Why should York University be interested in Community of Stouffville?

• York U is receiving expressions of interest from nine York Region municipalities • York U will look for alignments with its institutional vision / mission / strategic plan • Distinct advantages of Whitchurch-Stouffville?
(DRAFT: Part of presentation at Town Council Meeting, Tues, March 18, 2014)

York University: Mission Statement
• The pursuit, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge. • We test the boundaries and structures of knowledge. • We cultivate the critical intellect. • We are dynamic, metropolitan and multi-cultural. • We value diversity. • We are open to the world: we explore global concerns • We are a community committed to academic freedom, social justice, accessible education, • Innovation is our tradition. “ Tentanda Via: The way must be tried”

… pursuit, preservation & dissemination of knowledge
• In transition to a knowledge-based economy (with York Region and Province)
– Teva Canada (Pharmaceuticals) – Strategic Information Technology Ltd. – Bit-Zone Internet Group

• major state-of-the-art library expansion (2015) • major Museum expansion (completed) • …embodied by residents: E.g., 40% of W-S women have some univ. training (prov. avg.: 35%)

… multicultural, value diversity, global
• Pop. growth: 78% growth since 2006 (highest in York Region … from across the globe) • E.g, Gr. 6 students who “first learnt a language other than English” (EQAO 2012-13):
– Wendat Village P.S.: 45% – Oscar Peterson P.S.: 50% – York Region DSB avg: 42%

• Active Multicultural Association • W-S Vision: “Ont.’s most welcoming … Town” • Home to two large NGO’s: CBM, Emmanuel Int’l

…dynamic, metropolitan
• Latcham Art Gallery • Stouffville Sculpture Walk • Nineteen-on-the-Park Centre for Arts and Entertainment: “Where culture meets community” • GTA’s original metropolis: 16thc. Wendat Village was “Canada’s ancient New York City” (Huffington Post), “the largest, most complex cosmopolitan village of its time” (R. Williamson) • Vision: “Ont’s …most vibrant town” (as we grow > re-inventing town …renaissance, i.e., re-birth/discovery of past; unique sense of place/ identity)

… committed to social justice
• Earliest settlers: pioneers of Cdn conscientious objection; descendants of first American abolitionists (Quakers/ Mennonites) • (today) Stouffville Peace Festival
– 2013: Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish (3x Nobel Prize nominee), Dr. Gerry Caplan (York Research Fellow)

• CBM Canada: working world-wide with people with disabilities • Large(-est?) contributor to Canada Foodgrains Bank (responding to global hunger) • York U Strategic Plan: “a strong sense of social responsibility set us apart”

… cultivate the critical intellect
• 1830s: a centre "of Radical opinion," one of the "hotbeds of revolution." Here Wllm. Lyon Mackenzie set forth his plan for the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837-38
– Ludwig Wideman (Stouffville/Ringwood) chaired meetings; casualty at Montgomery’s Tavern skirmish (> impt. factor for establishment of responsible gov’t)

• Frank Underhill (b. in Stouffville), founder of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF); coauthor of Regina Manifesto (1933) • Today: TEDX Stouffville (“ideas worth spreading”)

… classic university town?
• Like a medieval town, Community of Stouffville encircled by wall: the Greenbelt • Walk Score: 77 - “most errands can be accomplished on foot” (only York Region municipality scoring over 50) • In transition …re-defining ourselves as we fillin, and with enough flexibility in the core to become … a classic “university town” • “ Tentanda Via: The way must be tried”

Provincial criteria for successful appl.
• where population growth is strongest • where postsecondary access is limited • creation of new facilities larger than 70,000 sq. ft. • minimally 1,000 students in the short-term.

Accessibility for N.E. York Region & beyond
NB: a Markham location cannot achieve this level of access for NE York Region municipalities-with weakest postsecondary access in Region. • A W-Stouffville proposal would strengthen York U’s pitch to province

Location vis-à-vis Milton & Barrie (strong WLU / Laurentian U. bids)

NB: E.Gwillimbury, Newmarket, Aurora on same GO-line as York U. (their bids would not sufficiently address access) and Barrie

Province: small is perfect! (e.g., UofW Stratford Campus)

Prime Location: Western Approach? (Main St. & Hwy 48 area, looking S-E)

Transformative potential for Main Street (west) Economic Impact (see Stratford, Brantford …)

Why should W-S show interest in York U?
• Economic benefits of satellite campus: attract money, jobs, diversify tax-base … • Social benefits: quality of life; arts & culture • Risk of investment (debt); risk of no bid? • Need to diversify tax-base: loss of small businesses; 88.4% of our unweighted assessment is residential • W-S Strategic economic plan: knowledgebased economy …

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