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I believe. . .in the reality of UFOs. The only thing I have ever
103 Oldtowne Rd. seen that I couldn't explain was simply a light that suddenly flicked
Seguin, Texas 78155 on in the sky one night in the Ozark Mountains of southwestern
Missouri at the tail end of a flap in 1977. It was a vividly bright, sharply
BOB PRATT defined circle of surprisingly pure white light no bigger than the end
Editor of a Flair pen. In maybe ten .seconds it dimmed instantly to a
twentieth of its original brightness, while retaining its size and
ANN DRUFFEL definition, and in another ten seconds it blinked out for good. It was
Contributing Editor startling but nothing spectacular, and certainly nothing to base a
LEN STRINGFIELD belief on. My belief comes, instead, from having interviewed some
Associate Editor 1,300 people in a number of countries who said they had seen or
encountered what could only be described as UFOs (and this
MILDRED BIESELE doesn't count the many others who described what were obviously
Contributing Editor IFOs). In my first week as an investigative UFO reporter, in 1975,1
WALTER H. ANDRUS, JR. talked with 60 to 70 UFO witnesses, and I tried very hard to explain
International Director away what they had seen. I couldn't. My belief began then.. .and the
many hundreds of reports I have investigated since then have only
TED BLOECHER confirmed my original belief.
Humanoid Study Group
In this issue
By Michael D. Swords, Ph.D.
Religion and UFOs By Stan Gordon
Books/Periodicals/History ABDUCTION STUDY GROUP FORMED .' 10
Promotion/Publicity UFOS AND HOT RINGS :':.',•.'. 12
By James McCampbell
LETTERS: Morrison Responds: Peril in Ignoring Skeptics; Under Attack
TED PHILLIPS From Own Data; The Readers Believe; Where Is the Imagination? Persinger
Landing Trace Cases on Right/Wrong Track : 16
By Walt Andrus
Medical Cases
Staff Writer
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This report is based on "It was a weird sound, real fast," appeared to be about 24 feet in
investigations by T. Scott Grain Jr., she said. "It was like a real fast hum, and diameter. It was about 30 feet off the
MUFON State Section Director, and it was sharp." ground.
Lynn Sanderson and Bruce Courier, She looked through the passenger "It was bright silver with a pocket
investigators for the Pennsylvania window and saw a bright silvery saucer- underneath," she said. "It was really
Association for the Study of the shaped object coming toward her from bright. It was big, really big "
unexplained. Included are some the southeast. It was flat on top with a
comments made by the aptness to rounded protrusion underneath and (continued on next page)
Marsha Helm, a reporter for the
Altoona (Pa.) Mirror. r
A Pennsylvania woman is being
treated for injuries she says she
suffered when a disc-shaped object
raised her car up on two wheels as it
passed over her while she was driving
home on the evening of October 15,
The incident occurred just north of
Altoona during Pennsylvania's busiest
flap since 1973 (No. 188, October 1983).
"I never want to see nothing like
that again," said Catherine Burk, 67, a
retired receptionist. "I couldn't get
control of the car."
Mrs. Burk was returning to her
home in the suburban community of
Bellwood after visiting her daughter and
her family in Altoona. The time was
between 8:30 and 9 PM.
She was driving her 1976
Chevrolet Malibu north on Route 220
and had slowed to about 35 miles an
hour as she approached the turnoff to
Bellwood when she heard a loud Catherine Burk describes sighting near Bellwood,
whirling sound to her right. Pennsylvania (Photo courtesy of Larry G. McKee, of Altoona, Pennsylvania)
Burk Case, Continued '

The object passed over the car, CfltHtfilfcE guRk

moving from right to her left.
"When he went over me, he took
the right side of my car up," she said.
She believes it was raised two to three
feet off the highway. Mrs. Burk said she
leaned toward the passenger's side to
try to bring the car back down but she
kept sliding back into the driver's seat.
"I couldn't get control of the car;"
she said. "I was sliding over the seat."
While this was happening, she
said, she couldn't turn the steering
wheel arid the car lights kept blinking on
and off. Because she was
regain control of the car, she didn't see
the object as it passed over her.
Once the object had moved on to
her left, the car righted itself. "It came
down with such a thud," she said,
adding that she believes the car was in
the air about three or four seconds.
When the car did come down, Mrs.
Burk was bounced hard against the
dashboard and almost ended up under
it. The engine stalled and she
immediately pulled off the highway and
stopped. She could see the object
disappearing over a ridge to the arrived home safely and realized Mrs. The incident has left her
northwest. Burk was upset. After Mrs. Burk told frightened.
She was quite frightened by the her what had happened, the daughter "It's just the idea that it was
experience and sat for a while to regain phoned the Bellwood police: something I never saw before. I never
her composure. Then she tried to start Police Chief Gregory Ciaccio went was afraid to be by myself. I wouldn't
the car, but without success. She kept to Mrs. Burk's home and talked with have been scared if it hadn't raised the
trying and after 20 to 25 minutes, the her. He reported "she was visibly car up."
car started. • •• . ; shaking," adding that she had not been The investigators are continuing to
As she continued her trip home, drinking. monitor Mrs. Burk's medical problems
the motor quit every time she had to Since the incident, Mrs. Burk has and determine what the object was. No
stop. . . ' • ' ' • been undergoing treatment at Mercy other witnesses have been located.
Mrs. Burk said she saw no other Hospital in Altoona for a number of
witnesses during the incident, although ailments, including a partial hearing loss
there was an older couple in front of a in her right ear, and shoulder, chest and
motel'near the site of the encounter. spinal problems. She was also suffering
They had pulled off the highway and from severe headaches.
were looking up into the sky but she The investigators found that Mrs.
thinks they may been trying to read the Burk is a very religious person who is
motel sign. Later, their car passed hers active in her church. She seems to be NEWS FLASH
as she returned home. honest and sincere. She said she does
Mrs. Burk had left her daughter's not read UFO books or watch UFO On January 6, 1984, the MUFON
home about 7:50 PM and it was 9:45 PM movies and she doesn't believe aliens Metroplex Group voted not to host the
when she finally got home. The trip are visiting earth. 1984 MUFON UFO Symposium in
normally takes 20 to 30 minutes, she She doubts that what she saw was Dallas, Texas, scheduled for June 8,9
said. alien. She thinks it was something the and 10. MUFON of San Antonio has
She decided not to tell anybody government built. elected to host this prestigious event for
about the incident because "people "I always said the government was June 1984. See the upcoming issue of
think you're crazy." However, her trying out stuff," she said. "But I never the Journal for the date and place. Tom
daughter phoned to see if she had want to see nothing like that again." Deuley will be the chairperson.
By Michael D. Swords, Ph.D.

In a number of UFO occupant genes, then the new individual is the tube babies are well-known and new
reports, the entities are said to look original's genetic twin, or clone. We clinics are sprouting up all over the
identical or at least very much alike. humans clone plants all the time, when country. The test-tube baby technology
This has led to speculation that they we snip off a portion of an "original" fertilizes eggs with sperm in a lab
may be clones. Here, at the request of individual and let it grow into a new culture dish and waits for the single-
International Director Walt Andrus, a whole genetic twin. cells to begin to divide. If they do, they
scientist takes a look at the subject of So far so good, genetic twinning show that they're viable and on the way
cloning and its possible application to and cloning seem a common natural to becoming somebody genetically
ufology. The author is Dr. Michael process. How about "advanced" special. Then, the "baby-maker" doctor
Swords, a member of the faculty in the animals? What about cloning in takes the small embryo (usually only 8
science department at Western mammals, humans, ufonauts? In or 16 cells) and implants it in the uterus
Michigan University in Kalamazoo, mammals and humans we get genetic (womb) of the mother-to-be. Although
and a newly appointed consultant in twinning frequently. It happens like this: the details of the craftiness of the
science for MUFON.

Close encounters, abductions,

and government-sequestered ufonaut
bodies naturally excite everyone
interested in the UFO phenomenon.
Lately, these three areas have given rise
to speculations ranging the whole field
of biology. A recurrent echo is
"cloning?" .
Americans are developing an
unfortunate folklore about cloning, due
to the influence of movies and
television; unfortunate because it
contains some major misconceptions. Mom's egg and Dad's sperm scientist are more complex than this,
"On the streetcorner" these coalesce to form a one-cell embryo, the main steps in the process are
misconceptions are just meaningless which if all goes normally will become a simple. So, how do we use this for
talk, but if we want to hypothesize baby with half of each of their genes. "cloning'?
about clones in Ufology, then the errors The e m b r y o b e g i n s its cell All we do to produce as many
can be embarassing. The job of this multiplication process by duplicating its "genetic twins" as we want, is to get the
report is to do our "homework" on the genes and "growing" new genetically- test-tube baby technology going and
biology of cloning. Let's find out what it identical cells. Usually this just goes separate the first pair of duplicated cells
is. Then, perhaps speculation can take forward smoothly until we have a whenever it appears. In other words,
place on more solid ground. healthy baby. make them pop apart. You can keep
"Cloning" is a word which covers a But, if the early cells fall apart, popping them until you get the number
variety of methods of speculation. It becoming two separate genetically of individual cell-genetic twins that you
simply means reproduction-without- identical cells instead of one, then they need, and then let them go on naturally
sex. That already sounds like not much may both go on to become babies. to produce your cadre of clones. Of
fun, right? Well, if you were looking for These babies are of the same genes. course, you will need "volunteer
sex, you haven't come to the right They are clones of each other. They are mothers" or surrogates to host the
place. not clones of Mom or Dad, as they are pregnancy, unless you have invented
Plants and microorganisms clone only half identical to their parents, but an artificial womb.
themselves quite a lot. Simple splitting they are clones and they happen all the Well, what if we don't want to just
and "budding" phenomena reproduce time. make twins in vast numbers, but want
the original individual in genetic As of now, this type of cloning in to clone an "original," someone already
precision. Genetics is the key. If the humans (or ufonauts) would be the adult? That, for mammals, is harder,
"new" individual has all the genes of the simplest to do "on purpose", even with
"old" or "original" one, and no other current Earth technolgy. How? Test- (continued on next page)
Swords, Continued A second method of cloning adults with a fine needle, we just fuse. the
is "nuclear transplantation." This word whole cell into the gentically-empty egg.
but not impossible. And, there are is made for confusion. It has nothing to This is done with an inactivated (non:
several methods. do with nuclear energy or radiation. infectious) virus, since viruses have the
One way is Parthenogenesis, so- The term "nuclear" refers to the ability to sneak inside our cells'
called "virgin birth." Since all the cells of nucleus of the cell. For our purposes, defensive walls. Everything else is
an individual are genetically' identical there is nothing complicated about this. basically the same. We might use a laser
(each of your cells, for instance, has a . The process is just taking the area of to blast out the genes in the egg, if we
complete and perfect set of just your the cell where the genes are (the want to be more hi-tech about it. This
genes), it should be possible .to nucleus) and sticking it into an egg: method is currently being researched
convince any cell to pretend like it's an "nuclear transplantation." We first take by Dr. Audrey Muggleton-Harris at
embryo and start multiplying -to out the egg's own nucleus because we Worcester Polytechnic Institute
become a whole person. don't want the genes in there gumming Worcester, Mass., on a federal grant.
If we could convince a cell in a up the cloning project, but we keep the Perhaps Dr. Harris has already cloned
woman's uterus to begin to do this, for rest of the egg intact, because eggs and the first mammal by this method.
instance, it could develop right in place egg chemistry are vital for the early Well, that's cloning as we see it.
in the womb. It would come,to term as a development of the embryo. So: Note that what you get is a genetic
clone of the woman, each of its (her)
cells genetic twins of the mother's. This
exact result has already been produced
in the biology lab with mammals such as
rabbits and mice. The.alert reader will
note that this cannot explain the most
famous "virgin birth" in history,
however. Parthenogenesis produces
clones, and the sex must be identical to
the clonee. Mary would have had to
have a girl.
Parthenogenesis could be used to
clone originals of either sex, if we could
unlock the genetic blocks to embryo
development present in the cells of the If we can microsurgically.remove duplicate, not necessarily (and not
adult. Obviously our cells don't all want the egg nucleus and toss it out without likely) a "perfect" duplicate. If the
to become baby clones of us (thank hurting the rest of the egg, and if we can .environment treats the duplicate
goodness) and are busily specializing as microsurgically remove the donee's differently than the original, then you
heart, brain, and skin cells et al. But, the cell nucleus without hurting it, and will see differences in appearance
whole potential is still there. If we can insert (transplant) it to the egg, we and/or behavior.
unlock the expression of the entire stand a good chance of the egg thinking To put it in the extreme to make
genetic mass, then any cell in the test- that it's "fertile" and going on (with the the point, if you don't feed the clone it <
tube may begin to develop, and be help of a host mother) to become a will be quite a bit thinner and a lot
implantable in host wombs. Our clone. deader than the original was as the
current science can get these cells This experiment has been done same age. Even if you created a cadre of
started, but they turn into tumors many times with animals like frogs clones of the same age, small
instead of embryos. (because their eggs are big, see- differences in nutrition, environmental
through, and external, they're easier to health, exercise, societal interaction,
READY FOR THE work with). It is also claimed by our arid education would likely produce
NEXT FLAP? local "Brave New World Reproduction easily recognizable idiosyncrasies, just
Master," Dr. Landrum Shettles, of as we see in identical twins today.
"In 1973, when the flap hit, Randolph, Vermont that he has done How do we apply this knowledge
we were inadequate. We didn't the_same for humans up to the stage of to the "Ufonaut" phenomenon? Here
have people in some area, and implanting the embryo. If Dr. Shettles are a few points:
the ones we did, they had so speaks truth, then human cloning of 1. Cloning a space crew would not
many cases they couldn't adults is already on the pad and ready be at all difficult for a high tech
follow them. That's why we for launching. civilization, although why they'd want
keep saying, prepare for the The last method for human cloning to do it is not obvious.
next one..." of adults is called "cell fusion." It is really
Walt Andrus, during an only a fancy variety of nuclear 2. If would be likely that a cloned
informal MUFON session at transplantation. In the fusion method,
the University of Nebraska, instead of plucking the cell nucleus out (continued on next page)
6 Nov. 12, 1983.
By Stan Gordon
Pennsylvania State Director

In the early morning hours of May

21, 1971, near West Leisenring,
Pennsylvania, not far from the city of
Uniontown, Larry Ryan*, 42, had just
left some friends in the city and was
returning to his home.
It was about 1:10 AM when Ryan
rounded the bend on the rural road
about two miles from his home. He had
just turned his car radio off and had his
window down. As soon as he made the
bend, he saw an unusual object Larry Ryan saw 40 by 120 foot object behind barn
hovering about 20 to 25 feet above the to hum. The sound was steady and of tall and walked normally.
ground. moderate i n t e n s i t y , b u t very At no time could Ryan see any
The object was saucer shaped with noticeable. equpment inside the object. In fact,
a five-foot high dome at the top, and Ryan eased his Ford Mustang to except for the figures, it looked
protruding from the dome was an within 75 yards of the object, shifted completely empty. The craft was fully
appendage resembling an antenna, into low gear and continued to view the visable and appeared to be a dull gray
except that it was about a foot thick, object with clutch depressed. color, but what appeared to be burnt
sharpening at the tip. The object After observing the object for over areas were observed along the bottom
appeared to be about 120 feet long and two minutes, Ryan saw a figure outlined of the object.
40 feet high, with a slightly oversized against the internal illumination of the The object was hovering behind a
door-opening a little left of center. This craft, walk from the right to the left side barn and would have been hidden from
opening did not have a door, and from it of the opening and shortly afterward view by anyone approaching the area
appeared an orange-red glow of interior another figure (possibly the same one) from the opposite direction. Just as the
light: walked from left to right. Neither of second figure disappeared from view,
There were no other lights from these figures glanced at the witness. Ryan for some unknown reason turned
the object, no other openings and no Both figures were dressed in a gray- his head about 45 degrees to the left and
steps reaching the ground. The object white metallic looking outfit, with a over his shoulder, and saw another
was making a sound not dissimilar to a hood or cowl, as on a hooded warm-up
power substation, when it can be heard jersey, and were approximately 6 feet (continued on next page)

Swords, Continued gastrointestimal tracts) alleged by some baby looking (generally) like Ron
reports. Cloning can account for having looked as a baby. In 70 years, it would
cadre of ufonauts would not be a whole bunch of something once you look like Reagan looks now. When
perfectly identical in appearance or have the "master print," but it cannot someone tells you "you're replaceable"
behavior any more than "identical explain a bizarre "original." Some have they don't mean by cloning..
twins" on Earth are. (loosely) thrown around ideas of bio-
engineered cyborgs for alien planet So, there's our trip through the
3. We shouldn't assume that excursion purposes. Someone else Brave New World of Cloning. People
animals of another species or ufonauts (other than this author) will have to interested in finding the truth behind
are clones just because we think that attempt to defend that hypothesis. Ufology and other Forteana need to
they look alike at first impression. understand the esoteric concepts that
Individuals of different species tend to 5. Cloning could not explain (by are often tossed about so casually. This
"look identical" to us until we make a itself) the science fiction movie scenario is especially true if anyone really wants
very close study of them. Cloning may of mad scientists or aliens duplicating to be taken seriously. Ufology is so
be a dead-end road in ufological an adult human and replacing him or controversial that little slips and
speculation. her with the clone. Cloning creates a ignorances here and there are all it
twin, but it is a twin separated by years takes to lose the day — even if you are
4. Cloning does not in any way in age from the adult original. For otherwise correct in everything that is
explain the seemingly bizarre physical example, cloning Ronald Reagan would genuinely significant.
characteristics (for example, hands not produce a baby looking like the Watch the skies, of course; but do
without thumbs, torsos without President at age 70. It would produce a your homework, too.
Gunshot, Continued the doctor and a state trooper.
Ryan was detained in the
figure standing about three feet from emergency room over night. The state
the car. This figure was discernable police took his T-shirt and blue poplin
only from the upper chest to the belt shirt and returned them the next
line and was dressed in the same morning. Early the next morning a
colored metallic appearing outfit surgeon examined the wound and
(resembling aluminum foil). redressed it, then discharged Ryan
No extremities could be seen. while making an appointment to see
However, a click was heard, similar to a him in five days.
firing pin falling on an empty chamber of Ten days after that visit the witness
a gun- After a brief moment (one to two was told that a pellet could not be
seconds), a blast shoved the witness removed due to penetration depth and
onto the console between the front danger of possible injury to tendons.
seats and a report, much like a shotgun, Ryan's shirt has two holes, one above
was heard. the wound and one in the upper left
The car moved forward as Ryan sleeve, but only one pellet is in his body
removed his foot from the clutch and (upper left shoulder).
depressed the accelerator and sped up His car has nearly 100 pellet size
the road passing the object on the right. dents which appeared much like ,a
He immediately peered over the shotgun pattern from 25 feet, but Ryan
dash to guide his vehicle and when well claims he was shot from only a few feet
past the object felt his back and found a away. Some holes are in the dash of the
hole in his shirt and his hand was car.
smeared with blood. Our UFO research team obtained
He drove to a local emergency a metallic pellet from the windshield
station not knowing how seriously he area of the car. Laboratory analysis Door peppered by pellets
was wounded. About 4% to 5 minutes indicated it was composed of materials While there he suffered two heart
had elasped since he first saw the common to shotgun pellets. It should attacks. After leaving the hospital at the
object. be noted that at the time of the sighting, end of July, he was confined to bed for
Two rescue men arrived in about the temperature was in the high 50's one month at home.
10 minutes, and took Ryan to the (warm for the season), with the moon Ryan could find no agency at the
emergency room at Uniontown and stars out. It was a fairly bright night. time to report this unusual sighting to,
Hospital. On the way to the hospital The combination of lack of sleep although he tried several sources,
they passed the farm where the object over the incident, the fact that very few including the military. He was finally
had been hovering, but it was no longer people believed his story led Ryan to referred to us by a news agency source.
present. begin to drink heavily, which he hadn't The witness appeared to be
At the hospital, X-rays were taken, done previously. On JuneS, 1971, Ryan intelligent, and had above normal
his wounds were cleaned and dressed admitted himself to Western command of the English language (he
by a doctor, and his story was related to Psychiatric Hospital in Pittsburgh. was a Cryptographic Analyst for the
Army while serving overseas). The
story was related matter of factly and
without embellishments on the already
bizarre case. He just wants to find out
what the incident was all about.
It was strange enough to have a
close observation of an Unidentified
Flying Object and it's occupants, but
could it be possible that they actually
used a conventional weapon to cast
even further doubt on the testimony of
Mr. Ryan? There is no doubt that the
man was shot. Only the method, motive
and assailant is unknown.

*Larry Ryan is a psuedonym. His

real name and address are on file with
the Pennsylvania Association For the
Drawing made by witness of object seen May 21,1971 Study of the Unexplained (PASU).
By Ann Druffcl

The "Critique" on the Bailey case anyone who might have played a trick Joe have no understanding or
in the September 1983 issue held no on him to come forward. He realized acceptance of parapsychology. The
surprises for me. From the beginning of that some of the photos looked hoaxed. very mention of "psychic aspects of
the investigation I realized that Bailey's He asked his fellow ministers to pray for UFOs" causes them anguish.
"full light" photos had to be taken with him while he tried to figure out how the Many physical scientists try to
the aid of a brilliant light source. I saw pictures were taken. If Joe Thomas felt squeeze the UFO phenomenon into a
that the shadows moved from right to anguish, think of what witness Bailey tight niche in earth's space-time. It will
left, as they would with a flashbar, and went through! not be so confined. There are psychic
questioned Bailey about this. Parts of Bailey's narrative describe aspects to the UFOs, as anyone is
Rev. Bailey stated that, to the best bizarre happenings, and some of the aware who has been in this field long
of his memory, there was no flashbar pictures are bizarre. His words suit the enough to investigate many types of
available to him that evening. He has action; his statements fit the photos cases. Joe Thomas has encountered
stated repeatedly that he woke up the exactly. several such cases, but he assigns them
next morning with fragments of The only people whom the all to a growing trash heap, labeling all
memory about the episode and that pictures have not caused anguish are such witnesses liars and hoaxers. Is this
other bits filtered through during the those investigators, including myself, any way to seek the truth?
past several weeks, giving him an who have tried objectively to make He invents a term, "symbiotic
acceptable (to him): chronology of sense of them — either as genuine or relationship" and applies it to my
events. His memories of that night are hoaxed — in the light of Rev. Bailey's acceptance of Bailey as a puzzled
still incomplete. statements concerning them. human being. His need to invent such
He has refused offers of hypnotic Those who are most interested in terms springs from his own inability to
regression by psychotherapists to them are those who can accept the understand how another investigator
recover full memory. He was terrified bizarre. Since many aspects of the can patiently study complex and
during the episode and states he does photos (if genuine) are apparently puzzling cases using time-proven
not wish to relive the terror. He resides paraphysical, I tried at first to interpret interviewing techniques. I do not
alone and his fear is perhaps logical, but them from a paraphysical point of view. "believe" the Bailey photos are genuine
not helpful. I realized later that they are not totally — neither do I dismiss them as a hoax. I
Several other researchers have paranormal, but are a mixture of have not come to any definite
asked him the same questions about physical and parapsychical. I cannot be conclusion, for I. do not know enough
the full-light photos. He gives everyone faulted for trying to interpret them — about them yet. A lot more study is
the same answer; there has been no that is what the scientific method is all necessary before they can be
attempt to embellish or to cover up about. satisfactorily judged.
"mistakes." He realizes the illogic but I learned very soon that a Polaroid They are, however, probably not
sticks to his story. He states that his One-Step can produce cleancut double ufological in nature, as we commonly
floor lamp flickered off and on that images in insufficient light, but this understand the term. The humanoid
evening. I have seen it do this, but that knowledge came too late to be included forms (you're kidding about the
would not explain the placement of the in my article about them. But why are starfish, aren't you, Joe?) are clearly
shadows from right to left. In this, Joe the other images in these "double some type of physical form silhouetted
Thomas's input has been helpful. image" photos, (such as the against a strong light source. If the
If Bailey had wanted to hoax entity disembodied heads and the clusters of photos are genuine, these forms would
photos, why did he throw in the hokey, lights) not double-imaged? There is still seem to be temporarily physical
amateurish-looking full light phtos with a puzzle here. manifestations which are not of our
the other dimmer, shadowed ones Several psychic researchers, such normal space-time. I would suggest,
which are more impressive (but which, as Alan Vaughan,* who have given from my present knowledge of the case,
in the heat of controversy, have been input into this case find the photos that the forms (if genuine) might have
almost ignored)? intriguing and, viewing them with the been posing as UFO beings.
. A few days after the photos were necessary cool detachment, feel that The Bailey photos do not belong in
taken, early in the morning of they are probably genuine. In UFO research; they belong in the field
November 1, 1978, Rev. Bailey put an parapsychology, the bizarre is often
ad in the Pasadena Star-News asking "normal." Many physical scientists like (continued on next page)
WILLIAM D. LEET, Abduction study
ARKANSAS STATE group is formed
It is with profound regret and
sadness that we must announce the Budd Hopkins, author of Missing
loss of another of our State Directors Time, has announced that a UFO
during 1983. William D. Leet suffered Abduction Study Group is being
a massive brain hemorrhage , on founded in New York City.
December 9. 1983, and died the 'This is an informal thing opera ting
following day in Texarkana, Arkansas, William D. Leet within the various large.UFO groups,"
at the age of 67. Hopkins said during a talk at the
in 1980, Mr. Leet was selected for this
Before joining MUFON in 1976 as important post. University of Nebraska's second
a State Section Director in the Little annual conference on Exploring
During the past year, Bill made
Unexplained Phenomena.
Rock area, Bill was President of the great strides in building up his
Bluegrass NICAP affiliate in Kentucky. "There are four reasons for
investigative team in the state, jokingly
After obtaining a Juris Doctor degree, establishing this group," he said. "One
called the "Arkie Army." On August
he joined the U.S. Air Force, serving in 24th, Mildred and Ed Higgins hosted is' to compile a list of the various
the Judge Advocate's Office and as a the most recent Arkansas Mini- physical and psychological
Command pilot during World War II. Symposium at their mountain top home consequences reported and
In the January-February 1979 investigated in UFO experiences in a
"Starsong," with Bill Leet presiding.
issue of the MUFON UFO Journal (No. search for meaningful patterns.
Our hearts and sympathy are
"To facilitate this compilation,
133), Bill wrote about his "Foo-Fighter" extended to Helen Leet, Bill's widow.
abduction events and effects are going
experience while flying a B-17 Flying She has been such a gracious behind-
Fprtress over Germany on November to be organized into three basic groups
the-scenes partner in Ufology with her
or time frames.
24, 1944. Bill had several articles husband.
"This includes any unusual
published in the Journal. Mrs. Norma E. Lindblad, .the behavior, subjective feelings or events
After moving to Texarkana, Public Relations Director for Arkansas,
noticed by the witnesses in the hours
Arkansas, in 1978, he was appointed will be the temporary State Director
immediately before the UFO or
the State Section Director for the until a replacement for Mr. Leet is occupants are encountered. In other
surrounding counties. When Bill Pitts found. Norma's address is Route 5, Box words, everything that happens first,
retired as State Director for Arkansas 364, Texarkana, Texas 75501. like, for instance, that sense of dread or
lights flashing on and off on the car, or
Druffel, Continued clumps, folds, and fibrous texture such the sense that one makes the right turn
as are seen on some genuine photos of down a road one's never gone down
of psychic research. Perhaps this field ectoplasmic manifestations taken in the before, that sort of thing.
will help provide photo enhancement 1920s — photos which are generally "The second, of course is the
methods — deblurring and "dodging" regarded as genuine by the most hard- encounter itself, what happens when
techniques, for example, which the headed psychic researchers. Joe's the figures approach and so on, the
UFO field could not provide. Perhaps, photos show only folds, and they look basic abduction, scenario, everything
too, we can obtain photomicrographic exactly like what they are — a folded the person remembers up until he or she
enlargements of the appendages so that tee shirt. returns to their normal environment.
meaningful comparisons of their The answers are not yet in. Much "Then the third time frame is the
texture can be made. study still has to be done, and it will be aftermath. This period includes any
Joe's "Fruit of the Loom" done. But for the benefit of all long-term or short-term emotional,
comparison photos are helpful and I JOURNAL readers who are tired of the psychological or physical aftereffects
thank him for his efforts. The Bailey, controversy, rest easy, for you described by the witness or any later
JOURNAL'S inadequate reproductive will hear no more. experiences which seem to the witness
processes, however, obscure the facts. to be related to the UFO experience."
I invite anyone who is interested in *A short, inaccurate and sardonic article on the
All this material, Hopkins said, "is
seeing the truth to look at slides of Bailey photos appeared in the May '83 OMNI going into a data bank eventually, we
Bailey's appendages and Joe's under Alan Vaughan's by-line. He did not author hope. We are searching for patterns.
comparison legs in my 24x-48x
this. He wrote an accurate 750-word article with "I hope that other groups will form
Bailey's and my cooperation, for we thought the same way around the world, but the
microviewer, and learn first hand that OMNI wanted to print the facts. Without
Bailey's appendages cannot be so easily Vaughan's knowledge, his article was replaced by
ultimate thing is that we want to help
copied. one invented by an OMNI/staff writer — another the people who had these
Bailey's photos show bumps, sterling example of that magazine's biased views. experiences."

A retired Marine Corps officer and

his wife reported seeing what at first
appeared to be a cloud undergo an
unusual transformation while they were
driving through a military base in
The incident occurred about 10:30
AM on Nov. 22, 1983, as Robert Q.
Bekins Jr. and his wife were crossing
the Fallbrook Annex of the Naval
Weapons Station at Seal Beach,
"My wife saw a small cumulus-type
cloud to the north of us," Bekins, a
former fighter pilot and a retired major,
said in a report to MUFON. "It was all
by itself and appeared to be stationary.
There's a UFO,' she said, and laughed.
"I .laughed and said, 'Yeah, it
probably is — say, that sure is a strange
cloud, hanging there all by itself.' "
They looked around the sky and
saw nothing else that looked anything
like it. They were driving at 45 miles an
hour, the speed limit, and could not
stop because military regulations
prohibit stopping or picture taking on
the annex.
"We watched for a few more
seconds and then some black 'stuff
started dropping from it," said Bekins.
"It looked stringy and parts looked
lumpy, like globs of oil on water. The
different shade of the light cloud and the
dark stuff was very obvious against the
gray clouds on the far horizon."
The material seemed to fall toward O
the right at an angle of 10 to 15 degrees
from the vertical, he said.
. . "As we continued our easterly falling and finally the whole thing turned
route, the cloud seemed to start rising, into a bunch of small, puffy clouds as we
all the while still dropping the black lost it behind a hill.
stuff, and rapidly assumed the shape of "The last view showed the 'object'
an open umbrella," Bekins continued. about four times as high as when we
"The color of the cloud top first saw it."
changed from very light gray to white in When it disintegrated, he said, it
this rapid ascent. As the cloud turned to rapidly broke up into 10 to 15 small
white, it also smoothed out on top and clouds, adding that the initial size of the
became more balloon looking rather "cloud" was about as big as his
than puffed, as a cumulus cloud. fingernail (1.3 cm) held at arm's length.
"The edges of the umbrella began The entire sighting lasted about two
to disintegrate, the black stuff stopped minutes.
By James McCampbell
Copyright 1983 McCampbell

The growing popularity of men encountered a circular UFO in while observing the object moving
microwave ovens has acquainted most Bari, Italy.2 The next day, Felipe toward him in a gentle rocking motion.
people with the basic rules for their use. Garcia, 19, had a burn on his wrist He became frightened when he
Foods are cooked only in paper, glass, directly beneath his watch that had discovered that his hair felt warm to the
or ceramic containers because these stopped. In addition, Paride Orbei, 17, touch.
materials do not conduct electricity. had a burn under his "cowboy belt." Later, he sajd, "the copper ring on
Metal objects, however, are never The fact that this short report was the left ring finger got rather warm and
placed in the ovens because of their translated from Spanish and the unpleasant to feel and Ifinallytook it off.
ability to carry electrical current. experience of his friend raise the I have a sterling ring on my right little
The electric field in microwave unanswered question of whether the finger. And it wasn't as hot as the
ovens causes conduction electrons burn was not actually under his belt copper ring but it was still getting
inside the metal to accelerate. As the buckle. unpleasant, so I decided to take.that off
field reverses with each cycle of the More common are reports too. And I noticed my watch getting a
wave, electrons are accelerated first in concerning rings being worn on the little — I have a metal watch band here
one direction then another, producing fingers by the witnesses, as in the Mona — and it got warm." Also, he said, "a
an electric current of very high Stafford case.3 Three women in an metal button and in my pants
frequency corresponding to the automobile were chased by a huge disc- got hot."
frequency of the source. Collisions shaped craft at close range. The driver During a second -inspection of the
between the moving electrons and lost control of the car as the interior car, he retrieved a flashlight from a tool
atoms in the crystal lattice transfer became very hot. The car was allegedly box and noticed that its metal frame
energy to the metal itself. levitated inside the UFO and kept there became hot but the lens remained cool.
This accumulation of energy in the for about an hour and a half. When Metallic parts of the car had become
metal is evidenced by an increase in back on the ground, Mona ". . .took off hot but the tires felt as cold as the air.
temperature. Therefore, metal objects her ring and found that the skin under it About 5 minutes after he returned
are forbidden in microwave ovens was very red." to the driver's seat, the object rotated
because they might get too hot or even The hot-ring syndrome is an about 100 degrees and then shot
melt. important element in another revealing vertically out of sight in 2 to 3 seconds.
Such microwave heating may have event that has received little publicity, His lights then came back on and he
been present in the Cash-Landrum at least in the United States. On was able to start the engine and drive
case that occurred near Huffman, December 13, 1967, David Winter away.
Texas, on December 29, 1980.l Three experienced a typical automotive A problem with a ring also
witnesses were driving at night; it was failure while driving home in British occurred in the Cash-Landrum case
chilly (40°F) and the car heater was on. Columbia at 2:15 AM.4 The lights that was all but obscured by the
Betty Cash, the driver, stopped the car dimmed and the engine sputtered, then traumatic injuries suffered by the
and walked to the left front fender to failed. witnesses. The skin on Betty Cash's
gaze upward at an unknown aerial Winter pulled off the road, finger underneath her ring was burned.5
vehicle that was glowing brilliantly at a stopped, got out, and opened the hood A technical diversion is required
range of less than 65 meters. She felt to search for clues to his problem. Then here to explore the possibility that
intense heat on her skin. he noticed an object about 100 yards finger rings might be unusually sensitive
When finally coaxed back into the away hovering about 50 feet above the to the presence of UFOs and that they
car after 5 to 10 minutes, she found the ground. It looked like a dome, flat on manifest that effect by getting hot
door handle was so hot that she had to the bottom, displaying red and enough to become uncomfortable or
use her leather coat as a hotpad to green lights with what appeared to be even burn the skin.
grasp it. The car interior had become so portholes emitting white light. The Mature people will recall that,
hot that the heater was turned off and surface looked like steel that had been many years ago, antennas in the shape
the air conditioner was turned on. wire-brushed. of circles were used on some ships,
These effects could have been caused It was a clear, cold night (about 10 boats, and aircraft. They were part of a
by infrared radiation, but there are to 25°F) with a shining moon. He noted navigational system used to determine
other important implications that are that the battery felt warm like ". . .hot the direction to a radio transmitter.
discussed later. water about 95°F." Being appre-
On March 31, 1980, two young hensive, he then got back into the car (continued on next page)
McCampbell, Continued megahertz (million cycles per second). greater on 3.5 meal sec'1 cm'2. In more
This radiation is in the region of short convenient dimensions, the latter value
Upon turning the antennas around a microwaves, not a surprising result as becomes 14.7 mW/cm2.
vertical axis, one obtained a maximum much evidence has been previously In other words, if the sensation of
signal when the plane of the circle was adduced by the author that such heat experienced by Betty Cash were
'edge-on' toward the radiating source. radiation is emitted by UFOs. caused by microwaves of approxi-
But no signal at all was received when As Betty Cash stood in front of the mately 3-cm wavelength, the radiant
the axis of the circle pointed toward the car, she held her arm up in front of her intensity must have been greater than
sending station. This 'null' position, face as a shield against heat and glare.7 14.7 mW/cm2. Of course, the sensation
being critically sensitive, was used to So it is likely that the plane of her ring could have been produced by infrared,
locate the station of interest. pointed in the general direction of the in which case the intensity must have
The diameter of the antenna UFO. been greater than l/7th of that value or
depended upon the band of frequencies Vickie Landrum, on the other hand 2.1 mW/cm2. In either event, the
to be detected but it was typically 12 to stood close to the right side of the car radiant intensity,may be compared to
14 inches. This principle of radio with her left hand on the car top. If her that from all wavelengths in sunlight of
direction finding is universally used in elbow was bent so that her fingers were approximately 134 mW/cm2.
sophisticated equipment today but the pointed forward in the general direction Infrared radiation could have
bulky and awkward antennas have of the UFO, her ring would have been burned the skin on Betty's finger but
become passe'. close to the null position as regards the not under the ring. This strongly
Now consider the physics of a loop above effect. In other words, her ring suggests that radiation from this UFO
antenna that is edge-on to an incoming would not be pumped even at the contained a significant component in
e l e c t r o m a g n e t i c wave whose resonant frequency. the short, microwave region having a
wavelength /J. is twice the diameter Vickie Landrum does, in fact, wear wavelength very close . to the ring
(d) of the loop. The accompanying two rings on the fourth finger of her left resonance of 3.4 cm. Such radiation is
diagram illustrates such an hand as shown in photographs in consistent with all of the effects
electromagnetic wave traveling from References 1 and 5. She did not described above that can not be
left to right j _. experience a hot ring. But she was not produced by infrared radiation alone.
in the plane K T*~ "~H exposed to the radiation as long as REFERENCES
of a ring. Betty, having climbed back into the car
An electric after two to three minutes.- 1. Schuessler, John F. Cash, Landrum Radiation
field (E) will Even the heating that Betty felt on Case, The MUFON UFO Journal, Number
165, p.3, November 1981. •
induce a her face can be ascribed to microwave 2. Brief Reports, The MUFON UFO Journal,
current (i) radiation instead of infrared that might Number 151, p 12, September 1980.
clockwise be a normal supposition. Microwaves 3. Allen, Bob, The Real Facts Behind the
in the front half of ring whereas, at the up to 3-cm wavelength were found in Kentucky Abduction, UFO Review, Vol 2 No
same instant, an equivalent field at the some early experiments by the U.S. 7, p 4, UFO News Services, 1980.
4. William K. Allan of Kelowna, British Columbia,
rear half will induce a current that is also Navy to be comparable to infrared in kindly furnished an interview of the witness
clockwise. This reinforcement of producing the sensation of heat on the that was taped three days after the event by
current at a particular wavelength is skin. That energy is readily, absorbed in high school teacher Ray Sanders in whom the
called resonant pumping. At the skin where subcutaneous sensors witness first confided.
wavelengths not far from the resonant register the feeling of heat.8 5. Schuessler, John F., Cash-Landrum
Radiation Case, A Three Part Series, Part I.,
condition and beyond, the Data from those experiments can Blind Terror in Texas, The unexplained
reinforcement collapses. . be used to estimate the intensity of Mysteries of Mind, Space and Time, Orbus
Do finger rings behave like loop microwave radiation to which Betty Publishing Limited, Vol 9, Issue 109, 1982.
antennas, resonating with an incoming Cash may have been exposed. 6. By Eugene Schmidt, Belmont Jewelers, 891
Ralston Avenue, Belmont CA, 94002.
signal and heating up due to an induced '- Experimental subjects were exposed to
7. Schuessler, John F., Bingo Players Burned By
electrical current? .They can! microwave radiation that was pulsed at UFO, Bingo Bugle, Houston Gulf Edition, Vol
If they do so ini the presence of a 2,300 times per second with a pulse 1 No 2, P 8, November 1983.
UFO, the resonant wavelength and width of 0.4 microseconds. The beam 8. The original research was reported by
corresponding frequency can be easily was applied to 37 cm2 on their Handler, Edwin, Cutaneous Receptor
Response to Microwave Irradiation, p 149, in
and accurately calculated. A common, foreheads because that area is Hardy, J.D., Editor, Thermal Problems in
size of ladies' ring, No. 6%, was relatively flat and highly sensitive to Aerospace Medicine, The Advisory Group for
measured with calipers on a standard,. radiant energy. After an exposure of Research and Development of NATO,
wand-type gauge to have a diameter of three seconds, the test subjects could AGARDograph Number 111, Part 2, 1968.
17 mm.* From considerations above, just begin to feel heat from far infrared Essential details were reviewed by the present
radiation with an intensity of about 0.5 author in UFO Interference With Automobile
one has the simple relationship that Electrical Systems, Part 1: Headlights, in
^. =2d hence the resonating wave- meal sec'1 cm"2 (millicalories per second Proceedings of the 1976 CUFOS Conference,
length must be 2(17) =34 mm=3.4 cm per square centimeter). For 3-cm p 164, Center For UFO Studies, Chicago,
corresponding to a frequency of 8,800 .microwaves, the value was 7 times 1976.
By Paul Ccrny
Western Regional Director

An unusual CE-1 UFO encounter on a It was a starry clear night with a last scatter to the far ends of the field in
California dairy ranch involved two quarter moon still in the sky. Hubert every direction.
ranch employees and dairy cattle. Brown, a 22-year-old dairy milker, was The UFO came down almost to
Definite animal reactions were noted in the outer field fairly close to the gate, the ground not too far from Brown. He
from a large, domed craft that hovered attempting to bring in the last string of . took off like a rocket, clearing the five-
close to the ground in the pre-dawn cows to be milked. foot gate in one big leap, running as fast
hours, showing a bright red light. The dairy barn itself, an open shed as he could for the side door of the
with a roof, was already about three milking shed.
At 4 AM on September 30,1974, a quarters filled with cows waiting to be Screaming for his co-worker as he
somewhat' unusual close encounter milked. There was space at the input ran, Brown bolted through the open
took place on the Kent Plott dairy ranch end of the retaining shed for the animals doorway, slipped on the wet concrete
about four miles southeast of Orland, coming in with Hubert. The whole floor and went sprawling onto the
California, a small farming community structure was about 130 feet long by surface. Scrambling to his feet again, he
32 miles south of Red Bluff. The about 50 feet wide. grabbed at his superior, 37-year-old
Sacramento River ambles along north A cement block building attached Tyroh Philips, who had been busy
to south about three miles farther east at the other end of the shed housed the milking.
in relatively flat farming land. milking stalls and equipment, with a Pointing frantically and wide-eyed
small side door facing the ranch house at the unknown intruder out the far end
for easy entry. of the open barn, he gasped but was
As Brown was preparing to open unable to utter any intelligent words.
Exciting the outer field gate, his eyes caught a As they both watched in startled
discoveries bright red glowing object descending amazement, about 50 cows that had
rapidly toward him at approximately a just been milked were wildly
35-degree angle out of the northeast.
In Britain, the UFO The cattle around him began to bolt and (continued on next page)
phenomenon acts more or less
exactly as it does everywhere in
the world...It's quite exciting to
discover a sighting that we
investigated in isolation in our
land that matches exactly what
someone over here does...It is
these comparisons between
cases, things that witnesses
would certainly never, know
about because they wouldn't
have access to the very limited
circulation that these cases
achieve...that really rams
through to the reality of the
UFO phenomenon, that there is
something out there that is
beyond hoaxes, hallucinations
and jokes.
--Jenny Randies, British
UFO investigator and author at
the University of Nebraska's
second annual conference on
Exploring Unexplained
View through dairy barn toward UFO
Cerny, Continued

stampeding in a large holding pen

outside the end of the barn closest to
the UFO. Dust was flying everywhere.
. About 120 cows already in the
barn, waiting to be milked, were now
packed tightly together pushing each
other up against the inside divider
barrier. Every cow's head was intently
riveted in the direction of the UFO, ears
pointed upward and seemingly frozen
as if paralyzed.
The UFO, estimated to be 60 to 70
feet in diameter, hovered and wobbled
a few feet off the ground about 200
yards away from Brown and Philips. It
was emitting a moderate, humming
sound. A bright red light on top was
illuminating the whole craft and a
considerable area of ground around it.
It was a typical domed-disc craft
and was sharply outlined to the two
human witnesses. It appeared to have
windows, but this was difficult to
perceive due to the bright red glow. Outer
After about 30 to 40 seconds, the object holding pen ,
suddenly took off at about a 45-degree
angle into the sky and disappeared to
the west.
It was almost nine months before
we received word of the encounter. "It
scared the hell out of me," Brown
admitted. When I asked Philips about
Brown's frantic reaction, he said, "I
thought he had gone bananas!"
Philips said the cows were packed
so close together, backed up in the
barn, that he couldn't get his hand
between any of them and they stayed
that way for some time;
This is an exceptional example of
close observation of animal reaction to
a UFO.
Kent Plott, the ranch owner, who
is a private pilot, was asleep in the ranch
house nearby, as was the rest of the there were numerous sightings going He did comment that the next day
family, so they were totally unaware of on in the general area, and he talked at the milk yield was considerably less
the event at that time of the morning. length with Philips and Brown: than average from these Holstein
He was highly interested, however, as Since it was nine months before we cattle. The animals still showed signs of
got to the site, and with rain and being somewhat nervous for the next
weather acting on the spot, we did not day or two.
bother taking Geiger counter readings, Following weekend visits to the
MUFON especially since the UFO apparently
had not touched down. I did ask Plott if
site were made for follow-up and
pictures. I was accompanied by Tom
103 OLDTOWNE RD. he noticed any burned or discolored Gates, MUFON astronomy consultant,
SEGUIM.TX 78155 grass in the field, but he said there was and Jim Corning, State Section
none. Director at Red Bluff, California.

By George Parsons Jr.
State Section Director

A Kentucky businessman has was not like any military or commercial shaped object. One source said military
reported seeing a cube-shaped object aircraft he had ever seen. At the same jets had conducted an exercise across
tumbling across the sky while being time, he was certain the two jets were much of the state that day, but he knew
pursued or escorted by two military military planes. Whether they were nothing of any craft resembling the
jets. chasing it or accompanying it, he object.
The sighting occurred between 4 couldn't tell. On Dec. 21, 1982, I received a
and 4:30 PM on October 16, 1982, in At regular intervals, the object phone call from a public affairs
Boyd County, Kentucky, in the far appeared to make what the witness specialist at Wright-Patterson Air
northeastern part of the state. The called a "tumble-forward" motion. Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, in
witness, a 40-year-old electronics When it did, the tumbling was a response to my query. He said Wright-
specialist, insisted oil not being smooth, slow-motion movement. Patterson did have a refueling craft
identified. Throughout the sighting, which similar in description to the cube-
He was working on a communica- the witness estimated lasted about six shaped, object but that it was still in
tions tower when a reflection from the minutes, the object and jets flew controlled testing and had never been
sky made him look up. He saw a dark together at a constant speed. He "above ground."
object the size of a house moving from wondered if the object wasn't a military I asked if he would put this
east to west across the sky, with two or governmental test craft. information in a letter to me and he said
military jets pacing it. Neither the object nor the jets he would. However, when the letter
At first, he thought it was a balloon, altered course at any time during his arrived a week later, he simply said he
but upon watching it for several observation and they disappeared from could find no record of any military
seconds he was surprised and amazed view together. flights over Boyd County that day.
to see that it was cube shaped. A check with airports and military There was no mention of the refueling
A former serviceman familiar with bases in the area uncovered nothing test craft.
military planes, he realized the object that would give a clue to the cube-

Morrison Responds 185, July 1983) and others might enjoy the industrial might of the U.S.A. and
reading Jay Forrester's writings on also of its domestic politics. Two recent
Editor, technical innovation. books reveal that the Nazi Party was in
The comments on my essay, "The Certainly the craft described in contact with and supported by some
German Hypothesis," were a bit UFO's, Nazi Secret Weapon? are no segments of American industry.
disappointing. Perhaps I should have more genuine than the Navy's "flying Trading with the Enemy is available at
sent in a really scathing letter over the flapjack." Both obviously were decoys your local book store. Who Financed
signature of a friend. created by different sources for similar Hitler (by James and Suzanne Pool,
A lot of objections could be raised ends. Dial Press, 1978) is harder to find, but it
to the possibility of the German The prevalence of disc-shaped has a dandy picture of Henry Ford
invention of UFO craft. Cost is not craft adds some more interesting receiving the Grand Cross of the
one, however. Obviously UFOs have circumstantial evidence. Designing the G e r m a n Eagle f r o m H i t l e r ' s
few mechanical parts and perhaps none hypothetical gravity control systems representatives. So there can be no
at all. An analogy has been drawn by would involve some complicated doubt that when Germany attacked
Bruce Maccabee by comparing our equations. Those without computers Poland in 1939, Hitler was quite aware
spacecraft with old computers (or would have to resort to a rotationally of the ultimate and inevitable outcome.
telephone switching circuits that use symmetric design to be able to solve When I completed my article I had
relays) and UFOs with solid state these equations. In recent years a wider not read Jacques Vallee's Messengers
integrated circuits. variety of UFO shapes has been of Deception, a circumstance I consider
What we lack is not technique, I reported. fortunate, since I drew some similar
suspect, but some basic science. UFOs As far as geopolitics goes, I always c o n c l u s i o n s f r o m m u c h less
are probably easy to make and cheap, have wondered how Hitler and his
once you know how. Mr. Banks (No. cohorts could have been so ignorant of (continued on next page)
Letters, Continued Jefferson and Bacon. opponents and antagonists are
Foster Morrison honestly and sincerely wrong.
experience and quite different Rockville, Md. Yes, strong UFO cases as defined
evidence. Vallee suggests that some by us always should be printed as a top
unknown private group gained control The Peril In Ignoring Skeptics priority. However, the Journal overall
of the discs, while the Soviets and the Editor, should be a medium for dispassionate
Allies were left with the more I agree with the premise of Jim and objective appraisal of all evidence
conventional weapons systems to McCampbell's letter (No. 186, August and theories. To do otherwise would
expropriate (see Chapter 8). 1983) that "lights-in-the-sky" fail to brand us as a "Journal of UFO
Now I am willing to state that my adequately represent the core UFO Believers."
maximum likelihood scenario is that mystery and that skeptics often focus We need to seriously examine the
UFOs. are of terrestrial origin and in on them while ignoring more question of why UFOs are not
some sense are a threat to national substantial cases, and I heartily endorse recognized as an important scientific
security. The concept probably his call for papers from MUFON problem. Part of the reason may be our
originated in Germany in the 1930's, but personnel to improve the quality of the own failings in properly presenting the
the identity of the present operating Journal. evidence and in answering the skeptical
authority is not at all certain. This At the same time, I could not arguments. Instead of burying our
eliminates the need for the capability to disagree more with the conclusions he heads in the sand, we should be in the
traverse interstellar space by means of draws for Journal content and his forefront of presenting carefully
some hypothetical extension of general characterization of Michael Persinger's screened i n f o r m a t i o n and in
relativity, yet does not preclude it as a work and Bob Wanderer's review of it confronting skeptical arguments head-
possibility. as "low-grade, worthless, and on. To pretend that our "opponents"
I would like to thank Kris Bjork misleading material...." Bob Wanderer, are unworthy is to beg the question. If
(No. 185, July 1983) and Lucius Parish in fact, pointed out the narrow we are unable to answer their
(private correspondence), among application of Persinger's theories to arguments, we deserve to lose the
others, for their words of UFOs. debate.
encouragement. I just wish my Mycroft Whether we like it or not, simplistic Richard Hall
Holmes approach could open up this theories (ice "cometoids," plasma, Brentwood, Md.
Pandora's, box completely. But the electrified bugs, earthquake lights...)
scientific establishment has are seized upon by skeptics and gain Under Attack From Own Data
recognized, perhaps correctly, that the currency among ill-informed news
UFO phenomenon is a threat to its media people, regardless of their Editor,
position in society and will avoid authors' intentions. At first I got a feeling of "Spanish
confronting it at all costs. And just as We ignore the influence of what we Inquisition" from James McCampbell's
the government cannot do anything consider "half-baked" ideas at our own letter (No. 186, August 1983) blasting
about UFOs, ufologists cannot do peril. me for describing Michael Persinger's
anything about the government or the If we have pretensions of being an earth stress theory in an article in the
scientific community. objective, scientifically oriented June issue. One might think Jim would
My predictions for f u t u r e organization, it is an essential role for call off the battle against me after his
developments largely echo Vallee's. the Journal to air such concepts pro success in his campaign to get MUFON
UFOs never will be investigated and con. Let Jim McCampbell or to discontinue my column Critic's
scientifically. They will remain always others with appropriate scientific Corner (as well as other non-
just out of reach, but keep gradually qualifications express their criticisms in conventional writers such as Druffel
escalating their activity and eroding the pages of the Journal. In fact, it is and Oberg) from the Journal. So why
public confidence in rationalism, their duty to do so, just as it is the duty the big to-do about an article on
secular humanism and the scientific of sincere skeptics to question our Persinger; are Journal readers
establishment. There will be no UFO reasoning. Real science does not presumed to be so threatened by
invasion; imperialism is a failed advance by e x c o m m u n i c a t i n g heresy that they must be shielded from
institution also. Eventually, like the "aberrant" views, no matter which side anything that doesn't fit the extra-
Hawaiians, we will burn our gods that you are on. terrestrial hypothesis?
no longer work. The world of the future Mr. McCampbell accuses Bob Then I realized the problem Jim
will be somewhat pagan, somewhat Wanderer and Michael Persinger (and may face. On the one hand, he has done
medieval, with high tech as magic that by implication, others who see things outstanding work over the years
works, rather than applied science. differently) of (a) ignorance, (b) collecting and comparing data on cases
Japan and the Soviet Union, as well as "purposefully rejecting] the data that where an automobile engine fails when
most of the world, have evolved more does not fit their mental bent," or (c) a UFO comes near, and sometimes
in that direction, leaving the Anglo- intentional dishonesty. He seems guilty where the engine restarts by itself when
Saxon world clinging to the of accusation (b) himself. Instead, I
W e l t a n s c h a u u n g of Rousseau, believe that some of our philosophical (continued on next page)
Letters, Continued Once adequately dealt with, I am lobes of bystanders. I don't think these
sure that it could be demonstrated that speculations are mechanistically likely,
the UFO leaves; in his fine paper at the UFOs cannot be wholly accounted for for several, reasons.
Pasadena conference, he demonstrates by perceptual distortions or human In a pair of books (Atlantis
the role of the ionization of the behaviorial problems. Recordings and Reconsidered, Exposition Press, 1981
atmosphere in such cases. On the other physical evidence are strongly against and Insights into Prehistory, Exposition
hand, Jim is a firm and unflinching this, but these have also been subject to 1982) I have advanced a sizable body of
believer and advocate of the ETH. the c o m p l e x psychology of evidence to support the concept that
The difficulty here is that this controversy. deep-earth energy is the most logical
specific data, and Jim's excellent work The Persinger Theory is, at best, a power-source for UFOs. There is no
with it, make these phenomena more limited theory with several weak points, remotely comparable power-source in
understandable, and therefore increase not the least of which is why images in nature to the concentrated nuclear
the possibility (I would say probability) the perceptual field would be forces existing at mass-dense depths
of some sort of electromagnetic or configured against an undistorted such as the lower crustal level.
other natural/terrestrial explanation background (not characteristic of your If it is accepted that deep-crustal-
here, such as Persinger's suggestion of standard variety hallucination). energy-tapping UFO-control stations
an electrical force connected with earth So, could we have an article in could exist, it seems likely UFO reports
stress, or other such unusual natural psychological defense or something would be frequent in that vicinity. If, in a
effect. Jim's fervent belief in the ETH is along the line as to why some UFOs given time period, the deep-energy-
thus under attack, you might say, from could be alien artifacts? tapping activity waxes, it would seem
his own data. No wonder he's upset. One more point, please. It is logical that crustal instabilities and
Despite Jim's extremely dim views amazing to me that after 25 years I can seismic a c t i v i t y would result.
of my writing and of Persinger's, I still be reading some of the same Persinger's observation that seismic
remain impressed by the quality of arguments against ETH. The speed-of- activity tends to follow on UFO reports,
Jim's work, and its helpfulness in light barrier is glibly invoked by even the therefore, could be explained by an
developing a more useful theory than learned as a formidable opponent to alternate hypothesis: the reports were
the ETH. space travel. The interpretations by actually related to UFO activity, and
Robert Wanderer pro-relativists and anti-relativists leave the seismic disturbances were a by-
San Francisco plenty of room for doubt on the subject product of such activity.
The Readers Believe of the speed-of-light. Granting that Persinger is an
And where is the imagination? authority on neurological matters, I
Editor, Einstein said it was more precious than would still like to know on what basis he
1. I don't care for articles trying to knowledge (doctrine). How about proposes that electromagnetic
convince skeptics about UFOs. Your Holt's hyperspace jumper? There may exposures particularly affect the
readers believe or they wouldn't have not be only other planets in our temporal lobe (psychomotor areas) of
subscribed. universe that serve as habitats for ETs, the brain. Electroshock therapy has
2. I like articles on abductions and but other worlds in other universes, long been used to treat depressed
sightings. For some reason, they have dimensions, or time zones. persons by stimulating brain activity,
all disappeared off the newsstand in the So I would like to see articles on but as far as I am aware, these patients
last few years. UFO-related speculative science, do not commonly relate abduction
3. Also some photographs and articles that will fire the imagination. fantasies.
drawings are of interest. William F. Hamilton III In fact, magnetic-biological
4. Also, I don't care for articles to Glendale, Ariz. research indicates that steady magnetic
discredit skeptics' viewpoints. We will fields principally stimulate the activity of
always have non-believers. Persinger On Right/Wrong Track
Editor, the brain stem and mid-brain, especially
A.A. Taylor the so-called "reticular activating"
Windsor, Ontario I would like to comment on Robert
Wanderer's article on the Persinger center, which activates consciousness
Where Is The Imagination? Theory (No. 184, June 1983). and the facultative areas in the cortical
Editor, Persinger, in i n t e r p r e t i n g the lobes generally. Thus, magnetic
I have noticed that skeptics such implications of his observation that a exposures usually result in a general
as Robert Wanderer and debunkers statistical correlation exists between enhancement of brain activity,
such as Phil Klass more than less take seismic acitivity and UFO reports, has increased alertness, etc.
the approach of psychological attack. speculated that this is evidence for the UFO debunkers, always after us
Perhaps we have not dealt with the UFO phenomenon being spurious, believers to "get our act together,"
psychological aspects of UFOlogical claiming that geological stresses would do well to follow their own advice
experience adequately. It is probably associated with earthquake activity most of the time.
not possible to eliminate perceptual and create electromagnetic atmospheric
behaviorial factors from any particular anomalies, exemplified by luminosities, Michael Baran
which strongly affect the temporal Brockton, Mass.
Lucius Parish

In Others' Words
Was an alien baby kept alive for calls the "enduring nature of the UFO many researchers and it is good to see it
two months in the Soviet Union's presence." Although he draws on UFO being given the consideration it
Frunze Medical Institute? That's the reports which may be familiar to most deserves. ALIENS ABOVE, ALWAYS
claim reported in the November 22 researchers, the author attempts to has a good collection of photographs
issue of NATIONAL ENQUIRER. discover the purposes behind UFO and illustrations, as well as an index.
According to reporters Charles visitations. Nicely presented in softcover format,
Parmiter and Henry Gris, the space Magor points out that the public's copies are available at $11.50 each
child was rescued from a crashed seeming lack of interest in UFOs may (autographed upon request) from John
spaceship and studied at the Institute stem from the fact that they have been Magor at P.O. Box 758 - Duncan, B.C.,
before succumbing to a massive exposed to so many bizarre reports. To Canada V9L 3Y1.
infection. The ENQUIRER'S November discover the motives and identities of Persons wishing to obtain
29 issue tells of a mysterious craft which the UFO occupants is, Magor thinks, hardcover copies of James M.
buzzed the town of Melton, Australia, more important and more fascinating. McCampbell's book, UFOLOGY,
for a five-hour period on July 22, 1983. In making such an attempt, he covers a should be advised that only a few
John Magor, the former wide range or subjects, including UFO remain. These are being sold at $11.00
publisher/editor of CANADIAN UFO abductions, cattle mutilations, Bruce each, including postage, from the
REPORT and author of OUR UFO Cathie's "power grid" theory, etc. author at 12 Bryce Court, Belmont,
VISITORS, has produced a new book Magor suggests that much of the California 94002. Autographed copies
which will be of interest to many UFO activity may be due to the upon request.
readers. The title, ALIENS ABOVE, presence of UFO bases within our solar
ALWAYS, emphasizes what Magor system. This is a point often ignored by

Director's Message, from page 2 on a first-come, first-served basis. This advertising and to provide exposure of
is an opportunity to expand your UFO our Journal to a potential source of new
the ones involved in a cover-up." library and obtain that rare copy that subscribers.
In order to make such an absurd you have sought. Each of you has had an
statement, Phil apparently chooses to We would like to welcome a new opportunity to evaluate the significance
disregard the 4,000 government consultant to MUFON who attended of the work being done by the Mutual
documents released under the the recent University of Nebraska UFO Network in our endeavor to solve
Freedom of Information Act to UFO Conference. He is Webster S. Robbins, the mystery of the UFO phenomenon.
researchers and 35 years of UFO Ed. D., residing in Lincoln, Nebraska. We invite each one of you to complete
investigations that have been reported He is primarily interested in the and return the blue renewal form when
in UFO journals and the news media. historical and cultural aspects of the it is enclosed with your magazine. Upon
If you failed to read my editorial phenomenon, while leaning toward the receipt of your annual subscription/
comments in the September 1983 issue philosophic aspects where very little of membership dues, you will be invited
concerning the philosophy of the this discipline appears in the literature. and encouraged to take an active role in
Mutual UFO Network and the *** applying your individual interest and
MUFON UFO Journal, I invite you to The renewal response from former expertise in our quest to resolve this
do so. This philosophy will be subscribers to Frontiers of Science to baffling enigma.
incorporated into the editorial policies the MUFON UFO Journal has been Some of you have already received
of future issues of the Journal. very gratifying. The Mutual UFO invitations from our MUFON State
I would also like to bring to your Network assumed the responsibility for Directors to participate in statewide
attention that Lucius Parish, Co-Editor fulfilling the remainder of issues due activities and to meet and get
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Walt Andrus

After a meeting of the Committee scheduled to appear live during the October issue of the Journal, casette
for the MUFON 1984 UFO Symposium interview segment of the program. tape recordings are available of each of
and your Director on December 18, Your Director drove to Omaha, the speakers at the University of
there may be some revisions in the slate Nebraska, on November 14 to the Nebraska Conference for $5.00 each by
of speakers previously announced. studios of KETV, the ABC outlet, to writing and making a check payable to
Hosted by MUFON Metroplex, the produce the live segment for that MUFON, identifying which speaker or
1984 annual symposium is still scheuled evening per instructions from Steve speaker's recordings you are ordering.
for June 8, 9, and 10 at the Northpark Lewis, the producer. Unfortunately, (Ericon, Inc. of Redford, Michigan has
Inn in Dallas, Texas. Lindy Whitehurst the UFO program was pre-empted by contracted to provide the casette
has accepted the chairmanship of the the Greyhound bus driver strike. As of tapes).
symposium committee, relieving Rev. December 15, Steve Lewis still planned The Delphos, Kansas, landing
G. Neal Hern of this time consuming to air the UFO special. However, an trace case of November 2, 1971,
responsibility. Mrs. Cynthia R. Hind, exact date has not been scheduled. remains as one of the most significant
continental co-ordinator for Africa, Since ABC Nightline is a news CEII e v e n t s w h e r e M U F O N
living in Zimbabwe, and Mrs. Marge program, current news dictates their investigator and researchers have been
Christensen, State Director for schedule. directly involved. Your Director seized
Massachusetts have been added to the The Japanese newsstand upon the opportunity to revisit Delphos
list of speakers. magazine Twilight Zone, published by on November 10, 1983, while driving to
In the July 1983 issue of the World Photo Press, featured the the U n i v e r s i t y of Nebraska
Journal (No. 185), I alluded to a possible Nebraska Conference speakers in its Conference, to obtain an update on the
release of a film this fall by the Pentagon January 1984 issue in glorious color as environment twelve years after this
to the Public Broadcasting System well as black and white. In addition to unusual event.
(PBS) explaining their role for justifying photographs of the speakers, their In an upcoming issue of the
the intelligence agencies cover-up cameraman obtained unusually good Journal, I will share this important
during the past 35 years. Two motion reproductions of the speaker's slides information with our readers and refute
pictures being produced at that time on projected upon the auditorium screen. some of the u n s u b s t a n t i a t e d
UFOs have been terminated before Considering that the photographer and statements made by Philip Klass
completion, ostensibly for financial writers did not leave Lincoln, Nebraska, concerning this case in his recent book
reasons. until November 14, MUFON received UFOs The Public Deceived (Chapter
This is a very disappointing turn-of- an air mail copy of their magazine on 15). I must admit that the title of Phil's
events, when public education December 12. book is most appropriate — he is still
concerning the UFO phenomenon is so Don Berliner, a free-lance aviation trying to deceive the public.
essential. There is presently no reliable writer and author, was commissioned Mr. Klass' latest tirade occurred
assurance that the Pentagon will be as the prime writer for this feature. on Thursday, December 8, 1983, when
releasing a film to PBS in the immediate Living in Alexandria, Virginia, Don is he appeared on KYW-TV (Channel 3)
future to defend their position as I also a member/subscriber of MUFON. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with
formerly speculated. The fine photographic work is credited Larry Bryant on the program "People
The book Clear Intent co- to Naoki Yamaguchi, information Are Talking." The subject was "Do
authored by Larry Fawcett and Barry J. officer of J.S.P.S. and assistance in UFOs Really Exist?"
Greenwood, published by Prentice- writing the article to Shinichiro Namiki, In a letter to Ms. Julie Hitner, the
Hall, Inc. (New York), will definitely be President of J.S.P.S., who are both program moderator, from Charles J.
released during April 1984. It should MUFON members from Japan. Bednarik, MUFON Field Investigator
provide a strong impact upon the public A few years ago, Mr. Namiki led a in Philadelphia, Mr. Bednarik
by disclosing what the government contingent of five J.S.P.S. members to expressed his displeasure that Phil
knows about UFOs, provided that they Seguin, Texas, to visit MUFON Klass tried to monopolize the program
would read their own documents. Larry headquarters. It was a delight to renew by constantly interrupting, correcting,
Fawcett had an original dust jacket of our friendships at Lincoln. and criticizing Larry Bryant.
their book Clear Intent at the recent Junichi Yaoi, Director/Producer In the meantime, Phil was
University of Nebraska Conference. for Nippon Television Network providing misinformation such as his
The television program ABC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, a recent statement " Larry Bryant, the
Nightline filmed extensively at the MUFON member, attended the UFO researchers and investigators are
University of Nebraska Conference on Nebraska Conference and plans to use the ones that are hiding the truth and
November 11 and 12 in preparation for some of the material presented in his evidence from the citizens; that we are
an evening special on UFOs. Dr. J. future TV programs.
Allen Hynek and Walt Andrus were As previously announced in the (continued on page 19)