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We are indebted once again to the Journal's former editor,
103 Oldtowne Rd. Richard Hall, this time for painstakingly compiling a cumulative
Seguin, Texas 78155 subject index of the Journa/for 1981-83. Further, by using the index,
Richard was able to bring together 20 cases on electromagnetic
BOB PRATT effects, which (a) proves the value of such an index and (b) shows
Editor how such effects continue to be an important factor in establishing
UFOs as a genuine scientific mystery.
Contributing Editor
Associate Editor In this issue


WALTER H. ANDRUS, JR. By Francis Ridge
International Director 15 UFOS SEEN OVER EAST TEXAS 7
By John Schuessler
DAVE WEBB By Harold Haglund
Co-Chairmen, UFO SECRECY UPDATE: Stonewalling at the FBI? 9
Humanoid Study Group By Larry Bryant
PAUL CERNY . By Edward F. Mazuer
By Luis Schoenherr .
Religion and UFOs Compiled by Richard Hall
Books/Periodicals/History By Richard Hall
ROSETTA HOLMES By Walt Greenawald & John Holland
Promotion/Publicity THE ENQUIRER and MUFON 16
By Walt Andrus
Staff Writer Plus other news and features, including Letters, p. 17, In Others' Words, p. 19,
TED PHILLIPS and Director's Message, p. 20.
Landing Trace Cases
Medical Cases
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In the past few years, there have

been 30 to 40 instances in which military
personnel of the Chinese air force and
the army have encountered UFOs.
Most of the reports of these encounters and upon landing found that a portion Paul Dong is editor of The Journal
have been kept confidential, but some of the tail was missing. They were of UFO Research, which is published in
details have come out. unable to determine how it happened. the People's Republic of China, and is
One of the most recent military This encounter was reported on author of a new book, The Four Major
cases occurred on November 2, 1983, the radio in Peking and Shanghai. Mysteries of Mainland China. One of
when a bomber encountered a UFO at Early this year, a pilot flying a glider those mysteries is UFOs, which
an altitude of about 14,000 meters. The apparently are as common in China as
in central China found he was being
bomber immediately lost its guidance followed by a UFO. He took evasive in .most other countries, and the
systems and the plane began to shake maneuvers but failed to escape, with following UFO incidents have been
violently from side to side and lose reported in the Journal of UFO
the UFO flying above and below and to
speed. Research. Dong lives in Oakland,
the left and right of the glider at different
The crew members were able to California.
times during the encounter.
land the plane only with great difficulty
After about half an hour, the UFO
abandoned these maneuvers and
disappeared. The pilot landed his glider size of a full moon (Fig. 1). Later, it
safely. enlarged in size and increased its speed
One of the most intriguing military (Fig. 2) until it looked something like a
cases occurred on the evening of June snow mountain (Fig. 3). Then, many
18, 1982. At 10:06 PM, a giant UFO black spots were seen in the center of
appeared in the sky over northern the phenomenon (Fig. 4).
China in the proximity of five fighter The pilots said it seemed to them
aircraft. that the object kept releasing strong
T h e f i g h t e r s lost t h e i r electric currents of some kind. The
communication and navigational weather that evening was good, as was
systems and were forced to return to the visibility.
their base. One pilot named Liu said in a
The unidentified object was a milky
yellowish-green in color and about the (continued on next page)
China, Continued the sky over Chung County in Yunan
Province. It flew quietly without any
report to the Journal of UFO Research: sound and reflected the sunlight.
"When I first saw the object, it flew The object then descended on the
toward me at a high rate of speed, other side of a mountain, and
whirling fast. While it was whirling, it authorities immediately, dispatched a
created rings of. lights. In the center of number of soldiers to look for the
the light ring was fire. After ten object. Nothing was found, but at 11:05
seconds,, the! center of the ring AM the next day the .object was seen
exploded like a hand grenade. Then the again in another part of the same
body of the object enlarged rapidly." region. About 400 people witnessed the
The other.four pilots who saw the , second sighting.
object also wrote reports to the In another sighting described in the
Journal, which published an account of Journal of UFO Research, a
the incident in its first issue in 1983. pharmacist, Shi Guo Kao, heard a loud
One of the most unusual metal because it relfected the sunlight, noise in the sky one July afternoon in
descriptions of a UFO in a. non-military and he illustrated what he and his wife 1963 in Lan Zhou city in Gansu
incident came from an artist, Feng Lian had seen. Province. She looked up and saw a fire:
Cheng, and his wife. They said that at They submitted a report to the like object land in her backyard.
/ the end of summer in 1974, they were .Journal, but the Journal's staff was The object spun around very
walking on a street in the city of Tong skeptical and asked him to clarify what rapidly before her eyes, creating noises.
Shah when they saw an object the size it was they saw. He wrote back giving After about a minute, the. color of
of a full moon in the sky. the exact same description and said the object turned to a dark red' and it
They said the lower portion looked that to the best of his ability what he . suddenly exploded with a thundering
like two plates connected to each other, described was absolutely true. noise which slightly shook her house
but the upper portion looked like a In another case, which occurred at and irritated her ears. The object then
small oil drilling rig (Fig. 5). Feng said 4 PM on October 1, 1969, a flying disappeared into the sky, leaving
the object appeared to be made of saucer the size of a "tent" was seen in behind a red trail.

Thanks from The Journal of UFO Research

It has been three years since The Oberg, Tom Benson, Tommy Ray continued support. We are inviting our
Journal of UFO Research started Blann, Lucius Parish, Gray friends and world readers to keep
publishing in Mainland China on Barker, Maj. (Ret.) Colman S. writing to us so as to make the Journal a
February 25, 1981. In the past three Vonkeviczky, John Paul Oswald, much more accomplished magazine.
years we have received hundreds of Gordon Creighton (editor of Let us work together to explore the
letters from different countries, Flying Saucer Review) Wendelle truth about UFOs.
particularly from the United States. We Stevens, Jean Bastide, Yazawa I have also received many letters
are grateful for their enthusiastic Kiyoshi, Mr. Jean-Claude Bourret, from every corner of the world: Some
support. We would like to express our and many others. people have asked that we send them
gratitude to those who have sent.their The Journal of UFO Research photos and information regarding the
congratulations and materials and welcomes your suggestions and UFO phenomenon in China. Some
contributed articles to us, which has have also requested that we send them
made the Journal a successful the magazine. Because of time
publication. constraints and financial reasons, it is
, , We are writing to the MUFON beyond my capacity to fulfill all of these
UFO Journal to express our grateful requests. I apologize for not being able
acknowledgement and to thank the to satisfy the demands of everyone.
following people: Again, many thanks to all of you
Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Richard who are interested in our Journal.
Haines, Dr. Alvin Lawson, Stanton
Friedman, Alan Holt, Dr. Roberto Paul Dong
Pinotti, Richard Niemtzow M.D., The Journal of UFO Research
Walter Andrus, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Published in
Lorenzen, John Timmerman, The People's Republic of China
John White, Richard Hall, Hal PAUL DONG P.O. Box 2011
Starr, Harry Lebelson, James Editor, Journal of UFO Research Oakland, CA 94604
The night NORAD
went on top alert
State Section Director, Indiana

A few years ago when I first heard reports; most of the follow-up data is
of the "mysterious helicopter . missing. The reams of reports and
overflights" of several key U.S. Air comments are still withheld. The pages
Force SAC bases, I treated the whole we have represent only communication
matter very lightly. I didn't think it was a from computer to computer or
UFO matter. Last year I received over operator to operator.
400 pages of FO1A (Freedom Of In other words, the initial filing
Information Act) documents from the only! The documents actually say
Fund for UFO Research and read the (according to my informant who served
pages concerning these overflights and in Air Force security at NORAD), "I'm
found to my surprise that the word making a report. It's up to you to make
helicopter wasn't used very much. your report, etc."
Also, the descriptions of the NORAD is the National Combat
objects and their maneuvers sounded Operations Center and is based at
like the UFOs I've been investigating Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. The
and researching for over 23 years. Later Command Post is located deep inside
on in the documents the word the .mountain and supposedly can
helicopters becomes UFOs. withstand a 10-megaton direct hit.
Sometimes my research takes me UFOs raise quite a bit of havoc when
to areas outside my jurisdiction as state sighted by military people and detected
section director of Posey, Vanderburg, on radar near any sensitive military
and Gibson counties. During late 19831 installation, but especially at Cheyenne
came in contact with an individual who Mountain.
had witnessed a strange and somewhat When bonafide UFOs violate
sinister event that took place at airspace over NORAD's CP, there
NORAD, the North American should be serious concern. In late
Aerospace Defense Command, at the October 1975; there was enough
same period of time as those famous concern to go into a Security Option 5
overflights. Alert.
, It was a full-scale Security Option 5 Nobody was allowed to enter the
Alert, and UFOs and investigators from base, except cleared, high-ranking
the "Air Force UFO Division" were part officers or cleared security patrols. No
of the picture. I also obtained some one was to leave. Those personnel on Entrance to Cheyenne Mountain
information about the codes used in the base who had just completed duty were
25 pages of data that I had in my rolled out of bed. Jet interceptors were duty, a circumstance that later proved
personal possession on those scrambled into the air. In fact, valuable as evidence for what happened
overflights. everything they put in the air during an at the Mountain that day.
Before I present the report about attack on the U.S. was airborne! Another man in the group later
NORAD's alert, I would like to make a The men had worked the third shift became a pilot for United Airlines and a
statement about the overflight of duty at NORAD and came off about couple of years later secured some
documents and their implications. We eight in the morning. Everybody in the information about an airline case that
have always felt that what we obtained group of approximately nine or ten men occurred the same evening as their
from the FOIA lawsuit was merely the went home, got their hunting and ALERT. United had filed a UFO report
tip of the iceberg and that what was camping gear together and met at the with the Air Force!
released was for counter intelligence home of one of the guys. They then To start off, my informant told me,
purposes and to act as a "sanitized took off for one of their routine hunting "We weren't drunk!" He said that they
pressure relief valve." trips, one of the things they liked to do had been hunting all day and they had
It is obvious that there is far more together. sat down and ate a late dinner near a
that is being withheld. The pages we One of the fellows who was
have on the overflights are incomplete supposed to go wound up on radar (continued on next page)
NORAD, Continued • The group was ordered at that
time not to mention the incident. "As
warm, cozy fire and were getting ready long as we were in uniform, we were not
to turn in. to discuss it with anyone other than
One of the guys thought he saw a military personnel with an official need-
shooting star. There appeared to be to-know and the fellows from the Air
some unusual animal activity/noise for Force's investigating team that came
about 15 minutes. It was late, between out to talk to us." They told the group
10 PM and midnight. One of the other that they had seen navigational lights or
fellows said, "Well, there's two of landing lights.
them!" Mr. E stated that his group had all
So, they stopped, kindled the fire been in Viet Nam and were familiar
down , and eventually put it out with navigation lights. They had seen
completely. night fighters working, taking off and
What they then saw were three to CAMOM on landing many times. These were not
distinctly different lights (riot on one navigation lights.
object, but separate) moving to a point They were told by the investigators
to where they blurred across the tracked anything on his radar, and he that their report could not be taken
horizon and then they would stop, said he had. seriously since they couldn't describe a
move back in the opposite direction He reported that it was "weird" shape or color, other than white, like a
and then move away from them to a and proceeded to describe it to them, shooting star.
point where they almost couldn't see word for word, what they also had seen It would appear that the Air Force
them anymore. Then the lights would visually. At first it was very erratic (the was very glad that that is all the men
move again. movement of the first UFO as stated could report. We in the private UFO
"We were thinking our eyes were by Mr. E). groups know that nocturnal lights are
playing tricks on us until they lined up Mr. E stated to me later that there important evidence, especially in
almost abreast of each other and appeared to be trails behind the objects conjunction with better quality reports
proceeded directly toward the at the time. The description sounds as if and radar cases as back-up evidence.
Mountain," continues Mr. E (as I shall it could have been what we call It is also strange that the men were
call h i m ) . Right a f t e r this "persistence of vision" where a lighted asked not to relate their stories to
(approximately 6 to 8 minutes later) object leaves a fading image behind it as anyone "outside." They were told that
they heard the buzzers go and'the it moves quickly across a dark the incident fell under a document
Mountain went on alert! background. which Mr. E recognized as Publication
At this point they, themselves, A couple of days later, one of the 6, Vol. 5.1 am aware of it, but do not as
scrambled, got all their gear packed up group mentioned to someone that yet have a copy. However, I do know
quickly and headed for the Mountain they had seen some lighted objects that it is a CIRVIS document
and their posts. They had been on leave right before the alert. Some of the men (Communications Instructions for
10 to 12 hours but were still on call, in the group started checking into the Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings)
attached to ' the security of the records as to the reason for the and falls under the Communications
Mountain, except for the pilot. So they scramble and security alert and found Act of 1934 with severe penalties or
hustled back as their orders dictated. that nothing had been filed! They then fines attached to it.
Fronv their campsite to the started asking around to see if they Also, Mr. E kept saying that "They
Mountain was a drive of about 45 could find something, anything, to played it off like it wasn't anything." Yet,
minutes to an hour, and they drove explain the occurrence at the base. It a Security Option 5 Alert is very
there in a hurry, entering the gate at was then that the AF "UFO people" serious, indeed. The overflight
0210. They showed their passes and showed up! documents mention a Security Option
were admitted (only because they were Mr. E referred to the investigators 3 being exercised, with UFOs showing
part of the base's security). They were as the Air Force UFO Division, "Clear Intent" near a weapon storage
not given a chance to change clothes "whatever they were called — came out area.
and were still in their hunting gear. to talk to us." They interviewed the When some of the group tried to
They grabbed their weapons and group (and who else at NORAD?) one check the records, they could find no
went to their assigned posts and stayed by one and everyone's story matched, evidence of an alert. "We couldn't find
on alert until 0600, when the alert was even the radar operator's, where the anything in the records that were
"stepped down." UT's ( U n c o r r e l a t e d Targets) available to us," said Mr. E. "Now, we
Later, the fellow who had been on maneuvered for over 20 minutes. didn't try to get into clearance areas,
radar duty reported he had tracked He filed a report with the AF but the records that were available to us
UFOs for a good 20 minutes. Two or investigators. He was told to ignore it were primarily security records."
three days later, they were all together and continue about his business, not to
again and they asked him if he had worry about it. (continued on next page)
Copyright© 1984 by John F. Schuessler

On Wednesday, February 1,1984, The first six objects came in twos agencies for assistance, they were given
a Montgomery County family, man, as described above. Later, single the classic run around. Some officials
wife and three daughters, watched 15 objects crossed the sky. reacted with tongue-in-cheek, while
Unidentified Flying Objects move The witnesses said the objects others suggested they call someone
slowly overhead from east to west. The were silent except for a slight whirring else. Again, the public has not been
parade of objects started about 9:15 PM sound audible when they were directly served by their local, state, and national
and continued for about 45 minutes overhead. They described the sound as officials in a time of need. Fifteen
over the small town of Plum Grove. completely unlike the noise made by a unidentified flying objects, witnessed by
Mrs. Vickie Landrum, herself a helicopter or regular airplane. five honest and sober people, should be
victim of a close encounter with a large A . neighbor woman said her cause for at least a mild level of
diamond-shpaed object accompanied television set started messing up about concern, not something to be ignored.
by military-type helicopters, said the the same time as the incident. She said The lady called the Splendora
recent incident occurred only a few she saw the lights in the sky from her Police Department to get them to go
miles from where her sighting window, but she never went outside. outside and look while the objects were
happened in 1980. Her husband said he thought a bunch of flying over. The dispatcher made fun of
"The witnesses just moved to East airplanes must be going over and he her and told her they could not send
Texas and started new jobs" she said. wished they would stop. anyone out at that time. Then she was
"They are afraid their employer will A sketch of the objects showed told to call the FAA at 443-1333. She
think they are crazy or something and they were shaped more like an ice also tried calling the Cleveland
fire them." cream cone with the rounded end Municipal Airport and the Advocate
The objects were described as forward as they flew. newspaper. The newspaper people
being triangular shaped and as large as Although this is a variation on the were courteous and did a short article
a Boeing 747 airliner. The first object common triangle shape, it is not unlike on the incident.
came over the house showing just one the shape of the huge object seen near The FAA was not able to help.
light, then many different colored lights Huffman, Texas, on December 29, They said to call the Flight Service
came on. 1980. Because Huffman and Plum Center at 644-7386. The Flight Service
It was followed immediately by a Grove are only a few miles apart, one Center said to call 643-6504, an aviation
second object of the same descripton. could speculate that something very office that could tell her about any
The first one would move and the unusual is going on over the forests of military maneuvers that may have been
second would move up and then the East Texas. going on at the time.
first one would move again. When the witnesses called various The aviation office person verified
some maneuvers were taking place, but
NORAD, Continued The radar man, who is still in the referred her to Ellington Air Force Base
Air Force, received the letter for details. She contacted Bill Stumball,
Even the files of the radar man of mentioning drinking on duty and Air Field Manager at Ellington (481-
the group were devoid of any mention dereliction of duty. He was the only one 1400, ext. 2205), who verified some
of any alert. It appeared that all material who lost a promotion about six months helicopter maneuvers over the Gulf of
relating to the event had been pulled! later, simply because this was on his Mexico during the early evening. All
Within about 60 days, everyone in record. units had landed by 9:15 pm.
the group received a written reprimand In the overflight documents there She called back to the Aviation
for drinking on duty, which none of is one page that states, and I quote, "3) Office again and was told some
them had done. In fact, they weren't HQ USAF/DADF also forwarded a confusing story about Fort Hood saying
even on duty at the time of the sighting. copy of a NORAD document for a that the Army reserve was on
The men were reportedly not abused or review for possible downgrade and maneuvers in that area from Fort Dix in
mistreated. Nor were there any stripes release. We have determined the Arkansas. Again, Ellington officials said
pulled or were any of the men "passed document is properly and currently there was no record of such flights.
over" by their superiors. They simply classified and is exempt from disclosure All these groups achieved their
received a written reprimand, which under Public Law 90-23, 5 USC apparent goal — to make the task of
came "out of nowhere, dated the same 552b(l)." getting information as difficult as
day as the sightings," a copy of which Signed, Col. Terrence C. James possible. The mystery continues.
was put in their 201 file. USAF, Director of Administration"
Hunters find more than they bargained for
MUFON State Section Director

An Ithaca, New York, business- windshield wipers were needed only on the left, for about another tenth of a
man and a companion reported seeing occasionally. mile. Then we stopped to look more
an unidentified flying object on the After turning south off Highway 79 closely at the light.
evening of October 26, 1983, as they near Slaterville onto Level Green Road, " 'What in is that?' I
searched for places to hunt deer. they traveled 1.8 miles and turned west shouted.
The two, whose names are on file onto Yaple Road. About a tenth of a "My friend used the 10-power
with MUFON, had been using a mile from the intersection, they both binoculars on the light and exclaimed,
300,000-candlepower portable light saw what looked like a light through the 'It looks like the thing is round!' "
from a four-wheel-drive station wagon windshield straight up the hill slightly The businessman grabbed the
to find areas where deer had been and to the right of the road. binoculars from his friend (fortunately
reported. This information would be "We assumed it to be something the strap wasn't around his neck) and
used later during daylight hours to help like a lighted silo at a farmhouse, since jumped out of the station wagon, stalling
find deer. neither of us had been in this specific the engine as it was still in low gear.
They were in a rural area some ten location before," said the businessman, "Focusing on the light, I found the
miles southeast of Ithaca, near the who is in his late 20s. object had started to move slowly
communities of Slaterville and Caroline "We continued slowly up the hill, towards our right," said the witness.
Center. It was about 9:45 PM. A mist swinging the spotlight slowly along the
was falling, but so light that the woods on the right and the open fields (continued on next page)

Stonewalling at the FBI?


If you ever send a freedom-of- law-enforcement purposes..." — in the by a federal judge when CAUS files suit
information request about unidentified words of FOIA exemption No. (b) (7). under the U.S. Freedom of Information
flying objects to the FBI headquarters in As Citizens Against UFO Secrecy Act. And they also should receive
Washington, D.C., you'll learn at least prepares to appeal that denial, I wonder Congressional attention to determine
two lessons: why the Bureaju is trying to have it both whether the UFO problem is being
(1) For a few hundred dollars, ways: dismissing the UFO problem as handled properly by the Executive
they'll send you a copy of the 1,600-odd irrelevant to its mission while at the Branch. If the FBI denial in this case is
pages of UFO-related documentation same time keeping a tight, censorial lid upheld by the courts, the Bureau will
that they admit to possessing. on whatever UFO data in its files that have joined the National Security
(2) They hesitate not at all to tell might be requested for public view. Agency (now w i t h h o l d i n g 57
you that they have no jurisdiction for Can the Bureau really justify documents) in the dubious distinction
participating in official U.S. government withholding the entire document rather of denying public access to the
investigation of UFO encounters. than just those parts of it that might government's vital UFO records.
But if you write such a request to reveal confidential sources or And one final "if": if the
one of their field offices, you might hear safeguarded investigatory methods? If appropriate Congresional committee
a different drumbeat — as is the case FBI headquarters can release a thus- can pull its' head from the UFO
with the Bureau's special-agent-in- sanitized version of a March 22, 1950, quicksand long enough to hold open
charge of the office in Boston, Mass. memorandum recounting the alleged hearings on the "Cosmic Watergate,"
In responding to a recent FOIA crash-landing of three occupied "flying we will have embarked on a (hopefully
request for access to his office's UFO- saucers" in New Mexico, then why short) journey toward assuring both the
related records, he declined to release does the Boston office feel it has a lesser accountability and the credibility of
any part of a six-page UFO-related obligation to acknowledge the public's government pronouncements on the
document that had surfaced in his right-to-know? UFO problem.
records search. The reason? These are just some of the
"Investigatory records compiled for questions that ought to be addressed

Haglund, Continued mph — without any apparent change in number to contact, and because I felt a
direction and went over the ridge of a record of this experience should be on
"As it got closer, it looked like rows hill to the northwest. However, the file somewhere, I made a phone report
of lighted window panels, maybe two or glare of the light was still visible. the next day."
three horizontal rows, with a single "During the entire time there was The number given him was for the
brighter light above those panels. This no noise at all, a complete silence in the National UFO Reporting Center in
single top light seemed to revolve and area." Seattle.
be reflected off the low, hazy clouds. It The two men thought they should The businessman said that
was not noticeable when it was first be able to see the object again from the normally a third man would have been
seen. Level Green Road area, so they quicky with them that night, one to drive, the
"When it was closest to us — drove back there but by then the light second to use the spotlight to pan the
about 200 yards to the west — I looked was gone. areas, and the third to record what they
at it without the binoculars. The lighted "We discussed reporting the saw w i t h a v i d e o c a m e r a .
panels seemed to be a 'dirty' white color matter to someone, if only to talk about Unfortunately, on this night the third
without any shadows. The rows it," the businessman said. "The night man could not accompany them and
seemed to be in an arc, like they would when I got home, I called the Sheriffs the video camera was not in use.
have gone clear around the object. Office because I knew a friend would be "My knowledge of the UFO
"I felt it was about the size of a very on duty there. subject has been mainly from television,
large room, based on the impression of "The following day I was asked if I both in documentaries and fictional
a real object around the lights." wanted to make a formal report, but I movies," said the businessman. "Since
The object appeared to be about declined because of fear of local this experience, I am quite convinced
200 feet above the treetops. ridicule. However, the Sheriffs Office that something exists to support the
"It continued slowly — maybe at 5 furnished an out-of-town phone UFO problem."
Wobbling UFO was a vivid blue color
State Section Director

We were heading south on state Edward F. Mazur, the new state its flight was aerodynamically unstable.
highway 27 at approximately 2:30 on a section director for Polk and Scott It bobbed up arid down and wobbled
beautiful Sunday afternoon in a Ford counties in Arkansas, describes the unlike any kind of aircraft I have ever
pickup with camper top. The UFO sighting he and his wife, Elaine, seen. Throughout the entire flight
temperature was in the mid-80's and the had on September 20, 1981, some visible to us, its altitude remained
air conditioner was turned on. My wife, seven to eight miles north of Hector, constant.
Elaine, pointed to the left side of the Arkansas. The sighting lasted three to The object receded rapidly and
road, above the low trees and asked, four minutes. Mazur lives in Mena, silently with the bright lights remaining
"What's that?" Arkansas. as the only identifiable feature. At this
Our speed was about 50 mph, point, I remembered that I had a 35 mm
maybe less, and I looked up and saw by, it was difficult to determine its size. camera in the cab and reached behind
what appeared to be a globular object The exact details of what I saw at the seat to get it. My hope was that the
similar to those seen attached to power this point is somewhat vague but the object would circle around, enabling me
lines near air strips. I didn't recall an air sketch closely resembles the to get a shot of it. However, it continued
field in that vicinity when we passed a configuration. The object now eastward.
few hours earlier heading north. I also appeared to be stationary, but was As a last resort, I snapped the
did not see any power lines attached to wobbling. shutter at the.still visible bright light to
the-object. at least get the speck on film. Then, I
I gradually slowed down to watch remembered that the film in the camera
the object as it moved toward us or we was Kodacolor — not noted for its
toward it. It was difficult to tell at that resolution. Sure enough, after
time whether it was suspended in a processing, the print showed absolutely
stationary position as we moved toward nothing. I mounted the negative in a
it or whether it was moving toward us at slide frame to project it on a screen but
a low rate of speed. Immediately after still could find nothing.
the first view of the object, it was At its nearest point, the object
apparent to me that it was not spherical subtended an arc of about 2 to 2.5
but oval in shape. degrees by my calculation. I estimated
As the distance closed between us the slant range to be between 200 and
and the object, we noted that the color 300 feet although there is little to
was a vivid blue. I instantly associated support this estimate other than the
the hue with the pre-war Army Air fact that colors of flying craft are not
Corps blue usually used on their I immediately concluded that this discernable except at short ranges; and
aircraft fuselages. Traffic was very light was a large kite containing some bright the object's flight path from the
and I decided to stop right in the lane lights or reflectors. However, the moment it was sighted until it
rather than pulling off on the shoulder, object's attitude began changing approached its closest point was
sure no other cars were coming. The somewhat and it clearly was receding in consistent with a short range and low
road was straight and flat at that point. a path directly away from us. altitude.
During this brief period of time, my Throughout the entire sighting, we When first spotted, the object
wife continued to watch the object. We could hear no sound above the appeared to be no more than 100 to 200
both quickly got out of the vehicle and background rustle of wind against feet from the other side of the highway
saw the object just abreast of us, at leaves. and appeared to be at pretty much the
what appeared to be a very close range To me, the most striking same distance at its closest point to us.
and low altitude. observation was its vivid blue color Therefore, at the estimated slant range,
The elevation angle to the object at against which two or more round, the object was about 10 to 12 feet wide
that point was about 20 degrees and my bright, distinct light sources were and about 12 to 14 feet long or high,
guess is that it was perhaps 200 feet or contrasted. There was no glare or depending on the plane considered.
so from the shoulder of the opposite diffusion in the lights. Just white and About 20 miles to the south of the
side of the road. Since there were no very bright and well defined. location are two nuclear power plants in
trees of a height with which the object Next, as the object came closest to
could be contrasted with or obscured us and then receded, it was noted that (continued on next page)
Some thoughts about methodology in u/o/ogy

A recent issue of the MUFON Luis Schoenherr, Geyrstrasse 55, disposition of their adherents, they can
UFO Journal contains two items1 A-6020 Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria, is a even favor the evolution of paranoid
related to methodological problems in member of MUFON-CES and ideas.
Ufology. Although I am not in a position MUFON, and has been a subscriber of There is, however, a rather subtle
to offer nice, ready made answers, I the Journal since May 1976. but nonetheless very important
hope my reflections may constitute a difference. A rejection of the ETH for
reasonable contribution to the debate. many charming and imaginative ideas methodic reasons does not mean that
has been advanced to the status of a objectively the possibility of an
Where is the Imagination? hypothesis, testable by a reasonably intelligent and/or extraterrestrial origin
I don't think lack of imagination is a approved and accepted scientific of the UFOs can be brushed aside once
problem in the field of Ufology. On the methodology. and forever. This sort of reductionism
contrary, there is hardly an idea to be "Art is I, science is we" Claude would be too simple.
found that has not yet been invoked as Bernard3 once said. Ufology in its It does mean only that the ETH, at
an explanation. present state is still more of an art than least in its present form, is not
More than 20 years ago, for a science. Ufological hypotheses and amenable to scientific tests and
example, the Flying Saucer Review speculations must often appear therefore constitutes no appropriate
published an article titled "UFOs and irrelevant, if not incommunicable, to tool to prove what it claims.
Fourth Dimension." In it (and following the scientist. This may lend a certain
items), I suggested that UFOs: flair of exclusiveness to our field, but it Psychological Approach
• use or manipulate the four is certainly not the kind of distinction During a UFO conference in 19824,
dimensional space-time continuum we should be keen about. a student of psychology conducted a
• travel by "hyperspace-jumps" simple but very instructive test. A little
• create within our three-dimensional What about the ETH? known, practically unpublished UFO
space projections which appear as Three decades of a Ufology photograph was for some seconds
luminous, intelligently behaving dominated by the ETH should have shown to the audience. Then ' the
phenomena . demonstrated that there are no insights participants were asked to produce a
• could possibly'be "time-machines"2 which could be credited to this simple sketch of what they had seen.
Unfortunately, imagination alone hypothesis. Has it therefore been Although the audience consisted
is not sufficient to settle scientific completely useless? I don't think so. largely of psychologically interested
issues. Instead the old saying that It is probably no mistake to assume students (some of them holding
progress requires 99 percent that for many the possible involvement academic degrees) who probably
perspiration and only 1 percent of some alien intelligence (however low guessed what the experiment was
inspiration is still valid. And this is the such a possibility may objectively be aimed at, the sketches were a surprise.
real problem: Not a single one of all the rated) constituted the most intimate No two of them were exactly alike (a
motivation to deal with this subject at fact that was to be expected), but some
all. were so different that it was difficult to
On the other .hand, one cannot believe that all observers had been
Mazur, Continued overlook the potential dangers of too subjected to the same, identical
great a commitment to (anthro- stimulus.
Dardennelle, Arkansas. About 30 to 50 pomorphic) concepts of this kind. How This example demonstrates the
miles east southeast, the direction many are consciously aware of the definite need to apply the psychology of
toward which the object was heading similarities between the ETH and, say, perception in field investigation, even if
after it left us, lies the Titan missile the spiritistic hypothesis? some ufologists feel (not always without
complex composed of 17 silos. Concepts like the ETH have a reason, as it seems) that a careless or
Both my wife and I agree on the great emotional impact. They touch even irresponsible and insincere
basic details observed that day but she one of the most basic, atavistic application of psychological techniques
recalled more details concerning the heritages of man — the fear of the could easily amount to a mere
object than I did. She saw the object in unknown. They tend to create a climate debunking strategy.
the same vivid blue with a silver dome at of contempt for all other approaches
the top, for example, and I do not recall and, depending on the general mental (continued on next page)
seeing that.
Schbenherr, Continued conventional and unconventional correlated, but via a third factor. Such a
h y p o t h e s e s . In my o p i n i o n , model could possibly better explain
A hunch tells me, however, that conventional hypotheses (i.e. those why this correlation isn't always
the use of psychology will in the long largely based on already known and stringent and obvious.
run not be restricted to the calibration accepted natural laws, processes, etc.) It is my pet theory that this third
of the percipient's statements. In a can probably only explain a small factor could have something to do with
more recent paper,5 I have tried to portion of the whole, phenomenal "hyperspace." (I hope the reader will
specify in some detail my present inventory of the UFO phenomenon. forgive me, but I am still somewhat
conviction that the UFO phenomenon But it is possible that under the committed to my earlier ideas, the sins
constitutes a unique combination of generic term "UFO" a number of of my youth so to say.)
physical and psychic components and mutually unrelated phenomena has
that it cannot be wholly accounted for been subsumed and then even that What means 'Paranormal'?
by one of those components alone. smc.ll portion could in itself constitute a It is the purpose of hypotheses to
Among other things, I have also relatively complete explanation for, gain new insights, new knowledge/A
touched on the very important point of say, one type of such events. hypothesis is a sort of informed guess
why, in the case of those alleged It would be a great success if only a and consequently it must include one or
hallucinations, images in the perceptual part of the phenomenal characteristics more unproven assumptions. Those
field would be configured against an could be separated from the overall assumptions are, for the time being,
undistorted background. Presently picture. On the contrary one of the beyond the approved, scientifically
there is no easy, let alone definitive, most damaging attitudes in Ufology was accepted form. Strictly speaking they
answer to this question as well as to the the presumptous expectation (or are "paranormal." When the
difficulties that multiple witness cases should one say, "megalomania"?) that hypothesis has been verified, the once
present to the hallucination hypothesis. quick and all-embracing answers were paranormal assumptions become a
Some of the skeptics freely invoke just around the corner. part of the accepted body of scientific
terms like mass psychosis and mass- A f u r t h e r a d v a n t a g e of knowledge. As there is no objective
hallucination. But the typical textbook, conventional hypotheses lies in the fact measure for paranormality, opinions
examples of mass-psychosis are that they offer an opportunity to place concerning the tolerable paranormal
actually examples of mass-reactions the study of the UFO phenomenon content of a hypothesis are naturally
and not shared, identical, visual within the prevailing scientific often divided. All depends on the
hallucinations. paradigm. In this respect too, the intuition of the researcher and (not to
reactions within Ufological circles were forget!) his critics.
Persinger's Hypothesis not always well considered. Similarly, there is also no such
Although I myself have cited some When, for example, Klass tried to thing like a completely sterile, objective
possible examples for the latter,5 one relate UFO phenomena to plasmas (an perception of reality, a perception of
cannot claim that the quantitative attempt that included, after all, the the thing itself, so to say. Perception is
evidence for shared visual acceptance of UFOs as real, physical always inseparably connected with
hallucinations is very impressive — not phenomena), there was a big indignant interpretation and the latter in turn
even in the notoriously unbridled and howl among the ETH adherents and depends on the personal history of the
fantastic popular occult literature, to Klass was "dismissed." Yet the mere people involved, their training,
say nothing of exact, clinical records. association of the study of UFOs with, traditions, expectations, social
And even this scant evidence is not say, industrial high tension research adaption, and even on mutual
documented according to the rigorous would have been more beneficial to the agreement.
standards demanded by just those image of Ufology than the enless Speaking of the Bailey case, I think
skeptics. barrage of ETH propaganda. that scientific methodology as well as
An old, experienced neuro- Now, hopefully, the old mistakes the old religious traditions would advise
psychiatrist recently told me that he will not be repeated and I think that the us to drop this kind of case like the
personally had never encountered a hypotheses put forward by Persinger (I proverbial hot potato. I for my part at
case of shared, visual hallucination in all would regard them as conventional) least would shun them like the plague.
his life. Nor had he ever heard of such should not be viewed with contempt. But I am not going to blind myself to the
an occurrence observed by one of his Personally I tend to believe that fact that such a decision is mainly a
colleagues. something like this "electrical column," matter of practical-mindedness and
Admittedly the opinion of one capable of influencing or distorting doesn't constitute a judgement about
single expert cannot be considered as a human perception, may really exist. the presumed validity or nonvalidity of
final answer, but it is well worth thinking However, I would find it difficult to the data themselves.
it over. accept the idea that pieco-electric
Hypotheses may be classified by effect resulting from seismic stress can 1. William F. Hamilton; Letter to the Editor,
the amount of new, unproved be considered as an adequate cause. I page 6.
assumptions included in them. In this would rather think that seismic activity
sense, they can be roughly separated in and UFO phenomena are not directly (continued on next page)
MUFON UFO Journal Nos. 155-190
Compiled by RICHARD HALL

(Note: The first 3-digit number is the UFO, 175-19, 177-19; RAAF > , 18, 175-15, 177-5, 177-13
issue number, and the following I- or 2- investigations, 175-6, 176-11; Mexico, sightings, 155-3, 166-11
digit numer is the page in that issue on sighting highlights, 190-14. New Zealand, sightings, 157-7, 161-18,
which the information appears or Bigfoot-UFO connections, 170-9,171-3, 164-6, 164-17, 177-4
begins.) 173-13, 174-13, 179-16, 179-18 North American UFO Federation, 185-
Center for UFO Studies, 163-13,164-8, 12, 187-15
Abduction case discussions, 155-3,156- 165-3, 167-14, 168-6, 175-4, Norway, sightings, 185-8
17, 158-7, 159-8, 160-13, 161-17, 185-16 Paranormal events, 168-15,169-11,171-
163-6, 164-8, 164-17, 165-17, 168- Central Intelligence Agency, 157-6,172- 9, 172-9, 174-7, 176-15, 177-11
13, 170-5, 174-18, 175-15, 177-18, 17 Photographs (see UFO sightings)
180-13,180-15,181-16,182-12,184- China, UFO interest and sightings, 155- Physiological/medical effects (see UFO
6, 184-7 8, 158-4, 169-9 sightings)
Birth trauma theory, 170-3, 172-7, Conferences: BUFORA, England, 162- Pilot reports (see UFO sightings)
172-11,173-16,180-14,181-14, 7,170-20; Center for UFO Studies, Psychology (see also Hypnosis):
185-15 164-8; MUFON annual, 155-20, interpretation of UFO events, 162-
Hill case star map, 169-10, 171-12 156-19,157-20,158-20,159-20,163- 3, 162-10, 165-14, 177-11, 177-12,
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Negro Province, 180-18; Brazil, 169-18,170-17,171-18,172-20,173- 7; reaction to UFO events, 158-12,
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hoax), 190-10; New York MUFON-Germany, 176-20, 187- Scandinavia, UFO research, 162-8,164-
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"Airship" mystery (1896-97), 168-19, 10, 159-17, 161-4,, 161-18, 162-11, Soviet Union, 176-6,177-6,178-10,181-
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Joe Kirk Thomas: A Critique of the Bailey
Case, page -11. 12, 175-14, 186-19 10
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5. Luis Schoenherr: . Percipient-Dependent CE-III (see Humanoid reports)
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Vol. IV, No. 1, 1980. Pennsylvania, 189-7; S. Dak., 181- Electromagnetic effects, 158-14,
6. Paul Watzlawick: Wie wirklich ist die 3; Texas, 167-3; Virginia, 188-16 164-8, 167-3, 167-8, 167-14;
Wirklichkeit? R. Piper & Co. Verlag, Hypnosis, 158-7, 159-5, 163-14, 164-17,
Munchen 1976. 167-3, 170-3, 173-10, 173-15, 174- (continued on next page)

Electromagnetic (E-M) effect unrecognized natural phemomenon, oval, or spherical shape so common to
cases, a well-established feature of then scientific research must be done to UFO reports. They very often have
UFO reports, are an especially prove this theory. body lights and/or "searchlights" or
significant category of sightings that Invoking the unknown to "explain" light beams, suggesting that whatever
tend to disprove most skeptical the unknown is not a valid scientific they are, they provide platforms for
theories. Using the three-year procedure. Wild guesses that "it must light energy. Very often the lights or
cumulative index of MUFON UFO be..." ring hollow unless they are light beams are emitted from grayish or
Journal, I was able to compile the backed up by scientific research. Yet, dark background structures (i.e., the
accompanying chronology of 20 E-M this grasping at straws is the main phenomenon is not merely a luminous
cases within a few hours. Of these, 15 technique employed by skeptics like source). No known phenomenon of
occurred during the 1980's, indicating Philip J. Klass who accept the reported nature can explain this.
that such reports continue to be an data as valid (when they think they have When all else fails, skeptics (who
important factor in establishing UFOs a theory to explain them) and later usually have no expertise whatsoever in
as a genuine scientific mystery. reject the data (when their theories are behavioral sciences) invoke
Consider the theories advanced by shown to be groundless). UFOs are real psychological explanations.
skeptics: Stars or planets? Meteors? if we can explain them; and unreal if we The frequent association of E-M
Balloons? Aircraft? Hallucinations? can't. effects with animal reactions and other
None of these even begins to address (presumably) physiological effects
the reported data. Only one "theory" (if Not too much can be made out of suggests a consistent picture of real
we wish to dignify it as such) does, in a the small sample presented here, somethings that, whatever they are,
vague and indirect sort of way: except that it tends to confirm and approach humans (in or outside of
Plasma/ball lightning. But no such enlarge upon a much larger sample of E- vehicles) and animals at ground level,
phenomenon is known to or recognized M cases existing in the literature. and aircraft at higher altitudes, in both
by science that could account for the Some tentative generalizations are cases "causing" very similar effects.
reported events, said to occur from that the UFOs associated with E-M Whatever those things are, they
ground level up to aircraft cruising effects tend to be (when lighting deserve careful and systematic
altitudes. conditions are appropriate) scientific attention.
The data establish a real scientific geometrically configured objects, Some few of the present cases do
mystery. If skeptics wish to invoke an "craft-like" objects, of the typical disc, lend themselves to a plasma/ball
lightning explanation (provided that the
theory can account for the implicit
electromagnetic energy); most others
Index, Continued 3, 158-13, 159-6, 165-3, 166-7, do not, unless the skeptics are allowed
166-10, 166-15, 167-3, 167-8, to invoke elaborate — and totally
- 167-15, 168-14, 170-6, 170-10, 167-10, 168-13, 169-11, 171-7, unproven — psychological theories to
172-6, 172-14, 173-13, 176-12, 172-3, 173-10, 174-4, 176-3, account for the reported structural
177-13, 178-4, 180-9, 181-6, 177-13, 178-8, 179-14, 187-3, features, and physical and physiological
181-17, 185-3, 185-6, 186-3, 189-1, 189-12, 190-8, 190-14 effects.
186-8, 186-12, 188-4, 188-6, Pilots, 157-7, 164-6, 164-9, 166-11, In fact, the skeptics constantly
189-3, 190-7, 190-14, 190-15 167-8,168-3,173-8,174-8,178- invoke "theories" or explanations
Light beams, 167-16,168-13,170-6, 9, 181-6, 185-3, 185-5, 186-8, (explicitly or implicitly) that reveal their
173-10,173-14,176-10,176-11, 186-11, 190-14, 190-15 ignorance about the complexity of
176-12, 177-5, 178-3, 184-3, Radar, 156-4,157-7,159-14,161-18, individual human psychology and the
188-11, 188-16, 190-5, 190-7, 164-17, 172-16, 176-11, 178-9, general credibility of human testimony.
190-15 181-6, 185-3, 185-14, 186-11, In other words, if they don't have a
Photo cases, 155-9, 156-11, 157-7, 188-4, 190-14 physical theory to explain UFOs, they
: 161-3, 164-3, 164-8, 164-17, United Nations, UFO inquiry, 175-8 will assume and advance, as if
165-11, 165-14, 166-6, 166-18, Voice stress analysis, 190-11 established fact, psychological
174-12, 177-13, 178-3; 183-17, Yakima Indian Reservations, sightings, theories, quite contrary to the
185-9, 190-15 168-8, 169-8, 170-7, 174-10, 184-8 consensus of behavioral science
Physiological/medical effects, 158- Yugoslavia, sightings, 190-3 knowledge.

Date/Location affected Description Time sequence Associated features Journal
7/24/49; P 7 wing-shaped objs, dark rings, 4-cylinder engine malfunctioned UFOs disappeared suddenly; all 185-3
not given domes, passed and turned in during encounter 4 sparkplugs found "shorted
front of plane; est. 450-500 m.p.h. and burned out"

8/13/59; nr E 3 disc-like objs crossed path, compasses malfunctioned, then compass tracked UFOs 186-8
Albuquerque, N.M. circled plane saw UFOs

4/4/66; Bourkes Flat, disc-shaped obj rising from as car neared, headlights bent' colorful light beams from obj; 190-15
Vic., Australia ground toward obj and back in V-shape depression on ground

10/26/77; nr R, E bright red sphere hovering navigation instruments, radio USAF T-38 crew separate 181-6
. Abilene, Tex. ahead of plane; left in rapid affected as plane, closed on obj witnesses; radio static
vertical climb

1/29/79; Kuwait* E Obj with dome landed in oil field automatic pumping equipment -189-3
stopped; restarted when UFO left

5/29/79; nr Hailey, A, E 5 orange objs in-line, then, when objs moved to left of plane, 186-12
Idaho vertical and other maneuvers compass and ADF malfunctioned,
engine ran rough

3/18/80; Texarkana, red & white lites hovered, power failure first, then saw hovered near tall TV antennas; 172-6
Ark. moved abng ridge, approached UFO(s); power returned when neighborhood power failure
neighbor's house lites left

8/21/80; East Texas A, R circular obj with rows of body effects on car first, then saw abduction case 167-3
lights low overhead UFO

1/14/81; Wadesboro, R 16 round objs with body lights TV effects at same time 158-14
N.C. "maneuvered overhead"

2/3/81; Reepsville, R yellowish obj "dropped behind TV effects at same time' aniaml reactions 158-14
N.C. . hill," silhouetted trees

5/12/81; Clatskanie, T orange flashing lites following engine effects first, then saw light beamed onto witnesses 167-15
Oreg. behind truck, triangle formation UFO

6/12/81; Alice, T, R bright' disc-shaped obj with hovered overhead, then engine < water in tank truck vaporized 167-8
Tex. dark rings and radio effects noted

8/8/81; nr San Jose, R, E teardrop-shaped obj with sighting first, then equipment plane disappeared from FAA 168-4
Calif. ' . . . spinning ring paced plane off failures; effects ceased when radar during encounter
left wing UFO departed upwards

8/30/81; El Cajon, disc-like obj close ahead of car digital watch malfunctioned car interior illuminated; proto- 177-13
Calif. of car after encounter abduction case

11/24/81; nr Marshall, domed disc with body lites effects on alternator and battery lights beamed onto truck cab 170-6
Tex. passed L to R just above trees, next day

1/31/82; Mechanicsville, ax-head-shaped obj with body power failure about same time load roar from obj 170-10
Va. • • • •' v lites, ,low altitude in vicinity

2/24/82; Fleetwood, bright round lighted obj flew radio effects same time 173-13
Pa. low over car

7/7/82; Tasmania elongated obj surrounded by car lost power and stopped as roadside fence gave off 180-9
blue haze hovered low over obj appeared electrical charges
paddock near car

4/10/83; Ross, Ohio A.B large bright white lite approached UFO seen first, then effects on associated with landing trace 186-3
2 separate cars engine and lites case, power failure, animal

10/15/83; nr bright silvery disc first heard loud humming sound, car levitated, lights flashed on 189-3
Altoona, Pa. car R to L then saw UFO and off; physiological aftereffects

Codes: A=automobile; B=power failure; E=electronic equipment; P=aircraft; R=radio or TV; T=truck 15
(*) Note: Kuwait oil field case reported in more detail in contemporary issue of MUFON UFO Journal.
The Enquirer

Dennis D'Antonio, a reporter from

the National Enquirer, spent the week
of February 29 through March 2 in
Seguin, Texas, seeking documented
material for a UFO article. Since the
Enquirer discontinued its reward offer
of $1 million, publisher Generoso Pope
'UNKNOWN" SWINGS Jr. approved the assignment of
D'Antonio to obtain the four best
LIKE PENDULUM current cases that MUFON members
had investigated but which had not
A brightly lighted object that on the bottom surface, with bright been previously published in the
swung from side to side in pendulum white lights around the periphery. The Enquirer.
fashion was spotted by four witnesses object seemed to be hovering, rotating The four cases selected have all
in the North Hollywood area of greater and moving quickly in a pendulum-like been published in the MUFON UFO
Los Angeles. fashion, all of this in one area of the sky Journal over the past few years.
The sighting took place at the bounded by the tree-lined horizon. Recognition was given to each of the
intersection of Burbank Boulevard and Mr. B described the motion of the prime investigators for the following
the south off ramp of the Hollywood object as like that of a bell rapidly cases: "Mother and Child Abducted in
Freeway at 8:10 PM on either moving to and fro, quickly changing Texas" (Lew Willis, Dr. Stephen Clark,
September 14 or 16, 1983. planes to one about 90 degrees away. Jean Fuller and Rev. G. Neal Hern),
The identity of only one of the four He estimated the oscillations at several "Pilot Encounters Ringed UFO" (Tom
witnesses is known. He is Mr. B, a 21- per second. Page and Paul Cerny), "Missouri
year-old, Lebanese-born engineering He described the light on the Landing Trace Case" (George Koch,
student at California State University at bottom as "laser like," composed of Donald Seneker and Ted Phillips), and
Northridge. many different colors, each of which "Repeated Sighting of Domed Disc in
As Mr. B pulled up to the stop light was a separate light pointed toward the Michigan" (Dan Wright, George and
at the intersection of Burbank ground. Shirley Coyne).
Boulevard and the off ramp (from the The weather was clear and there To assure the accuracy of the
freeway), he noted the brightly lit object was no moon. Mr. B heard no noise story, your Director insisted that
about 15 to 20 degrees above the from the object. nothing could be published before
horizon through the windshield. Mr. B said the bottom of the object every word was cleared with him.
He got out of his car and observed was composed of many lights which D'Antonio read his report over the
the object for about 45 seconds before shined downward and lit up the trees in telephone while I taped the entire four
it suddenly disappeared as if somebody front of a house. The lights did not cases, making corrections as
had "turned out the light." He noted reach the ground. applicable.
that two other drivers had gotten out of One possibility was that Mr. B Where audio tapes were available
their cars to watch also and heard one might have seen a passenger helicopter in our MUFON file of the witnesses
say: "My God, what is that?" bound from Burbank Airport to Los reports, these were submitted for voice
Mr. B also saw a young Latino Angeles I n t e r n a t i o n a l A i r p o r t . stress analysis, conducted by the
pedestrian walk in front of the cars on However, he claims he is familiar with inventor of this device, as another
their side of Burbank Boulevard. The helicopters, based on his military means of documenting the veracity of
young man pointed at the object, experiences in Lebanon, and is the witnesses. Each passed the analysis
muttered something and then ran convinced that what he saw was not a "with flying colors." (A documented
toward the freeway underpass about 30 helicopter. and signed statement to this effect will
yards east of Mr. B's position. Although Mr. B was judged to be a be added to our MUFON file for these
Unfortunately, Mr. B didn't think to get credible witness, the lack of available cases.) For a background of Voice
the names or license numbers of the corroborating witnesses does not Stress Analysis, see John Schuessler's
other witnesses. justify a rating of greater than "possible article in the December 1983 issue of
Mr. B described the object as a unknown." the Journal.
"huge light in the sky," a solid glowing, By Walter H. Greenawald Since Bob Pratt left the National
circular device with a myriad of colored and John A. Holland (continued on next page)
lights (red, yellow, purple, green, etc.)
Enquirer, Continued ness survey using the zip code number LETTERS
will be the first base of interest
Enquirer, some of us have had serious measurement; however, the number of Editor,
doubts about the authenticity and new and competent field investigators
integrity of some of the UFO stories joining the MUFON team will be the I would like to see more articles in
that have been published under various ultimate criterion. the MUFON UFO Journal pertaining
reporters names. Your Director Members of the MUFON to question four in our charter, "....what
refused to participate in this article Executive Committee recognize that can we learn from their apparently
unless the National Enquirer faithfully there is a gamble in cooperating with advanced science and civilization
abided by the conditions stipulated in the National Enquirer, but the integrity through study or possibly through
the contract. of the tabloid and its management is direct communications with the
I must commend D'Antonio for also at stake in the eyes of the UFO occupants:..?" Perhaps more articles
having done a thorough and community. Since I do not have a copy from Budd Hopkins or Ted Phillips or
conscientious job in interpreting and of the published issue in my hands as of their close associates would help make
writing his submitted report. this writing, I cannot predict its public the Journal more interesting to the
Another condition in the contract acceptance; however, my experience scientifically trained people that we
stipulates that the complete address of to date has been very positive and want to attract.
the Mutual UFO Network must be congenial with respect to the National I was impressed by Ray Fowler's
published, because our major reason Enquirer. analysis of communication in The
•for participating in this venture was to The National Enquirer manage- Andfeasson Affair, Phase II. A similar
receive favorable UFO public ment is fully cognizant of the news effort on a broader scale with other
education and to expand the appeal to the general public of articles cases would be interesting. Perhaps our
membership/subscription base for related to the UFO phenomenon. consultants could provide informed
MUFON and our Journal. During this period of apparent public speculation on advanced science in
As a means of measuring the apathy, MUFON considers public their specialized areas after studying
effectiveness of The National Enquirer, education to the UFO phenomenon as well investigated abduction cases.
all mail received in reply to this article one of our prime objectives. By Some ideas for articles are
will be identified in the postal zip code providing the National Enquirer with provided:
by the four additional numbers "4099" thoroughly investigated cases for A. Could we have an expert
that we have not previously used in any publication, both organizations are opinion on the mechanism of air-tight
correspondence. This is the official zip fulfilling a public need. doors from the Mother and Child Texas
plus 4 code added to our present After each of our Journal readers Abduction Case (Ref. Jan 82 Journal).
"78155" for Seguin, Texas. ;. has personally evaluated this featured Could crystallin structure allow
In addition to the favorable public article, please convey your thoughts in molecular (co-valent) bonds at borders
education to the UFO phenomenon writing to the MUFON Board of of physical structures like doors? Could
and the obvious scientific investigative Directors concerning future they be opened by breaking the bonds
approach by the members of the cooperation with the National Enquirer electrically and be invisible when closed
Mutual UFO Network, the advertising and, in particular — did we hit the target because tolerances are measured in
value in dollars and cents cannot be as planned?
measured at this time. Our effective- (continued on next page)

15th Annual MUFON Symposium

Holiday Inn San Antonio, Texas July 6,7,8

Extraterrestrial Intelligence ?A Public Forum

Scheduled Speakers
Dr. J. Allen Hynek Alan Holt Paul Norman
Barry Greenwood Tom Adams Cynthia Hind
John Schuessler Phil Imbrogno Hilary Evans
Marge Christensen Budd Hopkins Over for Coupon
Letters, Continued An Australian view particularly Europe and South
America and Asia (as well as, of
angstroms (10-10m)? Editor, course, continued coverage of
B. An analysis of brain waves to In recent issues you have asked Australia.) Ideally, it would be good
investigate the possibility of using them readers to comment on what they to obtain the services of
to locate individuals from a distance would like to see in the Journal. The translators who could translate
would be challenging for our smartest •features which I appreciate most are: good cases and research reports
people. Would we be limited by receiver from some of the overseas journals
sensitivity or computer capacity? It • Detailed case study reports on such as LDLN in France and
might be a suitable subject for a individual cases, particularly those Stendek in Spain.
consultant to put on the list of topics for involving psychological/physio- • Update reports, more frequently,
an advanced degree thesis/disserta- logical/or physical effects. (In from study groups such as the
tion. (Ref. the Virginia Horton case in contrast, summaries of lights in the Humanoid Study Group and Ted
Missing Time). You might request the sky cases tend to be of little Phillips' physical trace case
members provide a list of similar interest both in terms of scientific studies.
suggested topics. value and reader interest.) Now that Richard Hall has
C. Has anyone tried to screen past • Publication of a wide range of resigned as editor I hope that it will
abductees with X-rays or ultra-sound viewpoints. For too long, many allow him to continue contributing
for possible foreign objects like Betty UFO journals have tended to in the form of articles (rather than
Andreasson said was once implanted in preach to the converted. Skeptical space-restricted editorials) since
her? If they have, let us hear about it. and/or non-ETH viewpoints are he has said many sensible things
D. Assuming that some young valuable in offering different about UFO research.
abductees.will be abducted again, can perspectives and in promoting Continued updates about new
we provide them with a list of quality control of UFO data. UFO publications. Lucius Parish's
appropriate questions to ask. Enlist Robert Wanderer's column is very column is good but could be much
support of your members in suggesting good in this respect, and in also more critical about some of the
truly significant questions. provoking discussion. Even James sensationalized rubbish which is
E. The idea that people can be Oberg has a useful place when published.
transformed from a state of extreme dealing with his specialities such as Mark L. Moravec
fear to one of calm and peacefulness is Soviet rocket launchings being Pymble NSW, Australia
derived from many UFO encounters. responsible for some Russian
Can courageous brainstorming by reports.
experts in this area lead to useful
I think the Journal could be
research? And if it did, considering the
potential military implications, would improved by including the following, MUFON
someone try to keep the results out of where possible:
the open literature?.
Donald M. Ware • Reports on UFO activity and SEGUIN,TX 78155
Fort Walton Beach, Fla. research outside the USA,

Send Check of Money Order to: MUFONSymposium

P.O. Box 12434
Please Type or Print ^ AntonJQ jexas

City State Zip
Area Code and Telephone number ( )

Pre-registration for Symposium $27.50 per person $27.50

Number of persons X
Please mail before 24 June 1984 Total Enclosed =
Lucius Parish


will keep you informed of all the latest
The March 6 issue of THE been interpreted. United States and World-Wide UFO
NATIONAL ENQUIRER carries an This same section in the April issue activity, as it happens! Our service was
excerpt from the forth-coming book, started in 1969, at which time we
of OMNI is taken up with Dr. J. Allen
contracted with a reputable
CLEAR INTENT by Lawrence Fawcett Hynek's tiresome ruminations about international newspaper-clipping
and Barry Greenwood. Details are "alternate realities" and anti-ETH bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
given of 1975 UFO sightings at Loring arguments to explain UFOs. A far more find UFO reports (i.e., little known
Air Force Base, Maine, as well as interesting report in this portion of the photographic cases, close encounter
reports from other areas of the state. magazine deals with a Colombian deaf- and landing reports, occupant cases)
The apparent abduction of British mute who claims to have had and all other UFO reports, many of
communication with aliens. which are carried only in small town or
policeman Alan Godfrey is featured in
foreign newspapers.
the ENQUIRER'S March 13 issue. Erich von Daniken's most recent "Our UFO Newsclipping Service
Part II of Donald A. White's article book, PATHWAYS TO THE GODS, is issues are 20-page monthly reports,
on UFOs-as-time-travelers appears in now available in paperback from reproduced by photo-offset,
the March issue of SATURDAY Berkley Books ($3.50). His next one, containing the latest United States and
EVENING POST. White includes some THE GODS AND THEIR GRAND Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
interesting speculations on UFO DESIGN, will be published in England our foreign section carrying the latest
behavior and "window" areas, even if by Souvenir Press in April, so a U.S. British, Australian, New Zealand and
other foreign press reports. Also
his basic .theme is a bit. less than edition will probably be available included is a 3-5 page section of .
convincing. (perhaps with a title change) in late 1984 "Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and
Skeptic Robert Sheaffer or early 1985. other "monster" reports). Let us keep
contributes a report on an apparent Emanual Swedenborg. Richard you informed of the latest happenings
UFO abduction hoax in the "Anti- Shaver. An odd couple indeed, you in the UFO and Fortean fields."
Matter/UFO Update" section of March say? Perhaps — or perhaps not. For subscription information and
OMNI. Christy Dennis of Phoenix, Canadian researcher Jim Pobst will sample pages from our service, write
today to:
Arizona, first claimed to have had a shortly be publishing a fascinating study
UFO experience, then retracted her and comparison of the writings of these UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE
story, claiming it to be a hoax. two men. It will be reviewed in a future Route 1 — Box 220
However, Mrs. Dennis now seems to column, but I can already say that it is Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
think that she had some sort of actual the sort of original research which is so
experience, no matter how it may have badly needed in this field. Stay tuned!

Director's Message, Continued The following dates should be found it desirable to revise the dates for
marked on your calendar for. UFO thei 1984 Rocky Mountain Conference
directors should start making plans for conferences that are scheduled. on UFO Investigations. Their annual
cooperative displays, handouts, etc. Massachusetts MUFON will host a summer "Contactee Conference" will
with their local bookstores to not only one-day UFO Forum on Sunday, be held July 19,20, and 21 at the School
promote the book but to acheive public August 12, in Beverly, Massachusetts, of Extended Studies at the University of
recognition for your local UFO at the local community center. Wyoming in Laramie. Interested people
inestigative team. Speakers presently scheduled are may write to P.R.O. - U.F.O.S., 907y2
*** Budd Hopkins, Dr. David M. Russell St., Laramie, WY 82070, or call
Jacobs, Barry J. Greenwood and (307) 721-5967 for further details.
On behalf of MUFON of Southern Lawrence Fawcett. Mrs. Cynthia The 21st annual National UFO
California and your Director, we want Hind of Zimbabwe, Africa, has also Conference has been announced for
to thank Stanton T. Friedman, been invited to speak. September 21 and 22, 1984, at the
William L. Moore and David Froning The hours for the forum have Country Inn of Cleveland, sponsored
for giving of their time to speak at the tentatively been set for 10 AM to 4 PM. by the United Aerial Phenomena
UFO Seminar held January 28,1984, at Everyone in the northeast states is Agency (UAPA) of Cleveland, Ohio.
the Civic Auditorium in Culver City, invited to attend. For f u r t h e r information and
California. Good publicity was the key When MUFON rescheduled our reservations, please contact Robert S.
to the success of this public education 1984 annual symposium from June 8,9, Easley, 3001 Colbum Ave., Cleveland,
seminar. and 10 to July 6, 7, and 8, Kenneth OH 44109.
*** McLean and Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle
£. T.I.: A Public Forum is the theme D e p a r t m e n t of E d u c a t i o n in
for the MUFON1984 UFO Symposium Tallahassee. Mr. Turkington is
to be held July 6, 7, and 8 at the responsible for Leon, Wakulla,
beautiful new Holiday Inn - San Antonio Gadsden and Jefferson counties in
Airport, 77 N.E. Loop 410, San Florida. Edward F. Mazur, living in
Antonio, Texas 78216. Rooms at a Mena, Arizona, has been assigned the
special discount price of $35 a night for Acounties of Polk and Scott. Ed has a
either a single or double may be B.S. E.E. degree and is amateur radio
obtained by writing to the "Attention of operator N5BRE. Larry G. McKee in
Sales Department" at the above Altoona, Pennsylvania, a radiologic
address, telephoning direct to (512) technologist, has accepted the position
349-9915, or by utilizing the reservation of state section director for Blair and
services of your local Holiday Inn. Cambria counties in Pennsylvania.
It is essential that you advise the George R. Meadows, M.S. has
reservation personnel that you will be volunteered his expertise as a Research
attending the MUFON Symposium so Specialist in Geology. George resides in
you will receive the discount and be THOMAS P. DEULEY Boulder, Colorado. Mrs. Cynthia
assigned to the block of rooms reserved MUFON Corporate Secretary Hind, continental coordinator for
for this purpose. American Airlines has Africa, is delighted to announce the
contracted to be the official carrier this MUFON of San Antonio, P.O. Box addition of a five-member team of field
year. 12434, San Antonio, TX 78212. investigators, all living in the Port
A very impressive cadre of *** Elizabeth, South Africa, area, to her
speakers from around the world have Each month as MUFON continues African team. Operating under their
confirmed their attendance. Speakers to grow, we like to introduce our new local organization name "Evaluation
committed and their topics are Dr. J. officers and directors. It is an Centre for UFO Reports," the team
Allen Hynek (Evanston, Illinois), exceptionable pleasure to announce members are Daniele D. Delhaye,
Barry J. Greenwood (Stoneham, that Thomas P. Deuley, president of Noel Herbiet, Estelle Loubser,
Massachusetts) "UFO Secrecy 84 - Big MUFON of San Antonio, and member Joaquim Ripoll Ramirez and Clyde
Brother is Watching Them"; John F. of the board of the Fund for UFO Trethewey.
Schuessler (Houston, Texas), "UFO Research, is the new corporate Donald M. Ware, state section
Medical Cases"; Marge Christensen secretary of the Mutual UFO Network. director in Florida, just returned from a
(Beverly, Massachusetts), "Public Sam Gross, a San Antonio lawyer tour of South Africa and had planned to
Information - Top Priority for living in Seguin, continues as one of the meet with these fine people in Port
Ufologists"; Paul B. Norman three MUFON Trustees. Elizabeth. However, his tight tour
(Victoria, Australia), "Countdown to Many of us have watched a young schedule didn't permit this.
Reality"; Alan C. Holt (Houston, man in Edmonton, Alberta, Tim T. ***
Texas), "UFO Light Beams: Space- Tokaryk, edit his own UFO newsletter Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs,
Time Projections"; Budd Hopkins and grow into maturity as a UFO NJ 07632, has announced the following
(New York, New York), "Missing Time investigator. Tokaryk, now living in book prices for Clear Intent, co-
Cases"; Philip J. Imbrogno Regina, Saskatchewan, has been authored by Larry Fawcett and Barry
(Greenwich, Connecticut), "The appointed provincial director for J. Greenwood: Hard cover $14.95,
Boomerang Incident"; Cynthia R. Saskatchewan. and trade paperback $8.95
Hind (Zimbabwe, Africa), "African We welcome Frank E. Shrimplin, Due to further delays by the
UFO Cases"; Thomas R. Adams a pharmicist in Valley Falls, Kansas, publisher, the release date will be early
(Paris, Texas), "Animal Mutilations: A back to MUFON as the state section in June 1984 on the west coast. Their
Decade of Mystery"; and Hilary Evans director for Jefferson, Jackson and publicity program will systematically
(London, England), "The Entity Pottawatomie counties in Kansas. progress across the United States, with
Enigma." Frank was originally appointed to this Mr. Greenwood and Mr. Fawcett
The total cost for all the sessions post in 1972. making public appearances to promote
will be $35. However, a pre-registration New State Section Directors their book.
package ticket may be purchased for volunteering their leadership this State directors and state section
$27.50 by sending a check or postal month are: Michael J. Turkington,
money order (made payable) to: assistant administrator in the Florida (confirmed on page 19)