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Schiel & Denver Publishing Services Operating Manual

1.0 Getting Started
Schiel & Denver is an international publishing services infrastructure provider. We work with authors and businesses across the world, providing high quality book production, printing and distribution services, in a low-cost, and risk-free environment. You retain all rights to your work.

1.1 Summary Overview
When you give us your manuscript, we work with you to format it and design the cover, and then the completed file is stored digitally and added to our digital library. We have printing facilities around the world including America, Europe, Far East and Australia - where we digitally store your book. When a reader buys your book through our international distribution network, which extends to over 160,000+ traditional and online bookstores (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Chapters Indigo and many more) S&D electronically routes the order to our nearest printing facility and has your book printed up and shipped it out, using low cost ground shipping. We fulfil all U.S. orders, inside the continental USA, using American distribution partners, American printing suppliers and local U.S. ground shipping. We have virtually eliminated international shipping costs, and are a proud member of the United Nations Global Compact in New York. You receive 50% percentage of the net sale. You retain all rights to your work and are free to publish your book elsewhere, and cancel at any time. To start your author journey today with S&D, choose a publishing package or call us toll free at 1-888-629-4449. We look forward to working with you.

1.2 Operating Manual
The Schiel & Denver Operating Manual forms part of the Author Agreement, and details the instructions, policies and procedures for working with the company in respect to expert book production, on-demand printing and distribution of books with Schiel & Denver. The Operating Manual resides on the S&D web site at in the secure “Author Center”. It is periodically updated by Schiel & Denver. Material changes to the S&D Operating Manual are communicated to S&D Authors via email and/or surface mail. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that Schiel & Denver has the latest email address and mailing address for all updates and contractual notifications.

1.3 Schiel & Denver Trade Catalog
The Schiel & Denver Trade Catalogue is a bi-annual publication, produced by S&D for the book trade, where we preview each of our current and forthcoming titles. If you are a bookseller or bookclub interested in stocking or ordering S&D/Heirloom titles, please feel free to contact us. We send the catalog out, monthly, to inside buyers at leading bookstores. S&D provides this marketing FREE for all authors who work with our company, and we are the only publishing services provider that produces our own glossy professional book catalog. S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 4

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1.4 Local Bookstore Finder
Schiel & Denver is pleased to support local American bookstores. Simply enter your Town / City or Zip Code and you’ll bring up a list of stores, complete with Google Map and Directions, to where your book will be orderable from in your area, if you publish with Schiel & Denver. (Just ask at the customer services desk in-store to place an order for your book)

1.5 Schiel & Denver Service Offerings
Schiel & Denver’s comprehensive range of book publishing packages provide affordable access to industry standard book production, international distribution, and expert marketing and publicity services. You will enjoy the dedicated support of your own professional publishing team who will provide you with expert, hand-holding support, every step of the way. We have carefully developed our packages in a low-cost structure, for a truly customized publishing experience that will make you proud to tell all your friends and colleagues that you’re an S&D author.

P1 - Black & White Book Publishing
Publish a bookstore quality paperback, hardback and eBook, with full color professional customdesigned cover, selling at traditional and online bookstores; in over 100 countries, including Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

P2 - Full-Color Book Publishing
Perfect for children’s books, photographers and artists, have a bookstore quality paperback and eBook, with dazzling color, and access to a global distribution network of booksellers and libraries in over 100 countries. Children’s books are published under our Heirloom children’s imprint.

P3 - Poetry Book Publishing
Enjoy full creative control and unparalleled distribution with a range of affordable publishing packages designed just for poets.

P4 - Christian Book Publishing
Reach out to fellow Christians and benefit from global distribution channels, including Christian book retailers, with Schiel & Denver’s Christian Publishing Packages.

P5 - Integrated Book Publishing and Translation
Want a global audience? Let readers enjoy your book in other languages, by having Schiel & Denver translate, publish and distribute your book in multiple UN language markets.

P6 - AudioBook Production
Increase your book sales ten-fold with your own professionally studio-recorded audiobook. Schiel & Denver audio books are recorded by sound engineers and professional narrators, with backgrounds in vocal coaching and professional acting school - including Juilliard. Many of our experienced narrators are approved by the U.S. Actors’ Equity Association.

Media Reserve
Media Reserve, part of the Schiel & Denver Group, gives independent authors, publishers, musicians and audio professionals the opportunity to expand their income streams by selling their digital content, through our protected network of over 5,800+ leading online retailers, schools & libraries including iTunes, Amazon, Walmart MP3 and Verizon Network’s V-Cast plus many more. S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 5

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1.4 How to open your S&D Account
Select the ‘New Account’ Button in the top right hand corner, complete the sign up form, and follow the on-screen instructions. Please note that until you publish your book, and receive an AUTHOR ID, most of the author center features (like FTP Transmission and Whatever/Whenever) will be deactivated.

1.5 The Easy Publishing Roadmap

Using Schiel & Denver’s website is easy. At the top of important buying pages, you can follow the publishing roadmap, which ensures you always know which part of the website you’re in and what page you’re on. The navigation bar, tells you which stage of the buying process you’re on:

1.6 Immediate Post-Purchase Support
When you buy a publishing package, or author services, you’ll receive a confirmation email from S&D with all the details about you’re purchase. Within 24 hours, you’ll next receive an e-mail from your publishing consultant, to schedule a toll free phone call to discuss your project goals. From copy editing to planning the marketing campaign and promotional press releases, you’ll receive professional support from day one, and you will have the flexibility to create a custom project plan for the submission, production and, promotion and distribution of your book.

1.7 Docking Phase
In the docking phase, you’ll speak to your publishing consultant who will answer any questions you have, provide support, and assign you to one of S&D’s Professional Publishing Teams. During the docking phase, you will: 1. Receive your AUTHOR ID 2. Sign and Return your Author Agreement 3. Prepare and submit any graphics you want included in your book 4. Read, check and correct your manuscript. Unless you intend to order editorial services, you should submit your manuscript in a complete condition, for smooth entry into the book production process. It should not require any corrections or alterations. If you have any questions after you’ve purchased services, please feel free to email our acquisitions department or call us toll free at: 1-888-629-4449 or

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 6

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2.0 United Nations Global Compact
On February 17, 2009 Schiel & Denver formally receives the prestigious honor of acceptance to participate in the United Nations Global Compact, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, United States of America.

Official Statement on acceptance to United Nations Global Compact
Schiel & Denver is committed to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and recognizes the responsibility and commitment that this huge honor bestows upon our company. Schiel & Denver has made a formal written statement to Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, and has agreed with the UN Global Compact Office to formally report back annually to the United Nations Headquarters in New York on our progress in implementing United Nations policy and standards across the S&D Group. We are currently preparing our first UN report for 2010. Schiel & Denver is firmly committed to undertaking required case studies for the United Nations, and to adopting an established and globally responsible framework that recognizes our commitment to a UN monitored agenda, in labor standards, anti-corruption and environmentally responsible publishing technology. The benefits for Schiel & Denver authors are staggering. Our firm’s infrastructure now has tangible access to the United Nations’ extensive knowledge of and experience with sustainability and development issues. Executive Board, Schiel & Denver Publishing Limited

3.0 Responsible Corporate Citizenship
Schiel & Denver is a multifaceted and diverse organization. With authors and clients all over the world, the understanding and acceptance of cultural and religious differences are a natural part of our mindset and behavior. We thus respect and use our differences as strengths in our daily work. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we wish to be an active part of the local communities in which we operate, and respected as a responsible corporate citizen. We generally engage in projects that promote our core Christian values and support training and education. As good corporate citizens we support and donate to relief efforts – where relevant and appropriate for us – e.g. Breast Cancer Awareness. S&D donates a portion of our proceeds to support Breast Cancer research and education. • Learn more at

3.1 Fundamental Business Principles
We have implemented global and local practices that strive to ensure equal job, career, reward and development opportunities throughout the Schiel & Denver Group such as our global recruitment processes. We recognise the power of good examples and the importance to communities of companies conducting business in an ethical and lawful manner. In all our activities, we strive to be role models for good business behaviour. This includes acting according to high ethical standards and respecting local laws and culture. S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 7

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449 As a UN Global Compact member, Schiel & Denver is against corruption and it is our policy to work against corrupt practices by constantly focusing on anti-corruption measures that we are able to take as a company. This includes refraining from bribery.

3.2 Equal Opportunity Employer
We have a firm policy that any form of discrimination – or violence – pertaining to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, language, religion, political or other opinion, cultural background, ethnicity or other distinguishing characteristics will not be tolerated.

3.3 Health & Safety
S&D is committed to conducting our activities in a lawful manner that protects the health and safety of all personnel working under our direction, including contractors working at our facilities, and we seek to continuously reduce and mitigate health and safety risks at work. All our employees have, as a prime responsibility, the obligation to protect themselves, their colleagues and third parties from any harm arising from our business activities. Accordingly, Schiel & Denver’s Health & Safety Policy is as follows: We strive to promote the health and safety of all our employees through awareness and training of our employees, sound operating procedures and by setting high standards for well-maintained printing facilities, both in our North American and European warehousing installations, international operating facilities and equipment in general, and by rigorous monitoring of our performance with the aim to eliminate any personal injuries in our work place. We encourage our employees to freely report ways and means that improve overall safety performance.

3.4 Freedom of Association
Open communication and direct engagement between employees and management is the most effective way to address workplace issues. We respect the rights of our employees to associate freely, join labor unions and/or join workers’ councils and to bargain collectively in accordance with local laws and regulations. Schiel & Denver employees are free to communicate openly with management regarding working conditions without fear of reprisal, intimidation or harassment. Whereas we recognise freedom of expression, we do not accept any form of propaganda in our workplace.

3.5 Zero tolerance on forced labour and child labor
The Schiel & Denver Group does not employ children nor do we use forced labor in any form.

3.6 Security Measures
In close co-operation with international and local authorities, we endeavor to take all precautions necessary to maintain at all times high security standards and security awareness within our organization, at both publishing and printing facilities and warehousing operations. Accordingly, it is Schiel & Denver’s policy to seek to protect the group and its employees from illegal acts with respect to security and to show constant care to prevent breaches of security associated with our operations.

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 8

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4.0 Frequently Asked Questions
• • • • • • • • What kind of publishing is this? Are you a vanity publisher? Will Schiel & Denver edit my book for me? How can Schiel & Denver help me promote and market my book? Where will my book be available? Will my book be placed on bookstore shelves? Do you have a money-back guarantee? What happens if I want to cancel the service?

4.1 What kind of publishing is this?
Book publishing and production services. Our author centered business model is closest to that of supported self-publishing. The author owns all the rights to their work, and is hiring us for book production, printing and publishing services only. What sets us apart from self publishers is our global printing and production infrastructure, strong international dimension, and high level of expert support that our professional publishing team lavishes on every author.

4.2 Are you a vanity publisher?
No. Vanity publishers unfairly take all the rights to your work; cost tens of thousands of dollars, and make you buy box loads of your own book that they won’t help you sell. With a publishing services provider, our business model is upfront and fair, with an author-centered process and non-exclusive contract that ensures the author exercises complete control to all the rights and editorial decisions regarding their work. This is not vanity publishing. Please remember that: • At S&D, you’re the boss. You own all the rights to your own work, we’re just providing you with an international publishing infrastructure and professional publishing team to guide you through the daunting task of publishing your book. • You are under no obligation to purchase copies of your own book. • Access to our global network of book distributors and retailers is INCLUDED in the price of each of our book publishing packages. • Schiel & Denver runs a fully staffed bookselling department, which produces a bi-annual trade catalogue that we use to market your book to bookstores. We do this for all our authors FREE of charge. • We provide full book sales, accounting and royalty management. • We use print-on-demand technology, which ensures books are only printed to order and the author profits from every sold copy of their book. • Schiel & Denver provides high quality and industry standard book production, printing, marketing, publicity, legal and distribution support. It’s also worth noting that: Many successful authors have at some point in their careers self-published or chosen a nontraditional publisher including: Beatrix Potter, John Grisham, Virginia Woolf, Stephen King, James Joyce, Edgar Allen Poe, Bernard Shaw, T.S. Eliot, Rudyard Kipling, James Redfield, Alexandre Dumas, Mark Twain, Carl Sandburg and recently William P. Young’s #1 New York Times bestselling novel, The Shack. In other’re in good company! S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 9

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

4.3 Will Schiel & Denver edit my book for me?
Schiel & Denver is pleased to provide a range of professional editorial services undertaken by experienced editors with industry experience. If you decide not to engage our professional editorial services, then you must submit your manuscripts in a completed state. This is because any changes will slow down the production process and will be expensive to implement once production has started. You can still make author alterations at any time, even after your book is sent to our printers.

4.4 How can Schiel & Denver help me promote and market my book?
Schiel & Denver is the only publishing services company to run a dedicated fully staffed bookselling department, which produce a comprehensive bi-annual trade catalogue which is loaded with bibliographical data and rights information on all our titles, and marketed directly at both chain and independent bookstores. The formidable nature of Schiel & Denver’s international distribution channels, cannot be ignored. Your book will be orderable through our comprehensive portofolio of thousands of booksellers and libraries, in over 100 countries, including the major U.S., Canadian and U.K. chain and independent bookstores including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Chapters Indigo, Booksa-million, Powells, Target, Waterstones & WHsmith. We also provide a powerful range of marketing and publicity services, including marketing at global book fairs and multmedia book video trailers. Important marketing processes that every S&D author receives free of charge: • With Schiel & Denver’s round the clock ordering and fulfilment capacity, bookstores can telephone us or our distributors and have your book printed to order, in any quantity, at a moment’s notice. • Worldwide Distribution Channels, ensuring each author’s book benefits from powerful international market access. • Advance Information Sheets (AI) - our marketing department prepares an AI sheet which contains key bibliographical information (title, author, format, extent, illustrative content, hardback/paperback, publication date etc), synopsis, cover blurb for circulation by Schiel & Denver’s sales force to booksellers, wholesalers, distributors and library suppliers. • Catalogs are sent twice a year to 5,300 important media professionals. This mailing produces many media leads. Review-copy requests are forwarded to the publishers or filled immediately if they are time sensitive. Contacts from the media are directed to the relevant author. • We fulfil deadline-sensitive review-copy requests for all authors • Presents S&D trade catalogs to key New York City media in personal, face-to-face meetings • Fields media phone calls and directs them to authors as needed • With our intelligent book pricing policy, our books are competitively priced, in the same price bracket as major publishers’ titles. • A good cover will encourage the consumer to pick up and buy a book or read it’s information page in online stores. Our book design department operates a professional in-house art studio, enabling us to create appealing and impressive customized full-color bookcovers that your readers will love.

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 10

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4.5 Where will my book be available?
For an abridged list of distributors and booksellers who carry Schiel & Denver books, please visit our international publishing partners page or click here. Placing your books into the world’s most comprehensive distribution network is easy, low-cost and carries no risk. Schiel & Denver provides access to a formidable network of distributors, wholesalers and retail partners, ensuring your book is orderable through over 160,000+ retailers, both online and brick and mortar bookstores, through over 100 countries, across 4 continents. (The practices of individual distributors, wholesalers and retailers will determine whether your book is shown as “in stock” to order) Through Schiel & Denver’s relationship with Ingram Book Group, we can reach virtually every bookstore in the United States of America. Your book will also be listed with Bowker BooksIn-Print and Nielsen Bookdata, providing formidable library distribution to millions of libraries across the world.

4.6 Will my book be placed on bookstore shelves?
Possibly, but this depends on several factors. 1. Bookstores will stock print-on-demand books. However, they won’t stock badly printed books that don’t have a marketing plan, or books that are non-returnable, with “short” discounts that don’t make it financially worth the stores’ while to purchase an inventory. 2. S&D applies industry standard discounts, produces top-quality books, and offers an exciting bookstore returns program, to ensure our authors aren’t disadvantaged in any way. 3. Unlike self-publishing companies, S&D runs a dedicated, fully staffed and passionate bookselling department, producing a bi-annual trade catalogue that our reps will use to aggressively market your title to U.S. and UK bookstores, every month. We do this FREE of charge, for every book we publish, so this service is included at no additional costs in all our book publishing packages. 4. Many authors also don’t realize that the books they see on the main shop floor, or in the front bestseller windows at bookstores, aren’t there just because of trade distribution; the publisher has actually paid money - usually upwards of $20,000 - $40,000 USD (and even more at christmas and thanksgiving) - to have their books placed in these prime locations. 5. At present, it’s only a handful of giant publishers who have the year-round resources, and special relationships with bookstores, to get these expensive point-of-sale advertising costs. 6. These big publishers accept less than 1% of manuscripts every year - and even less in recessions. 7. It is worth educating authors about these facts, so you can make more realistic decisions regards choosing a publisher. You’ll also better understand why, next time you step into a bookstore - virtually every book you pick up off a shelf is either a major publishers’ title or one of their many imprints. 8. Read testimonials of our successful S&D authors who have had bookstores buy an inventory of their book.

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 11

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4.7 Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes, you may cancel your Schiel & Denver Publishing Package purchase and request a full refund. The full refund applies to the publishing services only (fees directly associated with online, disk, and paper manuscript submission). Under clause 6 of the Author Agreement, once you have delivered your manuscript to us, or the date of commencement of services selected has passed, your publishing package purchase becomes non-refundable.

Submission Expiration
For economic reasons, Schiel & Denver reserves the right to expire a purchased Schiel & Denver Publishing Package, if you fail to submit your manuscript within one year from the date of purchase. You will still however receive a full refund, less the cost of services rendered and a $50 cancellation fee if your Publishing Package is cancelled due to expiration.

Additional Author Services
Fees related to other pre- or post publication services, such as editorial, marketing, publicity, book sales and design services, due to their irreversible nature, are not refundable.

4.8 What happens if I want to cancel the service?
It’s easy. Just write and tell us you want to cancel your agreement at any time, giving 30 days written notice. You don’t need a reason, and you’re always in control.

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 12

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5.0 Print-on-Demand: How Does It Work?
Schiel & Denver provides a comprehensive suite of book production and demand-driven printing/distribution solutions for authors. We’re expanding the options available to good authors by providing easy and affordable access to global distribution channels. S&D stores books electronically at our printers in America, Europe, Far East and Australia, and delivers them “on demand” in printed format in response to orders from booksellers, librarians, distributors and wholesalers. We use local ground shipping to fulfil book orders, matching supply and demand perfectly, and keeping costs low.

How does it work?
1. We assign your book a worldwide ISBN number
When you publish with Schiel & Denver, you can dictate your book’s distribution territory - i.e., in which global regions you want your book to be distributed and sold. Unless you want to publish privately, your book will automatically be given a worldwide ISBN (International standard book number) and EAN barcode. An ISBN is required for your book to be handled by bookstores, libraries and other retail outlets. Your book will be registered with the international ISBN agencies, Nielsen BookData and Bowker Books-In-Print, free of charge. You retain all the rights to your work, and can cancel at any time. If you are publishing a hardcover edition of your work, you will get a separate ISBN number.

2. State-of-the-art Printing Facilities in USA, Europe & Australia
Schiel & Denver employs state-of-the-art and environmentally sound digital print-on-demand facilities for small orders, and offset print runs for orders over 1500 copies. The company operates printing and distribution centers in the following locations: • United States of America (TN, PA and ME) o Lavergne, Tennessee o Nr Bangor, Maine o Allentown, Pennsylvania • England (Two printing facilities) • France • Singapore • Melbourne, Australia (Offset print runs only) As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we are proud to use technology that matches supply with demand precisely. With print-on-demand, each book is only printed after an order is placed, which ensures that there is no waste. Many of the world’s leading trade and academic publishers are now turning to print-on-demand solutions, to make their backlists available to the book buying public. With S&D’s exemplary quality control, we ensure a bookstore quality product. Both you and your readers will be satisfied with the look and feel of the book, that is equivalent to any softcove or hardcover book found in a retail bookstore, published by any major publisher. S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 13

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

Annual $20 digital maintenance/storage fee
As defined in Clause 16.3 of the Author Agreement, you pay us a small annual fee of $20 per year to maintain your book’s production files in our printing servers. We waive this fee for the first year in all our publishing packages. Therefore, you have full control over the information that you disseminate and how long you wish your book to be in print. If you desire, your book will never go out of print.

3. Your book on sale at thousands of bookstores
Prior to publication, we send bibliographical and descriptive information relating to your book to our international distribution network, which includes thousands of distributors, wholesalers and book retailers. Your book will go on sale at over 160,000+ online and traditional retail stores, in over 100 countries, across 4 continents. This includes the following leading bookstores in North America and England: For more details about our publishing partners, please click here. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ingram Book Group (International Distributor and largest U.S. book trader) Baker & Taylor Blackwell (library supplier) NACSCORP Bertrams THE Book Depository (Amazon Marketplace) Coutts (library supplier) Rittenhouse Book Distributors (scientific and medical book distributor) STL Dawson (library supplier) Gardners (wholesaler) Libreria Ledi (Italian distributor) Mallory International (wholesaler) Expresso Book Machine® (On Demand Books)

• Paperback Bookshop (Amazon Marketplace) Specific Leading Retailers • Amazon (USA, UK, France, Germany & Japan) • Barnes & Noble • Borders (US and UK) • Chapters Indigo • Exclusive Books (South African Retailer) • Waterstones (UK Retailer) • WHsmith ( UK Retailer) • Book Depository • • Books-a-million • Powells • Eleftheroudakis (Greece’s leading bookstore) • Alibris • Target and many more, please refer to our international distribution network S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 14

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

4. When an order arrives for your book...
When an order arrives for your book either from a bookseller or trade distributor in our international distribution network, we route the order to the printing facility nearest the customer. This process is called Electronic Routing, and it means your book can be fulfilled immediately, without having to be shipped to it’s destination by road or rail. All U.S. and Canadian orders from bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Amazon, are securely routed to the US facility for intra-American printing and distribution. German and Scandanavian orders are routed to either the English or French facility. * Paperback turnaround is 5-7 Days * Hardback turnaround is 10-14 Days Due to the speed and efficiency of print-on-demand, books can be printed in quantities as small as a single copy or as many as as 1.1 million copies. A 500 page book can be printed in under a minute. International Market Access Schiel & Denver’s greatest asset is the fact that our business model provides global distribution. We enable authors in the Southern Hemisphere to reach their readers in the Northern Hemisphere, and vice versa. For instance, Spanish writers can now sell their books to the Hispanic community in Latin America, and American writers can reach readers across Europe and beyond. With successful authors and publishing partners all over the world, Schiel & Denver is a truly global business operation. Learn more about Schiel & Denver’s publishing partners at:

5. We take care of all local shipping, packaging and taxes
After Schiel & Denver has printed your book nearest geographical printing facility, we simply use Local Ground shipping with UPS or U.S. Postal Service in the United States, to deliver your book to the distributor/wholesalers’ warehouse or as the case may be, the end-customer (i.e. your readers) Schiel & Denver operates two warehouses, one in Denver, Colorado and one in Surrey, England, to meet the needs of larger orders from our network partners. * Learn more at:

Expresso Book Machine (EBM)
Schiel & Denver has partnered with On Demand Books, to make our authors work available through the Expresso Book Machine channel. The EBM is like an ATM machine for books, where readers can walk into stores and have their book printed while they wait. We believe this is the future of book publishing.

6. Author profits from every sale
Print on demand has brought about a fundamental shift in the way in which authors are bringing books to market and in turn, how booksellers are selling them. Rather than having to estimate the demand for every title before it is printed, digital technology is powering a revolution - a revolution in which a sale of a book is made before a copy even exists. Using print on demand, when a book is sold, it is printed and bound as fast as a book can be picked off a book shelf -- either using traditional or point of sale print on demand. S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 15

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449 Here are a few ways our authors are benefiting from us combining print-on-demand technology with a streamlined globally distributed print model: 1. Furthering international strategies by entering new markets and extending distribution and fulfillment reach; 2. Driving more book sales for authors with a profit on each sale; 3. Reducing warehousing needs; 4. Using print on demand to mitigate returns; 5. Revitalizing sales with valuable backlist content; 6. Facilitating the “long tail” - the practice of allowing consumers to find obscure titles not usually stocked in bookstores. 7. Repurposing existing title lists to drive new revenue streams with large print and alternate United Nations language markets; 8. Providing global and instant access to a multitude of books; 9. Removing supply chain costs from our business model; As the book’s manufacture has already been paid for by the buyer, the process is very efficient and you are guaranteed to receive your 50% royalty on every copy that is sold through our international distribution network. With S&D, you receive some of the highest author royalties available in the publishing services industry today. We provide you with outstanding book production services and international market access, and our authors make a profit on every book sold. We also have no interest in taking any rights to your work. You keep all the publishing rights to your book. There is also no obligation to buy copies of your book.

7. An ethical dimension
We are happy because we reduce our carbon footprint to the minimum level, but at the same time ensure that our authors can compete with traditional publisher’s titles and are not in any way disadvantaged. Our service is fast, reliable and efficient. We guarantee your readers will also be impressed by the speed and high standards of your book, that meet all required industry standards in publishing. We see print-on-demand as helping the environment by reducing waste. Less books are pulped because they failed to sell, and therefore the number of forests cut down for profit is reduced.

8. We plant 25 trees for each author we publish
Schiel & Denver Publishing is proud to support The Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees, to deepen our commitment to respecting the environment. All papers used by Schiel & Denver Publishing are natural, recyclable products made from wood grown in well-managed forests. The manufacturing processes conform to the environmental regulations of the country of origin.

9. Schiel & Denver prepares written annual reports for the United Nations
Schiel & Denver is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, and using print-on-demand helps us meet our environmental objectives for cleaner, greener standards in global business. Each year we present the UN with a special report called a Communication-in-progress that will be available to download from our UN webpage: Schiel+%26+Denver+Publishing+Limited If you’d like more information about Schiel & Denver’s international printing process, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for taking the time to read this information. S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 16

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

6.0 Basic Operating Instructions
Publishing your book with Schiel & Denver is easy and logical. The instructions below are intended to give you a general guide, but you will have your own personal design team who will be there to provide hand-holding, expert support and help you each step of the way. If you need to contact your design team at any time, either call 1-888-629-4449 or feel free to use the Whatever/Whenever Support System that keeps you in contact with your professional team, day and night, 7 days a week.

1. Connect with your publishing consultant
After you’ve purchased your chosen publishing package, you will be assigned to one of Schiel & Denver’s professional book design teams, and given a unique Author ID code. Please refer to your Getting Started Guide, which you should receive after making your purchase, or by logging in to the Downloads Area of the Author Center. At Schiel & Denver, you’ll start your author journey by speaking directly to one of S&D’s professional publishing consultants, who will assist you: 1.Prepare and submit your manuscript 2.Begin planning for the marketing/promotion of your book (it’s never to early to start the marketing campaign) 3.Introduce you to your desk editor, who will be the main point of contact with your professional publishing design team. Unless you purchase an expedited service, the book production process for your customized book will take approx 3 months to reach our impeccable standards.

2. Sign your Schiel & Denver Author Agreement
The next step is for you to sign your Author agreement, and safely send this to us. To print off a copy of your agreement, you will need to view the document in PDF format, and then press print in Adobe PDF viewer. * Download your Author Agreement There are 4 ways you can send us your signed agreement: a) By Mail Send a legible signed copy of your agreement to: Schiel & Denver Publishing Limited Editorial Department PO BOX 6300 London United Kingdom W1A 2ES b) By Fax Please return signed agreement to: 1-888-224-2721 Mark for Attention: EDITORIAL DEPT

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 17

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449 c) By Online FTP Transfer You only need to send the last signed page of the agreement. Sign and scan the last page of the agreement, then log into the Author Center and click: Secure FTP Transmission. Enter your Author ID, and upload the file. It will be sent directly to your design team. Please ensure your signature is legible. d) By E-Mail You only need to send the last signed page of the agreement. Sign and scan the last page of the agreement, and send the file to: Please ensure your signature is legible.

3. Check Your Manuscript
You’ve spent months, maybe years, perfecting your manuscript. Now it’s time to place it into the safe hub of a professional publishing team. Firstly, please ensure that you are satisfied and have proofread your manuscript before you submit it to Schiel & Denver. Unless you intend to order editorial services, you should submit your manuscript in a complete condition, for smooth entry into the book production process. It should not require any corrections or alterations. Any author corrections you make after submission will necessarily slow down the book production process and become expensive for us to implement. * Visit the Author Corrections Service for more information. Important issues to note: * Your book ideally should have a word count above 5,000 words. Please inform your publishing consultant if your book is shorter than this. * If you have handwritten your manuscript, or want to submit it as a typed draft, then with Schiel & Denver’s Data Entry Service, you can let us worry about typing it into the computer and producing a professional book layout. * If you have spoken your book into a dictaphone, with Schiel & Denver’s professional transcription service, we can make a transcription of the recording and format this into a professional book layout. * If you want to engage Schiel & Denver’s Professional Copy-editing Service, please order this service now, before submission. For more helpful Information visit Submitting Your Manuscript FAQ

4. Prepare your images (if appropriate)
If you have included photos, maps, tables, drawings or other graphics in your manuscript, these need to be prepared to the following specifications: Image format guidelines: 1. All images must be in JPEG or TIFF format. 2. Each image should be included in it’s own separate file. 3. Indicate where in your manuscript each image should be placed. 4. Images should be a minimum resolution of 300dpi. S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 18

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449 If you need help preparing your images, please contact your publishing consultant. Important issues to note: * The number of allowed interior images is determined by your publishing package. If you need extra placements inside your book for graphics, either purchase the additional interior graphics service or upgrade your package. * With Schiel & Denver’s Digitalize Your Images service, you can send your design team your hardcopy print photos, negatives, camera film, slides or film catridges and we will digitalize your images for placement into your professional manuscript - at affordable, industry standard costs. * It’s no problem if you want to submit an author photograph to include on your back cover. We can enhance or “touch-up” your photos (like celebrity magazines) if required, with our expert image enhancement service.

5. Submit your materials
The next step will be to safely send your manuscript to your professional design team. * There is no time limit or pressure on you to submit your manuscript immediately. You can pay for your publishing package now, and submit whenever you’re ready. * Your manuscript should be in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format. There are 4 ways you can send us your manuscript: * Secure FTP Tranmission (most popular method) * By e-mail to: * Special Server Access (by arrangement) - for files greater than 5 megabytes * Publish by Mail service Important issues to note: * Please send your manuscript as one complete file. If you send your manuscript in multiple word documents, you will need the File Merging Service, to combine the files into a single document ready for your book production team. * Your manuscript does not need to be in double spaced.

6. Complete New Author Questionnaire
Please log into the Author Center, and complete the Author Questionnaire. You need to complete this, even if you have published a book before with Schiel & Denver. The Questionnaire will help protect you against any potential legal problems. If you have any questions, please contact your publishing consultant.

7. Participate in toll-free design call
As we begin work on your book, we will schedule an in-depth conference call directly with your expert design and editorial team. You can convey your exact artistic requirements and remain in complete control as our dedicated staff customize the entire process to meet your needs.

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 19

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449 We will integrate your choice of publishing package and author services to give you a completely tailored professional publishing experience to meet your exact vision. Everything from the size of your book, to the type of paper, interior layout and ideas for the custom front cover can be specified during this call. What happens after the toll-free design call? Your book design team will now schedule a transmittal meeting, and continue work on your manuscript. They will shephard you quickly and efficiently through the entire process, and can be contacted 7 days a week - through the Whatever/Whenever author support system in Schiel & Denver’s Author Center. At Schiel & Denver, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer care. learn more - visit the Book Production process. With Schiel & Denver, you will be given weekly progress reports, and will be closely involved in every aspect of your book’s design. The entire book production process takes approx 8-12 weeks to complete, depending on the complexity of your book. Extensions to the 3 month Period Authors should note that if you order pre-publication services (i.e. copy-editing and indexing) or if your book’s design is very complex and requires our expert layout technicians to undertake unique work, the production time may be extended beyond the 3 month period. If this is likely, we will always inform you and seek your agreement before undertaking any such work, with an estimate of how much additional time may be required. Full-color custom book cover Included in the cost of each publishing package (except the Lite Packages), our expert book designers will create a full-color professional book cover, customized to your exact vision. If you wish, you can submit your own front cover image. Schiel & Denver never uses templates.

8. Write your blurb and book summaries
Now it’s time to write your book cover summaries, and return them to your design team. These are the blurbs that will be sent to book retailers like Amazon and barnes & Noble, and will appear on your book’s backcover, so it’s very important you are happy with your descriptions. With S&D, you will enjoy total control over how your book is introduced to bookstores, and over the description retailers and the book buying public are given about yourself, and your book. You will need to write the following blurb and book summaries: 1. Author Biography - 5,000 words max. This tells your readers about you, and what inspires you. This will appear on your book’s webpage in the S&D online bookstore, and booksellers’ websites if desired. 2. Back-cover summary - 150 words max. The description will appear on your book’s back cover. 3. Your Dedication - 200 words max. This will appear in the inside cover of your book. 4. Book Synopsis - 5,000 words max. Your book’s synopsis is very important and will appear in the main description of your book at bookstores (traditional and online) - and in the official S&D bookstore. You can update all of this information at any time through the Post-Publication Revisions Schedule. S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 20

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

9. Pre-publication Marketing and S&D Trade Catalogue
Your book will now be prepared for placement into the Schiel & Denver bi-annual trade catalog. This important professional marketing is a unique aspect of publishing with Schiel & Denver, and is INCLUDED in the cost of each publishing package. We essentially give your book an important ‘background marketing’ free of charge, to complement our powerful global distribution channels. Our dedicated bookselling department and professional sales reps will use the catalog, and will also prepare Advance Information Sheets (AIs), to market your book to the retail buyers at bookstores. Important issues to note: * Purchasing the bookstore returns program is an essential tool if you want to give stores an incentive to stock your book. * Schiel & Denver provides a powerful range of marketing and publicity services which are absolutely integral to your book’s commercial success. * Visit Marketing and Publicity Services FAQ

10. Approve your proofs
In the penultimate stage, your book interior and cover proofs or “galleys” will be placed in the Progress Center of your S&D Account, for you to review and approve. Important issues to note: * Schiel & Denver allows 14 days for you to check and indicate whether you want to implement any author corrections or additional editorial changes. * If you wish a professional proofreader to perform a line-by-line analysis of your book’s interior proofs to correct any errors, please order this now. * For your custom book cover, authors are allowed one-pass of professional artwork or you can supply your own book cover. * The Progress Center only appears in your S&D author account, after your proof galleys or other documents have been placed there for you to download.

11. Global Distribution and Marketing campaign
The last stage is when Schiel & Denver publishes your book, and you enjoy the power of our global distribution channels. Readers around the world will be able to buy your book, and local bookstores across America will sell your book. Congratulations! This is a wonderful moment, and your book launch should always be celebrated with friends and family. If you are having a book launch party, or book signing, we can arrange for special copies or promotional materials to be delivered especially for the occasion. Once your book is published, Schiel & Denver then has a fantastic range of expert marketing and publicity services to promote and maximize the visibility and sales potential of your book, and give you that much needed headstart in an increasingly competitive book retail environment. Schiel & Denver is particularly sympathetic to writers who just want to get on doing what they do best writing - and leave all the hard grafting work of marketing and publicity to our in-house experts.

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 21

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

7.0 Publish By Mail
If you would like to send us your manuscript by mail, instead of through our online channels, this is classifed as ‘publishing by mail’. The process requires an additional $75 administration fee. With the publish by mail option, you can either pay online or by sending us a check. Do not send us your credit card details in the post. Publishing by mail with Schiel & Denver is easy. We will wait until we receive your complete submission package, including signed agreement, payment, and all your submission materials before proceeding. The instructions below are intended to give you a general guide, but you will have your own personal design team who will be there to provide hand-holding support each step of the way. Create your Schiel & Denver Account The first step is to create a new account. If you need to speak to a publishing consultant before proceeding, please call us at: 1-888-629-4449. Payment Options You can either pay online (easiest) or by making out a check** for the sum of the services you are purchasing PLUS the $75 administration fee, to: SCHIEL AND DENVER PUBLISHING LTD **If you are paying by check, you need to enclose your check in your submission package. Unless you purchase an expedited service, the production process for your customized book will take approx 3 months to reach our impeccable standards. You need to: Sign and return your author agreement (Go pg 17) check your manuscript (Go pg 18) Prepare your images (Go pg 18)

Your submission package should include the following checklist of items.
* (A) Your manuscript We can accept the following formats: 1. CD/DVD disk 2. USB Stick 3. Hardcopy Manuscript (Requires Data Entry Service) * (B) Your check payment (unless you have purchased by credit card online) * (C) Your Signed Author Agreement * (D) Your graphics/images (if appropriate, with instructions of where to place in your manuscript. If you are sending us image hardcopies, this requires Digitalize Your Images Service)

Please mail your submission package to:
Schiel & Denver Publishing Limited Editorial Department, PO BOX 6300 London, United Kingdom, W1A 2ES Important Note: PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY ORIGINALS, WE CANNOT RETURN ANY MATERIALS. S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 22

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

8.0 Intelligent Book Pricing
How does Schiel & Denver price my book?
At Schiel & Denver, we want our authors’ books to have a retail price that reasonably reflects the competition and what your readers are prepared to pay. One of the major complaints many authors have in the publishing services industry, is that their publisher has priced their book too high. We believe it is counter productive to price a book at $20, when all the competition is selling on Amazon for $7.99. We also believe book pricing is too sensitive to simply produce a standardized table - we therefore have devised a special method of calculating book prices, by (mean) averages. This is possible due to the fact that print-on-demand unit costs now almost equate the cost of traditional offset printing.

How does it work?
1. We ask you to identify three books, that are currently selling on Amazon, in the same genre as your book, that you would view as literary competition. 2. We take the (mean) average price of those three books’ prices, to calculate your list price. This fair method ensures your book is not disadvantaged or priced out of the reading market.

Here’s the math:
Let’s say your book is a crime thriller, called Joe Detective. You identify three rival books (X,Y, and Z) selling on Amazon as Joe Detective’s main competition. These books might be published by great publishers like Hachette Book Group, or small independent presses. It doesn’t matter as long as you are satisfied to identify these books as literary competition. The selling price of Joe Detective would be calculated as follows: (Book X + Book Y + Book Z) / 3 = Joe Detective’s list price (rounded off to nearest dollar)* By having a competitive list price, we believe that your readers will be more willing to try your work, especially if you are a new author, than if your book was disadvantaged with a high price. During an economic recession, what readers are prepared to pay for their reading material can be substantially affected, and with our proven method, we have found more readers are prepared to try new talent.

Canadian Book Market
For authors who opt for ‘Worldwide’ or ‘U.S. & Canada’ distribution territories, Schiel & Denver will use our above method to calculate the cost of your book in Canadian Dollars. Your book will be orderable from Canada’s largest bookseller, Chapters Indigo, as well as Amazon Canada, independent retailers and university college book stores in Canada. Books are printed and shipped from our U.S. printing facilities in Maine, using low cost ground shipping across the border. Although GST (Goods and Services Tax) costs are incurred, Schiel & Denver absorbs these costs in our operations, ensuring that your book is competitvely priced in comparison to traditional offset books, and can succeed in the Canadian Book Market. Learn more about Canadian Distribution with Schiel & Denver. *If you are not satisfied with the retail price we propose to you during the publishing process, feel free to purchase the Set My Own Price (SMOP) service. S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 23

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

9.0 Quality Control Standards
We at Schiel & Denver have devoted considerable effort to ensuring that everyone, from writer to reader, is happy and impressed with the quality of our books. Our titles are designed to be able to compete effectively with tradtionally published books, in retail environments. Schiel & Denver takes a very traditional approach towards quality control. We maintain the highest standards, and employ experienced printing technicians to ensure U.S. industry procedures are met. At Schiel & Denver, nothing but the best is good enough. The company guarantees that both you, and your readers, will be impressed with the high standard of our books. We have also gone a step further, and standardized our printing procedures at each of our stateof-the-art digital print-on-demand facilities in America, England, France, Singapore and Melbourne, Australia. Each Schiel & Denver book is printed to the same U.S. industry standard as any traditional publisher’s title produced via offset printing methods.

We’ve implemented the following production criteria:
• We ensure that all pages are included in the book, no pages are missing and are set in accordance with supplied materials. • We ensure Text is centered on each page, and consistent with the original submission from Schiel & Denver’s Editorial Department. The process from editor to printer is seamless. • Cover and book block have correct ISBN/EAN • Cover is applied with correct vertical, horizontal, and angular alignment within 1/16 of an inch - State of the art Commercial Xerox Digital Printing Machines • Offset-level Binding is applied firmly and squared to the book block. No excess adhesive is visible after trimming. • Book is cut square within 1/16 of an inch (.016 cm) variance. • Cover and Book Block match. • Text pages are clean and de-speckled consistent with original submitted materials. • Print registration is subject to +/- 1/16 inch (.016 cm) variance. • We use an inline spectrophotometer which automates color adjustments and callibrations to consistently deliver superior image quality and spot color accuracy. • Schiel & Denver has installed at our U.S. printing facilities ‘Transactional Electronic Registration’ (TELER) which provides consistently accurate images and precise registration - +/.65 mm image-to-sheet and front-to-back registration with 8.5” x 11” paper. • Schiel & Denver has implemented Sheet Enhancement Modules with our iGen4 printers to take challenging environmental factors into account, creating unparalleled sheet flatness, and giving you outstanding stack quality and high performance with down-stream finishing. • We guarantee offset-level image quality with a smooth matte finish, together with the reduced costs, environmental and time efficiencies associated with digital print-on-demand technology.

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 24

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449 • As a standard fitting, Schiel & Denver uses Revolutionary Emulsion Aggregation (EA) fine particle toner. This ensures that the final quality of your book is comparable to, or exceeds, offset-level output, with finer lines, higher levels of detailing, and high resolution finish. • Our printing supply chain is enhanced with Auto Density Control, which virtually eliminates streaking by automatically detecting and eliminating density variation on the page and cover. • Carrier Dispensing System replaces traditional developer and yields consistent color uniformity (installed at UK facility in June 2009) • Our High Definition Linearization eliminates the need for gray scale calibration, resulting in better production of neutral grays and highlight shadows, improved photo smoothness and greater color stability. • For color books, we use advanced Color Profiling enabling greater color consistency and realism in objects such as faces and skies - accurately matching GRACoL and ICC DeviceLink standards. • Schiel & Denver has invested in a wide array of paper stocks including coated, uncoated, textured, smooth, and specialty; and the largest cut-sheet size of any digital color press.

10.0 Whatever / Whenever Support System
Schiel & Denver is proud to present a groundbreaking support system that ensures our authors can reach us - 24/7, 365 days a year including Thanksgiving and vacations. Production days get very busy at Schiel & Denver, so we’ve designed the Whatever/Whenever Support System to ensure you are always in contact with your book production team. The system only operates with your correct Author ID, and works using “Find me, Follow me” phone technology. The system will transmit your message directly through to your design teams contact points, including: * Blackberry® Handhelds / PDAs * Mobile Laptops * Automated Voicemail

10.1 Scheduled hours of operation
Schiel & Denver’s office hours are from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. Schiel & Denver will be closed for the following holidays: * New Year’s Day * Bank Holidays * Independence Day * Thanksgiving Day * Christmas Day * Boxing Day Authors can contact their design team out-of-hours via the Whatever/Whenever Support System, or through private contact information. You can reach Schiel & Denver customer services for assistance via our U.S. main switchboard: +1-888-629-4449 and / or via email at: enquiries@

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 25

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

11.0 Preferred Payment Plan (PPP)
At Schiel & Denver, you can pay for your publishing package in instalments. We recognize that publishing your book is a personal milestone, and important investment in your professional career and future success. At Schiel & Denver, we want our authors to be able to make the correct investment for their needs, by being able to afford the most appropriate publishing package for their book. Schiel & Denver therefore offers the convenience of a 3-way Preferred Payment Plan, for added flexibility; allowing you to pay in three easy instalments. The PPP will help close the gap between your creative needs and your cash flow. Our comprehensive solution ensures you receive the best possible benefits - right when you need it.

11.1 How Do I Sign Up?
You’ll need to call a publishing consultant on1-888-629-4449 and tell us which publishing package you’d like to take up using the Preferred Payment Plan. You’ll need a valid credit card to proceed. We’ll then provide you with a special PPP payment gateway, for you to make the first payment which will be 1/3 of the total payment due.

11.2 What’s the Payment Schedule?
* The 1st instalment is due when submitting your manuscript * The 2nd instalment is due on the 15th or 30th of the consecutive month (depending on the date of your first payment) * The 3rd instalment is due on the 15th or 30th of the consecutive month We can start working on your book just as soon as we receive your signed author agreement, complete manuscript and first payment.

11.3 Are there any other fees?
You will pay: * a $15 enrolment fee to begin the PPP schedule * a $30 late fee, if you miss a monthly payment

11.4 What else do I need to know?
* The PPP option is only available for payments made with a credit card. * If you miss a payment, all production work will stop on your book and you’ll need to pay the late fee for work to resume. * Each payment is in US Dollars and non-refundable.

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 26

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

12.0 Publishing Law and Avoiding Trouble
If you want to publish your book with Schiel & Denver, you must make certain legal guarantees or ‘warranties’ to S&D, that your book is safe for us to publish. By using the term ‘safe’, we mean that your book doesn’t contain any material that could cause either you, or us, to wind up in any Court of Law defending your book or being prosecuted by any authorities.

12.1 What kind of things MUST NOT be in my book?
• Untrue Statements purporting to be facts • Pornography, lewd material or obscenity • Hate material against any group of people or religion • Statements revealing secrets about or attacking any State or Government • Material that has been copied from another source, without permission and/or without acknowledging the original author.

12.2 How can Schiel & Denver help prevent future legal problems?
As a responsible publisher, Schiel & Denver can help you avoid any legal problems when you’re publishing your book, and we ask that you help us in return by accurately completing the New Author Questionnaire after you sign your Author Contract. You must complete a fresh questionnaire each time you want to publish a new book with S&D.

12.3 I’m worried there might be something unsafe in my book?
Please contact your desk editor without delay. Our legal department can provide guidance.

12.4 What might happen if there is a question over my book’s content?
1. In unusual circumstances, you may be asked to remove or change specific passages. 2. If the legal issue is complex, we may require that a publishing lawyer from a commercial law firm reads your book, before we publish it, to make sure that it’s safe. 3. In extremely rare cases, your book may be rejected on the grounds of unsafe content.

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 27

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

13.0 Volume Book Discounts & Review copies
13.1 What discounts are available on purchasing copies of my own book?
The author shall be entitled to purchase copies at discounts from the retail price as defined by the following schedule:

Number of Copies
1 - 24 25 -49 50 - 99 100 - 249 250 - 499 500 +

Percent Discount off Retail Price
5% 10% 15% 25% 30% Please contact us for a special quote

13.2 Ordering author copies of your book
You are under no obligation to order copies of your own book. Schiel & Denver’s powerful Global Publishing System makes ordering discounted copies of your book easy and simple. Just log into the system, find your book in the bookstore, and the above discount schedule will be automatically applied to your order when you checkout. To foster a Christian sense of community spirit, our current policy is to permit S&D authors to buy other S&D titles at the above discount schedule, through their own author account.

13.3 Turnaround & Delivery
Paperback books take 5-10 days, Hardback books take 10-15 days. Our book production is top quality and equivalent to any traditional offset book that you find in a retail bookstore. Shipping Methods & Costs With American publishing partners, and state-of-the-art printing facilities based in the continental USA (PA, ME and TN) we fulfil all U.S. orders using low cost U.S. Ground Shipping.

13.4 Review Copies Policy
Schiel & Denver is happy to provide review copies in response to a request from a bone fide book reviewer or journalist. For this reason we include the Book Launch Tool Kit in most publishing packages to encourage interest in your book. When we receive a request, Schiel & Denver will e-mail all the pertinent information you need to decide if you would like us to fulfil the request. Once you’ve paid for the books to be printed and postage and packaging, we’ll send out the review copy on your behalf. Authors who have purchased the Personal Publicist Service will automatically qualify for fifty review copies to be sent out to an exclusive list of targeted media.

S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 28

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

Schiel & Denver offers a variety of shipping options, to fit the various needs of our authors and clients. The company operates printing facilities in the United States of America, England, France, Singapore and Australia. We therefore use local ground shipping for most regions, keeping delivery costs low.

United States Shipping Methods
U.S. Ground Economy (U.S. Postal Service)
Schiel & Denver uses domestic U.S. Postal Service to deliver to all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands in approximately 7 to 10 business days of shipment date. Economy has limited or no trackability. The pricing is $4.50 per shipment, plus $1.10 for each book in the shipment. Not recommended for carton shipments. Shipment cannot be insured. Schiel & Denver cannot guarantee risk of damage or loss.

U.S. Priority (UPS / U.S. Postal Service)
Schiel & Denver uses UPS or U.S. Postal Service to deliver to most residential addresses in the 48 contiguous states in the U.S. within 1 to 6 business days of shipment date, based on the location of the Ship To address. The pricing is $7.00 per shipment, plus $1.10 for each book in the shipment. Shipments are traceable. P.O. Boxes and Military Addresses cannot be used as a Ship To Address.

2nd Day Air (USA Only)
Schiel & Denver uses UPS or FedEx. We deliver to most commercial addresses in all 50 states in the U.S. and Puerto Rico by the end of the second business day after shipment date (shipments to certain locations in Alaska and Hawaii require additional time in transit). The Pricing is $20 per shipment plus $2.49 for each book in the shipment. Shipments are traceable. P.O. Boxes and Military Addresses can not be used as a Ship To Address.

U.S. Overnight (USA Only)
Usually UPS or FedEx. Schiel & Denver delivers to most addresses in the 48 contiguous states in the U.S. and Puerto Rico by 10:30 am the next business day, after shipment date. The pricing is $49.99 per shipment, plus $2.99 for each book in the shipment. Shipments are traceable. P.O. Boxes and Military Addresses can not be used as a Ship To Address.

Canada Shipping Methods
Canada Ground
Delivery to most addresses in the 10 provinces of Canada within 3 to 7 business days of shipment date, based on the location of the Ship To address. The pricing is $20 per shipment plus $1.99 for each book in the shipment. Shipments are traceable. P.O. Boxes can not be used as a Ship To Address.

Canada Premium
Delivery to Canada by 10:30 am the next business day after shipment date (metropolitan areas) or by the end of the next business day after shipment date (most other areas). The pricing is $49.99 per shipment plus $2.99 for each book in the shipment. Shipments are traceable. P.O. Boxes can not be used as a Ship To Address. S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 29

Call us toll free on 1-888-629-4449

United Kingdom
United Kingdom Economy
Royal Mail. Suitable for small parcels up to a maximum of 2 kilograms (typically 2 books). Delivery to most addresses in the U.K. by the third business day following dispatch.

United Kingdom Standard
Suitable for small parcels up to a maximum of 2 kilograms (typically 2 books). Delivery to most addresses in the U.K. by the next business day following dispatch.

United Kingdom Rush
Suitable for all parcel sizes. Delivery to most addresses in England and Wales for guaranteed timed next business day delivery before 10:00 am. Shipments are guaranteed and trackable.

European Union
European Union Standard
Suitable for small parcels up to a maximum of 5 kilograms. Delivery to most addresses in the EU within 4 to 6 days. The pricing is $5 per shipment plus $1.99 for each book in the shipment.

European Union Premium
Suitable for all parcel sizes. Delivery to most EU destinations within 2 business days. Shipments are trackable. The pricing is $15 per shipment plus $2.49 for each book in the shipment.

International Shipping
International Economy
Shipping is from Schiel & Denver’s USA printing facilities. Delivery to most countries and territories to the destination country’s mail system. Shipment times and reliability vary based on the destination country’s mail system. These shipments are not traceable. P.O. Boxes cannot be used as a Ship To Address. (This shipping method, in exchange for lower shipping cost, does not offer damage insurance or shipment tracking to the ultimate recipient. When you select this method of international shipment, you waive all liability against Schiel & Denver, or the carrier, for damage or loss of the shipment).

Premium International
Shipping is from Schiel & Denver’s USA printing facilities. Delivery to more than 200 countries and territories by 10:30 am the second business day, after shipment date, and delivery to most other areas by the end of the second business day. Quoted freight rates exclude import duties, taxes, brokerage fees, custom fees and document preparation fees. If these fees apply, these additional fees will be paid by Schiel & Denver and will be invoiced to the customer separately. Shipments are traceable. P.O. Boxes cannot be used as a Ship To Address.

Important Notes
Due to the nature of print-on-demand, all orders are final and cannot be cancelled or changed. Titles are nonreturnable. To calculate final shipping time, add printing/production time of 5-10 days (paperback) and 10-15 days (hardback) to the delivery estimates given below. Therefore: FINAL DELIVERY TIME = PRINTING TIME + DELIVERY METHOD S&D Operating Manual 010709 | 30

Schiel & Denver Publishing Ltd Call us toll free at: 1-888-629-4449

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