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Questions 1-7

I. Analyzing the Situation

a. Objectives
i. Opportunity offers a unique twist on the history of colonial
ii.Obstacle overcoming opposition toward groups who think it will
not fit in with the colonial atmosphere
II. Analyzing the Oraganization-Public Relations Audit
2A: Performance
a. Advantages of Up, Up, and Awake
i. We offer over 14,000 locations in over 36 countries; more than
ii.Every store in each country is different to reflect their cultural
history; Specifically, in the United States every coffeehouses
illustrates history of the American Revolution with educational
information and specialty coffees and teas
iii.We offer a modern twist on the historical experience, but still
able to fit in with historical time period of the 1700s
iv.We offer the opportunity for reenactments, historical guest
speakers, and activities in Colonial Williamsburg
v.We offer tickets in which when stamped and returned, can be
used for discounts on drinks in the coffeehouse.
vi.September 2-December 2 we can coincide with the program
“Secrets of the chocolate maker” to promote our mochas, hot
chocolate, any chocolate desserts and drinks.
vii.The music in our coffeehouse in the United States is authentic
of what was played in the 1700s
viii.Families can learn, relax, and have their favorite treats
ix.Coincides with mission statement to help tell the story through
pictures, writings, artifacts, and the celebration of diverse
people of the revolutionary time; helping the present and the
future learn appreciate the past
x.Coffee and tea were a popular drink in 18th century America
xi.We are able to make a stable profit, and one of the community
education programs we would support would be colonial
Williamsburg donations.
b. Weaknesses of Up, Up, and Awake
i. Our slogan is a hot air balloon;there was no such thing back in
the late 1700s.
ii.Some of our drinks and bakery are classified as new and modern
rather than vintage and historical.We may not have the option
to be placed in the center of colonial willaimsburg, just
iii.We would probably be considered dining in the 21st century bc
of our modern selection
iv.Our baristas would have uniforms, not costumes of the 18th
time period
2B. Public Perception
c. Public perception of coffee/tea/merchandise
i. Up, Up, and Awake is quite visible; it is a nationally recognized
and popular coffeehouse franchise.
ii.Opinions toward coffee approached positivily, knowing the
health benfits of antioxicdants and the use of caffenin in this
busy life.
iii.Public enjoy the experience of visiting coffeehouses, unwinding
and enjoying a premium drink made to order.
iv.Many consumesr are loyal to the company ordering the same
drinks over time while other cosumers take risks and try our new
v.People perceive coffeehouses and its coffee as an experience, a
time to relax, socialize, take a break from the hectic lifestyle
they are living.
vi.Consumers may perceive the coffees to be expensive and not
worth the cost
vii.A coffeehouse is mainly for adults, a time to enjoy without
d. Public perception of Up, Up, and Awake
i. Up, Up, and Awake is a well known franchise; the public
recognizes the logo and has a firm understanding of the
ii.Supports Up, Up, and Awake’s effort to educate the public
through the products and setting of the coffeehouse.
iii.Support’s Up, Up, and Awake’s effort for community outreach
with the Rainforest Alliance, safety and benefits for coffee
farmers, and research for cancer,
iv.Supports effort of being an equal opportunity employer and
embracing differences.
v.People may think that there are too many coffeehouses
competing already and there is no point in continually
expanding the business
vi.People may think we are taking the opportunity away from local
vii.Up, Up, and Awake is serving an even greater catalyst for
another industrial revolutions and improving the coffee industry,
providing more jobs and opportunities
viii.Advertisements and websites are viewed positively
ix.Service is fast and convienant in a friendly atmosphere; people
can be alone and do their own thing, while a group may be
socializing nearby, different cultural experiences in different
countries and we account for this; brand experience,
2C. External Environment
e. Competition
i. There are coffee competitors in colonial Willaimsburg Park.
There are several coffeehouses outside of the colonial portion of
1. Museum Café
a. Located in the Dewitt Wallace museum.
b. Serves coffee, tea, and assorted treats
c. Offers lunch and appetizers, something that Up,Up,
and Awake does not
d. Offers one convienant one stop shop after visiting
the historical portion of the museum.
e. The museum café is recommended and the
museum is highly recommended on several
websites (,)
f. The prices for menu items are reasonable
g. Café is adjacent to the lobby, where many special
events take place
h. Their specialty is not coffee and tea, but mainly
2. Williamsburg Inn Terrace Room
3. Commonwealth Coffee and Tea Company (inside
Williamsburg booksellers)
4. College of William and Mary Bookstore (Starbucks)
f. Opposition
i. Traditionalists-People who feel as though it would take
away from small town feel-fearful of losing that small
town distinctiveness to a corporate giant-slap in the face
for creative business owners
ii.People against globalization; making claims the “earth is
becoming flat”
iii.Activist groups for fair trade, labor relations, and
environmental policy for free trade
iv.Local musicians, artists, organizations that receive
direct benefit from current coffeehouses
III. Publics
a. Customers
i. In Williamsburg it will mainly be tourist families
ii.Target Market :25-65 years of age with families
iii.People who make more than 40,000 a year
iv.Employees who get discounts and benefits
v.Shadow constituties such as National Cancer Research,
Rainforest Alliance,
b. Enablers
i. Unions of Up, Up, and Awake giving their credible evidence for
fair buisness practices and employee benefits; happy employees
ii.The global public allows for the avaliabiltiy and word of mouth
iii.Fans that join the upupawake community at
iv.Major grocery chain stores that carry our merchandise, coffees,
and teas
v.National media such as daily Newspapers, cable Television,
Magazines, text messages
vi.The internet companies that supply Wi-Fi
vii.National Cancer Research, Rainforest Alliance
viii.We offer our own press releases, media advisories
ix.Those who believe it will boom employement, contribute to the
tax base
x.Teaming up with discover, visa, American express and edy’s
c. Limiters
i. Competitors-Starbucks coffeehouses around Williamsburg area,
Museum Café, aroma coffe and café, Williamsburg coffee and
tea, inc, Williamsburg in the terrace room, bookstores where
coffeehouses are located
ii.Opponents-people who feel it would take away from preserving
the historical feel, people who feel as though it would take a way
small feel of town, locally owned coffeehouses (offering more
incentives to buy there small town feel), people who are against
big businesses around the community such as Mcdonalds,
Walmart, older generations no advocates for change
iii.Advocates, dissidents, activists, zealots-fair trade activists,
organic consumers organization, Oxfam global, issuing boycotts
about these issues, protests outsides the stores yelling facts,
holding signs, town meetings and conferences opposing big
d. Key Publics
i. Active publics-knows the issue at hand, people who have
organized hall council meetings, sending letter to political
figures, to townspeople, to the historical Williamsburg, these
could also be people activists for free trade thinking that we do
no do enough, what to do: we have to issue reactive
communications: we must respond to criticism, false
arguments, protesting outside up up awake stores corporate,
ii.Aware publics- these have recognized the issues but have not
taken action these could be tourists or visitors who have been to
histoirical Williamsburg before, people who are against big
business and monopoly but they do not know really how to go
about change
iii.Apathetic publics- these could be new tourists who know what
is going on through the national news, or heard from
advertisements, they know the issues at stake, but honestly
they do not care and do not care if the coffeehouse moves in or
not. These could be tourists and and the townspeople who
could care less. What to do:
iv.Latent publics-they haven a small idea about what is going on,
but they don’t really have much self awareness of the issue to
decide if it is important or not. Also neighboring small towns
and the people of Williamsburg but don’t really know much
about it and its controversy. What to do: through out facts,
persuasive tactices, advertising tactics, we will throughouly give
our side strongly, listen to them as their opinions arise
IV. Establishing Goals and Objectives
a. Goal
i. to allow Up, Up, and Awake franchise to exist in the
historical adventure of Williamsburg, Virginia
b. Objective
V. Formulating Action and Response Strategies
a. Proactive Stratagies
VI. Tactics
a. Advertising and promotions-
i. General publicationsserial publications (newsletters monthly
50/50 internal/ external-aimed at persuading consumers, facts
about fair trade, testimonials credibility of places in small towns,
FAQ, advocacy brochures of Williamsburg as a sponsor,
employee bulletin with updates on customer response to
new/existing products
ii.Direct Mail:letter to local historical Williamsburg community,
iii.Miscellaneous print media-audio media persuasive , youtube
videos, slideshows presentations
iv.News media-(free cost) third party endorsement direct-local
event listings tourism listings, photos with community and
colonial Williamsburg, indirect-media advisories on
website,newspapers target magazines
v.Print advertising run of book ad can be placed in any magazine-
travel and leisure magazine, advertisorial-theme of coffee
workers, equal opportunity, breakout ads- for williamsburg
vi.Breakout ads-midwest, new England, and trade magazines
targeting tourists and their families and teachers to visit the new
Williamsburg experience of “unwiding while you rewind” if
looking for cultural history
vii.Press releases that are of a local angle make it how will we
personalize it?
viii.Special interest magazines- because they are the audiences
with the most passion about the subject.
ix.Television-with Williamsburg historical advertisements typically
spot advertisements, network placement(Williamsburg as a
tourist destination), spot radio,
x.Baristas of the week for williamsburg- allow for a small town
xi.Digital media-internet put on,, williamsburg website,, hotel
websites in Williamsburg,
xii.Billboards around Williamsburg-on major highways to
xiii.inflatables hot air balloons tied down with name on it more
than 20ft high
xiv.Transit advertising on tour buses, taxi cabs around the city,
xv.Promotions-bags, buttons, discounted coupons,luggage tags
because they are most likely visitors, t-shirts coffee mugs, free
samples of drinks, calenders with local events, tourist
information, music, children’s events, magnets and stickers,
green products stationary, pens, green bags,
xvi.Issue punchcards for when they visit historical places, then
they take this card to get even more discounts,
b. How these tactics will help
i. Assure residents we are on their side
ii.Offere a distinct historical perspective and culture
iii.Historical atmosphere, also education purposes
iv.Recognize an employee of the week within the store- giving it a
small town feel.
v.Get the word out of what Up, Up, and Awake is if the public in
wiliamsburg is not aware.
vi.We want to convince the public that we support Williamsburg
historical preservation and we want to collaborate with
Williamsburg and other buisinesses support
vii.We want Williamsburg to realize that our franchise is popular
and many people will fee familiair with such a place and will feel
more comfortable going to a foreign place knowing there is a
familiair face.
c. Resources required
d. Cost of tactics
i. We will need to hire artists, advertising agencies, local
photographers possibly to caputure the essence of our
message to Williamsburg residents. This will be
ii.Media coverage, local and national will be an easy way
to get the issue out at a free cost.
iii.Breakout ads will be expensive, but these costs will not
outweigh the benefit.
iv.Promotional items will be a high cost; we will do all of
our promotional items on This will allow for
more promotional products at a cheaper rate.
e. Level of skill needed
i. We will be hiring people to do the job. We will need
artists, advertising agencies, local photographers, local
f. Disadvantages of tactics
i. Tactis may be too much and people may end up getting
annoyed. Several people may end up getting repeated
messages through our advertisements.
ii.Breakout ads are featuring a select region. We will not
so much be focusing on the west coast or the south
regions as much as the Midwest and Northeast.
g. Length of campaign
i. As long as until an executive decision is made for
allowing Up, Up, and Awake coffeeshop to exist among
the historical recreation.
VII. Evaluation
a. Measures of Success
i. random surveys on receipts after purchases
1. -offer discount if call in the next month panel group 2 types –williamsburg residents and global
1. Identify or select random customers and give the feeling
of individualization. Send surveys to people of the state of
Virginia and Williamsburg to get the tone of the public and
how they see the campaign as positive or negative
2. Create incentives to reply to surveys, merchandise from
Up, Up, and Awake, discounts on drinks, free offers,
inclusive first time offers, give away free Williamsburg
passes and tours, random gift cards through partnerships
of discover, American express, gift cards from chain
grocery stores that proudly serve our products.
3. Surveys would occur once a month as long as the
campaign would last
4. Tracking members that are not active, notifying them,
and if not responding, getting new customers to survey
their experiences at up, up, and awake and opinions of
atmosphere, culture
1. Track protests that are documented against Up, Up, and
2. Look at the comments below each youtube video that is
Up, Up, and Awake is involved with
3. Look up colonial Williamsburg youtube videos to see of
any comments dealing with the new franchinse of Up, Up,
and Awake are being made
iv.The social network community of Up, Up, and Awake at
1. Look at messageboards and how many people are
visiting the site
v.Use SSI-
1. to create a panel and track these results of the people of
Williamsburg as well as globally
2. Money is no option for Up, Up, and Awake-we are able to
pay for this service
1. To gage how bloggers are talking; the tone of positive or
negative connotations about our busienss
2. What are the positive and negative things they are saying
about Up, Up, and Awake.
vii.Radio and television transcripts around Williamsburg, VA
1. All full text articles from national newspapers, and every
newspapers in Williamsburg, VA.
2. How the media pereices the campaign, and their own
personal biases toward the campaign.
3. Observe opinion pages from local newspapers and
neightboring papers who are also involved in the issue at