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NUMBER 149 JULY 1980

Founded 1967 $1.50


Karen and David Kissinger greet registrants at 1980 MUFON UFO Symposium,
Clear Lake City, Texas. (Photo: Dennis Stacy)
(USPS 002-970)
103 Oldtowne Rd.
Seguin, Texas 78155
RICHARD HALL The 1980 MUFON Symposium, reported in this issue,
Editor demonstrated that UFOs can be studied scientifically — at least that
scientists find ample data for technical discussion. Several talks
ANN DRUFFEL dealt with the "theoretical physics of UFOs," suggesting
Associate Editor
g r a v i t a t i o n a l waves, e l e c t r o m a g n e t i c p h e n o m e n a ,
LEN STRINGFIELD magnetoaerodynamics, and other principles that appear to be
Associate Editor involved. This was a worthwhile effort to show that UFOs are not
MILDRED BIESELE necessarily inconsistent with modern physics. What we don't know
Contributing Editor may be due to our own lack of enterprise in applying scientific
techniques to UFO study, or it may be due to the fact that someone
WALTER H. ANDRUS . out there is far ahead of us in engineering applications as well as
'Director of MUFON basic scientific knowledge. All this suggests that it is premature to
rule out "nuts and bolts" explanations. It is incumbent upon those
who prefer mere exotic theories to outline how they propose to test
Co-Chairmen, them. Theories are a dime a dozen, and the proof of the theory is in
Humanoid Study Group the testing.



Religion and UFOs
In this Issue
MARK HERBSTRITT vBy Dennis W; Stacy ' '.'•• ,,
Astronomy .• AUSTRIANS FIND "DARK SIDE" TO UFOs ......;... 14
By Mildred Biesele" ..
Promotion/Publicity MUFON ANNUAL CORPORATE MEETING ! . . . . . ; . . .r. 17
By Walt Andrus _ -
TED PHILLIPS IN OTHERS' WORDS :......... -;'-....;.... 19
Landing Trace Cases By Lucius Parish' - •
By Walt Andrus _
UFO Propulsion

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"UFO Technology: A Detailed Examination"
By Dennis W. Stacy
(MUFON Director of Publications)

The Eleventh Annual MUFON environmental control systems. Alan Symposium a well-rounded overview of
Symposium convened in Clear Lake C. Holt, another VISIT member, has the most recent developments in
City,Texas, theweekendof June6,7, been involved in astronaut training UFOlogy and related areas of
and 8. Clear Lake is the home of the associated with lunar surface and orbital investigation. Several Saturday
National Aeronautics and Space photography, Skylab Apollo Telescope workshops were conducted, including
Administration's Lyndon B. Johnson Mount solar experiments, and current "Scandinavian UFO Research" by
Space C e n t e r and a m o r e Skylab systems. Ilkka Serra, MUFON Finland; "Kirlian
appropriate location could hardly be Photography," by Joanne Cusack,
imagined for a Symposium whose Houston; and an Isocely Workshop, by
main theme was "UFO Technology: Jean-Francois Gille, Paris. Abstracts
A Detailed Examination." from an Advanced Propulsion
Media coverage of the Workshop, Alan C. Holt, Chairman,
Symposium was well coordinated and were collected into a single pamphlet
executed, including television, radio published separately from this year's
and newspaper interviews with a Proceedings and available from
number of f e a t u r e d speakers. MUFON, Seguin, for a cost of $2.00.
Advance announcements of the The complete Proceedings are also
Symposium were carried in the available at a cost of $10.00, postage
weekend events calendar sections paid.
of both major Houston newspapers,
"The Post" and "The Chronicle," as
well as in the local NASA house
journal "Roundup." Feature Sunday
articles also appeared in both John Schuessler, Symposium
Houston dailies. Chairman (photo: Dennis Stacy)
Perhaps the best feature of the Raising the public consciousness
media publicity, however, was the in regard to the sincerity and quality of
establishment in the public eye of what the continuing scientific investigation
might be called the "NASA into the UFO phenomenon has always
Connection," the association of the been a prime MUFON concern. In this
scientific investigation of possible UFO sense, if no other, MUFON 1980 must
technologies with our country's own be judged as a significant public
space program and technology. relations success. The above
The Symposium's host group, mentioned Project VISIT officers, as
Vehicle Internal Systems Investigative well as members Dr. Richard C.
Team (VISIT), for example, contains a Niemtzow, Granvil Pennington, and
number of key MUFON-NASA Donald Tucker, along with their
personnel, including Project VISIT numerous co-helpers, are to be
President John F. Schuessler, congratulated for lending their
Symposium Chairman, who is NASA reputations, time and attention in a
Project Manager for the Space Shuttle selfless undertaking which reflects to E
Flight Operations Support. David the credit of us all. Leonard H. Stringfield (photo:
Kissinger, VISIT Secretary/Treasurer Besides the scheduled slate of Dennis Stacy)
and a MUFON State Section Director, speeches, including Stariton T. Leonard H. Stringfield, MUFON
is a NASA Environmental and Thermal Friedman's keynote talk on "Flying Director of Public Relations and author
Systems engineer, active in the design Saucer Technology," a number of other of The Crash/Retrieval Syndrome, was
and testing of spacesuits and spaceship events transpired to make this year's allotted a special slot during the
Saturday morning session to report on promising "sign for everyone interested large. Clear Lake City, the eleventh
the most r e c e n t d e v e l o p m e n t s in seeing the UFO phenomenon receive consecutive g a t h e r i n g of our
concerning the likelihood of crashed the kind of scientific and government organization, marks the beginning of
UFO retrievals by our government. attention it so obviously requires if a the second decade of MUFON
Stringfield informed the audience that statisfactory resolution of the mystery dedication to these principles. We hope
he was now in the possession of 8 is ever to be made public. to see as many more as are required for
photographs of an alleged humanoid The annual MUFON Symposium, an ultimate solution of the UFO
body maintained at Wright Patterson we feel, plays an instrumental role in mystery.
AFB. At the same time, he cautioned this worldwide process and is Summaries of the Symposium
the assembly that much more indispensable not only for educating presentations follow.
investigation and analysis remained ourselves, but the greater public at
before the a u t h e n t i c i t y of the
photographs and other such related
data as he had acquired could be
established as incontrovertible fact.
(See the text of his statement elsewhere
in this issue.)
Another occurrence that had
considerable impact on the Symposium
audience was the video screening of
"Strange Harvest," a 90-minute Alan C. Holt, Chairman
television documentary made for
KMGH-TV7, Denver, Colorado..
"Strange Harvest" is a penetrating
e x a m i n a t i o n of the m y s t e r i o u s The Advanced Propulsion "Possibility of New Propulsion Methods
livestock mutilations which continue to Workshop consisted of a number of Implied by the Theories of Burkhard
plague western and southern states in theoretical proposals outlining various Heim"; Alan C. Holt, "Prospects for a
this country and have apparently possible UFO and future propulsion Field Physics Breakthrough"; Thomas
expanded now to include several prairie systems. These abstracts have been E. Bearden, "Toward a Practical
and western provinces of Canada. collected in a single pamphlet which is Antigravity Vehicular Drive"; Randall
Linda Moulton Howe, the film's available from MUFON for the price of B. Curtis, "Physics, Philosophy and
director and producer, attended the $2.00. Space Travel"; Ronald J. Kita, "Gravity
Symposium in person and in the The f o l l o w i n g a u t h o r s are Control: An Event on the Horizon";
question-and-answer sessions following represented: Stanton T. Friedman, Russell Nelson, "Electromagnetic
each of Saturday's three showings, "Advanced Propulsion Concepts"; Propulsion"; Jerry A. Reynard and
proved herself well schooled and Peter I. McNeall; "Aspden's Theory"; James J. Wasil, "Practical Pseudo Anti-
researched on a subject that is highly William F. Hamilton, "The Ether.-Key to Gravity."
controversial, to say the least. Linda's Space Travel"; Dr. Henry C. Montieth,
own gut feeling is. that the government
is somehow involved in the macabre
What could have been a major
disappointment — the inability of Dr.
Alain Esterle, Director of the French
GEPAN group, Toulouse, to attend
due to fund-raising obligations in his
own country - was more than
ameliorated by the apperance, in his
stead, of Deputy Director Tom Babits.
Tom reviewed the present status of
GEPAN within the French National
Center for Space Studies and the
outlook for increased future research
and personnel expenditures. At the
moment, GEPAN is the only official,
government-funded agency in the
world l o o k i n g i n t o t h e U F O VISIT. Host Committee, members, I. to P., Alan Holt,
phenomenon. The continuing health Granvil Pennington, and Dave Kissinger. (Photo: Paul Cerny)
and status of this group is, of course, a
the mutilated animals are found in
"STRANGE HARVEST" muddy, or snow-covered fields.
"In fact, the most disturbing thing
Linda Moulton Howe about these mutilations," Linda said, "is
their apparent preciseness and
peacefulness. Other than the animal
itself, nothing else is disturbed."
Besides nocturnal lights and other
UFO-like configurations, a number of
dark-colored helicopters, unmarked
(A 90-minute television documentary Apaloosa mare named Snippy, which and silent in flight, have been reported
film produced, written, directed and was found stripped of all flesh from the in the immediate vicinity of the
edited by Linda Moulton Howe, neck up. UFOs were reportedly mutilations. To check oUt these
Director, Special Projects, KMGH- observed in the immediate area during rumors, Linda and crew traveled to
7V7, Denver, Colorado. Photography the same period of time. ' Fort Carson, an army base situated in
by Richard Lerner.) M u t i l a t i o n s in near plague eastern Colorado, to investigate
proportions did not get under way until rumors that the army's Cobra was a
Of all the perplexing events 'quiet' helicopter. Linda filmed a Cobra
the winter of 1974 and the spring of
sometimes associated with UFO pilot taking his aircraft out a mile,
1975. Since that time, more than 22,000
sightings, the reported mutilations of circling, then flying back overhead at an
mysteriously butchered cattle have
cattle and other livestock are surely altitude of 500 feet. The Cobra o>as
been found in 22 southern and western
among the most bizarre and dark: it was also noisy, especially on
states. At this moment, reported
controversial. landings and takeoffs.
mutilation activity seems to have
For those who attended the Finally, "Strange Harvest" looked
shifted to the Canadian prairie and
Symposium in person, the screening of at the possible UFO connection,
western provinces.
"Strange Harvest," a made-for-TV concluding with segments of a grueling
A so-called "classic" mutilation
documentary, proved to be one of the 4-hour hypnotic session conducted by
involves incisions, often perfectly
most talked about events of the Leo Sprinkle with Janet Doraty,
circular, in the animal's hide, the
weekend. Award-winning producer perhaps the only eyewitness account of
removal of numerous external parts,
Linda Howe was present to supervise a modern mutilation on . record.
including the sexual organs, eyes, ears
the video replay and to answer Doraty's close e n c o u n t e r and
and tongue, and the frequent draining
questions following each of Saturday's abduction took place near Houston in
of all blood from the carcass.
three overflow showings. "Strange 1973, almost a year before the
Mrs. Howe's cameras visited the
Harvest" was first aired in Denver only mutilations began in earnest.
site of another mutilation near San Luis,
2 weeks prior to the Symposium and Both Judith Doraty and her
Colorado, that was discovered on
drew an immediately interested public teenage daughter were allegedly
September 29, 1979. A dead steer was
response. found, its tongue cut away, all flesh abducted aboard a UFO that had
Historically, the most famous trailed their car for sometime. Judith,
stripped from the animal's lower jaw,
mutilation, and perhaps the first, however, had the sensation of being
and perfectly oval cuts made in its hide
occurred in September of 1967 near immobilized next to the rear of her car
and around the eye sockets.
San Luis, Colorado, and involved an at the same times that she was able to
In an effort to learn more about the
nature of the strange circular wounds, witness events aboard the UFO. Under
Linda visited with Laser Surgeon Arlen hypnosis she reported seeing a calf
Meyers at Denver's Rose Medical drawn up into the UFO by a beam of
Center. The film graphically portrays light. Once it was aboard, the animal
attempts by Meyers to reproduce the was operated on by humanoids using
cuts on two chicken bodies, using a "knife-like" implements. The calf's
laser beam on one and a scalpel on the blood was drawn. Then Judith's
other. The laser-inflicted incision came daughter was subjected to a rigorous
closest to matching; however, Meyers physical examination. At one point her
was quick to point out the near bottom lip was pulled back and skin
impossibility of transporting a.similar scrapings were taken.
400 pound device, along with its power Investigators were later unable to
supply, from one mutilation site to find corroborating reports of either a
another without attracting undue UFO or mutilation on the night of the
attention. Doraty's experience.
The mutilation mystery is
Linda Moulton Howe presenting deepened even further by the complete
documentary on mutilations (photo: absence, in most cases, of visible tracks
Dennis Stacy) or other physical evidence, even when
Fred Merritt

UFOCAT, a computer catalog of Finally, there are the three type • transpiring for an hour or more.
UFO sightings consisting of more than categories comprising the highest level Using the 5 - 14 minute time
62,000 individual reports was originally of strangeness. UFOCAT Type 7 duration as a standard for medium and
compiled by David R. Saunders in 1969 involves reports of occupants seen high strangeness incidents, the
and donated to the Center for UFO outside an object, or with no UFO at all. conforming, or regular reports are
Studies, Evanston, Illinois, in 1975. The The duration of such sightings fall into those involving multiple discontinuity of
task of continually updating UFOCAT readily recognizable patterns: those motion, close encounters within 500
files and searching through the reams of lasting less than a minute, and those feet, inside occupants, landings, and
data for meaningful patterns has fallen transpiring in a time frame of from 5 to lasting physical effects on witnesses.
onto the shoulders of Center vice 14 minutes. ' The irregular reports, where duration
president Fred Merritt. UFOCAT Type 8 reports are times are significantly longer, then
After a brief review of cataloguing those in which contact is made, i.e., become those involving entities with no
procedures, Merritt summarized some actual two-way communication UFO, outside occupants, landings,
of his most recent findings. First, there commences between witnesses and contact, time lapses and abductions.
was a definite correlation between a alleged entities. Contact reports also Since all three categories of the high
sighting's duration and what may be divide into two different periods of strangeness group contain two
called its "strangeness" quotient. duration, one of from 5 - 14 minutes, different peak periods of duration,
Typically, UFOCAT reports are another of one hour or more. Merritt suggests that investigators may
classified into 9 types, consisting of 3 actually be looking at two different
groups of 3 types each organized
according to increasing degrees of
Group one, those reports containg
the least strangeness, consists of " • .* ,*'.' j'r "•''- "^> ', •*. «•'*\*
UFOCAT Type 1, 2, and 3 reports. v ; '-;v-:^-r-Si
Type 1 refers to sightings of lights or
stationary objects and is characterized
by long viewing times, suggestive of a
true celestial body stimulus. Type 2
reports, lights or objects seen in
continuous motion, are of short
duration and frequently turn out to be
meteors, misapprehended aircraft, and
so on. UFOCAT Type 3 refers to lights
or objects in which a single
discontinuity of motion is observed.
Duration time peaks in the 1 to 14
minute range, significantly different
than either of the two other low
strangeness type reports. Fred Merritt, left, and John Tlmmerman of the Center for UFO Studies
The medium strangeness group (photo: Paul Cerny)
consists of UFOCAT Types 4 - 6, where
Type 4 refers to lights or objects seen Type 9 sightings, the catalog's events.
which exhibit multiple discontinuities of highest strangeness classification, Merritt's second set of statistics,
motion, Type 5 to close encounters, refers to those encounters in which derived from a computer analysis of
generally within a distance of 500 feet, injuries to humans or animals, time UFOCAT's physical trace catalog,
and Type 6 to landings. Duration of lapses, and/or abductions are reported. links report attributes with UFO-object
each of the three types of sightings And once again there appear to be two size. The general inferences to be
peaks within a time period of 5 to 15 distinct periods of time involved: those drawn are as follows:
minutes. elapsing in 5 - 14 minutes and those (Continued on next page)

L. David Kissinger
John F. Schuessler

Host group for the; llth annual correlation of scientific and engineering less, detail from the close encounter
MUFON Symposium was VISIT — data from case to case, (2) identify witness might lead to educated
Vehicle Internal Systems Investigative internal systems which are most guessing concerning UFO technology
Team — a local, non-profit corporation prevalent, (3) evaluate the purpose for systems, John asked the audience to
comprised largely of aerospace these systems, (4) determine how these imagine themselves abducted aboard a
industry personnel from the immediate systems operate, and (5) share the known spacecraft — none other than
Houston-Clear Lake City area. information obtained on these USVs Skylab itself. By means of an effective
VISIT President, John Schuessler, (Unknown Space Vehicles) with the slide presentation, John moved the
was also this year's Symposium public at large. audience through the first hatch and
Chairman, David Kissinger, co-author, "Humanoid descriptions are into the long Skylab entrance tunnel.
serves VISIT as both Secretary and important because they too can give Scenes of control panels, fan units and
Treasurer. Other members include Dr. clues as to the working of the vehicle. ducts, portholes, and astronaut life
Richard C. Niemtzow, who presented a Our own space vehicles are designed to support systems followed. Surely, the
preliminary analysis of medical injuries be compatible with the astronaut's average audience abductee, John
arising from UFO close encounters, physiology. .Utilizing data about the insisted, could return from this
Alan C. Holt, who chaired the humanoid size, shape, strength, and experience with a minimum of
Advanced Propulsion Workshop, dexterity, a comparison with human remembered technological detail. "The
Granvil Pennington, and Donald design standards can lead to knowledge inability of an abductee to describe
Tucker. about the systems operated by the anything about the interior while having
VISIT was d e s c r i b e d by humanoids. Other factors, such as a vivid recollection of other details may
Schuessler as a project-type group and mouth and nostril size, apparent skin be cause for suspicion as to the
hot a popular membership organisation temperature, body coverings, and eye occurrence of a real incident."
per se. It was inspired by NASA's group orientation lead to knowledge about the "In conclusion, Project VISIT
problem-solving approach employed so humanoid, the type of life support personnel are dedicated to finding
successfully in the manned Mercury, system which must be required, as well useful information in the vast bank of
Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab space as the dynamics of the vehicle. USV information t h a t is being
flights. ', Unfortunately, the humanoid aspect accumulated on a worldwide basis. We
The primary focus of the VISIT has proven to be the most fear- have the expertise available to do the
effort is an engineering and scientific provoking in the witness arid is job; but- we must depend on the
study of the internal systems of the therefore the least accessible to'the witness, the abductee, and other UFO
apparent craft involved in UFO or flying conscious mind." research organizations to provide the
saucer reports; with a secondary To dramatize how the recovery of detailed information necessary to bring
interest in the physiology of the beings minute, perhaps seemingly meaning- the project to fruition."
which occupy these vehicles.
"VISIT members usually have two
goals in mind. First is the common goal (UFOCAT, Continued) ly associated with EM effects.
of successful project operation and " 32 foot objects are noisy discs
each contributes to that goal. The associated with circular traces. 4 foot objects lack occupants.
second is the personal research goal of - Individual reports often combine Individual imprint reports do not
each member. Hopefully, the group the presence of occupants ' with involve disc-shaped objects.
contributes to the individual goal and EM effects.
even enhances the chances of personal 8 foot objects are not discs.
success. VISIT members are currently 16 foot objects are most fre-
seeking consistent, correlative data quently associated with occupants Fred hopes his findings .may pro-
from'close encounter and abduction Individual reports often combine vide others with promising research
cases to construct a technological temporary physiological effects leads and sugggest some ways in which
model of what is happening in the field. with the presence of occupants. stored UFOCAT data might be
"The objectives of this research handled with view to a future overall
are to (1) determine if there is a 128 foot objects are most frequent- classification. system.
' R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.

Dr. Sprinkle has interviewed more family and friends. They seemed to
than 200 alleged contactees who claim have developed ,many of .the
to have experienced some kind of characteristics which have been
psychic impressions related to their described as those of 'Cosmic
UFO encounters. Approximately 50 of Consciousness'." ..
these c l a i m a n t s p a r t i c i p a t e d in While he admits that many
hypnotic time regression procedures as objections remain as to the objectivity
a means of further exploring their "loss of abduction testimony, recovered
of time" experience reported m the under hypnosis, Dr. Sprinkle offers one
course of a UFO encounter or hypothesis that experienced
abduction. These persons recall investigators are in position to
memories of apparent abduction and consider: those persons who claim
examination by alien beings,, or UFO encounters, but who refuse to "go
. UFOLK. Many reported unusual public;" may risk social ridicule but
physiological, psychological, and difficulties in developing successful
.psychic manifestations, along with Leo Sprinkle CPhoto: Dennis lives; those persons who claim UFO
feelings of being monitored and/or Stacy) encounters, and who become
receiving "mental messages" from their impressions of abductions, then one "witnesses" or who are .willing to "go
UFOLK contacts. can conclude that these persons view public," may risk social redicule but
As a preliminary measure, the themselves as capfiues. Most are their personal lives will be enhanced.
more than 200 participants in the frightened; some are frantic and almost This is a potential behavioral pattern
program were subjected to a battery of hysterical as they describe their reminiscent of "born again" religious
standard psychological tests, including abductors, and as they 'relive' the conversions and certainly worthy of
the Adjective Check List, Minnesota abduction experience through further study..
Multiphasic Personality Inventory, hypnotic regression sessions.,
Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory, "If one watches these persons 'Luminous beings
and the 16 Personality Factors Test. In during their daily activities, one often squeezed my head'
general, participant scores were in line sees them as obsessive-compulsive (or Sanlu Rosa (La Pump*)
A MAN was attacked by
with those of normal American adults creative!) in their behavior. Contactees I*D ".strange .luminous cre-
and failed to support any notion of a often act as if they were co//aborafors: .uiurcs".acc{>rding to his own
"psychosis hypothesis" which suggests working; with unseen demons who dccluiuiion lu. I he police here
that people reporting UFOs. are push, nag, cajole and/or encourage the yesterday. The man, Nelson
I u mm Sj>ago, was lln-.pilu-
undergoing neurotic . or psychotic contactees to complete a project or • -li/cd on Tuesday'iiight,.'appa-. .
reactions at the time. mission. Some contactees feel obliged rently suffering- fioni a ner-
"However," Sprinkle noted, "these to move to another area; some begin vous crisis. ..
reading about ancient civilizations; Sayago said thai the car he
persons often express the fear of being was driving suddenly slop-
considered "crazy" or being ridiculed some receive impressions or messages ped, due in Miine mechanical
by relatives, friends, or neighbors. of scientific theories and devices; some breakdown which he could
These persons often express relief receive impressions or messages of not explain. He was imme-
diately approached by two
when they learn that other participants "future" events." "luminous creatures", who
report UFO observations and related Dr. Sprinkle's hypothesis;; after squeezed his head until, he
events, e.g., dreams, visions, personal observations made over a passed out. When he woke
span of years, is that these people are up, he was ten blocks away
physiological symptoms, poltergeist ' 'from the spot where it had all
activity, apparitions, electromagnetic .somehow changing from Planetary occured.
anomalies, and "mental messages" Persons to Cosmic Citizens. "These A passer-by led him to a
from entities who claim to come from individuals seem to exhibit a caring nearby hospital, where he
concern for all humankind, as if they are was admitted with a severe
outer space. nervous breakdown, and the •
"If one listens to these persons as experiencing compassion for all other doctors who received him
they describe their initial memories.or persons, not only their immediate said afterwards that he
hadn't been drinking. (NA)
Henry C. Montieth, Ph.D.

Dr. Montieth's paper on the Symposium's most pointedly personal, the domain of space people who have
Unified Field Theory of Burkhard Heim laced w i t h near b l a c k - h u m o r been visiting the earth for perhaps
was one of the most complex and observations abut human nature and thousands of years without interfering
mathematically involved of the sprinkled with almost evangelical with the life evolving on this planet. It is
Symposium. Those seeking a more exhortations for individual members of obvious that once man "invades"
extended exposition of Heim's ideas the audience "to get up off their seats space, he will immediately interfere
are referred to the complete text of his and take their own personal evolution because of his materialistic animal
talk as .published in the 1980 in hand." nature. It is the conclusion of the author
proceedings. "The author has great reservations that man will either destroy himself
Heim, a blind German physicist, about the development of the before he is capable of this or he will be
has formulated a unifying vision of the technology necessary to generate directly kept from leaving the earth in
universe which combines electromag- gravitational fields. Human history this manner by the space beings
netic and gravitational forces. Aside shows that the first applications will be themselves. Such power in the hands of
from a theoretical paper presented to toward weapons, the likes of which irresponsible humans is a grave and
the 1978 Dayton Symposium, Heim's cannot even be imagined at this time. frightening possibility, for man is not yet
work seems to have gone largely "The development of gravitational ready to enter space on the interstellar
unnoticed by both American physicists machines will enable man to threaten scale."
and the UFO community. Yet his
theories propose a means of generating
gravitational fields of acceleration
which could theoretically allow for
faster-than-light propulsion systems
and also account for a number of
phenomena currently associated with
UFO behavior.
According to Heim's involved
computations, it should be possible to
generate specific fields of
electromagnetic radiation and organize
them in proper patterns which would, in
turn, create a gravitational effect.
Whether Heim's Unified Field Theory is
ultimately proven correct or not,
hypothesizing that UFOs employ some
means of gravitational propulsion
explains a number of side effects
commonly associated with UFOs. .
Among the effects which might * Oj*.j,-; c^> J-^ ;.:> .
have gravitational origins, Montieth
noted the following: (1) microwaves,
which could result in exterior skin
burns; (2) sonic waves produced by
long range gravitational pulses which
can sound like explosions, humming,
singing and/or squeaking; (3)
Dr. Henry Montieth, right, talking with Symposium attendee (photo: Dennis
disruption of electrical circuits resulting
in automobile and small appliance Stacy)
failure; and (4) ionization, resulting in
aurora-like effects.
Dr. Montieth's talk was also the
Stanton T. Friedman

Keynote speaker of this year's other more practical methods of readily assured.
Symposium was the increasingly propulsion have already been tested in But what of another favorite
sought-after UFO lecturer, Stanton this country. debunking argument: that these same
Friedman, whose Saturday evening Fission rockets were built and fired vast spaces m i t i g a t e against
talk, handsomely illustrated with as long ago as 1967, he noted-. The NRX extraterrestial visitation, the distances
numerous slides and interspersed with A-6 nuclear rocket motor, contained in simply being too great to be bridged in a
witty asides, was particularly .well- a package less than 10 feet long and single lifetime? Friedman points out
received by an enthused audience. under 5 feet in diameter, produced a that there are 1,000 stars within 55 light
Critics of alleged UFO f l i g h t power level in excess of 1.1 billion years of the earth, 46 of which are very
capabilities, Friedman suggested, make watts. In June, 1968, the Phoebus-2B similar to our own sun.
a fatal case for their arguments when unit, only slightly larger, generated 4.4 "An important aspect of the design
they fail to familiarize themselves with billion watts of potential energy.. of any interstellar propulsion system
current state-of-the-art technologies. Fusion-powered propulsion involves taking full advantage of Albert
First, as for the reputed inability of systems would be even more desirable Einstein's relativity postulates. Theory
living organisms to withstand the according to Friedman. By employing a and experiment both. have clearly
strenuous forces encountered in fusion process which results only in demonstrated that as things such as
sudden, high-speed directional turns, charged rather than neutral particles, people, particles and starships,
experiments under NASA auspices the high-energy charged particles, approach the speed of light (c) time
have already been conducted which directed by the appropriate electrical slows down for -them as compared to
shed some interesting illumination in and magnetic fields, could be those not moving so rapidly. The extent
this little understood area. In fact, exhausted as light ions having of time's slowing down depends on just
NASA studies show that a trained and 10,000,000 times as much energy as how close one approaches the speed of
highly motivated pilot can perform a they can receive in a chemical rocket. light. For example, a one way trip of 37
tracking task while being accelerated at And by using helium and hydrogen light years (the distance from Earth to
14Gs (about 300 miles per second) for 2 isotopes, two of the universe's lightest Zeta 1 or 2 Reticuli) at 99.9% c would
minutes! Starting from rest, he would and most plentiful elements, a constant take only 20 months crew time. At
be moving at 300 mph in one second, at source of energy for interstellar flights is 99.99% c it would take only 6 months
3,000 mph in 10 seconds, and at 36,000 crew time. Thus, even a trip to a galaxy
mph at the end of 2 minutes. such as Andromeda, 2 million light
"It should also be noticed that years away, would only take under 60
a s t r o n a u t s have their backs years crew time if the intergalactic ship
perpendicular to the direction of thrust could somehow manage to keep
rather than along it as in an elevator. accelerating at 1 G using some as yet
This is because back to front unknown technique."
acceleration is much easier to handle Friedman generally suggests that
than head to foot acceleration. The much apparent UFO technology is
body environment is also an important already a matter of known, earthside
factor in withstanding acceleration technology. "Earthlings would be
forces. A person completely immersed capable of building both fission and
in fluid can withstand much higher fusion deep space propulsion systems
accelerations than when not so should they be willing to expend the
immersed." tens of billions of dollars required. They
Secondly, Friedman agreed with a are, however, not the only possiblities
sentiment expressed earlier in the day for interstellar travel. Several other
by Henry Montieth of Sandia possibilities exist, including:
Laboratories, that the chemical 1. Lasers based on the earth, or in
propulsion rocket is a notoriously orbit, or on the moon, to be aimed at
inefficient and cumbersome device for the back of. the rocket spelling off
traversing the vast distances of Stanton T. Friedman (photo: Dennis
interstellar space. Again, however, Stacy)
James E. Oberg

Ably occupying the critic's comer "There are unidentified and they are important in providing cases
at MUFON 1980 was James Oberg, an 'unexplained sightings by astronauts, I which can be researched more
employee of McDonnell Douglas who want to make clear. But, my conclusion precisely than most other UFO cases.
works in NASA's Mission Control is that such cases are not particularly They can provide solutions against
center.He is perhaps more widely convincing evidence for extraordinary which the original perceptions can be
known as a frequent contributor to stimuli. To be fair, some of the objects matched in a valuable series of 'control
OMM Magazine's . "UFO Update" 'seen arid photographed by astronauts experiments' to determine the
column and as author of the prize- have not been identified; however, I find limitations of human perception and
winning essay in a Cutty Sark no compelling reason to believe that memory.
sponsored competition calling for the they were anything but what they "Lastly, such 'solved' cases are not
best paper on the science of UFOlogy. appeared to be: other man-made space just IFOs for the record book. The are
Oberg had three main bones of vehicles orbiting earth. test calibrations by which the
contention to pick: (1) the highly "The conclusion of this report is judgement and reliability of UFO
sensational stories surrounding UFO that UFO reports based on space specialists and authors can be judged,
sightings and photographs allegedly events — ' spaceflights, satellite and the experience to date has nof
made by both Russian and American burnups, rocket launchings, etc. — been encouraging for those who would
astronauts; (2) the grossly gullible and may not be significant in terms of like to think they can rely on published
fantastic accounts of recent UFO overall populations of UFO reports, but accounts of other UFO incidents."
encounters in the Soviet Union carried
in this country's tabloid press, and all
having as their source a small coterie of
Russian ."experts" with dubious
academic credentials; and (3) the
apparent willingness of many UFO (Technology, Continued)
commentators to perpetuate such material which would exhaust towards from one place to another without
suspect accounts as part and parcel of the laser and push the rocket forward. having to truly travel along the path
the "objective" UFO data base. This has the added advantage of putting between the points. Picture a sheet of
It was Oberg's suggestion that 'the power supply elswhere than on the paper first flat arid then bent so a pair of
UFO reports traceable to a known rocket. ' diagonally opposite corners fold over to
space tchnology could be used as a . 2. Systems producing energy by touch each other. Obviously travel
means of calibrating the reliability of whatever as yet unknown process between the corners would then be
individual UFOlogists and UFO power the strange stellar beasts known very much more rapid than if the paper
publicists. As examples of identified as quasars. Watts per gallon of fuel are — space — had to be kept flat.
terrestiaNorigin stimuli, Oberg enormously greater in a quasar than in 5.' Systems that we cannot as yet
mentioned the now-defunct Echo a typical fusion powered star like the irriagine, just as fusion is the primary
satellites, satellite re-entries, and rocket sun. - energy producing process on the sun
launchings. 3. Systems utilizing whatever type wasn't determined until 1937, although
However, Oberg stressed, of all of force holds subnuclear particles it had been going on for 5 billion years.
such cases, "the 'astronaut UFO'genre together. In the nucleus involved in Any study of technological progress
is by far the most spectacular. My fission and fusion the amount of energy, clearly shows that progress comes from
conclusions on the subject are well per particle is much greater than in the doing things differently in an
known. There is not a single case where much larger atoms involved in chemical unpredictable way. The future,
astronauts encountered phenomena processes. Going inside the nucleus technologically speaking, is simply
which was not 'normal' in terms of should also decrease the size of the NOT an extrapolation of the past or the
expected spaceflight occurrences. particle but greatly increase the amount present.
Accusations of coverup are spurious if of energy available per particle. "In summary, flying saucer
not fraudulent/And many of'the 'best' 4. Systems using some means of technology should be looked at from
astronaut cases involve deliberate bending space and time so as to "pop" the vantage point of 1980, not 1880."
falsification of evidence by writers.
Richard C. Niemtzow, M.D.

Dr. Niemtzow, another . VISIT witness in January of. 1979, after a CEIII
charter member, addressed himself to. ' experience. This case was reported in
the question of the multiple medical some detail in the MUFON Journal for
injuries frequently reported in UFO September, 1979.
close encounter situations and their The third category, also in the
possible technological implications. Tyler incident, involves parapsy-
The first category isolated for chological manifestations which may
analysis included injuries of a d i s r u p t the witnesses' normal
temporary nature, such as paralysis, emotional behavior. These effects may
dizziness,- nausea and vomiting, include telepathic communications as
headache, a n d c o n j u n c t i v i t i s , well as audio and visual hallucinations.
sometimes resulting in temporary Heightened sense awareness seems to
blindness. Parallel with the medical have been brought on in the Tyler case
aspects of this first complex of injuries, by the extreme anxiety associated with
Niemtzow noted, was ' the often the event in the subject's mind.
recorded f a i l u r e of a u t o m o b i l e Unfortunately, Niemtzow noted, .
electrical systems. most CEIII witnesses have not been
Niemtzow. also observed that the submitted to a complete physical
particular form of paralysis under examination immediately following
examination is medically distinct from their experience. In association with the
that .type" of .nerve, paralysis, or French GEPAN group, a battery of
immobility, brought on by extreme fear. medical tests were agreed upon which Dr. Richard Niemtzow (Photo:
For one thing, paralysis-involving the should be performed wherever Dennis Stacy)
UFO stimulus: seems to be selective, possible. These include: (1) a complete
i.e., witnesses ambulatory at the time blood count with differential, to
they are '"seized" do. not report determine : if -the patient has been
paralysis of.such a nature that it causes subjected to periods of. weightlessness;
.them to.lose balance and fall to the (2) serum control tests, to ascertain if
ground. This would .seem to,indicate rapid displacement from geographical/
that while the voluntary motor nerves time zones has occurred; (3) weight
controlling arm and leg'movement are .loss test, as all but one U.S. astronaut STAMP CONTRIBUTIONS
affected, those nerve fibers governing has lost weight in space; (4) serum and' * • • . " • ' ' '
the autonomie' functions required to u r i n a r y potassium, sodium, and . Contributions, of cancelled foreign
maintain bipodal standing or stationary chloride observations; . (5) urine stamps are acknowledged from Ann
stances are excepted. There this calcium and phosphorous tests; (6) ,DruffeI, Pasadena, Calif.; , Barbara
time, he said, insufficient data to explain , u r i n a r y ketone analysis, which Mathey, Los Angeles, Calif.; Fred
the mechanism behind such a selective substance should increase following Merritt, Lombard, 111.; and Project
paralysis process. periods of starvation; (7) serum glucose, Starlight International, Austin, .Texas.
A second category of injuries deals a baseline test; (8).a standard chest X- AdditionaJ contributions of
with caustic skin lesions, or burns, ray; and (9) biopsies lesions. cancelled foreign s t a m p s are
which sometimes appear following a . The results of such a test battery, acknowledged • from Lucius Parish,
close UFO approach: These are Niemtzow concluded, should be quite Plumerville, Ark., and R. Bruce Jordan,
frequently attributed to potential high valuable .in assessing .the credibility of Palo A l t o , C a l i f . T w o . l a r g e
temperature exposure, ultraviolet close encounter and abduction contributions of very attractive stamps
radiation, or possible megavoltage witnesses. were received from Henry Durrant,
photon or electron skin reactions. Paris, France, and M.A. Delhom,
None of these stimuli, however, seem Lafayette, La. Proceeds are applied to
sufficient to explain a diamond-shaped support international exchange of UFO
burn left on the chest of a Tyler, Texas, information.
Ray Stanford

As Director of the Austin-based

Project Starlight International, Ray
Stanford supervises the most up-to-
date and w e l l - e q u i p p e d UFO
observatory in the country, if not the
world. Prior to his speech, Stanford and
his assistants displayed an impressive
array of the Project's portable
p h o t o g r a p h i c and e l e c t r o n i c
equipment. Among the instruments on
view were a number of synchronized
camera systems, an automatic
recording magnetometer, a gravimeter,
and a coupled telescope-laser-photo-
multiplier-video system for UFO light
pulse and light bend studies. In
addition, the Project is in the process of
installing its own radar complex on the
facility grounds outside Austin.
Yet Stanford would also be among
the first to admit that UFOs are
notoriously unpredictable phenomena
which seldom display the "professional"
courtesy" of appearing where they can
best be observed and instrumented. In
fact, a 2,800-frame color motion-picture Ray Stanford with UFO tracking devices (photo: Dennis Stacy)
film shown by Stanford in conjunction extremely short duration were pulsations were emitted from one end
with his lecture was filmed impromptu discovered. In some instances events of the object along its greatest length or
aboard a Boeing 747 commercial transpired so rapidly as to fall below the axis.
jetliner on December 12,1977, while the threshold of human visual perception. Stanford's second filmed object
author was en route to Dallas-Fort A single frame of the film, for example also exhibited some unusual effects not
Worth International Airport. focused on the dark, circular object, previously instrumented. At times
A frame-by-frame analysis of the reveals that object suddenly flaring with shock waves seemed to form in the
film's most significant sections made up a surface-encompassing pulse of light. surrounding air propagating outwards
the heart of his talk. As the film clip Another PSI film strip exposed on at the speed of sound. Another unusual
begins a dark circular object is seen November 11, 1974, revealed exactly occurrence was the apparent formation
moving swiftly to the camera's right. the opposite effect, namely a brightly of concentric circles of light and dark
Almost as soon as it vanishes from lighted ball-shaped object pulsing areas centered around the tubular
view, another object becomes approximately 30 times • per second object's axis. Stanford emphasized that
apparent, a cigar-shaped tube of high which gave a visual appearance of a the positive identification of these
luminosity which seems to be emitting continuously glowing light source. circular rings is as yet tentative, but
pulses or beams of intense light from Another highly transient could possibly result from a
one end, much in the same fashion as a phenomenon revealed in the December phenomenon known as "Faraday
hand-held Roman Candle firework. 1977 film was the emission by the rotation," the rotation of the
In the intervening 28 months since second, tubular-shaped object of polarization plane of light passing
the film was taken it has been subjected columnar shafts of iridescent light, or through an atmosphere permeated by a
to intense photogrammetric analysis. plasma, of a duration ranging from 1/6 magnetic field.
Several UFO event phenomena of to 1/24 of a second. These columnar (Continued on next page)

The Institute For Extraterrestrial carrying out this plan is that of " Institute has'close links with authorities
Research (Via Cavour 57, Rome 00184, promoting and coordinating , active — political, administrative, military —
I t a l y ) is a n o n - p r o f i t p r i v a t e contributions by. scientific structures, for a useful exchange of information.
organization whose aim is that of researchers and institutions, as well as The one most relevant policy that
promoting a vast interdisciplinary by the information media/The Institute the Institute follows is that of not trying
approach to' all issues or problems performs research work in the statistics to induce into research and information
related to the possibility of existence of field using a very Jarge and elaborate pre-organized ideas or solutions, and
intelligences, or civilizations, other than electronic system, and maintaining maintaining a strictly neutral position
"human" in the common meaning of the close c o n t a c t s w i t h s i m i l a r over any issue that is not officially
word. A particular care is given to the organizations all over the world. Also a accepted.
study of all technological, social, particular work of psychological/ The Director is Giulio Perrone.
psychological, and evolutionary sociological research and intervention Other members of the Board of
implications of such a possibility either is carried on by the Institute's staff. All Directors are Dahiele Bedini,
in the past or in the future. other research projects are performed Giampaolo Cuomo, Claudio Gallo, arid
The main role of the Institute in in collaboration with existing and highly Luciano Montemurro. The group also
qualified scientific structures. The represents MUFON in Italy.
(Instrumented, Continued)
In the case of both the columnar,
plasma-like emissions and the
concentric ring formation, their
ultimate interpretation, he suggested,
should prove instrumental to an AUSTRIAN INVESTIGATIONS FIND
understanding of the high energy
physics associated with some UFO "DARK SIDE" TO UFOS
A second set of findings made
public at the Symposium by PSI
By Mildred Bicsele
concerned instrumented recordings of
possible UFO magnetic field strengths
made on July 19th and 27th, 1978, in Ernst Berger and Louis Shonherr, Their research suggest that
Arizona and far west Texas. These after surveying 30 years of UFO although polygraph tests and hypnotic
events were filmed, gravimetric literature and studying more than 100 regressions may yield strong emotional
_ readings were made, light spectra Austrian UFO reports, say that they reactions and convincing stories with
information was taken, and audio tape have found "a dark side" to UFO internal consistency, they still do not
recordings were acquired. A complete experiences. Writing in Austrian constitute • proof; and hearing, sight,
and final assessment of the data Abstracts, the international newsletter touch, smell — all can offer false data to
gathered still needs time and access to published by MUFON-Austria, Berger support a delusion. They conclude that
the proper analytic equipment. presents a well-documented argument in this "new age of darkness," with its
Stanford concluded that "the data for their claim that psychosocial symptomatic "new regression of
and the analysis results to date compel influences can be identified in old cases human thought," UFO spiritists such as
the author to encourage serious on record and can be studied Coleman, Keel, Michel, and Vallee
students of the UFO phenomena to experimentally by clinical means in show their own fears by projecting the
orient their efforts toward a realistic more recent reports. threat of manipulation by UFOs into
working philosophy: If UFOs are Without denying the possible our "restless reality."
physically real, we can instrumentally objective reality of the UFO itself, they Whether or not one agrees with
record them. If we record them, we can say that an investigator should ask for the writer's rather negative position, it
realistically study their physical nature. more than descriptions and opinions: is obvious that much thought, research,
And if we objectively study their he should also probe the witness's and experience have gone into the
physical nature, we may be able more "psychic state of mind." They suggest preparation of this paper. It adds
definitely to learn things about them, that a "mirror effect" takes place," another layer of complexity to a
than had we only collected reports. reflecting "psychic elements, thoughts, problem that already is simple only to
"Also, let us carefully examine the wishes, experiences and models, as the simple.
physical data. It is not inconceivable well as shapes of his everyday Ernst Berger, MUFON's
that in doing so we may make findings surroundings existing in his memory representative for Austria, can be
which could greatly benefit mankind before the encounter." These may reached at Nussdorferstr. 7, A1094
through basic new understandings of "flow into the UFO experience to form Vienna, Austria pi.
certain physical processes." parts of the phenomenal details."

(Introduced by John Schuessler, Mr. deceive me? Possibly. Yes, there have No-No.
Stringfield made the following been other tricks and ruses and I
statement at the MUFON Symposium, expect more. Fortunately, I do have • I have limited medical information
Saturday morning, June 7.) responsible people to turn to for advice relative to alien bodies from an
or counsel within the MUFON group. overseas source which ties in with
I prepared some of my notes They will be utilized to the fullest as I newly acquired data about a
during the happy hour last evening so continue my ventures. medical center in U.S.A. where
bear with me. Now to highlight a few of my new secret s t u d i e s have been
Yes, I must confess that I'm the sources and/or data: conducted.
author of two recent papers —
Retrievals of The Third Kind, and The • Person assigned to large • I have several stories from
UFO Crash/Retrieval Syndrome — manufacturer to perform technical responsible sources concerning
and, here I am as living physical proof work at Wright-Patterson in the fates of people who knew too
that I have not been axed to shreds by 1960's. He allegedly saw seven much about certain secret
covert forces for my disclosures. I ask bodies. He was driven to area in a operations. I will not elaborate on
only a few minutes of your time so as military vehicle with curtains this sensitive matter at this time.
not to interfere with the MUFON down, blindfolded and escorted to
agenda to relate my recent progress in work area. During the period he Now, among the more interesting
my great endeavor. During, and since worked there he was confined to a new sources and data to surface
the preparation of Status Report n, a cell-like room at night, without concern what purportedly may be a
total of 19 new sources, with varying outside communications. He major step toward achieving a
degrees of data, have surfaced to me. signed papers. He is fearful and will breakthrough for research and perhaps
They involve informants who have not be identified. the media. I hasten to relate that I am
participated in retrieval operations, or now in possession of 8 photos each
have been in position to observe the • Former G-2 Air Force Officer, alleging to show an alien humanoid
alleged alien bodies, or known to have 1948, who saw Top Secret body contained inside a glass
artifacts, photographs, or documents. manuscript about crash of UFO in enclosure. Location, Wright Patterson.
To put my position into proper New Mexico. Craft and bodies Inside the glass case are beaker-like
perspective, all data referred to here retrieved. units, showing the vapor of liquid
and now, or in the past, must be nitrogen. Alongside the prone body is a
prefaced by the word, "alleged." Until • I am working through another row of vents.
I can prove any or all data known to me, researcher to get more details re: Physically, the body appears to be
I must therefore "allege" its status — retrievals of crashed UFO, 1953, in more muscular and to have broader
but, I can see the word "allege" fading Louisiana. All data will be withheld shoulders than the body I have depicted
away like a Cheshire Cat when I look pending further contact with a in my recent paper. Analagous to my
at the overall data received from firsthand witness who stood guard previous medical information, the head
independent and reliable sources in the duty during recovery operations. indicates a deep set brow-ridge, no
past 3 years. Both live and dead entities aboard. nose, ears, hair and a narrow mouth.
In this business I receive a number The arms reach down to the knee
of leads concerning crashed craft; some • Three separate sources known to joints. One of my photos shows the
questionable. For instance, I received me worked on recovered craft at claw-like hand joined to a skeletal rib
several months ago from an Wright-Patterson in past years. cage. This is curiously analogous to the
anonymous source, a photograph Their involvement was highly drawing of hand in my recent paper.
purporting to show a saucer-like device technical. I managed to get up to My source emerged nearly a year
on top of a low-boy truck outside an the proverbial doorstep of the ago during which time, I have
airport hangar. The photo was checked sources, but the door was negotiated the use of his photographs
by professional people and it was slammed shut. Their emergence in
tentatively determined that it was a the near future is doubtful. (Continued on next page)
hoax. Was this intended to test or Technical data about the craft is a
(Stringfield, Continued) informant's involvement' with crashed of my witnesses — Walt Andrus, Dick
and other data. I met my informant UFOs. A l l ' o f this material, I must Hall, Tom Deuley, John Schuessler,
once to review our relative position stress is still in the alleged category. All Dr. Niemtzow, Dr. Sprinkle, Dr.
about the release of his data. His source of it requires more inquiry, but I feel Monteith, Dr. Gille of France, etc., etc.
for the photographs is a person serving obligated to report to you in research The photos will not at this time be made
in the Intelligence community. My some of my findings, whether or not I available for the media for obvious
source is aware that I am relating this can prove any of them at this time. reasons. We need time to assess the
information today in Houston. In fact, I have properly called upon a material and the status quo.
he told me that he may be willing in the number of responsible people here in Indeed, when I learn more from my
' future to step forward to back up what I Houston to witness the photos in source, and when I am in a better
am relating today and show new question. They will attest to their position to evaluate everything known
photos, etc., etc. existence, but they, like myself, will to me, you will hear the whole story —
Indeed, I am aware of more reserve any j u d g e m e n t a b o u t perhaps in Status Report III, hopefully
s u p p o r t d a t a c o n c e r n i n g my authenticity at this time. To name a few published by MUFON.

SEGUIN, TX 78155

The prestigious Smithsonian Institution has scheduled UPDATE
an all-day UFO Symposium in Washington, D.C., Saturday, As noted elsewhere in this issue,
September 6, under the Resident Associate Program. Len Stringfield announced at the
Moderator wil 1 be Frederick C. Durant, I I I , of the Houston Symposium that he had
National Air £• Space Museum (author of the 1953 CIA . obtained photographs purporting to
Robertson Panel report). Speakers are Dr. J. Allen show alien humanoid bodies. He
Hynek, Dr. Bruce S. Maccabee (MUFON Maryland State stressed that their authenticity
Director), A l l a n Hendry, James E. Oberg, P h i l i p Klass, remained to be established. In response
and Robert Sheaf fer. . ; to numerous queries for follow-up
information, Stringfield asked the
10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., each speaker w i l l discuss Journal, in a telephone conversation
his own research and study of UFOs. From 2:15 to ^:^5 during July, to report that he is probing
p.m., each w i l l address specific questions, followed in several directions to try to ascertain
by a panel discussion. Questions w i l l be accepted from whether they are a hoax or the real
the audience. thing.
He is aware that one of the
The symposium w i l l be held in the Baird Auditorium, photographs has appeared in a
Natural History B u i l d i n g . Price for Associate members sensational context in two popular
is $25, for non-members $30. Address:. Smithsonian magazines in a manner that tends to
Institution, Washington, D.C. 20560. cast doubt on them. His source, who.
denies responsibility, has suggested a
On Friday, September 5 , Dr. Hynek wi 1 1 give a separate plausible explanation on how the photo
talk, and on Saturday night Stanton Friedman w i l l may have leaked out. Nothing definite
speak, sponsored by the Fund for UFO Research. Sites has been established one way or the
are to be determined. Watch for news releases or an- other. Requests for additional
nouncements, or contact Fred Whiting: 703-998-8670. photographs, as originally promised,
have not been fulfilled as of July 21. "If
they are a hoax or an attempt to
discredit me," he added, "we .certainly
want to expose it That's what we are
trying to do with all the crashed saucer
stories — establish that they are true or
discredit them." — Editor

By Walt Andrus

The 1980 MUFON Annual Canada; and 1983 Los Angeles, Calif. Mass., (written); Bill Leet, Arkansas;
Corporate Membership Meeting was Firm bids for subsequent years were and Robert Hipp, Pennsylvania (both
convened Sunday, June 8th at 9:00 a.m. sought f r o m p o t e n t i a l host written). Reverend G. Neal Hern from
at the Sheraton Kings Inn Hotel in Clear organizations. The Pennsylvania Dallas, Texas, was introduced and
Lake City, Texas. Officers seated at the Center for UFO Research is doing volunteered to help coordinate
head table were John F. Schuessler, preliminary planning for 1986 per MUFON activities in the Dallas-Ft.
Deputy Director for Administration; George B. McKain, Jr. and MUFON of Worth metroplex area.
Thomas H. Nicholl, Deputy Director North Carolina is seeking additional Tom Deuley and Richard Hall,
for Business Management; Richard H. information as possible hosts for the representing the Fund for UFO
Hall, Editor of the MUFON UFO symposium in Winston-Salem, N.C., Research, made a short presentation
Journal; Dennis W. Stacy, Director of through Mrs. Gayle McBride and concerning the work of this group and
Publications and acting recording George Fawcett. it's successes to date. An
secretary; and Walter H. Andrus, Jr., Verbal and written annual reports announcement was made for the North
International Director presiding. were received from the following Carolina MUFON UFO Confab to be
John Timmerman, Chairman of Continental Coordinators: Mrs. held in Winston-Salem, N.C., on June
the Board for the Center for UFO Barbara Mathey for Africa, Jerry 21 and 22. Brief information was
Studies (CUFOS) gave a short Johnson for Central America, and supplied about the new motion picture
presentation on the problems that he William G. Hinrichsen for South "Hanger 18" presently being filmed by
was endeavoring to resolve at the America. Ilkka Serra, MUFON Schick-Sun Classic Pictures at an
Center, the discontinuation of the Representative for Finland, gave his abandoned Air Force Base in Big
International UFO Reporter in its prior formal report during his workshop Springs, Texas. Stanton Friedman was
format, and the goals and objectives of session on June 7th for all the informed that "UFOs Are Real" will be
CUFOS. Scandinavian countries. Michael opening in 11 theaters in the San
The new dues structure for the Sinclair, International Coordinator, Antonio, Texas, area (includingSeguin)
Mutual UFO Network, Inc., effective submitted his written report, since he is the latter part of June. We have been
August 1, 1980, as acted upon by the working in Africa for about 5 months. unable to obtain a confirmation of the
MUFON Board of Directors in prior Provincial Directors from Canada, exact date as of June 15th, but will
correspondence was presented. John Magor (British Columbia) gave us endeavor to do so. To date, this film has
During the discussion, many felt that a verbal up-date on his activities and only been available on Beta or VHS
the membership/subscription rate Henry McKay, Regional Director for video tape from FOTOMAT.
should have been higher than the Canada, filed a written report. Pat De The annual meeting was well
$15.00 U.S.A. and $16.00 foreign, since La Frahier, Director of the Stratford attended by our MUFON members,
the Journal is still the finest monthly UFO Research Team (Stratford, since this was an opportunity to hear
publication in the UFO field. The Ontario), related the work being done first-hand what UFO activities and
logistics for implementing the change by her organization and delivered a projects were taking place world wide.
were itemized, after which the copy of the March 1980 issue of their The meeting was adjourned promptly
members voted unanimously to accept newsletter titled TROFUS. Bill at 11:00 a.m. so members could check
the new dues rate. The details appeared Armstrong, WONC, reported for vhe out of their hotel rooms and arrive at
in the June issue of the Journal which MUFON Amateur Radio nets in the the NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space
reached our members during the later absence of Joe Santangelo, NUS, who Center for the special tour at 12:10 p.m.
part of June or the first week of July. was preparing for his upcoming
An 11 month financial report was marriage and honeymoon.
distributed to the Board of Directors The following State Directors gave
present. The final report will be their annual reports: Willard P.
available after the closing of our fiscal Armstrong, Missouri; Gary Levine,
year on June 30th. The schedule for New York; Forrest Lundberg, Iowa;
future MUFON UFO Symposiums was Mildred Biesele, Utah; Paul C. Cerny,
announced; 1981 Boston, Mass. Northern California and Western
(Cambridge); 1982 Toronto, Ontario, Regional Director; Joe Santangelo,
(Director's Messaqe, Continued) Life," published 'by Van Nostrand avocation. It is with profound gratitude
Astronomy. The brother of David Reinhold Company, 135 West 50th that voluntary dedicated service may
Webb, Co-Chairman of MUFON's Street, New York, NY 10020 (price not be honored in this manner."
Humanoid Study Group, Walter was indicated)! This eye-opening volume
the original investigator of the classic presents an up-to-date scientific
Barney and Betty Hill abduction case. evaluation of the psychic com-
He already plans to become involved as munications which may occur between
part of the host committee for the 1981
MUFON UFO Symposium in Boston. I
have taken the liberty of quoting a
complimentary evaluation from Mr.
Webb's letter, which I would like to
people. Your Director is the recipient
of an uncorrected proof copy of the up-
coming hardcover book titled "The
Roswell Incident" by the authors
Charles Berlitz and William Moore,
share with our readers: "I wish to scheduled for publication in September will keep you informed of all the latest
associate myself with an active, viable 1980. This book deals with the events United States and World-Wide UFO
organization. I have been watching surrounding the alleged UFO crash and activity, as it happens! Our service was
MUFON carefully for a year or so, recovery on July 7,1947, near Roswell, started in 1969, at which time we
having subscribed to the Journal, and NM. Bill Moore, a MUFON State contracted with a reputable
am now satisfied that of all the UFO Section Director in the Prescott, i n t e r n a t i o n a l newspaper-clipping
groups, MUFON seems to be doing the Arizona, area, has done extensive bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
find UFO reports (i.e., little known,
best overall job. The Journal has a research and travel to document the photographic cases, close encounter
conscientious, scientifically oriented material in his book: and landing reports, occupant cases).
editor (Dick Hall), publishes regularly A few collating errors by the and all other UFO reports, many of
and on time, and is a real bargain, price- printer have been detected in the 1980 which are carried only in small town or
wise. I like the idea of keeping interest MUFON UFO Symposium Proceed- foreign newspapers.
up among members by holding local ings. If a page was duplicated, it may be "Our UFO Newsclipping Service
meetings and an annual conference." corrected by simply removing it, issues are 20-page .monthly reports,
reproduced by photo-offset,
From a professional who has served however if a recipient should find a containing the latest United States and
three national UFO organizations over blank page or the incorrect sequence of Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
a 28-year period (NICAP, APRO, and pages, please advise MUFON in writing our foreign section carrying the latest
CUFOS), Walter's written testimony is and a new proceedings will be mailed British, Australian, New Zealand and
appreciated. Mr. Webb resides at 5 free of charge. Morgan County Printers other foreign press reports. Also
Willow St., Westwood, MA 02090. would like to apologize for these • included is a 3-5 page section of
The new State Section Director for discrepancies, however last minute "Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and
other "monster" reports). Let us keep
the Louisiana parishes of Rapides and revisions by one of our speakers and
you informed of the latest happenings
Grant is Walter R. Briggs, P.O. Box press breakdowns contributed to this in the UFO and Fortean fields."
412, Alexandria, LA 71301; telephone unfortunate situation. Most" of the For subscription information and
(318) 443-0298. He will be providing published papers were received sample pages from our service, write
support for Michael A. Delhom, the promptly by the established schedule today to:
State Director. Joanne Cusack, 1250 date, which was very much appreciated
Cedar Post #21, Houston, TX 77055, a by the Co-Editors. The proceedings UFO NEWSCLJPPING SERVICE

were delivered to Clear Lake City, Route 1.— Box 220
workshop speaker at our recent Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
MUFON Symposium, has volunteered Texas, for the symposium on June 6th,
her talent as a Research Specialist in thus meeting our deadline. A brief
Kirlian Photography. review of the MUFON Annual
Terry hansen has advised Corporate Meeting is contained in a
MUFON that he is the producer of a separate article of this issue of the 1980FORTFEST
taped program designed for Na'tional Journal.
Public Radio, titled "the UFO The inside coyer of the 1980
The annual symposium of the
Controversy: Anatomy of a Scientific Proceedings has the following International Fortean Organization
Revolution," and to be released in statement: "The 1980 MUFON UFO
(INFO) will be held August 10 at the
August 1980. For further information, S y m p o s i u m Proceedings a r e
Adult Education Center, University of
please contact Mr. Hansen at 2222 respectfully dedicated to Paul C.
Maryland, College Park, Maryland.
Nicollet Ave., Apt. #1, Minneapolis, MN Cerny. Recognition is hereby bestowed
Speakers will report on UFOs as well as
55404. upon Paul C. Cerny for over twenty other "Fortean" topics (unexplained
Berthold Eric Schwarz, M.D., a years of diligent and outstanding
mysteries as chronicled by Charles
speaker at MUFON's 1974 UFO devotion to the study of UFOlogy in a Fort). Basic admission price is $5.00.
Symposium in Akron; OH, has written leadership role. Presenting a challenge Information: .7317 Baltimore Ave.,
a new hardcover book titled to his colleagues, he is a superb College Park, MD 20740; 301/779:1873.
"PSYCHIC-NEXUS Psychic Phe- example of what an interested
nomena in Psychiatry and Everyday individual may accomplish with an
Lucius Farish

In Others' Words
The NATIONAL ENQUIRER'S defunct INTERNATIONAL UFO Book excerpts from Richard Wingate's
award of $2,000 for best UFO case of REPORTER, Allan Hendry of CUFOS LOST OUTPOST OF ATLANTIS and
1979 was shared between UFO will have a column on UFOs in each bi- Hugh F. Cochrane's GATEWAY TO
researcher Allan H e n d r y and monthly issue of PROBE. The first OBLIVION are included, plus
Minnesota deputy, sheriff Val Johnson. column appears in the July issue and contributions by Jim Miles, Gary T.
An award of an additional $2,000 was includes a selection of recent reports, Enders, James E. Oberg and others.
presented to Dr. Bruce Maccabee for plus a section on "balls of light" which The long-awaited magnum opus of
his investigation into the New Zealand seemed to attack moving vehicles. In Ufology, THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF
UFO film. Details of the awards are addition, this issue has a "UFO UFOs edited by Ronald D. Story, is
given in the May 27 issue of the Faceoff" feature, with Robert Klinn now available. The book's 440 pages
ENQUIRER. The June 3 issue providing a pro-UFO article (based contain entries on specific UFO cases,
contained a UFO article which is not primarily on the research done by the theories, organizations, researchers,
available to me at this writing. In the late Dr. James E. McDonald) and etc. Photographs of many Ufologists
June 17 issue, the "abductee" research Ronald A. Oriti of Griffith Observatory are included, along with their "Position
of Judith and Alan Gansberg is detailed. contributing a skeptic's viewpoint on Statements" on the UFO topic. UFO
The Gansbergs' recent book, DIRECT the subject. Rounding out this issue is a photos and illustrations are found
ENCOUNTERS, contains information report on Vaughn M. Greene's book, throughout the book, as well as a center
related to nine separate. abduction ASTRONAUTS OF A N C I E N T section of color photos. The
incidents, involving thirteen people. Dr. JAPAN. ENCYCLOPEDIA project is a
Harley Rutledge's research ; into The #8 issue of UFO UPDATE, monumental one and Story (and
Southeastern Missouri sightings is like most of the previous issues, is C o n s u l t i n g Editor J. R i c h a r d
summarized in the June 24 issue. largely rehash, although a few of the Greenwell) deserves credit for
The first issue of a new magazine, articles contain material of interest. undertaking such a task. It is
NEWSWEEK FOCUS, contains an Again, rehash is the keyword for unfortunate that the book is marred by
article by Patrick Huyghe which deals the #11 issue of IDEAL'S UFO the "super-skeptic" contributions of
largely with the government's attitude M A G A Z I N E , although Edward Kevin Randle, Robert Sheaffer, and
toward UFOs over the years. The Lunguy's article on a physical evidence James Oberg. Also, some of Story's
magazine is to be issued bi-monthly and case and William Retoffs contribution own entries leave something to be
the first issue is dated June/July. on Canadian airship reports of 1896-97 desired, in terms of thoroughness or
June OMNI's "UFO Update" are the.highlights of this issue. objectivity. In short, the EN-
column is an interview with French A few interesting articles in the #18 CYCLOPEDIA is like so many other
scientist, Maurice Chatelain, the author issue of TRUE UFOs & OUTER UFO books — a mixture of good
of OUR ANCESTORS CAME FROM SPACE QUARTERLY, but most of the material, rehash, and o u t r i g h t
OUTER SPACE. Chatelain tells material here is familiar also. nonsense. It is available in a large
interviewer Charles Berlitz of his August UFO REPORT has a good paperbound edition for $12.95; the
s p e c u l a t i o n s on UFOs and article by Wayne Laporte on UFO hardcover is $24.95. The publisher is
extraterrestrial life. propulsion theories, plus an interesting Doubleday & Co., Inc., 245 Park
To partially replace the now- contribution by the late B. Ann Slate. Avenue, N.Y., N.Y. 10017.

Dallas couple caught in UFO spotlight

EU.KN ANN QI'INN air, they said. The cou- The couple had eyed "When the beam of miles.
Herald Staff Writer ple were en route to visit the light glowing In the light was on the car. the
A Dallas. Texas, cou- their daughter. Julia sky for miles before lights went on and off' Neither the Simpson
, pie was caught in the McAfee of Long'Beach, they rode below It. Mrs. about seven or eight County nor the Cov-
spotlight'of what they when the encounter took Plckrel said from the times. It was just likeIngton County sheriffs
said was a UFO early place about 3:30 a.m. ground it looked about someone was turning department had reports
Wednesday on U.S. 49 in the same size u a wash- them on and off. Then on the beam of light,
Simpson County. "1 don't know what it tub, but it was several we.drove out into the department spokesmen
Howard and Julia was. I've never helirve'd miles high :in the air. darkness, and the lights
said. A state highway
Pickrcl's car lights in UFOs before, but I 'There was a beam of never flickered again."patrol spokesman said
flashed on and off when know what I saw." Mrs. light making a spot of she aald. the patrol did not re-
their car went through a Plckrel said. "It was too light about as long u a ceive reports on the
beam of light radiating high, too big and too fourth of • city block She said they saw no light either.
from a glowing disc sev- bright to be a regular and a* wide u our car." other vehicles on the
eral miles high In the light." she said. highway for several
v ;
MESSAGE Walt.fir*
w Andrus

Since Dennis W. Stacy, Director of alleged photographs are prints, both in MUFON Research Specialist in Kirlian
Publications and Staff Writer for black and white and color, given to him Photography, conducted a workshop
MUFON, has submitted the featured by a person from an intelligence agency titled "Kirlian Photograghy.— Research
article on the 1980 MUFON UFO of the U.S. government. The Tool for Close Encounters?" Jean-
Symposium in Clear Lake City, Texas, photographs seem to confirm the Francois Gille, Ph.D., MUFON
. for this issue of the Journal, I will only drawings appearing in Mr. Stringfield's Consultant in Theoretical Physics,
touch, on some of the highlights that booklet distributed by MUFON. Pipes from Paris, France, held a workshop
were "not previously .publicized. All of are shown connected to the glass box, titled 'Isocely." Thomas Babits, a
the presented papers by John F. probably to control the circulation of Computer Scientist from Toulouse,
Schuessler and. L. David Kissinger; dry gas around the body. I was France, employed by GEPAN, Centre
Henry C. Montieth, Ph.D.; James F. particularly impressed with the bone National DTitudes Spatials, substituted
»Oberg; Ray Stanford; Richard C. structure of one arm and hand and the for Alain Esterle, Ph.D., on the
Niemtzow, M.D.; R. Leo Sprinkle, absence of genitalia. The angle of the Saturday evening program.
PhiD.y Fred Merritt; and Stanton T. photographs makes the body appear The 1980 Symposium was held at
Friedman, plus a submitted paper by more stocky, and with a more square Clear Lake City, Texas, the home of
Thomas .Bearden are published in the shoulder. configuration than the the NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space
1980 MUFON UFO Symposium doctor's autopsy sketch appearing in Center, so participants could tour this
Proceedings, which may be obtained Leonard's booklet. This could be vast installation. The MUFON
for $10.00 postpaid from MUFON, 103 another breakthrough, but continued attendees received a special guided
Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX 78155 investigation is required to substantiate tour arranged by John Schuessler and
.U.S.A: them. The informant has advised Mr. David Kissinger of the Mission Control
One of the more popular Stringfield of the existence of 40 more Center, wherein we had the rare
presentations was a' 90-minute TV photographs of this nature. privilege of being on the floor where our
video, tape documentary on Midwest The Advanced Propulsion space flights are actually being
•cattle mutilations by award winning Workshop, chaired by Alan C. Holt, controlled. Cameras were flashing
' producer Linda Moultpn Howe from had as participants Stanton T. everywhere as some of us were
KMGH-TV7 in Denver, Colo., a Friedman; Peter I. McNeall, William F. photographed sitting at the control
McGraw-Hill Station. '"A Strange Hamilton HI, Don Reed, Ray Stanford, console of the "Flight Director" in
Harvest"- was first aired on May 25, Dr. Henry C. Montieth, and Dr. Daniel Mission Control. The tour included
1980 in Denver. We predict that it will Harris with additional papers submitted displays in seven other buildings,
receive national exposure in the near by Thomas E. Bearden, Randall B. including the Space Shuttle trainer,
future. Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle and Curtis, Ronald J. Kita, Russell Nelson, Skylab trainer, and an opportunity to
MUFON State Section Director David Jerry A. Reynard, and James J. Wasil. stand alongside and photograph the
Perkins are featured in Linda Howe's A limited number of copies of the 323 ft. long Saturn V rocket that has
documentary with State Section Advanced Propulsion Workshop launched so many of our astronauts
Director Tom Adams of Paris, Texas, papers (31 pages) are available from into space. The Apollo 17 capsule was
• as technical consultant. Mr. Adams is MUFON for $2.00 plus postage while also featured, along with Mercury and
probably the most knowledgeable the supply lasts or from Alan C. Holt, Gemini spacecraft, the Lunar
individual on cattle mutilations in the 15803 Echo Hill, Houston, TX 77059. Excursion Module, and the Rover car
United States and Canada. Ilkka Serra, MUFON Represent- used by the astronauts on the surface of
> , A bombshell was dropped at the ative from Finland, Chairman of UFO the moon, just to mention a few.
symposium when Leonard H. Research of Finland, and special We would like to welcome the
Stringfield, author of "The UFO reporter for the Finnish magazine following new leaders to MUFON this
C r a s h / R e t r i e v a l Syndrome" ULTRA, presented a workshop paper month: Walter N. Webb, Assistant
announced that he had brought eight titled "UFO Research in Scandinavia Director of the Charles Hayden
photographs showing a preserved body and a Possible Explanation to UFO Planetarium, Museum of Science in
in a glass box with possibly nitrogen gas Energy." Excerpts of his paper appear Boston, has volunteered to serve
circulating within the container. These elsewhere in this issue. Joanne Cusack, MUFON as a Consultant in
(Continued on page 18)