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NUMBER 184 JUNE 1983

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Seguin, Texas 78155 The summer doldrums apparently have set in, and current
sightings of substance are somewhat rare. We do have word of new
reports from the South and Southwest, and we will be reporting
RICHARD H. HALL cases when summaries are received from investigators.
Editor For now, conferences and a flurry of newly forming
ANN DRUFFEL multinational organizations dominate the scene. In the next few"
Associate Editor months we will have coverage of the Pasadena, Calif., MUFON
symposium and the MUFON-N.C. Conference in Winston-Salem,
LEN STRINGFIELD among others, along with news of the new organizations.
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In this issue
Co-Chairmen, By Lawrence J. Fenwick
PAUL CERNY By Dana M. Schmidt
Books/Periodicals/History THE PERSINGER THEORY 9
ROSETTA HOLMES By Robert Wanderer
Promotion/Publicity STARFUGHT, UFOSs, AND SET! 16
By Eugene F. Mallove
Staff Writer (Plus other news and features, including CALIFORNIA REPORT, p. 12;
Landing Trace Cases
Medical Cases
Staff Writer
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By Lawrence J. Fenwick
(Co-Director, Canadian UFO Research Network)

(Note: The van incident occurred makes, or pneumatic air pressure being to be moving. When he'd look at
on Oct. 16, 1971 while the group was released with a hissing sound. Things somebody else, the volume seemed to
returning from a party in Vineland like that. It looked hot. There was heat decrease, but I could still hear what he
Station). around it." was saying.
Those present in the van were "Then Sam said to Tom: 'Do you "When he looked directly at me, I
Jack, Calvin Stoddard, Sam J., Tom see that?' Tom said, 'Yes.' He told him could understand him perfectly. He was
Irving, a teenager who was being given a to be quiet. At this point, I was trying to telling us that they had no intention of
ride back to St. Catharines, and see over the seat without being noticed, hurting us or being hostile, that we
possibly Sam J.'s girl friend and Ann Sam kept telling me to get down. I said: would be unable to move or speak and
Marie, Tom's wife. They were driving 'What's going on?' He said: There's that he was doing that to us because he
west along the North Service Road just somebody coming out of it.' I could hear was afraid for his safety and the safety
50 feet north of a main highway, the footsteps going alongside the van. We'd of his crew. He knew we were thinking
Queen Elizabeth Way. Tom was driving all decided to keep completely still and about harming them. He told us that all
Jack's van. not make any sound. I heard them that they wanted to do was run a few
Torn spoke up as they reached the trying the door — Tom's door. I could tests on some of us."
vicinity of Charles Daley Park. "It looks see that' he was afraid. I could almost Jack said the humanoids had no
like there's an accident ahead." Jack feel it, but he just kept looking straight eyebrows, the head was very large in
looked over Tom's shoulder and saw ahead without moving. He didn't look at proportion to their bodies, and the
lights ahead across the road. Tom the alien at all, or whoever was trying mouth was small and slit-like.
stopped the van at the roadside. He the,door. Jack continued: "At this point, I
said "You'd better take a look at this. "I couldn't see any, face in the don't know how, but he tripped over
You're not going to believe it." window, but the window right behind the drum stand and knocked over one
Jack said to the doctor: "I saw a that was where I could see the top of the drum. It rolled out of the van. One of the
flying saucer on the road with lights head and eyes go by — really dark, two aliens who were standing outside
panning back and forth all over the dark eyes, black pupils. A really strange the van picked up the drum and looked
road. Blue lights came from the bottom looking head, bigger than ours. As it at it. I went out carrying my bag with
and scanned the road like searchlights. went by, it floated very evenly. There my recorders in it. Hooked at the drum
There were portholes. There were little was no bobbing up and down like it was and took it from the alien. He asked me
red lights around the perimeter and a taking steps. It just floated by. And then what it was. I told him and pointed to
dome shape on top." The object it started rattling the doors at the back Sam, the drummer and I said, 'He plays
appeared to be gray but at night it was of the van. This guy that was in the van the drums.' Tom walked out of the van
hard to say what color it actually was. that we picked up — they must/have and saw me holding the drum at the
The group collectively decided to turn been working on him telepathically or back of the van. The alien asked me if
back and get out of the area while they something because, for some reason, the drum was damaged. I said it was all
could. Calvin started to make a U-turn he leaned over to the back of the door right. The alien tried to put the drum
in the middle of the road but the and I thought he was checking to see if it back on the drum stand in the van. He
steering wheel would not work." was locked, but instead he opened it. gave up and put it on the van's floor.
"We started going towards the Both doors opened and I saw four aliens The alien looked at my bag and asked
thing. Sam said Tom, what are you standing outside."., what was in it. I took out one of my
doing?' Tom replied: 'I haven't got any "One — I'm trying to remember if recorders. He asked me what it was. I
more control over the van.' The,UFO he jumped or climbed or what. I don't didn't want to answer him. I showed
was pulling the van toward it. It was remember how he got into the van, but I him how it was played. I brought the
weird. He had his foot ,on the brake guess he stepped up into the van. At alien back into the van.
pedal trying to stop it, but the van kept this point, we were in a lot of fear. We "The alien told us that he couldn't
moving towards the thing very slowly. were thinking about trying to find test all of us because they didn't have
You didn't feel any bumps like you something to fight them with, as if we the equipment for it or the time. So he
would if you were driving. Then the van were being attacked, but the alien came wanted to do three of us. He said that
settled on the shoulder of the road and in. He put our minds at ease about an he'd bring us back and we could go on
stopped maybe 20 feet away from the a t t a c k . It f e l t l i k e he was our way when they'd finished. So he
UFO. And you heard all these sounds communicating through his eyes more
coming out of it, like a street sweeper than his mouth. His mouth didn't seem (continued on next page)
Canada, continued operating room. ThSre'wer^ all these I wanted to ask him more, but he
instruments on me. There were wires. wouldn't get into that subject with me. I
started to look around. I had gotten my They were pressing down on me on kept picking up their thoughts, but he
fear under control. He picked Calvin certain parts of my skin." didn't want to interfere with my
and Sam and me. "I don't know if there was another judgment on religious matters. They
"I followed the alien and entered part after that or not, but they definitely wanted to leave that up to me. They just
the UFO. I noticed the wall inside the seemed to have collected the wanted to ask me some run of the mill
door. It was cold inside and black. But information. They had little bags that questions. But I wanted to catch them
the wall curved and one part of the contained samples that they had taken off guard."
inside was lit up. There were two aliens from me, such as hair. This machine — Dr. Clamar asked: "How did you
there. One of them told me to take off they took it away somehow. I don't know which one was their leader?"
my.shirt, which I did. I still had one of my know if they wheeled it away or if it just Jack said: "He was the more dominant
recorders with me. I was worried about folded up and went into the galley. They one of them all. He was the one who
what the aliens would do to me. They sat me up. They may have made me made all of the major moves and did all
put me on the floor. There was a cot at look at that writing. They wheeled me of the dirty work like coming into the
the far end. They took Calvin, the bass over to another part of the ship, back to van, putting us under a spell, or
man, out of the room. Sam argued. He where my clothes were. They had a whatever. The other guys just sort of
didn't want to disrobe. I laughed at table there that had instruments inside. stood in the background and waited.
Sam's attempt to refuse. They were folding them up in white He seemed to be directing everything.
"There was another cot near cloth and putting them away." He had the crew trained very well. They
where I was and it had instruments on didn't question him. They knew exactly
it, like dental instruments, as if they A Question On Religion what to do. They were exremely
were used for doing examinations/One efficient.
of the aliens picked up one which "They asked us if we wanted to ask "After I put my clothes on, I was
looked like the handle of a Contempra them any questions, that this was the standing there talking to him for a while.
telephone. It was all black. He tried to time to do it. So Sam — Calvin, I don't I could see more of what he looked like
demonstrate it to me. He placed it think asked any — seemed kind of at that point. I had my recorders with
against his arm which was covered by curious. He asked them where they me. He'd already sent Calvin back. I
his sleeves. I could see through the come from. They told him it was a long wasn't sure at that time whether he had
sleeve and into his arm. All I could see ways away. It wasn't part of our solar or not, but when I got back to the van,
was the faint outline of what looked like system, and that he wouldn't Calvin was there. Sam seemed to be
a bone. There was a light coming from understand if they told him. Then I more relaxed and now he was smiling
the entire side of the tool which seemed decided to ask them a question and he said goodbye. They thanked him
to act like an X-ray. Then he shone it because, for some reason, this idea for coming along. So he walked back to
against my right arm. There was no came into my head that these beings the van. I didn't go with him. I wanted to
pain. I could see my muscles and veins could have been angels. I don't want to talk to them a little more. I didn't want
and I could see what my pulse was like tell them that that's what I thought, but I the experience to end. It had been very
as the blood pumped into the veins. The asked them what the correct religion on interesting for me to go through
alien told me to lie down. They shone a Earth was. They seemed surprised. something like that.
big light on my head. It looked like a They stopped what they were doing. "The leader was standing there by
neon light and was attached to a big Two of them looked at me. They said: the door. He started to tell me things
arm-like machine. The beam was 'Why did you ask that?,' I said: 'Because that touched me. Things about myself
silvery and moved around. I got my I feel that you people are more and my life. He knew there was some
hand in the way then and it hurt my advanced than we are in all kinds of kind of affinity between me and him.
hand a bit. They made a cut near my ways, not just telepathically, but Almost like he was a member of the
ear. socially and probably more spiritually family. I felt very close to him. Just this
"The machine itself looked like a advanced than we are, and, if anyone feeling alone made me feel sad. It was
dentist's machine, as it moved over the would know what the correct religion like a love. The kind of love you feel for a
top of me. It was metallic. When the would be, it would be you.' best friend, or someone you really care
thing pointed down, it looked like a drill "He said: 'Are you a member of a for. I think this was where I started
or knife. It had all kinds of arms on it religion now?' I said: 'No, but I used to crying. I wasn't crying loud,, but it was
with different devices. All the aliens be. I was brought up in a religion.' He just that it brought tears to my eyes.
were examining me with parts of the asked me what it was and I said: 'I was
thing. Checking me over. The room brought up as a Jehovah's Witness, but A Musical Souvenir
seemed to acquire a sense of business. I don't follow the path anymore. I don't
Everybody seemed to be serious about believe in it. Is that the correct religion?' "He told me that he'd see me again
what they were doing. They were all He said: 'No.' I said: 'Well, what is?' He and that there was lots of work yet to be
'hustling about. Everybody was doing said: There is no correct religion on
their job — different jobs. It was like an Earth.' Then he cut me off at that point. (continued on next page)
Canada, Continued of those they abduct from having male
heirs. This is done by mental
done, and that I'd been a very good manipulation. Abductees are
subject. He said that he was going to programmed to avoid marriage, or if
give me a purpose and I would be of s u- -- •• •
they do marry, it is one whose family
great help to my friends and people history shows mostly female offspring.
around me. The things that he said to i• If abductees do have male children,
me really made me feel good. He left me these may be the second or the third
with a feeling of usefulness — that I'd and final generation of males in the
really helped them. He was grateful and family, unless there is absolutely no
he said — I was so emotionally tied up history of males in the family having
with wht he was saying that it's really serious genetically-inherited diseases.
Only then.are exceptions made.
with what he was saying that it's really CUFORN has, a list of abductees
hurt me deeply — he had decided to who have no male heirs and who may
break the tension by asking me if there have fulfilled the humanoids' purpose.
was something that I wanted to show These may be either first, second, or
him now. I didn't want the tension to be third generation abductees.
broken at that point. I was still thinking Jack told CUFORN that the
about what he had said. I broke it off humanoids told him that they travel
and I remembered that I wanted to from their home planet to other places
show him my recorders. So I said: 'I've in the universe instantly. This amounts
The Recorder Bag
got some musical instruments in here to instant transference, so that time and
that I'd like to show you,' and he said: fine.' So I handed it to him. Then he distance pose no barrier.
'Could I see them?' So I handed him the reached out to take it from me and I saw Dr. Schulman summarized the
bag by the string. He took it by the his hand. It was really a strange-looking case by saying that hypnosis alone
bottom of the string, below it. He lifted it hand. It was really rough-looking skin, could f not determine whether the
off my hand and started to look at them. the thumb was wide and black. The individual was telling the truth, although
"I had three or four recorders in fingers — the ends of them were wide. she felt that Jack believed that what he
there. The tenor, I think, the largest of They seemed to taper a little, but there was saying was the truth. She also felt
the recorders, was in two pieces. I had was a bit of fold on the ends of them. I that, on the negative side, the more
taken it apart so it would fit better in the was really amazed looking at his hand. detail Jack gave under hypnosis, the
bag. I asked him if I could put it together "As Sam was walking out the door, less believable, (i.e., the more chance of
to show him what it's supposed to look he was talking to one of the aliens. I fantasizing to fill in holes in the story).
like. He said: 'Yes.' I walked over to him could hear their conversation in my Again, on the negative side, Jack had
and I opened up the bag and I took the mind. Sam asked them if they had any read Missing Time and sought out the
tenor out and put the mouthpiece on bases in our solar system. The alien said author, Budd Hopkins.
top of the other part. Then I showed it that they had a few, and that they had On the positive side was the fact
to him. He said 'How do you play some on planets in other solar systems, that CUFORN had to urge Jack to
these?' I played a couple of notes on it as well as some here on Earth. In fact, pursue the case further. The doctor
and I said: 'You play it be blowing air he said, pointing toward Lake Ontario, detected no unconscious motivation
into it and covering the holes.' So he we have one there." such as publicity or grandiose illusions.
looked at it. He took the other one out The 1976 incident involved his ex- She said that perhaps this whole thing
— the alto — and said: 'What is this wife and himself and was not an was something beyond our
one? How is it different?' And I said 'It abduction case. It was a CE3. Due to his comprehension. In speculating, she
plays a little higher key than the other emotional attachment to her, Jack suggested that the mental blocks we
one. The notes are a little higher, but it wants no details released. met actually have been inserted by
works basically the same.' Bill T. told Harry and Joe of a good forces and we are playing with fire
"And there was the smallest one theory he had formulated over the and may hurt something or someone.
that I took out and showed him that one years since the Owen Sound Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, psychologist
and I played a little on each one for him automobile incident. He feels the aliens and UFOlogist, wrote to Harry Tokarz
to show him the difference. He seemed want to eliminate "corrupt" blood if it on November 23,1982: "I am impressed
very interested and then I started exists in the "family tree." The with the observations which you and
thinking about the little one — that "corruption" is the genetic inheritance your colleagues have noted in the on-
maybe I should give it to him as a gift. So of diseases such as cancer or a history going investigation. I am familiar with
I asked him. I took the bag back off him, of family members having had heart these types of observations, although
I had the little one in my hand and asked trouble. The humanoids would cut off the comment about "interference
him if he'd like to take it back with him these unwanted strains from the male
as a souvenir. He said: That would be genes by preventing third generations (continued on next page)
By Dana M. Schmidt
(MUFON New York State Section Director)

The key question aroused by the Virginia Horton, what is it "they" are up hedge the bet against accidental as well
UFO phenomena may now have been to? It must only be, to produce humans as deliberate destruction? Such
answered. That question, of course, is in captivity. One can even imagine this questions may prove to be the most
why? Most particularly, why have scenario: The earlier abductions of difficult of all to answer. There is,
humans been abducted by the pilots of Betty Hill and Carl Higdon were however, one thing that I have
UFOs? (I assume here that the reports intended to collect human egg and suggested to Budd that he verify: To
are accurate.) It is not hard to guess sperm, respectively, to create human check his clone theory, he should have
that we are being observed, if indeed life ex vivo. Talk about test tube babies, Virginia hypnotized one more time (or
the UFOs have observers. But the kind this would have been the real thing. But check his tapes of the previous
of high strangeness reported by for some reason, it did not work, so with sessions) to ask: Was in fact the bouncy
abductees goes beyond mere Virginia (and apparently, others in young female that Virginia visited
observation and raises this nagging 1950), they tried cloning. Budd Hopkins aboard the UFO the second time, a
"why." points to the celebration scene in human or an alien? This was not clear. If
In Budd Hopkins' 1982 book, Virginia Horton's second abduction as an alien, then the clone theory fails, as
Missing Time, Mr. Hopkins may have evidence of success in raising humans, do my speculations.
found the answer. Although his work but within the UFO society, whatever Finally, if other researchers have
does not supply enough details on each that might be. evidence bearing on the preservation.of
reported abduction to allow a But the logical extension (mine, the species as the raison d'etre for the
correlation study of the phenomena, not Budd's) goes even farther. Why UFO abductions, I suggest they
something which I offer to undertake if I would they want to raise humans in contact Budd, MUFON headquarters,
can get the data, he does give a hint that captivity? At the risk of being too or myself.
may answer the "why." Specifically, in anthropomorphic, the answer would
Chapter 9 in discussing Virginia seem to be obvious from our own SUPPORT MUFON
Hprton's double abduction he suggests experience: To preserve an earth-like
that the purpose for her abduction was habitat in case the real thing is MUFON needs a larger
to make a clone of her, and that this was destroyed. That is what humans do if, membership/readership in order to be
successful. more effective in pursuing our goals of
What Mr. Hopkins does not destroyed. That is what we humans do UFO research and public education.
expressly state is the logical extension if, say, a portion of Africa's rain forest is We suggest that State MUFON
of this conclusion. Given the apparent threatened as a habitat for a species — organizations, and individual members
interest of abductors in taking human we try to raise the species in an artificial as well, consider gift subscriptions of
sperm from males (viz, the Carl Higdon environment to preserve it. Is there any the Journal, for friends, relatives,
abduction), and eggs from females (viz., evidence that preservation against libraries, or your doctor or dentist for
Betty Hill), and now, a cell to clone destruction of the real thing is the waiting room reading material. State
Canada, Continued ultimate purpose? Budd Hopkins organizations should encourage their
points to one telling piece of evidence, members and consultants to take out
through the women" was fascinating to the apparent love or interest of additional subscriptions as a means of
me. I agree with the notion that the Virginia's abductor to preserve the supporting MUFON and disseminating
phenomenon fosters belief (and variety of all species, about which love information.
action), but does not yield to logical Virginia had much to report. I would Also, if you know someone who
analysis: As you know, my feeling is that point to another piece — the apparent may be interested in becoming a
the best principle is to follow the three propensity of UFO occupants to take member or subscriber, send us their
steps: become aware, accept, and other animal, and vegetable, specimens name and address and we will mail them
acknowledge .the presence of the as well. a complimentary copy of the Journal
intelligent beings in our lives; then we Frankly, I am alarmed by this along with information about the goals
can find out what our mission or task or "ultimate purpose," if indeed this is it. and purposes of MUFON.
project may be. Do "they" know something we do not, And don't forget, MUFON is a
"I offer you my best wishes for your and is it that we are closer to nonprofit, tax exempt organization.
continued investigation and I'll be glad Armageddon than we think? Or are Your contributions (other than
to correspond with you about further "they" assigned the task of setting up membership fee) are deductible from
comments or questions." duplicates of all inhabited planets, to Federal income tax for U.S. citizens.^
By James R. Lcming

At this writing, facts are still being robbery, their testimony alone could be like "Scoop" Nebroski of the National
gathered to lend support to the theory sufficient evidence to convict another Enquirer will aid in uncovering some
that the typical, if indeed you can call human being and remove him or her facts that would under other
them typical, contactee/abductee is in from society for a long period of time. circumstances remain hidden.
fact a very normal person that is caught And the very same individual could People that have been contacted
up in very "abnormal" circumstances. I report a sighting and all of a sudden his have such a swelling of their capacity to
am going to try, with the help of this or her testimony is invalid? Why? The understand that quick, pointed
article, to set a few things straight — or witness's mind is still the same." questions like, "What did they look
at least make the results a little more I have a very good illustrating point like?" or, "Was the inside of their ship
understandable to those people ,who to share that .was related to me first- blue?" carries with it no real meaning or
haven't got the beginnings of an idea as hand as a personal experience. This significance. Why would you care what
to how to deal with the same situation, p a r t i c u l a r i n d i v i d u a l had a the inside looked like when you were
were the tables turned. contactee/abductee, experience that is just given the key to the universe?
Names like Walton, Andreasson- still under investigation and facts are With all due respect, knowing how
Luca, Hill, Higdon, and Moody do not still being correlated. The basic story the inside of a ship works is better left to
ring true to those who do not study the deals with lingering dreams that tried to the people who understand such
annals of UFOlogy. They could be tell this person that something specific things. There are some who question
Roger Penske's pit crew, or the back-up was expected to be done. It was like the mechanics of a blackboard eraser,
girls for the Rockettes. But in fact they having a house that was half finished so how are they able to help? Because
are the names of perfectly normal and trying to live in it. You know right they cannot explain what they have
people that have been given a "guilt away that something is missing, but you seen, does this mean that they could
trip" the size of the moon to carry with are at a loss as to how to correct the not possibly possess any worthwhile
them ONLY because what they are problem. Its a feeling that nags at you knowledge?
trying to relate to others is not until you actually begin to question the All I want people to do is get past
acceptable to the conformists' point of fact that you had a UFO experience at the ends of their collective noses and
view. If these people could only tellhow all! look at the real article. How has this
their entire concept of life has been You cannot appreciate the person been changed? (A/hy does this
changed, without sounding like they implications until you are in the> same person feel that no one understands?
were trying to change the world situation. Your mind is going a million (and very rarely does anybody
through mass revelations given them by miles an hour, and you are desperately understand).
the "space brothers." I don't think that trying not tdtake yourself too seriously Just think for a minute. . . . You
enough is being said about the people in only because you are trying to keep are an abductee. How do you tell
general. your sanity. Its a pretty empty, lonely someone without being snickered at?
.Granted there have been some feeling that comes over you. Your You know what happened; why can't
who were, shall we say, "wrapped a spouse notices a change but tries to they see it? You have several minutes
little too tightly" and these unfortunates remain supportive throughout the or possibly hours missing from your life
were the ones always saddled by the ordeal. It is a shallow comfort at best. I that no one seems to care about. These
press. I personally would be more would like to pass along some personal alternatives await the most sincere
interested in how these particular advice if I might; should you happen to abductee. So when you stop and figure
people are currently dealing with run across a possible contactee/ out that a contactee has an even
everyday decisions and how their abuctee in your particular area of slimmer chance^ of getting through,
outlook on certain topics has changed. investigation, DON'T ask what should it be , a wonder that most
This, I think, will say more about the happened aboard the ship. Ask, "What instances go unreported?
event than any "hidden message" ever are you feeling that is different than It's up to us — the investigators —
could. It all comes back to a very before? How are you relating to the to ease people in volatile surroundings
important statement that Ted Phillips changes that have come about since into discussing the possible reasons
made some time ago concerning the the incident?" Whether or not the that he or she was chosen. And, if in
"double standard" in UFO person was given a "message" is really fact, these people were chosen, we
investigation. I can't quote him exactly not that important. Passing on this have the makings of world History, so
but the gist was, "Should a person point of information will help the we better be prepared to accept
witness a crime such as murder or interviewee relax. Trying not to sound alternative paths to follow.^
By Greg Long
(Staff Writer)

On September 9, 1982, a family of lights the color of amber warning lights trapezoid, etc.) since neither witness
three and a fire lookout on a fire station - common on rough-roadway signs. The could adequately describe the exact
on a high peak on the Yakima Indian l i g h t s w e r e in a h o r i z o n t a l location of each light in relation to the
Reservation in south-central configuration. A very faint bluish light (a other. For example, contradictory
Washington State observed a star?) was positioned on the "trailing statements were made that the lights
nocturnal light (NL) over the edge," (i.e., to the left and slightly were "lined up" and that they weren't.
Reservation, traveling slowly in a down). The mother, with her glasses The four lights traveled easterly
westerly to easterly direction. off, observed through binoculars two and were finally lost from view in the
At 10:25 p.m., the lookout alerted lights running together, forming an distance.
the father, during a radio conversation oval-shaped light. She also saw a third,
with him, of the presence of a bright faint light to the left. Conclusions
light over the Medicine Valley area of the light(s) traveled southeasterly
the Reservation. Two members of the in a series of slow "stop-go" motions, The father estimated that the
family rushed outside with a telescope and gradually turned to the east in a original light was at an altitude of 4,000
and a pair of binoculars, while the father broad arc. to 5,000 feet when he first observed it.
remained inside and confirmed the During the sighting, an aircraft He determined this elevation by relating
continuous presence of the NL to the (most likely propeller-driven) flew over the position of the light to the lookout
lookout during the ensuing events. Toppenish Ridge from the south. The peak and by noting that the NL was
When first alerted, the father family estimated the distance of the barely above the mountains when he
stepped to the front window of the plane at 2.5 to 3.5 miles. first saw it. The NL definitely had low
house and saw a bright, yellowish- When the plane approached the angular elevation, he said.
orange light about the size of a pea light, the UFO dimmed down and was Curiously, at the beginning of the
situated slightly above Ahtanum Ridge not visible to the naked eye. However, sighting, the son noted through the
to the northwest. He visually "held" the through the aid of the glasses, the telescope something w i t h o u t
light at the edge of one of the witnesses saw two orangeish lights discernible shape or size passing
crossbars of the window and judged (apparently the original two lights) and periodically (about one pass per
that the light was motionless. The a string of smaller, dimmer lights second) in front of the light. He
father believes that the lookout saw the aligned horizontally to the left, forming attempted fruitlessly to determine the
light appear. He stated: "It just came an apparent c o n f i g u r a t i o n of source of the obscuring object, which
on. . . there it was." After about 30 "windows" — although the mother and eventually vanished before the other
seconds, the father returned to the son admitted that the "windows" were major events transpired. It is also
radio and continued his conversation not square and were at best only point interesting to note that during my
with the lookout. The light, he told me, sources. In fact, neither mother nor son interivew with the family, the mother
was not sharp-edged or well-defined, could recall the exact number of these and son attempted to relate the two
but definitely was not a star. smaller lights; estimates ranged from lights and the additional string of lights
The rest of the family (the mother five to a dozen. The two original lights to concepts such as "front" and "back,"
and son) watched the light through, were, the son said, a "tad bit" brighter "craft," "fuselage," and "headlights."
respectively, the binoculars and the than the point sources. Although no body was observed related
telescope. (Note that the mother wears The aircraft passed either under or to the lights, these concepts could very
corrective lenses, and she took these west of the light. About a minute later, well be accurate attempts to formulate
off while looking through the the original light "came back on." This a true picture, although the danger lies
binoculars.) action was observed with the naked that the witnesses were drawing upon
The son attached the telescope to eye. However, the mother and son now preset notions of what "spacecraft"
the mirror of the family vehicle (parked observed three additional lights that look like.
a short distance from the house), and may have come on at the same instant Except for the dimming action, the
the mother propped her elbows on the although neither witnessed their NLs never flickered, changed shape or
same vehicle and observed the light appearances. These lights had the size, or performed erratic behavior
through the binoculars. The night was same size and were as bright as the during the entire sighting. The
clear with a few clouds. primary light. The lights may not have appearance of three additional lights
Through the telescope, the son been arranged in any indentifiable
observed two very bright, pale-orange geometric configuration (triangle, (continued on next page)
By Robert Wanderer

Everybody has a theory about at Laurentian University in Sudbury, from Fate magazine, and much from
where UFOs come from it seems, and Ontario. His interest in UFOs and the William Corliss' collections. From this
many of those theories are extremely paranormal goes back to the mid- massive data base he was able to
unlikely. To cope with this plethora of 1960's, when he began an analysis of a project patterns in space and time for
esoteric hypotheses, we tend to large number of paranormal cases, many kinds of unusual events. In his
develop. some method . to quickly taken from Fate magazine and other 1977 book Space-Time Transients and
discredit and dismiss any new one that sources, seeking p a t t e r n s of Unusual Events2 (with his assistant
comes along. occurrence such as time of day and Gyslaine F. Lafreniere as co-author) he
Take the Persinger theory, for time of year, and noting the problems of reports on such Fortean events as ice
instance. We've heard it says selective memory, distortion, and self- falls (which nowadays follow a different
something about earth stress causing fulfilling prophecy that affected the pattern than before, presumably
UFOs. Oho, we answer, that's reports. His two-volume report The because of high-altitude jet airplanes),
obviously absurd because a lot of UFOs Paranormal (1974) appears to include animal falls from the sky (43% of which ,
are reported in places where there his first speculation which he developed happen in the summer), and what he
aren't any earthquakes. And we hear into his theories; he suggests that high- terms UFORs — UFO Reports, where
too that Persinger says those earth voltage fields might be responsible for he quite properly adds the word
stresses affect the brain, causing people some UFOs, and that the mechanism "report" to call attention to the fact that
to make up and believe "abductibn"- which produces the glow might also any individual UFO report may involve
type stories; we easily toss that one distort a person's interpretation of what only a single person's perception lasting
aside along with such exotica as the one he sees (The Paranormal, Part I}, pg. only a few seconds, of "something" that
claiming UFOs come out of a hole in the 186-187).'' might not necessarily be what "we
earth near the North Pole. By 1967, when he was in graduate consider an "object."
But let's take a closer look at school, he came to realize the He found that UFO reports
Persinger's theory. Part of it has inadequacy of the Fate material — peaked in April, then hit a higher and
impressive statistical support, although much of it was recorded 10 years or more rounded peak in July, August,
the physical operation is not entirely more after it happened, any many of the and September, a pattern which
clear. And even his more extreme events involved some sort of personal showed in both American reports and
suggestion, of the electromagnetic crisis that may distort the memory. He those from other parts of the world. He
effect on the brain, presents an moved his focus, therefore, to the work mapped the location of UFORs and of
interesting theory, though a harder one of Charles Fort, which not only non-UFO strange events in the United
to demonstrate quantitatively. presented clearer data but posed a States, and found that these maps
First, some background. problem that science had not overlap with major population centers,
Michael A. Persinger is a professor approached seriously: the problem of reflecting the greater number of
of psychology and neurobiology and localized and transient phenomena, observers. But there were some
head of the Neuroscience Laboratory p a r t i c u l a r l y i n f r e q u e n t ones. deviations from what was expected,
Traditional science, as Persinger points particularly iii the Midwest.
Yakima, Continued out, works on the capability of Another pattern he discovered
replication and the similarity of was the correlation between UFORs
and the string of lights is indeed sampling (i.e., two chemicals, when (as well as other unusual or Fortean
puzzling. mixed, will react the same way events) and areas of seismic activity.
The sighting lasted between 15 and anywhere), but the kind of space-time This is not just a matter of "earthquake
25 minutes as the witnesses can best transients Fort discussed challenged lights," a phenomenon linown for
determine. The father noted the exact " these assumptions. hundreds of years of glowing lights at or
time the sighting began when in the Persinger reasoned that one way around the time of an earthquake.
kitchen talking qn the radio, but did not around this problem was to expand the Persinger finds increased UFOR
note the end. When available, the space and time frame — to deal with a acitvity in these regions at other times
lookout's report of the event will very large number of reports over as as well; in general, increases in UFORs
supplement this one. m u c h t e r r i t o r y a s possible. in the 2 years before low-intensity
I consider the family, whom I have Consequently, he gathered data from earthquakes, and up to 4 years before
interviewed before, to be reliable and the Fort books, from various scientific
composed of good observers. journals, from newspaper clippings, (continued on next page)
Pcrsingcr Theory, Continued does not deal with the many other kinds Persinger's interpretation of the
of events that are popularly subsumed Travis Walton event demonstrates the
major quakes. He suggested in the 1977 in what he terms "the overinclusive sweep of his theory: he believes Walton
book that pressure forces pushing on label UFO." and his six co-workers saw a huge
rock crystals in a large area may The second element stems from luminosity associated with a massive
produce an electric field, which could the large-scale space/time patterns he electrical discharge. Walton was struck
ionize in a local area into visible has traced that demonstrate both down by a "bolt" from it as he
"luminosities," and might cause other present and past relationships between approached it, serving as a conductor
Fortean activity, such as precipitation reports of luminosities and of tectonic much like a single tall tree on a flat plain
of water vapor, rock movement, and strain as measured by seismic activity. draws lightning in a thunderstorm. The
even attract animals. Later studies He has extensively documented this effect was powerful enough to knock
indicate some other possible scenarios correlation in a continuing series of him unconscious, or at least put him in a
for these lights. technical articles in the journal "trance" or into "sleepwalking."
Persinger emphasizes that this Perceptual and Motor Skills* He developed a typical dreamlike
connection of UFORs and seismic For the technical side of how this experience — a composite of fantasy,
activity is an empirical observation, not effect occurs, he works with Dr. Brian previous associations with unusual
just a theory, and it holds with data from Brady, a physicist with the U.S. Bureau events, and the actual details. Persinger
England, Europe, and the United of Mines in Denver. Persinger believes thinks Walton should not be
States, and for the early part of the that the effect may come from a special considered psychotic or deluded; his
century when Fort was collecting electricity-generating property of behavior was "normal" in the context of
material, as well as currently. quartz under compression. Brady and the intense physical s t i m u l u s . 3
A particularly valuable documen- his associates have reproduced this (Persinger used the Walton case as an
tation of the theory comes from his effect in the laboratory.7 illustration of his theory; he does not
study and analysis of luminosities and R e c e n t l y Brady reports a speculate on the details of where
other Fortean events for a 30-year significant breakthrough to a funda- Walton was during the 5 days he was
period (1943-1973) in the New Madrid mentally different kind of phenomenon, missing and the object of an intensive
seismic area, which extends from and he and his co-workers believe they search.)
southernmost Illinois and Indiana have duplicated all the major field Persinger insists that his analyses
through southeast Missouri and into characteristics of these luminosities, of luminosities are based on clear,
northeast Arkansas, including parts of including spin, color change, ejection of routine statistical procedures, using
westernmost Kentucky and materials, and others. His estimates of contemporary analytical tools with a
Tennessee. He showed a strong the core magnetic field intensities of the testable hypothesis. "At present," he
correlation of numbers of low-intensity luminous ball appear to match adds, "UFO research is loaded by the
earthquakes with UFOR numbers of favorably with the type of intensities old school of researchers, such as Rogo
the previous 2 year period, and also a required to alter automotive engine and and Coleman, who are quite effective at
connection between seismic activity electrical systems, an effect often first order evaluation and descriptive
and Fortean events such as noted in UFO reports. (Ed. Note: procedures. Their types of data
poltergeists, animal mutilations, and Having consulted with many physical collection are important during the
other unusual activities.5 scientists about E-M effects, I believe earlier stage of any science." He
Now, on to Persinger's theory. It this paragraph contains highly believes, however, that the present
involves three separable matters. While questionable information. Comments UFO problem — or at least the
I presume Persinger sees all three from qualified scientists invited.) luminosity part of the problem —
aspects as inevitably flowing together, The third element of Persinger's requires the kind of analysis he has
it's possible, if you wish, to reject one theory holds that certain types of done.
part of the theory while accepting elctromagnetic fields can distort the Persinger's model, at its simplest,
another. elctromagnetic events within and declares that UFO luminosity
The first element is a matter of between neurons in the brain. p h e n o m e n a are generated by
definition, and as such is not in dispute Furthermore, once this distortion processes, yet to be specified,
(although it is part of the widespread occurs, the sequence of these EM associated with tectonic strain.
misunderstanding of his work). signals may be permanently coded, Persinger's data shows UFORs weeks
Persinger is talking only about a certain giving a person a "real memory" that to years before earthquakes, but there
kind of documented luminous events. does not represent an actual event, he appears to be an optimal strain
He is not talking about those rare types holds that coming close to a luminosity condition since most UFORs occur
known as earthquake lights, or those would affect the temporal lobe, which is during the 6 months before increases in
known as ball lightning. His theory heavily involved with memory as well as low magnitude quakes. The greater the
deals specifically with the traditional with dreaming, anxiety, and deperson- imminent quake activity, the more
category of "luminosities," the term alization. He emphasizes that the intense the UFORs. Yet to be
used in the last century for some of person so affected would believe their
what are called UFOs now. His theory experiences to be real. (confinued on next page)
Persinger Theory, Continued one, that of acceptance. We all resist it is proved beyond a doubt.
change, and people in the UFO
determined is whether one can predict movement who have been espousing Not to worry. There's not much of
the magnitude of the coming an extraterrestrial or other theory are anything in the UFO field that can be
earthquake by the number of not about to give up their strongly-held proved beyond a doubt. I can
luminosity reports or by the beliefs, particularly when they are understand Rutledge's feeling: he's put
duration/size of the average one. based on long personal investigation 6 years of his life into his UFO project,
The other part of Persinger's and speculation on UFOs. spending long chilly hours atop some
theory, about the EM effect of a Harley Rutledge, a professor of mountain watching for anomalous
luminosity/UFO on the brain, is of physics at Southeast Missouri State lights, and directing the work of 620
course hard to prove. Neurosurgeons University, conducted .a 6 year-long observers from 159 different stations. In
have observed such effects during brain project to record and photograph discussing in his book possible causes
surgery, but for obvious ethical reasons UFOs in his region — which happens to of the UFOs he and his co-workers saw,
cannot experiment, although the- be right in the middle of the New Madrid he does suggest that UFOs may have
effects he postulates are consistent fault area. I happened to read an "affinity" for the New Madrid
with known neurofunction. Persinger Rutledge's book Project Identification,* earthquake fault.
remarks: describing his work, immediately after For me, sitting here reading these
reading Persinger's book, and was books, it's easy to make the jump from
The truly ironic aspect of all this is that when a impressed by what seemed to me a "affinity" to "partial cause and effect"
ward patient with a temporal lobe disorder considerable correlation. When I asked (Persinger's theory would fit only some
reports a "close encounter" experience, due to a Rutledge about this, he replied that he of the UFOs that Rutledge's group
transient seizure within the brain, the details are
dismissed as rubbish. But when a person on a
had not read Persinger's book prior to saw). For Rutledge, after his
deserted road approaches a source that would writing his, but had read it since, and considerable investment of time and
induce a similar seizure within his brain, and commented only that it seemed "quite effort in his long investigation, and with
reports a similar experience, it is believed scholarly." He said: his p r e f e r e n c e for the more
immediately!" conventional wisdom of the UFO
At this time, I choose not to enter into m o v e m e n t , such a j u m p is
The toughest problem facing the controversy. Neverthless, I won't accept any understandably much more difficult.
Persinger theory is a public relations explanation for the phenomena we observed until With all due respects to Dr. Rutledge,
that's the tough road Persinger's theory
By Willy Smith, PhD
(MUFON Georgia State Director) 1. The Paranormal (2 volumes) includes little of
UFO interest, but illustrates the roots of
Further steps toward structuring the WORLD UFOLOGICAL Persinger's thinking. (New York: MSS
ASSOCIATION (WUA) were taken during the Second International Congress of Information Corp., 1974).
2. Space-Time Transients and Unusual Events
UFOlogy, which took place in Brasilia, Brazil, April 17-21, 1983. The matter was (with Gyslaine F. Lafreniere) details his theory at
discussed extensively by UFOlogists of different countries attending the that time. (Chicago: Nelson-Hall, 1977).
Congress, and in agreement with the resolutions taken in Rosario, Argentina, in 3. His article, "Possible Infrequent Geophysical
December 1982, tentative Bylaws and Regulations were proposed by members Sources of Close UFO Encounters," appears in
from Argentina. According to those Bylaws, the new association will have a Board UFO Phenomena and the Behavioral Scientists,
edited by Richard F. Haines. It's an excellent
of Directors composed of seven members from different parts of the world, summary of his views focused on the UFO field.
appointed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was elected as temporary chairman. It was (Metuchen, N.J.: The Scarecrow Press, 1979).
emphasized that the WUA is made up of individuals, not organizations or country 4. A series of articles in the journal Perceptual and
representatives. Motor Skills provides a technical explanation of
When interviewed by the JORNAL DE BRASILIA, Dr. Hynek indicated his his work, heavy with mathematics and technical
terms. Among the more important and the easier
hopes that the WUA will be functioning within two years, assuming responsibility to read are 1976, 43, 215-221; 1980, 50, 791-797;
for the dissemination of all information related to the UFO phenomenon, such as and 1983, 56, 91-95.
reports of incidents and case studies. Dr. Hynek explained that the major difficulty 5. "Odd Luminosities (UFOs) and Other Fortean
will be to find honest, highly responsible individuals of integrity, wishing to work for Events Before Earthquakes: The New Madrid
the success of the WUA. He suggested that those suitable persons should have a Test" appears in the JournalofS.l.T.U. (Pursuit),
1981 (2).
long involvement with the phenomenon, perhaps with years of field experience, 6. His forthcoming book is Predicting UFO
and possess a good theoretical knowledge of the subject. Events and Experiences.
Dr. Hynek and Mrs. Cynthia Hind, from South Africa, were appointed to 7. "Seismic Fireballs," Science Digest, November
present the news of the creation of the WUA during the Provisional International 1981, p. 92.
Committee for UFO Research (PICUR) meeting, to take place in London in 8. Harley Rutledge, Project Identification
(Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1981).
August of this year, and remarked that the WUA, as an organization of individuals,
does not conflict with, but rather complements, the objectives of PICUR.

By Ann Druffcl

Straight Lines and Straight Talk

This column is not long for time is archeplogical treasures beneath its , observing in different parts of the world,
short. Many MUFON members in the sands, as well as mysterious, long- that UFO sightings occur along straight
'Southern California area (and some up disused sacred sites of the numerous line patterns;' that is, the locations
North as well) have been busy for the Indian tribes which once roamed here , where UFOs are reported above or on
past several months planning the 14th free. Some of these sites are in the Los the earth can, in many instances, be
Annual MUFON Symposium which will Angeles area, as well. . • connected by drawing, a straight line
be.held in Pasadena, Calif., "the city of , At this Symposium, I will speak on through those sites when plotted on
the roses," and we have not had much Southern California sightings, as well as maps. In the case of sightings far apart,
time to devote to other tasks. doing my bit on the arrangements these series of sighting locations can be
Pasadena has been my home for 26 committee. Following our theme, connected by "great circle" segments,
years. It is a lovely city. To the west the "UFOs: A Scientific Challenge," '\ since a straight line drawn along a
San Rafael hills rise low and green. seized the opportunity to' present' sphere becomes a segment of a circle
To the north, the San Gabriel Southland close encounters within the arid not a true straight line.
Mountains jut into the sky. context of orthoteny, or, as Aime The . first known Southern
Beyond the San Gabriels, to the Michel first called it, "the Straight-Line. California straight line was discovered
east and north of Pasadena, are the vast Mystery." accidentally in the 1970s during a totally
reaches of the Mohave Desert. Here lie Researchers since 1954 have been .unrelated research study. The
Symposium gave me a chance to
research the straight-line phenomenon
in depth; with quite interesting results.
I am not a physical scientist but
approached the subject with an
objective attitude and honest sets of
criteria and protocol. But the problem
of the "straight lines" presents a special
difficulty to some physical scientists, for
close encounter cases are, mostly,
anecdotal. In this area, we do not have a
large number of landing trace cases, for
example, such as exist in some states
and other countries. So the data used in
the study, except for two probably
genuine photo cases, was subjective in
every sense of the word.
The problem of subjective vs.
UFO SIGHTING BY JOHN & DAVID DEHERRERA objective data has been hotly disputed
since the beginnings of UFOlogy.
INFORMATION REQUESTED Recently the question has been'boldly,
In the Fall of 1956 or 1957, there was an interesting UFO sighting in Colorado. approached in the pages of this Journal
Several people driving between Pueblo and Walsenberg observed this unidentified by such writers as Bill Leet.
flying object traveling parallel to Highway 180. The crux of the problem is — how
Approximately 80 miles further south, my younger brother and I also saw an can subjective data fit into a "hard
unidentified flying object, possibly within a few minutes of the other sighting. It science." Physical scientists are forced,
approached and crossed the highway directly over the pickup I was driving. It was by their very definition, to think that'
daylight and the object was less than 100 feet away at the closest point. UFOlogy must develop eventually into
Now, 27 years later, I am trying to obtain a newspaper article that mentioned a hard science if it is ever to be accepted
the Pueblo/Walsenberg sighting by several motorists. If anyone has a copy of this in academia. But the problem remains:
article, please contact me at the following address: John Deherrera, 417 N.
Orange, Fullerton, CA 92633 (coninued on next page)
California Report, Continued obtaining objective, verifiable results. prediction is put in print as a challenge
Many UFO researchers are to those who do not believe that
there is little hard data in UFOlogy. beginning to suspect that Truth may subjective or psychic data can be relied
It is time to present some straight not be observable only on the physical upon:
talk about the problem of subjective vs. level, that is, monitorable by
objective data, for it affects the validity instruments, but may also be On the evening of July 1,1983, around 10:00
or non-validity of the "straight-line" observable on the mental and o'clock in the evening, a Saturn-shaped
phenomenon in Southern California. intuitional levels as well. Perhaps object will hover over a portion of Los
Angeles County and will be viewed by
Sixteen straight lines were found in intuitional observations may be the persons attending the MUFON
my study, lines which comprise 57 means of grasping whole Truths. Symposium social on that Friday evening at
UFO-related events. In addition, there Scientists such as Edison and Einstein the Huntington-Sheraton Hotel. The
are 35 other sites, providing three at times worked intuitionally and were object's apparent size will approximate the
comparison groups: ancient Indian later able to verify and demonstrate size of the full moon, and it will be seen for
several minutes. It can be photographed
ritual sites, paranormal incidents, and their work on a physical plane. and otherwise documented.
IFOs where the object sighted was in Are UFOs manifesting (and
close proximity to the witness. All but contacting witnesses) on the mental Coincidentally, the Pasadena
one of these comparison sites lay along and psychical planes as well as on the Huntington-Sheraton hotel is about
straight lines, giving an additional seven physical plane? If they are a teaching midway between two junctions
lines to the original sixteen. device, guiding mankind toward higher (multiple intersections) of the majority
Why these 91 sites, related to such evolution, as researchers such as of straight lines in my study. One of
different types of incidents, can be Vallee, Creighton, and Michel have these "junctions" is at an ancient sacred
connected by straight lines on the suggested, then logically the evolution site, Eagle Rock, which rises
transverse mercator projection map of they are guiding would not be merely majestically on the western edge of
Southern California used in the study I physical evolution but would be Pasadena.
cannot fathom. Perhaps other, more evolvement on the (higher) mental and Farmer's unexpected prediction
learned, minds can discover why, if any (still higher) psychical planes. adds a bit of spice to our plans. It can
be intrigued enough to study the Most persons, scientists and non- also be regarded as a challenge to
problem further. But these 23 straight scientists alike, inwardly accept that science. In the event the prediction is
lines constitute a confrontation man is more than a material being living fulfilled, how will that affect the
between those who believe that only in a physical world. The true essence of objective-subjective controversy?
objective data is valid in UFOlogy and a human being seems to be his/her Could it serve to demonstrate to a
those who accept that subjective data is mind, which cannot truly be measured significant number of UFOlogists that
useful and valid, provided it comes from by present-day instruments, and valid data (verified after the fact) can be
rational, honest witnesses. beyond mind, a life force which psychic derived from subjective and even
Some scientists can accept researchers call elan vital. The elan vital psychic sources?
subjective anecdotal data as valid if it is of a human being seems to be able to
both .quantitative and qualitatively perceive data beyond the confines of
significant, but cannot accept the physical space-time in which we
anecdotal data of paranormal events. live, as demonstrated by abilities such
They shy away from any suggestion as telepathy, precogriition, and
that UFO events are often clairvoyance.
accompanied by paranormal incidents. It is possible for intuitional
Why, then, do the plotted paranormal perceptions to be verified on an
events lie along the Southern California, analytical, physical plane. The psychics LAWSON AWARD
"straight lines"? They had been utilized by Mobius, for instance, have ANNOUNCED
expected to fall in random patterns. their psychic input proven after the
Except for three incidents which had fact, when their predictions are verified The 1982 Alvin H. Lawson Award
occurred at the same site where UFO by field investigation. was announced by the Fund for UFO
events also occurred, though on In conclusion, I present for your Research at the Pasadena, Calif.,
different dates, the content of all these consideration a psychic prediction MUFON UFO Symposium over the
paranormal cases was totally devoid of which, according to internationally- July 4th weekend. In a split award, the
any UFOlogical significance. known clairvoyant, Hamilton Farmer, Fund Executive Committee — acting
The field of psychic research, in will occur in conjunction with the 14th on nominations from a West Coast
the opinion of many scientists, is totally Annual Symposium. Hamilton and his nominating committee including Prof.
outside the realm of science. Yet wife Norma moved from Belfast, N. Lawson — awarded $1,500 to John F.
groups like the Mobius Society and Ireland to Los Angeles last year, and he Schuessler for his articles on the Cash-
Stanford Research Institute are using has been a c t i v e in a p p l i e d Landrum radiation-injury case, and
scientific methodologies, utilizing parapsychology projects in our $500 to UPIAR Research in Progress
psychically derived data, and are Southland area. His following edited by Ballester-Olmos in Spain.
, By Robert Wanderer

What Are UFOs?

What are UFOs, and where do established that what he saw must have "Do you believe in UFOs?" and
they come from? been Venus. apparently get a yes or no answer from
Sounds like a simple question, but Thus the term UFO, originally most people. The popular impression of
it doesn't have a simple answer. used . for those mysterious "flying that question seems (to my( ear)
When we are asked a "what?" .saucers" and "discs" seen in the sky, something like "Do you believe that
question, our first tendency is to currently is used to label or describe a there are some mysterious unknown
answer , with a dictionary-type wide variety of events, unidentified as. objects flying around out there,
definition. So, we would say, UFO, well as known. possibly from outer space?" (At least
stands for unidentified flying object. The 'range ' of meaning in the that's my impression; 'let me know if
. B u t that's not much help. . popular mind'is illustrated,by the huge you understand a different popular
Unidentified flying object is a confusing difference in evaluation of UFOs in the meaning.)
term for many reasons: library arid in the bookstore. In the After having sufficiently muddied
1. The word "object" makes it library's. Dewey Decimal System, the question "What are UFOs?," let me
sound like a solid definite nuts-and- UFOs are seemingly solid, reputable go on to the next .question: Where do
bolts kind of thing. But this eliminates objects — UFOs are in 629.279 along they come from? :
from consideration meteorological and with aircraft, with the same number Since there is little in the UFO
electromagnetic and other events that applied to.both, and books about UFOs field that can be definitely proved or
may look like solid objects, and that and about airplanes intermingled. But disproved, the differences of opinion
may account for some UFO reports. in the bookstore (at least the ones I see) are essentially differences of what
2. "Flying" suggests that it's UFOs are down in the Occult section, probability each of us would assign to a
moving through the sky. But many along with past lives, the Bermuda particular phenomenon or event.
UFOs are stationary, and some are oh Triangle, and similar exotica. Another The conventional wisdom of the
or close to the ground. Also, "flying" curious categorization: UFOs are listed UFO movement sees extraterrestrial
seems to imply that the whatever-it-is is in both the New York Times index and spacecraft as a high probability. In
under conscious control, again making in the major magazine index, but the recent years, with the continuing lack of
it more difficult to understand UFOs new National Newspaper Index (a specific hard evidence for the ETH,
that may be natural events. computerized listing of the NY Times, some have moved on to other and more
3. "Unidentified" refers to lack of Wall Street Journal, and Christian exotic theories.
information by the observer; it does not Science Monitor), we are told under The skeptical position on UFOs
refer to any characteristic of the UFO to "see Flying Saucers." seems to be that they would all be
whatever-it-is. I noted another interesting aspect explainable in conventional terms if
The o r i g i n a l c o n c e p t of of definition in Willard Nelson's article only sufficient and clearer data were
"unidentified flying object" implied the in the April MUFON Journal. He available; the Condon .report, for
accompanying idea of "identified flying referred to something called a "real example, made this basic assumption
object" — but this aspect seems to have UFO." I gather from the context he and curtly dismissed its unexplained
disappeared from the common "uses UFO in the broad sense discussed cases. Or, skeptics seem to hold, a
meaning. (Note I'm talking about how above, and uses "real UFO" to substantial number of unexplained
most people use the term, not about eliminate from consideration not only cases are simply hoaxes or
how someone thinks a word "should" hoaxes, hallucinations, planets, hallucinations.
be defined.) If you saw something in the weather balloons, and other such IFO- My position between those
sky you could not identify, and then type events, but also any kind of extremes goes something like this: I
learned later that what you saw was the natural/Persinger/Corliss sort of tend to believe what people say they
planet Venus, you might at one time electromagnetic/meteorological/what- saw (watching out, of course, for ob-
have said that you saw a UFO but later ever type of event that some observer vious hoaxes and questionable claims)
learned it was an IFO, Venus. In actual might experience and classify as a although not necessarily to agree with
current usage, you would continue to UFO. their interpretation of what they saw,
term what you saw a UFO; people still This seems to jibe with the popular and to seek out a natural explanation
say "President Carter saw a UFO" meaning of the term: it is possible for an
even though it has been pretty well opinion researcher to ask the question (continued on next page)
Critic's Corner, Continued SKEPTICISM at least part of the dynamics of scientific
skepticism toward "popular
rather than an extremely unlikely ' Syndicated columnist George F. mysteries": the mysteries are popular,
extraterrestrial one. This viewpoint, I Will (Washington Posf, May 15, 1983) and no self-respecting scientist wants to
think, is consistent with the basic rule of devoted a column to skepticism about be considered naive or "insufficiently
philosophy called the Principle of the Loch Ness "monster" which applies skeptical," so he/she debunks even the
Parsimony, or Occam's Razor: that one equally well to UFOs. After briefly most convincing of observational and
should seek the simplest explanation reviewing scientific ideas that we accept scientific evidence as being only part of
that covers the facts. (particle and wave theories of matter, a "popular fad."
What sort of answer, then, do I floating continents, the DNA code...) And so, UFO reports are written
propse to the question of solving the he notes: off as "mass suggestion," "gas bubbles"
UFO enigma? An important part of the "But it is generally considered (!), and geological lights conveniently
problem, I think, is right there in talking beneath serious consideration that a endowed with the ability to "cloud
about "the" UFO enigma or "the" UFO large creature lives in Loch Ness." men's minds" (a la the Shadow of radio
problem. This sort of talk leads us to Will cites the Nessie observations, fame) in order to account for the Travis
seek or presume a single explanation photographic and sonar evidence, and Walton "abduction" case and, by
for all UFOs. But as I see it, there are conclusions by reputable scientists that implication, other cases involving
many different sorts of events that are Nessie may be real. He then concludes, "unacceptable" story content.
collected under the umbrella term in part: Oh; the ideas that skeptics are
UFO. Two main categories: "Perhaps [the evidence] can be willing to entertain to avoid being out of
1. We assume that our knowledge explained (as has been suggested) in step with "Science." - Editor.
of electricity and the weather and other terms of mass suggestion, or a sunken
events in the sky around us is sufficient. Viking ship, or clouds of gas bubbles, or
But I look to the Corliss collections, to
the work on earth stress of Persinger
floating trash, or a decaying stag's head.
"But it is curious the amount of
and Brady, and to other such sources, f a i t h sometimes needed, and 103 OLDTOWNE RD.
to develop explanations for some of the sometimes forthcoming, to maintain a
events we term "UFO." SEGUIN,TX 78155
particular skepticism.... the number of
2. We tend to believe what we see, ideas people are willing to entertain in
or what we think we see; we tend to order to avoid entertaining one idea READER PARTICIPATION
interpret something we've never seen that is considered naive or otherwise
before in terms of our experience, out of place in polite society." The Journal is a publication of, by,
even though the events we're seeing No great philosophies or theories and for MUFON members or
now don't fit the earlier pattern. So I will be undone if it turns out that Nessie subscribers as a forum for exchange of
suspect that some "UFOs" involve is real, he observes, "But many persons information, views, and commentaries.
p r o b l e m s of p e r c e p t i o n and close their minds against -many Your participation is invited. All news,
interpretation. thoughts in order to avoid being information, or articles should be
My emphasis on how we interpret thought insufficiently skeptical.... submitted in typed and double-spaced
what we see leads me, for example, to skepticism can be a kind of dogmatic form. Author guidelines are available
be wary of reports of "lighted objects" slumber, and the world has much to upon request.
in the form of some common shape, lose from an atrophied capacity for Maximum article length, with rare
"cigar-shaped" objects that have wonder and surprise. Certainly the exceptions, is 12 manuscript pages
"portholes," and any such sighting that history of science in this century should (about 4 Journal pages). Shorter
exhibits a regularity and thus reflects serve as a warning against a narrow articles (about 500-750 words) are
what we expect. These sightings often notion of the possible." ' always welcome, and may be published
cover only a few seconds, and in the The analogy to attitudes about as "Comments," "Notes," or
surprise and shock of it we tend to not UFOs is imperfect in that certain "Responses." Letters to the Editor,
perceive as accurately as we would philosophies and theories might be commenting on any material published
under more normal conditions. So I shaken by final proof that UFOs are in the Journal, should be under 500
suspect some of those "triangles" and real — depending ori what they turn out words.
"portholes" and other such that people to be. But the skepticism itself is of The "Data Mart" column is a
report are merely suggestive of such exactly the same kind as that shown service to members/subscribers other
shapes and probably are irregular toward Nessie and is no more justified than businesses who wish to request or
events that our perception process in application to UFOs. exchange information or offer UFO-
makes more regular. Will seems to have put his finger on related items for sale. Brief notices are
So part of my answer to "Where do published free of charge, either with
UFOs come from?" is to point to my which sometimes reflects partly what's your address or, if you prefer, with a
head, and to yours, and to suggest that already in there rather than just what's reply code so that MUFON can
we all inevitably create a reality in there going on around us. forward responses to you.
By Eugene F. Mallove, Sc. D.
(MUFON Consultant)

The existence of advanced extra- overcoming the vast distances between some initial testing of the interstellar
terrestrial, civilizations somewhere in the stars. Interstellar distances are waters. Ift they : have any interest in
our Milky Way galaxy is taken almost as typically trillions of miles and our puny exploring the cosmos beyond their
a given' by the scientific community chemically propelled rockets would local stellar neighborhood, they may do
today. There is, however, not a shred of take tens to hundreds of thousands of so by signalling their1 presence with
widely accepted scientific evidence to years just to reach the nearer, stars. radio or microwave beacons, hoping to
confirm this opinion. Plausible train of Even now we can propose technology receive messages on conditions
arguments leading to a populated based on known physical principles elsewhere.
galaxy, yes — hard evidence of which would reduce interstellar travel It has been shown theoretically
extraterrestrials, no. Unlikely as this times to only tens or hundreds of years. time and again that signalling by
seems, we just might be the only Some of these advanced starship electromagnetic radiation is by far the
civilization in the galaxy, if not in fact in designs rely on t h e r m o n u c l e a r least expensive form of interstellar
the entire universe. The only way to reactions, the fire of stars, while other contact — given that cooperative
prove' that we are not alone is to designs1 envision microthin metal sails. receiving societies exist. Microwave
produce indisputable evidence of extra- which are blown by starlight pressure communication between advanced
terrestrials. alone from star, to star. It is clear that if societies may have led to a "galactic
We live on a relatively young we wish to go to the stars "slowly," the club" of communicating societies which
planet, roughly 5 billion years old, in a technology to do so is just around the we may soon join. Even now sensitive
universe that may be 20 billion years corner. Think of how much faster very radio telescopes on Earth combined
old. This fact gives room for speculation advanced civilizations may be able to with computers to scan many
that civilizations having arisen much accomplish interstellar transport if we frequency channels at once, peer out at
earlier in the universe would by ,now primitives already have the slow boat! the universe in an attempt to listen for
possess a technology so advanced that It is hard for any scientist to our cosmic kin. It may be a long search
it would border on "magical." The envision starships that could violate the for precisely the correct direction and
argument made by some is that speed of light barrier of relativity theory frequency, but if deliberately beamed
certainly these societies would long — this wall is not likely to be breached signals are coming from afar, a
since have colonized or visited every because its position in the pyramid of persistent search will eventually
cosmic neighborhood. In short, there physics is basic and secure. So recognize them.
should be some compelling evidence of starships from any culture will be We should not expect to see alien
an extraterrestrial presence here and limited to speeds below 186,000 miles starships in our skies, nice as it would
now. Or should there be? per second, or several years between be to find them. This does not rule out
A few members of the scientific typical stars. The faster starships that UFOs are some manifestation of
community have concluded that since travel, also the more energy required to alien civilization. The bizarre, intangible
there is no clear evidence of alien life on accelerate them and then to decelerate character of the UFO show may be the
or. near earth, perhaps humanity is . at the destination. To travel anywhere extraterrestrials' way of beginning their
alone in the universe. The argument is close to light speed, or even at dialogue with us. On the other hand the
that "absence of evidence is evidence of substantial fractions of light speed, UFO phenomenon may be nothing
absence." Of course, the many requires vast expenditure of energy. more than misinterpretation of known
dedicated technical and lay people who Though it can be done it might be or yet unknown physical events,
study reports of unidentified flying extravagant use of resources even for unguided by alien minds. Research into
objects (UFOs) would be the first to advanced civilizations in command of UFO cases is worthwhile if only to find
disagree. To them, there is at least a vast stores of energy. out why normal people report strange
chance that in the tangled morass of Since the energy barrier of light things. Perhaps the residue of good
bizarre UFO case histories lurks the speed does constrain casual interstellar cases, high in strangeness and resistant
signal amidst the noise to tell us that flight at high speed, perhaps we to conventional explanation, will yield
aliens are here and flitting about in shouldn't expect to see aliens all over insight into new natural phenomena or
strange spacecraft. the place. Quite frankly they may just even the hoped for contact with aliens.
Assuming that advanced technical not care to physically explore every On a parallel front, radio-
societies exist somewhere .beyond nook and cranny of the universe. Alien astronomers are beginning in earnest
Earth, the key to whether they were, societies may be introverted, quite
are, or will be here has to do with content to keep to themselves after (continued on page 18)
Director's Message, from p. 20

at the popularity of the program and the

vast listening audience.
Since it was not feasible for
everyone to attend the 1983 MUFON
UFO Symposium, we will publicize the
dates and locations of up-coming
conferences that may be more
convenient to our members because of
transportation costs. Dan Lowenski,
Host Chairman, and Peter Mazzola,
International Director, have
announced their forthcoming 1983 SBI
UFO Symposium to be held August 12,
13, and 14, at the Ramada Inn, 1228
Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203,
telephone (518) 489-2981. Hotel
reservations should be made directly
with the Ramada Inn. The special group
rate is $32.00 per day for single
occupancy and $37.00 per day for
double occupancy. I n d i v i d u a l Illobrand at MUFOIM Headquarters
admission to each of the five sessions is
$6.00; however, a special package price Bertil Kuhlemann (Sweden), Hilary Mackal, Loren Coleman, and Larry
for the entire symposium is $25.00. All Evans (UK), Paul Devereux (UK), Arnold. Tentative admission price for
advanced ticket payments should be Jenny Randies (UK), and Ali AbuTaha the three days has been set at $50.00.
mailed to The SBI, P.O. Box 193, (USA). Ray W. Boeche, MUFON State
Staten Island, NY 10312 with a certified The Provisional International Director for Nebraska, is the
check (USA) and an International Committee on UFO Research (PICUR) chairperson for the conference.
Postal Money Order (foreign) made will meet on Friday, August 26, 1983, at On May 12, 13, and 14, we were
payable to the SBI in U.S. funds. Please 0930 GMT at the Lane End Conference honored to have Dipl.-Phys. Illobrand
enclose a self-addressed, stamped Centre, Lane End, High Wycombe, von Ludwiger, Director (Coordinator)
envelope for your confirmation (USA). B u c k i n g h a m s h i r e , E n g l a n d , as for the Mutual UFO Network - Central
The UFO Study Group of Greater announced by Peter A. Hill, Chairman. European Section (MUFON-CES)
St. Louis will hold their annual picnic at Dr. J. Allen Hynek is President from Feldkirchen-Westerham (near
Love Park in Manchester,Missouri, on Emeritus of PICUR and will be Munich), Germany, as our guest. It was
Sunday, August 21, 1983. Ted Phillips, attending as the representative of a distinct pleasure to share UFO
MUFON Specialization Coordinator, CUFOS (USA). Michael Sinclair, experiences with Illobrand and to
and Walt Andrus, International International Coordinator, will be personally obtain a greater insight into
Director, will be on the speaking MUFON's representative to the the goals, objectives, and philosophy of
program. For 10 years the annual picnic PICUR session. The following nations the scientists, engineers, and
was held in Carlyle, Illinois, and hosted are now affiliated or associated with academics who are member of this elite
by Rosetta and Dick Holmes. Mrs. PICUR: Belgium, Germany, Norway, group. Each year they also sponsor a
Holmes will be handling the public Switzerland, Canada (UFOCAN), UFO conference with attendance by
relations this year. Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, invitation and publish their papers in
The British UFO Research Denmark, Korea, Spain, France, the German language.
Association -(BUFORA) is sponsoring Netherlands, Sweden, USA (CUFOS They are now preparing their
the United Kingdom 3rd International & MUFON), and Yugoslavia. MUFONCES Report No. 9 with
UFO Congress on August 27, 28, and The Mutual UFO Network will co c o n t r i b u t i o n s by the following
29, 1983, at the Lorch Foundation, in sponsor with the University of researchers with subject titles: "The
Buckinghamshire, England. Speakers Nebraska in Lincoln a three-day Handling of UFO Reports by Science
for the three-day program are Dr. J. conference on the subject of "Exploring Journalists and the Hidden Facts of
Allen Hynek (USA), Dr. Harley Unexplained Phenomena" in Lincoln, UFOs" by I. Brand; "UFO Sightings by
Rutledge (USA), Per Andersen Nebraska, on November 11,12, and 13, Astronomers" by A. Schneider;
(Denmark), Peter Warrington (UK), 1983. Confirmed speakers are John F. "Personal Computers in UFO.
Peter Hill (UK), Dr. Alexander Keul Schuessler, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Budd Research" by N. Unger; "Extremely
(Austria), Stanton T. Friedman Hopkins, Larry Fawcett, Linda
(Canada), Paul B. Norman (Australia), Moulton Howe, Tom Adams, Roy (continued on next page)
Director's Message, Continued cooperative nonprofit federation of Starflight, Continued
UFO groups in North America! The
Brilliant Shining Objects" by A. cooperation displayed and the positive the exhaustive search for interstellar
Schneider; "On Grand, Already, and attitudes reflected by the steering communication , from our distant
Geometrical Unification Theories — Is committee members is substantial relatives. There is hope that even within
Anti-Gravity Possible?" by I. Brand and evidence that the NAUFOF will be the lifetimes of. many who read this text,
Dr. Irene Saenger-Bredt', Part I: "The successful and signals a giant step confirmed artifically beamed messages
Non-elementary Elementary Particles" forward in unification of groups with.., from the stars will be found.
by I. Saenger-Bredt and Part II: "The many divergent ideologies. John Radioastronomy offers the least
I n n e r S t r u c t u r e of ' E l e m e n t a r y Schuessler must be commended for his expensive and most likely to succeed
Particles" (Gauge Theories, Twisters, leadership as chairmamof the steering . method of proving that we are not alone
Quantum Fluxes, Condenser Fluxes, _ committee and his diplomacy in in the universe. Perhaps someday we
Quarks, Supergravity, Metrons, etc.) resolving difficult problems. will be .wealthy and wise enough to
by I. Brand. An Appendix to Report No. Berthold E. Schwartz, M.D., a beam our own heralding signals toward
9 : is titled "Animal Case Catalogue MUFON Consultant in Psychiatry, has space, hoping that other intelligent
(Special Animal.Reactions Catalogue), authored a set of two deluxe trade, soft-. civilizations will detect them and begin
Catalogue of 1,319 UFO cases where cover books titled UFO Dynamics, an interstellar djalogue. For now we just
Electromagnetic and Gravity Effects Book I and Book II with the sub-title ( listen since we have every reason to
Were Recorded (1930-1982)" by A. Psychiatric and Psychic Aspects of the believe, we, are among the youngest
Schneider. UFO Syndrome (first edition May technical societies in the galaxy of
Mr. W. Craig has translated one of 1983). Dr. Schwartz was a featured several hundred billion stars.
MUFON-CES's best cases from speaker,, at the 1974 MUFON UFO ' Humanity will not forever stay in
German to English and submitted this Symposium in Akron, Ohio. The set of . the.:cradle of the solar system. Just
report, to MUFON. for possible two books is a compilation of his around the corner, perhaps in the next
publication. Titled "The Langenargen research, experiments, experiences, century, primitive robot starships will
Case:;UFOs, Strange Creatures and and opinions obtained over the past 25 leave the solar system on voyages of
M.I.B." (75 pages), it was previously years. 'Anyone, 'familiar with 'Dr. • interstellar reconnaissance. Following
published in German in their MUFON- Schwartz's work will consider these soon after may be peopled missions to
CES Report No. 4 (1978), and Report books essential for their study and as a the nearest stars to explore and
No. 8 (1981). Their next UFO library reference. The two books (Book establish colonies. Space arks to the
Conference will be held in October I: 304 pages, and Book II: 260 pages) sell stars may take hundreds of years to
1983 in Munich, Germany. During his for $14.95 per book; however, both may reach their destinations.and the initial
visit to the United States, Illobrand had be purchased for $22.50 postpaid in the crew may not live to see journey's, end,
the opportunity to see the sights of Los USA and $24.00 postpaid in U.S. but some degree of interstellar
Angeles, San Francisco, and San dollars for foreign (surface mail) by expansion seems to be the inevitable
Antonio. writing to Rainbow Books, P.O. Box consequence of mankind's exploratory
On May 22nd, a telephone 1069, Moore Haven, FL 33471 and spirit. By one route or another, planet
conference call between the members enclosing a check or money order. Earth's admission to galactic society
of the N o r t h American UFO While we are speaking of seems destined to occur.Q
Federation ( N A U F O F ) Steering publications and books, the 1983
Committee was conducted to resolve MUFON UFO Sumposium Proceed-
details in the proposed bylaws, answer ings will be available for $10.00 plus Letters to the Editor are invited,
questions, and to complete tabulation $1.50 for postage and handling after commenting on any articles or other
of the votes for the people nominated July 5,1983. Published papers included , material published in the Journal
for the initial Board of Directors by the are "A Review of Selected Aerial Please confine them to about 400
members of the steering committee. Phenomenon Sightings from Aircraft words. Articles of about 500-750 words
The candidates were later contacted by from 1942 to 1952" by Richard F."' will be considered for publication as
telephone to obtain a w r i t t e n Haines, Ph.D.; "UFO Interference with "Comments" or "Notes." All
commitment .if they agreed to be one of Vehicles and Self-Starting Engines" by submissions should- be typed and
the nine board members. The people James M. McCampbell; "Southern double-spaced, and are subject to
with the most votes were contacted California's Straight-Line Mystery in editing for length and style.
first, followed by those with fewer UFO Sightings" by Mrs, Ann Druffel;
votes, until the nine positions were "UFOs: Uncovering the Ultimate
filled. Answer" by William L. Moore; "Cattle Against E.T." by J. Allen Hynek, Ph.D.;
At the initial Board of Directors Mutilations and the Imagined Culprits: "UFO Propulsion: Pulsed Radiation
meeting in Pasadena, Calif., on July 4th, A Psychological Perspective" by Peter and Crystalline Structure" by Alan C.
the directors will be publicly A. Jordan; "Cattle Mutilations that Holt; and "The Continuing UFO
announced, officers elected, and Defy Conventional Explanations" by Deception and Confusion Syndrome"
bylaws approved for establishing this Walter H. Andrus, Jr.; ."The Case by Paul C. Cerny.
Lucius Parish

In Others' Words
Government documents pertain- the volumes as they are released.
ing to UFO incidents are the focus of an Gross draws on government
article in the June 14 issue of documents, as well as contemporary I UFO NEWSCLIPPING
NATIONAL ENQUIRER. The newspaper accounts and other
documents, obtained by the Fund for sources, to present an overall view of
UFO Research under the Freedom of UFO activity in the year of 1949. The UFO NEWSCLJPPING SERVICE
Information Act, detail UFO reports Illustrations include drawings by UFO will keep you informed of all the latest
from Kirtland Air Force Base, New witnesses and reproductions of United States and World-Wide UFO
activity, as it happens! Our service was
Mexico in 1980, as well as sightings in newspaper reports. The second book is started in 1969, at which time we
Peru and Kuwait. 193 pages in length, 8l/2" x 11" format, contracted with a reputable
UFO activity in China is discussed spiral-bound; the price is $13.95, plus international newspaper-clipping
in the "Anti-Matter/UFO Update" 85<F for postage & handling. bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
column in the June issue of OMNI. Another recent publication from find UFO reports (i.e., little known
Daniel Burstein reports on the Arcturus Book Service is Australian photographic cases, close encounter
widespread interest in the subject, researcher John Prytz's EXOBIOL- and landing reports, occupant cases)
and all other UFO reports, many of
giving details of sightings reported to OGY AND UFOLOGY, which is which are carried only in small town or
China's J O U R N A L OF UFO Volume 1 of the Australian Center for foreign newspapers.
RESEARCH. UFO Studies Bibliography Series. This "Our UFO Newsclipping Service
The July issue of FATE contains initial volume provides source material issues are 20-page monthly reports,
an article by Richard Thomas which concerning UFOlogy, extraterrestrial reproduced by photo-offset,
amounts to a lengthy review of a recent life, planetary astronomy, space containing the latest United States and
book by researchers Lou Zinsstag and science and related fields, artificial Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
Timothy Good, GEORGE ADAMSKI: our foreign section carrying the latest
intelligence, etc. Additional works in British, Australian, New Zealand and
THE UNTOLD STORY. The book the series are planned for publication other foreign press reports. Also
itself is considerably more interesting at, perhaps, three-year intervals. The included is a 3-5 page section of
than Thomas' article, providing much price for this volume is $12.50, plus 85<F "Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and
previously-unpublished information postage & handling, from the address other "monster" reports). Let us keep
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QUARK JOURNAL has recently been Arcturus is selling copies of the For subscription information and
sample pages from our service, write
published. Topics covered in this issue Zinsstag and Good book on Adamski, today to:
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vampire" reports, an entity sighting in UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE
Spain, public relations opportunities for Route 1 — Box 220
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saucer" reports, the difficulty of UFO 1
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researchers, and various other aspects Do you have a favorite column or
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Arcturus Book Service (263 North know if you don't tell us. favor more dialogue between UFO
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brought out Volume 2 of Loren E. conducting a member survey to information is most useful to you? What
Gross' UFOs: A HISTORY. Those who determine your interests, and after columns or features are of least interest
have read the first volume in this series analyzing the results we will report on to you? Let us know via a post card or
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project are strongly urged to obtain all with MUFON and Journal policies. Oldtowne Rd., Seguin, TX 78155.

Congratulations and accolades are heads up the Physics Department at and handling.
extended to Bill Hassel and his Kearney State College, will become the Mark Langford, United Press
commitee for arranging and hosting State Section Director for Buffalo, International (UPI) Bureau Chief in San
the very successful 1983 MUFON UFO Phelps, and Kearney Counties in Antonio, Texas, released an interview
Symposium in Pasadena, Calif., at the Nebraska. Ray Boeche will select a with Walter Andrus, dateline Seguin,
Huntingdon Sheraton Hotel on July 1,2, replacement for this vacated position of Texas, to their wire services in North
and 3. Our gratitude and appreciation is State Section Director. America on April 24, 1983, to be used
also bestowed upon the outstanding Two new Research Specialists on May 1st or thereafter. It was
slate of speakers who shared their volunteered their talents during the published verbatim in many
research and investigations through month of May. They are Jeffrey L. newspapers except with a customized
their presented papers. From the home Kretsch, M.A. in Physics and M.S. in headline. Several newspapers called for
of the famous Rose Parade and Rose Photogrammetry, who worked with Dr. telephone interviews, not only to
Bowl, we would like to send roses to Hynek on the Marjorie Fish/Betty Hill supplement the story with additional
each of the attendants and participants, star map. His work was published in material, but also to incorporate local
because without your enthusiastic "The Zeta Reticuli Incident," printed by MUFON people and UFO sightings.
support this symposium could not have /Astronomy magazine. Mr. Kretsch is To date we have clippings of the
been one of our finest. Future issues of presently active in the UFO study published news release from the
the Journal will contain more details. Group of Greater St. Louis and resides following newspapers: Albuquerque
For MUFON to continue to be a at 12816 W. Watson St., St. Louis, MO Tribune (New Mexico), San Francisco
viable UFO investigative organization, 63127. Richard M. Coffman, M.A., 826 Examiner and Chronicle (California),
strong leadership is an essential Knollwood Drive, Columbia, SC 29209 Bay City Times (Michigan), Seattle
ingredient. The following State was the co-author of Chapter 4 titled Post-Intelligencer (Washington),
Directors have either been reassigned "Humanoids Reported in UFOs, Reading Eagle (Pennsylvania), Houston
or appointed to fill vacancies: David W. Religion, and Folktales: Human Bias Chronicle (Texas), Albuquerque
Schwartzman, PhD, 1634 Montague St. Towards Human Life Forms?" in the Journal (New Mexico), Texarkana
N.W., Washington, D.C. 20011, book UFO Phenomena and the Gazette (Texas and Arkansas), and
formerly the State Director for Virginia, Behavioral Scientist edited by.Richard several with multiple articles after
is the new director for the District of F. Haines. personal interviews. Inquiries have
Columbia and continues in the dual role Gary Levine, PhD, State Director been received from coast to coast by
of a Consultant in Geochemistry. for New York, has approved the interested people after reading the
Robert "Bob" Grattan III, 107 Howard appointment of John A. Lombard, 57 articles in their local newspaper. Ms.
Street, Ashland, VA 23005 is replacing Chapel Ave., Cheektowaga, NY 14225 Kristin Gazley, Bureau Chief for
Dr. Schwartzman as the State Director to be the new State Section Director for Associated Press (AP) in San Antonio,
for Virginia. Bob is a former State Erie and Niagara Counties. Mr. also plans to conduct an interview and
Section Director and very active in the Lombardo has a B.A. in Sociology and subsequent news release to their
MUFON Amateur Radio Network is an amateur astronomer. worldwide outlets.
(WA4NKZ). The third edition of the MUFON The widespread publication of the
Vance George Reed, ,11353 Field Investigator's Manual edited by UPI interview additionally sparked
Humboldt, St., Northglenn, CO 80233, Raymond E. Fowler (copyright 1983) is radio talk shows on CFPL in London,
former Assistant State Director, is now available to current MUFON Ontario, Canada with Wayne McClain;
replacing Robert A. Spencer as the members for $6.00 plus $1.50 for KTOK in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
State Director for Colorado. Mr. postage and handling, and to all others moderated by Bill Fountain; and WOAI
Spencer will become the State Section (non-current members) $10.00 plus in San Antonio, Texas hosted by Alan
Director for the Colorado counties of $1.50 postage and handling. MUFON Dale. Paul B. Norman, MUFON State
Jefferson, Gilpin, and Clear Creek. still has an ample supply of the book Director for Victoria, Australia, who
Glenn Underbill, PhD,-has approved Observing UFOs by Richard F. Haines was visiting MUFON in Seguin, also
the appointment of Raymond W. published by Nelson-Hall in Chicago. participated as a studio guest on the
Boeche, 727 Marshall Ave., Lincoln, NE This outstanding trade size paperback "Alan Dale Show" on WOAI (50,000
68510, telephone (402) 435-1398, to the is an ideal supplement to our new Field watts, clear channel). Paul was amazed
position of State Director for Nebraska Investigator's Manual and is specially
to replace himself. Dr. Underbill, who priced at $5.00 plus $1.50 for postage (continued on page 17)

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