Coerced Obedience vs Free, Willing, Loving Obedience

HILE JONATHAN was thus ondling and caressing the little Child, He said to hi!,

(e but onl$ the Law, and carried (e u*on $our shoulder, it was not ($ burden but onl$ the law"s burden that *ressed on $our shoulder with the weight o a world'

"Jonathan, #ust tr$ to carr$ !e once !ore now, and I will surel$ not see! as heav$ to $ou than across the inlet%" And Jonathan, ull o love and #o$, too& the little Child on his ar!s and ound Hi! to be as light as down' At this he as&ed the little Child, "($ Lord and !$ )od, how on earth can I gras* that+ Over b$ the sea ,ou were the burden o a world to !e - but here ,ou are as light as a eather%" And the little Child answered. "Jonathan, as it was with $ou, so it will be with ever$one' For ($ great burden lies not with (e, but with the Law o (oses% When $ou did not &now

/ut now $ou have recogni0ed (e in $our heart as the Lord over (oses and over the Law, and behold, the burden o the Law is no !ore with (e, the Lord o the Law% And that is how all those who carr$ the burden o the Law will are in the uture according to the s*irit% "Trul$ I tell $ou. The #ust according to the Law will wee* and gnash their teeth but the Lord will sit at the table in the houses o the sinners and will heal the! and acce*t the! as His children' I shall see& the lost, I shall heal, redee! and set ree the sic&, those in hard bondage and the o**ressed but the #ust according to the Law shall de*art out ,o ($ house un#usti ied' Trul$ I tell $ou. The ta1 collectors and sinners I













shall *raise in ($ house 16

but the #ust I shall shoulder with a strong burden be ore (e in ($ house' ",es, a harlot shall anoint (e, and the guilt o an adulteress I will write in the sand, and the sinners shall touch (e but accursed shall be a *rece*tor o the Law and one learned in the 2cri*ture so he touches (e% Those who! the burden o the Law has &illed, I shall *ull out o their graves but or the *rece*tors o the letter o the Law I shall !a&e the gatewa$ to li e as narrow as the e$e o a needle%" At these words Jose*h was shoc&ed and as&ed, "/ut !$ dear little Child, what terrible things are ,ou sa$ing+ )od a ter all gave the Law, so wh$ should a sinner be better than one that is #ust+" And the little Child re*lied. ")od has indeed given the Law - but onl$ or the heart, and not or the wisdo! o the world'

(oses hi!sel based the entire Law on love to )od%

The Law has in act re!ained - but love has long since died out' For a law in which there is no !ore love is useless, and he who &ee*s it without love is a dead slave thereto' That is wh$ I *re er a *agan and a ree sinner to a dead and bound slave to the Law'" Here Jose*h was silent and *ondered over these words3 and the little Child began to s*ea& o childli&e things again with Jonathan and His Ja!es'









2ource. THE CHIL4HOO4 OF JE252 /iogra*hical )os*el o the Lord Jose*h Ta&es (ar$ Into His House - Cha*ter 678 9 www'Jesus:$ou'net www' ran&$6'co!



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