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No hard feelings- I have really enjoyed working in my previous organization and learned a lot from the dedicated and hardworking people I was associated with. But now its time for me to move on and take up new challenges. Also, this position seemed like the perfect opportunity to move on to. 2. Call it home- e are relocating and the jo! is too far from my house. "o I thought its !est to get a jo! at a place closer to my house, which also suits my interest and educational #ualifications. And I can put in e$tra hours in office, rather than in the commute. 3. Dream Job- I have always dreamt of working in this organization and now that I am getting this opportunity, especially with this jo! profile that perfectly matches my #ualifications% I dont want to skip it. 4. Personal Reasons- "ome pro!lems in my family didn&t allow me to work at that point in time. 'wing to the unanticipated situation, I thought it was the !est to #uit and stay with them in their rainy days. But things are sta!le now and I am ready to start a new chapter of my life without looking !ack. I want to start afresh with a positive attitude and will do my !est to !uild a good career path for myself. Answer to the interview !estion" #h$ did $o! resign% &itting in an interview' $o! have to be (re(ared to give a s!bstantial reason for $o!r e)it from $o!r (revio!s organi*ation. +ind a list of (erfect answers that $o! can give for the million dollar' ,#h$ did $o! resign, !estion. (oure sitting in an interview confidentl$, answering all the #uestions perfectly until the interviewer asks you that dreaded #uestion, ) hy did you resign* In most cases, the #uestion ends with awkward glances shared !y the interviewee and the interviewer due to the sudden change of e$pression on interviewees face. Believe it or not, the answer to this

#uestion could make or !reak your impression in the interview. hether you were fired or youre #uitting for other reasons, you have to !e prepared. +ere is a list of the !est answers for this million dollar #uestion,-. .rea/ the mold -"ince I am in !uilding my career and gaining e$perience, I feel its !est to not get too comforta!le in one jo! and want to keep testing my own capa!ilities. It was a very enriching e$perience !ut I think I have done the !est that I could have, for the organi*ation and for myself. Its high time I move to a new place and develop a fresher perspective. 'ne #uick word of advice - !ear in mind to not !ad mouth your e$-!oss or the previous organization. -ven if it is otherwise, always suggest that you are leaving the previous organization with no animosity. "o choose the most appropriate option that suits your situation or add responses to the list !ut make sure you have a su!stantial reason to resign.