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(See "The Great Soviet UFO Coverup," Page 6)
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Jim Oberg's article on false UFOs in the Soviet Union is an
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important contribution to IFO lore, and contains a number of
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lessons for UFOlogists. I would go even further and suggest that any
phenomena displaying the following features should be viewed with
suspicion: slow or "majestic" traversing of the sky oberved from a
wide geographical area, smoke trails or streamers, fiery appearance
ANN DRUFFEL and abrupt disappearance after 10-15 seconds, and "cloud" masses
Associate Editor or rings spreading out in angular size. In all probability, these are
caused by rocket/missile launchings, satellite re-entries, fireball
meteors (larger and longer lasting than briefly visible "shooting
Associate Editor
stars"), or atmospheric tests involving release of chemical vapors. It
MILDRED BIESELE is vitally important to screen out such IFOs and not clutter up the
Contributing Editor "data base" with them.
Director of MUFON

Humanoid Study Group
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By John F. Schuessler

(Ed. Note: Excerpts from investigator's involved. He explained that his interest concluded they were more or less
notes in MUFON files submitted by was in the possibility that Army truthful. He was very courteous and
VISIT — Vehicle Internal Systems helicopters were involved. He would be said he would try to contact Ellington.
Investigative Team.) investigating that allegation. He He said he'd be glad to act on any hint of
stressed that the U.S. Army had no a cover-up that we might find, as the
During the months that followed opinion about the unidentified object or Army feels it very important to have a
the 29 December 1980 incident near UFOs in general. good rapport with the community.
Huffman, Tex., where Betty Cash, Col. Sarran said he called because Later the same day Col. Sarran
Vickie Landrum, and Colby Landrum his office had been pulsed to give some called me a second time to let me know
were injured while in close proximity to answers about the helicopter he had made contact with Ellington.
a large water tank-like object and a involvement. At his request I provided a ' The Commanding Officer of the 136th
large contingent of military type verbal account of the incident from Transport Unit, a reserve group
helicopters, our requests for assistance beginning to end. He stated that he had stationed at Ellington, and flying CH-
from governmental officials fell on deaf been stationed at Fort Hood before 47s. The commanding officer was Maj.
ears. Bureaucratic apathy began to going to Washington and was familiar Dennis Haire. Major Haire was to call
crack after "That's Incredible" aired a with their operations. For that reason and discuss the incident with me. Col.
television segment on the case. Then he felt that Fort Hood was probably not Sarran said he had trouble convincing
Science Digest and Omni magazines involved, although they have a number Major Haire he was serious. Haire
published small articles that aided in of twin rotor helicopters. He said their obviously had never heard of the case.
g e t t i n g some a t t e n t i o n f r o m testing and operations were generally He said now he was even more sure
Washington, D.C. conducted on the Fort Hood that no helicopter had gone down on 29
On 24 February 1982 I received a reservation. He stated that as far as he December 1980. Also, he assured me
call from the U.S. Air Force Liaison knew Fort .Hood had the only that the CH-47s are pot flown on
Office in Washington, D.C. The caller helicopters of that type (CH-47 Monday nights. I rejected that assertion
was Capt. Jenny Lampley. She Chinook) in the area. I told him I had by quoting the fact that three flew from
explained that a Congressional inquiry found CH-47s to be stationed at Ellington on Monday 15 March 1982,
had resulted in her assignment to Ellington AFB in Houston and at the just four days before his call. He agreed
determine if USAF helicopters had Dallas Naval Air Station and provided there were exceptions.
been involved in the 29 December 1980 telephone numbers so he could check Maj. Haire called me on 22 March
case. Approximately two weeks later I on them. He said then that it would be 1982. He has been a member of the Air
learned from Richard Niemtzow at . his initial conclusion that if helicopters Force detachment since 1966 and in
Travis Air Force Base, Calif., that Capt. were present they surely would have charge since 1978. His detachment has
Lampley had concluded her been from Ellington and that would be eight CH-47A Chinooks, assigned
investigation and the results were the place for him to begin his there in 1980. Prior to that time they
negative. Supposedly, the Air Force investigation. were a Medivac Unit. He explained the
doesn't utilize twin rotor helicopters. . He had interpreted the incident to "A" model Chinook has 2 hours fuel
(That answer is questionable. The be a helicopter in trouble, landing for plus 15 minutes contingency. Cruising
Houston Chronicle newspaper showed repairs; but concluded that didn't fit the speed is 110 knots, with a 135 knot
a photograph of a twin rotor helicopter situation because none had been maximum. They can fly non-stop to San
in the 17 August 1982 issue. The reported. He had trouble accepting the Antonio or Austin, but must refuel at
caption read "Honduran soldiers Cash/Landrum concept that there was College Station if they fly to Dallas. If
surround a U.S. Air Force helicopter an object, probably a government they go on a field exercise they
during joint military exercise....") experiment other than a helicopter in schedule a 5,000 gallon USAF fuel truck
' On 19 March 1982 I was called by the air that night. He based his opinion to meet them along the way. Each CH-
Lt. Col. George Sarran from the on the fact this was the 1980 Christmas 47A takes 450 gallons of fuel for a fill-up.
Department of the Army Inspector week and most military installations go Maj. Haire said there are no CH-
General office in the Pentagon. Col. on holiday routine, allowing most of the 47s in Louisiana. A contingent is
Sarran explained that his office had troops to go home for ..the holiday stationed at Fort Sill, Okla., and many
received the inquiry from the Air Force period. He then questioned the replies CH-47s are stationed at Fort Hood,
Liaison Office because the Air Force given VISIT investigators by the various Tex. The Fort Hood CH-47s are the
had concluded their units were not military installations we had called. He (continued on next page)
Pentagon, Continued

"C" model. They can do a round trip to

Houston and back without refueling.
They have a 3 hour plus 30 minute
contingency capacity. Maximum speed
is 175 knots and cruising speed is 140
knots. He pointed out that there were
no Chinooks flying in 1980 except for
military units, so civilian Chinooks
could not have been involved in the
Cash/Landrum incident.
The Ellington unit flies around the
Houston control area all the time. They
average 2000 hours/year/man. Fort
Hood averages 900 hours/year/man.
Maj. Haire is proud of his unit's record.
His unit does a lot of airborne troop
implacement drilling. They use the
Addicks Reservoir north of Houston as
a jump zone. In addition to the eight
CH-47s they have four Hueys and four
58s. Maj. Haire said he was 99% sure
that Ellington CH-47s were not involved Boeing CH-47 Chinook Helicopter
in the 29 December 1980 incident. He
said he could find out by looking up Ellington National Guard CH-47 unit. t h e i r f a u l t they would take
flight plans, aviators records, and the Mark noted that the air maps show two responsibility. He went on to say that all
form 759s that document flight times. microwave towers to the northeast of reserve units are under Force
Each flight of the CH-47 requires two Houston. He questioned whether or Command in Atlanta. This doesn't
pilots plus an enlisted (E-6) crew chief. not there could have been a microwave apply to National Guard units. Col.
Sometimes a fourth person joins the accident. No answer to this one. Sarran said he was checking to see if
crew. The Chinook can pick up and Maj. Haire said he had no idea any helicopters sprayed fuel or were
carry small equipment, but nothing real what went on on 29 December 1980. He involved in an agent orange type drill.
large. That would require a "Flying was definitely not involved. He felt that He received negative replies from The
Crane." the government well might have some Training Indoctrination Command,
Chinooks are not capable of joint special devices, some advanced Testing agency at Ft. Hood, Corpus
operations — more than one helicopter technology, or some test vehicles that Christi NAS, Aberdeen Proving
working together to carry a large could cause the reported symptoms. Grounds, and the Pentagon. The
object. Helicopter pilots are very light However, as a civilian or as a National computer lists no activity at Huffman,
sensitive at night and try to avoid bright Guard member he doesn't know of Tex. on 29 Dec 1980.
objects because they ruin the pilot's anything like that. I asked him if he had Col. Sarran called on 23 April 1982
night vision. For that reason he doubts ever heard of a NEST unit operating to set a tentative date for his trip to
that helicopters would have flown near here. He said no and he didn't even Houston. He is to fact-find the claim of
the diamond-shaped object sighted by know what that acronym meant. I helicopter involvement in the Cash-
Cash/Landrum. They don't even turn related that it meant Nuclear Landrum case. He planned to meet
on the inside helicopter lights until after Emergency Survival Team. He drew a with me, Vickie Landrum, Willie
they have landed. Major Haire also runs blank on it. Culberson, and a Dayton policeman we
a commercial helicopter service at Col. Sarran called again on 8 April had found who had witnessed
Lakeside Airport in Houston. 1982. He had talked with Capt. Richard helicopters on 29 Dec 1980. He had
Maj. Haire called me again on 26 Niemtzow at Travis AFB and with Dr. contacted all bases and found that none
March 1982. He said he had called Col. Peter Rank in Wisconsin. He flew near Huffman on the subject date.
Sarran to report the results of our understood their viewpoints, but Fort Hood only flew one helicopter. It
earlier telephone conversation. Col. decided to come to Houston in May to flew to Houston, to Galveston, and
Sarran is evidently digging into the case investigate for himself. He said there back to Fort Hood by 8 p.m.
like a tiger — representing the was nothing secret about his On 25 May 1982 I met with Col.
Inspector General's office. Mark involvement. He said "the Army Sarran at the International Airport
Charbenaugh who works with Maj. doesn't say UFOs exist or do not exist. Holiday Inn in Houston. He asked me to
Haire, is associated with the Austin That is up to someone else." If Army do a taped interview relating what I
reserves and Maj. Haire with the helicopters were involved and it was (continued on next page)
Pentagon, Continued • helicopters and it's getting louder." She suggested we visit the Army Medivac
says "well I don't see any airplane" and I said unit at Hooks Airport to the northwest
knew about the case. I did the interview "it's not an airplane it's a helicopter, Marie,"
and she said, "whatever it is it sure is low"
of Houston. We tried but it was closed
with the agreement I could also tape the and I said "yeah it is." So I rolled my car — all members were at a special
whole thing. He cordially agreed. The window down and there was very very little meeting out of town. ,
interview lasted about 45 minutes and traffic and so I 'slowed way down and I On 26 May 1982 I called Carl
covered a full narrative of the incident started looking and and I could see some Mangogna as a fpllowup to the
as I knew it. flashing lights in the air approximately
anywhere from 400 to 500 feet in the air and
Montgomery County Sheriff Dept. I
.At noon on 25 May 1982 Col. I got to picking out more of them and as I tracked him down through his father,
Sarran and I visited Vickie Landrum in was picking them out I picked out 3 in a also a Carl Mangogna. He is now Chief
her home in Dayton. Col. Sarran was victor formation and about maybe a of Security for a Houston corporation.
happy to have me along during the thousand and a little bit off to the left of it He had no memory of the events on 29
interview. Bertha Landrum, Vickie's was another sector of V with 3 choppers in
it. And as I looked a little bit better I seen
December 1980. He suggested that I
sister, was also present. Col. Sarran three more. The twin tops, front and aft, the call Capt. Defore of the HPD.
told Vickie this was an official shape and everything. On. 26 May 1982, Chief Warrant
investigation and she was free to talk Officer Gustafson of the Army Medivac
about it to anyone she wished. He gave I said well they must be on maneuvers unit called. He had done some checking
again, National Guard or something, out at
her form letter type information on the Fort Polk or the Coast Guard doing
at our request with other members of
Privacy Act which is to protect her; but something and I looked a little bit closer and the unit at Hooks arid suggested the
told her he couldn't guarantee privacy. I you could see some lower lights back off in following possibilities:
recorded the full interview and retained the distance quite a ways back. I'd say (a) There was a Quick React Force
the tape. A copy of the tape was sent to about % of a mile — real good visibility that operating in Louisiana and Texas
night, and uh, 1 just registered off and we
Peter Gersten in New York. Col. went on home. And it wasn't about oh, during the last year and a half. The last
Sarran called B e t t y Cash in maybe three-four weeks uh three-four days they heard of it was about 6 months
Birmingham from Vickie's house and maybe a little bit longer when I heard over earlier, operating near Morgan City,
had an unofficial fact-finding discussion the news of what happened and I told Marie Louisiana. He said they practiced "Iran
with her. I said, gee whiz I even told the men around type" raids, operating from a small
the office there. We setting around talking
At approximately 1:30 p.m. Col. one day I said, "What in the devil's all the
carrier in the Gulf of Mexico. Other
Sarran, Vickie Landrum, Bertha helicopters around for?" I said "They have times they haul in 5,000-gallon fuel
Landrum and myself went to see an airplane crash?" They said, "no, not that bladders for refueling. Their operation
Dayton Police Officer L.L. Walker (his I heard." is secret and not announced.
telephone is unlisted, but on file), I (b) The USMC in New Orleans
taped the full interview with the Col. Sarran said he was convinced operates CH-46 helicopters. He doesn't
policeman . and his wife Marie. They that Officer- Walker had seen know of any operation in the Houston
observed CH-47s in the exact same Helicopters, but it still had to be proven. Area but it is always a possibility; (VISIT
area near Huffman, but 4 to 5 hours Next Col. Sarran and I visited the check on the USMC unit in March
after the original incident. This time the Montgomery County Sheriff 1981. No activity.)
helicopters seemed to be searching for Department in Conroe, Tex. We were (c) Ken Defore of the Houston
something on the ground. They flew in checking on an allegation that the Sheriff Police Department lives in Dayton,
groups of three with searchlights had instigated the flight of helicopters Tex. He will visit L.L. Walker and
shining down on the ground. A portion on 29 December 1980. We found that double check him on his claim of seeing
of the transcript of the Walker interview all the people in the Sheriff's Dept. had CH-47s on 29 Dec 1980.
describes the situation as follows: been replaced on 2 January 1981. None On 27 May Chief Gustafson called
of the original people were around 'at with an update report. His followup
Lamar Walker says: On December the 19th the time of our visit. We spoke with with Ken Defore of the Houston Police
my wife and I was coming back home from Chief Deputy B.J. Grounds, Lt. Lowre, Department was positive. Capt. Defore
her Mother and Dad's who live in Plum and Pete Perkins. All the people said he has no doubt that Dayton police
Grove. It's about 3 miles behind Splendora
into the wood area. We was travelling New
interviewed said they would not call the officer L.L. Walker saw CH-47s. He too
Caney Road, we just came through there National Guard — it was not part of felt they were probably part of a Quick
the cut off and hit Cedar Bayou and uh their procedure. They would probably React Force. He said Walker saw 12
came across the river and cut down the call Houston police for assistance. helicopters. Four Groups of three each
school road at the Huffman new high school Chief Grounds suggested we contact
there and just got back on FM 1960. We
in "V" formation. The lead aircraft of
were approximately, we was inside the
Carl Mangogna who was in charge of each "V" was shining a spotlight on the
Liberty county city limits and just made a the Harris County Patrol Divison, ground as if searching for something.
turn out there by the railroad tracks on a responsible for helicopters at the time. Another element flew ll/2 miles behind
curve, headed east. The duty officer on 29 Dec 1980 was in a three-abreast formation. Altitude
Gloria Eshenbeck. Later I contacted was around 500 feet. They altered
And I made a remark I said, "Marie," I said.
She said, "What's that noise?" I said "well I
Mangogna but was unable to find course and headed for the Gulf of
don't know." But I said "it sounds like Eshenbeck. Chief Grounds also (continued on next page)
By James E. Oberg
(Copyright @1982, James E. Oberg,
all rights reserved)

Russia has its UFOs, too — but a "jellyfish UFO" swept over the docks, UFOlogy in the Soviet Union.has
with a difference. It has government sending down shafts of light which had its ups and downs, and it has been
coverups, too, and that is a central part broke windows and paving stones.. an enigmatic source of puzzlement to
of the difference. Over the Arctic Ocean, the crew of an Western observers. Fifteen years ago,
Cossacks in the Ukrainian Ilyushin airliner watched a blindingly in 1967, a major "UFO flap" coincided
countryside and sophisticated bright UFO emit beams of light and with semi-official interest in a public
Muscovites on big city -streets have drop cone-shaped projectiles. investigation of the phenomenon. This
stared in awe at UFO formations Similar UFO reports have come in came to an abrupt end early in 1968.
passing overhead. Russian astro- from around the globe. The difference Since then, a handful of unofficial Soviet
nomers at mountaintop observatories between these UFOs and ones seen in UFO researchers has continued
have gazed in wonder at half-mile-wide other countries is that in these cases private investigations, without any
crescent UFOs which silently glide the Soviet government secretly knows apparent government sanction or
across the sky. exactly what happened. Moscow discouragement. A series of
Flying along the Volga River, a knows where the UFOs came from,, spectacular new UFO sightings in the
commercial airliner was buzzed and who launched them, how they were northern regions of European Russia in
circled by a UFO; the plane's engines propelled, and why they were traveling the 1977-1981 period seems to have set
stalled and it glided downwards, until through Soviet skies. It knows all this — off a renewed low-level official interest,
the UFO departed and the engines and refuses to publicly admit it. It is but the government-controlled news
restarted. Thousands of people in probably the greatest UFO coverup in media continues to denounce the UFO
western port cities have run in panic as history. phenomenon as nonsense.
Against this background, the
publication in 1979 of an official report
Pentagon, Continued "negative findings." from the USSR Academy of Sciences
Col. Sarran called on 25 June 1982 takes on remarkable significance, since
Mexico. They could have refueled from as a last follow-up. We talked about the it plainly states that the officially-
5,000-gallon fuel bladders in the area or APRO Bulletin claim of knowing it was a denounced UFOs are "real" in a
from a flattop in the Gulf. Gustafson government device and having mathematically provable sense. This is
said "We may have uncovered a bucket. evidence that would help in the case. I exactly counter to the official
of worms." suggested he call Coral Lorenzen, the government line. Observers wondered
Col. Sarran called on 1 June 1982. author of the article, since I had no idea why .its publication was allowed at all.
He had no luck in locating a unit what she was talking about. As a Translated, the title of the report
responsible for the helicopters on 29 wrapup he told me he had contacted was "Observations of Anomalous
Dec 1980. Only Fort Bragg, N.C., Fort the lawyers at Bergstrom Air Force Atmospheric Phenomena in the USSR:
Devens, Mass., Panama, and Europe Base; Vickie and Betty had gone there A Statistical Analysis." The main
have Quick React units. They weren't to give testimony at the suggestion of author was Dr. Lev Gindilis of the
involved. Five CH-47s flew over Dayton Senators Bentsen and Towers: Vickie Shternberg State Astronomical
on 22 May at 11 a.m. I-asked him if it told Col. Sarran he should get a copy of Institute in Moscow. Data processing
would help to check and see where they the tape made at Bergstrom. He had and bookkeeping was performed by
were from, thus providing a clue to at gotten that tape. It revealed nothing I.G. Petrovskaya and most of the actual
least the range for operations on 29 new. He said, "obviously something text was written by D.A. Menkov.
Dec. He said it wouldn't help. Lots of happened to trie ladies." However, he Significantly, the report was approved
units could overfly the area. Fort Hood could find no group responsible for the
participates in the yearly Reforger for official publication by Academician
helicopters. An operation of that Nikolay Kardashev, one of the USSR's
exercise and flies from Fort Hood to magnitude would have been "big time." top experts in SETI, the Search for
Port Arthur as part of the exercise. Fueling would have been a problem. He
That would take them near Dayton. Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. For
just cannot believe it wouldn't have
Col. Sarran is due to answer the original convenience the Soviet document can
been exposed. The Special Operations
inquiry and talk to John Nyter, Deputy be referred to as the "Gindilis Report."
Branch, Delta Project (Iran raid) and
Head of Congressional Liaison. He said Copies of the report filtered out of
skyjack and terrorist righting groups the USSR along various routes (there is
he would get back to me on the Quick were checked and all responded with a
React thing. He expects to report no evidence that the report was ever
(continued on next page)
Soviet Cover-Up, Continued forgeries, the Vinland Map, and the before 6 p.m., circled the planet, and
Cardiff Giant as among the greatest was flaming its way across the southern
mentioned in the popular Soviet press). scientific deceptions ever staged. Soviet skies at 7:30.
One copy, received by the French Meanwhile, its publication (and wide Further correlations appeared.
government's UFO research group, acceptance) in the West serves the For the May-to-October 1967 period,
GEPAN, was subsequently forwarded purpose for which it was written, so the there were eight FOBS flights, and
to the private Center for UFO Studies publishers who pirated it are hardly seven of them appeared in the table of
(CUFOS) in Evanston, Illinois, where likely to be punished. 1967 UFOs in the Gindilis Report. In the
Dr. J. Allen Hynek passed another The key to unlocking the truth report, there are 56 multiple witness
copy on to NASA scientist Dr. Richard behind the Gindilis Report was found in cases in that time period and 44 of them
Haines at the Ames Research Center in descriptions of three spectacular correlate to the dates of FOBS flights!
California. Haines then had it translated multiple witness reports from the 1967 The exact FOBS missions and the
on a government grant, and the "wave." These occurred on the approximate times of their overflights
t r a n s l a t e d v e r s i o n was. t h e n evenings of July 17, September 19, and are: Cosmos-160, May 17 at 8:45 p.m.;
reproduced and offered for sale by October 18. All occurred in the Cosmos-169, July 17 at 9:30 p.m.;
CUFOS early in 1980. Ukraine/Black Sea/ Volga Valley/ Cosmos-170, July 31 at 9:30 p.m.;
Due to international copyright law, Caucasus region of the southwestern Cosmos-171, August 8 at 8:45 p.m.;
NASA later printed a warning on the USSR. Curiously, the bulk of Cosmos-178, September 19 at 7:30
front of its file copies of the translation: eyewitness reports showed similar p.m.; Cosmos-179, September 22 at
"This copy is for internal use of NASA patterns: a "crescent-shaped" object 6:50 p.m. (no reports — it may have
personnel and any reference to this proceeding on a generally west to east been overcast); Cosmos-183, October
paper must be to the original foreign path. 18 at 6:10 p.m.; Cosmos-187, October
source:" Access to file copies was To skeptical investigators such as 28 at 5:50 p.m.
restricted to NASA and contractor m y s e l f , one obvious solution This FOBS system, by the way,
personnel. The first draft which Haines hypothesis was some sort of repeated had in fact been publicly flaunted late in
received did not carry this warning, and technological experiment, perhaps a 1965 at the annual October Revolution
CUFOS made no attempts to certify new-model aircraft test or a unique type parade (on November 7). A TASS news
copyright before publishing, thus of frequently-repeated space mission. I agency announcer had boasted that
opening themselves to the possibility of made a quick check of space vehicle "the column of rocket troops ended
a lawsuit from the Soviet government. launch records and discovered a highly with orbital [sic!] rockets with atomic
But such legal action is extremely suggestive pattern. On each of the days warheads, which are capable of hitting
unlikely, for reasons which will become of a mass sighting, a special type of any aggressor unexpectedly, after
clear shortly. Soviet spacecraft test had occurred. making one or more orbits around the
Whatever the legal status of the The vehicle was called the FOBS, or earth." These missiles were code-
document, its scientific status was "Fractional Orbit Bombardment named the SS-10 "Scrag" by Western
allegedly very significant. Haines and System" (that was the name given the military analysts — and may have been
Hynek, together with numerous other program by the Pentagon, while a ruse, since when FOBS test flights
leading Western UFOlogists publicly Moscow insisted falsely that all of the began they were atop SS-9 "Scarp"
claimed that the Soviet report was the flights were merely "scientific satellites" missiles. The "Scarp" itself was
long-sought key evidence for the proof flown under the "Cosmos" satellite unveiled late in 1967 with the threat that
of the reality of UFOs. It allegedly program). Moreover, according to they could "deliver to target nuclear
proved that the Soviet government, no Western space experts, the FOBS warheads of tremendous power. Not a
matter what public posture it took, was flights involved a single loop around single army in the world has such
really serious about genuine UFO Earth and a flaming plunge back into warheads. These rockets can be used
research privately. Secondly, the the atmosphere — and the .times and for intercontinental and 'orbital
statistical analysis supposedly was yet flight paths of the fiery re-entries launchings."
another demonstration that the "UFO coincided nicely with the reported A typical FOBS flight involved
residue" of unexp)ainable cases was times of the three mass sightings of launch from the Tyuratam test range
demonstrably distinct from the majority UFOs described in the Gindilis Report. east of the Aral Sea in Soviet Central
of explainable cases (Identifiable Flying For example, the September 19th Asia. The two-stage missile placed a
Objects, or "IFOs") within which the event included sightings from Svatovsk two-ton payload into a low but stable
kernel of . useful "true UFOs" is (7:20 p.m.) Zimnik (7:20 p.m.), orbit 100 miles above Earth's surface.
hopefully buried. Volzhskiy (7:30 p.m.), Novooskolsk An hour and a half later, near the end of
But the truth is that the Gindilis 7:40 p.m.), Severodonetsk (about 7 its first pass around the globe, the
Report is a ruse, possibly another p.m.), Donetsk (8:20 p.m.), Zhdanov payload turned tail forward and fired a
Soviet attempt to divert attention from (8:20 p.m.), Mariinskiy (about 8 p.m.), powerful braking ' engine which
the truth about Soviet UFOs. Someday and Roy (8 p.m.). Meanwhile, the deflected it out of orbit and toward the
the Gindilis Report may be ranked with Cosmos-178 spacecraft had blasted off ground. In the 6 minutes before impact
the Piltdown Man, the Cyril Burt from Tyuratam in Kazakhstan shortly (continued on next page)
Soviet Cover-Up, Continued

onto a target zone east of the Volga

River, the gradually descending
warhead crossed over Athens,
Istanbul, and the northeast coast of the
Black Sea — where thousands of
unsuspecting citizens were suddenly
treated to a spectacular light show in
the evening sky.
One graphic description of such an
apparition appeared in an article in
"Soviet Life" magajine in February
1968. What was really happening was
that Cosmos-171, allegedly a "scientific
s a t e l l i t e " but a c t u a l l y a test CASPIAN
thermonuclear warhead space-to- SEA
ground delivery system, was diving into
the upper atmosphere on its way to a
touchdown point east of Kapustin Yar. CAUCASUS
What the shock wave looked like to
astonomers near Kislovodsk in the
Caucasus Mountains was this:

It was shaped like an asymmetrical

crescent, with its convex side turned in the
direction of its movement. Narrow, faintly
l u m i n o u s ribbons resembling the
condensation trail of a jet plane followed Observation points of July 17,1967 FOBS/Cosmos-169 re-entry
behind the horns of the crescent. Its with groundtrack superimposed (from Gindilis Report, Fig. 20)
diameter was two-thirds that of the moon,
and it was not as bright. It was yellow with a
reddish tinge. The object was flying
at twilight on July 18, 1967: falsification of the .actual eyewitness
horizontally in the northern part of the sky, testimony — a demonstrably common
from west to east, at about 20 degrees Suddenly a huge flying object appeared, occurrence in popular UFO books,
above the horizon. A bright star of the first moving swiftly across the sky. As it passed when published accounts can as in this
magnitude was moving at a constant the observatory its orange glow made it
distance ahead of the crescent. As it moved easily visible in the dusk. It was an amazing case be compared to documented
away from the observers, the crescent sight — an enormous crescent-shaped craft prosaic stimuli.
dwindled, turned into a small disk, and then at least eight times larger than any known Read Keyhoe's passage again for
suddenly vanished. airplane. The horns of the crescent were the subtle insertion of counterfeit clues
pointed backward, emitting jetlike about how he wants the "raw evidence"
exhausts....Confirmation of the giant
According to Zigel's account, "The spaceship's existence soon came from to be (mis)interpreted: a "craft" with
mysterious object was seen by ten of other astronomers. The diamter of the horns "emitting exhaust," with smaller
the station's scientific workers; it was flying crescents were [sic!) between 500 and UFOs in "precise formation" (of
also observed in Kislovodsk." Zigel's 600 meters (between 1640 and 1840 course, actually these were randomly"
article was about "True UFOs"and this feet...) Several times, Soviet astronomers
scattered pieces of burning debris!).
had reported that the huge spaceships were
case was featured as one of his best preceded or flanked by smaller UFOs Keyhoe (and all other Western
unsolved apparitions on record; it was which kept precise formations, matching UFOlogists) had had all the clues they
later listed in the Gindilis Report, too. the crescents' terrific speeds. needed to solve this case, but those
These cases appeared in Western who used the cases in their publications
UFO books of that period, too. The Keyhoe was, as it turned out, chose not merely to overlook the clues
Caucasus 'apparitions, for example, giving a severely garbled account of the but also to distort them sufficiently to
were described as flying saucers Cosmos-169 r e e n t r y , s u i t a b l y make them almost useless to anyone
hundreds of yards in diameter. The embellished from his own imagination else.
Soviet "giant spaceships" even rated a to force the observations to conform to The Gindilis Report contained
chapter named after them in Donald his own biases about "giant spaceships" three tables listing various descriptions
Keyhoe's 1973 book Aliens From and "intelligent piloting." The of some other spectacular flaming
Space. The usually highly regarded embellishment may well have been FOBS re-entries. Although most of the
Keyhoe painted a scene at the Kazan subconscious and sincere on Keyhoe's witnesses listed the motions correctfy
Observatory (on the lower Volga River) part, but the result was a clear (continued on next page)
Soviet Covcr-Up, Continued ti
a x—
c:| \> 5
(while incorrectly giving the time, often H C? S S ""? ^ c—-.

a r~, to £p
by more than an hour), a few Or,

i —1 O
i s: r*">
r l Cf S1
imaginatively described the false
cS <" CO CO '
f—^ CO S1
"UFO" as "hovering" or "curving." One j c3 .0 §3 p CO
?; CO
^ C/3 CO ^ J; o CO
cS oo 3-: o
air crew, on the Voroshilovgrad-to- oo H tq If. (—}
oQ ^ C
Volgagrad flight number 104, insisted c
L 00
that the UFO had hovered and then
maneuvered around their plane (air ,
4 C3
IT ' I gu
U- 00

crews are often touted as "trained
observers" but in fact they can be, as in
this case, often among the least
accurate observers of UFOs; to my

1 H 1 1

i itou HUPn
\ »Nill11

recollection, Dr. J. Allen Hyriek has 137 ua 1 «""> 1CJIi »zr MM nM9
reported this finding and this conforms ipr ma Y Jun Jiil aug se p oc t nc)V dec
to my own investigative experience.)
A more sensational aspect of this
sighting was omitted by Gindilis but did
appear in the original sources: the
plane's engines allegedly died and did
not start up again until after the UFO
had disappeared, when the aircraft was BAR GRAPH FROM GINDILIS ("FIGURE 9") SHOWS DATES OF 1967 UFO CASES.
Cosmos-178 coming home.
The s i g n i f i c a n c e of t h i s took place) as "flying saucers"? hysteria and money-grubbing yellow
FOBS/UFO correlation became clear. It is easy to see that official Soviet journalism. By late 1967, however, the '
More than 80% of the FOBS flights censors would have initially welcomed hundreds of thousands of new
caused mass UFO sightings; almost the public misidentification of the witnesses eager to make up for lost
80% of the UFO sightings of the period FOBS entries. After all, officially, space time, official Soviet policy had changed
of interest in 1967 were evidently systems such as the FOBS were illegal — briefly.
caused by FOBS space missions; a full and hence the USSR would never test In Moscow, a group of UFO
three quarters of the total number of them. In fact, since the FOBS system enthusiasts organized a private study
UFO reports analyzed by the Gindilis was readily recognized in the West as committee. The chief mover evidently
Report were from 1967! So the official an orbital H-bomb carrier best suited was Feliks Zigel, an .astronomy
Soviet statistical study's results are for nuclear sneak attack, the less the professor at the Moscow Aviation
hopelessly polluted by non-UFO data world knew about it, the better for Institute. A retired general, Porfiriy
(i.e, the FOBS sightings) and hence are Moscow's public peace posturing — Stolyarov, was chosen chairman, and it
totally worthless as information about especially following the writing of a 1967 is by that name ("the Stolyarov
"true UFOs" and their reputed "stable treaty outlawing the placement of H- Committee") that the group is known.
statistical properties" — which the bombs in orbit (which is exactly what After a series of very successful public
authors and the Western reviewers the FOBS was designed to do). Despite meetings, the group was invited to
boasted about. Computer experts have the fact that Moscow sanctimoniously appear on Moscow National Television
.a saying: "Garbage In, Garbage Out." signed the treaty later that year, it o on November 10. There, they invited
The Gindilis Report by this definition is continued to test FOBS vehicles (now watchers nationwide to send in reports
garbage, and a lot of UFOlogists outlawed by international law) long of UFO sightings for scientific analysis.
eagerly swallowed that garbage. It afterwards. It is primarily from that body of reports
should leave a bitter taste in their But these flaming UFO sightings in that 10 years later the Gindilis team
mouths! 1967 had ignited tremendous public selected 256 most typical for analysis.
Now, what might have been the interest in the Soviet Union. Up until So by late 1967 the Soviet
real motivations of the authors of the that point, the Soviet population had government was faced with the
report, and of Gindilis in particular? Did been relatively insulated from the flying uncomfortable prospect of its citizens
they naively think that they were saucer phenomenon, which for 20 scanning the skies and reporting all
working with genuine UFO raw data, or years had been exciting enthusiasts in strange lights they saw — and all with
did they know that their data base was the United States, France, South official approval. Yet many of these
hopelessly compromised but that it was America, Japan, and to a lesser extent lights were being activities
better for military secrecy that people elsewhere in the world. Officially, Moscow did not want to acknowledge.
still thought of the FOBS entries (which Soviet commentators had denounced What started out as an ill-considered
the Soviet government denies ever the topic as a product of capitalistic war ("continued on next page)
Soviet Cover-Up, Continued emanating from the object illuminated the Kamennyy UFO reports (which were
entire horizon. In addition, several cones of widely published soon afterwards) were
but apparently harmless pandering to light seemed to descend from the object to
the ground. "When it practically came up to
highly undesirable. First their secret
public curiosity now must have seemed us, it was quickly extinguished in 3 seconds FOBS tests and now their secret
to be getting out of control. and these bright cones continued to shine Plesetsk spaceport were being
It wasn't just the FOBS spaceshots independently for several more seconds compromised by the naive UFO
that needed coverups. The top secret and then were extinguished slowly". enthusiasm sweeping the country.
new military satellite center at Plesetsk The last straw must have been in
north of Moscow had opened the year All during this observation and for another February 1968 when Zigel published his
before for polar-orbit spy satellites. 10 minutes until the object disappeared into
the distance, radio contact was maintained
UFO article containing a precise
Sooner or later, one was bound to be with the dispatcher services for both Cape technical description (albeit
launched in twilight when, its unlit Kamennyy and Vorkuta, both of which unrecognized as such) of the officially
rocket exhaust plumes would stand out could also see the mysterious object but nonexistent FOBS warhead re-entry
like a torch in the sky. With the were unable to identify it. masquerading as a flying saucer.
sanctioned UFO mania sweeping the Censors may have realized that such
USSR, such reports were bound to be Many typical symptoms of details could easily serve to draw
published widely, betraying strong hints airborne UFO testimony can be unwanted attention to the FOBS
about the hitherto concealed existence identified in this account. The air crew flights.
of the military space center. incorrectly thought the "UFO" was So a few weeks later a new Soviet
And that is exactly what happened following their maneuvers and UFO policy was abruptly unveiled: no
on December 3, three weeks after the approaching very close (Cosmos-194 more published reports of UFOs
televised UFO appeal. The Cosmos- was doing neither). The "beams of (FOBS or Plesetsk or otherwise) since
194 Vostok-class spy satellite blasted light" were characteristic of such it was all "nonsense." But in fact, just
off from Plesetsk at 3 p.m. local time, Plesetsk launchings and would be seen the opposite, must have been the
shortly before sunset. As it rocketed again and again by witnesses of similiar anxiety gnawing at Soviet news
northeastwards along the Arctic launchings in the f u t u r e . The censors: too much sensible UFO
coastline, its contrails were visible to descending cones of light were almost discussions might really expose the
eyewitnesses in the wintry night below. certainly the four jettisoned first stage FOBS explanations or the Plesetsk
It became (and to this day remains) strap-on boosters trailing smoke; the activity. The Stolyarov Committee was
another great Russian UFO; it is known sudden fade-out of the main light may disbanded and Zigel was told to drop
as the "Kamennyy UFO" since it was have been the cutoff of its engines,, or the topic of UFOs. So the lid was
spotted from an aircraft on route from more likely when it flew into Earth's clamped down and the FOBS/UFO
"Mys Kamennyy" (Cape Stoney) in the shadow a hundred miles up. connection went unrecognized in the
New Siberian Islands to Moscow. .[The location of the aircraft during public literature for 15 years.
A graphic account of the "UFO" the UFO encounter can be estimated (End of Part I.)
was given by American UFOlogist by the fact that it was about 4 hours out
William L. Moore (author of The of Moscow on its flight back from Mys
Kamennyy. The IL-18 has a cruising IMPORTANT
Roswell Incident) in his study, "Red
Skies: A History of UFOs in Russia" speed of about 380 m.p.h. and
assuming it was on a great circle route This is a reminder that
(UFO Report, June 1980), based on December 31, 1982, is the
casebooks compiled by Zigel. Wrote that would put it not far from Vorkuta
and a bit north of the Cosmos-194 last date that tax exempt
Moore: gifts or donations may be
launch trajectory.]
Ironically, Moore boasted that made to the Mutual UFO
Among the most interesting [1967 cases] is Network, Inc. for the year,
a curious multiple sighting on December 3, "ZigePs reports tend to be limited to
those UFO cases that have managed to under Section 501(c)(3) of
of an unknown object near Cape
Kamennyy in the Soviet Arctic. At 3:04 p.m. withstand the most rigorous scientific the Internal Revenue Code.
several crewmen and passengers of an IL- investigation" — but a simple Grantors and donors may
18 aircraft on a test flight for the State
comparison of the time and flight path want to earmark their gifts
Scientific Institute of Civil Aviation sighted or donations to be applied to
an intensely bright object approaching of the "Kamennyy UFO" with the
launch time and trajectory of Cosmos- the purchase of a new
them in the night sky at an altitude of 2,800
feet (in this far northern latitude, night 194 (data was published a few months copier machine or to defray
comes in midafternoon in December). later in numerous international space publishing costs on the 3rd
magazines) was never done, neither by edition of the MUFON Field
• At first those aboard the IL-18 thought this Zigel nor by Moore, nor even by the Investigator's Manual. A
object was an aircraft with landing lights on,
Gindilis team, which listed the copy of MUFON's certifi-
but as the flight commander maneuvered cation of exemption letter
and the object followed, it soon became "Kamennyy UFO" as one of the most
spectacular multiple witness "true will be supplied to donors
apparent that it was not an aircraft. As the
object approached above and to the left of upon their request for
UFOs" of the year.
the IL-18, the powerful beams of light For Soviet security organs, the income tax purposes.
By Bill Chalker
(©1982 - Bill Chalker)

Despite assurances from the 3,000 feet, just out to sea off Mackay, approximately 1% times the speed of
RAAF that "nothing that has arisen North Queensland, witnessed a group the Electra. The captain wrote:
from that three or four percent of of 3 lights which passed in front of them.
unexplained cases gives away any firm The lights were about the same The object was first thought to be an RAAF
support for the belief that interlopers intensity as average stars and were A/C with afterburner on doing aerobatics
from other places in this world or moving horizontally at high angular but when seen to move in vertical zig-zag
patterns, (it) could not possibly have been.
outside it have been visiting us"9, velocity. They appeared to be at the (It) moved relative to stars — below
provocative events remain. Because of same altitude of the aircraft. horizon. At first speed was slightly greater
the RAAF's committment to checking Fearing an imminent collision, the than ours then increased to approx. 100%.
out defence implications in reports, pilot banked to the left "and Then in the last few minutes incr(eased)
those events outside their brief merely commenced climbing as the lights rapidly to many times our speed.
go unresolved. passed down the starboard side of
Space allows us only mention of a aircraft. The lights appeared to Brisbane radar ostensibly did not
small selection of cases: disappear into cloud abeam the confirm the "unknown." I have since
On April 4, 1975, following ground cockpit." Duration approx. 10 - 15 interviewed the Captain of the Electra
observations, a pilot of an aircraft seconds. "Nil radar traces noted by and it would seem that something quite
approaching Cairns airport from the 10SQN aircraft radar operator." The extraordinary took place that night!
west was asked by the tower to look out investigating officer confirmed that Shortly after, the pilot of a light
for an unidentified object to the north: "both men are reliable and trained aircraft — a Piper Aztec — sighted a
observers" and the case is listed as red and green object maintaining
VHP contact CS Tower was severely "not known." station with him for 4 minutes before
distorted prior to receiving the message of a Possibly the most interesting of the fading from view.
foreign object in the area. A light only was aircraft sighting reports from the RAAF Both Brisbane Radar and the
visible — not the usual aircraft light Meteorology Radar at Eagle Farm then
(landing) but quite powerful with a yellow files was a complex of events played out
near Brisbane and Coolangatta, began picking up unidentified returns
colouring, with a wide beam. For several
seconds it would oscillate through 10° to 15° Queensland, on the night of November that were stationary to the East of
of horizontal and vertical planes gently, but 4, 1976. The events are not mentioned Brisbane. The Met Radar picked up two
mainly appeared stationary. The vertical in the 1976 Summary. The Senior Area returns in close proximity, painting
oscillation appeared to move in an arc, as if about the same size as an aircraft. One
off-centre of the longitudinal axis of an Approach Controller, Brisbane
aircraft. Airport, directed details of t h e , tracked south and faded, the other
evening's events to the Orderly Officer went north and descended to 10,000
The source of light was not visible unless at Amberley Air Force Base. The feet. It was on radar for some time. The
pointing directly towards the observer,
accounts were in turn passed onto the RAAF report notes: "The Met radar
appearing then with a lens approximatley 3 operator likened the movement to that
times diameter of a Boeing 727 landing light Intelligence Liaison Officer at
Canberra. of a ship but said they had never painted
lens. During the last observation, smoke,
cloud or some opaque substance appeared The first report was made by the ships before in his many years of
in the beam. It appeared somewhat darker Duty Controller at Coolangatta Tower. experience at BN (Brisbane - B.C.)."
and denser than cloud. Cockpit duties
At 1900 hours he observed a stationary The RAAF report ex Amberley
terminated the observation. concluded:
light changing back and forth from red
The RAAF investigating officer to .green (possibly scintillation - B.C.).
The controller dismissed the object as The red-green object visually sighted has
indicated that the light was no known been assessed as most probably the planet
aircraft in flight and was "not "unknown, possibly a star" and took no Venus; the colours etc being caused by
completely satisfied that the object further interest. But things were soon atmospheric conditions. Weather on the
described by....the pilot, was the planet hotting up considerably. night of the sighting was clear with no cloud.
The crew of an Electra transport The radar contacts could have been caused
Saturn." However it is Saturn that by ducting of the radar energy painting
appears in the 1975 Summary as "a aircraft observed an object maintaining
ships at sea (a "not altogether satisfactory
possible cause"! station with them. The object again explanation," the officer later wrote —
On August 30, 1975, the pilot and appeared as a light changing between B.C.). DOT has confirmed that they had no
co-pilot of an RAAF Neptune aircraft green-red-green, but after it appeared civil traffic in any of the relevant areas.
to move up and down in its position, the There was no military activity.
transiting up the Queensland coast at
UFO departed to the south at (continued on next page)
RAAF, Continued Area went black and one or two seconds
later a bluish/grey ribbon of light flowed
horizontally across the field in a west
Shades of Kaikoura!10. The Electra direction and gradually faded out.
pilot finds such explanations,
understandably, most unsatisfactory. Although there were no RAAF file
Further investigation suggests that a holdings on the widely reported
commercial passenger aircraft bound • Frederick Valentich disappearance
for Cairns was paced by a UFO that incident, 1978 was a bumper year, the
night, and that a ground observer at Summary for that year listing 118
Boona, west of Brisbane, also reported reports. Space precludes me from
a sighting11. describing too many, but briefly some
The Intelligence Officer who of the highlights were an extraordinary
submitted the following report to phenomenon seen in a cane field east of
Canberra was really just "whistling in Barossa Valley, 1977
Mandurana, Queensland, for 3 hours
the wind" when he suggested an on December 6th; a "UFO sighting" by
explanation for a close encounter with a erew of HMAS Adroit on April llth; an
UFO on the ground, on November 11, apparent "electromagnetic" case north
1977, in the Barossa Valley. He wrote: of Goulburn, NSW, on October 22nd,
"My guess is that it was a set of orange which left the speedometer indicator
reversing lights, probably on the rear of broken, and a "daylight disc" seen near
a large American car." (!! — B.C.). The Laverton Air Force Base on December
report did not find its way into the 1977 27th.
Summary. A taxi driver in Wavell Heights,
A West Australian couple were Aspley, Queensland, almost touched a Aspley, 1978
camped on a roadside between farms, UFO, on the night of October 10,1978.
off Seppeltsfield Road and about % of a At about 10 p.m., while driving through
mile in from the Nuriootra (sic? — Spence Road, he saw "a very bright,
B.C.)/Tanunda Roads. The male white object (lit up from the inside, no
witness recorded the event in his diary lights on the outside)."
from which I quote:
It looked like a mini-bus, moving from my
It was the 2 square orange lights with a band right side across the front of me to the left. I
of glowing gold light straight across the top. thought it was going into a garage. At this
Then the 2 orange lights seemed to merge time it was 60 metres ahead of me. When it
(almost) into (each other), then back to came in front of my headlights, I saw it had
squares with a dark object crossing one of no wheels. I stopped my car about 2 metres
them, just like a person across a window. from it. Then I got out of my car and
Later 2 red spots (one in each orange watched it as it pas(sed) by slowly. It was lit
square) just like an exhaust. Later it all went up inside and outside extremely brightly —
Heathcote Road, 1978
out like a light and then I saw a pale glow as if a white metallic colour. It had a driving seat,
it was moving across the field. It appeared instruments and T-shaped steering wheel. I
to be 200/300 feet away, the gold light 40' couldn't see any light fittings inside or The object was shaped like two saucers
wide and 2' deep, the orange squares 3' to 4' outside. In fact it was moving so slowly that I on edge, but essentially a very large
square. After about 25 seconds I called (his tried to touch it. It was at this time that I
wife — B.C.) to watch it. She came out of
dark disc shape. It had what appeared
heard a sort of s.s sss noise and the lights
the van went out. It speeded up and quickly
to be four or five portholes. Light was
disappeared. The sighting lasted about 30 coming from these, although one had
Her story follows:
seconds. "something in the way" — a shadow or
Outside in the near distance between trees silhouette? Two lights like spotlights
each .side of the track there appeared to be
an object which seemed to fill the space I recently spoke to the witness and were directed downwards from the
between these same trees....After viewing confirmed the account as given in the UFO. When the couple stopped their
this strange set of lights for a few seconds, RAAF report. He did elaborate for me car, the object moved about 100 feet
everything went black, as if a switch had on the one provocative detail missing towards them. It stopped briefly, then
been turned off....Then in a westerly from the report — a driver for the "mini- moved closer, a further 50 feet. It finally
direction across the skyline at the top of the
field, there appeared a pale blue-grey light, bus" UFO. There was none! moved a further 50 feet, stopped very
wide at first, then gradually and fairly Another "unknown" was observed briefly and then flew off towards
quickly moving west and diminishing in size by 2 women driving on the Heathcoate Engadine.
like a ribbon of light, narrowing as it finally Road between the weir and the Menai On January 7, 1979, at Redhead,
faded out. turn-off, at about 9:30 p.m. on October NSW, a 10-year-old girl was woken up
29,1978. It was first observed some 500 by an extraordinary display. At about 4
Her husband described the end of feet away at about the same altitude. (continued on next page)
the observation as follows:
RAAF, Continued Three of these files are classified, two of UFO researcher would have seemed
which are secret although there appears to
be nothing on the files consistent with this
inconceivable. However, the door has
p.m. a very bright white circular object, classification. finally been opened and left ajar.
with a small circular piece attached in This preliminary review indicates
the centre, first appeared then stopped. These quotations seem to refer to a that the RAAF are probably as
A second object approached from situation other than a sophisticated confused and uncertain, as many
behind the first, circling and then cover-up program. civilian research groups, on what to do
stopping alongside it. The first object While there are a large number of about provocative UFO sightings. The
then took off again, stopped. The provocative claims which are RAAF have been locked into a
second object repeated the above suggestive of cover-up activities, this bureaucratically orchestrated
movement. This motion continued on report is addressed to the files responsibility, which, the reviewed files
back and forth for some 30 minutes, as examined by the author during January suggest, has long since been
the objects moved in a north-south 1982. determined to be a waste of time, but is
direction. As already stated, I was permitted continued as a service to the general
Both objects appeared to stop, a completely open review of the public.
side by side, over the neighboring RAAF/Department of Defence UFO In the main, the RAAF UFO
garage. Four beams of misty white light files made available to me. The investigations have served their
came from the objects to the ground existence of self critical and publicly stated purposes. That is, they
and lit up the area "like midday" for a provocative data in the RAAF may have allayed possible fear and
period of approximately 10 minutes. documents I was able to examine alarm by the general public and satisfied
The beams finally went out and both directly, at Canberra, is a powerful the government that there is no
objects disappeared from view in the argument that the RAAF is quite open apparent defence implications.
north-northwest. about their UFO investigations, at least However, based upon my review of the
The child had watched the whole within the normal limits of typical RAAF UFO files during January 1982,
display from her bed by a window, for government bureaucracy. Further still, past research into RAAF investi-
some 100 minutes, too frightened to call the fact I was allowed such a direct on- gations, my own investigations of UFO
her parents. After the objects had gone, site review of the files and that further reports and those of other individuals
the girl told her parents. She was visibly such reviews by myself of the remaining and groups, there is a residue of
shaken by the experience and her files are being organised, are significant provocative reports that survives the
mother had to sleep with her for the items of evidence for an open policy gauntlet of both official and civilian
remainder of the night. The girl slept rather than support for a "cover-up" investigation. I believe it is time that the
with her father for the following two scenario. It is also significant that my RAAF went beyond its current limited
nights. officially sanctioned file review event brief, which leaves its small residue of
This small selection more than took place prior to the imminent "unknown" or "unexplained" reports
adequately confirms the impression promulgation of the Freedom of unresolved.
that although the majority of cases Information Act. I think it is time for the RAAF to
investigated by the RAAF are The wording of the Australian Act abandon its "unnecessarily rigid and
m i s i d e n t i f i c a t i o n s of prosaic is such that a high-level "cover-up" unimaginative" approach (to quote and
phenomena, their files do hold valid program would be ensured its abridge DPR's submision to DAFI in
"unknowns" that deserve further permanency, and at worst would be 1966) and openly co-operate and
investigation. However the RAAF only exposed with ambiguous, support the efforts of those civilian
ostensibly lack the facilities and/or the fragmentary disclosures. Finally the groups that research and investigate
inclination to conduct worthwhile idea of a high level "cover-up" program UFO sighting reports in a responsible
investigations of these provocative seems a little inappropriate in a and scientific way. The Australian
events. situation where even the authority Centre for UFO Studies12 promotes
invested with the responsibility of this sort of approach. It recognises that
Is there a cover-up? the RAAF has expertise appropriate to
carrying out the program seems
somewhat disabled by an inability to evaluating part of the phenomena
The question as to whether the
satisfactorily organise and locate its generally regarded as "UFOs," -
RAAF is "covering-up" its UFO
own files on the matter (a problem, however, the Centre and many of its
investigation a difficult one to resolve to
which I might add, is shared by many sister organisations overseas have the
everyone's satisfaction. The 1966
civilian UFO research groups). capacity to enlist and direct meaningful
internal Defence Minute Papers
Conclusion investigations of the residue of reports
specifically address themselves to this that the RAAF seemingly prefers to
point. References in them are difficult to
It would probably seem that a ignore.
reconcile with a "cover-up" scenario: The satisfactory resolution of the
whole new vista of openess on the part
of the RAAF has unfolded. Prior to my UFO controversy assisted if
....We only foster the incorrect (but
nevertheless widely held) belief that we visit, an officially sanctioned review of official and responsible civilian groups
-have much vital information to hide. government UFO files by a private alike, co-operated more closely. In that
(continued on next page) 13

By Ann Druffcl

Media Mishmash

Do other branches of science have The reason for this might lie in the media mismash exists is as puzzling to
as much trouble with media publicity as fact that the subject itself is a mystery. me as is the mystery of the UFOs
UFOlogy does? In reading through No one, not even the most themselves. For among the numerous
newspaper articles on such subjects as knowledgeable researchers, know expert researchers today are persons
advances in medicine, space research, what UFOs are. Only theories and facts skilled in writing, research, script-
astronomy, etc., one gains the about particular reports are available writing, and film production.
impression that the reporter at least for the researchers to study. The The reason for bringing up this
tried to get the facts straight. The information which trickles down to situation at this particular time is that
articles may be written in oversimplistic reporters in various media is generally a recently the problem presented itself in
lay language at times, but in general the watered-down version. But even .the Los Angeles area in an
information is understandable and considering this difficult communi- unprecedented way. The latest
accurate. Major mistakes are few. As cation problem, why is present media problems began with the opening of the
far as TV documentaries and the like reporting so unsatisfactory? moving, "ET, the Extraterrestrial."
are concerned, in regard to the same Having been active in the field Michael London, a writer on the
subjects, one is left with the impression since 1957 (and intensely interested Calendar section of the Los Angeles
that they were done with the help and since 1945), it is my impression that the Times newspaper asked me to help him
permission. of the authorities quoted persons most knowledgeable in the collect a group of close-encounter
within. field are seldom permitted to have any witnesses in the area, especially those
Not so UFOlogy. Since the degree of control over the copy or who had interacted with UFO
beginning of the modern period of scripts which eventually make up the "occupants." His idea was to take the
UFOs (1947), the presentations of the finished products. The one exception group to a showing of "ET" to gain their
subject have been a mixture of to this is books, where a satisfactory impressions as to how their own
misrepresentations and mistakes — a number of knowledgeable researchers experiences contrasted or correlated
mishmash too often sprinkled with have been able to get books with with those of the characters of the film.
generous doses of fantasy and accurate information printed. At the time he called, I was
nonsense. Why this disturbing situation with frantically trying to finish preparations
for a research trip to Ireland on a
psychic archeology project that has
RAAF, Continued NOTES & REFERENCES engaged huge chunks of my time since
1977, and I did not actually have time to
9. From Statement to Australian Federal
way, that residue of provocative Parliament in Canberra, on 20 Oct. I960, by the give London on this article idea. But in
reports we label "unexplained" may Honorable P.M. Osborne, then Minister for Air, discussing the situation with him on the
eventually be resolved as something quoted in brief for Minister of Defence on RAAF phone, I learned that he had no other
prosaic or even something much more Policy for Reporting of UAS, Annex A to AF way of contacting documented close
interesting. 529/1/4 (144),. dated 18 December 1980.
encounter witnesses. On his own, he
10. 'See for example: Startup, Captain Bill &
Illingworth, Neil, TheKaikoura UFOs, Hodder& had succeeded only in contacting
Acknowledgements: Stoughton, 1980; members of what is referred to as the
„! would like to record my appreciation Maccabee, Dr. Bruce, "What Really Happened in lunatic fringe, who abound in Southern
of the kind assistance and co-operation New Zealand," 1979, published variously in the California. I decided that, for the good
given to me by the following: MUFON UFO Journal, APRO Bulletin, & the of the cause, I had to help him. I referred
Mr. L.A. Lavers, D/DPR International UFO Reporter during 1979.
Chalker, W.C., "A Re-viewing of the Great six rational, productive persons to him
Sqd. Ldr. Ian Frame, AFI-ILO Nocturnal Light — UFO Fallout over New who live in the Los Angeles area and
Mr. Bill Smither; DPR (Air Force) Zealand, Dec. 1978," Flying Saucer Review, pgs. who seem to have had valid CE III and
Mr. Noel Transwell, DPR (Research) 12-18, Vol. 26, No. 1, 1980. CE IV experiences.
11. Personal communication from Colin Phillips, The r e s u l t a n t viewing and
Note: ' " . President of UFO Research (Qld). See also
ACUFOS files. discussion of the film "ET" was
The author's address is P.O. Box 6, 12. ACUFOS, P.O. Box 546, Gosford, NSW, excellent, and in general, London
Lane Cove, NSW, 2066, Australia. 2250, Australia. (continued on next page)
California Report, Continued Upon returning home, I continued lead approved.
to receive calls from media personnel There is no doubt that during his
managed to write a fairly accurate about the Bailey case. One of them was interview with us he was deliberately
account of the various experiences of a man (I will not call him a gentleman) deceiving us, pretending he was
the witnesses. The article proved useful with an. English-accent who stated that interested in the scientific aspects of the
to UFOlogy and seemed helpful to the he worked for the "North American situation and repeatedly stating his
reading public in understanding and News Service" and wished to interview article, would be for the European
accepting the UFO phenomenon called Bailey and myself for a story to be markets only3. After learning his true
"close encounters." syndicated in English and German colors, we immediately shut off all
The few factual errors in the article publications only. He spoke a good communication with him and the
were mostly in the discussion of the piece and seemed to understand my number of photos he obtained from us
Bailey case. As readers of this column position that we were not out after for use with his article was zip.
are aware, Rev. Harrison E. Bailey is a publicity but that the reasons we Later we learned, form our secret
Baptist associate minister in Pasadena, wished to put out the story were sources, that he had gone ahead and
Calif. Not only was he a reported CE III threefold: 1. that it might shake loose written a simple article of about 300
witness in 1951, but on November 1, similar pictures from other witnesses words concerning Bailey's experience,
1978 he produced sixteen Polaroid who had not had the courage to bring with no mention of the years of
prints which he states were taken forth such inexplicable material; 2. that scientific study which had been poured
during a visit by two unknown (UFO?) such coverage would hopefully bring into the case. In fact, his story said
entities into his apartment in the dead of about funding from some media source Bailey's attempts to photograph the
night. for image enhancement of the Bailey strange manifestations (entities)
Three and one-half years have photos1; and 3. that such media sources proved unsuccessful! He was evidently
been put into constant study on these might help in funding planned photo trying to cover his tracks with the
photos, by myself and by anyone else I sessions in Rev. Bailey's apartment with Enquirer's editor, because he had been
can get to study them. The input of the hope of obtaining more images on refused use of the photos.
several photographic experts have led film (infrared, videotape, or otherwise) Instead he concentrated on a
me to think that the photos are not under controlled conditions and with description of a session in Bailey's
hoaxed and are probably genuine. other reputable witnesses present. apartment where we had enlisted the
However, they do not seem to depict a The man with the accent agreed aid of a talented psychic as an
visit by physical UFO beings, but that he would ask his editor about the experiment. Our purpose was to try to
instead are images of an unexplained above conditions. He spoke as if his see if this psychic, Anita Furdek, could
manifestation, heavily tinged with editor were in England and that he help produce any manifestations which
parapsychological implications. The himself was a mere visitor to the our cameras,.as well as Rev. Bailey's,
manifestation (entities?) do seem, Southland. He stated he thought his could photograph. No .manifestations
however, to be posing as UFO beings, editor could make it possible to have (visible) occurred and no photographs
at least in their interaction with Rev. the photos enhanced. Subsequently, were obtained, but Ms. Furdek
Bailey. Bailey and I gave him a complete apparently reached psychically toward
Rev. Bailey was one of the persons interview, covering the entire range of whatever had caused Bailey's Nov. 1,
I chose to introduce to Michael Bailey's experiences. In addition, I 1978 photo session and succeeded in
London, since he is a productive, projected in slide form all sixteen of persuading it to stop frightening the
intelligent, and articulate member of Bailey's photos, explaining minister. For since the session, Rev.
society, and I personally feel his painstakingly the paranormal features, Bailey's a t t i t u d e toward the
integrity is unquestioned. When the emphasizing the. slides where image phenomenon has changed from terror
Bailey experience broke into print in enhancement would be most useful. 2 to objective curiosity, and he has since
Michael London's Los Angeles Times The man left very pleased, but with produced three series of'inexplicable,
article, Pandora's box lost its latch. no photos, for Rev. Bailey had not apparently paranormal photos. These,
Immediately, media persons of all brought his originals with him. In the however, have even more paranormal
descriptions began to ring the phone space of time between our first meeting implications than the original set, and
requesting more information and and his planned subsequent meeting do not relate in any logical way to UFO
interviews. However, the combination with Bailey in order to borrow a picture phenomena.
of stress from the preparations for the or two to illustrate his article, I learned Hearing of the Enquirer story, and
trip to Ireland, heavy and unexpected quite by accident (or synchronicity?) after fighting off repeated attempts by
family responsibilities, and the added that the reporter was a freelance writer one of their photo editors to persuade
UFO work caused by the Times article who wrote for the National Enquirer. Rev. Bailey to permit use of one or two
had flattened me out, and as a result I Fully three weeks before his first call to of his photos .to illustrate the
could not even answer the phone for me, he had "put in a lead" to the Englishman's inaccurate story, Rev.
two weeks. I arrived in Ireland finally, Enquirer suggesting the Bailey photos Bailey and I have tried every way we can
where the research went well, though it as an article after obtaining the idea to see that the story, as written, is at
was accomplished at half steam. from the Times article, and had had his (continued on next page)
Project Identification SERVICE
If the attacks on Mark Rodeghier Anyone knowing the name and The UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE
will keep you informed of all the latest
and Allan Hendry (August 1982 address of the person who operated the United States and World-Wide UFO
Journal) are representative of what UFO Detector Network in Hammond, activity, as it happens! Our service was
passes for UFOlogical thinking in 1982, Indiana please contact me. Also started in 1969, at which time we
t h e n m a y b e U F O l o g y is a interested in compass needle or contracted with a reputable
pseudoscience after all. compass-type detector reports for i n t e r n a t i o n a l newspaper-clipping
In criticizing Project Identification, statistical analysis. Eric Herr, 6250 bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
Rodeghier (in IDF) and Hendry (in Stanley Ave., San Diego, CA 92115. find UFO reports (i.e., little known
photographic cases, close encounter
FATE) raised very serious and specific and landing reports, occupant cases)
questions about Harley Rutledge's and all other UFO reports, many of
methodology and conclusions. William which are carried only in small town or
Leet and Lucius Parish to the contrary, In s c i e n c e , as opposed foreign newspapers.
neither critic mounted anything (apparently) to MUFON-style "Our UFO Newsclipping Service
remotely like a personal attack on issues are 20-page monthly reports,
UFOlogy, it is standard practice to reproduced by photo-offset,
Rutledge, recognizing that it is his review and critique others' work. containing the latest United States and
approach, not his personaltiy, that is at Scientists expect to have their writings Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
issue. subjected to critical scrutiny. That, in. our foreign section carrying the latest
If we can judge from the MUFON fact, is how knowledge progresses. If British, Australian, New Zealand and
writer's responses, the criticisms must Leet and Parish want UFOlogy to other foreign press reports. Also
have been right on target, since neither progress, they would do well to included is a 3-5 page section of
Leet nor Parish bothers to address a "Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and
remember that rational discourse is other "monster" reports). Let us keep
single major issue raised in the reviews infinitely preferable to emotional name- you informed of the latest happenings
to which they object so vehemently. calling. in the UFO and Fortean fields."
Instead they content themselves, in the Jerome Clark For subscription information and
manner of men unable to articulate a Lake Bluff, 111. sample pages from our service, write
serious refutation, with sarcastic today to:
remarks and irrelevant speculations (Editor's response: In "MUFON-style
about the critic's motives. (Parish's UFOlogy" as recorded in this Journal, UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE
suggestion that Hendry, author of a no one's work — including that of Route 1 — Box 220
book universally recognized as a classic Rodeghier and Hendry — is exempt Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
in the literature, has "contributed little from the critical review process. One
of value to the subject" is especially man's "attack" may be another man's
outrageous.) "critical review.")

California Report, Continued that the whole article be scrapped if it might inadvertently find themselves
cannot be accurate. trapped in similar situations.
least factual. We have been warned by This is only one of the recent
indirect Enquirer sources that if we incidents of media-mishmash which NOTES
demand too much accuracy, written have resulted from the "release" of the 1. I have tried repeatedly, from all major UFO
guarantees, etc. that the story will be Bailey photo experience. As more research organizations in the U.S., to have these
photos enhanced, but have been informed that
printed as written, simple-minded and develops, this may turn out to be more they are not UFO material, but rather belong in
inaccurate as it is. We stoutly refuse use than a one-part column. It is necessary the field of psychic research.
of the photos — it is a matter of to explain fully what happened in case 2. The pictures would not benefit from normal
principle. an article on the Bailey photos appears, computer enchancement techniques, but would
Now, when I go to the market, I unwanted, in the National Enquirer. require reduction and "deblurring" techniques to
bring out the information we seek.
glance through each issue of the Our colleagues should know that we 3. Being a writer, researcher, and script-writer
tabloid, hoping against hope that had nothing to do with its inception and myself, any U.S. markets for the Bailey story
Bailey's story will not be peeking out. If tried desperately afterward to patch up would be in the realm of my own interest, if and
it is, I hope my name will be removed the situation so that the least harm was when opportunity for more scientific study on the
and also the name of a certain UFO done to the UFO field and to the photos presents itself.
4. Anita Furdek is known in the psychic research
research organization with which I am credibility of those caught up in the field (at least in Los Angeles) as a proven talent in
associated. I have requested this by entrapment. Perhaps this experience applied parapsychology experimentation.
letter, and Rev. Bailey has requested will help to warn other researchers who
By Robert Wanderer

Nessie and UFOs

For hundreds of years people near Loch Morar and Loch Tay. But always a few strange people who "see"
around Loch Ness and other lakes of there are no pine trees on the bonny strange things, but surely hundreds of
Scotland have "seen" an undulating bonny banks of Loch Lomond. people can't be making up stories.
unknown marine animal which Craig explains that when a pine log In the UFO field, there's the continuing
occasionally breaks through the falls into the lake and gradually sinks to strong assumption that anything that
surface with much churning and foam, the bottom, it does not succumb to the can't be easily explained must be an
but quickly dives back into the depths. "enormous pressure" down there as extraterrestrial spacecraft. As with
Particularly during the last 50 years, beech or birch would. Instead, the Nessie, there are usually only two
there have been extensive attempts to pressure squeezes the trunk layers of choices: a UFO is from outer space, or
definitively photograph the Loch Ness bark, cork, and cambium, and the the people who "see" it-are staging a
Monster, which has come to be known tree's resin forms a "strong waterproof hoax or making a gross error in
affectionately as Nessie. Many outer skin not unlike marine plywood." perception.
electronic devices have been employed As the long-submerged encapsulated In the Travis Walton case, people
in and above the water, to no avail. tree trunk decays, gases form inside. see only two" alternatives: Walton was
Now a retired Scottish electronics The pressure of the gases, he points "abducted" onto a flying saucer, or
engineer named Robert P. Craig1 has out, "can reach quite high proportions Walton and his six cohorts got together
developed an excellent explanation for because of the back pressure of/the and made up the whole wild story, and
this long-mystifying phenomenon. He water outside." i have continued to maintain it in all the
approached the problem from two Futher expansion of the gases then years since. I find both those theories
diverse directions. "drives resin and tar oils out toward the quite unlikely.
First, he questioned the only possible exits" at the stumps of the In "abduction" stories developed
assumption that this involved an branches and ends of the trunk. They during hypnosis, people see only two
animal. A few observers had said that form extrusions or blisters filled with alternatives: the hypnotized person is
Nessie "looks like a telephone pole." A minute gas bubbles. Eventually these describing the actual "objective" truth,
log looks like a telephone pole; could blisters in effect become buoyancy or they're making up a story as a hoax.
Nessie be a log that somehow comes up tanks, and finally.the log begins to rise. Let's permit at least one other
from the bottom of the lake? A good As it nears the surface, its internal alternative: they are developing a story
candidate, he thought, might be the pressure is far above that around it and in their subconscious mind, similar to
majestic Scots pine, Pinus syluestris, it "is almost bursting at the seams." It the way we dream every night, a story
which once covered the whole Central pokes its snout above the surface, that didn't "really" happen but which is
Highlands of Scotland. The tree is foams and thrashes about as the gas of such strong symbolic meaning to the
loaded with its own chemicals — resins,' escapes, and then sinks quietly below creator that the hypnotized person
turpentine, tar oils, phenols, sugars, the surface. reacts as if it were true.
and many types of gases. And these The starting point of Craig's Nessie,. of course, is a single
chemicals are affected by pressure — scenario is to question the assumption phenomenon, whereas UFOs come in
such as you find at the bottom of an made for lo these many years that the many sizes and shapes and speeds and
extremely deep lake. phenomenon was caused by an animal. luminosities and colors and
Second, he wondered: There are Or, to put it another way, that there electromagnetic properties, so the
more than 500 fresh water lakes in were only two choices: either it was a blanket term "UFO" lumps together a
Scotland; why are Monsters found in mysterious animal, or those people who dozen, or perhaps many more,
only three of them? Nessie is sighted "saw" it were mistaken. separate phenomena. We're not going
about 100 times a year in Loch Ness, Neither of these theories is very to find a single explanation that "solves"
about 30 in Loch Morar, and 3 in Loch good. How could an animal be "seen" the "UFO problem."
Tay. Aha, he found: These are all so often for so many years, and still not The first step is to become aware
unusually deep lakes. But Loch be found when tracking equipment is of our assumption, and to expand our
Lomond is also very deep, and no used in the loch, and when no body of options and possible explanations.
Monsters are sighted there. an expired or injured animal is ever Hang loose, ladies and gentlemen. The
So Craig checked the population found? And how could an animal UFO solutions may turn out to be as
of pine trees nearby. Thick stands of produce so much froth or foam in such unexpected as a pine log for Nessie.
pine surround Loch Ness. Substantial fresh water? Robert P. Craig, "Loch Ness: The Monster
but lesser numbers of pine trees grow On the alternative, there are Unveiled," in New Scientist 8-5-82, pp. 354-357.
Director's Message, from p. 20 Tough, Ph.D., was introduced to by Marvin Taylor, Jr., Assistant State
MUFON in Toronto at the Thirteenth Director for Northern California. B.D.
the Sunday Independent, of Ashland, Annual MUFON UFO Symposium. He "Bernie" Shaffer III, 1116 Shiloh, San
Kentucky; the Herald-Dispatch of is a teaching professor and resides at 70 Angelo, TX 76901 has been appointe'd
Huntington, W. Va.; and the Grecnup Pleasant Blvd., Apt. TH3, Toronto, State Section Director for the west
News of Greenup, Kentucky. He also Ontario M4T 1J8 Canada. Texas counties of Tom Green, Irion,
appeared on a break-away segment of A new research specialist, James and Coke. Bernie is currently
PM Magazine on WSAZ channel 3 on DeMep, M.A. of Illinois State University investigating a possible CEII case.
September 17th and a radio talk show in Normal, 111., is an Assistant Professor For those of you who are
on WGNT, both in Huntington, W. Va. in the Geography-Geology Dept. interested in the bigfoot phenomenon, I
on September 27th. This is sound working toward his Ph.D. in 1983. Jim can recommend a new booklet (39
evidence that the public is still very Maples, 4235 Empire St., Columbus, pages) titled "Night Siege: The
interested in learning more about the GA 31907 has been appointed State Northern Ohio UFO Creature
UFO phenomenon. . Section Director for Muscogee Invasion" by Dennis Pilichis. The
It is a pleasure to announce;that County. He is also the Director of West Foreword was written by Berthold
three new Consultants have been Central Georgia UFO Study Group. Schwarz, M.D. This is a current study
added to MUFON's Advisory Board of Ronald Berryman, 3500 W. Country of unbelievable experiences occurring
Consultants. Gary Johnson^ Ph.D., Club, Sacramento, CA 95821 has been near Rome, Ohio during the summer of
Electrical Engineering Dept., Kansas appointed as the State Section Director 1981. This booklet may be purchased
State University, Manhattan, KS 66506 for Sacramento County. Ron, a by writing to the author, Dennis Pilichis,
will specialize in "Effects on Electrical commercial pilot, was recommended (continued on p. 19)
Systems" and also serve as a Field
Investigator. W. Robert Sanders, M.D.,
a former air force surgeon, will be a
consultant in psychiatry and available
for. regressive hypnosis cases. Allen 1. Title of publication: The MUFON UFO A not-for-profit corporation incorporated
JOURNAL (USPS 002970) under the State Laws of Texas.
2. Date of filing October 8, 1982 Trustees: Walter H. A n d r u s , Jr.
T.V.REVIEW 3. Frequency of issue: monthly (International Director), 103 Oldtowne Road,
4. Location of known office of publication: Seguin, TX 78155; Sam Gross (Corporate
"The UFO Experience" is an 103 Oldtowne Road, Seguin, Guadalupe, Texas Secretary) R.F.D. 2, Seguin, TX 78155; John
excellent hour-long documentary 78155 Donegan (Treasurer), 1901 Mount Vernon,
created by San Francisco TV station 5. Address of the headquarters: 103 Seguin, TX 78155
Oldtowne Road, Sesuin, Guadalupe, TX 78155 ' 8. Known bondholders, mortgagees, and
KPIX and shown on that station in 6. Names and complete addresses of other security holders owning or holding 1
September. publisher, editor, and managing editor: percent or more of total amount of bonds,
It presents an overview of the UFO Publisher: Walter H. Andrus, Jr., 103 mortgages or other securities: NONE
situation, and includes on camera Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX 78155 9. For completion of n o n p r o f i t
Hynek, Klass, Lawson, Haines, and Editor: Richard H. Hall, 4418 39th St., organizations authorized to mail at special
Brentwood, MD 20722 rates: NO CHANGE
Schuessler. It selected four "typical" 7. Owner: MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, 10. Extent and nature of circulation:
cases — the Shannon Davis case (a INC. (MUFON), 103 Oldtowne Road, Seguin,
local «pilot sighting), the Del Duca TX 78155
"abduction," Cash/Landrum, and the
Average No. copies Actual No. copies
New Zealand lights. Peter Coyote, who each issue during of single issue published
played the part of a UFO investigator in preceding 12 months nearest to filing date
the movie "E.T.," served as host. A Total No copies printed 1100 1100
Ron Lakis, the producer, avoided B. Paid circulation
the sensationalism sometimes seen in 1. Sales through dealers and carriers, street
UFO programs, and insisted on 2' Mail subscriptions 942 996
keeping the show serious and credible, C Total paid circulation 942 996
for the average viewer as well as for D. Free distributions by mail, carrier or other
those more knowledgeable about the means: samples, complimentary, and other
free copies .. . 74 42
subject. For example, he included 1038
E Total distribution 1016
Lawson's work on a psychological basis F. Copies not distributed
for "abduction" stories -without 1. Office use, left over, unaccounted, spoiled
mentioning his birth trauma after printing 84 62
hypothesis, feeling that BT might not 0
G Total 1100 . 1100
seem credible to the average viewer in
(signed) Walter H. Andrus, Jr.
the brief time devoted to Lawson on the Publisher
program.—Robert Wanderer
Lucius Farish

In Others' Words
UFO events in Russia are controversial theory that UFO (8l/2" x 11"), softcover publication which
spotlighted in the October 5 issue of abduction cases are fantasies of the is available from Lind for $14.95, plus
NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Claims of a "birth trauma" process is the subject of $1.25 for postage & handling.
collision between a UFO and a train, as the "Anti-Matter/UFO Update" Each entry contains the name of
well as E-M effects, are detailed in the column in the October issue of OMNI. the periodical, country of publication,
article. In the ENQUIRER'S October 12 Although the fate of UFO publisher, editor, address, number of
issue, a former Air Force officer tells of REPORT magazine is apparently still issues published, f r e q u e n c y of
a 1965 incident in which UFOs uncertain, the publishers plan to issue publication, and appropriate additional
apparently interfered with the flight of an ANNUAL, which will be available on comments. A coding system indicates
an Atlas missile, launched from newsstands in January 1983. the subjects covered by a particular
Vandenberg Air Force Base in How many UFO magazines, periodical. Periodic supplements to the
California. A military tracking station bulletins, and newsletters have been CATALOGUE will be issued on a
filmed the UFOs as they circled the published during the past 35 years? A quarterly basis, providing new listings
missile at 60 miles altitude and bunch! The job of cataloguing all these and corrections to old listings. Yes,
apparently attacked it with a type of various publications is one which I there are a number of errors and
light beam weapon. would not wish on my worst enemy, but omissions in the CATALOGUE, but it
The September 28 issue of THE it is one which Tom Lind has is still a valuable reseach tool. Lind's
STAR reports on sightings of a large undertaken. The results, admittedly address is: P.O. Box 711, Hobe Sound,
oval object seen by several persons in incomplete, are now available in THE FL 33455.
the vicinity of Reserve, New Mexico. CATALOGUE OF UFO PERIOD-
Dr. Alvin H. Lawson's ICALS. This is a 281-page, spiralbound

Director's Message, from p. 18 the past few years, George had finally West Germany. As a career officer, he
consented to grant your Director felt that he had the confidence of
P.O. Box 5012, Rome, OH 44085. permission to publish a human interest Project Blue Book personnel to
Congratulations to Massachusetts update on his famous UFO "dogfight" consider, but at the same time the
MUFON on their montly newsletter, on October 1, 1948 over the Fargo, apparent public ridicule hurt him
edited by Mrs. Marge Christensen. North Dakota airport, witnessed by L. personally.
Richard Hall, editor of the MUFON D. Jensen, air traffic controller. After 27 George and his family lived in New
UFO Journal plans to announce the minutes of futile attempts to get close to Braunfels, Texas, only 14 miles from
name of the new Staff Art Editor, identify the round white light, he landed Seguin. They spent their summers at
however anyone interested in his North Dakota Air National Guard P- their cabin in Canada and their
volunteering as a staff artist, please 51 Mustang fighter. Even though this winters at home in south Texas. For the
contact Walt Andrus. Both the July and classic UFO case from 1948 has past few years Mr. Gorman had been
August issues of the Journal had cover appeared in publications all over the constructing homes using solar energy
illustrations by James Leming. How world, George, when first contacted, for hot water, pools, etc. It is with
many readers recognized the stated that he would have to obtain extreme regret and the loss of a friend
caricature of R. Leo Sprinkle on the permission from the U.S. Air Force that I must announce that George F.
August cover? before agreeing to publish the story in Gorman died on July 31, 1982 after
The Rosario, Argentina Delegation the Journal. His reluctance was based being stricken with cancer of the
of F.A.E.C.E. will be be hosting the upon several factors. pancreas while vacationing in Canada.
"Third International Congress of In addition to the national publicity Obviously, we will be unable to publish
Extraterrestrial Science" and the that he received, such as a Saturday his personal story in the Journal, since
"Sixth National Congress of Ufology" Evening Post article in which the author the in-depth interview was not
in Rosario on December 8-12,1982. For ridiculed his experience, an appearance conducted. I learned of his death when I
details and reservations please contact on the program "We The People," an called to make an appointment for the
F.A.E.C.E., C.C. No. 508, 2000 interview by Major Donald E. Keyhoe; interview. My wife and I have had some
Rosario, Santa Fe, Republic Argentina. he was asked to transfer to Wright AFB delightful dinner engagements with Mr.
After several meetings with to receive training as a UFO and Mrs. Gorman as fond memories of
George F. Gorman, Lt. Col. (Ret.) over investigator and promptly assigned to this professional military officer.^
On September 14, 1982, John advised us that MUFON-CES (Mutual Spielberg's "E.T." Mrs. Marge
Schuessler, Chairman of the UFO UFO Network-Central European Christensen, MUFON State Section
Federation Steering Committee, Section) conducted their eighth annual Director is the Ideas Exhange Fair
published Newsletter No. 1 as a UFO conference on the weekend of Coordinator, being ably assisted by her
communication media for the October 15-17, 1982 at the Hotel Gloria husband David, and Linda Seal,
committee members and a request for in S t u t t g a r t - M o h r i n g e n , West MUFON Field Investigator. Judging
proposals, suggestions, and answers to G e r m a n y . Speakers making of the contest entries will be performed
problems that must be resolved by presentations or participating in the by Massachusetts MUFON members
specified dates. The summer vacation program agenda on Friday were I. David Webb, Barry Greenwood, Jules
period has been detrimental to Brand, B. Heim, M. Kage, Dr. Muller, Vaillancourt, and Joe Santangelo.
concentrated attention to these Prof. Senkowski, Adolph Schneider, Since this was basically a MUFON
matters, however the fall season is now Dr. Franke, Dr. Bauer, and Dr. W. von contest, headquarters awarded prizes
with us and we are looking forward to Lucadau. S a t u r d a y ' s speakers to the first and second place winners in
positive responses. He also included an consisted of I. Brand, E. Gerland, A. each of the three grade levels consisting
article by John Prytz entitled "A Schneider, Dr. E. Bauer, Dr. W. von of Leonard Stringfield's booklet titled
Proposal For A Network Linking the Lucadou, and Beat Biffiger. Sunday "The UFO Crash/Retrieval Syndrome"
Information Resources of Australian morning was devoted to a question and Status Report II. A copy of the 1981
UFO Groups and Individuals" for the answer period. Dr. W. Maurer made MUFON UFO Symposium Proceed-
consideration of members. the concluding presentation before ings was also awarded to the best
Bertil Kuhlemann, Project URD in adjournment early Sunday afternoon. overall entry per the judges decision.
Stockholm Sweden, has started a Adolph Schneider, MUFON Photographs of the model E.T.'s may
newsletter for the working party of Representative for West Germany, and appear in a future issue of the Journal.
PICUR, appropriately named "Project Illobrand von Ludwiger, MUFON Ray Boeche, State Section
Rainbow" to perform some of the same Director for MUFON-CES hosted the Director in Lincoln, Nebraska was
objectives as John Schuessler's conference. instrumental in organizing the program
newsletter. I would like to express our MUFON members across the "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena,"
appreciation to Bjorne Hakansson, nation are counteracting the negative sponsored by the University of
Vice President of Project URD, who bias of the PBS NOVA series "The N e b r a s k a - L i n c o l n Division of
attended and contributed immensely to Case of the UFO," aired on October 12, Continuing Studies, in cooperation
the success of the 1982 UFO Summit 1982, by providing outstanding positive with Nebraska Association for the
Meeting in Toronto. Mr. Hakansson public relations through educational Study of the Unexplained, that was
was so impressed that he plans to programs. On October 31st, a feature conducted on November 13th and
attend the 1983 MUFON UFO of the Second Idea Exchange Fair at 14th. Featured speakers were Dr. J.
Symposium in Pasadena, Calif., to Beverly High School (Massachusetts) Allen Hynek on "UFOs," Dr. Ray
promote international cooperation. will be the "Make Your Own E.T. Mackal on "Unknown Creatures," Ray
Dipl.-Ing. Adolph Schneider, contest" for students in grades four Boeche, "Phenomena in Nebraska:
MUFON Representative for West through twelve. Model E.T.'s will be Cattle Mutilations," and Linda Moulton
G e r m a n y , has composed and constructed with written descriptions Howe with her film "Strange Harvest,"
circulated a four page listing titled of how they breathe, achieve mobility, dealing with cattle mutilations.
"Information Exchange on UFOs by communicate, etc., as well as written When George Parsons, Jr.
Tape." It is a list of the types of UFO descriptions of the environmental announced to the press through a
reports and where they should be conditions on their home planets (e.g., personal new release that additional
funneled to the specialists throughout gravity, climate, temperature, terrain), counties in Ohio and West Virginia had
the world, listing names, addresses, and which must be suitable to support each been assigned to him as State Section
their specialized area of interest. In particular type of life form, will be on Director, the newspaper coverage in
order to keep the addresses current, display during the fair. the three-state area of Kentucky, Ohio,
please contact Herr Schneider at the Even though this contest was and West Virginia was phenomenal.
following address: Konrad-Celtis-Str. inspired by the motion picture "E.T.," Four and five column articles were
38, D8000 Munchen 70, West the model extraterrestrials and written published in the following newspapers:
Germany. descriptions must be original and the Ironton Tribune, of Ironton, Ohio;
Illobrand von Ludwiger has should not be copies of Steven (continued on page 18)