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In this issue
Director of MUFON By Paul Cerny

TED BLOECHER By William H. Banks
Co-Chairmen, E.T. PHONING - OR PHONY? 6
Humanoid Study Group By David L. Dobbs


Promotion/Publicity By Harley Rutlcdge
Religion and UFOs By Budd Hopkins
Books/Periodicals/History ENID BRADY'S E-T CONTACT LEGACY 12
By Larry W. Bryant
Promotion/Publicity RADIATION UFO INJURIES 14
By Richard C. Niemtzow
Staff Writer 1982 BRIEF SUBJECT INDEX 17
Landing Trace Cases By Mark Moravec
Medical .Cases (Plus CRITIC'S CORNER, p. 16; IN OTHERS' WORDS, p. 19; DIRECTOR'S
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By William H. Banks

Writing in the MUFON UFO rather, how it sounds today — Hiram nor the Times ever again
Journal (No. 172, June 1982) Dr. Louis Whitehead's airship was a small glider referred to this epochal achievement.
Walker states: and no pretense was made otherwise. In fact, the Maxim design is
The basic importance of this forgotten reminiscent of one proposed by a "C.A.
...I chose to believe the vast majority of (if ever real) feat to UFOlogy is the Smith," as recounted in the San
what I read (about the 1896/1897 airships in deadly serious tone of the article and Francisco Call of November 25,1896.!
the contemporary newspapers). much the amorphous nature of the term The "technical" (Dr. Winkler's term)
more reasonable to believe that nearly all
the newspapers in the country are reporting "airship" in the 19th Century press. details are all but identical. Oddly,
what the populace believes rather than With such caveats in mind, let us however, there is no mention of the
stories conceived in the minds of consider the specifics of Dr. Winkler's leadership of the world famed Maxim. A
newspaper employees. airships. strange reticence, n'est pas? This
Most prominent among these is an "Maximally" important article from the
My first reaction was incredulity. A airship story appearing in the N.Y. Times, contradicting as it does all
cursory examination shows this Times of December 2, 1897. Dr. subsequent aviation histories, is worthy
skepticism to be fully justified. For Winkler apparently is willing to of close scrutiny. For example,
instance, the New York Times of consider Sir Hiram Maxim as the
October 6,1897 reports (under the title inventor of an "airship," which made a It has at last been discovered who the
"Will Try His Airship") that "...'Gus' "round-trip flight between San incorporators of the Atlantic and Pacific
Whitehead, an ingenious, young Francisco and Cleveland in three days Aerial Navigation Company are. The
mechanic" would fly "his forty-second company, which is offered by C.A. Smith,
in the summer of 1897." Assuming a President (sic), and M.A. Terry, Secretary
airship" on Sunday next. perfect crow's flight, this would require (sic), both of San Francisco, was organized
Alas, nothing further was recorded an average speed of over 100 mph: a to manufacture the air-ship of Hiram S.
of this determined — if not quite performance that no subsequent lighter Maxim, inventor of the Maxim gun.
ingenious — young man. It should be than air machine ever achieved as a
noted that, despite the title — or, maximum speed! Alas, neither Sir (continued on next page)

Perseverance, Continued

of a jet. Its size would have been twice

the width of a full moon.
My first thought was that it was a
missile, possibly a Cruise Missile. The THE OBJECT
shape at a glance was similar, also the
direction of travel of this elongated, unknown itself. I had to rule out a been large portholes or simply large
lighted object was similar to the Cruise missile because of a number of obvious lighted areas. The most unusual feature
Missile I had seen on TV news a few reasons. Details of the sky visitor were was the rounded head portion with
months before. At the time I remember quite unusual- The general overall what looked like two side-by-side
frantically fumbling for my 410 mm shape of the sharply outlined craft was transparent bubbles protruding out
telephoto camera, which was already similar to that of a carrot or an from the surface on the front end. It
adjusted, as best as it could be set for elongated, stretched out ice cream reminded me somewhat of a bug-eyed
night photography, with color film cone. It was traveling with the large end goldfish. The whole object was
capable of ASA 1000. This I did without first. There was no fire or flame emitting illuminated against the darkness of the
taking my eyes off the object traversing from the rather pointed tail end. There sky, but not glowing or radiating light to
its course from left to right. The 10- was, however, a long, thin, gray-white any extent. The orange splotch marks
second passage of the object was so trail faintly spewing out of the narrow were giving off the most noticeable
short that I never managed to actually rear about four to five times the length luminosity.
grasp and lift the camera from its case. of the body. I remained at the spot, intently
I immediately took a writing pad The object had four large and watching and waiting for about 3 hours,
and drew a sketch of the object and graduating sized orange, splotchy but my vigil was unrewarding. The
made notes on the spot of everything I lighted areas along the length of its pale show was over and I had barely caught
had observed, plus details of the white body outline as if they may have the 8:15 "Express!"o
By Paul Cerny
(MUFON Western Regional Director)

Once in awhile, possibly on a

somewhat rare occasion, perseverance
deserves success. For a 27-year span of
diligent investigation and time spent in
the "field" observing in active remote
areas, I have managed to witness a total
of seven objects that I could not explain
as natural phenomena. This small
number of events during this period
seems like a meager amount to me
considering the time spent observing.
These were individual sightings of aerial VIEW THRU WINDSHIELD
objects, four of which were very low
elevation. The last and most able to commandeer anyone to I had not been there more than 2 or
spectacular was observed with Tom accompany me on such short notice, I 3 minutes when something bright, to
Gates, MUFON Astronomy made the 250 mile trip alone, arriving the extreme left of the windshield,
Consultant, near Happy Camp, Friday evening December 10 at caught my eye. Immediately focusing
California in February of 1976. approximately 8:15 p.m. at roughly the on the approaching light, my startled
In October 1982, I received a call general area on Highway 36 where the and intent gaze riveted onto this
from a Red Bluff police officer and his police reported their encounter. At this speeding object as it sailed across the
dispatcher informing me of an orange 4,000 foot elevation, climbing gradually 90 degrees of arc visible through the
sphere that cruised at low level across higher up into the mountainous area windshield. I don't even recall blinking!
the highway in front of them as they toward Lake Almanor, is a Vista Point The object was in sight about 10
approached Red Bluff from the east. On Lookout area that overlooks the seconds before it disappeared from
December 4th I received a call from canyon to the north side of the road. sight to the right. It passed about
Anita Sowles and her husband, who live The south side of the road also has a halfway between the top . of the
a few miles south of Red Bluff. This deep gradual canyon. embankment and the telephone lines,
young housewife and dental technician, Since the other sightings came at about a 10 degree elevation, in a
along with other family members, had a from and maneuvered slightly to the perfectly straight path level with the
very close encounter (about 90 feet) south side of Highway 36, as it wound highway. It undulated ever so slightly
near Los Molinas, south of Red Bluff, its way up through the mountains to the twice in a downward motion in the first
back in the 1960's. east, I parked the car about 100 feet off third of its travel in front of me. This
Anita, her husband Tim and their the road in the Vista Point parking lot, movement was so slight it was hardly
two young boys, 5 and 7 years, saw well out of the path of the occasional detectable. (See sketches)
through the windshield of their pickup passing of the meager traffic. A car Its flight path was taking it on a
truck, two large, vivid red balls of light would pass, on an average, about one direct course right for Red Bluff, about
maneuvering ahead of them in the sky every 10 minutes. I headed the car in a 35 miles to the west. The object passed
as they approached Red Bluff at 7:05 south-by-southeast direction, shut off behind a few of the taller scrub trees on
p.m. The balls tilted back and forth, the lights and engine and opened my top of the embankment, which was
staying the same distance apart and camera case in the seat beside me. The roughly 25 to 30 feet above the
never changed shape or intensity. moonless sky was clear and dark, roadbed. It is of course difficult, under
Occasionally a row of smaller red lights except for millions of stars and the dim these conditions and references, to
would be seen in between the two large outline of the high embankment on the estimate size, distance, and speed. I
ones, giving a dumbbell appearance. opposite side of the highway in front of mulled this around in my mind for some
The object gradually dimished in size me. Through the windshield, in the 90 time after the sighting. The duration
and after 5 to 7 minutes vanished from degree arc of my view, I could see a few was as near 10 seconds as I could
view at low level. scrub trees atop the embankment. At estimate after its passage. A rough
This, coupled with the police about 15 degrees above the elevation estimate of distance would be about a
report and the possibility of other over the embankment I could see a mile, maybe less; the speed, about that
sightings not being reported, prompted heavy telephone cable stretching along
me to make a trip to the area. Not being the low skyline. . (continued on next page)
Airships? Continued Barnard's pluck, a successful flight prove nothing. Chapter 10 of Daniel
would only have been luck: such an Cohen's book demonstrates that
"At last" the "incorporators" have been "airship" holds no answers for science fiction hoaxes were hardly
"discovered!" As the identities of the UFOlogy. unknown in the 19th Century U.S.
APANC founders were printed in the The Pegasus letter (or letters?) is press. And liars, of course. If not for
Crocker Langley San Francisco (City) mentioned by Dr. Winkler as having Jerome C l a r k , the Hamilton
Director of April 1897, this is fair wide currency in the contemporary "cownapping" would still be regarded
warning that the Times', anonymous press. This is an especially interesting as a connection between the murkier
"persons connected with the company" craft with a speed of 150 m.p.h. — and side of UFOs, then and now. Those
were untrustworthy. Or worse. steam power. As John A. Keel acidly unwilling to trust skeptic Cohen on the
The Crocker Langley series offers notes, here is an answer as to why condition of the period press are
a small insight into the workings of UFOs are so often reported taking on referred to the journalism department
APANC. The firm did not exist as of the water?3 An apparently unrelated of the local college or university.
spring of 1896, but arose after the message of distress from "The Airship As for a secret invention, Cohen
publicity of the original California Travelers" — Arthur B. Coats of convincingly quotes Thomas Edison,
airship sightings. In 18%, Charles A. Laurel, Miss., C.C. Harris of Gulfport, "It is absurd to imagine that a man
Smith was listed in the directory as a Miss., and C.W. Rich of Richburg, would construct a successful airship
"physician." The 1897 edition, Miss., received no acknowledgment and keep the matter secret."6 Any such
published in April of that year, finds him from their "people."4 Other airship tales device would have had to elude aviation
president of APANC. May of 1898 finds abound, but — regardless of the historians for more than 80 years. The
Smith still listed as head of the number of "details" — there is no National Security Agency would gape
struggling enterprise, but the objective confirmation. in admiration at such a shroud of
corporation is now located in the With my own (cautious) attitude secrecy. Airships? To quote Scrooge,
residence of its new secretary, John E. made plain, here are a (very) few words "Bah, humbug!"
Morson. By 1899, the end has come and of encouragement for the romantics.
Dr. Smith has returned to the healing My own great-grandfather was A Note on Dr. Winkler's Notes
arts. supposedly waved to from a passing There is an apparent discrepancy
Thus, the Times story ran as the airship. A dirigible would often move up in the dates attributed to the New York
company's dissolution neared. Most and down in a choppy motion in even Times: the NYT Index for 1894-1898
probably, Maxim and the secret flight moderate weather; this does inevitably lists stories about Barnard as appearing
were introduced by the "persons" in a bring to mind the familiar "falling leaf on May 7 and May 11. Nonetheless, I
last attempt to bilk a few dollars more. motion." In 1884, an airship crash was was unable to find the latter on the
Those with lingering doubts should reported with particulars startlingly like microfilm copy. Could the citations for
study the purported engineering with those which later afflicted hydrogen lift "Tribune" and NYT have been
lighter-than-air craft (LTA's).5 • confused? For those wishing to check
...naptha for the (lone!) engine ....(to)... be For historical research, the New further, see page 722. of the Index
stored in cases, which are supposed to be York Times is normally the newspaper volume under "airships."
enough to drive the ship around the earth of first choice, as the "old girl" is
without replenishing the tanks. REFERENCES
indexed back to 1853. Unfortunately,
"she" has always had an aversion for 1. Lore, Gordon I.R. & Deneault, Harold H., Jr.
If Mr. Berliner2 is skeptical of this Mysteries of the Skies; UFOs in Perspective (NJ:
man-bites-dog stories, so UFO reports Prentice-Hall, 1968), p. 35-37.
material, his suspicions are only too
are few and far between (try "airship," 2. Berliner, Don. " 'Mysterious Airships': A.
well founded! "balloon," etc. in the Index volumes). Comment," MUFON UFO Journa/No. 169, Mar.
Writing previously in the March 1982.
Those wishing to research 19th
issue of the Journal (No. 169), Dr. 3. Keel, John A. Why UFOs (NY: Manor Books,
Century airships should consult
Winkler correctly identifies the craft of 1976), p. 89. (Originally published as Operation
Gregory's Union List of Newspapers Trojan Horse.)
"Prof. Barnard" as being powered by a
1821-1936 and Newpapers on 4. Op. cif., p. 89-90; Cohen, Daniel. The Great
bicycle drive device — powered by the Microfilm; these will indicate which Airship Mystery (NY: Dodd Mead, 1981) p. 82-84.
pilot's legs! Small wonder its 5. Cohen, op. cif., p. 168-171.
newspapers near the incident have
performance had been "achieved or survived. Normally, the local library will 6. Op. at., p. 87.
excelled by at least fifty other be able to order a microfilm copy free or
contrivances!' " In passing it should be B/BL/OGRAPHY
at very nominal cost. Unhappily, not all Flammonde, Paris. UFO Exist! (NY: Putnams,
noted that the speed of the Barnard newspapers circulate — even on 1976), chapters 5 & 6.
ship, as given in the article, is Gross, Loren E. The UFO Wave of 1896
microfilm — while others have never
comparable with that of the first been copied. And remember that the (Fremont, Calif.: privately published, 1974).
dirigible ever to successfully return to Union List was printed over 40 years
Clark, Jerome. "The Strange Case of the 1897
its place of launch. This latter, La Airship," F/ying Saucer Review, July-Aug., 1966.
ago! "More on 1897," F/ying
France, was quickly scrapped because In summary, unsubstantiated Saucer Review, July-Aug., 1967.
it was unable to fly except on the news accounts of successful airships (continued on next page;
calmest of days. However admirable
By David L. Dobbs, K8NQN

Ron McConnell was really number one to zero, our number one to verbatim, granting optional
steaming. He had been on ten meters three. Our mathematics one, three. Your interpretations of a few words. Only the
talking to his friend Vic, another mathematics one, zero. Your mathematics names have been changed to protect
.one,'zero. Our mathematics one, three;
amateur radio operator across town in one, three. Describe as your triad. Describe the innocent, as the saying goes.
San Antonio. Harry, a ham in Kansas as your triad; tri-angle, tri-angle. Is all Understandably, the radio amateurs
City, had broken in requesting help in measurements our system tri-angle, tri- involved would rather not be subjected
contacting his uncle. While they were angle. We receive your transmission, your to ridicule and harassment. However,
trying to exchange the necessary language, your cipher, and return on your Ron McConnell, as we have called him,
information, some station had begun assures me that he is willing to
transmitting directly on their frequency cooperate with scientists or serious
without pause or identification. Ron At this point, Ron realized that the
investigators interested in this case.
couldn't understand what anybody was first side of the cassette was full.
Ron recorded this transmission on
saying through the double. This looked Unfortunately, he had begun recording
October 14,1980 ,at approximately 8:47
like a case of deliberate interference by on an old tape which was already in the
recorder. Quickly he turned the p.m. CDT (0147 UT) on the frequency
an unidentified signal which might of 28.530 MHz. Signal strength was
interest the Federal Communications cassette over while the dramatic voice
observed to vary from S7 down to S3.
Commission. Ron switched on his tape The beam antenna, which was directed
recorder. He held the extension NNE (30 degrees), was a Wilson
....five your years sidereal time to reach our
speaker from his transceiver near the origin, five years sidereal time to reach our System Two 4-element tribander at 22
microphone. Now to get the interfering origin. .We will return your transmission, feet (7 meters). A Yaesu FT-901DM
signal in the clear. and are constantly awaiting yours. We will transceiver was used. Band conditions
"Stand by, Harry." return transmission and are constantly were normal for the time of evening.
awaiting yours with much concern, with Reflectivity of the upper atmospheric
much concern. We duplicate your
....We return your transmission in your language, your cipher, your inflection as layers normally disappears shortly after
. language, your cipher, your inflection; your close as possible. We duplicate your dark.
language, your cipher, your inflection, as language, your cipher, your inflection as On October 17,1980, Ron mailed a
closely as we can duplicate, as closely as we close as possible. This is our first, initial
can duplicate from our origin, from our copy of the tape with an explanatory
transmission. This is our first, initial letter to the Federal Communications
origin. From our origin to your origin of transmission. We will transmit at one
your signal is five light-years, five light- sidereal year intervals. We will transmit at Commission Field Engineering Bureau
years from our origin to your origin, and we one sidereal year intervals. We receive and in Houston, Texas. To date he has
have received many signals, we have respond your transmission. received no acknowledgement or reply.
received many signals in all of your
language, in all of your language, and most Since transmission of an unidentified
signal received this language, most signal Then there was only the slight hiss signal and deliberate interference are
received this language. It is cipher we of an open frequency. both grounds for legal punishment and
duplicate as close as possible. We duplicate Ron was the first to speak. "Vic, revocation of amateur licenses, it is
as close'as possible your language, your most unlikely that any of the three hams
cipher. Your number one to zero, your
did you copy that?" "Sure did," was the
reply. whose calls are on the tape would be
Airships? Continued "Well, I taped it! Harry, did you party to a hoax.
copy that?" What was the voice like?
Hanlon, David E. "Texas Odyssey of 1897," "No, I didn't. No, I didn't, Vic, Describing it objectively is a challenge.
Flying Saucer Review, Sept.-Oct., 1966. over." The signal from Kansas City was It is apparently male, of medium tone.
Hanlon, David & Vallee, Jacques. "Airships Over weak. and very deliberate. The words are
Texas," Hying Saucer Review, Jan.-Feb., 1967.
Jacobs, David M. The UFO Controversy in
Harry was advised that the band clearly enunciated, although there
America (Indiana Univ. Press, 1975), chapter 1. was going out, and the San Antonio seems to be an accent which sounds
Payne, Lee. Lighter Than Air (NJ: A.S. Barnes, stations signed with him. A few somewhat Spanish. The inflection is
1977). comments concerning the message rather flat and mechanical for the most
Vallee, Jacques. Passport to Magonia (Chicago: were exchanged, and Ron ended the part. On first impression, the voice
Regnery, 1969), appendix: "A Century of UFO
recording. appears to have a computer-generated
Landings," p. 181-186.
Over the past few years, various relevant articles quality. However, what sounds
have appeared in the Fortean magazine, Pursuit, "Just the Facts"
which is indexed annually. The transcription of the tape is (continued on next page)
E-T, Continued stations reported hearing anything Barnard's star in Ophiuchus would
extraordinary. have been south-southwest, off the
suspiciously like breathing is clearly back of the beam.
audible between the phrases. The Analysis Language and mathematics were
impression is that speech processing Let us first of all consider the also discussed in the message. While
with clipping has been used. meaning of the message itself. We are English was presumably learned by
Subjectively, the communication is asked to believe that someone 5 light- listening to random broadcasts, certain
quite impressive to most listeners. years away has been able to decipher words used are relatively infrequent.
Much of this may be due to an our language by listening to broadcasts How often does one hear the terms
emotional reaction to the semantic and now wishes to communicate with "sidereal," "cipher," or "triad," for
content, of course. us. Ten years would be required for instance? With regard to mathematics,
Eventually this recording came to each cycle of two-way communication. things look brighter. Reference to the
the attention of MLJFON member Obviously our space friend is endowed ternary system based on three is
Elmer Romigh, Jr., WA5CTJ, of San with an admirable degree of patience as particularly intriguing. Presumably our
Antonio, who recognized its possible well as longevity. What can we deduce decimal system reflects the fact that our
importance. Rising before 7 a.m. on about his QTH (location, to our non- hands have ten digits. It is logical that
Saturday mornings to participate in ham readers)? Tabulations of stars creatures with three-digited hands
MUFON amateur radio activity, Elmer nearest the Sun are topped by Alpha would develop a system based either on
reported the matter to the net members Centauri, a triple system at a distance six or three. Humanoid hands bearing
in mid-August, 1982. Communications of 4.3 light-years.1 Next closest is only three digits have indeed been
with Texas is often difficult from the Barnard's star, a double at 6.1 light- described in at least one well-
upper states at that hour, so that initial years. Dr. Carl Sagan confirmed that documented CE-III case."5
details concerning the incident were there is no suitable star 5 light-years Synchronistically, a particularly
somewhat confusing. To clarify from Earth. He stated that while we applicable article appeared at the time •
matters, the author established direct might have missed a star at this the technical aspects of the signal were
contact with the recording amateur, distance, its luminosity would be so low being analyzed. The probability of
first by mail, then by telephone and that essentially no light or heat would be receiving ten-meter signals over
amateur radio. A copy of the tape was provided to any planets that might be in interstellar distances is actually
obtained in time to provide a transcript its system.2 addressed by the authors, who are
to several net members just prior to the Alpha Centauri A is described as a . radio amateurs as well as professional
second a n n i v e r s a r y of the star of spectral type G4. This is a class engineers working in NASA's SET!
transmission. A number of stations theoretically capable of sustaining (Search for Extra-Terrestrial
became interested in monitoring the planets habitable by our standards. Intelligence) program. 6 Incredible
frequency for a possible recurrence, Alpha Centauri B and C are type Kl power would be required to produce a
and the investigation was underway. and M respectively, while Barnard's detectable signal in a normal beam
WA5CTJ had suggested that the star is an M5. Although Barnard's star antenna at a distance of 5 light-years.
frequency be monitored on the evening shows perturbations which may Much higher frequencies in the 1-3 GHz
of October 13, and correctly so. The indicate the presence of one or more range are postulated to be used for this
sidereal day is 3 minutes, 56 seconds large planets, these would be close in purpose. Amateur stations are in any
shorter than the solar day. Band and rotationally locked due to the small case limited to relatively low power (2
conditions and uncertainty about size of their sun. Furthermore, both kw), while high-power commercial or
exactly when a transmission might be type K and M stars would literally fry govenment broadcasts are found at
expected dictated that observation any planets with tremendous doses of frequencies even lower than 28 MHz.
should occur over a period several days radiation. To make matters even Ordinarily, such stations use only
before and after the anniversary date. worse, multiple stars were considered frequencies for which the upper layers
WA3QLW, net control operator on so unlikely to have habitable planets of the atmosphere are relfective, when
alternate months, monitored from the that they were eliminated from less energy would be radiated into
Harrisburg, Pa., area but heard no consideration when Marjorie Fish space. One thing can be said for the
strange broadcasts. Listening in constructed her famous star map based amateur bands, however. Someone is
Cincinnati, K8NQN copied a number of upon Betty Hill's hypnotic recall.3 always listening!
Australian stations just below the Since Alpha Centauri and The recorded message was
frequency as well as a Texas station Barnard's star remain our best received in the single sideband mode.
running only 5 watts of power, before possibilities, we need to consider from While it could conceivably have been
the band went out. No extraterrestrials what direction signals from them would amplitude modulated, this would make
identified themselves, however. Other have arrived. Star charts indicate that the power problem even worse. Single
stations who reported monitoring with when the transmission originated, the sideband transmission has pre-
negative results were W5UAA in constellation of Centaurus was setting dominated on ten meters for much
Grove, Okla., and WAOOBN, the with most of it already below the
mayor of Jamaica, Iowa. No Texas western horizon. On the other hand, (continued on next page)
E-T, Continued was skip propagated. An alternative "But, what if it wasn't? WHAT IF
possibility must be considered, that the IT WASN'T?
longer than 7 years. However, signal was local in origin but transmitter
continuous wave communication in power was varied to simulate sky wave. Epilogue
International Morse Code would be This is rather unlikely. What if it wasn't, indeed? Whether
even more efficient and is extensively A vast area of Mexico lay off the this particular "message" was a hoax or
used. back of the beam. The witness is not, SETI is alive and well. Carl Sagan
Had the signal been barely emphatic that its front-to-back ratio is has collected the signatures of 68
perceptible, its credibility would be high enough to rule out the possibility of prominent scientists and scholars on a
higher. Meter readings were reported receiving a signal of that quality from document published under the title
to vary between S7 and S3, and the the rear. That leaves much of Texas "Extraterrestrial Intelligence: An
audibility tends to bear this out. In the and all of Oklahoma, Kansas, and some International Petition.8 It is pointed out
average communications receiver, this adjoining states as the most probable that we are now able to communicate
would indicate a signal level of about 40 source of the signal. with other civilizations in space, if such
to 15 micovolts.7 This is millions of There appears to be no reason exist. Using current technology, we
times stronger than could be expected why the perpetrator would have chosen could receive signals over a distance of
from such a vast distance. If we take the to break in on that particular QSO thousands of light-years. An
message at face value, we must (conversation) with his broadcast. No international research effort using
therefore conjecture some novel means topics had been discussed which might existing radiotelescopes is urged.
of generating or relaying the signal as have encouraged a listener to do this, In November, the Wall Street
well as detecting incredibly weak and much of the transmission was a Journal headlinded a report,
signals from Earth. double. The few comments that would "Congress Is Finally Letting NASA
have been heard afterward are the only Listen for Extraterrestrial Messages.9
Conclusion "kicks" the originator might have This breakthrough is primarily due to
At this point, three alternative received for a carefully composed and the efforts of Dr. Sagan. He met with
possibilities need to be evaluated in light imaginatively delivered message. There Senator William Proxmire and
of the available data: seems little harm in publicizing it more convinced him that NASA's SETI effort
1. The transmission originated than 2 years later. Despite all the was of genuine scientific importance
from some unknown source 5 light- evidence we have examined, it cannot and would not involve major expense.
years away as stated. Considering the be stated that the transmission was Sen. Promire had previously ridiculed
facts, we are forced to agree with Dr., definitely a hoax. Our hours of listening the project, awarding it his "Golden
Sagan's comment that the chance of on frequency were worthwhile on the Fleece" award and writing prohibitory
this being true is "absolutely tiny." slightest chance that it was not. Dr. language into NASA's appropriations
2. The incident was a deliberate Sagan stated that he could understand bill. These restrictions have now been
hoax perpetrated by one or more of the and would even encourage monitoring removed.
amateurs involved. A number of in subsequent years. NASA is building a signal analyzer
factors, technical as well as legal, point The apparent failure of the F.C.C. at a cost of $1.5 million to be used with
away from this story. The credibility of to bring this matter to the attention of existing radiotelescopes. The world's
the primary witness is high. Amateurs proper authorities in the SETI program largest dish antenna at Arecibo, Puerto
who listen to the taped message and is inexcusable. It is to be hoped that Rico, is one of them. Information
spontaneous comments which followed channels will be set up in the future to equivalent to thirteen volumes of the
would have little doubt that it was assure timely and expert investigation Encylcopedia Britannica will be
received as stated. Deliberately inviting of such occurrences. processed by the analyzer's computer
punitive action from the F.C.C. would Was this message unique, or has it every second. During a period of five
be foolish in the extreme. Neither is the been heard by listeners at other times years, a thousand solar-type stars will
required degree of sophistication and on other frequencies? Did anyone be investigated. According to an article
present. For instance, the primary else hear it who might be able to localize in QST, for an investment of several
witness, believes that the word the source with some certainty? We thousand dollars it would be possible
transcribed "sidereal" should be would welcome other reports of this for amateur radio operators to
"Sibereal." type. undertake their own private SETI
3. The transmission was a hoax In conclusion, the final words programs on a modest scale.6
perpetrated from a terrestrial source by recorded on the tape say it all with How does SETI affect MUFON
"someone with a dramatic flair and simple eloquence. and its activities? At the very least,
some scientific knowledge," as Dr. "Well, I think it's a big old phony, these recent developments represent
Sagan aptly describes him. Ron." an official acknowledgement of the
The slow QSB (fading) evident in "Well, I taped it anyway, phony or possibility that someone may be out
the signal strength and voice level not!" there, and a willingness to listen to what
indicate that the origin was probably at "I believe it might turn out to be
some distance from San Antonio and one great big old hoax." (continued on next page)
By Harley Rutledge, PhD

Jerome Clark (No. 176, Oct. 1982) intelligent control, and that I did not does, in my opinion, disqualify him to
reprimands Lucius Parish and Bill Leet consider that human pilots flew the render credible judgement.
for defending me against "personal UFOs. Further, I wonder if CUFOS
attack" by Rodeghier (IUF) andHendry Issues raised by R-H are so easily personnel are "tuned in" to the real
(in FATE). My intent has been to refuted that I am appalled by the UFO phenomena. Consider this
respond only to reviews appearing in reviewers' "nakedness." For example, statement appearing in the Boone
scientific journals (The Skeptical Rodeghier roots out a "serious error" County Headlight newspaper of
Inquirer, for example) but I must speak when he writes: "...Rutledge quotes a Harrison, Arkansas on October 7,
now, knowing full well that I will reap an speed of 36,000 m.p.h. for one UFO, 1982: " official at the Center for
escalation of asinine accusations. and states that the speed is greater than UFO Studies has taken the sighting
Clark says that Farish-Leet (F-L) that of the fastest meteors." Evidently seriously, noting how unusual it is for 10
did not raise a single major issue from Rodeghier does not read with people to view a UFO." Only ten!
the Rodeghier-Hendry (R-H) reviews. comprehension. On page 27, Project Perhaps, as F-L suggest, CUFOS
What, in Clark's opinion, is a major Identification, I refer to a red light that should mount a field study to learn what
issue? F-L discuss at least eight issues passed overhead in 1953, traveling from UFOs are about. Maybe Rodeghier
that R-H have raised: my book's title, horizon to horizon in an estimated 4 shouldn't exhibit such incredulity at
my writing style, the wrong peak night seconds at one-mile altitude. my claim of having seen 158 UFOs, 40
for seeing UFOs, the "who cares" I continue: "...Assuming that the from my yard.
annotations, an incorrect statement of horizon to horizon distance was 40 I don't know what Clark considers
meteor speeds, a disbelief concerning miles, the speed of the light was 36,000 a standard of propriety and good
my number of UFO sighting claims, my miles per hour! At an assumed altitude manners, but surely the phantom editor
statement that UFOs are under of 10 miles, the light's speed would have who wrote "who cares" in the margins
been greater than that of the fastest of my book far exceeds the bounds of
E-T, Continued
meteors." If Rodeghier had multiplied professional, if not civil, behavior.
they might have to say. Psychologically 36,000 by the ten in the second Then, consider the antics of Hendry
and sociologically, that represents a sequence quoted, he could have who persists in trying to persuade a
real breakthrough. Perhaps 30 years of arrived at 360,000 m.p.h., not 36,000 member of one of my field teams (an
investigative effort have begun to pay m.p.h. Further, I reference on page 17 undergraduate at the time) to impugn
off at last. from a popular astronomy text (George my integrity and/or competence. These
Abell) that meteors have speeds sordid actions and disparaging reviews
1. Rudaux, L. and De Vaucouleurs, G., Larousse "ranging from 30,000 to 160,000 miles may not be an attack on my "person-
Encyclopedia of Astronomy (Prometheus Press, per hour." Note that 160,000 is ality" (Clark's word), but I consider
New York, 1959), p. 310. considerably less that 360,000. After them an assault on my character.
2. Sagan, Carl (Cornell University), personal blunders like this, how can we trust the
communication, Dec. 7, 1982. judgment of this reviewer!
3. Dickenson, Terrence, The Zeta Reticuli
(Note: The author is a professor of
Incident (AstroMedia Corp., Milwaukee, WI, He made other mistakes too, as physics, Southeast Missouri State
1976). did Hendry. For instance, Hendry is University, Cape Girardeau, MO
4. Fowler, Raymond E., The Andreasson Affair critical because we did not make 63701.)
(Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1979), p. 26 inquiries to the "local Federal Aviation
5. Fowler, Raymond E., The Andreasson Affair,
Phase Two (Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ,
Administration" while a sighting was in
1982) progress. What Hendry doesn't know MUFON TAX-EXEMPT
6. Cullers, D. Kent and Rathjen, Scott, "The — and never checked — is that our
Ultimate QSO", QST (American Radio Relay FAA Flight Service Station did not have MUFON is a nonprofit, tax
League, Newington, CT) December 1982, p. 60- a control tower until late 1973 and has exempt organization under IRS
7. The Radio Amateur's Handbook, Forty-
neuer had radar, meaning that contact regulations, U.S. citizens may deduct
Seventh Edition, (American Radio Relay League, with aircraft was by visual sighting contributions from their Federal
Newington, CT, 1970), p. 115. and/or by radio. We had a radio income tax. For information on
8. Sagan, Carl, "Extraterrestrial Intelligence: An receiver in the field that had the aviation bequests and other tax deduction
International Petition", Science, Vol. 218, No. b a n d o f f r e q u e n c i e s . Such possibilities, contact Walter H. Andrus,
4571, p. 218.
9. The Wall Street Journal, November 7,1982, p.
befuddlement on the part of the former Jr., International Director, MUFON,
31. chief field investigator for CUFOS 103 Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155.
By Budd Hopkins

Those of us who venture into the the service would most likely be syndrome" as it manifested itself among
labyrinth of UFO investigations involved? Which "disinformation" those who survived Hiroshima. There
generally proceed in a linear, step-by- methods and ideas might be employed? are precedents for people — especially
step manner. We try to ascertain How might a "need-to-know" hierarchy rape victims — whose encounters were
exactly what was observed in a given be established? Which scientists might so traumatic that they have somehow
incident and what caused it to occur in be consulted? And so on, through many "forgotten" them. Unfortunately, the
the first place. We seek evidence which issues that I, having never been experience of being kidnapped — taken
will either establish a UFO connection involved in government intelligence and held by terrorists — is no longer
or eliminate it from consideration. work, might never begin to imagine.1 such a rare and exotic event, and there
In the area of UFO crash/retrieval The advantages of possessing are psychological studies of hostage
stories, for example, investigators such a list of likely intelligence behavior which establish certain
spend their time checking into the procedures from such a reliable source patterns. Women, for example, seem
veracity of various accounts and would be obvious — it would provide generally to stand up better in these
searching for corroborating witnesses UFO investigators with a kind of circumstances than men.
— which is what one might expect. checklist against which they could Apart from the issue of physical
Yet there is another mode of inquiry compare their own findings so far, and violence, UFO abductions are
which nicely outflanks this quest for perhaps clarify some of the puzzling analogous in many ways to just this kind
direct evidence, a mode which requires information and official behavior they of unusual traumatic event. "Hostages"
us to make a basic theoretical have encountered. It might strongly are taken and held against their will,
assumption. I suggest that we support — or strongly undermine — there is often a physical invasion of the
temporarily assume that a UFO did in the idea that the government secretly body, the victim fears for his or her life,
fact crash and that its remains were possesses the wreckage of a crashed and above all, he or she does not
retrieved by a government agency. UFO, but at the least it would open a understand what is happening, or why.
Since intelligence methods are to some new avenue of inquiry. The psychologist, therefore, becomes a
extent predictable, we can begin to Any investigator must admit that useful ally in ways similar to those in my
speculate as carefully as possible on speculating about the nature of UFOs, previous example, in which the former
what procedures the government might their purposes, origins or methods, is intelligence officer can aid UFO
take to conceal this secret. skating on the thinnest of ice. We do, investigation. Dr. Aphrodite Clamar,
Several major UFO organizations however, know something about with whom I have worked in a number
have within their ranks former ourselves, about human psychology, of abduction cases, has discerned
intelligence officers from various and about predicting military ways of consistent patterns among the
services who are very sympathetic to handling intelligence problems; earth- abductees in their ability to "handle"
the idea of UFO investigations; in fact, bound speculation is always less such experiences. Women re-
the first director of the CIA served on chancey. And so when we turn to the experience the event more calmly than
the board of NICAP. Also, many UFO issue of UFO abduction reports the men, for example, while men who were
investigators have amongst their same situation prevails. As a temporary sixteen or seventeen when they were
friends and acquaintances people who alternative to searching for confirming abducted seem to have had the greatest
once served in such organizations, and evidence we can think around the personal difficulties dealing with their
who are genuinely interested in the problem by first assuming that the encounters, no matter how old they are
UFO phenomenon. So I propose that abduction accounts happened as when they recall the details.2
groups of these veterans of intelligence reported. We can then pursue a The Fund for UFO Research has
work be brought together in different line of inquiry, focused on the provided Dr. Clamar, Ted Bloecher,
conference settings to draw up ways so dramatic an event might affect and myself a sum of money for full
probable — though hypothetical — sets an individual abductee. psychological testing of ten abductees,
of procedures that might be followed if Psychologists have described they the tests having been administered by a
such a crash/retrieval event has in fact symptoms frequently encountered in psychologist who knows nothing about
occurred. All of this speculation would rape victims, for example, or in the purpose of the tests or any UFO
be firmly based on their own survivors of sudden traumatic connection. The results will be
experiences in handling analogous accidents. Dr. Robert J. Lifton's book published, we hope, in the next few
secret affairs. They could explore many Death in Life examines and to some
questions, such as: Which branches of extent codifies the "survivor (continued on next page)
(Australia) mereorite that fell
BOOK REVIEW religion is not primitive in a biological
sense; rather, it is unique to man and September 29, 1969; to the comets'
Evolution From Space (The OMNI becomes stronger the more advanced seeding of the oceans and the
Lecture): And Other Papers on the man becomes in i n t e l l e c t u a l atmosphere dating back about 3.8
Origin of Life (Hillside, N.J.: Enslow attainments. He vigorously attacks the billion years. Other evidence cited
Publishers) $8.95. "fanciful adornments with which includes the content of interstellar
religion has become traditionally clouds — gaseous molecular hydrogen,
Did life evolve on Earth from some surrounded." three dozen or so organic molecules,
unique beginning, or was it part of some It is difficult to argue about the and tiny dust particles. Those dust
larger cosmic process? That question is human need to understand the origin of particles appear to resemble terrestrial
loaded with emotional value and can life; but Sir Fred's answer is bound to bacteria. In more recent times the
give rise to spirited support or rigid spark controversy. Even so, his theory successive appearances of smallpox,
rejection. Evolution From Space can is reinforced by his scholarly proofs. He outbreaks of canine viral diseases, and
only add to the argument. argues against life emerging from non- successive epidemics of influenza could
According to Sir Fred Hoyle, living matter on Earth. Part of that be explained as an invasion from space.
Darwinian theory (i.e. natural selection argument centers on the first formation He argues against the dogma of
operating on randomly-generated of sedimentary rock about 3.8 million science caused by the strong belief of
mutations) cannot explain the years ago and the signs of life found in the proponents; then proceeds to state
evolution of plants and animals which is rocks from the Isau region on West the following hypothesis:
known to have occurred. To emphasize Greenland dating to the same time.
this belief, he cites the stability of the Sir Fred contends that the Earth "Interstellar grains are bacteria."
genetic material, DNA double-helix, was infected with complex life forms
and how copying errors are so slow that easily evolved after their arrival. He Proponents of the theory that
they could have only minor effects on doesn't try to pinpoint the exact UFOs represent the spacecraft of
evolution. That, coupled with the location of the initial starting place of distant worlds in space will probably
existence of missing links, leads him to life, or how it happened. He does cite Sir Fred's works as proof that we
the conclusion that evolution is not provide examples. One contention is have been visited. The church may
driven from within as in conventional that bacteria are explosively charge him with heresy. Biologists,
biology, but from without — propagated throughout the galaxy. astronomers, thermodynamicists, and
cosmically. His evidence is complex and far others will see him as attacking the
Religious issues are addressed reaching; ranging from the amino acids foundations of science and some may
right up front. He points out that found in the carbonaceous Murchison dismiss him without a trial.
Maybe he has moved a step closer
to resolving the traditional differences
Evidence, Continued can speak with some certainty about between science and religion. On the
their inevitable effects on humankind. other hand, perhaps he has just moved
months, One of the things we would In this way informed speculation can the problem from Earth to the depths of
like to know is whether or not the test become a p o w e r f u l tool of interstellar space. Whatever the case
results are similar to those of victims of investigation, helping us to uncover the may be, he has not resolved the issues
violent crimes, rape, traumatic truth. of how and where life began. Instead, he
accidents, or other psychically scarring has issued a larger challenge to science.
NOTES Given sufficient time man will sample
events. These test results can be 1. Laymen like myself can gain some idea of the
studied and compared by experts in Byzantine ways of modem intelligence services in the interstellar dust — then we will have
these other survivor areas without our such a book as F.W. Winterbotham's The Ultra the answer. Or will we ?
having to divulge the nature of our Secret, (Dell, 1974). It deals with the complex -John F. Schuessler.
sample. methods the British Secret Service used in World
War II to conceal the fact that they had broken
Veterans of intelligence work can the "Ultra" code of the German High Command.
tell us if investigators into the UFO Thousands had to know the secret, yet it BOOK REVIEWS WELCOME
crash/retrieval area are encountering remained a secret for over 20 years.
the sorts of things they should (or Several UFO books were
should not) expect to encounter, 2. In two cases involving boys of sixteen and published during 1982 and a few more
seventeen respectively, each developed serious
assuming the event occurred. In the drinking problems within a few months of their are scheduled for 1983, including a new
area of abductions psychological abductions. In a third instance, a sixteen year old entry by Philip J. Klass. Book reviews
evaluation and careful, objective testing boy, who had been stable and healthy prior to his are welcome from knowledgeable
can help us see if these individuals did in experience, went deeply into alcohol, then drugs, researchers and experienced
fact suffer the degree of psychic trauma and a few years later committed suicide. The girl
who had been abducted with him also has serious
writer/editors. In some cases we may
one might expect if they had had this ensuing problems but she survived them and is print multiple reviews of a book that is
kind of experience. By assuming now a healthy, stable 30-year-old business likely to be of unusual interest or
particular UFO incidents are facts we executive. controversial.
By Larry W. Bryant*

A "Space Case" before her time. derived contact with the "master document, there was a rash of UFO
That's my appraisal of the persona of teachers of Venus" was to tape-record encounters — including some landings
Enid Joan Brady. the sessions. These involved a dialogue — back in the fall of 1957. Coincidence,
Had she inaugurated her UFO between him and Brady as the perhaps; or the result of mass hysteria
contacteeism in 1982 rather than in Venusians would take over her body promoted by such publicity as the
1952, she would be winning not only the and vocal chords. Said Ewing of the "Brady Bunk" (to use a phrase
tolerance (if not quasi-respect) o' telepathic process: "I thought it was all welcomed by superskeptics of UFO
modern paranormalists, but also the a lot of bunk at first. I'm a practical guy, reality)?
attention of such cultural buffer zones and I didn't believe it. But now I've Whatever their cause, the UFO
as TV's "That's Incredible!" talked to them enough to know it." manifestations reinforced Ewing's own
But back in the fifties and sixties — The article proceeds to detail commitment to Brady's work. In the
in her heyday as a maverick among certain key elements of the Brady- third issue (August 1958) of his
public practitioners of the ancient art of Ewing revelations: newsletter The New Era, he wrote:
spirit communication — Brady faced
rejection not just from the public at • Since the early fifties, from an Last November's outbreak of "saucer
large; she also incurred disdain of the orbiting base above the southeastern sightings" were (sic) announced by Miss
traditionalists in the spiritualist religion. United States, the omniscient, Brady and your editor to the press, radio
and TV before they occurred. Now once
Her faux pas? Simply diverting her benevolent visitors from Venus have again we are told to prepare our readers
mediumship from the accepted been carrying out their mission of and others we meet to expect a great
practice of communicating with saving us from our destructive selves. amount of sightings of ventlas
discarnate spirits to the unsanctioned • Back home on Venus, the ("spaceships"—Ed.) beginning with the
(hence unauthorized) practice of inhabitants — who look like us but date August 7th and continuing for five
months following that date.
telepathically communicating with alien generally are taller and finer-featured — If that 5-month window on UFO activity
space "entities." worship God, believe in life-after-death, didn't exactly offer a spectacular view, no
Her deviation from the spiritualist nurture a highly advanced civilization, matter. For, as time has shown, Brady &
norm wouldn't have been so notorious and live to be several hundred years Co. would have to face a so-so record at
had she kept it confined to her close old. best on the various revelations and
prophecy gleaned from her contacts. To
friends/relatives/True Believers who • On their beautiful planet, all this day, though, she asserts that "so much
were involved with her ministry at the disease has been conquered, of what we received has come to pass." One
Little White Church in Holly Hill, Fla. clairvoyance and telepathy are the such proven datum imparted by the
(near Daytona Beach). But with the normal means of communications (at spacepeople: the velocity needed to sustain
urging and inspiration of her associate the rate of 50,000 words per minute), the orbit of an Earth-made satellite (18,000
Robert Ewing, she made her second and homes are built on a type of nylon-
mistake: she went public. That's when I rubber-plastic substance.
arrived on the scene — albeit in the role • By 1962, after a planned increase Not content with using the media
of long-distance observer and in intermittent landings of Venusian to spread the Space Gospel According
chronicler of the Brady Phenomenon. spaceships on Earth, a "new age" for to Enid Brady, Ewing embarked on the
My introduction to her activity Earthlings will be ushered in. "Token lobbyist trail to Washington, D.C.
came in the form of an article written by landings," to use Bob Ewing's Since, at age 41 back in mid-1957, he
the then religion editor of the descriptor, would begin in November was a paid'Up member of the Aircraft
Associated Press, George W. Cornell, 1957. Owners and Pilots Association
back on October 18, 1957. Titled (AOPA), he chose to seek advice and
"Some Spiritualists Think Venusians With the perspective of 25 years support from them. He wrote a 4-page,
Are about to Land," the article reviews hence, many of us still await the New single-spaced-typed letter to AOPA
Brady's alleged revelations and Ewing's Age of progress, contentment, spiritual vice-president Max Karant; in it he
efforts to institutionalize them. It also enrichment — or whatever it's traced the development of his interest
highlights Brady's detractors, quoting supposed to represent. What Science in and experience with psychic
the disbelief of two officials of organized has shown about the living conditions phenomena, leading into a summary of
spiritualism in this country. on Venus tells us that the planet is sister his association with Enid Brady.
Ewing's role in the communi- to Earth in name only.
cations process of Brady's trance- But as UFO historians can (continued on next page)
Brady, Continued As you can see, we are hard at work Fort Bliss, Texas, MONITOR
amassing the much desired "proof that June 24-, 1982
everyone wishes. In a contact yesterday,
After reviewing the efforts of the the pilots state that they might put the
"ventla fleet" to "mop up" or otherwise snatch on the next guided missile and take it
neutralize our atomic-bomb-test as soon as it was launched. In this same A collection of strange and unusual
residue in Earth's atmosphere, he dwelt contact, they say they deliberately steered happenings across the Southwest com-
on the prospect of intensified publicity our guided missile off course and caused it piled by Rene Stutzman in Dallas.
to land in Brazil.
for his cause. Then he devoted a few
sentences to an issue that endures to Since they recently advised us that they
this day: crash-landed flying saucers would begin now to fly at 20,000 feet most of Texas UFO
allegedly retrieved by U.S. military the time, I've arranged a light signal that can Police and nurses in West Texas
authorities. be employed between them and the airline spotted a glowing object with flashing
pilots — and hope I find time to write the lights early this morning.
"Now comes a touchy one," airline boys as to the code to employ.
acknowledged Ewing. "I asked, under Big Spring, Texas police dispatcher
Janie Sciiooler says everyone who spot-
what circumstances they might be Also on Ewing's agenda for that ted the lights described it the same
willing to land and talk with us. I was summer of 1957 was a vist to the way, sc she believes there was some-
told that they had indeed landed — two Pentagon, where he planned to play thing out there.
years ago — they weren't Venusians, some of his tape recordings to an Officers watched the mysterious
but Martians and they landed 'at Muroc audience of hopefully interested object hover just above the horizon
Lake, which you now call Edwards Air officials. west of Big Spring for 45 minutes, then
Base.' Studies since their landing, of If AOPA, NICAP, and USAF called Midland, a town about 35 miles
their ship, resulted in our present-day to the west, but no one there could see
officials were less than receptive to the light.
'flying wings' and vertical-flight jobs. Ewing's crusade on behalf of Enid
"The Martians were taken into Brady, he in retrospect might agree that
'what I think you call protective the blurb he chose as part of his
custody.' In answer to my query, I was letterhead stationery contributed to physical. Hers wasn't the first, nor will it
told, yes, that they were still their aloofness: "Representing the be the last, such case of alleged
imprisoned. I asked where they Planet Venus." telepathic contact w i t h , extra-
were kept (thinking to use it later as As for Brady herself, she kept busy terrestrials.
proof to give to the Air Force to obtain for the next several years, receiving the What intrigues me, now, about
belief); I was told 'it would do you no s p a c e p e o p l e ' s messages and Brady's case is that (1) she apparently is
good to know.' However, I am sure that i n s t r u c t i o n s and making the continuing her contact (albeit under a
I can find out if needed to prove to the transcribed material available via a low profile) and that (2) there might be a
Air Force." mimeographed newsletter called Space verifiable record, somewhere, of that
Ewing's pilgrimage to Washington Bulletin. The newsletter was a curious alleged telephonic threat of 16 years
also included contact with the privately blend of mystic philosophy, quasi- ago.
funded National Investigations scientific discourse on the technical In an effort to bring myself up-to-
Committee on Aerial Phenomena aspects of space travel, commentary on date on her status, I called her on April
(NICAP), whose leadership at that time Earth's international politics, warnings 16, 1982. Now a grandmother, she says
was quite hostile to the generally about environmental pollution, and that mainly for her family's sake and for
unsupported claims of the cultish prophetic announcements about her own peace of mind, she's keeping
"contactees." In a letter to then NICAP natural disasters and ventla-induced her current space-contact work on the
director Maj. (Ret.) Donald E. Keyhoe, urban electrical blackouts. "hush-hush side" of her ministry. In the
Ewing further pled his case: But the Venusians/Martians early years, she recalled, she had to
seemingly were incapable of protecting endure what amounted to, in her
Perhaps you can correlate something with
their communicating channel — Brady words, "torture" — that derision and
me: do you find more "low altitude"
sightings in the cold winter months than in — from being intimidated by her fellow rancorous disbelief on the part of the
hot months — or greater frequency of Earthlings. For, in early January 1967, unenlightened public.
sightings in northern latitudes as compared she wrote me about having received a When I invited her to cooperate
with southern latitudes? threatening phone call. She said it so with me in using the U.S. Freedom of
In a recent contact with our "ventla pilots,"
unnerved her that she decided Information Act to pry loose any official
they promise "good landings" in the month forthwith to suspend publishing the government records about her activity,
of November and the months to follow. Bulletin. She suspects the man making she declined, saying, in response to my
They explain that our atmosphere during the call was a CIA operative. proposed article about her career, "I do
these colder months permits the ventla to In the intervening years since that not wish to open that door."
operate better at low altitudes then.
Conversely, they encounter trouble with
last letter from her, I've read about a
low-altitude flying, and landing, during number of other UFO contactees
*Larry W. Bryant has been writing about UFOs
summer months of warm weather. whose means of communication with for 24 years.
the "aliens" was mental rather than
By Richard C. Nicmtzow, M.D.

Alleged Medical Injuries From decreasing wavelength include Table 1. Type of Radiation
Intense Luminous Sources Stated microwave, ultraviolet, gamma or x-
To Be Unidentified Flying Objects: ray. Particulate radiation consists of Ionizing Frequency (MHz)
Project UFOMD Report No. 1 betas, protons, alpha particles, Cosmic rays 1016
neutrons, mesons, heavy charged ions Gamma rays 1014
Project UFOMD is an internation- (e.g., nitrogen, carbon, neon, boron) X-Rays 1012
al study of medical injuries associated just to name a few. Visible and
with alleged UFO close encounters. All of these radiations deliver an Ultraviolet light 1010
Information dealing with this project energy insult to living matter. These Infrared 108
has been published previously.1 take the forms of heat and ionization. Microwave 106
Reports of intense lights Heat destroys the proteins which are Radar 10"
associated with medical injuries are the machinery of life. Ionization Radiofrequency
now well documented in the UFO damages the DNA essential for the UHF, VHP, FM 102
literature. The necessity of qualified control and reproduction of life. AM, shortwave 1
medical observations is emphasized in Actually this is. an extreme Longwave 10-4 - 10-2
dealing with these cases. A multitude of simplification of an immensely complex
information may be obtained from the subject called radiobiology.
victims from observation alone which A few more terms need to be
may explain the mechanisms of the defined and then we can quickly II, explains the possibility of external
injury event and substantiate further proceed. The term ionization simply oxidizing agents and resultant chemical
the UFO phenomena. means energetic ejection of one or products due to the phenomenon. He
An excellent example to consider more orbital electrons from an atom or summarizes that the reported
is that of the Cash-Landrum case molecule by either a photon or particle. characteristic UFO odors are
reported very professionally by Mr. The more energetic the ejected attributed to externally producing
John Schuessler. Strictly from the electron the more chances for damage oxidizing agents, ozone and
information reported in the MUFON in living tissue. Ionization does not NO2/N2O4, and their reaction with
UFO Journal, November 1981, it would involve microwaves. Roentgen is a unit methy alcohol and/or benzene which
be feasible to assume that the principals used to characterise the amount of x- may be implicated as an energy source
might have been exposed to some type ray or gamma radiation exposure in air in disc UFOs.
of non-ionizing or ionizing radiation. I and is expressed in terms of producing The sounds experienced by the
would like to consider first a clinical a certain amount of ionized air. The witness may be attributed to
model for non-ionizing radiation and RAD is a unit of radiation absorption in microwave radiation. In recent years,
then a clinical model for ionizing living tissue and is measured as the attention has been given to the so-
radiation. I will only speculate what amount of energy deposited into tissue. called microwave "hearing" effect.
occurred in the Cash-Landrum case Having defined a few terms we are Under certain specific conditions of
because I never examined or had ready to tackle superficially how this frequency signal modulation and
access to their medical records. information will be useful in radiation- intensity, it has been shown that
There is much confusion and like injuries involving intense animals and humans can perceive a
misunderstanding in the UFO literature lights/unidentified flying objects. radio frequency signal as if it were
about the relationship of medical Several years ago I published a heard. One hypothesis that explains
injuries to radiation. It will be clinical sketch that delineated a series this is that a microwave signal produces
appropriate to clarify several of physiological events that are well thermoelastic pressure within the skull
fundamental aspects of radiation known to ufologues.2 Briefly, the that is in turn perceived as sound by the
effects on biological systems. witness observes an intense light which auditory apparatus.3
First let's define radiation. may be associated with olfactory, I have described the paralysis
Radiation is an emission of energy in the auditive, and motor paralysis problem elsewhere and remind the
form of photons and/or particles. The manifestations. The olfactory detection reader that the victim does not fall in the
photons actually represent of odor is of course unexplained. majority of cases.2,4
electromagnetic radiation which for our However, an excellent paper by The exact mechanism of this paralysis
purposes and interest are in the upper Thomas M. Olsen, "UFO Odors and
end of the spectrum and in order of Origins," Journal of UFO Studies, Vol. (continued on next page)
Radiation, Continued Table 2. Physiological Effects In May 1982, the author was
solicited as a consultant to the U.S.
remains poorly understood. Further Central nervous system Army Inspector General's Office,
physiological events occur in the Altered circadian rhythms Washington, D.C., dealing with the
second clinical stage: The victim Behavorial changes C a s h - L a n d r u m Case. T h e i r
experiences several hours to several EEC alterations responsibility was to identify the
days later, skin burns, diarrhea, Acoustic stimulations apparent source of the medical injuries;
nausea, vomiting, conjunctivitis, and Cardiovascular system namely, the helicopters. An in-depth
general malaise.2>4>5 Hypotension effort to locate these helicopters was
Because no one is sure what Bradycardia undertaken. They could not be
radiation is being emitted by this Hematological identified as an Army mission.
phenomenon we will examine some Depressed immunity The medical data used by the
physiological effects of microwave, Depressed lymphocytes author was solely that reported by
radiofrequency, atomic, and ultraviolet Depressed phagocytes various UFO journals. Clearly there is
radiation. To keep ourselves organized Altered bone marrow the need for better medical data
I am including a chart of the Ophthalmological gathering and reporting which has now
electromagnetic spectrum.6 Cataracts become our responsibility by way of
The known effects of microwaves Retinal damage default.
on animals and humans will be Gastrointestinal
summarized. It is beyond the scope of Increased motility REFERENCES
this paper to expand this subject. Endocrine 1. Project UFOMD, 532 Merchant St., Vacaville,
CA 95688; (707) 446-5050 (24 hrs.)
Microwave effects appear to be Increased adrenocorticoids 2. Niemtzow, Richard C. "Paralysis and UFO
principally thermal, similar to Depressed thyroid Close Encounters," APRO Bulletin 1:6, Mar.
conventional electrical burn injuries, 1975.
but with some unique systemic 3. QST, v.LXVI, no. 11, Nov. 1982, p. 67
expression. Derangements of (Amateur radio magazine.)
cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal, play differently on the hematological 4. Niemtzow, Richard C. & Schuessler, John F.
"Seeking the Mechanism for Paralysis in Close
endocrine, hematological, ophthalmp- system. Different cell populations are Encounter Cases," MUFON UFO Journal No.
logical, and behavioral function are well depressed depending upon the 127, June 1978.
described in animal experimentation. radiation field location and area. The 5. Niemtzow, Richard C. "Preliminary Analysis of
To complicate the matter even more, systemic problems such as listed under Medical Injuries as a Result of UFO Close
radiofrequency radiation can also the radiofrequency and microwave Encounters," 1980 MUFON UFO Symposium
Proceedings (Seguin, Tex., 1980).
produce similar nonthermal systemic effects also occur. 6. Ciano, M., et al. "High Frequency
effects. Some of these are summarized Ultraviolet overexposure besides Electromagnetic Radiation Injury to the Upper
in the accompanying table.6 producing skin burns can also result in Extremity: Local and Systemic Effects," Ann
Direct contact with radio- fever, chills, weakness, shock, and Plast Surg 7(2), Aug. 1981, p. 128-135.
manifestations due to hyperpyrexia. 7. Niemtzow, Richard C. & Schuessler, John F.
frequency electrodes can produce "Evaluation of Medical Injuries Resulting from
thromboses of arteries and veins. Thus We are aware of our own experience UFO Close Encounters," (report requested by
depending on the vascularization with severe sun burn. GEPAN, French national UFO organization)..
territory affected, there will be areas of In the Cash-Landrum case the
healthy tissue and injured tissue.6 medical injury catalogue described by
Low dose atomic radiation known John Schuessler presents injuries
for producing skin burns and systemic
perturbations are we|l known and may
which can be produced by all of the
radiations described above. If the
mimic many of the symptoms of reader c a r e f u l l y exploits the 103 OLDTOWNE RD.
biological damage seen in microwave information given in the case, it is SEGUIN,TX 78155
and radiofrequency exposures. The possible to medically appreciate the
difficulty is to differentiate between the event but only superficially. That is why
two types of radiation. Unfortunately, I emphasize the importance that similar
this may be a difficult task for the cases be brought to the attention of Letters to the Editor are invited,
inexperienced observer involved in a Project UFOMD in order that the commenting on any articles or other
UFO case. For example, depending on victims can be evaluated rapidly and material published in the Journal.
the RAD dose and energy of the photon precisely in the context of the event. Please confine them to about 400
emission, gamma radiation injury to the The eventual medical data must be in- words. Articles of about 500-700 words
face can be selective. We know that depth and follow standard medical will be considered for publication as
2,000 RADS produces alopecia, but reporting practices.1-5'7 The reward "Comments" or "Notes." All
eyelashes and eyebrows have their own may be a substantial amount of submissions are subject to editing for
selective radiation injury thresholds. information directly related to the UFO length and style. Please type and
Whole body and localized radiation phenomenon. double-space all articles.
By Robert Wanderer

Bigfoot and UFOs: Similar Issues

Is there an unknown apelike/ Smithsonian: "The existence of a large
humanlike animal roaming around out primate such as Bigfoot, especially in
there? We hear of something called
Bigfoot or Sasquatch in North America,
North America, is almost an
impossibility, biologically speaking."
particularly the Pacific Northwest, and Why is it that no one has ever
the yeti or abominable snowman in the found the body of such an animal after
Himalayas. The entire Bigfoot/yeti an accidental or natural death? Why are URNITURE
issue bears striking similarities to the there no acceptable photographs of
issue of UFOs as extraterrestrial such an animal? Quoting Rene HUTLET
spacecraft. Dahinden, a longtime Bigfoot searcher:
On both the Bigfoot and the UFO "Some researchers say, 'look at all the
issues, there are thousands of reported thousands of reports we have; that
"sightings." But there is not one case proves beyond any question that there
where solid evidence is found to is something there.' I'm going in exactly
"prove" that Bigfoot exists, or that craft the opposite direction. The more
from outer space exists. (Incidentally, reports we are getting, the more
the term Bigfoot is often popularly unlikely it is that the damned thing
extended to such animals as the one exists. Because if we have that many
that makes that strange cry out in the reports, then we should have collected
woods, even as "UFO" is popularly the damn thing long ago." How is it that
stretched to include such objects as no one has tracked down and shot one Store sign in Seguin, Texas
planets and balloons.) after all this time? necessary to keep the species going.
On both these issues, many people Why is it that Bigfoot is usually Wylie, as part of his research, hiked
want to believe. Many people are "seen" alone? Why is it that there is through some of this rugged country.
looking for evidence. But there still isn't virtually no data on young or even half- One day in the woods he stopped, ate
any evidence that stands up. grown offspring of such animals? his lunch, then dozed. He woke with a
I was struck by these and other Most reports are of footprints, but start — and saw a huge creature
similarities with UFOs when reading Wylie believes that sublimation of snow glowering at him from beyond the inner
Bigfoot, an excellent recent book by — melting combined with quick ring of trees! After a few terror filled
Kenneth Wylie,1 who appears to have refreezing — accounts for many such seconds, he refocused his eyes and
conducted extensive and thorough footprints. Animal tracks in snow realized he was looking at a tree that
research into the issue, particularly the enlarge as a result of melting in the sun, had been splintered by lightning.
North American. aspects of it. He and even experienced mountaineers Like Wylie, we "see" partly what
admits to the charm of the story and are taken in by such finds. we expect and want to see, and what we
indicates he would like to believe that He reports an expert's restudy of see (or properly, how we interpret what
Bigfoot is stomping around out there in 19 well-known examples of yeti we see) depends partly on our state of
the deep woods. But: footprints photographed in the mind — in this case, the difference
What does it eat? If it does not Himalayas since 1915. Seven were between being fully awake and still
hibernate (no primate does), it must be judged to be of bears, two human, one partly asleep. Which gives another
carnivorous, at least in the winter when langur, and one composite. Of the connection with UFOs: So many UFO
heavy snows cover the ground. But remainder, one had the feet pointing "sightings" come during alternate
apes are vegetarian and are found in backwards, four were tentatively states of consciousness (during a long
tropical forests; it's unlikely that the identified as wolf tracks or and tiring drive on a lonely road late at
animal would have adapted to a colder superimposed tracks, and three had night, during hypnosis, during an
climate and a different diet. Quoting Dr. too short a stride to be primate. experience that throws us into shock,
Richard W. Thorington Jr, head In North America, he believes only etc.)
primatologist in the department of the Olympic Peninsula in northwestern
vertebrate zoology at the National Washington is lush enough to hide 1. Wylie, Kenneth, Bigfoot (NY: The Viking
Museum of Natural History at the Bigfoot in the number that would be Press, 1980).
(MUFON UFO Journal Nos. 167-178)

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175-4 Pilot reports (see UFO sightings) Strange
Central Intelligence Agency, 172-17 Psychology, 177-11, 177-12 -: object
China, UFO interest, 169-9 Radar cases (see UFO sightings) I flies past
Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, 170-15 Secrecy, 169-15 § were left shaken and
^ (tunned after a strange
y object flew past their
5 home at about 9.30am
Conferences: Society for Scientific Exploration, this morning.
BUFORA, England, 170-20 172-19 G* The black doughnut-
^ shaped object f l e w
MUFON annual, 169-18, 170-17, 6 soundlessly over the
Soviet Union, 176-6, 177-6, 178-10 g Alexander family's
171-18,171-20,172-20,173-20, A home at West End
174-3, 174-20, 175-20, 177-18 t? Road, Bitterne, heading
o in a north-easterly
MUFON-Germany, 176-20 Spain, UMMO affair, 167-13 "5

direction and maintain-
ing a constant height
MUFON-N.C., 173-8 O and speed.
Summit Conference, 178-16 Switzerland, Meier controversy, W "Sometimes it would
flip over and we could
169-16, 173-3 u
2 see the hole or concave
Crash/retrieval discussions, 169-16, S part in the middle." sail
U Mrs. K. Alexander.
174-5, 177-15 Theories, 167-14, 169-17,170-3,171-14,
Mrs. Alexander, who
172-15,174-3,174-14,175-10,178-4 fa was alerted to the
3 strange object by her
England, BUFORA conference, 170-20 £ 12-year-old daughter.
5 said the object was too
TV documentaries, 175-3, 176-18, O small to have been a
Federation of UFO groups, proposed, 177-10 plane or a helicopter.

175-17 "I would just like to

know if anyone else saw
UFO sightings: anything like the thing
we saw," she said;
France, UFO research activities, 171-15 Animal reactions, 168-19
Director's Message, from p. 20 Board of Directors, Trustees, and
conceivably to be incorporated, so the
UFOs and
Hynek. Written as an investigative
handbook, the scope and depth of the
officers (Executive Committee) may be
elected by the Board of Directors at the
investigative techniques exceeds that
of MUFON's basic Field Investigator's
first annual corporate meeting. This is A SUMMARY
an ambitious undertaking and goal,
Manual in some areas. This paperback however, through Mr. Schuessler's fine
version retails for $10.95, however, leadership the progress has been very By Mark Moravec
through special arrangements with the good, making the targeted goal date
author and his publisher, MUFON has achievable. Since there are many UFO
purchased a limited number of copies groups in North America who were not Is there a UFO/anthropoid
which are available from MUFON for represented at the 1982 UFO Summit connection? In response to this
$5.00 plus $1.50 for postage and Meeting in Toronto, they are being question, I compiled the UFO/
handling in U.S. funds. This is a rare invited at this time to indicate their Anthropoid Catalogue consisting of
opportunity to obtain such an sincere interest in being part of the new over 70 cases worldwide. The reports
outstanding handbook for this price. federation by writing to John F. were categorized as —
Major UFO Conferences Schuessler, P.O. Box 58485, Houston,
scheduled for 1983 will be announced in TX 77258-8485 U.S.A. AUFO 1: UFO and anthropoid
the Journal as we are advised by their It was with sincere regret that events occurring at the same time
sponsors. On May 14th, the 20th Elizabeth Philip, Editor, was forced to and location, and in the presence
National UFO Conference (NUFOC) announce that the magazine Frontiers of the same witness.
will be held in Tucson, Arizona. of Science was d i s c o n t i n u i n g AUFO 2: UFO and anthropoid
Speakers scheduled are Rick Hilberg of publication for financial reasons. She events occurring in the same
Cleveland, Ohio; Hal Starr of Phoenix, has suggested alternatives to current location over a short period of
Ariz., whose topic will be "CIA, KGB, subscribers in the form of books to time.
and UFOs — The Cosmic Watergate", recoup outstanding subscription AUFO 3: No UFO event, but
and Kal K. Korff of Union City, Calif. payments. One of the alternatives anthropoid event is accompanied
James W. Moseley, Editor of Saucer proposed to their subscribers is the by features typical of some UFO
Smear, will be the master of substitution of the MUFON UFO events.
ceremonies. Further information may Journal for the Frontiers of Science to
be secured from the host chairman Ed complete their current subscription. Most cases occurred between
Biebel, 1612 Charlolais Way, Kino Each subscriber will make their choice 1972 and 1976, and in the USA. The
Springs, AZ 85621, telephone (602) 287- under these conditions. This appears to . majority of cases were categorized as
8770, be an opportunity for the MUFON AUFO 2. Thus far, five Australian
The British UFO Research UFO Journal to expand the number of UFO/anthropoid reports have been
Association (BUFORA) is sponsoring our subscribers and MUFON uncovered. However, all of these cases
the United Kingdom 3rd International membership in the future, since this are of low evidential weight.
UFO Congress on August 27, 28, and invitation would only be accepted by The reports vary widely in the
29,1983 at the Lorch Foundation, Lane people who are not presently thoroughness of investigation and
End, near High Wycombe, Burks, subscribers to the Journal. Details of degree of unambiguous detail. There
England. Detailed information may be the agreement between MUFON and are indications that UFO and
obtained by contacting Mr. John Shaw, the Frontiers of Science magazine will anthropoid phenomena share some
5 Vardens Road, London SW11 IRQ, be published in the February 1983 issue common characteristics. However,
England. The scheduled speakers are of the Journal. there are also indications that the UFO-
Dr. J. Allen Hynek, U.S.A.; Stanton T. Joaquim Fernandes, MUFON related anthropoid may be different
Friedman, Canada; Dr. Alexander Representative for Portugal, has from the classic "Bigfoot" creature.
Keul, Austria; Bertil Kuhlemann, provided an activity report and projects There are at least six hypotheses
Sweden; and Dr. Sue Blackmore and underway, which includes a study of which may explain some or all
Hilary Evans, United Kingdom. 100 CE HI Iberian cases that will be of
On December 26, 1982, John F. special interest to the MUFON (continued on next page)
Schuessler, Steering Committee Humanoid Study Group. Sr.
Chairman for the North American Fernandes is also announcing the book may be purchased from Livraria
UFO Federation, distributed publication of the book titled Marian Bertrand, Rua Garret, Lisboa, Portugal
Newsletter No. 5 to committee Apparitions, a 6-year research study for $9.00 (U.S. Dollars). French and
members. A draft copy of the By-Laws concerning the Fatima miracle. Spanish translations are now being
was enclosed with a letter requesting Published in Portuguese, this 460-page prepared. Joaquim made a generous
suggestions for proposed revisions. A book was co-authored by Fina donation of used postage stamps for
target date of July 1,1983 has been set d'Armador, a distinguished historian, the stamp fund managed by Richard
to adopt By-Laws, select the initial and edited by Livraria Bertrand. The Hall.
The MUFON UFO Journal has not carried an astronomy column for
several years. This column has been sadly missed by investigators,
as a means of identifying planets, bright stars and meteor showers
in the night skies. Starting with this issue of the Journal, we
are very pleased to announce that Alvis L. Barrier, M.D., an ama-
teur astronomer, who is on the Board of the University of Texas
McDonald Observatory will be writing a monthly column that will be
pre-dated several months so as to make it a current and valuable
tool for readers. Dr. Barrier, a surgeon, is also the State Sec-
tion Director for Guadalupe County in Texas. He and his family
reside at 214 Milford Lane, Seguin, TX 78155. Of major interest
to astronomers around the World, is the installation of a new
three hundred inch optical telescope at the McDonald Observatory
in the Davis Mountains in west Texas. It will be the largest in the
World, having one and one-half times the diameter of the lens in
the telescope on Mount Palomar in California. We are extremely
proud to have an astronomer of Dr. Barrier's status write our as-
tronomy column. His column is uniquely titled "AFO Column" (Astro-
nomic Flying Objects).

AFO Column
by Al Barrier, M.D.

. What are AFOs? Astronomical flying objects!, i.e. planets,

stars, comets, meteors, etc. It's my pleasure to help acquaint
you with the northern latitude night sky each month. Afterall,
avoiding confusion about what is normally in the heavens will help
each of us to be more aware of unusual occurrences in the same
April offers us a superb opportunity to view the bright plan-
ets. Mercury reaches greatest elevation above the western horizon
on April 21. Forty-five minutes after sunset, it floats eleven
degrees above the horizon. This appearance of Mercury is the only
time in 1983 we can see the planet setting after evening twilight.
Mercury will be easily detectable just above the horizon starting
April 15, and continuing until May approaches.
As Mercury sets and twilight ends, Saturn rises in the south-
east, pursuing the bright star Spica in the constellation Virgo
(south of and midway between the constellation Leo and Bootes;.
Saturn is brightest on April 22. Look at the planet with good
binoculars and you will get a hint of its rings, which are tilting,
thus providing a good view.
Venus remains a superb sight for the next several months for
British and North American viewers. During April, Venus is almost
at its highest altitude above the western horizon. By Mayday, Ve-
nus sets well over three hours after sundown at -3.6 magnitude
(very bright) and 40 degrees elongation from the Sun.
What about Jupiter? Jupiter's big event will be its being
swallowed by the Moon on the morning of April 2nd. The Moon will
be three quarters lit, and waning. East Coast viewers will be
out of luck, but those in the southern states will be able to
catch Jupiter's disappearance behind the Moon before the pair
dips below the horizon. Of course the big drawback is sunrise.
Only those in the west and southwest will see the confrontation
before the Sun comes up.
By months end, Jupiter will be back in the night sky, rising
in the east about two hours after sunset.
Planets are not the only solar system bodies to look for in
April„ After moonset early on the morning of April 21 and 22,
the Lyrid meteors will be speeding from overhead throughout most
of the United States. The shower promises to be prominent in
1983, because in 1982 60 - 80 Lyrids per hour were observed.
On April 27th, the Moon is full. On April 30th around
1:00 a.m. daylight time, you can see the summer triangle: Vega
(in Lyra), Altair (in Aquila), and Deneb (in Cygnus) — a favorite
navigational aid from Viking times to modern pilots. Good observ-
ing — see you next month.
• Lucius Parish

In Others' Words
The December 14 NATIONAL background, as well as his plans for Anyone who has read Loren E.
ENQUIRER features prophecies from additional volumes. Gross' three booklets on pre-1947 UFO
supposed "space aliens," speaking An update on the Cash-Landrum activity will be glad to leam that the
through hypnotized subjects. These case from Texas appears in the "Anti- author's talents as a UFO historian
predictions are no nuttier than most of Matter"/"UFO Update" segment of have produced still more highly-
the other psychic predictions, but that February OMNI. Unfortunately, there readable material. UFOs: A HISTORY,
hardly constitutes an endorsement! is no good news to report on this Vol. 1: July 1947-December 1948 is now
More news of alleged UFO activity in particular incident. available in a 160-page, softcover
the Soviet Union is featured in the William R. Corliss, mentioned edition from Arcturus Book Service
January 4 ENQUIRER. A UFO is above, has recently brought out his (263 North Ballston Avenue, Scotia,
supposed to have "attacked" Russia's latest hardcover p u b l i c a t i o n , NY 12302) for $12.95 (add 85<F for
top space launching center. Two LIGHTNING, AURORAS, NOC- postage & handling). Gross has
California men claim they saw and TURNAL LIGHTS, AND RELATED compiled this book from Air Force files
photographed the UFO which LUMINOUS PHENOMENA. This is of the period, as well as newspaper and
supposedly landed at Edwards Air the first in a new series of Catalogs magazine articles. This is the first of a
Force Base for a meeting with then- which list specific types of anomalies, series of volumes designed to cover the
President Eisenhower on February 21, giving definitions, evaluations, and all early years of UFO research. There is a
1954. Their account and a photo of the known examples. The present volume considerable a m o u n t of new
object is the subject of a report in the covers aurora-like phenomena, information, as well as fresh
January 11 issue. UFO activity in the electrical discharge phenomena, ball examinations of "classic" cases. It is a
vicinity of Childs, Arizona, is discussed lightning, lightning, nocturnal lights, m o n u m e n t a l t a s k Gross h a s
in the January 25 issue of the meteor-like phenomena, and marine undertaken and one which should earn
ENQUIRER. light displays. A good many of the him the thanks of all UFO researchers.
A very good article (by former entries will be of interest to UFO A revised edition of Gross' earlier
UFO researcher/publisher Pat researchers. More than 1,100 examples work, THE MYSTERY OF THE
Huyghe) .on William R. Corliss' of such phenomena are presented in GHOST ROCKETS, is also available
"Sourcebook Project" appears in the the book's 248 pages, along with from Arcturus Book Service ($6.95,
February issue of SCIENCE DIGEST. bibliographies and indexes. The price is paperback, 68 pages). Those who have
Corliss has published numerous $11.95. Order from: The Sourcebook read the original version will want a
volumes on all types of odd and Project, Box 107, Glen Arm, MD 21057. copy of this edition also, as it contains
unexplained phenomena. Huyghe's Highly recommended, as are all the new material relating to the strange
article gives details of Corliss' Sourcebook publications. objects seen over Europe (and
elsewhere) in 1946.

Anthropoids, Continued originate from another "dimen-

UFO/anthropoid cases: 6. Both p h e n o m e n a are
paranormal manifestations of the
1. A spurious correlation created human mind.
by unconfirmed rumors, hoaxes
and biased media coverage. Readers are referred to the author's
2. There is a wide variety of UFO UFO/Anthropoid Catalogue (publish-
entities and it is only coincidence ed by the Australian Centre for UFO
that some resemble Bigfoot. Studies) for the full text of this paper
3. UFOs are "studying" Bigfoot as plus summaries of over 70
well as men. UFO/anthropoid cases. Available from
4. Extraterrestrial beings are ACUFOS, P.O. Box 546, Gosford
depositing primitive animals NSW 2250, Australia for Aust. $4
(anthropoids) as part of a (overseas orders by international
planetary biological experiment. money order.) Alvis L. Barrier, M.D. new Texas
5. UFOs and anthropoids both State Section Director
Walt Andrus

Planning for the 1983 MUFON Street, Beverly, MA 01915, telephone

UFO Symposium on July 1, 2, and 3 at (617) 927-2060 has been promoted from
the beautiful Huntington-Sheraton a Field Investigator to State Section
Hotel in Pasadena, California, has Director for Essex County to fill the
progressed to the point whereby the vacancy created by Mrs. Christensen's
following speakers have confirmed elevation. Linda teaches English in the
their participation and subjects. James Beverly school system and has a
M. McCampbell, Automobile Engine Masters Degree in Counseling. Marge
Ignition Phenomena in UFO Close Christensen has appointed Arthur E.
Encounters; Paul C. Cerny, Fresh Lawless, 6 Queen St., Dorchester, MA
Exposure to UFO Investigations in Huntington-Sheraton Hotel, Pasadena, 02122, telephone (617) 265-2328 to the
Northern California; Mrs. Ann Druffel, Calif. Site of 1983 MUFON UFO position of State Section Director for
A History and Analysis of UFO Activity Norfolk County, replacing Paul A.
in Southern California; Harley D. following stations participated in the Smythe. Arthur is the Sales Manager
Rutledge, Ph.D., A Personal Account of net: NUS, W1ZFI, W1LHV, N1BDC, for Cable Corp. and has a B.S. in
the Project Identification UFO Field KA1IEH, N1COO, WA1ZRT, Industrial Technology.
Study; J. Allen Hynek, Ph.D., UFO WA1MRH, WA2KWW, KB2DP, Audrey Patrick, Ph.D., 347 North
Activities Around the World; Peter WA21FB, WA3QLW, W3LKG, Union St., Kennett Square, PA 19348
Jordan, An Analysis of Cattle KA3FNJ, N3CJP, K3HWH, WA4RPU, volunteered her expertise as a
Mutilation Cases; Richard F. Haines, K 4 H X C , W A 4 N K Z , W5UAA, Consultant in Psychology. A clinical
Ph.D., A Critical Review of Sightings WA5CTJ, K5WLT, KP5YG, K8NQN, psychologist, Dr. Patrick has a variety
from Aircraft from 1942 to 1952; WB9WQQ, WD8BDL, K8MRS, of specialized interests in the UFO
William L. Moore, Further Information WD800B, K8RUF, N8CSP, W8ZBX, phenomenon. Three new Research
on the Roswell Case; and Alan C. Holt, W9SVO, KA9I9N, W A 9 A R G , Specialists were selected during
UFO Propulsion. WAOOBM, WAOTEQ/8, WAOOBN, January. They were Robert A.J.
Credit for the superb planning and and KORLO. A special thanks to Gildea, M.S. in applied math and
the ultimate success of this year's WA3QLW and K8NQN for accepting amateur radio operator W1ZFI of
symposium may be attributed to the the responsibility of handling net Arlington, Mass.; Michael Anteski,
committee composed of Bill Hassel, control and to W5UAA (Red) in Grove, M.D., a physician and writer from
General Chairman; Dennis Regan, Okla., for relaying to WA5CTJ (Elmer Brockton, Mass. (Dr. Anteski has
Assistant Chairman; Pat Losornio, in San Antonio) and K5WLT (Ron in authored several UFO related books
Secretary; Vince Uhlenkott, Treasurer; Seguin, Tex.) using his pseudonym Michael Baran);
Ann Druffel, Arrangements; Joe Kirk After considerable thought and and R a y m o n d M. Ready of
Thomas, Speakers; Jerry Hiers, evaluation, Joe Santangelo has decided Albuquerque, N.M. Mr. Ready has
Publicity; Johnny Holland, Displays; to relinquish one of his responsibilities submitted material for publication to
Wayne Scott, Registration; Walt in MUFON, that of State Director for CUFOS and it is anticipated that he will
Greenawald, Program; and Bette Massachusetts. Mr. Santangelo will be writing articles for the MUFON
Shilling, Photographer. retain his position as Eastern Regional UFO Journal.
Joe Santangelo, (NUS) promptly Director on MUFON's Board of Work is still continuing on the third
submitted his annual activity report for Directors and as manager of the edition of the MUFON Field
MUFON's Amateur Radio Net that MUFON Amateur Radio Net. In Investigator's Manual. The availability
meets every Saturday morning at 0800 addition, he will continue as a Director date and price will be announced in the
E.S.T. and 0700 C.S.T. (1300 UT) in the of Massachusetts MUFON, Inc., assist Journal. In the meantime, we have an
forty meter band (S.S.B.) at 7237 KHz. the State Director, and maintain the outstanding book that will supplement
The net control station for 1982 was Massachusetts MUFON "Hot Line" our present and new manuals.
shared by WA3QLW and K8NQN, telephone 944-0686. Observing UFOs by Richard F. Haines,
(David L. Dobbs). The number of ham Joe has announced that Mrs. Ph.D., published by Nelson-Hall in
radio stations checking in on the UFO Marge Christensen, 2 Cherry Road, Chicago is highly recommended for the
net each week varied from a high of 15 Beverly, MA 01915, telephone (617) serious UFO investigator by J. Allen
to a low of three on CKristmas day, 922-6406 has accepted the position of
averaging ten per Saturday. The State Director. Linda Seal, 24 Middle (confirmed on page 18)

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