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Artist's Concept of a Solar-Powered Laser System (NASA Photo).

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Seguin, Texas 78155 The article by Stuart Campbell which tends to discredit the Extra-
terrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) is a truly provocative one, well worth fol-
low-up dialogue that I hope will be forthcoming. Campbell touches on
all the presuppositions (dare I say "assumptions"?) that make extra-
ANN DRUFFEL terrestrial visitation seem unlikely if not impossible. It appears to me,
Associate Editor however, that Campbell is rather free with his own assumptions, which
I shall refrain from pointing out in the hope that informed and ob-
servant readers will respond for publication. In fact, I invite and urge
Associate Editor
reader response in this particular case, since Campbell has managed
MILDRED BIESELE to incorporate just about every conceivable anti-ETH argument yet
Contributing Editor advanced. His own assumptions need to be examined. The pages of
the Journal are open for full discussion of the issues he raises.
Director of MUFON

Humanoid Study Group In this issue
REV. BARRY DOWNING By Keith Basterfield and Bill Chalker
By Stuart Campbell
By Ann Druffel
Promotion/Publicity By Paul C. Cerny
Landing Trace Cases By Mildred Biesele
MOVIE REVIEW ("Hangar 18") 15
UFO Propulsion By Isabel Davis
BOOK REVIEW ("UFO Abductions") 17
DENNIS W. STACY By Dennis Stacy
Staff Writer
DENNIS HAUCK By Lucius Parish
Editor/Publishers Emeritus
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By Keith Basterfield and Bill Chalker

A spectacular physical trace case estimated as 8 metres across. An ac- He woke up at 5 a jn. and went to
and a radar visual event have occurred curate description at various stages of have a look at the spot to convince
here within the last 3 months and may the observation is currently not avail- himself that it had really happened.
be of interest to readers. Preliminary able in these preliminary notes. Arriving there he relates finding a 46
details only are provided as both cases Mr. Blackwell decided to see what cm wide black ring some 8.5 metres
are still under active investigation. was going on and got dressed, then across with green grass to the outside
The physical trace case happened mounted his motorcycle and rode up and inside. East of this was a scatter-
on the "White Acres" property just to to the area, opening farm gates as he ing of debris, cow pads, and rocks.
the West of Sale in Victoria, Southern went. The object remained visible on There were also, he relates, six evenly
Australia. At 1 a.m. on the morning the ground close by the water tank as spaced half spokes around the circum-
of September 30, 1980, Mr. George he rode. It continued to make the ference of the circle pointing towards
Blackwell, a station hand, awoke and whistling noise all the time. the centre of the circle.
immediately noted a noise like a When he was within 50 metres or At 9 a.m. the owner of the prop-
whistling sound, unlike the noise so he felt an odd sensation within his erty came by and together they in-
which comes from the nearby Princes body which he could only describe as spected the site noting the damage.
Highway, a main road between Syndey making him feel "like a plate of jelly." This inspection was followed by nu-
and Melbourne which carries interstate He opened a final gate and rode merous others, including one 2 weeks
traffic. There were also noises which to a spot which he reckons was only after the event by Paul Norman,
he ascribed to cattle bellowing and a about 15 m from the object. The MUFON state representative for Vic-
horse running around in a panic. noise was now so loud that he covered toria. It is hoped his report will be
He got out of bed and went out- his ears with his hands and sat on the available shortly. A short report was
side. Climbing up onto a rail to look motorcycle resting his legs on the published in the December issue of the
over an obstructing roof top he noted ground. There were no effects noticed VUFORS1 Bulletin, 1980.
an unusual object approaching from at any time on the bike. The authors, respectively MUFON
the southwest. He estimated its The object was clearly visible Continental Coordinator and State
height to be about 2-3 metres above sitting on the ground still making the Representative for New South Wales,
the ground, and it appeared to pass sound. After a few minutes it gave and Garry Little, private investigator,
behind a shed but in front of a hedge- out an awful bang, there was a blast travelled to the site during December
row of trees, at a distance he believed of air and heat, and then it lifted off to conduct an on-site investigation.
to be about 180 metres. Then it passed the ground and moved away to the Mr. Blackwell, although he had re-
between a silo and a tree. From there east. It then went silent and a shower ceived visits from all sorts of people,
it progressed some one kilometre or so of debris fell from underneath it to graciously provided an in-depth report
to a concrete water tank where it the ground. on the night's events. Soil and rock
seemed to hover for about a minute. By this time it was some 10 m samples were removed for analysis
From the tank it moved northwards east of the site. Mr. Blackwell rode by a consultant of the Australian
and to him appeared to come to rest his bike onto the spot where it had Centre for UFO Studies.2
on the ground about the same distance been and watched, stunned. This was An extensive report is currently
from the house as the tank. the closest approach to it. It travelled being prepared as in total the event
Initially as soon as he saw it he eastwards gradually becoming smaller involves a one-witness close encounter,
thought it was an aircraft about to in size until it was lost to his view. a mark, effects on the witness and
crash but when it passed by the silo his watch, other trace effects in ad-
he saw that it had no wings nor tail. He arrived back home at 1:50 jacent paddocks, effects on stock,
At that time there was a full Moon a.m. and noted that his watch had the disappearance of 10,000 gallons
and a clear sky and he had a good stopped at 1:10 ajn. He had a cup of of water from the tank, and a possible
view of it. He did not note any illu- coffee, found that his watch would go second witness. Details will be docu-
mination of the ground as the object if placed on the table but stopped mented in due course and provided
passed over the terrain. It was de- whenever he put it back on his wrist. to MUFON.
scribed as like a top. It was spinning Then he went and lay on his bed still
and there were blue and orange lights fully clothed, although he couldn't get
(Continued on next page)
visible coming from it. Its size was to sleep properly.
By Budd Hopkins

Because of a particular feature guest of Betty Ramey, owner of Rock- been outside playing on an overcast
of this case I will not present all the land County radio station WPKL, on summer afternoon when she 'noticed
relevant information at the beginning her call-in interview program. It was a flash of light, "like the reflection of
of my report; I beg the readers indul- the third time in 2 years that we had sun on a metallic object. It kind of
gence - the data will be forthcoming. discussed the subject of UFOs on blinded me, and I was startled and
My designation of this case as a WPKL; surprisingly, each of the earlier looked up. There was a big oak tree
"probable abduction" - despite the programs had brought to light at least outside our property, and above the
absence of any hypnotically-retrieved one case which strongly implied a tree was something huge, shaped like
confirmation — is deliberate. Obvious- buried abduction experience. At the a dirigible, with many, many port-
ly, since a huge number of close en- very end of our November 13 inter- holes, and, you know, this peculiar
counters in remote areas can be fairly view a woman called in at the sugges- light.
regarded as possible abductions, the tion of her husband (as she later "It was just like I was rooted to
term "possible" carries little descrip- explained) to report a "strange, the spot. All of a sudden these peculiar
tive weight. I prefer to use the classi- peculiar experience" she had had as a things. . a few, I don't recall how
fication "probable abduction" in close child. She was, however, reluctant to many, came out of it and seemed to
encounter cases in which one or more describe it, and as our time was be. . .floating. This is why I never told
of these situations occur: A definitely running out Betty Ramey asked that anyone, because, as I said, it sounds a
recollected time lapse or period of she leave her phone number off-mike, dream. These people - I call them
amnesia; recurrent dreams or con- and I called her later that afternoon. people; I don't know what they were
scious flashbacks of an abduction ex- Something about her hesitation, and — looked like a diving suit with a head
perience; an unexplained incision, in- the tone of uncertainty in her voice, shape at the top and a very distorted,
jury, or physical mark associated with was intriguing. short-looking body. It was weird.
a time and/ dislocation, and The incident occurred in a small Very, very weird. At the time I kept
so forth. According to these criteria town near Spring Valley, perhaps 30 thinking, my gosh, they're on ropes
the reader will easily understand why miles from Manhattan. The witness, or something. You know, the way a
the following CEIH case has been des- whom I shall call Ellen Sutter, told child thinks. And they eventually got
ignated a probable abduction. me the encounter took place when back into the thing and it went off,
On November 13, 1979,1 was the she was about 9 years old. SJie had (Continued on next page)

responded to Jeffs query by confirm- thus there is no independent radar

(Australia, Continued)
ing "that an unexplained sighting was confirmation. The returns were lost
Radar-Visual Case made on 4th December 1980 at Perth in the radar cone of silence. The tower
The radar/visual event occurred Airport and that the sighting was made observed four objects; radar had four
on December 4, 1980. News media by officers of the Department." returns. Initially the objects were at
reports alerted us to the event which They advised that there was "no docu- 26,000 ft. and later at 72,000 ft.
was initially reported as a visual ob- mentary evidence of the sighting ex- A reply received from the De-
servation at Perth airport, Western cept for a telex message from Perth partment by the Centre also contained
Australia, and radar confirmation. airport." Other details advised that a copy of the telex and agreement for
The incident is currently being jointly "the objects were never stationary a Centre representative to interview
investigated by Jeff Bell of UFO Re- while under observation"; "there were the main air traffic controller. Jeff Bell
search (WA) and the Australian Centre will interview the controller shortly,
no reports from aircraft of any sight-
for UFO Studies. and there is a possibility of locating
ings"; and "there were no disruptions
Upon hearing of the event, letters two independent visual observers. A
to aircraft operations because of the
were immediately sent to the Depart- sightings." more complete report will be made
ment of Transport whose staff were in due course.
The short telex was released to
involved and to the Royal Australian us and basically relates that objects
Air Force which is the relevant govern- NOTES
glinting in the Sun were seen for 15
ment body responsible for UFO re- 1. VUFORS, P. O. Box 43, Moorabbin,
minutes on December 4 and that a
Victoria, Australia 3189.
ports, requesting confirmation of the radar paint of a matching target(s) 2. The Australian Centre for UFO
event and details of it. was obtained. The nearby RAAF base Studies, P. O. Box 546, Gosford,
The Department of Transport WA radar was unmanned at the time and New South Wales, Australia 2250.
(Abduction, Continued) were immediately after the encounter. something I couldn't reveal at that
like you'd snap your fingers once or "I was afraid for quite a while time."
twice and it was gone. No smoke, no afterwards. Very much afraid. For The most interesting aspect of this
noise. And I thought, 'Oh, I'm losing weeks afterwards. I was afraid of classic apparent abduction is its date:
my mind! It's a dream!' And yet over being alone. . .of it happening again. It occurred, most probably, in 7929,
the years it's something that's always I wanted to have a feeling of safety 52 years ago.
been with me. Many times the mem- all the time. I didn't feel safe." Ellen Ellen Sutler was born in 1918.
ory of it has come back to me." said that she had a "special place" in She is a retired school teacher and an
Some of Ellen's recollections have the attic where she could go to be by assistant principal with a distinguished
a subtle precision, such as her descrip- herself and to read; for many months career in education. She is happily
tion of the shape of the craft's win- after the incident she was afraid to married, and has a son who is on a
dows: "They were peculiar in shape .. go there alone. A second reaction was university faculty. She has very little
they weren't exactly rectangular. Their even more suggestive: she developed acquaintance with the UFO literature,
shape may have been determined, by an intense fear of falling til, of having and so was simultaneously relieved
the contour of the object, if you know to visit a doctor or go to the hospital. and shocked to hear that her experi-
what I mean. They could have been This feeling was accompanied by a ence is neither unique nor uncommon.
rectangular up close. And these dread of having caught some horrify- She also has no idea that I suspect
'people' came out of an opening below ing disease from the "people" whom she was captured by those strange
the window section, through some- she had seen emerge from the huge 'people' and examined aboard their
thing like a trap door. They just craft, and this despite her insistence craft nearly 52 years ago.
seemed to walk around like you or I that they never came down to the Though she is in many ways an
would. . .up in the air. Their color was ground, and were never less than 100 open person, unopposed to experi-
not a color with which I was famil- feet away. I asked if she dreamed ment and exploration, when I sug-
iar. You wouldn't say gray, you about her experience after it happen- gested that hypnosis might aid her re-
wouldn't say stiver, you wouldn't say ed. "Yes, I had dreams about it, many, collection of an experience that hap-
blue, do you know what I mean? many times. And I'm not the kind of pened so many years before, she
Everything gave me the impression of person who dreams very much." I quickly demurred. She has a special
being all metal, and that was frighten- asked what the dreams were like. fear about the process. Also, she is
ing, too. Metal, but of what sort I have "More or less being chased.. .by these currently in poor health, and is un-
no idea." things, whatever they were. Sometimes willing to make any unnecessary trips
These figures, Ellen insisted, never they were on the ground, and some- away from her home. I delayed writing
came down to the ground; they merely times flying. It puzzled me, and up- this report in the hope, now vanished,
floated about some 30 or 40 feet off set me." that she would one day consent to
the ground. I asked her how long she To summarize this case, Ellen's ac- undergo regressive hypnosis, and so
watched them. count strongly implies a classic abduc- I present it now, 14 months after the
"I have no idea. I do remember tion scenario: interviews were completed.
at the time that my mother scolded 1. She is outside, playing, and I have visited Ellen and her hus-
me for having been gone so long. sees a flash of light. band, a retired business man, in their
'Where have you been, what have you 2. A UFO hovers nearby, and a comfortable suburban home near
been doing', things like that." But group of small figures emerge from Spring Valley. Fifty-two years ago
despite her scolding Ellen never told it. the site of the original encounter,
her mother what she had seen, nor did 3. She feels "rooted to the spot." near their present home,.was rural
she ever tell anyone else until years 4. The figures get back into the and quite isolated. I have absolute
later, when she informed her husband. craft and it departs; she is scolded for confidence in the veracity of both
The presence of a time lapse is strong- being late, and cannot account for her Mr. and Mrs. Sutler, and respect for
ly implied, as is the suggestion of an time. the clarily of Ellen's recall. Her
unconscious injunction not to tell 5. She dreams of being chased by language can be unusually eloquenl,
anyone about her experience. Later, the figures and develops a fear of being as she describes an experience lhal
when I pointed out how strange it left alone, of never being safe. I, for one, had thought of as a phe-
seemed that she never told her mother 6. She also develops an intense nomemon of the post-1947 years:
what had delayed her, even as a simple fear of becoming involved in a "medi- "There wasn't another soul. Not
act of self-defense in the light of her cal" situation, along with a dread of another noise. The birds stopped.
reprimand, she said this: "I thought having been somehow contaminated Everything slopped. Il was like time
no one would believe me. And also I by these creatures. stood still. Almost as if you were in
felt that it was something I couldn't the present and yet you weren't. I
reveal at that time. It was almost like 7. Through it all she tells no one, can't describe il. It was like the fields
a secret that 1 should keep." not even her mother, because, "It was
I asked Ellen what her reactions like a secret that I should keep. . . (Continued on next page)
By Stuart Campbell

The many hypotheses which have It is clear that Greenwell's "conven- is still necessary to show cause for
been proposed as explanations for the tional" theories are more credible hallucination or motive for fraud. In
UFO phenomenon vary greatly in than his "unconventional" ones. A the absence of any evidence that the
scope, credibility, and the number and "credible" theory is surely one which witness was prone to perception with-
type of underlying assumptions. Some does not require the assumption of out objective stimulus, or that fraud
lists of alternative hypotheses have very many unconventional ideas. was perpetrated, it is necessary to as-
been produced, such as that of All hypotheses make assumptions, sume that the report is true.
BUFORA 1 (see Figure 1). It is evi- and it is axiomatic in science that as- Advance to the next level (2) in-
dent that some hypotheses, such as sumptions should not be multiplied volves the reasonable assumption that
the first, are quite credible, but that more than necessary to explain the there was an objective stimulus, and
others, such as the fifth, are very dif- evidence (Occam's Razor). By "as- faces the question: "Was the object
ficult to believe. That assumptions do sumption" I mean the taking for natural?" Either the stimulus was a
lie behind the hypotheses is evident granted of statements which are un- natural object or phenomenon, or it
from the use of undefined terms such supported by any evidence. Among was an artifice, and we should remem-
as "expert," "mental projection," and assumptions there are degrees; some ber Shklovsky's Dictum that "every
"beyond our space-time continuum." seem more likely to be true than object must be assumed natural until
In fact the reader can only guess what others. Thus those hypotheses are proved unnatural"^. Natural causes
these terms mean to those who framed to be preferred which make the least are either extraterrestial, such as
the hypotheses. number and most credible assump- Venus or meteors, or terrestrial, such
Another list of hypotheses is given tions, and UFO hypotheses may be as birds or various meteorological
by GreenwelP. Here an attempt at ranked in order of credibility accord- phenomena. Artificial causes of high
classification has been made; the hy- ing to the number of assumptions in- credibility include balloons, air and
potheses are divided into two cate- volved and the reasonableness of those space vehicles, and satellites. Level 3
gories. The "conventional" category assumptions. shows that "conventional" hypotheses
includes all those hypotheses which One means of examining the avail- enjoy roughly equal rank and credibil-
propose that UFOs are misidentifica- able hypotheses is to consider them, ity.
tion of known objects or phenomena, in order of increasing number of as- Among the man-made artifices
or hoaxes, or hallucinations. The "un- sumptions, as applied to a hypotheti- there may be a special class of secret
conventional" category is said to con- cal UFO report. Figure 2 illustrates military craft or weapons unknown
sist of eight major hypotheses, as fol- the interrogative procedure that to the public, and of course also un-
lows: should be applied, and the relative known to ufologists. Thus the Secret
credibility of various explanations. Weapon Theory must rate as more
1. Secret Weapon Theory A series of yes/no questions is asked, credible than the other "unconven-
2. Hollow Earth Theory and analysis proceeds via one of two tional" hypotheses, but, as Greenwell
3. Underwater Civilization alternative routes. The horizontal has demonstrated, it does not appear
Theory levels represent increasing degrees of to be very reasonable. If the U. S.
4. Space Animal Theory assumption downwards, hypotheses government had UFO type craft it
5. Extraterrestrial Hypothesis of equal credibility appearing on the would hardly spend so much money
(ETH) same level. on conventional rocket development,
6. Time Travel Theory We make no assumptions con- nor would it permit the new craft to
7. Ultraterrestrial Theory cerning the UFO report; it exists! be flown so blatantly in public, both
8. Psychic Projection Theory Thus the first question must be: "Is in the U. S. and in other countries.
the report true?" Thus explanations Further, details of such craft could
which involve hallucination or fraud hardly have been kept secret for so
(Abduction, Continued) long.4
are seen to be high credibility theories;
were there, the tree was there, the indeed the public and media are dis- It may also be asked why, if the
house was there, I was there, and posed to believe that UFO reporters U. S. government was responsible for
yet. . .1 felt like. . .my mother was are either mentally ill or liars. But UFOs, it established both internal
in the house, but she wasn't in the where it is assumed that there was no and external enquiries to explain
same world I was in. . ." Q objective stimulus for the report, it them. Clearly the Secret Weapon
Figure 1. - BUFORA'S UFO Hypotheses
Theory requires us to assume that
the U. S. government (to say nothing 1. That the sightings involve misidentifications of objects which are manmade or natural and
are well known to experts.
of any other government) is insane,
and controls the press, in this matter 2. That the sightings involve manmade devices only known to their inventors.
but in no other, to an extent only
otherwise seen under totalitarian re- 3. That the sighting reports are hoaxes or involve fabrications.
gimes. Not only do these assumptions
4. That the sightings involve natural events which are not observed often enough for scien-
make the theory less credible, they
tists to have produced suitable scientific explanations.
are completely unjustified.
Other "unknown" explanations 5. That the sightings are mental projections by or received by the witness.
may lie in level 3, as BUFORA's
fourth hypothesis aptly suggests. 6. That the sightings involve devices produced by one or more alien advanced technologies,
which originate
There may well be unidentified na-
tural objects or phenomena, either A. elsewhere in our Universe, being
(i) within our Solar System
in space or in Earth's atmosphere,
(ii) within our Galaxy
which could account for UFO reports. (iii) beyond our Galaxy
If they exist, the fact that they are
B. in a Universe which is not obvious to us yet using conventional techniques and which
unidentified means that their charac- is
teristics are unknown. Thus it is not (i) parallel to ours in space and time
possible to determine whether or not (ii) parallel to ours in space but contemporaneous
such objects or phenomena can ex- (iii) parallel to ours in time but not space
plain all UFO reports which are not
7. That the sightings are of intelligent processes beyond our space-time continuum and not
explicable by other means. Remem- explicable in any of the categories listed above.
bering Shklovsky's Dictum, and the
fact that this hypothesis rests only on the Galaxy, and while it is believed Therefore the evolution of man-
the assumption that such phenomena that most stars possess planetary sys- kind appears to be the product of a
exist, the theory should have a high tems, it does not follow that intelli- series of environmental accidents,
credibility rating. gent life is plentiful. Many life forms which, while they may occur on any
Now of course there is another may exist, but, as Christian observes, planet, may not occur in just the right
class of artificial objects that could, an "extremely rare combination of combination or at the right time. Who
events" may be necessary to produce knows whether or not a similar set of
if they exist, explain UFO reports. If
intelligent beings.-* Simpson has con- accidents has produced other intelli-
a UFO is an artifice, but not one made
cluded that it is "extremely unlikely gent beings in the Galaxy? It would
by mankind, then it must have been
that anything enough like us for real be rash to claim that we are unique,
made by some other (alien) intelli-
communication of thought exists any- but equally rash to claim that we are
gence. Although this appears to be a
where in our accessible universe."" not unique. Thus the concept of alien
straight alternative explanation, it is
The more we discover of the intelligence is based upon one colos-
nothing of the sort. The chart makes
origin of life on Earth, the more re- sal assumption, and all hypotheses,
it clear that this alternative makes
markable the human race appears. It which rely on the concept have their
more assumptions; in fact it makes
is certain that without the Moon, credibility reduced accordingly.
so many assumptions that it must be
given a very low credibility rating. there would be. no tides upon Earth,
and without tides marine life might Do Aliens Exist?
(The chart should really show a great
gulf between levels 3 and 4, to repre- have found it impossible to make the Another argument for the unique-
sent the huge number of assumptions transition to the land. Recently, it ness of mankind is that if other in-
that are made in level 4.) has been proposed, not without evi- telligence exists, it would by now
The principal assumption under- dence, that a giant meteorite caused have found us. UFOs apart, we have
lying all alien artifice hypotheses is the extinction of the dinosaurs and not yet been visited by alien explorers.
that alien intelligence exists. But, nearly all life on Earth 65 million Some argue that mankind could ex-
apart from the UFO phenomenon years ago. Without this accidental plore and settle the entire Galaxy in
itself, which in this case can hardly change, which permitted the mammals the next million years, and ask why
be a determining factor, there is no to flourish, dinosaurs might still rule another intelligence more advanced
evidence that in the whole Universe the Earth! And what accidents caused than us has not already done so. It
there exists any intelligence other than a group of primitive apes to adopt up- may be concluded that they have not
the human race. Some scientists even right gait and to communicate by done so because they do not exist!
argue that we are absolutely alone, at sounds? Almost certainly climatic Once it is assumed that aliens
least in our own Galaxy. While it is changes were responsible for the emer- exist, more assumptions have to be
known that the elements found on gence of the new species homo
Earth are also present in all parts of sapiens. (Continued.on next page)
(Hypotheses, Continued) that each craft is no bigger than an culture. By all our standards they
Apollo capsule, is equivalent to the would, if nothing else, be rational.
made before a viable explanation for mass of half-a-million stars!'0 Having reached us they would cer-
UFOs emerges. Estimates of the num- Of course it may be that only a tainly make contact openly,especially
ber of advanced technological civiliza- few, or even only one, ATCs are re- when they know, as they must, that
tions (ATCs) in the Galaxy vary great- sponsible for the craft, and that UFO we believe in the existence of aliens
ly, but all put the nearest one at a reports are generated by repeated and are prepared for their arrival. In
very considerable distance from us. sighting of the same craft at different the developed countries there would
This distance may be anything be- times in different places. But the odds be no question of severe cultural
tween a few hundred light years, and are very much against a few ATCs oc- shock, although there would certainly
several thousand. Such huge distances curring close together in a Galaxy be mild tremors.
may mean that physical transport be- otherwise devoid of them. And it is In all, the number and radical
tween ATCs will always remain im- questionable whether this is a more nature of the assumptions necessary
possible. Marx observes that inter- reasonable hypothesis than the idea to make the ETH a feasible explana-
stellar flight would demand antimat- that we are being visited by many tion for UFOs make it a most unlikely
ter as fuel and that a 100 light-year ATCs. It would imply that at least one explanation.
return trip would require many mil- nearby ATC has found us sufficiently
lions of tons of this fuel^. As Asimov interesting to justify surveillance, but Time Travel
observes, it is unlikely that aliens not interesting enough to justify overt An alternative hypothesis suggests
would expend this amount of energy, contact. It would also imply that the that time travel is involved; that the
to say nothing of the time involved, ATC concerned has been visiting us UFOnauts are either our descendants
merely, "to play games with us over over a period of at least a thousand or aliens from the future. Here is
a period of decades" . years, without any change in its tac- another colossal assumption, that time
In similar vein, Berry has observed tics, or indeed any change in the de- travel is possible. Robinson has
that it is difficult to see why a species sign of its craft. This does not seem pointed out that time travel, at least
should send an expedition tens of reasonable. Sagan has pointed out backward travel, is a perfect type of
trillions of miles through space, with the basic flaw in the argument that a contradictory and impossible con-
no other purpose than to alarm airline something on Earth is of extreme cept. It is not possible to accept the
pilots^. To overcome these objections, fascination to aliens. If there are very notion that travel into the past could
it is necessary to assume that superior many ATCs, so making visitation more so alter the present that something
aliens have found some way to cross probable, then Earth must be far from which existed when you left was not
interstellar space without consuming unique and interesting. On the other there when you returned. Nor does
so much energy, or so much time. hand, if there are very few ATCs, he accept that time travellers who
Perhaps they can travel faster than which would make us more interest- watch but do not touch the past are
light, or through some (hypothetical) ing, then visitation is much less prob- really time travellers. They, he says,
"holes" in the spacetime continuum. ablell. are just backward-looking clairvoyants.
However, these drastic assumptions If UFOs are alien spacecraft, it The acid test of time travel should be
greatly reduce the credibility of the would be necessary to impute to the the ability to do things in or to the
ETH. occupants what seems to us as irra- past. Not that travel into the future is
But the ETH demands even more tional behavior. When (or if) man- any less paradoxical. Unless the travel
assumptions. If UFOs are alien space- kind reaches an alien planet, it is is permanent and irreversible, the
craft, we must assume that Earth is most unlikely that we will sneak about traveller who, after he has seen the
under almost constant surveillance. in the dead of night, frightening lonely future, returns to his present so as to
On the assumption that there is noth- aliens and conducting obscure experi- work to avoid the future which he has
ing special about Earth and that simi- ments. Beings who are intelligent seen, turns his time machine into a
lar surveillance takes place on one enough to build interstellar spacecraft cheat! For how could his machine
billion planets, and, further, making are intelligent enough to make contact have shown him a future which he is
the modest assumption that only one in the proper manner. It is special now working to avoid? ^
Earthly UFO per year represents a pleading to argue that aliens, especially Despite the philosophical objec-
genuine alien visitation, Sagan has very advanced aliens, may not behave tions to time travel, Tipler has sug-
calculated that each of an assumed in the same way as us. The thought gested that a time machine could be
one million ATCs would need to processes of all intelligent creatures are constructed based on the principles
launch ten thousand spacecraft per most likely to follow a similar pattern, of general relativity. But the machine
year (i.e. about one launch per and there is no reason to suppose that would need to be built in space, and
hour)! Hong-Yee Chiu has calculated aliens think in a way different from would consist of a massive cylinder
that the total mass of metal needed us. Any beings capable of crossing the with a radius of 10 km and a length
to build all these spacecraft during vastness of space, or spacetime, will of 100 km. It would need to have a
the history of the Galaxy, assuming have a highly developed intellect and density similar to that of a neutron

Figure 2. — UFO hypotheses related to each other and degrees of assumption

hoax (objective
hallucination stimulus)



air/space craft sun/moon, meteorological
balloon star/planet, phenomenon,
aurorae. birds


star, and be rotating twice every milli- effect. The traveller sees time in the explore our planet, then they came to
second! Even then Tipler suggests that rest of the universe speeded up, such our spacetime by chance and do not
it could only be used for sending mes- that when he emerges from the field know how to get back to their own
sages into the past, and not beyond he is well into his own future. Gribben spacetime. Under such circumstances
the time of the construction of the calls this type of travel "time travel of one would imagine that they would
machine^. It seems very unlikely that the first kind" ; J 4 make open contact with us.
such a machine would ever be built, Some believe that rotating black Such an explanation for UFOs
and impossible to see how it could holes, like Tipler's rotating cylinder, not only assumes that the objects
explain UFOs. offer the theoretical possibility of are spacetime craft occupied by aliens,
Travel into the future at a rate penetrating to other areas of space- or humans from the future, but that
faster than our usual rate is one pre- time. This may mean that they could the craft can travel through space to
diction of Einstein's Special Theory be used to explore the past, or for reach Earth from the nearest black
of Relativity. As speeds approach what Gribben calls "time travel of the hole, perhaps Cygnus X-l 6000 light-
that of light, then time slows. In ef- second kind." But chance alone would years away! Clearly the time travel
fect, travellers in very high speed determine where you went and hypothesis holds more assumptions
vehicles will travel more rapidly into "when" you went, and it would be than the relatively simple ETH.
the future than those who remain very difficult, if not impossible, to get Nor is the number of assumptions
behind. Apparently, travel into the home again. If UFOs are occupied by reduced by adopting hypotheses which
very intense gravitational field of a travellers who have used a rotating
black hole causes the same relativistic black hole to come back in time to (Continued on next page)
(Hypotheses, Continued) could be falsified if it were shown
that no satellite was in the appropriate
claim that UFOs come from inside the
position at the appropriate time. All (A service for member/subscribers, ex-
Earth, under the seas, other dimen-
the hypotheses in level 3 should be cept commercial organizations. You
sions, or parallel universes. The Psy-
capable of producing testable predic- may offer UFO-related items for sale,
chic Projection Theory involves the
tions, although hypotheses which request exchanges of information, or
grave assumption that mankind's col-
state that UFOs are a rare natural indicate "wanted" items. We reserve
lective unconscious can physically
phenomenon may be difficult to the right to refuse notices that are not
project material forms! The most
falsify where little is known of the in accord with our editorial policies.)
credible of these alien or "unconven-
tional" hypotheses, the ETH, involves
Among the "alien" hypotheses FREE SAMPLE
so many assumptions that it must be
of level 4, some may be scientific. For A free specimen copy of Journal
regarded as very unlikely to offer the
instance, the theory that UFOs origi- fur UFO-Forschung may be obtained
correct solution to the UFO problem,
nate from or are based on the Moon from Hans-Werner Peiniger, GEP,
while the credibility of the other "un-
is capable of falsification, given com- Postfach 2361, D-5880 Ludenscheid 1,
conventional" hypotheses must be
prehensive exploration of the satellite. West Germany.
practically zero.
Indeed, any theory which nominates
Faced with such a large credibility
the source of UFOs can be regarded WANTED
gap between the "conventional" and
as scientific insofar as exploration of For a documentary film on UFOs,
"unconventional" hypotheses, it must
that source can be expected in due color slides of UFO photographs, UFO
be obvious that we should look for
course. But hypotheses which nomi- investigator meetings, investigation
explanations in level 3 of the chart.
nate sources which are presently be- scenes, investigators, etc. Exchange.
We should turn to explanations in-
yond our reach and investigation are Werner Walter. Eisenacher Weg 16,
volving large numbers of assumptions
less credible than those which nomi- D-6800 Mannheim 31, West Germany.
only when and if explanations in-
easily accessible sources. The Hollow
volving few assumptions cannot ex- Doubleday, 1980) pp. 360-364.
Earth Theory is scientific, not only
plain the evidence. Some may con- 3. Quoted by Dyson in Sagan, Carl (ed.)
because it makes a testable prediction, Communication with Extraterrestrial
sider that the evidence is inexplicable
but because the alleged' source is so Intelligence (CETI) (Cambridge, Mass.
in "conventional" terms, but that
easily accessible. Furthermore this MIT Press, 1973) p.189.
depends upon what is meant by "con- 4. Greenwell, Richard J.; entry in Story
theory has already been proved
ventional." If there are as yet uniden- op cit, p. 361.
tified natural phenomena in the at- 5. Christian, James L. Extra-Terrestrial
What then of the ETH? This hy- Intelligence: The First Encounter.
mosphere, it may be that their char-
pothesis can only be falsified if we are (Buffalo, Prometheus Books, 1976)
acteristics can indeed explain the UFO
told the exact location of the alien p. 50.
enigma. At least this possibility should 6. Simpson G. G. "The Nonprevalence of
planet and have the means to explore
be considered before turning to hy- Humanoids" in Science 143, pp. 769-
it. It would also need to be demon-
potheses which require many more 775 (1964)
strable that UFOs are spacecraft 7. Sagan, op c/f, p. 220.
originating from and guided by in- 8. Asimov, Isaac. /5 Anyone There? (New
Another criterion for hypotheses
telligent beings from that planet. Only York, Doubleday, 1967) pp. 212/3.
is whether or not they are scientific. 9. Berry, Adrian The Next Ten Thousand
if all this could be proved true could
Popper defines a "scientific hypoth- Years (London, Cape, 1974) p. 47.
it be proved false. At present we do
esis" as one which is falsifiable; hy- 10. Sagan, Carl The Cosmic Connection
not have the means to locate, let alone (London, Coronet Books, 1975)
potheses cannot be proved true, but
explore any extrasolar planets, and pp. 200-203.
they can be proved false, and only
the ETH must remain unscientific. 11. Ibid, p. 204.
those that are capable of being dis-
And how do you falsify the hy- 12. Robinson, Guy; "Hypertravel" in
proved are truly scientific. A scientific The Listener (London, BBC, 1964
pothesis that UFOs are time machines
theory must produce predictions that Dec. 17)
from the future, or capsules from 13. Gribbin, John; "Building a Time
are testable, and theories which pro-
another dimension or universe? With- Machine" in New Scientist, (Vol. 87
duce no predictions are unscientific^.
out the means to falsify such concepts No. 1216, 1980 Aug 28) pp. 654-656,
Thus claims that UFOs are due to a describing the theories of Dr. Frank
certain cause are unscientific unless we cannot regard them as scientific.
Tipler of the University of Texas at
it is possible for someone to prove Austin.
REFERENCES 14. Gribbin, John; Timewarps (London,
that they are not due to that cause.
Which UFO hypotheses are capa- 1. British UFO Research Association: Sphere Books, 1979)
UFO Investigation (A Field Investi- 15. Popper, Karl; The Logic of Scientific
ble of being falsified? It is evident that Discovery (London, Hutchinson, rev.
gator's Handbook) Rev. ed. Feb 1979.
most of the "conventional" hypoth- Appendix IS - UFO Hypotheses. ed. 1968)
eses could be proved false. For in- 2. Greenwell, Richard J.; "theories, 16. Derr, John S.; "UFOs and the Hollow
stance, the postulation that a particu- UFO" in Story, Ronald D. (ed.) The Earth Theory" in The APRO Bulletin
lar UFO was an artificial Earth satellite Encyclopedia of UFOs (New York, (Nov/Dec 1970)

By Ann Druffel

Controversial Entity Photos from California - Part II

Last month Part I of this column tributed richly to the UFO photo re- that Bailey had told me during the
presented the question — how could search field. This gentleman, when initial interview that his memories of
"unacceptable" UFO entity photos consulted regarding Bailey's photos, that nighrwere incomplete, and that
be analyzed? Could standard photo- stated that his intuitive impression he had recalled the events of that night
grammetric processes be applied in was that the photos might be authen- only in snatches since October 31 -
studying them? tic; however, he did not know how to November 1, 1978, this explanation
Not fully realizing the difficulty go about properly analyzing them, seemed possible, but Bailey continued
Rev. Bailey's 12 photos presented, I since his expertise is in analyzing UFO to state he did noKown a flash unit.
chose a usual course of action first, photos showing physical craft. He I sent complete reports, compar-
contacting two of our finest sources said he thought the brilliant light ison photos and copies of some of
in the Los Angeles area. One is a space streaks and shadowed shapes in the Bailey's clearer pictures to MUFON
research facility equipped with com- "dark" photos were replicable with headquarters and to the Center for
puter enhancement instrumentation: proper equipment such as strong light UFO Studies. MUFON felt there were
scientists at this facility have assisted sources and special reflective materials, nothing that scientists could do to
UFO researchers in the past in analyz- etc. However, he had neither the time analyze them. They were considered
ing potentially valuable UFO photos. nor the inclination to devote to study- too paradoxical and, therefore, ques-
Our contact at this facility, how- ing them. He suggested that in view of tionable. The Editor of the MUFON
ever, would not accept Bailey's Pola- their apparent paranormal aspects, UFO Journal, Richard Hall, also ini-
roid prints for study. During an ex- that I should find a source which tially took this view.
tended conversation with this gentle- would investigate them from a para- Dr. J. Allen Hynek, on behalf of
man, Rev. Bailey and I were told that psychological angle. CUFOS, consulted Dr. Jules Eisenbud
the two shots which showed the shad- I consulted with psychic re- about the photos, who was not at all
owed humanoid shapes in the door- searchers Raymond Bayless, D. Scott impressed. He told Dr. Hynek that
way, as well as the dimmer photo Rogo, Barry Taff, and Kerry Gaynor. "he has dozens like it, but that they
which depicted what Bailey described Nowhere in the Southland area were all fell into the class of 'interesting
as the two (disembodied) heads against there any psychic research facilities but so what.' They were all too fuzzy
the window shade, were "acceptable" which could adequately examine and too ambiguous to attempt a real
for scientific study. These three Bailey's photos. Taff and Gaynor scientific evaluation." Dr. Hynek
photos showed sufficient "physical" took more than a passing interest in agreed with Dr. Eisenbud's opinion.
forms, including suggestions of facial them and were instrumental in secur- He could not offer any suggestions,
features and definite humanoid bodies ing an enlarged reproduction which although he considered them interest-
with light reflecting off a dispropor- depicted the flight of the second en- ing, and in view of the fact that I
tionately large, and apparently bald, tity through Bailey's bathroom door- vouched for Rev. Bailey's character,
cranium. The two photos showing the way. Though not computer-enhanced, he conceded the possibility that they
formations of lights were also accept- the resulting color slide showed de- were "genuine" but was still at a loss
able for analysis. tails of the humanoid body which as to how to proceed. 1
However, the "full light" photos were not readily apparent on the orig- I, too, was unsure how to pro-
with their dangling appendages and inal Polaroid print. (This picture was ceed; therefore I proceeded onward.
black, staring eyes were a roadblock to presented in Part I, this column.) After months of work I finally located
this scientist. Bailey's denial that he Even among the parapsychologists a source in San Diego who took copies
owned a flash unit for the camera was there was skepticism over Rev. Bailey's of several of the photos''to analyze.
greeted with extreme skepticism. He statement that he did not own, or use, This source has computer enhance^
indicated, albeit tactfully, that the full a flash in connection with the full-light ment facilities, but work on the pic-
light photos cast doubt on the authen- pictures. It was suggested by some of tures, being on a voluntary and unpaid
ticity of the entire incident. the parapsychologists that the witness basis, is slow and no real results have
The other photogrammetric did not "remember" taking these pic-
source in Los Angeles has also con- tures with a flash. In view of the fact (Continued on next page)

(Entity Photos, Continued) the campus of a major Los Angeles with the "appendages," and allowing
university. This ten-member group for the diminished, lithographic quali-
been forthcoming. It was refreshing, accepted the difficult situation the ty of the ectoplasmic pictures, they
however, after many rejections, to pictures presented. We set about trying seemed to have similar texture and
finally find scientists who were at to make sense of them. By "sense" flexibility.
least willing to accept the possibility we meant to find out through tech- The situation remained thus for
that the photos were genuine, though nical means whether the pictures were several more months. Other than
paranormal. For by this time it was hoaxed or genuine. All we sought was waiting for the source in San Diego to
quite plain to all concerned that, if the truth. report, there seemed nothing more
the photos are, as stated by Bailey, Slides were made of Bailey's orig- that could be done to analyze these
a record of visitation by (UFO) en- inal Polaroid pictures by Martin exceptional photos. I kept remember-
tities, then the photos, and the visita- Studios in Pasadena. A talented tech- ing something Bailey had described,
tion, must have definite paranormal nician at this photographic studio however, very shortly after he first
aspects. The entities, if they truly produced such careful duplications showed me the photos in January
existed, could not have been "phys- of the images on these prints that the 1979. From his incomplete recall of
ical" as we understand the term. "dark" photos looked almost en- the events of the night of October 31 -
hanced. The features of the entities November 1, 1978, he had snatched a
The Problem on the first slide could be viewed memory of an "object" he had seen in
The problem of the photos re- rather clearly and compared to the the corner of his bathroom. He had
volved around this question: could two masks. The features were not the viewed this strange thing for a second
we accept Bailey's statements that the same. The entire series of slides were or two after he attempted to follow
photos were a true record of what had projected on a screen and studied by the first entity as it flung itself off the
happened to him? Although the dark our research group in a brainstorming table and sprang through the doorway.
and shadowed photos were "accept- session. We could not find any gross Although the creature was no longer
able," the full-light pictures exuded evidence that the pictures had;been visible when Bailey looked into the
difficult parapsychological implica- hoaxed. The humanoid shape(s) in the bath, the "object" seemed to be spin-
tions or, worse still, suggested a crude two pictures depicting the entities' ning strings of "stuff like spider webs"
hoax. But why should Bailey mix ac- flight through the doorway were rem- which collected into a stump of ma-
ceptable photos.with patently ridicu- iniscent of human, but were more sug- terial several inches long. It disap-
lous ones? That he did present the'en- gestive of an embryonic form than a peared quickly "into the wall" as
tire lot for study, in my opinion, fully developed one. We could not Bailey entered the room. The witness'
speaks of his honesty. In spite of his readily identify the material of which attention was then quickly drawn to
own confusion and fear, he did not the appendages in the full-light photos the balls of light which he stated were
withold any information he had about were formed — they were not readily also in the bathroom, and he assumed
the experience. Taken as a whole, his apparent as nurses' stockings filled that the creature (and the subsequent
statements, backed up by the photos, with cotton batting, or child's pajamas second entity) had disappeared into,
seemed to represent an accurate record for instance. The legs had a peculiar, or turned into, one or more balls of
of the chronology of events. flexible, fibrous quality. The group re- light which he saw spinning around
At. the suggestion of D. Scott commended that these appendages be in the room.
Rogo, I asked the Bureau for the In- compared to pictures of ectoplasmic
vestigation of Paranormal Photographs manifestations. I began to wonder if, at all possi-
to analyze the photos. This London- Strangest of all, on two of the bly, the "object" resembling clumped
based organization promptly returned photos, Bailey's bathroom door frame spider webs could have had anything
a technical report through the kind- appeared to be double-exposed. The to do with the ectoplasmic-like mani-
ness of its director, Mr. Cyril Permutt. Polaroid One-Step camera used by festation of the appendages shown
The report is too lengthy for full in- Bailey was supposed to be impossible in the full-light photos.
clusion in this column,2 but in general to double-expose. In October 1980 a fortuitous
the Bureau could find no trace of any With the help of Raymond Bay- event occurred. A microphotographic
extraneous marking effects or altera- less and his splendid psychic research technician with 25 years experience in
tions of the images. Permutt was of library, ectoplasmic manifestations the photographic field offered his ser-
the opinion that the "black" or dark captured on film in the early 1900s vices for photo analysis in the Los
photos could be likened to certain by European researchers gave us suf- Angeles area. Timothy King,^ having
"black" Polaroid pictures produced by ficiently dense photographic images an intense interest in UFO research,
Ted Series.3 to compare with Bailey's full light generously gave of his time and talents
By this time, much interest in photos. Slides were made of four such in trying to help make sense of the
Bailey's photos had been expressed photos from the book PHENOMENA Bailey pictures. Together with Dr.
by a group of UFO researchers who OF MATERIALIZATION, by Baron William Hassel, the State Section Di-
meet regularly, but unofficially, on von Schrenck-Notzing.4 Compared rector for Los Angeles County, and

Charles Druffel and myself, King camera in the summer of 1978. They ing an apparent normal bathroom.
studied the set ! of slides. During a had explained to him that the flash However, he took another picture,
two-hour session, the following para- unit was built into the camera and that hoping that perhaps some other mo-
doxical aspects of the photos were the simple use of a Sylvania blue-dot mentary manifestation would appear.
noted: flash bar atop the camera would give This twelfth photo showed nothing'
1. In the first photo which shows him the ability to take flash pictures. but the west and south walls of the
the "disembodied heads" against the Since King's opinion was that the green, glossy bath, with small dia-
window shade, the image of the door- full-light pictures were taken with a mond-shaped window frames high on'
way is double exposed. There was no flash unit employing strobe light, I the south wall. Below these was a
answer as to how that part of the pic- asked Rev. Bailey again about the mirror about 20 inches by 36 inches,
ture could appear double exposed, conditions under which the full light set in a heavy wooden frame. On the'
since the edge of the window shade photos had been taken. He maintained small table where this mirror was
and the heads themselves were not that, to the best of his remembrance, perched was a pile of newspapers.
double images. One head appeared he had not known about the built-in This was all that showed in the pic-"
to be looking off to the right, the flash unit or the necessity of using ture, at least to the normal eyesight.
other to the left, and the features flash bars to activate the flash. When King, whose eyes were attuned
on the two faces were not identical. I suggested that he might have "for- to seeing detail in photo grain which
2. In view of the sharpness of gotten" this particular detail, either could escape normal scrutiny, noticed
the angles on the double-exposed in the excitement of the moment or that a fuzzy pink feature in the photo,
doorway and the absence of "streaks" due to the fact that the memories of which we had first taken for part of
between the double images, King con- the night in question were still hazy the mirror, had a curious double-
cluded it was not a normal double and confused, he stated that this was image effect. Using a Fresnel reduc-
exposure. He called this picture possible but that he had no memory tion lens, he focused the light rays
paradoxical, a "puzzle." The heads of it. He could not remember whether from this part of the picture onto
themselves were apparently three- a flash bar was included in the box at the screen. To our surprise, two
dimensional with proper shadows the time he purchased the camera. The humanoid forms, complete with
within the features themselves and also question of the light source of the full- heads, facial features, shoulders and
a deep shadow between the two heads. light photos remains unanswered. torso, were plainly visible within this
They were illuminated by a strong 4. The texture of the "append- pinkish mass. King opined that these,
light source streaming through the ages" was also studied with King and images represented one entity being
bathroom door, and this light source, Hassel. We could not think of any reflected in the mirror! If I had not
as well as the door frame, was double common material which could enfold seen this curious phenomenon with,
exposed. The light source was not the into the fibrous, flexible shapes dis- my own eyes, I would not have be-
40 watt bulb burning in Bailey's bath; played by the "legs." The material still lieved it. Later, showing this to Bailey,
this was far too dim to register more seemed suggestive of dense ectoplasm, we found that the double forms are
than a faint glow on comparison and indeed, in later viewing of these also readily visible when the photo is
photos taken with the same camera. photos through a microviewer, the examined in strong sunlight. It is
Bailey had mentioned seeing a mo- fibrous, compacted quality of this hoped that in the future this particular
mentary, strong "red" light shooting material could be plainly seen. We slide can be computer enhanced so
out the doorway about the time he were also confronted by another these humanoid shapes can be more
photographed the heads. strange feature in the humanoid- clearly visible.
3. In the full-light photos, all shaped form. This slide, an enlarge- The above account of extraordi-
images within them - the shadows of ment of the entity, revealed that part nary means taken to analyze extra-
the table legs, a reflection off a Vicks' of the creature's body, particularly ordinary photos is necessarily con-
cough drop box on the table, the lu- the left arm and an umbilicus-like densed and incomplete. Any photo-
minosity of Bailey's net curtains lying cord projecting from the area of its graphic analysts desiring to add input
on a nearby bookcase, and the total abdomen, seemed to be shredding into this case are invited to write this
absence of orange, incandescent tinge away. The shredded part seemed to column, c/o MUFON UFO Journal, or
— all bespoke "flash." In King's opin- be going ahead of, or projecting ahead address your inquiries to the author at
ion, the full light photos were taken of, the creature in its flight through 257 Sycamore Glen, Pasadena, CA
with a flash, most likely a small unit, the doorway. 91105.
such as a hand camera would normally 5. A totally unexpected surprise
employ. remained to be discovered by Timothy NOTES
By this time, Bailey had pur- King toward the end of this two-hour 1. Letter dated April 27, 1979.
chased the necessary equipment to study session. Bailey, after photo- 2. Communication from Cyril Permutt,
take flash pictures. He had consulted graphing eleven aspects of the crea- dated July 20,1980.
the photography department at the tures' alleged visit, had seen creatures
Broadway where he purchased the and lights disappear from view, leav- (Continued on next page)

By Paul C. Cerny (MUFON Western Regional Director)

A small discoid type craft was

discovered in the middle of a carrot
patch a few miles south of Salinas,
California, in the summer of 1947.
Time was 9:00 a.m. and month was
either July or August of that year.
The object had apparently come down
in the night as it was discovered just
sitting there in the morning, by the
vegetable ranch foreman. The object Since it was so long ago and he was so military personnel. They instructed
was approximately 9 feet in diameter young at the time, he does not recall the two young men to "get lost" and
and 4 feet high. It appeared to be the names of his working partner, the warned them not to breathe a word
made out of a dull metal resembling foreman, or the ranch owners, as the about what they had seen-. From a
aluminum. The shape was double dis- ranch could have changed hands distance the witness and his compan-
coid, that is like two soup bowls edge several times in that span of time. ion observed the military group pro-
to edge. There was a series of elon- Keeping their distance, within ceed to struggle the vehicle onto the
gated or rectangular ports complete- reason, they cautiously walked around truck bed, cover it with a tarp, secure
ly surrounding the edge or rim area. the object. The witness then stated he it, and drive off. That was the last
Nothing could be observed through got up nerve enough to run up and they saw or heard of it. Inquiring of
these. There were no markings, insig- kick it, for any possible reaction. the foreman later, they learned that
nia, numbers or any other I.D. on the None was forthcoming. the ranch owners had informed the
craft. It seemed undamaged and un- About that time an Air Force military authorities of the object's
occupied. No visible means of propul- truck approached with a long flatbed presence.
sion could be seen. attached, along with a contingent of
The interviewed witness, who was
19 years of age at the time, was cut-
ting hay in an adjacent field along
with a fellow worker of approximate- Sisters Watch Object Over Des Moines
ly the same age. At the time they
were unaware of its presence until By Mildred Biesele
the ranch foreman came by and told
them. Their curiosity urged them to Two sisters driving home from a about two blocks away.
go and look at it. The witness, who is movie in Des Moines, Iowa, last winter Darla pulled the car off the free-
now a local respected businessman in (1979) watched a diamond shaped way and the girls jumped out to watch
the Bay Area, does not wish his name UFO move slowly over the city. The as the object moved toward them. Fly-
used in connection with this incident. case was investigated for MUFON by ing over, they said, it looked like the
Dr. Desmond H. Bragg, former State bottom of a square dishpan, slightly
Section Director for Polk County, and convex, with bright white lights at the
Forrest Lundberg, State Director for four corners. It made a low rumbling
(Entity Photos, Continued) Iowa. sound, deeper than the noise of a
3. "The Serios 'Blackies' and Related The night of December 20 was plane.
Phenomena," by Jules Eisenbud, cold and clear when Darla Goodrich, After the craft disappeared behind
JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN 18, and her sister Tysa, 24, left a the trees, the girls climbed back into
SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL RE- the car and started to follow it. They
movie house about 9:30 and headed
SEARCH (date of publication not
east on the freeway toward home. could catch occasional glimpses of it
4. A classic and generally-accepted para- Darla was driving. As the car came through the trees and knew when they
psychological work, published by out from an underpass, Tysa exclaim- were close to it by the sound.
Kegan, Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co., ed, "Look at that! That's not a Soon they gave up the pursuit
Ltd., London 1920. and started home, but they spotted
plane!" Darla looked up and saw a
5. A pseudonym, since this source de-
sires anonymity, at least for the pre- huge diamond-shaped object, much
sent. larger than a plane, low in the sky (Continued on next page)

MOVIE REVIEW Unmindful of their doom, the in love with the third astronaut, but
his human girl friend is jealous and
medical team, linguists, and so forth
Hope springs eternal. But as I sat assembled and incommunicado in - but I must not live in a world of
in the movie theater, moaning softly Hanger 18 have been performing fantasy.
and covering my eyes from time to prodigies. For a start, they successfully But the two weeks are slipping
time and thinking of a man named whisked the crashed UFO from by, and here comes that plane loaded
Stringfield, I knew that if "Hanger 18" Arizona to Texas in a mere matter of with fiery death. Are all these dis-
is not the worst UFO film to date, it hours. Gingerly they enter it, warily coveries to be wiped out, along with
is running neck and neck for the gold they explore it, awestruck they gaze at the astronaut, the director of NASA,
cup. Where to begin to convey its rich its gadgetry (at least I think those and the scientists? If you think so, you
implausibility? Consider, for example, wooden faces are trying to look underestimate Sunn Classics. The
the motive for concealing the exis- awestruck). But they are not bewil- plane hits. Conflagration. Where is
tence of a crashed UFO, blaming two dered long. The linguist announces everybody? Why, inside the UFO. Bril-
astronauts for the "accident" at the that the cryptic symbols in the UFO liant to the last, they took refuge in
space shuttle that caused the death of library are the same as those on a the only object guaranteed non-flam-
a third, and destroying assorted evi- mysterious pyramid in the Central mable .
dence. Well, the President must win American jungles, and in a couple of We know this because the flames
the election that is coming up in two days of earnest study he has decoded suddenly vanish and huge headlines
weeks, and some pretty grim types in the language. Then what revelations! It suddenly fill the screen announcing
the White House are determined to turns out that the aliens have been everyone's safety (and letting the cat
hush everything up until then. Their dropping in on Earth for thousands of out of the bag without a qualm, and
methods? Spectacular. Car chases, years, mating with our primitive what about that election?) The credits
pursuits and dodgings among huge oil forebears, making pictures and taping flow upward, hurrying off so fast that
tanks and pipes, two federal agents, descriptions of it all. They are our I cannot read them. Perhaps they
roaring after the astronauts who are ancestors, in fact. In case you've should be omitted anyway. Out of
trying to clear themselves, burned to a wondered. charity.
crisp in their car, two other federal As for the two alien occupants, - - Isabel Davis
agents ditto, another dead astronaut, asphyxiated by the crash, don't worry.
the desperate survivor at the gates of They are as like us as makes no real
the hanger - it's enough to make difference — bones, blood, etc., etc.
every script writer in Hollywood turn The male, D.O.A., stretched out on
green with envy. the slab, has a large hairless head but
otherwise looks ruddy and. robust.
At the White House, disclosure The female lives only long enough to MUFON
looms. But no! - those grim types give us a glimpse of her beautifully
don't thwart easily. See the unmanned waved blonde hair as she tosses her 1030LDTOWNE RD
plane, loaded with incendiaries, head and dies screaming. What a pity SEGUIN.TX 78155
launched from a truck marked CIA she wasn't saved. She could have sup-
programmed to home in on Hanger plied the romantic interest that is the
18, as it speeds sinisterly through the only Hollywood ingredient missing
night! from the film. She could have fallen

(Des Moines, Continued) again, close to the ground. It rose and port tower said there was nothing in
the object again west of them, flying moved slowly on. The last she saw of the air over Des Moines from 9:45 to
from north to south across the free- it, it seemed to be stationed over Ber- 10:15 to account for the sighting. Af-
way. They noticed that a motorist man Woods. The total sighting time ter the story appeared in the Tribune
had stopped his car on the ramp and was about 45 minutes. the next day, several people called the
was hugging the steering wheel, staring Tysa went back home and the Goodrich girls and said that they, too,
at the object. girls debated what to do. They called had seen the object over the city.
After they had been in the house the police, the airport tower, and local Both girls are university students,
a few minutes, they heard the now television and radio stations. They said normal, healthy, intelligent, with good
familiar rumble and rushed out to see they didn't know whom to call to re- eyesight. Their father is the Regional
the UFO moving away behind the port the sighting; neither "UFO" or Minister for the Christian Churches
trees. Darla was waiting for a phone the Air Force was listed in the tele- of Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska.
call, so Tysa took the car and tried to phone directory. Anyone else who may have seen
follow the object alone. She drove a The police sent a squad car to the the UFO in or near Des Moines last
few blocks in the direction they had area, but the officers did not find any- December 20 is asked to get in touch
seen it moving and was able to spot it thing unusual. A spokesman at the air- with Dr. Bragg at Duke University.

New Award for UFO Articles Mark R. Herbstritt


DATE OF AWARD: Annually, on or about March 31st for work in the previous

PURPOSE: To promote serious and continuing examination of the UFO phenom- Mercury -It is at greatest elongation
enon. east (18 degrees) on Feb. 1, at which
time it is visible low in the southwest
1. The Alvin H. Lawson UFO Research Award will be granted 'on or about March just after sunset. By mid-month it is
31st, 1982 for research or other writing published in the 1981 calendar in inferior conjunction after which it
year which has contributed most significantly to the understanding of the emerges into the dawn sky. By the end
UFO phenomenon. of the month it is visible very low in
the southeast at sunrise.
2. Entries must be published in recognized journals or by established commercial Venus - Early in the month it can be
or professional publishers, and must have been published within the 1981 seen with great difficulty very low in
calendar year. No unpublished manuscripts will be eligible for the award. the southeast before sunrise. By the
end of the month it is too close to the
The purpose of the award is to promote and reward serious examination of the sun to be seen.
UFO phenomenon. Entries are invited on any aspect of or hypothesis Mars — Early in the month it can be
about the UFO enigma. seen with great difficulty very low in
the southwest just after sunset. By the
4. At least two copies of each entry should be submitted to A. H. Lawson, c/o end of the month it is too close to the
English Department, California State University, Long Beach, CA 90840, sun to be seen.
by January 31, 1982. All entries become the property of the Nominating Jupiter — In Virgo, it rises about 3
Committee. Entries will be acknowledged but cannot be returned. hours after sunset and is in the south-
west at sunrise. It passes 1.1 degrees
5. Non-English language entries must be accompanied by a full English transla- south of Saturn in mid-month.
tion to become eligible. Saturn — In Virgo, it rises about 3
hours after sunset and is in the south-
6. The winning entry will be selected by a committee from The Fund for UFO west at sunrise.
Research, Inc. from a group of nominees submitted by the Alvin H. Law- Moon Phases (E.S.T.):
son UFO Research Award Nominating Committee. The Nominating Com- New Moon, Feb. 4 at 5:14 p.m.
mittee reserves the right to make no nominations in the event that no en- First Quarter, Feb. 11 at 12:49 p.m.
tries are deemed worthy of special recognition. If no nominations are Full Moon, Feb. 18 at 5:58 p.m.
made, the award money will be added to the subsequent year's award Last Quarter, Feb 26 at 8:14 p.m.
fund. Decisions of the committees are final.

Letter All UFO reports reviewed by a ject, or the support. Coming close to
A World UFO Organization UFO Review Board. Also, all theories this type of a project is the Fund for
Editor, about UFOs reviewed by a different UFO Research. This group hopes to
Is it possible for a world UFO or- Review Board. Field investigators were grant money for research projects
ganization to exist? If so, how large of given tests of their abilities under cer- "that show potential for advancing
a project would we need to satisfy our tain circumstances. An example of this scientific knowledge of and public
curiosity in the realm of UFOs? Per- is how they would react when given an education about UFOs." Something
haps something like the system the alleged scrap of a UFO. very big would have to happen that
United Nations has now. Here's an important point and would encourage such a large scale
Letting our imagination go a bit, probably one of the hardest to obtain. operation, but what? Starting at the
lets see how far we can go to fulfill Every major and minor organization Fund is a small start but how long will
such a request. Computers everywhere, would either evolve into the world we have to wait before a larger scale
dissecting each case into many differ- UFO Organization or at least be con- project will be in effect?
ent factors. Finding patterns (if any) nected in some way. Tim Tokaryk
in the landing traces cases or similar- Will it work? No. We don't have Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
ities in the shapes of the objects. the funds for such a large scale pro-

(Director's Message, Continued) 306 Chelsea House Condominium, mittees and chairpersons assigned:
Aaron Street, Port Charlotte, FL Program - Joan Thompson; Financial -
Woodside Planetarium, Box 19, Wen- 33952. Joe Nyman; Facilities - Bob Taylor;
ham, MA 01984 with checks payable "Archaeoastronomy" is the quar- and Public Relations - Merlyn Shee-
to Raymond E. Fowler. Ray also has terly publication of the Center for han. In Joe Santangelo's annual re-
two new books which may be available Archaeoastronomy, Space Sciences port for Massachusetts, only 11 UFO
during 1981, titled "The Melchizedek Bldg., University of Maryland, College cases were investigated, indicating low
Connection" and "Andreasson Affair Park, MD 20742. Archaeoastronomy UFO activity.
II" that he is presently writing. Mr. is the emerging interdisciplinary study The MUFON Amateur Radio Net
Fowler will also be editing MUFON's of the astronomical practices, celestial for 1980, operating each Saturday
third edition of The Field Investiga- lore, and cosmologies of ancient and morning at 1300 U. T. and 1200 U. T.
tor's Manual during 1981. vanishing cultures. The subscription (during daylight saving) on 7237 kilo-
Ronald D. Story, a MUFON Re- price is $10.00. John B. Carlson, hertz was very active. Joe Santangelo,
search Specialist, has authored three MUFON astronomer, is the Director. NIJS is the net control station assisted
books and the fourth is scheduled for Paul Norman, MUFON State Re- by WA4RPU. Bill Armstrong W0NC
release in March 1981. He is best presentative for Victoria in Australia, in St. Louis and State Director for
known in UFOlogy for his book "the has sent MUFON a new paperback Missouri, relayed all communication
Encyclopedia of UFOs," published published by Lester-Townsend Pub- into the net from Elmer Romigh
by Doubleday & Company, Inc., lishing in Sydney, Australia, titled WA5CTJ, State Section Director in
hardcover $24.95, and paperback "The Devil's Meridian" by Kevin San Antonio, Tex. The following
$12.95. This was preceded by "The Killey and Gary Lester at $4.95. amateur radio stations checked into
Space-Gods Revealed" (1976) and in It asks the question, "Is the Bass and participated in the net on 7237
1980 by "Guardians of the Uni- Straight another Bermuda Triangle?" KHZ: NIJS, WA3BIB, WA3QLW,
verse?," published by St. Martin's and details the UFO encounter and K4HXC, WA4RPU, K8NQN, W0NC,
Press at $8.95. William Morrow will disappearance of pilot Frederick WA5CTJ, K8RUF, WN8ODT, K0RIO,
be publishing Mr. Story's forthcoming Valentich along with ocean vessels. W1IAA, WA2OQJ, WD9BDR,
book "UFOs and the Limits of Sci- The 1981 MUFON UFO Sympos- WA1MRH, W1XU, W20SY, KB2DP,
ence" at $10.95 about March 1981. ium will be held July 24,25, and 26 in W0YMW, WA1YKL, W3HTB,
A privately published book titled Kresge Auditorium, at the Massachu- WA9ARG, K8BSR, N4VM, N8AU,
"Mystery of the Skymen" by Com- setts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) WB3KDP, WA0TEQ/8, W1ZFL
mander Alvin E. Moore, USNR, B. S., in Cambridge, Mass. (Boston). The KA8BVO and WA0OBN.
M. A., copyrighted in 1979 is available price to attend all sessions will be
for $12.00 postpaid by writing to $20.00. The host group is MUFON of
Cdr. Moore at his winter residence, Massachusetts with the following com- MUFON

UFO ABDUCTIONS, edited and with internal encounter more akin to psy- excerpts from Bill Barry's book on
commentaries by D. Scott Rogo (New chic or religious revelation than to the the Travis Walton abduction, Gordon
American Library Signet paperback, actual physical confrontation of extra- Creighton's oft-seen account of the
242 p., $2 25). terrestials? Jacques Vallee, of course, Antonio Villas Boas incident, "UFO
the most visible and vocal regent of Abduction in Brazil," by Coral Lo-
The continuing controversy be- the Invisible College, continues to of- renzen, Bill Faill's article about a UFO
tween what might be called the psy- fer a working compromise by keeping "car-napping" in Rhodesia, and a
chological and technological schools a foot firmly planted in each class- chapter from the Ralph and Judy
of contemporary UFO studies is no- room. Blum book which treats with "the
where so sharply centered as in regard What we have here is a collection ordeal of Herbert Schirmer."
to that facet of the phenomenona of selected abduction cases which Abductions are divided into three
known as the abduction. leans heavily in the direction of a psy- characterizing scenarios, "Waking En-
Are the percipients the transient chological reaction of the problem. counters," "Time-Lapse Cases," and
biological hostages of an innately curi- D. Scott Rogo, the editor, is a west "Psychic Abductions (sic)." Rogo con-
ous and technologically advanced alien coast parapsychologist whose con- tributes introductory notes to each
intelligence? Or is their frequently tributions account for almost half of section as well as substantial introduc-
frightening and bewildering experience the text. Ann Druffel and Jerome tion and conclusion. Readers of the
merely the byproduct of some as-yet- Clark provide another third between Journal already familiar with the
unidentified psychological process, an them; the remainder is comprised of (Continued on next page)

(Abductions Review, Continued)
1980 BRIEF SUBJECT INDEX major cases recounted here will wel-
(MUFON UFO JOURNAL NOS. 143-154) come the new material and the chance
to review one of the phenomena's
most challenging puzzles.
The "fault," of course, is not so
Abduction case discussions, 148-14, Italy: much Rogo's. One of the most per-
149-8,150-3,150-9 Sightings, 146-15, 153-12 plexing aspects of abductions is their
UFO groups, 149-14 curious absence of corroborative wit-
Abduction reports: nesses and physical trace evidence,
California (Shari N.), 1514 Malaysia, sightings, 144-8,144-18 What Rogo does suggest is that in-
France (Fontaine), 145-7 vestigators take a closer look at the
Italy (Greco), 153-12 New Zealand, radar-film case, 146-3, percipients' pyschological history,
North Carolina (housewife), 147-7 specifically at his or her mental frame
150-18 preceding, during, and following the
Poland (Goralski/Kobus), 150-16 Norway, sightings, 144-9 encounter, with the object of profil-
.Scotland (Taylor), 145-12 ing the UFO witness and abductee.
Virginia (Turner), 145-3 Photographs (See UFO sightings) What seems to be overlooked, in
general, in a survey of this sort, are
Argentina: Physiological/medical effects (See the implications of possible future
Sightings, 143-18,145-10 UFO sightings) findings; in this instance, the very real
Third UFO Congress, 146-17 possibility, for example, that if abduc-
Pilot sightings (See UFO sightings) tions are found to be an innate psy-
Australia: chological mechanism, an altogether
Aircraft disappearance, 144-11 Propulsion, 1494,149-10,150-18 new perspective is required, one in
"Interrupted Journey" cases, which abductions, instead of standing
150-3 Radar cases (See UFO sightings) at the front of the class of inquiry,
Light-bending case, 145-17 will be relegated to the back rows
RAAF investigations, 143-3 Religion & UFOs, 148-11,151-7 where they can occupy their proper
Sightings from aircraft, 144-11, seat next to the other psychological
147-3 Scandinavia, UFO history, 152-5 and sociological parameters of the
Center for UFO Studies, 146-11, Secrecy, 144-12, 145-8,1534, 153-15 ' The situation then becomes anal-
149-6,153-5 ogous to the psychoanalytical cliche
Spain, sightings, 146-10 of the paranoid, whose analyst spends
Central Intelligence Agency: more time investigating his inner, men-
Documents show UFO interest, Switzerland, Meier controversy, 150-8, tal states than he does looking at the
146-16 154-3 percipient's proffered evidence of a
Interview w/Arthur C. Lundahl, conspiracy. What psychologist bothers
144-3 Tracking instruments, 149-13, 151-14 to look further when his patient is so
FOIA lawsuit, 144-12, 153-15 obviously deluded?
This is not to say that ufologists
China, sightings, 144-15, 154-7 UFO sightings: concentrate on a literal UFO conspir-
CE-II (Physical effects/traces), acy, as in the example given, but that
Crash/retrieval discussions, 145-10, 144.9, 144-10, 144-16, 145-10, they do give equal consideration to the
149-15, 151-11, 153-9, 153-11, 145-17, 146-10, 149-19, possibility that the abduction experi-
154-11 151-12,153-12. ence has its origin in an external stim-
CE-III (See Humanoid reports) ulus, which is interpreted, rather than
Humanoid reports: Photo cases, 143-17,143-19, manufactured, by the individual(s)
Argentina, 143-18 144-8, 146-3, 147-7, 148-15, involved. It may well be that abduc-
California, 143-12, 150-18, 151-6 154-16 tions in toto have nothing at all to do
France, 144-6 Physiological/medical effects, with the phenomena under considera-
Germany, 153-6 145-5, 146-11, 147-5, 149-12, tion. It may just as well prove that
Italy, 153-12 153-12 they have everything to do with it.
Massachusetts, 143-7 Pilots, 144-11,146-3,146-15, - - Dennis Stacy
147-3,147-7, 154-8
Hypnosis, 148-3,150-9, 150-18 Radar, 146-5,147-7, 154-7

Lucius Parish

in Other's words
Jerome Clark's article in the Feb- Mostly familiar (and/or question- from UFO Research Institute, P. O.
ruary issue of FATE is one which Ufo- able) material in the February issue of Box 3297, Station B, Fredericton,
logisis of every persuasion will want IDEAL'S UFO MAGAZINE. New Brunswick E3B 2E7, Canada.
to read. Clark takes on arch-skeptic WORLDS BEYOND: The Ever- All payments should be in U.S. funds.
Philip J. Klass, pointing out the tactics lasting Frontier is a large softcover Copies of Raymond E. Fowler's
Klass uses in his debunking methods. volume containing articles on various new book, CASEBOOK OF A UFO
There is also a good discussion of the phases of space exploration and re- INVESTIGATOR, are available direct-
recent Smithsonian UFO debate and search, including UFOs. It was first ly from the author (autographed, if
Klass' role in it. Another very interest- published over 2 years ago, selling for you wish) at a 20% discount from
ing article in this same issue has to do $6.95. Contributors include former the retail price. The discount price
with a bit of physical evidence which astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Russell for the hardcover edition is $8.75,
evidently fell from the sky and defied Schweikhart, Governor Brown of plus 75$ for shipping, for a total of
attempts to analyze it. California, Buckminster Fuller, $9.50. Copies of Fowler's two pre-
The February issue of UFO RE- Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Gerald K. vious books, THE ANDREASSON
PORT contains articles by Dr. Bruce O'Neill, and others. The UFO section AFFAIR and UFOs: INTERPLANE-
S. Maccabee, Charles Bowen, D. Scott features selections by Jacques Vallee, TARY VISITORS, are also available
Rogo, Jim Miles, and others. The usual Tom Gates, James Harder, Stanton T. at discount prices of $7.95 and $7.50,
variety of topics — silver-suited aliens, Friedman, and J. Allen Hynek. Copies respectively. Checks should be made
UFOs and beams of light, the New of the book are now available at the payable to Raymond E. Fowler at
Zealand UFO photographs, etc. reduced price of $4.50 (postpaid) Box 19,Wenham,MA01984.

1981 Symposium Sidelights

MUFON members who plan to admitted free to the Hayden Planetar- theater. It's also fun to walk the Free-
attend the 1981 MUFON UFO Sym- ium's sky shows.) The whole family dom Trail and visit Boston's historic
posium at MIT, Cambridge, Mass., on will enjoy the festive atmosphere of buildings, Bunker Hill, and Old Iron-
July 24, 25, and 26, are reminded that Faneuil Hall Marketplace with ven- sides.
the many historical, educational, and dors, shops, musicians, and craftsmen You can take public transporta-
cultural facilities in Metropolitan amid the cobblestones and brick of tion to the suburbs to visit John F.
Boston and vicinity make this an ideal 19th Century America. Kennedy's birthplace and library or
time to combine a family vacation Many boat trips are available, homes of literary figures. If you have
with an exciting exchange of informa- ranging from a short peaceful ride a car you will enjoy the White Moun-
tion on UFOs. through the Public Gardens on a swan tains of New Hampshire or the Green
Relive the birth of our Nation at boat, to an all-day trip across Massa- Mountains of Vermont, less than a
Bunker Hill and Concord Bridge, chusetts Bay to visit the artistic com- day's drive over excellent scenic high-
stride the deck of our oldest active munity of Provincetown at the tip of ways.
man-of-war, the Constitution (Old Cape Cod. Bus tours are available to New-
Ironsides), or re-experience the life Without a car you can visit the port, R.I., mansions, Plymouth Planta-
style of the pilgrims at Plymouth- excellent Museum of Science and Mu- tion, Maine clambakes, and many
Plantation. seum of Fine Arts, Faneuil Hall Mar- other delightful trips.
You can take a tour of Harvard ketplace with outdoor restaurants and Plan now to attend what promises
University or visit Boston's many ex- shops, and it's only a stone's throw to to be an exciting and interesting con-
cellent Museums of Science and Fine the waterfront NE Aquarium to see ference, with many opportunities for
Arts. (Symposium attendees will be the dolphin show in a floating amphi- vacation excursions on the side.

", J • . : i,

The December 1980 issue, num- 1980, to the Cleveland Ufology Pro- County in Nevada replacing Ron L.
ber 154, of The MUFON UFO Journal ject meeting. Curtis, who moved to Florida. Your
contains an important article by The information and disclosures Director met Gene at "UFO '79" in
Leonard H. Stringfield, titled "Status contained in the booklet were pub- San Diego, Calif., in November 1979.
Report On Alleged Alien Cadaver lished in the October 1980 issue of It is an extreme pleasure to an-\
Photos," which provides the update The MUFON UFO Journal in' my nounce that one of the pioneers/ in
that he has promised concerning his Director's Message, therefore this has UFOlogy in the U.S.A. has accepted '
research into these controversial been common knowledge to Journal the position of State Director for
photos. On two occasions, your readers. If the intelligence community Florida. Norman S. Bean, a retired
Director has published information has purposely released these two dif- RCA engineer, and his wife reside at
about these photos in the July 1980 ferent sets of photos to Williard Mc- 10760 S. W. 119th Street, Miami, FL
and October 1980 editions of the lntyre and Leonard Stringfield to dis- 33176, telephone (305) 2514197.
Journal for our readers' consumption. credit the crash/retrieval investigation, Norman has interviewed several thou-
We identified the probable source of they must be delighted at the dissen- sand UFO sighting witnesses during
the photos and discussed how they sion that, they have instigated. Objec- the 30 years he has been lecturing
could be used by the intelligence com- tive and positive research is imperative, on UFOs. Many of our new MUFON
munity to discredit Mr. Stringfield's . especially now, when the people in members in Florida have joined as a
sensitive work in the crash/retrieval UFOlogy have the responsibility to result of the radio talk programs that
of craft and bodies. In the October "police" ourselves. When books such Mr. Bean has participated in around
1980 edition, I alluded to the two as ."UFO. . .Contact From The south Florida. He has approved the
photos that came into the possession Pleiades" are thrust upon the public,'it reassignment of Ron L. Curtis, 105
of Williard Mclntyre, Charles J. Wil- is our responsibility to speak up and East Blount, Pensacola, FL 32501,
helm, and Dennis Pilichis from a Navy reveal the truth. This obviously applies telephone (904) 438-0880 as the State
photographer that allegedly displayed to the photographs of the alleged Section Director.for Escambia, Santa
a burned body taken from a crashed bodies as well. Your Director does not Rosa, and Okaloosa counties. Ron is
craft found about 30 miles south of condone the unwarranted attack upon preparing visual material for TV ex-
Laredo, Texas, on July 7, 1948. Mr. Stringfield by the so-called "coali- posure in Pensacola.
On January 16,1981, we received tion of concerned Ufologists" as being Cliff Henderson, a retired 'elec-
a booklet titled "Alien Body Photos: objective research, however I do re- tronics engineer, 857 Tamarack Lane,
An Updated Report" published by the commend that people interested in ; Sunnyvale, CA 94086 is a new Re-
Coalition of Concerned Ufologists the UFO crash/ retrieval phenomenon search Specialist. Cliff has a Masters
which is made up of MARCEN, secure a copy of this publication by in E.E. and specializes in propulsion
UFOIN, and OUFOIL members, writing to UFO Information Network, .systemsand electro-gravities.
through the courtesy of Dennis P. O. Box 5012, Rome, Ohio 44085 Since we do not accept advertising
Pilichis. This comprehensive report (price unknown). in the MUFON UFO Journal we pub-
not only shows the two photos of the Dan R. Wright, State Director for licize new UFO books — especially
, burned and disfigured small body,but Michigan, has appointed .the following those authored by our members —, in
relates the details surrounding this two gentlemen as State Section Di- the Director's Message, in Lucius
purported crash taken from letters rectors: Joseph C. Stewart, 4901 Parish's Column, "In Other's Words",
mailed to Williard Mclntyre of the Allison Drive, Lansing, MI 48910, and in book reviews. Raymond E.
Mutual Anomaly Research and Evalua- telephone (517) 882-0167 for Clinton, Fowler, MUFON Director of Investi-
tion Network from December 11, Eaton, and Ingham counties and gations, and author of "The Andreas-
1978, to August 2, 1980, by the in- Ronald J. Jenner, 713 W. Michigan son Affair," has recently released a
formant. After publishing the results Ave.,. Augusta, MI 49012, telephone new book titled "Casebook of a UFO
of their work on the photos from the (616) 7314248 for Kalamazoo, Cal- Investigator." An autographed copy
Laredo, Texas, episode the editors houn, Jackson, and Branch counties. may be obtained for $9.50, which in-
proceeded to devote 18 pages of their Gene Applegarth, 6201 Carl Ave., Las cludes shipping, by writing to Ray at
booklet to explaining the source of Vegas, NV 89108, telephone (702)
Leonard Stringfield's eight photos and 648-7687 was selected to become the
reviewing his lecture on September 20, new State Section Director for Clark (Continued on page 17)