whiting suggests, psychological testing is needed.
DAVE WEBB We strongly endorse that view, along with the general need for
Co-Chairmen, meticulous, professional investigation of these widespread and
Humanoid Study Group perplexing reports so that the true causes might ultimately be


Religion and UFOs In this issue
Books/Periodicals/History By Fred Whiting .
MARK HERBSTRITT UFO SECRECY UPDATE . . . : . . . . . . . . . 8
Astronomy By Larry W. Bryant -
BOOK REVIEW ("The Crash/Retrieval Syndrome") 10
Promotion/Publicity NICAP: THE BITTER TRUTH 11
By Richard Hall .
Landing Trace Cases CALIFORNIA REPORT 13
By Ann Druffel
BOOK REVIEW ("The Road to the Stars") 14
By Kim L. Neidigh
UFO Propulsion
By Walt Andrus ..
DWIGHT CONNELLY By William C. Chalker
Editor/Publishers Emeritus By Lucius Parish


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By Fred Whiting
(MUFON State Section Director for Northeast Virginia)

On August 28, 1979, Harry Joe Turner is an ex-Navy hull technician

Turner, 28, a Winchester, Virginia, (employing the skills of welding and
truck driver, says he was abducted by a, plumbing), an amateur boxer, avid
UFO larger than his 88-foot long truck. hunter, and donor of 27 pints of blood.
He and the vehicle • were taken, he Although under medication during
believes, to a planet 2.5 light years the first interview, Turner was
beyond Alpha Centauri, the closest star responsive to the questions and gave
to our sun, 4.3 light years away. He thought to his answers. His only
woke up 3l/2 hours l a t e r in nervous habit was excessive smoking;
Fredericksburg, Va., 80 miles from formerly a moderate smoker, he now
Winchester. Both mileage indicators on smokes several packs of cigarettes and
the truck, he says, show he travelled several cigars daily. He appeared to be
only 17 miles. A possible second a credible witness who had undergone a
abduction on September 8 also is severely traumatic experience and who
suggested. was trying to find an explanation.
The case features damage to the On August 28, Turner was driving Harry Joe Turner
truck, electromagnetic effects, physical his truck from Winchester to (Photo: John Guritner)
and psychological after-effects, and Fredericksburg, where he was to
memory loss. Although it has many deliver a load of ketchup and mustard. about and his tools were laid out on the
similarities to other "abduction" cases, Before leaving, he took two Tylenol for ground. His watch read 11:17, but the
it also contains details which are unique a headache and drank a Mountain Dew warehouse clock showed it was 3:00
to this case. (soft drink). At approximately 11:15 a.m..(Note: The Warren, Minn., police
I first learned of the'incident from p.m. two miles from Warrenton on case of August 27 in which watch and
an the Richmond (Va.) Times- Route 17, his AM/FM and Citizens clock showed a time discrepancy was
Dispatch, September 23, 1979. An Band (CB) radios began emitting static. not reported in the press until August
account was first published in. the Turner heard a high-pitched noise and 29.);
Winchester Evening Star, September saw a light in both side-view mirrors. B o t h h i s o d o m e t e r and
18.1 met with Turner and his family for The noise got louder and the light got hubometer, Turner said, indicated he
over 4 hours on October 29,1979, and larger, and an object bigger than the had travelled only 17 miles, whereas it is
taped a 3-hour interview. On this and truck came over the top of the cab. an 80-mile trip between the two cities.
subsequent trips to obtain more Turner heard two thumps on the roof. He .later discovered the truck had
evidence, I was assisted by Barbara At this point, something with consumed 114 gallons of fuel, enough to
Peter, an Assistant Professor of "bionic strength" seized Turner's left make the trip three times. Also, the.
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing at a shoulder "at a pressure point" (Turner truck's CB antenna was burned and
well-respected medical school, and also professed to be a student of martial frayed along 2 inches at the top and a
John Guritner, a professional arts). He later remembered grabbing section of the AM/FM radio antenna
photographer and private investigator his .32 caliber revolver and firing all appeared to have been "sheared off.'"
in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan eight shots into an "unseen entity." He later discovered a "film" covering
area. Then he blacked out. the entire truck.
In addition, I consulted with Isabel Turner awoke in Fredericksburg As Turner was trying to figure out
Davis, Don Berliner, and Richard Hall at the warehouse where he was to what had happened, another trucker
of MUFON, Help and advice also was deliver his cargo. He found himself on pulled into the parking lot. He got out of
obtained from Ted Bloecher, John the passenger side of the cab; the seat the cab and went to the back of the
Carlson, Bruce Maccabee, and David on the driver's side was buckled. With truck to unload his cargo, apparently
Swartzman. part of his memory returning, he ignoring Turner. Harry Joe tried to get
The Story inspected the "sleeper" section of the his attention, but the trucker took no
Harry Joe Turner lives in cab. His $300 in cash, $15 in change, notice. The next morning, the same
Winchester with his wife, Regiria, who and credit cards were untouched, but man greeted Turner and commented
works in her mother's restaurant. his personal belongings were scattered (continued on next page)

bll Radii
.r^"i:oi ft I

#"£<>.... 1
Cnoie'sviie^V- •'' j *

1. Departure point. 2. Point of abduction. 3. Arrival point. Scale: 1 in = 14 miles

(Abduction, Continued) grabbed the doctor. After calming him series of numbers across their faces,
admiringly on his truck. When Turner down, the doctor conducted an the entities also had an unusual
asked why the man had ignored him the examination. According to the family, (compared to humans) amount of flesh
previous night in the parking lot, the the diagnosis was "a busted blood between their fingers, extending to the
driver walked away, muttering vessel" in his eye. Harry Joe told the first knuckle of each finger. When they
something about "pill-popping kids." doctor about his UFO experience, and spoke to each other, their voices
After unloading his cargo, Turner the doctor referred him to Winchester sounded like "a tape recorder played
left for Winchester, but was so psychiatrist, Dr. Bruce Gray. backwards — fast."
confused that he had to ask a police Only one of the entities
officer for directions out of town. On Conscious Memories cummunicated with Turner, by slowing
the highway he pushed his rig up over Back home, Harry Joe turned his down his speech. This entity, which had
the speed limit, but he noticed that his gun over to his family, noticing for the no numbers across his forehead,
eyes were acutely sensitive to light. first time that the clip was empty. It was identified himself by a name which
Back in Winchester he related his then that he remembered firing all eight sounded like ALPHA LA ZOO LOU.
experience to Terminal Manager Bill shots at the "entity." Gradually he The entity asked Turner his name, to
Little. Then he went home to rest up for remembered the truck being lifted up which he replied "Harry Joe Turner."
a scheduled trip to Pennsylvania that into the object, whereupon he lost Thereafter, the entity addressed him as
evening. consciousness. His next memory is of "Harry." Turner was questioned at
Around 9:00 p.m., with his family being, inside a craft where he was length, but his memory of the questions
watching, Turner started to jump into examined- by human-like beings is vague, although he remembers being
his truck, but suddenly blacked out, fell wearing white shirts and pants, and asked about his truck's transmission
and struck his head. He awoke at white caps that covered their ears and (an unusual model with 20 speeds).
Winchester Hospital with a light shining f o r e h e a d s . T u r n e r said they Turner felt compelled to answer all
in his eyes. Reacting violently, he occasionally lifted the caps, revealing a (continued on next page)
(Abduction, Continued)
questions, truthfully.
The entities' complexions were
very pale, with skin that was cold to the
touch "like they was dead." He believes
the entities have the ability to replace
lost body parts with "bionic" ones, and
that some were stronger than others
because of this. They had the ability to
move from . one place to another
rapidly, "before you can blink an eye. .
.you can't keep up with them." He
believes they come from a highly
advanced civilization. "Compared to
them," he said, "we're just a bunch of
walkin' idiots."
The physical examination was
conducted only on the left side of
Turner's body with "tools" of some
kind. He believes something was
implanted in his left chest, near the
shoulder; however, his family said that Turner reconstructs moment of encounter.
subsequent X-rays revealed nothing [Photo: John Guhtner)
abnormal. Turner feels that the entities
continue to control the left side of his Valium instead of the prescribed to get out of you is that this was all made
body, and that they can "see" what he dosage of one, he felt a need to get out up. They'll never get the real answers
sees through his left eye. He says they of the house because "the walls were now."
communicate with him by a ringing closing in." He took his mother-in-law's On another occasion while out
sound that begins in his left ear. car for a ride. When a rescue squad driving, he found himself disoriented
Later, Turner remembered being , ambulance passed him with its siren on, and confused at a local shopping mall.
taken to a planet which he believes is the loud noise set him off and he hit the He asked several passersby to call his
2.5 light years beyond Alpha Centauri. accelerator. After leading as many as 10 family, but they ignored him. Finally, at
He described dome-covered cities "in a law enforcement officers on a wild chase about 1:30 a.m., a bearded man wearing
land that looks like the future of this through several counties at speeds a white robe, satin belt, and sandals
planet." He had the impression that exceeding 110 m.p.h., he was approached him, addressing him as
their world had been devastated by a apprehended (in a scuffle with police) "my son.' Turner asked the man to call
nuclear holocaust. On the way there, and charged with reckless driving and his family; he declined an offer of
the craft stopped on the moon's failure to yield to a police siren and change for the phone call and
surface, where he observed footprints flashing lights. disappeared. Shortly afterward he
left by the astronauts. He has no On September 8, Turner felt an returned and told Turner someone was
conscious memory of the trip home. urge to return to the scene of the coming to pick him up. He said he
abduction. "They want me to go back," would not stay long enough to be seen
Aftermath he told his family at the time. "I know by anyone else because "my time has
Since the experience, Turner has too much." When he returned home not yet come." The man vanished
been acutely sensitive to light and several hours later, his body, clothes shortly before the police arrived.
sound. He occasionally receives what and truck were soaking wet. When his Turner was taken to the police station
he describes as "messages," usually family asked for an explanation, he where his family, alerted by an
preceded by a ringing in his ears. His replied, "they told me they wouldn't anonymous telephone cadi met him.
high state of anxiety is reduced take nothing aboard their spaceship Afterward, Turner went to see his
somewhat by his doctor's prescriptions unless it was sterilized....lasked them minister. He was surprised to see a
for tranquilizers. According to Turner's where we were going, and they said picture of the man at the shopping mall
mother-in-law, the psychiatrist's initial 'nowhere; we only need you for a in the pastor's study: it was a depiction
conclusion was that "something's minute and we're done with you now'." of Jesus. (In relating this later, tears
definitely gotten ahold of the boy's The craft resembled an "upside-down came to Harry Joe's eyes as if in
nerves." Despite medication — or ashtray." He could not recall all that gratitude for help in a desperate
perhaps partly because of it — Turner's had happened. situation.) Although not previously
behavior since the experience has, on Once the entities returned and religious, Turner now constantly wears
occasion, been bizarre. seized him with that same "bionic" grip, a small gold cross around his neck and
On September 3, after taking five saying, "The only story they are going (continued on next page)
(Abduction, Continued) and some UFO questionnaire data Manager and former policeman.
carries a Bible. He goes to church and sheets. "Half my mind says I know Medical Records. Harry Turner
reads religious pamphlets in an effort to where they are," he said; "and the other has a long medical history of various
find some meaning behind his half says, 'Don't reveal it'." Because? minor physical complaints, including
experience. , "No because," he said. injuries suffered in a truck accident on
He also sleeps with a gun under his Turner's Terminal Manager, Bill Sept. 28, 1976 when he was pinned
pillow, although he realizes it was of no Little, was unable to verify the inside the cab for four hours.
use during his abduction. Despite his odometer readings and gasoline Since his abduction experience on
high level of anxiety, and in spite of the useage. Aug. 28, 1979, Turner has seen four
talismans he carries for protection, . The truck antennas have been physicians, including a psychiatrist.
Turner feels the entities won't harm turned over to the Center for UFO With their patient's written
him. In fact, when asked if he would go Studies for analysis by the same authorization, they have released his
aboard the spacecraft again, he replied laboratory which examined the patrol medical records. A summary of their
"yes." car of Minnesota Deputy Sheriff Val findings: •
He remembers a symbol that he Johnson, whose close encounter with a Edward G. Thompson, M.D. (an
.saw on the wall of the craft which UFO occurred less than 24.hours ear, nose, and throat specialist): "This
looked like a 7 with an X through it, and before Turner's. The results of the man is very difficult to evaluate. He says
he believes he has a year to find that analysis of Turner's antennas is not yet he was exposed to some kind of third
symbol elsewhere. available. . . world encounter and now has
Turner says he has since seen the Turner's Credibility. Therefore, as photophobia and any kind of noise
entities on several occasions, although with most abduction cases, the hurts his ears. I am unable to really find
his family reports seeing nothing. Once credibility of the witness is of utmost anything wrong with this man. I think he
he felt that they chased him out of the importance. Here, too, there are needs to see a psychiatrist." Dr.
house; another time he chased them problems. Turner enjoys a general Thompson noted on the audiogram
out of the house and fought with one of reputation in Winchester as a braggart that "at 25dB, patient threw
them in the corn field behind the house. and teller of tall tales. headphones off and screamed. Said
His family said he appeared to be hitting "Harry has what I describe as an that the tone was loud. Complained of
something, .but it wasn't visible. elephant's mouth and a humminbird's - 'them' talking to him. Could not test his
Turner has also had crying spells, ass," says Terminal Manager Little. His hearing."—Sept. 4,: 1979
breathing difficulties, and some mechanic puts it just as colorfully: John H. Armstrong, M.D., in a
apparent ESP experiences. Once he 'Harry Turner is as full of shit as a report made Sept. 5th: "His physical
looked at his wife and saw only a Christmas turkey." His mother, exam yesterday was unremarkable,
skeleton. Sometimes he feels he can Rosaleen, says Turner "can stretch the with evidence of hypertension or
see the sky through the ceiling. He has truth." Even his mother-in-law, neurologic disease."
experienced strange cravings for Marjorie Haymaker, says, "If you hurt In his initial report made the same
bananas, grapefruit, coconuts, some, Harry Joe hurts more."' day, Bruce M. Gray, M.D." (a
tomatoes, and deer meat — foods he What do his family and friends think psychiatrist): "This young man
previously disliked. (His family confirms happened to him the night of August probably has a marked hysterical
this.) Although he still feels a general 28th? Here, opinions differ: . personality disorder and experienced a
weakness on his left side (he "He might make it up, but he fugue state, either that or he is
demonstrated a comparatively weak wouldn't take it this far. I don't think he experiencing a type of hysterical
grip with his left hand), at times his left Would torture himself -for something psychosis." .
side is stronger than usual. He believes that wasn't true."—Marjorie Turner was referred to a
he can now move more easly through Haymaker, mother-in-law. neurologist, George Li Sheppard,
the woods, making him a better hunter. "Something definitely had to M.D., whose conclusion in a Sept. 25th
happen, or he feels that it happened."— report was "Impression: Conversion
The Investigation Rosaleen Turner, mother. reaction."*
Physical Evidence. Unfortunately, "He was quite distraught. The After subsequent examinations,
there is relatively little physical experience was extremely real to him. I Dr. Gray reported on Oct. 1st: "He is
evidence which can be documented to don't thing he made it up."—Rev. Bruce .still symptomatic. He is suffering in my
support Harry Turner's claims. The Macbeth, minister. opinion from a hysterical neurosis,
crucial evidence — the alleged 17-mile "He could have made it up. I call conversion type. He is not malingering,
trip from Winchester to Fredericks- Harry a bluff."—John Hayman, former although unquestionably, there is
burg and the gasoline useage.— are boss. significant secondary gain to his
contained in a file which Turner has "I have three theories about this: illness." " • "
promised to turn over to the one, it really happened; two, it was Conclusions
investigator. However, in December, Harry Turner's time to crack; .three, The evaluation of Turner's doctors
Turner said the file was missing, along Harry's ashamed of something that he
with his Navy records, birth certificate, did that night."—Bill Little, Terminal (continued on next page)
(226 pages)

(Reprinted from the Houston (Texas) Prevot and N'Diaye left Fontaine COMMUNICATION WITH UFONAUTS
Chronicle, December 3, 1979) to watch the car as they ran home to get by James M. McCampbell. MUFON
a camera. When they returned, they Director of Research.
CERGY-PONTOISE, France (AP) - said, their friend was gone. According
Authorities in this small town northwest to them, the car was there with the door Documents by William H. Spaulding.
of Paris are trying to decide whether to open and a halo of light surrounded the MUFON Arizona State Director.
charge Frank Fontaine and his friends car. The halo suddenly disappeared.
with criminal mischief or launch a Just as mysteriously as he THE RELIGIOUS DIMENSION by Ted
Peters. MUFON C o n s u l t a n t on
search for a mysterious glowing vanished, Fontaine reappeared at 4:30
unidentified flying object. a.m. today, in exactly the same spot,
"This is just too fantastic," said the story went. When he saw the car CONTACTEES. CULTS. AND CUL-
Police Chief Roger Courcous after was gone, he thought it had been stolen TURES by David Stupple and William
listening to the testimony of Fontaine, and rushed to the house of N'Diaye. McNeece. sociologists.
19, and his two friends, Jean-Pierre Seeing his friend in his pajamas, he
Prevot and Salomon N'Diaye, both 25. said: "What are you doing in your Greenawald. aerospace engineer.
Fontaine, who had been the object pajamas? Five minutes ago you were MUFON Field Investigator.
of a police search since last Monday, ready to leave for Gisors."
reappeared today in the exact spot Police checked the young man and MIND/BRAIN/MATTER MODEL, a
physical theoretical study by Thomas
where he disappeared a week ago, his the spot where he supposedly
E. Bearden. MUFON Adviser on
friends reported. They said he was disappeared with a geiger counter but Nuclear Engineering.
wearing the same clothes and had found no trace of radioactivity. Nor was
exactly the same amount of money as there any trace of mud on Fontaine's SIGHTINGS FROM AIRCRAFT by
the day he vanished. clothes or shoes. R i c h a r d F. Haines. p e r c e p t u a l
Police said the three have Courcous said Fontaine has not psychologist.
consistently repeated this same story varied his story one bit and his tale THE BEWILDERED SILENT, a review of
under long questioning: conforms exactly with the testimony of witnesses and UFO reporting by Dr. J.
At 4 a.m. last Monday, the three his two friends. But police remain Allen Hynek, Director of the Center for
young men had just finished loading a skeptical and have called in experts UFO Studies.
station wagon with clothes they were , from the Group for the Study of Non-
"ALIEN" ROOTS, categorizing of UFO
going to sell at an open market when Identified Aerospace Phenomena, a entity types and possible "inner space"
they saw a brilliant light about the size section of the French National Space origins by Alvm H. Lawson. professor
of a tennis ball to the right of the car. Agency. of English.
The ball became larger and larger
and came to a rest/on the hood of the ANALYSIS OF UFO SOUND PULSES by
Dennis R. Regan. MUFON Consultant,
car, causing their eyes to burn. From Editor's Note: An investigation report and W.K. Allan.
that moment, until his reappearance from France presently is being
this morning. Fontaine says he translated. More information will be CASE FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL UFOS
remembers nothing. reported when available. by Stanton T. Friedman. MUFON
Consultant on Nuclear Physics.

Price: $8.00 in U.S.A. and $9.00 in

(Abduction, Continued) U.S. funds in all other countries..
and associates makes it clear phenomenon. Hypnosis might be used Postpaid from--
something traumatic has occurred. The to uncover memories blocked by
main question is, what — if anything — Turner's conscious mind.
happened to him on the night of August
28th that has led to his neuroses? (Postscript: At last report from his MUFON
I don't think this investigation will family, Harry Joe was threatening to 103 Oldtowne Road
Seguin, TX 78155 U.S.A.
be complete without psychological 'run off and join the aliens.' They were
testing and evaluation by a psychiatrist attempting to have~him committed to a
or psychologist familiar with the UFO psychiatric institution.-Editor)
By Larry W. Bryant

Just how secret is the Big Secret? rumor has it that a copy of "No. 13" was sweeping coverage of UFOlogical
You know: the long-suppressed official seen some years ago behind the closed terminology and technical data.
knowledge that some of the reported doors of that Air Force-sponsored Instead of furnishing the requestor
UFO's are indeed alien spacecraft? "think tank" in Santa Monica, Calif.— a 2-inch-thick volume of citations/
That theoretical question has been the RAND Corporation. This is the cross-references/annotations — as
in the back of my mind all during the same outfit that used to deny any would be the case had he requested,
recent freedom-ofMnformation involvement with official UFOlogy, say, a report on computer graphics —
breakthroughs engendered by other than keeping a few UFO books the Center chose to conjure up a
persistent UFO researchers. Every on its library shelves. Now, of course, nondescript listing that he himself could
time I view a formerly classified UFO- we know different (e.g., see the 43-page have prepared from his own library.
related document, or set of such RAND monograph UFO: What to Do, Here's what the listing
documents, I wonder why none of them dated November 27, 1968). summarizes:
bears a security classification above
"SECRET." Hasn't anyone for the past Right Answer, Wrong Question • Reuieu; of the University of
33 years of official UFOlogy ever used Back in the summer of 1975, a Colorado Report on Unidentified
his/her authority to categorize any UFO researcher paid the sum of $22.50 Flying Objects by a Panel of the
UFO data as "TOP SECRET!? for an 11-page response by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (Jan
Well, if you can accept the Defense Documentation Center to his 69).
evidence published in the memoirs of freedom-of-information request for a
the late USAF Project Bins Book chief, computer printout of the center's • UFO's and Related Subjects: An
Capt. Edward J. Ruppzlt (The Report bibliogrdr'h r. catalogue of official Annotated Bibliography (Jul 69),
on Unidentified Flying Objects; UFOlogy publications. What he got for published by the Library of Congress.
Doubleday, NYC, 1956, two editions), his money fell short of what he'd
there was at least one document in the expected to get via this wording of his • A Case of "Autostasis" or
TOP SECRET category. Its one-time request: Reverse Autokinesis (Feb 68),
existence now all but confirmed by Air published by University of Colorado.
Force public-affairs responses to A ... computer-printout compilation
inquiries from the public, the document • ('report bibliography') on the subject of • Scientific Study of Unidentified
in question, a 1948 AF intelligence .Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) and Flying Objects (in 3 volumes) (Jan 69),
Flying Saucers — covering the period
"estimate of the situation" declaring January 1, 1969 — June 30, 1975; published by University of Colorado.
UFO's to be of interplanetary origin, encompassing all pertinent entries from
was ordered destroyed by the then AF technical memoranda/reports, industrial • UFO Project "Sign" (Feb 49),
Chief of Staff when he rejected the contract specifications, trade-journal published by USAF Air Materiel
hypothesis as unsupportable by the articles, interim/final reports of consulting Command, Wright-Patterson AFB,
firms, monthly/quarterly progress reports,
evidence t h u s f a r presented. R&D reports, test-evaluation summaries, Ohio:
Other than that official technical notes, project-status reports,
"nondocument" (a copy of which would reports-control/processing directives, • Project Grudge Status Report
fetch its owner about $150 on the intelligence estimates, military-student No. 2 (Dec 51), published by Foreign
collector's market), what about the research papers, and any other such Technology Division, Wright-Patterson
publication; and citing a full identification
elusive Project Blue Book Special for each entry (author(s)'s names,
Report No. 13? Oh, I know, the publisher's name/address, date of
Government consistently denies that publication, report Number, contract • Project Blue Book Status
this phobicly numbered member of the Number, volume Number, and number of Reports No. 9 (Jan 53) and 10 (Dec 52 -
family of 14 formerly CONFIDENTIAL/ pages, etc.). Feb 53), published by Foreign
SECRET status reports ever existed. Technology Division, Wright-Patterson
(Which makes me wonder how we can In short, for ease of indexing/ AFB.
rely on the technical competence of retrieval, almost every conceivable
anyone whose triskaidekaphobia descriptor and key-word reference was Unfortunately, the requestor had
influences, his official decisions.) But tossed into the request to assure a (Continued on next page)
LETTERS beliefs and upheavals, social outlooks DAILY NEWS, Russell, KS
and policies, the rise and fall of Feb. 23, 1979
Stamp Exchange currencies, history written through
Editor, political eyes, and every form of art, UFO Reported
Over the last few years I have been An Unidentified Flying Object
religion, culture, and geographic north of Russell shortly after
continually delighted and gratified to region. midnight {tightened two outof•
state motorists. Retired police
receive batch after batch of cancelled I hope in return, that my exchange officer Walter Bauer received the
foreign stamps fromMUFON members contributions of uncancelled U.S. report at Keilee's Truck Stop at
about 1 ajn. today from the
and Journal subscribers. I'm sure your stamps have at least helped to alleviate motorists, woo he said "were
constant efforts and entreaties on really shaken up."
what must be an ever increasing burden The UFO, described as a bright
behalf of our exchange are directly of MUFON postal costs. I hope also white light, swooped low over
their southbound car, then sped
reflected in the generosity and trouble that the exchange can continue to be as southward. The incident happen-
of the contributors and I would like to mutually rewarding in the future. ed near the Waldo Junction on
US2S1 Highway, the unidentified
publicly express my thanks to you and motorists told Bauer.
all those who have gone out of their way "Collector" The former officer reported the
incident to police and, in turn, the
to help expand my outlook and (Name withheld by request) happening was reported to the
sheriff's office.
contribute hours of relaxation via the Police said that a check at the
philatelic medium. airport fafled to turn up any
report of an aircraft in the area.
Reflected in the stamp world I find No other details were available
the vagaries of worldwide political today.

(UFO Secrecy, Continued) "security classification," and often be expected to result in serious damage
failed to demand that the center's involves military intelligence. By to the national security." Among the
report provide an accounting (indexed Federal statute, the degree of examples in this category: "Intelligence
by document date) of all classified (or classification is limited to three grades: and other information the value of
otherwise FOIA-exempted) documents CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, and TOP which depends upon concealing the
accessed by the computer search but SECRET (never mind that a secret is a fact that the United States possess it."
excluded from the, printout report. It's secret is a secret).
conceivable that these censored entries Let's suppose you're the •TOP SECRET — limited to that
might have more than quadrupled the commander of an outpost . in information/material "the unauthoriz-
size of the report, and that they might Greenland. Your phone rings with the ed disclosure of which could reasonably
have included the long-sought Blue details of a flying saucer's having half- be expected1 to result in exceptionally
Book Report No. 13. In effect, the buried itself upon crash-landing in a grave damage to the national security."
requestor had' asked the wrong snow bank near your radar facility. Among the examples in this category:
question (i.e., specifying an unclassified While your recovery team is swinging "Completed intelligence of such scope
printout), prompting the center to give shovels to extricate the thing, you that it reveals a major intelligence
him only what he'd asked for — and not decide to inform your States-side production effort on the part of the
a bit else. superiors of the event. (You're pretty United States and which would permit
Now's the time to re-open that sure, incidentally, that this "thing" is an an evaluation by unauthorized
case to see just how much material was uninvited visitor from galactic parts recepient of the success attained by, or
by-passed by the computer search- unknown). After you decide that this the capabilities of, the U.S. intelligence
and-print operation. More on that at a knowledge (for some reason) comes services."
later date. under the definition of classified
information, which protective label do Once you've decided on the grade
A Matter of National Security you apply? To help you decide, the of classification (and who among us
In the meantime, you may wish to Department of Defense offers this doubts that it'll be TOP SECRET?), and
ponder how the Government might be explanation: report it to your superiors, the matter
weighing and protecting its vast wealth no longer remains solely up to you as to
of heretofore unreleased UFO records. • CONFIDENTIAL — limited to future downgrading or upgrading.
For the proper perspective, you first that i n f o r m a t i o n / m a t e r i a l ''the Sometimes, of course, classification-
must keep in mind this published unauthorized disclosure of which could review officials do err in prematurely
Department of Defense definition of the reasonably be expected to cause declassifying documents (case in point:
term classified information: "Official damage to the national security." the "H-bomb secret"); but you can bet
information which has been determined Among the examples in this category that so long as UFO's remain the
to require, in the interests of national are "intelligence reports." hottest untold story, few officials are
security, protection against going to step out voluntarily onto the
unauthorized disclosure and which has • SECRET.. — limited to shaky limb of official UFO-data
been so designated." Any document in information/material "the unauthoriz- declassification. D
this category bears what is known as a ed disclosure of which could reasonably
BOOK REVIEW and many of them did not come forth to man's role in some detail. The
offer the information. They were implications of his knowledge and his
The Crash/Retrieval Syndrome, by tracked down by laborious detective activities are most intriguing in
Leonard H. Stringfield (MUFON, 103 work. Some leads came quite by connection with the possibility of a
Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155) 38 p., chance from friends of MUFON controlled release of information.
$5.00 personnel, and one from a Stringfield in- The "crashed saucer" legend must
law. Also, Stringfield has met face-to- now be re-examined fully on the basis of
If "flesh and blood" is true, can face with one of the most significant this new information. Stringfield
"nuts and bolts" be far behind? witnesses in the latter's medical facility demonstrates the need for a full-fledged
This may be one of the most and there is no question about the research project to get to the bottom of
startling books you will ever read. The genuineness of his position. A hoax, if these reports, either to prove them or
reviewer is among the many veteran not unthinkable, is at least highly to discredit them for once and for all.
UFO researchers who, for 30 years, has improbable in this and certain other key And if they are planted stories, the
considered the "crashed saucer and instances. implications of Government
little bodies" stories to be nonsense. So The cases are not equally manipulations would justify a piercing
was the author, until he began receiving . convincing, and the possibility of some investigation of the motives and
bits and pieces of information that apocryphal stories or "disinformation" purposes behind such a long-term,
caused him to take a new look at the efforts being mixed in still must be complex propaganda campaign.
question. His preliminary findings were considered. Stringfield has elected to No matter how you look at it,
reported at the 1978 MUFON lay out the information he has received Stringfield is on to something of utmost
Symposium in Dayton, Ohio, at which as fully as possible, hoping that by doing importance to our society.-Richard
time he had begun .to uncover so he will encourage additional Hall
disturbing information. Since that time, witnesses to speak out, and any false
the number of first-hand witnesses to information to be discredited by further
some portion of a "retrieval" operation investigation. Some of the reports may
has multiplied. The picture now be describing the same case from
emerging raises a host of questions, not different perspectives, and some of the POWER BLACKOUT
least of which is the possibility that the basic facts — dates and locations
U.S. Government (and possibly others) particularly — may be garbled. AS UFO SEEN
has been hiding a Cosmic Watergate. As it stands, the information
The book proves nothing. Unless suggest a 1947 and/or 1948 case; a 1950
you know Len Stringfield you may be case; a 1952 and/or 1953 case (six
inclined to reject his "evidence" references); about 4 cases in the 1960's; (From La Opinion, Buenos Aires,
because most of his witnesses refuse to and 2 or 3 cases in the 1970's. Allowing November 29,1979. Translated by Jane
be identifed. Those were the terms for possible overlap, the descriptions Thomas.)
under which they were willing to talk. still seem to be of at least 9 separate
But I know Len Stringfield, and I am events, but the numbers are uncertain. STRANGE PHENOMENON IN
shaken by the testimony he has The existence of a movie film showing a ANIMANA. Authorities in the town of
obtained. He has also advised me crashed saucer and three small bodies Animana in the Calchaquies Valley,
privately of some background facts that was reported by four separate sources. Salta province (Argentina), are
he cannot state publicly. Only two Most surprisingly, Stringfield has now investigating a curious episode that has
conclusions seem possible: Either (1) an talked directly with several reputable all the residents in suspense. According
elaborate hoax is being perpetrated, or people who claim to have personally to statements from some of them, a
(2) a long-kept secret is starting to leak seen one or more bodies, usually at very luminous, strange object passed
out. Furthermore, the leaks apparently Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. The through the region causing a prolonged
are deliberate and orchestrated as to legend of the "bodies in the deep blackout. Witnesses said that an
the timing and the amount of detail. freeze" at this base, wildly touted by intense brightness illuminated a vast
Trial balloons, in other words. irresponsible publications, may be true sector in spite of the sky being overcast
Several factors argue against a after all! If so, then so-called responsible with black clouds. A driver passing at
hoax. For one thing, similar fragments journalists have missed the biggest the time said, "Suddenly the brightness,
of information have trickled out over story of all time. egg-shaped, climbed and at that instant
the past 30 years, but first-hand Descriptions of a humanoid body the blackout occurred in the town." An
witnesses were impossible to find and are provided by the medical source employee of the local electric company
the stories were not taken seriously. mentioned above. A significant portion stated that at the time of the blackout
For another, bits and pieces of of the information also comes from an "nothing could be done to restore the
information from a wide variety of alleged CIA source who would appear service, and shortly thereafter the
sources spanning those 30 years tend to be the man (or one of them) electric power came back on without
to fit together. Complicity in a hoax orchestrating the information release. using the controls available in case of an
would now involve dozens of people, Stringfield reports the story of this energy failure."
By Richard Hall

(Note: The author was Assistant formed the backbone of the could have been better spent for UFO
Director of NICAP during the 1960's organization. Under the guise of research, investigation, and
when it was a large and effective introducing "businesslike" manage- publication, which they were not.
organization.) ment (NICAP was on the verge of In addition to doing almost nothing
bankruptcy), Acuff negotiated a to advance the UFO cause, Acuff has
The National Investigations "contracting services" arrangement left NICAP in debt. Even Alan Hall
Committee on Aerial Phenomena with the Board whereby he has been acknowledges difficulty in obtaining the
(NICAP) once was a potent force for paid upwards of $20,000 per year for exact f i g u r e s f r o m ' ' f o r m e r
gathering and disseminating important about the past 10 years, while also management," but he reports "unpaid
UFO cases and offsetting the Air Force managing several other small debt claims against NICAP" as about
secrecy which at the time stymied associations, presumably for similar $21,000 as of July 31, 1978.
civilian efforts at investigation. Today, amounts of money. NICAP has been The current "NICAP" clearly is not
NICAP is a shell, doing nothing, deeply very good to Acuff, as the financial deserving of loyalty or support. The
in debt, being kept alive for no apparent figures show. But the "services" by remaining members would do well to
purpose by a strange collection of self- Acuff....well, it does not take much demand an accounting from the Board
styled "businessmen" whose business imagination to figure that out by about those "contracting services" and
acumen remains obscure. examining the financial reports. what they have done for (or to) the
In a previous article (see No. 133, organization. They could write to
Jan.-Feb., 1979) Todd Zechel revealed NICAP 1978 Financial Report Senator Barry Goldwater, to his aide
the intelligence agency associations of In NICAP's U.F.O. Investigator for Charles Lombard, or to the following
several NICAP Board Members, June 1979 (one of its rare recent members of the Executive Committee
including Joseph Bryan in and Charles appearances), Alan Hall presents the of the Board: J.B. Hartranft, Jr., Box
Lombard, aide to Senator Barry 1978 N I C A P b a l a n c e s h e e t , 30374, Bethesda, MD 20014;.Robert C.
Goldwater who is also on the Board. reproduced here. As the data show, Richardson III, Box 141, Alexandria,
The new President as of December "contracting services" (JohnL. Acuff & VA 22313. Having met and negotiated
1978 is Alan Hall, who has openly Associates) skimmed over 80% of the with Lombard, Hartranft, and
acknowledged that he was in covert income off the top, while nothing was Richardson last year about merging
CIA service from World War II until his spent for research or investigation. Not NICAP with MUFON and CUFOS,
recent retirement. Hall (no relation to even a penny is indicated for general and having received some very strange
the author) operates NICAP out of his postage, suggesting that not a single and unbusinesslike treatment, I would
home in Bethesda, Maryland, letter was written in 1978 to members be interested in receiving copies of any
answering the phone and writing a few or anyone else. On the other hand, the replies received.
letters. He does not have the UFO case phone bill averaged $80 per month, to (See financial report, p. 12)
files; they remain in the possession of what end is not explained.
John L..Acuff, past president, whose The long-suffering members may Contributions of cancelled foreign
"resignation" was accepted by the well be taken aback by Alan Hall's stamps are acknowledged from Ole
Board last December, with Acuff announced increase of membership Henningsen, Sollested, Denmark; Ray
claiming that NICAP still owed him a dues to $15.00. For what? The Stanford, Austin, Texas; and Mr. &
few thousand dollars. Acuff remains as newsletter has rarely been published, Mrs. Rex Stanford, Austin, Texas.
Chairman of the Board. Hall is a novice jnd has even then contained little Through the kindness of members and
in the UFO field, a volunteer, allegedly original news. If the $23,000 the subscribers a very large and colorful
taking on NICAP as a post-retirement members spent had gone to MUFON, batch of stamps recently was sent to
hobby. CUFOS, or the Fund for UFO the collector, who a n n u a l l y
The deterioration of NICAP over Research — instead of to John L. Acuff compensates MUFON in exchange.
the past 10 years, under Acuff's & Associates — there is no telling what The proceeds are applied to
stewardship, began when he almost concrete, visible results might have international exchange of UFO
immediately broke off relations with the been achieved. Those sorely needed information. Please submit stamps in
Subcommittee and Affiliate members dollars represent a terrible waste, and any quantity to Richard Hall, 4418 39th
whose investigation/reporting network there is not the slightest doubt that they St., Brentwood, MD 20722.

• The following figures have been provided to us by the former management. They cover income and expenses for the period Uanuary 1978
H through 31 December 1978. Members mav want to compare these figures with those of the financial report for 1977, which were reported
I in the September 1978 issue of the UFO Investigator.


Membership Dues (new and renewals)

I " issues of newsletter and other publications
I Contributions


Newsletter (postage & handling, not printing) $ 1,827.

Book refund 0.
Advertising 0.
Publicity and promotion 0.
Accounting fees 0.
General postage (not for newsletter) 0.
Telephone 969.
General printing (envelopes, letterheads, etc.) 271.
Contracting services 19,285.
Miscellaneous 871.
NET ($ 122)

These figures do not, however, reflect the overall picture of NICAP finances. The former mangement has provided us with a schedule of
unpaid debt claims against NICAP. It covers only the first seven months of 1978 and comes to about $21,000. as of 31 July 1978. We are
attempting to get a list of claims against NICAP for the full year of 1978 in order to see just where we stand. (Alan Hall)

Archer Man
A 26-year-old Archer man told
(The following information is taken placid red setter dog was barking sheriff's deputies he was chased
by "a large, round, bright cream-
from The Sunday Post, Scotland, furiously. colored light" in the sky as he
drove Wednesday night on State
November 11, 1979) When Taylor awoke he was dazed Road 346.
and shocked. The creatures and their Wilson Robinson said he first
saw the unidentified object in the
On Friday, November 9, Mr. Bob craft were gone, and the grass was eastern sky and it appeared to
Taylor, 50, a-forestry worker for 15 flattened. He crawled several hundred "dive" at his vehicle, deputies
reported. •
years, was checking a forest area in yards back to his van, but was too Robinson stopped at a friend's
Livingston, West Lothian, adjacent to shaken to drive or to radio to his base. house to alert deputies, who ar-
rived at the'scene to find "no
the M8 Edinburgh-Glasgow motorway. Instead, he walked the mile and a half to bright objects other than stars,"
It was early morning. As he rounded a his home before contacting base. He according to Deputy L. J. Jackson.
However, Robinson said the
corner in a tree-lined path and reached was taken to Bangor Hospital for a object hovered in the sky above
a clearing, he was suddenly faced with a checkup, then went home. the house and then took off toward
the south at a high rate of speed,
silver-colored spherical "spacecraft." Investigators examining the site disappearing by the time deputies
From it emerged two creatures found markings on the ground as if arrived.

"shaped like wheels with arms," who made by the legs of some machine, but
seized him. The creatures grabbed him no marks leading to the spot. A circular
by the side of the trousers and tore design and a series of holes were visible
them, leaving scratch marks on his around the marks.
thighs. At this point Taylor fainted, but Taylor was described by his boss
had the sensation of being dragged and neighbors as a "sensible straight-
toward the craft. He had noticed a forward man."
strong chemical smell,' and his normally

By Ann Druffel

Rebuttal to "The failure of the 'science' of ufology"

By John DcHerrcra
(Copyright John DcHerrera, 1979)

(Note: This month's column has been or what these things are abounds. discipline. Recent articles in Science
contributed by John de Herrera, a While most people prefer to keep magazine indicate a great deal of fraud
tireless and effective Southern an open mind about UFOs, others join in science and medicine.:
California UFO'researcher.) one of the extremist groups commonly Nov. 18, 1978 — "Scandal in the
referred to as the "believers" and the Heavens: Renowned Astronomer
The October 11, 1979, issue of "debunkers." The believer preaches Accused of Fraud"
Neu; Scienfisf contained an article on that UFOs are extraterrestrial Dec. 23, 1978 — "Creative
the subject of unidentified flying emissaries here to save us from self- Penmanship in Animal Testing Prompts
objects. This article had just received a destruction. At the other extreme, the FDA Controls"
£1000 award in the Neu; Scientist/ debunker believes that UFOs, like Aug. 17, 1979 — "Tracing Burt's
Cutty Sark UFO essay competition. astrology and witchcraft, are all Descent to Scientific Fraud"
James Oberg, the author, is an nonsense, so he tries to dissuade others James Oberg is a member of an
engineer at NASA's Mission Control from reading any of the literature or organization called the Committee for
Center in Houston, Texas. He also discussing the subject in the news the Scientific Investigation of Claims of
writes many articles on space science. media. Both groups examine UFO the Paranormal. This organization was
A glance at the title of Oberg's reports searching 'for evidence to created by the American Humanist
article tells us that ufology has support their preconceived notions. Association in 1976. The stated
somehow been a failure. The word Perhaps the largest contribution to purpose of CSICP is "...not to reject on
"science" in quotation marks implies public confusion was the mishandling of a priori grounds, antecedent to inquiry,
that ufology as a science is UFO reports by the United States Air any or all (paranormal) claims, but
questionable. Then in the first Force and CIA. In stark contrast to the rather to examine them openly,
paragraph of the article he states "...the "official" Air Force debunking of UFO completely, objectively, and carefully."
phenomenon has apparently been reports, the Air Technical Intelligence The objective stated by CSICP
transformed from the property of Center; Captain Ruppelt, who would be admirable — if it were true!
cranks and crackpots to the subject of established Project Blue Book; Dr. The fact is that this group is simply
true scientific study." The rest of the Hynek, who was a consultant to the engaged in a modern day "witch hunt."
article is a rambling emotional attack on government investigation of UFOs; and Statements to the public by the
UFO reports and those who investigate others, concluded that the UFO members of CSICP reveal their true
the reports. phenomenon was very real and a very objectives and prejudices:
The content of the article clearly serious matter. Dr. Hynek was a "We feel that it is the duty of the
indicates that the author either is totally confirmed skeptic when he joined in the scientific community to show that these
uninformed on the subject of investigation, then changed his mind beliefs (UFOs, biorhythms, astrology,
unidentified flying objects or intends to when he examined the evidence. In etc.) are utterly screwball." — Lee
exploit the present confused situation. essence, the men who investigated the Nisbet
The fact that this article was awarded reports were very impressed. Still, the "I predict that the 1980s will see us
the £1000 merely reflects on the "official Air Force spolesmen" were relieved of the burdens of astrology,
standards and objectivity of the judges. ordered to debunk all reports, for some flying saucers, Jeane Dixon, the
Mass confusion about the subject as yet unknown reason. Bermuda Triangle and other idiocies"
of UFOs is a result of exploitation by While James Oberg could find — James Randi
sensation-seeking news reporters and instances of hoaxes or fraud in the A highly slanderous article entitled
private authors. There have been many ranks of so-called UFO buffs (persons "UFOs Horoscopes, Bigfoot, Psychics
books and motion picture document- interested in the subject of UFOs) the and other nonsense," appeared in the
aries spreading false information on the same charge could be made of any March 1978 issue of Smithsonian
subject of UFOs. Speculation on who (Continued on next page)
(California Report, Continued) FOREIGN EXCHANGE BOOK REVIEW
magazine and in the July 1978 Readers
Digest. The author, Kendrick Frazier, Donations of cancelled foreign The Road to the Stars, by Iain
is the editor of a publication by CSICP. stamps are acknowledged from Lou Nicolson (N.Y.: The New American
The outside cover of the Readers Parish, Plumerville, Arkansas, and the Library, 1979), 230 p., $2.75 pb.
Digest had a banner that read: Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos Sobre
"Authorities speak out on UFO's and Discos Voadores (S.B.E.D.V.), Rio de When we consider the
other phenomena." Janeiro, Brazil. Proceeds from this complexities of space exploration, it's
In order to get some information program are used to support nice to have a book like this which sums
on this "authority." I interviewed his international exchange of UFO it up and puts it all in perspective.
brother Jim with whom I am well information. Nicolson begins with primitive rocketry
acquainted.2 The following is what he and ends with speculations on space
had to say: colonies, interstellar travel, and aliens.
The author divides the book into
Questions: Author three parts. Part One provides
Answers: Jim Frazier background on the solar system and its
parent galaxy. Nicolson describes the
Q: Hello, Jim. Did you read the conditions necessary for the formation
article in Readers Digest by a of life and concludes that our galaxy
Kendrick Frazier? The Oberg article has made it very may contain at least 100 milibn life-
A: Yeah! clear that there are weeds in the field of bearing planets.
Q: Is he your brother? ufology. This we can agree on. Any Part Two begins with the history of
A: Yeah. Ha, ha, ha. He's verified criticism directed at a specific space exploration. After a cursory look
become an authority on UFOs case of fraud would be a welcome at literary excursions from Lucian to
and he doesn't know anything contribution. The CSICP claims that Verne, the author gives an even briefer
about them. UFOs, horoscopes, biorhythms, history of modern rocketry. Only a few
Q: How long has he been Bigfoot, etc. etc. are all the same and pages are devoted to the period from
interested in UFOs? are nonsense, indicates how strong Robert Goddard to the moon landing.
A: Oh, he doesn't know anything their biases are. They are not capable of Any reader with a serious interest in the
about them. He's never read conducting an objective evaluation of history of space flight will be
anything. such reports. James Oberg has left the disappointed. Of greater value are his
Q: Oh! He doesn't know door slightly open on the subject of explanations of the technology behind
anything? UFOs. Apparently he has looked at rocket propulsion, orbits, launch
A: Uh huh, ha, ha, ha. He doesn't some reports and is no longer cocksure windows, etc.
know anything but he's the that this is all nonsense! Various possible methods of
editor of their magazine. This is interstellar travel are examined next.
the CSICP committee. They EDITORIAL NOTES Nicolson discusses the fusion rocket,
depend on Randi the magician 1. Dr. Christopher Evans, one of the the nuclear pulse rocket, the
and Phil Klass who study the judges, is a Fellow of CSICP, his name interstellar ramjet, the laser-photon
literature. Kendrick doesn't listed on their letterhead. The other two sail, anti-matter propulsion, and the
study the literature he just judges, Dr. Bernard Dixon and Dr. photon rocket. He believes that all
studies Phil Klass. Patrick Moore, are fellow contributors these methods deserve to be explored.
to OMNI where Oberg writes his Part Three will have the most
Now we know something about skeptical UFO column. interest for ufologists. This section
the qualifications, or lack of them, of the 2. Jim Frazier is, according to Ann contains the author's views on
CSICP editor'. I would like to challenge Druffel, active in a contactee cult and suspended animation, relativity effects,
the notion that Kendrick Frazier the his views are totally opposite those of and extraterrestrial life.
editor, Phil Klass the debunker, James his brother-representing opposite Although Nicolson believes that
Randi the magician, and Kusche the extremes. UFOs merit serious investigation, he
pilot are authorities or even scientists sees rio evidence that we have ever
speaking for the scientific community. The Etherean Invasion a book by been visited by aliens. However, we
Scientists are highly qualified to speak John de Herrera which was the may be in the future!
for themselves. They are individuals subject of the Nov.-Dec. 1978 As a survey, this book belongs
with varying opinions about "California Report" column, is next to John Macvey's Interstellar
paranormal phenomena. A poll once again available for sale. It Travel. Both touch upon a broad
conducted by Industrial Research can be purchased from Hwong spectrum of topics in astronomy and
magazine found that 61% of scientists Publishing Co., 10353 Los engineering. Unfortunately, the net
and engineers tend to accept the reality Alamitos Blvd., Los Alamitos, CA result is that one is left hungry for
of UFOs. 90720. Price: $2.95. more.--Kim L. Neidigh

Tentative program plans have . 260, Japan. Masaru has been a member County in Washington state. Covering
been published for the llth Annual of MUFON since 1976 and has visited Shannon, Bennett, Washabaugh, and
MUFON Symposium to be held in our administrative offices in Seguin, Todd counties, David L. Brewer, Box
Houston (Clear Lake City), Texas on Texas. 772, Pine Ridge, SD 57770 will organize
Saturday and Sunday, June 7 and 8, It is a pleasure to welcome three these South Dakota counties three of
1980, designed around the theme distinguished Consultants to MUFON which compose two I n d i a n
"UFO Technology, A Detailed who have volunteered their services. Reservations. David is a Safety
Examination." Hosted by Project VISIT Jean-Francois Gille, Ph.D.; 23, rue Technician with the U.S. Bureau of
and sponsored by the Mutual UFO Archereau, Paris F-75019, France in Indian Affairs. UFO activity and cattle
Network, Inc. John Schuessler, Theoretical Physics. Dr. Gille is Chief of mutilations have been reported in
Symposium Chairman, is extending an Research of the French National Shannon County.
invitation to anyone interested in the Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Working out of Columbus,
UFO phenomenon to attend the 1980 Associated w i t h t h e Sandia Georgia, Emerson E. Addington, Jr.,
MUFON UFO Symposium adjacent to Laboratories, Dr. Henry C. Montieth, Major (Ret.) 5916 Whitehaven Drive,
the NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space 1731 Kit Carson S.W., Albuquerque, Columbus, GA 31904 will serve as. the
Center. Please refer to the program in NM 87104 will apply his expertise in State Section Director for the following
this issue of the JOURNAL. Engineering Physics to his prime counties: Muscogee, Harris, Talbot,
On Sunday afternoon, February interests of the new unified field theory Marion, Stewart, Webster, Quitman,
24, a meeting of the San Francisco Bay of matter, UFO propulsion methods, Randolph, and Chattahoochi. Mr.
Area MUFON people was held at the cattle mutilations, abductions, and Addington covers these counties in his
All State Savings and Loan in San communication with aliens. Dr. daily work activities. He. holds a
Mateo, Calif, at the invitation of Paul C. Montieth is a member of the National Masters Degree in Criminal Justice and
Cemy, State Director for Northern Enquirer UFO Blue Ribbon Panel and has had considerable experience in
California. The program emphasis was will be a speaker at the 1980 MUFON military investigation and intelligence.
on field investigations, procedures, UFO Symposium in Clear Lake City, George F. Forbes, 104 W. Tarrant, Apt.
methods, equipment, travel, and Texas. Ray Fowler has recommended 122, Grand Prairie, TX 75050 has
problems to anticipate. We encourage Peter Olivieri, Ph.D., 8 Hutchinson volunteered as a Research Specialist in
other groups to conduct Field Road, Winchester, MA 01890 as a new Mathematics. Professionally, he is an
Investigator training meetings of this Consultant. He will also serve as a Field industrial mathematician.
nature wherever possible. MUFON of Investigator. David Dobbs, K8NQC of
North Carolina, under its State New State Section Directors Cincinnati, Ohio, and Jerry R.
Director George Fawcett, has appointed this month were John P. Johnson, WA5RON of Austin, Texas,
announced their 4th Annual MUFON Timmerman, 9511 Cottage Grove, would like to invite amateur radio
North Carolina Training Conference to Route #2, Lakeview, OH 43331 for the operators to join them on a new
be held Saturday and Sunday, June 21 Ohio counties of Logan, Hardin, MUFON net that meets each Saturday
and 22 in Winston-Salem, N.C., hosted Auglaize, and Allen. John is also a afternoon at 2:00 p.m. C.S.T. on
by the Tarheel UFO Study Group. For Director for the Center for UFO approximately 28.790 - 28.795 MHZ.
details, please contact the chairperson Studies. Elmer J. Romigh, Jr., Colonel, This ten meter net was organized in
for this annual event, Mrs. Gayle C. U.S.A.F. (retired), has been reassigned Cincinnati and is spreading nationwide
McBride, P.O. Box 46, Winston-Salem, as State Section Director for Bexar with the present favorable skip
NC 27102, the MUFON Assistant State County, Texas. Elmer and his wife distance. Joe Santangalo, NUS
Director. reside at 1110 Mt. Eden, San Antonio, Eastern State Director for MUFON,
We are pleased to confirm the TX 78213. Col. Romigh has been active reported upon the weekly activity of the
appointment of Yu "Masaru" Mori as on the MUFON Amateur Radio Net forty meter net that meets every
the Sectional Director for Northern under the call letters WA5CTJ. Paul C. Saturday morning at 0800 E.S.T. and
Japan, which encompasses northern Gussner, 10128 Rainier Avenue South, 0700 C.S.T. on 7237 KHZ. Based upon
Honshu and Hokkaido Islands. He Seattle, WA 98178 has volunteered to the consistency of good communica-
resides at 1-18-11 TSUGA, Chiba City, serve as State Section Director for King (continued on next page)

(Director's Message, Continued) notes the common fallibilities of human
perception. In addition to the subtle
tions, Joe has been assisted by the techniques of interviewing needed to MUFON
following acting net control stations, draw out a reluctant witness or trip up a
WA3QLW, WA4RPU, and WA3B1B. dishonest one, instructions on more 103 OLDTOWNE RD.
WONC, Bill Armstrong irt St. Louis, sophisticated investigative methods, SEGUIN,TX 78155
Missouri, has relayed MUFON such as hypnosis and polygraph testing,
information from Texas into the net are included. Haines also covers
from WA5CTJ, Elmer Romigh in San principles of surface reflections, the reactions of friends and neighbors,
Antonio. The 75 meter net headed by angular sighting estimates and and the possibility of a government
Marshall Coins, WA9ARG in Quincy, measurements, viewing very bright cover-up in the matter of UFOs. The
111., meets each Saturday morning at objects, and moving and stationary selling price is $11.95. Your Director
0800 C.S.T. on 3975 KHZ for the lights at night. Man's knowledge of the has not received an advance copy of the
midwestern states. UFO phenomenon is still too book, therefore we cannot comment on
C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s to Joe incomplete to determine its causes. the contents. Lucius Parish will no
Santangelo, Massachusetts State The immediate need is for more — and doubt do so in his column "Other's
Director, for again being the first to more reliable — data. This study, if Words" in a future Journal issue.
submit his 1979 annual activity report widely and properly used, will go a long In order to provide the readers of
on field investigations and way toward consolidating the vast and the Journal with the most current
memberships. growing literature on UFOs. The price information on the UFO scene, the
"Observing LJFOs: An Investiga- is $21.95 for clothbound hardback and following news release is submitted; on
tive Handbook" by Richard F. Haines, $10.95 for paperback. Dr. Haines was a June 20 and 21, the National UFO
Ph.D., will be released by the publisher featured speaker at MUFON's 1979 Conference will conduct its 17th annual
Nelson-Hall, 111 North Canal St., UFO Symposium in San Francisco. event at the Doral Inn, at Lexington
Chicago, IL 60606 on March 10,1980. It In a recent telephone conversa- Avenue and 49th Street, New York
is a guidebook for the professional tion, Bill Moore advised that his new City. The announced speakers are
investigator. The recent revival of the book "The Roswell Incident" will not be Stanton Friedman, Betty Hill, Art Ford,
outer space science-fiction thriller in released until June 1980 by Grosset and Philip J. Klass, Rick Hilberg, and Robert
the motion picture industry and Dunn. Easley. The two public sessions will be
literature has sparked an increased As announced in the February held on the afternoon and evening of
awareness and interest in the UFO 1980 issue of the Journal, Leonard Saturday, June 21. The cost of
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last few years. People are shedding UFO Crash/Retrieval Syndrome," $10 each or both for $15. For further
skepticism and superstition in favor of published by the Mutual UFO Network information please contact James W.
documented research and recorded will be available March 1, 1980. (See Moseley, P.O. Box 163, Fort Lee, NJ
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able encounters. While there has been from MUFON for $5.00 postage paid the Doral Inn at $49 for a single and $61
a vast amount of literature written on (air mail is extra). This has been the for a double per night, Journal readers
the subject, it has almost exclusively most exciting and intriguing disclosure will recognize the advantages of having
concentrated on speculation about the to date on this closely guarded a symposium away from the "Big
nature of what has been observed, government secret. We are indebted to Apple."
rather than on the nature of the the people who provided confidential While the Bigfoot Information
observer. NASA research scientist information to Leonard and hope that Center and Peter Byrne have closed
Richard F. Haines believes that the these disclosures will prompt others to shop and retired in Hood River,
status of UFOs would not be so come forward to share their Oregon, another Bigfoot investigative
confused if there were more trained information and experiences. group continues to gather information
observers to spot them, and competent Walter and Company, 720 Fifth and to conduct field research in regard
investigators to gather testimony. His Ave., New York, NY 10019 have to the n e v e r - e n d i n g B i g f o o t
book, "Observing UFOs," provides a announced the release of a new book phenomenon. Project Bigfoot (formerly
unique guide to the scientific study of on Feburary 28, 1980, titled "Direct Project Greridel), Box 444-Northgate,
unidentified flying objects. Encounters: Personal Histories of UFO Seattle, WA 98125 has two Bigfoot
Focusing on the observer, Haines Abductees" by Judith and Allan Hotlines (206) 622-0143 and (206) 522-
explains the sensitive business of Gansberg. Through in-depth interviews 9381. Since some UFOlogists feel that
obtaining objective information from with the dozen abductees who have there may be some connection
purported UFO witnesses. In a agreed to have their stories made between Bigfoot and UFOs, Project
painstaking examination of relevant public, the authors examine Bigfoot encourages these people to
physiological and psychological data provocative and disturbing issues such exchange information about any tall
collected from past observers, Haines as the media treatment of abductees, haircovered bipeds from any state.D

By William C. Chalker
(Note: This case is excerpted from a 10-page report titled "The UFO Phenomenon RETRIEVAL
— An Australian Perspective," 1976, UFO Investigation Centre, P.O. Box 6, Lane SYNDROME
Cove N.S.W., Australia 2066).

By Leonard H. Stringfield

This 38-page monograph

reports the author's startling
f i n d i n g s since contacting
additional witnesses to "crashed
saucers" and preserved
humanoid bodies. First-hand
reports from eye-witnesses are
cited, though most insisted on
remaining anonymous. A medical
| Side view of doctor describes what he saw
while examining one of the
bodies. Four separate sources tell
of seeing a movie film of a crashed
saucer and humanoid bodies.
BOURKES FLAT, VIC. APRIL 4. 1966 Others describe being present at
the crash scene. One apparently
responsible businessman tells of
At Bourkes Flat, in Victoria, on April 4 (1966), Mr. Ron Sullivan had the secret computer data banks on
bizarre experience of having his car headlights "bent" towards an unknown object UFO information. The impli-
shaped like an ice cream cone of colored light, and an asociated brilliant white disc. cations of the reports are
The headlight effect almost caused Mr. Sullivan to lose control of his car. A staggering. If true, then the U.S.
depression in sandy soil was found in a spot where the UFO appeared to be. The Government (and possibly
incident had a frightening aftermath. Two nights after Mr. Sullivan's experience, a others) has practiced a long-term
young man was killed when his car swerved off the road "for no apparent reason." deception that will shock the
The site of the accident was the same as the spot at which the UFO encounter . world when the truth emerges.
occurred. Published by the Mutual
UFO Network. Price: $5.00.
Order from —
MUFON, 103 Oldtowne
I Mark R. Herbstritt Rd., Seguin, TX 78155
Jupiter — In Leo, it is low in the east at
LStronomy sunset, and sets about an hour before
Notes Saturn — Moving from Virgo into Leo, Scientific discussion of New
Zealand film case.
it rises at about sunset, and sets at
THE SKY FOR MARCH 1980 about sunrise, being in opposition on Minnesota physical evidence
the 13th (E.S.t.) As seen through a
Pilot sightings in Australasia.
Mercury — It is too close to the sun to telescope the rings are almost edge-on.
UFOs and Religion.
be seen. It is 0.2 degrees north of the Moon on
Report on Argentine UFO
the 2nd at 0 hours U.T.
Venus — It is well up in the west at
Abduction reports from France,
sunset, and sets about four hours later. Moon Phases: Full Moon Marchl at 4
Poland, Canada....
P.M. EST. Last Quarter March 9 at 6:49 Guidelines for evaluation medical
Mars — It is well up in the east at sunset P.M. EST. New Moon March 16 at 1:56 injuries.
and sets about an hour before sunrise. P.M. EST. First Quarter March 23 at Book reviews and other features.
It passes 3 degrees north of Jupiter on 7:31 A.M. EST. Full Moon March 31 at
the 2nd. 10:14 A.M. EST.
Lucius Parish

In Others'Words
The January 29 issue of 08540). Two of the three cassettes are Meteorites" and the author proposes
NATIONAL ENQUIRER tells of largely composed of interviews with that some meteorites have been
"clusters" of red globes which UFO witnesses, as recorded by Air "guided" to Earth by extraterrestrials,
performed acrobatics over a West Force UFO investigators. These based on their actions, velocities and
Virginia town on the night of December accounts are from the Project Blue fall patterns.
5, 1979. The late Wilbert B. Smith, Book files, now in the National
Canada's best-known UFO researcher, Archives. Cassette #1 has two reports
obtained information in 1950 which led from trained observers (Utah, 1961 and
him to believe that "the matter (of Florida, 1957) and a very interesting on-
UFOs) is the most highly classified the-spot recording of UFO activity over
subject in the U.S. government, rating Edwards Air Force Base, California, in
higher even than the H-bomb." This, 1965. Cassette #2 presents group
according to an article by Bob Pratt in observations of UFOs (Fort Smith,
the February 12 issue of the Enquirer. Arkansas, 1967 and Tillamook,
The February 19 issue reports the case Oregon, 1967), plus a recording of
of a Brazilian woman who claims to Charles Hickson telling of the 1973 UFO NEWSCLIPPING
experience he shared with Calvin SERVICE
have been cured of a fatal tropical
disease by alien beings. Parker, as well as the Cisco Grove,
The 1980 UFO ANNUAL from the California, case of a hunter who shot The UFONEWSCUPPING SERVICE
publishers of UFO REPORT is largely .arrows at "robots" from a UFO. will keep you informed of all the latest
composed of reprinted material from Cassette #3 features John L. Acuff pf United States and World-Wide UFO
past issues of the magazine. NICAP, giving the "pro-UFO" case, activity, as it happens! Our service was
started in 1969, at which time we
Contributors include Larry E. Arnold, while skeptic Robert Sheaffer argues
contracted with a reputable
William L. Moore, Terence Dickinson, the "anti-UFO" position. This last international newspaper-clipping
Wayne Laporte, and others. cassette would have been far more bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
Again, mostly rehash in the #17 interesting if it had contained more find UFO report? (i.e., little known
issue of TRUE UFOs & OUTER eyewitness reports, as neither Acuff photographic cases, clpse encounter
SPACE QUARTERLY. One fairly 'nor Sheaffer contribute anything of and landing reports, occupant cases)
interesting article deals with reports of substance. The three cassettes come in and all other UFO reports, many of
an attractive vinyl binder, with a which are carried only in small town or
the "Kickapoo Monster" (a Bigfoot-like foreign newspapers.
creature) in Illinois. "Listener's Guide." The set is #5404K "Our UFO Newsclipping Service
Reader Tom Benson passes along and the price is $34.00. A bit on the issues are 20-page monthly reports,
a caveat emptor concerning the Rolling steep side, admittedly, but copies of the reproduced by p h o t p - p f f s e t ,
Thunder Press of New York City, Air Force tapes from the National containing the latest United States and
which has recently published a booklet Archives would probably be even more Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
by Bernard O'Connor, HOW TO expensive. ' our foreign section carrying the latesi
British, Australian, .New Zealand and
INVESTIGATE UFOs. It seems that Two recent hardcover books are pther foreign press reports. Also
the firm is also selling back issues of OBSERVING UFOs by Dr. Richard F, included is a 3-5 page section of
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researchers are willing to pay anywhere Judith & Alan Gansberg (Walker & you informed of the latest happenings
from $3.00 to $10.00 per copy, that is Co.; $10.95). March" will see the in the UFO and Fortean fields/
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sample pages from our service, write
same issues can often be obtained from MEETING WITH INHABITANTS OF '
today to:
other sources for far less money. ANOTHER WORLD, 1871, by William
A new series of cassettes entitled Robert Loosley (St. Martin's Press; UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE
"Project Blue Book — Eyewitness $7.95) and STONES FROM THE Route 1 — Box 220
Accounts of UFOs" is currently STARS by T.R. LeMaire (Prentice-Hall; Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
available from Visual Education $9.95). The LeMaire book is sub-titled
Corporation (Box 2321, Princeton, NJ "The Unsolved Mysteries of
Saturday Morning Session ,... $3.50
Saturday Afternoon Session . $4.50
Saturday Evening Session $4.50
Special Package Price, All Three ... $10.50

Send check or money order payable to VISIT:

Dave Kissinger
Project VISIT
P.O. Box 877
Friendswood, TX 77546


SHERATON-KINGS INN (Symposium Headquarters)

1301 NASA Blvd. #1
Houston (Clear Lake), Texas 77058
1 person = $32 2 persons = $39 3 persons = $39
Make reservations by May 15, 1980. Ask for MUFON block of rooms.

HOLIDAY INN - NASA (across street)

1300 NASA Blvd. #1
Houston, TX 77058
1 person = $34.75 2 persons = $41.75

NASSAU BAY RESORT MOTEL (1 block distance)

1600 NASA Blvd. #1
Houston, TX 77058
(713) 333-3000
1 person = $36 2 persons = $45

SPACE CENTER INN (7 blocks distance)

2020 NASA Blvd. #1
Houston, TX 77058 . . .
1 person = $35 2 persons = $39

DAYS INN MOTEL (Five miles distance)

1001 NASA Blvd. #1
Webster, TX 77598
(713) 332-4581
1 person = $22.27 2 persons = $26.55

Early registration is suggested. These motels are located near the Johnson Space Center and will be very busy during the
summer of 1980 due to the forthcoming launch of the NASA Space Shuttle, Other motel/hotel facilities are several miles from the
symposium location requiring the visitor to have access to an automobile in order to participate in the symposium.

(See back cover)


June 7 & 8,1980

Clear Lake City (Houston), Texas
Advance Schedule

Theme: UFO Technology — A Detailed Examination

-' ij
Details of the program are subject to change. On Friday, June 6, there will be a pre-registration social hour at the Sheraton *
Kings Inn Motel, 1301 NASA Road 1, Clear Lake City.

SATURDAY, JUNE 7: Symposium, Clear Lake High School, 2929 Bay Area Blvd., Clear Lake City (adjacent to NASA).
Registration 8:00 a.m.

Morning Session (ticket $3.50): Welcomes by John F. Schuessler, Symposium Chairman, and Walter H. Andrus,
MUFON International Director. .

John F. Schuessler and Dave Kissinger, "Project VISIT — A Fresh Approach." (Investigators Workshop simultaneously)
•" ' • • •

Dr. Henry Monteith, paper (to be announced)

(Close Encounter Case Workshop, and movies, simultaneously) 1 .
«. ' " .' .
James E. Oberg, aerospace engineer, "Quality Control of the UFO Data Base: Some Suggested Techniques."

. Afternoon Session (ticket $4.50):

Ray Stanford, paper (to be announced)

(Simultaneous workshops, meetings with press; to include Advanced Propulsion Workshop, Chairman Alan C. Holt)

Richard Niemtzow M.D., paper (to be announced)

(Simultaneous workshop, to be announced) •

R. Leo Sprinkle, PhD, "UFO Contactees: Captive Collaborators or Cosmic Citizens?" -•>
(Simultaneous workshop, to be announced, and movies)

Fred Merritt, Vice President, Center for UFO Studies, "UFOCAT: A Friend and Two New Ideas." ..
(Simultaneous workshop, to be announced) - . , ' .

Evening Session (ticket $4.50): Announcements and introductions, with a special guest.

Stanton T. Friedman, "Flying Saucer Technology." .••-•:

Panel of all speakers, with question and answer period •


9:00 a.m. — MUFON Annual Corporate Meeting, Walter Andrus presiding, Sheraton Kings Inn Motel

Afternoon — NASA Tour/individual choice