The Value as well as Dangers of Precious Metals and Stones like Gold, Diamond and Ruby

The Lord: “In any case you still have a most beautiful and valuable souvenir from them, namely the great diamond that has an invaluable worth for this world. [5] ut since I have already mentioned the stone, I must also tell you something about the !articular character of this stone. ecause the stone has an e"tremely mirror#li$e surface, immediately a ty!e of electromagnetic fire develo!s on its surface, or to ma$e it more com!rehensible for you: a number of natural s!irits of the noblest ty!e !lay on its e"tremely flat surface. They force themselves on in large numbers and surround it on all sides and create through their constant activity a !articular brilliance of its facets, which then gives this stone in the eyes of !eo!le a !articular value. [%] ut the &rim '(uby), which is also a ty!e of diamond, also has an almost e*ual value+ only the diamond is a bundle of an eon of s!irits of wisdom without dece!tion which are difficult to se!arate, the reason for its e"treme hardness , while the &rim is a bundle of love#nature#s!irits, therefore it is red, has somewhat less hardness and a great number of natural s!irits of love constantly gather around its surface, !articularly when it is very well and very finely !olished, giving this stone a very !articular shine, which is not seldom visible even in a !itch blac$ night, li$e a matt glow, even to the fleshly eye. [-] If you now attach the two mentioned stones to your chest, you are setting thereby a number of natural s!irits of love and wisdom mechanically into the nearest connection with the e"ternal s!here of the life of your soul+ these s!irits are then e"cited by the scent of the life of your soul, become very active and create thereby in your soul a greater light, in which light the s!ecial intelligences of the natural s!irits then also create a mirror#li$e refle" in the soul, whereby the soul momentarily must cross to a higher and dee!er $nowledge and in this way ./0 becomes more clear#seeing than otherwise in its !resent earthly circumstances. [1] 2or this reason then even 3oses ordered the high !riest through his brother 4aron to wear the Thummim and &rim !la*ues on his chest, and indeed at the time of his rule, whenever he was in a !osition to !ro!hesy something. [0] ut from now on instead of the mentioned !la*ues the true love for 5od and its wisdom will wor$ the same and in a much higher and more living measure+ but des!ite all that, I have told you the !articular character of both these mentioned noble 6ewels only for the sa$e of your $nowledge.7


[8] 'The Lord): “9uch a characteristic and effect could also be achieved with other bodies, if they could be brought to an e"traordinary smoothness+ but since such a thing is certainly not !ossible with the other bodies because of their too little

hardness, only Thummim and &rim can be used for this. The old :gy!tians $new very well about this and used both these stones also for this !ur!ose. Therefore the old wise men and ;haraohs always wore such stones on their breast and in a golden ring around their heads. [.] <hoever in those days wore such stones was always considered to be a !atriarch and a wise man by the !eo!le. In those days a !iece of regal 6ewelry therefore had a genuine and true reason. ut in these days it is nothing more than a vain dis!lay of earthly wealth, arrogance, and therefore also the love of s!lendor, selfishness and domineeringness which are damnable above all else. The em!erors, $ings and !rinces and generals are indeed still decorated with these old insignias of wisdom+ but where is the old, true reason=> , Therefore that which was once a main virtue for the elders has now become a main vice> .8/ [?] 9o in the old days even ruling was a main virtue+ for firstly there were never too many truly wise and e"!erienced !eo!le in a country, and he who too$ on the burden of leading the whole !eo!le always had a sour standing and always had to be the leader and advisor of thousands> [@] Ao one tore their hair out to gain such a !osition. The !eo!le, convinced by the need for such a wise leader, built him the most magnificent home and decorated the rooms with all sorts of 6ewels, with gold, !earls and valuable shells, and covered the leader with everything that he could ever have needed for a !leasant life, and every word was law for the !eo!le. Then the great re!utation of the leader was built on this for the !resent days , yet with a great difference: [5] In those days the ruler did not need any wea!ons+ his word was already all#in#all. <hatever he advised, and whatever he wanted to have, was !ut to wor$ with united strength, and everything with great love and 6oy. <hoever found some treasure or otherwise created something !articularly artistic, brought it to the leader of the !eo!le. 2or there was the wise custom among the ancient !eo!le to 6udge thus: <hatever serves to raise the leaderBs wisdom must be given to him, for the leaderBs wisdom is the order and ha!!iness of the !eo!le> [%] ut now all that has gone to the grave and instead of the old virtue now a true sin of sins has come to humanity. <here are the !atriarchs= Ch, abel, you great whore of the world, you have infected the :arth> ut now I have come in order to release humanity from the old inherited evil, to lay a curse on all the treasures of the :arth and to bless the hearts that have a good will. [-] 2rom now on 3y word will be the first 6ewel to the !eo!le and true and !urest gold 3y teachings and a true, living !alace and a tem!le in every human heart, which will be filled with the !ure love for 5od and from it to the neighbor, and he will be a true $ing in 3y $ingdom, he whose heart is filled the most with love> .88 [1] Therefore: Ao clin$ing metal and no shining diamond will serve you any more as the crown of life, but instead 3y word and the action according to the word> 2or from now on no matter shall have any value for your hearts, but instead

alone 3y word and the free, self#motivated action according to 3y word. [0] :m!erors and $ings may well decorate themselves with the old 6ewelry, but if they want to be wise and !owerful, they must nonetheless !lace no value on them, but instead only on 3y word> Those who do not do that will soon be surrounded by many enemies> [8/] ut whoever lays already value on 6ewels and on gold, should lay it on the !articular characteristics founded in their nature, which are a true reality, but never on the imagined value which is a lie> [88] If a !rince let his home be tiled with shiny and well!olished gold through and through in order to enter into a !ro!hetically state of vision through the influence of the !urer natural s!irits, who constantly gather in greater numbers on the gold, which comes from the light, and namely on its bright shining surface, in which he could foresee some things in his difficult business of leading the !eo!le, which otherwise no s!y no matter how clever could find out, then he would act well+ for the !ure gold has certainly such an effect *uite decidedly, and the value of this metal lies also one and alone in this. [8.] ut certainly such a set#u! would then have to be established on a !ure and insightful recognition, but never on !ure hearsay, that is, fully su!erstitious+ for man has received understanding from 5od so that he might chec$ everything before and recogniDe well the true reason, and only then $ee! the good and useful in an always best intention for the individual as well as in general. <hoever does that, acts correctly in 3y order and will not stray on the !ath of any of his deeds down any side#trac$s. [8?] ut if someone, sim!ly through hearsay and blind faith, which is actually su!erstition, ma$es such a set#u! and would .8. even feel some effects of the same, but does not $now wherefrom they are, which effect they have in a natural way, how far this e"tends and where it has its necessary limits, such a !erson, who may !ossess very easily the sensitivity for such subtle influences than$s to his first basic education in life, will easily see his foolish, material fantasies and imagination of all sorts and ty!es as effects of naturally s!iritual im!ressions and thereby rise to a terribly false !ro!het and cause much damage, !articularly if he has the reins of force in his hands as a !owerful !rince+ and then even a thousand of the most dubious side#trac$s are !ossible.7

[8] 'The Lord): “Eou now $now the true value of gold and 6ewels+ if you use them in the way and manner that I have now shown you, you will stand com!letely in 3y order li$e a !atriarch of the old days> [.] The !atriarchs of the old days $new gold also and used it genuinely and 6ustly+ but those who began to use it according to the imagined value came very *uic$ly into a great misfortune. 2or the imagined value of the gold, the !earls and the 6ewels caused thieves and highwaymen to emerge and one $ing became the enemy of another, as soon as he had learned that his neighbor had stored u! too much of the yellow metal.

[?] Thus only the foolishness of humanity caused mutual !ersecution> 2rom it in the end come all thin$able vices that there are: envy, avarice, greed, !ride, arrogance, domineeringness, gluttony, cra!ulence, fornication and all sorts of whoring , and in the end manslaughter, murder and all the cruelties that !eo!le s!read among one another. 4nd what is the main reason for this= 3ost of all the com!lete wrong $nowledge of gold and the many 6ewels and !earls> The !eo!le have begun to distinguish between themselves according to the measure of !ossession of gold> The stronger brought much together and the wea$er went em!ty#handed. <hoever is now rich in gold had on the one hand soon a significant !ortion of interested friends, and the !oor !erson became seen 6ust as *uic$ly as at least half a thief, whom one cannot trust and therefore is des!ised> <hat wonder if he becomes a real thief at such an o!inion=> [@] ut I do not want to follow this annoying issue any longer, since you, 3y friend Fyrenius, can imagine everything else very easily yourself> ut I do add this: If you want to be free one day from all sorts of enemies, thieves, robbers and murderers, value the gold and all the 6ewels according to their characteristic value, and you will thereby reduce the number of your enemies *uite significantly+ for through your wisdom .85 many will then become wise themselves and recogniDe 5odBs order in all things> 4nd if they do this, they will become also noble and good !eo!le whom you will not have to fear. [5] ut if you, or at least your descendants, begin to assign to gold, silver and 6ewels again the imagined value, you will once again enter the old relationshi! of hostility, in which you are now. I tell you: In certain 6ust circumstances everything is good on the :arth and brings blessings through the true use for body, soul and s!irit, and for the !ure everything is !ure and for him who has become a light himself there can no longer be any night+ but through a foolish, consorted and thus counter#ordered use in the end even the best must become bad and instead of blessings and salvation bring curses and mischief> [%] Eou $now that water !ossesses the most diverse and very best characteristics and is the very most indis!ensable element for the !hysical life of a !erson, animals and !lants+ but if a !erson wanted to build a house in the de!ths of the sea in order to live there with the fish, he will *uic$ly find death for his body in such a house. Thus fire is li$e water a most necessary element for life+ but whoever throws himself into the fire in the o!inion that he can there achieve a greater mass of life, will soon as ashes no longer !ossess any s!ar$ of natural life> [-] 4nd so it is with all things across the board> Ees, even the most !oisonous !lants and animals have their great blessing for this :arth, for they suc$ in the evil !oisonous things from the air+ their nature is set u! in a way that the !oison which e"ists in the *uite unfermented s!irits of natural life can bring them no damage to their natural life.7 .8%

[8] 'The Lord): “Therefore leave these things untouched in their useful areas for the :arth+ strive above all to become !erfect !eo!le , yes, become as !erfect as your 2ather is !erfect, and

then every !oison of the !lants and the animals will not be able to touch you> [.] ecome what you are called to be, yet again that which the original fathers were, whom all the creatures obeyed+ become through the observance of 3y teaching lords of the creations of your 2ather in Gis order, in which res!ect the negroes gave you a small !roof, and in related circumstances there will be no enmity any longer, either among you nor between you and the creatures !laced beneath you> ut if you ste! out of this order, you will have to let the old curse and strife come u!on you again. [?] In these days indeed will 3y Hingdom need much force on this :arth, and those who do not ta$e it with force will not ta$e it into their !ossession at all. Later it will be easier however+ but without a certain fight, at least with oneself, 3y Hingdom on :arth cannot be won. 2or if this !resent life on :arth is 6ust a battle, then how much more the true, s!iritual life on the other side, !articularly if it should e"!ress itself as desired citiDen on this :arth. ut the battle will nonetheless be an easy one for everyone who truly loves 5od> 2or this should be said to each of 3y true friends, that 3y yo$e is gentle and 3y burden is light> [@] That you and all of you have understood everything very well, I see and say to you therefore also now that you are already e*ui!!ed with everything that you need for the s!reading of 3y <ord and 3y will. 4ccording to the !ro!hecy of the !ro!het Isaiah here everything has now been fulfilled in the !ast days, and so a dayBs wor$ has been com!leted here. [5] <hoever recogniDes all that and observes it faithfully will unmista$ably reach !erfection in life and will never feel death, neither !erceive anything of that sort+ for whoever has already .8wo$en the eternal life of the s!irit in the body will !erceive in the decay of the flesh nothing but freedom, blessing him above all in the highest clear consciousness of his !erfect being fully and most correctly, and his field of vision will be e"!anded into endlessness. [%] ut the unfinished ones will face something else in the decisive moment> They will firstly have to bear great !ains in their body, which naturally increase until that moment which is called the moment of se!aration. esides these unavoidable !ains of the flesh however also fear, terror and in the end also a sort of des!air will come forth in the soul and torment the soul even more than the burning !ains of the body. 4nd if the soul becomes free of the flesh it will on the other side often many years according to the counting of time in this world have to do, in order to only reach some sort of human consciousness+ but there will be no tal$ of a full s!iritualiDation !erha!s in eons of the years of this :arth. [-] Therefore you will do great good things for your brothers, if you ta$e the same effort and !atience with them as I 3yself have now ta$en with you. [1] 5ood to you and your brothers if you in the end will also be able to say to your brother: brother, I have com!leted my wor$ with you, act now accordingly and !erfect yourself according to the order of 5od shown to you, the Lord of all life and e"istence in eternity>7

9ource: The Aew (evelations of Iesus Fhrist, boo$ 88