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San Antonio, Texas July 6,7 & 8

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103 Oldtowne Rd. This issue is dedicated to Isabel Davis, a veteran UFO
Seguin, Texas 78155 researcher and writer who died in June. Isabel was one of the
founding members of Civilian Saucer Intelligence in New York in
1954, and in the 1970s, she played an active role in NICAP in
BOB PRATT Washington, D.C. She was noted for her writings on contactees,
Editor extraterrestrial visitations and other subjects. She personally
DENNIS W. STACY investigated the Kelly, Kentucky, humanoid case and, with Ted
Assistant Editor Bloecher, was author of Close Encounters at Kelly and Others of
THOMAS P. DEULEY 1955. A more complete report on Isabel will be published in the
Art Director September issue.
Contributing Editor
Contributing Editor
International Director In this issue
DAVE WEBB Symposium 3
Co-Chairmen, Story and Photos by Dennis W. Stacy
PAUL CERNY From the UFO Research Australia Newsletter
By Ray Stanford
Public Relations By Ray Rhein
Religion and UFOs By Ann Druffel
LUCIUS FARISH By Michael D. Swords, Ph.D.
Books/Periodicals/History IN OTHERS' WORDS 19
Promotion/Publicity DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE 20
GREG LONG By Walt Andrus
Staff Writer
Staff Artist
Landing Trace Cases
Medical Cases
UFO Crash/Retrieval
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Report on the 1984 MUFON Symposium
Assistant Editor

This year's annual Symposium in investigators are needed, along with

San Antonio the weekend of July 6-8 funds, a pool of credible speakers and
attracted about 250 people. The event individual local UFO hotlines
was generally well-reported upon by the employing an economical telephone
local print and electronic media. answering machine.
As expressed by Chairman Tom Among the other approaches
Deuley, the format was chosen because Marge mentioned were the creation of a
one of the main problems confronting portable display, guest lectures, close
contemporary ufology "is associated contact with local law enforcement
with how the public perceives the UFO officers, and the teaching of UFO
and the people that study the UFO courses to gifted students and adult
phenomenon. Although the majority of community colleges. By way of a
the public believes there is some basis national effort, Marge said that plans for
in 'reality for the UFO, they are still TOM DEULEY a UFO Information Week will be
reluctant to discuss the matter openly Christensen, of Massachusetts, who announced at the 1985 Symposium.
for fear of ridicule. teaches high school English and is the "Let's resolve now to work
"They also tend to believe that the Chairperson of MUFON's National together," she said. "Together we can
people who study UFOs are Committee on Public Information and and must open the door to an informed
unbalanced in one way or another. Public Education. public, and to a solution to this vital
Thirdly, most of the people in the public "The UFO phenomenon is a vital enigma."
realm who do believe in the reality of the and fascinating subject, which will
UFO have accepted the idea that it is someday undoubtedly impact life on UFO SAGA
somehow associated with extraterres- this planet in ways we can now only
trial intelligence." dimly perceive," Marge said. "It is ironic New York author/artist Budd
Thus, the Symposium was that the average American is almost Hopkins said the title of his paper, "The
designed to educate the public at large totally unfamiliar with the subject and Haunting of Kitley Woods • An Ongoing
that the phenomenon is worthy of the base amount of data and UFO Saga," was not lightly chosen.
serious scientific consideration and documentation which exist on the "My dictionary defines a saga as an
subject to complex interpretation. In topic. account 'in which the members of a
other words, while "ET" has become a "Unfortunately, this situation family or generations of a family or
popular catch-all phrase, UFO waters lends itself conveniently to a policy of social group are chronicled in a long
run deeper still. government coverup of the subject, as and leisurely narrative.' To haunt is 'to
well as to the apparent policy of our visit habitually or appear to frequent as
PUBLIC EDUCATION national media of treating the UFO a recur persistently in the
subject either as taboo and consciousness.' "
Appropriately enough, then, untouchable, or as sensational and in Hopkins said that he was not sure
Saturday morning's first speech was the realm of fantasy or the occult. Until (continued on nexf page)
delivered by a public educator, Marge this situation is reversed, our task as
UFO researchers will be extremely
difficult and sometimes nearly
"It is therefore imperative that
public information and public education
of the UFO subject become a top
priority of euery serious ufologist
immediately. A massive, nationwide
effort in this area is urgently needed."
Marge suggested several ways in
which this might be done and local
MUFON chapters upgraded in the
BUOD HOPKINS process. More qualified and trained MARGE CHRISTENSEN
Symposium, Continued nocturnal appearance of two entities at that I know of that could do such a
the foot of Debbie's bed, at which time thing." ;
we were dealing with "spirits," and that she was handed a small black box, a Adams also cited several cases in
his narrative would be neither long nor possible abduction by UFO and so on. which UFOs seemed to be involved. In
leisurely, but 'otherwise the definitions The study of the case has involved one, in April of 1980, a central Texas
seem to fit the Kitley Woods case psychological profiles, regressive farmer was walking his pasture in
precisely. hypnosis, arid the analysis of physical search of a cow about to give birth. He
Budd was first introduced to the landing traces. came across instead two non-human
family involved in September 1983, creatures carrying a calf between them.
when he received a letter from a reader Each had hold of one of its limbs. They
of his book, MISSING TIME. The were described as about four feet tall
writer was a 24-year old divorced and of a light or yellow-green color. The
mother of two, Debbie, who lives with farmer fled.
her parents in a rural area outside Two days later he returned to the
Indianapolis. In July 1983, both Debbie site to find the carcass of a calf, only the
and her mother had seen a small head, feet and hide of which remained, ,
glowing light near the family's pool the animal seeming to have been
house. skinned with its^ hide pulled up over its
Mother and daughter investigated, head arid turned inside out. No specific
Debbie armed with her father's .22 rifle,. UFO connection was postulated by the
but nothing was to be found. Later,, farmer, however, who was extremely
however, it was noticed that the TOM ADAMS reluctant to discuss the incident.
• backyard was "burned," that nothing MUTE EVIDENCE South.of Houston, in 1973, a Mrs.
would grow where it had beforehand Judith Doraty and her daughter were
that it was now strangely avoided by Although reports of animal reportedly v abducted aboard a UFO
animals, particularly the cardinals who mutilations involving mysterious (the information was recovered under
had once flocked there. circ.umstances have declined hypnosis). Mrs. Doraty also said she
But the vanishing pool light was drastically since the peak year of 1975, saw a calf taken aboard, levitated by a
only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. It the phenomenon continues on an light beam, that was subsequently
turned put that Kathy, Debbie's 35-year abated basis, said Tom Adams of mutilated.
old sister, had encountered a silver Project Stigma (See Chapter Seven of Other mutilation reports have
UFO with colored lights in the summer Greenwood and Fawcett's just- involved apparent indentations in the
of 1965. She turned down, the radio to published Clear Intent, for example). ground and the presence of quiet
see if the UFO was making any noise, Adams is also editor/publisher of the running, unmarked helicopters. In
but when she looked up it was already Project's journal, "Stigmata." Colorado, in September of 1980, one ;
gone. Despite claims of a new mass- witness reported seeing a "helicopter"
Teh years later,.Kathy attended a market paperback that animal which then turned into a silver, ball-
hypnosis session designed to help one mutilations could be laid at the feet of shaped object somewhat smaller than
lose weight. What followed was more so-called satanic cults and what might the original "craft."
like a nightmare. Shortly after going to be described as media hysteria, there is If reports of animal mutilations dry
sleep, she woke up and could niether a core of reports, many involving up altogether, said Adams, we will have
talk nor hear. She was taken to the unmarked helicopters, that beg to ask ourselves two questions. "What
e m e r g e n c y room a n d g i v e n "conventional" explanation, said has become of the predators detractors
tranquilizers. Over the next few days Adams. Among other anomalies, these said were responsible for the 'real'
she found herself doing the opposite of include incidents in which cuts were mutilations? And, more chillingly, what
what the hypnotist had suggested. She. reportedly made by a pinking shearlike are the mutilators themselves up to
called him to ask what was wrong, but device, i.e., leaving serrated edges, and now?"
immediately upon hearing his voice she a unique instance annalyzed by a
had a violent desire to kill him. Colorado researcher in which the "cut" ENTITY ENIGMA
Space does not permit a complete was found to have been made between
coverage of all of the Kitley Woods saga cells! As noted by Hilary Evans of
(the details can be found in the annual Adams quoted science teacher London, the subcategory of UFO
Symposium Proceedings along with all lona Hoeppner as follows: "I did careful reports involving sightings of
of the other papers). Suffice it to say microscopic exams on the tissue cut humanoids, or near-human entities, is
here that three generations of a family from the belly. It was not a cut, not a puzzling in more ways than one. Are
were involved in an incredible series of laser burn. No cell was destroyed. It such cases objective events, subjective
events still under investigation. (the incision) was separated bertueen projections of the subconsciousness, or
These include physical scars with cells, cell for cell. No cell was disrupted
supposedly no known origin, a in the mutilators' cut. There is nothing (continued on next page)
wrote Hilary that "all of a sudden I the $17.95 hardback were on hand and
noticed a sort of big ball of light, and this were virtually sold out during the
condensed to the shape of a tall, rather course of the Symposium, Barry being
Chinese-looking all kind enough to autograph copies.
seemed then quite natural to me. The By now, Barry's main contention is
gentleman bowed, spoke a few words, probably widely known: "The
led me to a small path to the tourists' government continues to investigate
way, and disappeared as a ball of light." UFOs long after official investigations
Obviously, such experiences raise allegedly ceased in 1969, and it
as many questions as they purport to continues to pursue a policy of
answer. Is Glenda's "spacewoman" censorship and secrecy surrounding
actually an extraterrestrial entity or UFOs due to the fact that it perceives
HILARY EVANS something more akin to what might be UFOs as a national security problem."
Symposium, Continued called a "Guardian Angel," and that in Barry then went on to cite several
turn only another name for a cases in which UFOs apparently
even a blend of the two? subconscious projection, a clever way breached military security and were
"Whichever," said Hilary, one area of the brain has evolved for reported by various base personnel.
"meeting an alien entity seems to be a communicating information to Probably, the most significant of these
lonely experience. Rarely, very rarely, another? In this scenario, Glenda casts incidents occurred in December 1980
is it shared, and even in such cases her subconscious knowledge in a at Bentwaters Royal Air Force Base,
there is usually one dominant culturally contemporary form, i.e., as a England, in Rendlesham Forest.
percipient, the other being passive or spacewoman, rather than as, say, a According to an eyewitness
even dormant. Mostly this is something saint or visiting angel as was done in the account, military personnel were called
that happens to people alone at home, past. up to surround at 50-foot diameter,
or working alone, or driving alone late While many of the issues are still in aspirin-shaped object which was
at night." limbo, said Hilary, "One thing is already hovering about a foot off the ground.
In many cases, the experience also clear. Whatever or whoever is Inside the transparent object, a bright,
seems to share the characteristics of responsible whether these experiences pulsating mist could be seen.
other paranormal events such as originate with the Cosmic Brothers, or This object was soon joined by a
ghostly apparitions, bedroom visitors, with God, or with Satan, or with beings smaller red light that came to rest about
human doubles, or doppelgangers, and from some undiscovered plane of 20 feet overhead. It hovered for a
even the appearance of both demonic existence, or with some unplumbed minute, then exploded in red particles.
and angelic "spirits". aspect of our own human natures, the Both light and object disappeared. In
Hilary cited the case of 17-year old contact experience is of the greatest the latter's place could now be seen a
Glenda Smith, coming home alone possible importance for our knowledge domed disc, bright white in color and
from work late one night, who both of ourselves and of the universe with an intricately detailed surface.
discovered she was being followed by a we inhabit." There were some other
UFO. The silent object was floating peculiarities as well. Shadows cast on
rooftop-high and was about the size and BIG BROTHER AND UFOS the ship's hull behaved strangely and
shape of a jumbo jet, although clearly the witness, a security policeman, saw
wingless. A short while later her sister One of the more anticipated entities standing beside the craft which
also saw a UFO. speakers on Saturday was Barry huddled together when a loud noise
The followup investigation Greenwood, co-author with Larry came from the field. At this point the
revealed that Glenda had been visited Fawcett of CLEAR INTENT, a survey witness' memory fades and he wakes
in her bedroom some five years earlier of government documents dealing with up in his bunk at 4 AM, fully clothed and
by what she called a spacewoman. The UFOs released under the Freedom of muddy up to his knees.
entity re-appeared on several Information Act. A hundred copies of The case made national headlines
occasions, sometimes in dreams, in England when a document, signed by
sometimes only as a felt presence. In the American base commander, Lt.
general she seemed to be concerned Colonel Charles I. Halt, and attesting to
about Glenda's welfare while being the UFO sighting, was made public.
neither overtly malevolent nor Halt was subsequently reprimanded by
benevolent. his superiors. According to Barry, the
In another instance, a young document "provided some of the
German girl was climbing alone in the strongest evidence of UFO reality in
Bavarian Alps when she lost her way existence." The complete text can be
while in a particularly precarious found in the Symposium Proceedings
position (a year later another climber
fell to her death in the same spot). She BARRY GREENWOOD (continued on next page)
Symposium, Continued to breakthroughs; those that fit merely
lead to further refinements^
as well at Barry and Larry's CLEAR "And no one, that is, no one who
INTENT, along with other official (and has diligently studied the subject, can
intriguing) communiques. doubt that in the UFO phenomenon we
"In conclusion," said Barry, "I can do have a first-class paradox.
say quite confidently that UFOs are a "It is only a matter of it
real, material, physical phenomenon, was for all the other things and
unidentifiable in conventional terms; concepts that once were spurned and
that there is a clear intelligence behind derided by contemporary science...
the phenomenon; that the origin of before the scientific community slowly
UFOs is unknown; but the extraterres- comes to' recognize the significance of
trial hypothesis must rank high on the the UFO phenomenon."
list of possibilities; that the government J. ALLEN HYNEK
has information on UFOs which somewhat' . s u b j e c t i v e , b u t , the CASH-LANDRUM MEDICAL
confirms their reality, but it has experiment can be repeated by anyone, EFFECTS
consistently tried to keep this fact using material they select, and indeed I
hidden from the public; and that the urge that they do." ; • . , One of the properties the UFO
government regards UFOs as a threat 'For the UFO properties reported phenomenon'does seem to display on
to national security, a point made very by witnesses, Hynek used a simple rare occasion is the ability to affect,,
clear i n , r e c e n t l y , declassified classification system, as an example, deleteriously, the percipient's health.
documents." ,HV for "hover", AA for "anomalous Nowhere has'.this been as dramatically
acceleration", and so on. demonstrated as in the remarkable
PROPERTIES OF THE UFO "What were the results?" Hynek Cash-Landrum case which took place
PHENOMENON asked. "Many of the most frequently near Houston the night of December
reported properties of the UFO 29, 1980. And perhaps no one was as
"The crux of the argument phenomenon, as reported from over well qualified to discuss its ramifications
between those who take the UFO the world and by responsible and as MUFON's Deputy Director, John
phenomenon seriously and those who c o m p e t e n t people, and those Schuessler of Houston, the case's chief
don't, reduced to its essentials," said properties taken in combination, are investigator.
Dr. J. Allen Hynek, "is whether the different from the properties of those Since most Journal readers are
UFO phenomenon represents events, phenomena, and objects probably familiar .with the incident, at
something really new to us and to generally offered as explanations for least in passing, only a brief summary
science, or whether the contents of all the UFO phenomenon. The UFO will be given here. On the night in
UFO reports can be explained in phenomenon, therefore, represents question, Betty Cash, 51, was behind
pedestrian terms and that, therefore, all new empirical observations and thus, the wheel of her 1980 Oldsmobile
serious talk about UFOs is just a grand by definition, does not fit into the Cutlass. With her were Vickie
illusion." present scientific paradigm. That Landrum, 57, in the passenger's seat,
Reprising a paper recently should not come as a total surprise to and .Vickie's grandson, Colby
presented before that august body, the the present audience." Landrum, aged 7, in the rear seat.
American Association for the He then quoted Niels Bohr, the Returning home to Dayton, on the
Advancement of Science (Arthur C. father of atomic physics, to the effect Cleveland-Huffman road just north of
Clarke and Isaac Asiniov, predictably, that "Progress in science is impossible Lake Houston, the three encountered a
argued againsf UFOs), Hynek without a paradox." Continuing, Hynek flame-emitting, diamond-shaped object
contended that the evidence of UFO added: "It is the things that don't fit in hovering over the roadway. (Later, they
reports .did suggest something new to with our customary thinking that lead discovered, the object was surrounded
the sphere of science. by helicopters.)
Using a computer and a specially They stopped and got out of the
prepared program, Dr. Hynek car. Betty was outside the longest,
reviewed the contents of over 400 UFO perhaps a total of 10 minutes, Vickie for
cases, many of which he had personally some 3-5 minutes, and young Colby
investigated. probably only for a minute. The object
"Preference was given to United and helicopters then flew away. The
States cases," said Hynek, "but many medical effects began about an hour
foreign ones were included when I felt later and included headaches, .nausea,
the quantity and quality of the evidence vomiting and diarrhea. Within the week
warranted this. Furthermore, I graded Betty was placed in a hospital where
the cases A, B, and C as to overall
quality. Obviously, the latter is JOHN SCHUESSLER (continued on next page)
'Symposium, Continued the size of a football field with a they ceased to exist. I looked up for the
boomerang-shaped pattern of lights object, hoping to see at least a dark
she was treated as a burn patient. flew over major highways and outline, but saw nothing...About 40
About two weeks later her hair began populated areas. As many as 15 towns more seconds elapsed and I am still
falling out in clumps. reported the mysterious object looking up, scanning the entire sky
Most of these and subsequent hovering near their homes and hoping to see something, when 'Flash!'
symptoms, said Schuessler, seemed to illuminating the countryside with the entire string of lights came on and
indicate exposure to a possible brilliant bluish-white beams of light. the object was almost directly
combination of electromagnetic Traffic stopped during rush hours and overhead."
radiation, including, provisionally, ultra- hundreds watched as the mysterious By now Hele was more frightened
violet light, infrared, radio and boomerang flew directly over their than curious. But he remained where
microwave frequencies, and perhaps heads." he was; gazing up at this thing
ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) field Philip, a high school science overhead. "Judging by the angle that
effects as well. teacher and field investigator for the lights subtended in the sky, I
"Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and CUFOS, said the case was'"a classic estimated that the object was over
Colby Landrum were apparently one for ufology because it has the 1,000 feet from wing-tip to wing-tip. The
harmed by some type of flying device on greatest number of witnesses lights at this time were all green; a slimy
December 29, 1980," said John in compared to any other case in history green , like you see on a computer
conclusion. "An examination of the since the great airship mystery of the screen...I could see that quite a few
literature provides no clear-cut , 1890s. We are dealing with close to over cars had pulled over to the shoulder of
definition of an exact type of radiation 300 reports of corroborating witnesses the highway and people were getting
that would cause all the effects that our team personally interviewed." out to look at the lights.
described earlier in this report. Needless to say, only a minimal "Two men came running towards
However, ionizing radiation could amount of that material can be covered me from a parked car up ahead and said
possibly cause about 90 percent of the here, just as Philip himself was hard- to me in a hysterical voice, 'Mister, do
problem. Microwave radiation raises pressed to cram eyewitness reports, you have a camera?'...We then just
the number to about 99 percent. slides, and theories into a meager watched as the object or lights slowly
Infrared, ultraviolet, and the others hour's speaking time. But how much drifted north and was soon lost to
would cover a lower percentage of the better to be embarrassed by riches than view."
injuries. Unfortunately, no well defined paucity in a field like this! Despite attempts by several
data base exists to examine the The one case we will cover was the witnesses to take pictures of the
combined effects of two or more types sighting made by a Mr. Bill Hele, chief boomerang, only one good photograph
of radiation." meteorologist for the National Weather turned up, taken by 17-year old Jeff
Service in White Plains, New York. On Salmonease. of the Putnam Valley area.
the night of the 24th, Hele was driving That photograph is reproduced on
south on the Taconic State Parkway page 160 of the Symposium
about 8:45 PM, when he noticed some Proceedings.
very bright lights on the horizon. They Thanks should be extended to
were moving slowly, perhaps 200 mph, Philip . Imbrogno and the other
from east to west. members of the investigative team who
Hele lost sight of the lights have managed to mobilize so much
momentarily in a dip in the road. As he data about this intriguing and clearly
topped the hill, however, they were important UFO encounter over a highly
suddenly visible again, moving directly populated area of the country.
toward him. Still more curious than
frightened, he pulled off to the side of LIGHT BEAMS AND
PHILIP IMBROGNO the road, turned on his emergency SPACE-TIME PROJECTIONS
flasher lights, and got out of the car for a
THE BOOMERANG MYSTERY closer, less hurried look. Alan C. Holt, of Houston, noted
Hele could now see a formation of that "Numerous close encounter cases
"During the early months of 1983," lights, about seven in all, in a wide V involve observations of beams of light
said Philip Imbrogno, "a most shape. "As the object approached," emitted from UFOs. In many cases the
remarkable series of .UFO sightings Philip quoted Hele, "I heard no sound at UFO light beams produce very unusual
took place in the counties of all. It then started to lower its altitude to electromagnetic, physiological, and 'lift'
Westchester and P u t n a m , in maybe about 1000 feet...and then effects. Of particular interest are the
southeastern New York, and in nearby slowed to a crawl. All the lights then light beams which are apparently
Fairfield County, Connecticut. started to change color as if there was a responsible for lifting cars, light aircraft,
"On March 24th," Philip rotating prism in them.
continued, "a low-flying, silent object "Then all the lights just went out - (continued on next page)
Symposium, Continued object as long as his radio
transmissions could be heard. This
and people. encounter has. become the greatest
"The light beams involved in mystery in Australian aviation history."
producing these 'lift' effects are Unfortunate as the case was for
described as being very brilliant with Valentich himself, it has apparently led
u n u s u a l l y pure colors, very to increased government co-operation
penetrating, and liquid-like in density. with civilian UFO investigators like Paul
These characteristics suggest a Norman and other dedicated members
projected energy beam distinctly of VUFORS. If it is a trend that other
different from a laser beam or other researchers around the world can one
directed energy beams which are day anticipate, then Australia's actions
currently in use, but with some will have been a landmark
common characteristics. The observa- ALAN C. HOLT breakthrough indeed. Let us
tions of light beams which stop in mid- should be energetically pursuing the congratulate VUFORS and hope this
air and extend or retract in a spatially development of light or directed energy proves to be the case.
confined cone pattern indicate that a lift capabilities, for the benefit of
unique space-time projection technique mankjnd."
is involved."
Holt, a research physicist and COUNTDOWN TO REALITY
space engineer, suggested several ways
such unusual effects might be achieved, "There is a wind of change blowing
including 1) Advanced holographic in Australia regarding the recognition of
projection and multiple beam the UFO problem" said Paul Norman,
interference techniques 2) Sonic or MUFON State Director for Victoris,
ultrasonic beam effects 3) Electrostatic and an associate member of CUFOS
charging effects and 4) Magneto- and the British UFO Research
hydrodynamic "bubble" or buoyancy Association (BUFORA). Hopefully,
effects. that fresh breeze will soon waft its way CYNTHIA HIND
After reviewing several UFO cases into other areas of the world, the United
in which projected light rays behaved States included. AFRICAN TRIBAL
curiously, Holt concluded that "UFO But to begin at the beginning, as REACTIONS
light beams provide a unique Paul did, it should be noted that reports
opportunity for us to begin to of UFOs "down under" date back to the Congratulations are also in order
understand what appears to be an 1920s, when the S.S. Amelia J. for MUFON's Continental Co-
advanced physics and technology." disappeared at a time unexplained ordinator for Africa, Cynthia Hind, who
Such a technology, Holt noted, lights were being seen at the entrance continues to labor in the field of ufology
might prove inestimable in our to Bass Strait, Victoria. A search plane under difficult conditions, far from the
exploration of space. "Light beam 'lift' was reportedly sent out to investigate moral and numeric support of fellow
effects could be extensively used in the lights and it vanished, too. researchers in her adopted homeland
satellite retrieval operations, space junk "In 1930," said Paul, "a squadron- of Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia.
repulsion, large space structure leader was sent by the Royal Australian On the other hand, Cynthia has
construction, and air/water/ground Air Force to Warrnambool, Victoria, been gifted with a "sterile laboratory" of
vehicle and people rescue activities. We where people had reported 'aircraft* sorts, in that native sightings of UFOs
flying over the coast. The official tend to be void of what might be called
investigator found that the objects were the contamination of a Western,
not aircraft belonging to Australia or technologically-oriented background.
any other power. They could not even In this light, it is interesting to note
be identified as aircraft. In short, they that while local reports of unusual
were unknown flying objects." lights, entities, landing traces, etc.,
The same area, Bass Strait, has closely parallel their Western
since become Australia's outstanding counterparts in most aspects, they are
flap zone. UFO activity there reached interpreted according to traditional
an all time peak in September and cultural and psychological belief
October of 1978, culminating in the systems.
disappearance of pilot Frederick Thus astronauts and/or extrater-
Valentich who, Paul said, "had been restrials are not interpreted as such,
r e p o r t i n g the approach and
PAUL NORMAN descriptions of an unidentified flying (continued on next page)

* , I ••TABS'
Tlttf * X
The following, a preliminary report by OMIBIT
Adrian De Jong, special investigator COMCMtO
N NllWWOUft't
for the Perth UFO Research Group, is 1TMAK • AC* TAMO

reprinted from the January-February

1984 issue (Volume 5, No. 1) of UFO
Research Australia Newsletter.
•HIT! cone
At 3 AM during the morning of 10 NCTMCS
• «eTm
Friday, January 20, 1984, Police OAftDfM

Constables Tim Moffitt and Mark SHCp

Fleskens, both from Midland Station,

were travelling north along the Roe
Highway, near Hazelmere, when they
were startled by a bright white flash of /—f —i—i— f—
light. Another flash followed within / ' / ' fI iI tI
seconds and Constable Fleskens, the
passenger, believing the light came
/ / / I I I
from within the cabin of their van,
began searching for the source.
While Constable Fleskens was
searching, and had his head down, not raise the two policemen for some above the southern horizon, about 20°
Constable Moffitt witnessed a large time. They were trying to direct the southwest.
green and white light which hovered for constables to the home of Mr. Sidney The phenomenon disappeared
two seconds above Midland. Bell, in Bishop Road, who had reported with a "thump" noise and, at the same
It appears that the police radio in witnessing the same light. time, the wind stopped and the zig-zag
the van may have failed at the time the Mr. Bishop saw two forks of light lines and three stars vanished.
strange phenomenon manifested itself, come out of the sky and, in the middle The tennants of the house, whose
for officers with communications of these, a huge green, white and blue back-yard is adjacent to that of Mr.
headquarters in Perth said they could light appeared. The phenomenon was Bell's, noticed the bright light shining
about 30 meters high with a 6-meter but didn't see the source. They, too,
wide base. The light effect was first were aware of the gale-forced wind and
Symposium, Continued noticed in the corner of Mr. Bell's back- said that both effects vanished with a
yard and seemed to come from above sort of "bang." Additionally, they
but rather as tribal spirits, benign or one tree. noticed their electrical clock "blinking"
malign, of course, depending on their This tree and its neighbour were as if there had been a blackout.
behavior. These spirits are closely akin, blowing around as if in gale-force winds Several other residents in the area
however, to our notions of ghosts and which were confined to that particular reported trouble with clocks and lights
are sometimes viewed as the departed area. going on and off. There were reports of
spirits of relatives. It also seems to be a The phenomenon was very some people suffering mild electric
part of local tradition that such spirits brightly coloured bluish white and shocks from metal objects and a
can manifest simply as a glowing light or green. Its shape was hard to define microwave oven reportedly blinked on
in a humanoid form. because the light gradually lost its and off. Additionally, local dogs howled.
Much work remains to be done in brightness on the oustide. However, it According to the Weather Bureau,
this field, as with most other areas of seemed to be conical in shape. there had not been a gale-force wind in
contemporary ufology. In the Appearing in the sky, on either the area at that time.
meantime, however, we can applaud side, at the same time, were bright "zig- The physical effects noted here are
Cynthia's efforts as those of a pioneer in zag" vertical lines and three "star" like for the information of readers only as
the true sense of the word and look lights which were on the right above the investigations are still underway. The
forward to her next report from the zig-zag and formed a straight, but tilted investigations of the Perth UFO
African continent. line. They were approximately 36° Research Group are continuing.
Article « 1984, R. Stanford
Photos " 1984, M. Chamblee

The small town of Llano, Texas, is Chamblee Photo 5 (left) seems to show object rotated roughly 80 degrees to observers' left compared to
located about 75 miles northwest of image obtained in next photo. Photo 6 (right) enlarged 66 diameters, reveals a view looking more directly
Austin on state highway 71. It was there along the axisof lateral symmetry but with trailing erid (two bright light sources) elevated some degrees.
In center, overlay drawings made from the two photos. Images are only approximate but show general
on the night of February 22, 1984, that shape and compare orientations, captured in final two photos.
architect Michael Chamblee, 38, and
his wife, Therese, 37, saw a strange
pattern of maneuvering lights. Up to this point, the white light seemed photos .with the camera. He used an
Provoked by the sighting, he decided to to be elevated a little higher than the red infinity setting, an aperture of f/1.4 on a
keep his Minolta SRT 101 35mm one, producing an imaginary line that 55mm lens at 1/60 second shutter
camera handy and loaded with Tri-X made an angle of about 15° tilt relative speed.
film. Should something more happen, to the horizontal. Unknown to them, only 600 to 700
he was determined to have other than Suddenly, the white light on the feet away one of their five children, ten-
memory to prove it afterward. right moved to a still more elevated year-old Erick, along with a neighbor
About six weeks later, on position, resulting in an imaginary line . boy, had noticed the two unusually
Tuesday, March 20, at around 7:30 PM, connecting the two lights at a tilt, now, brilliant lights coming out of the north
keeping the camera ready paid off. of about 30° relative to the horizontal. and had been puzzled and excited
Michael and Therese were dressed up This position was maintained for upon witnessing the transposition
and heading out for a Chamber of perhaps two seconds. Then both lights maneuver described earlier. Erick and
Commerce dinner. As they walked began lateral arcs that resulted in the the other boy had been playing beside a
toward the car, Mrs. Chamblee pointed approximate transposition of their river about an eighth of a mile north of
into the north sky and asked her relative locations., , the Chamblee home.
husband about a bright "object" Thus, the white, steady, light that Meantime, Erick's father, uphill
coming in their direction from the had been slightly elevated and on the and south of the river, was clicking
north. observers' right went through an away with his camera. The first three
Initially, Michael thought they were approximate 150° arc to the left. The shots, Chamblee felt, may have
seeing a single object with two lights pulsating red light that had been on the included both the red and the white
substantially brighter than those left side arced about 180° and ended up light sources now moving away from
normally seen on aircraft. A red light to the horizontal right of the other light. each other. When the white light
that alternately dimmed and brightened That maneuver completed, both lights vanished, he was left with just the red
every two or three seconds, but which continued moving. pulsating light toward which to aim his
never blinked on and off, gleamed in the The white one travelled about 30° camera for the final three shots before
night sky in a position several arc in a westerly direction to the observers' the red light became so dim with
minutes away from and to the left, whereupon it quickly "faded out." distance as to discourage further
observers' left of a steady white light. The pulsating red light seemed to move photographic attempts.
Approaching from true north, away not truly to the east but on a It may be of interest to mention
along an estimated 351° magnetic course more northeasterly. here a paradox which the author
a z i m u t h ( d e t e r m i n e d at the D u r i n g the transposition noticed upon examination of the
observation site later by the author with maneuver, Michael Chamblee became original negatives made during the
Chamblee), the two light sources pretty well convinced that the objects
approached until at about 30° elevation. were truly anomalous and began taking (continued on next page)
Chamblee, Continued

Llano March 20 UFO event. The more

distant and dim the red object became
to the human eye, the more brilliant
(with attendant saturated image on the
negative) it became to the film
This phenomenon was not without
precedent, for on the night of
November 11, 1974, our Project
Starlight International lab site crew had
photographed two beautiful salmon
colored (pink tinted with orange) UFOs
which yielded photographic images that
were increasingly saturated (bright on
prints) in direct proportion to the
increasing distance and dimness of the
objects as perceived by the people
doing the tracking. Chamblee family with (from leftl Erick, Jonathan and Stephen
The Llano object — or at least the
red one — seemed (from photo that the tree in that direction upon light had two side-by-side sources
analysis) to have been rotating. This which his pointing of my angle finder instead of just one. It is to the witnesses'
could account for the seeming was based had put out quite a bit of new credit that, after seeing the images
"pulsation" (once every two to three foliage between March 30 and May 12, resolved by the camera, they did not
seconds), as might be deduced by study when the measurements were taken. alter their "memory" to fit the more
of photos five and six, reproduced Thus the object in photo six may have interesting filmed images.
herewith. These were taken " less been a degree or more lower than the During the 1950s and '60s NICAP
than1 two and no more than five" 28° measured later. used to insist that anyone's UFO film
seconds apart. That final snapshot is the most must show precisely and only what the
We might postulate t h a t interesting of the six photos taken by verbal report described. This naive
Chamblee just happened to catch the Chamblee, and the object image seems requirement placed any report and
red lights at increasingly brilliant better resolved or at least in some ways filmed results that differed one against
positions, but this explanation seems more easy to interpret in the the other as at best of dubious value
strained. Neither can the "paradox" be considerable details that are evidenced. and at worst as absolute fakes. Any
due to any, hypothesized increase in Shown here in 66-diameter expert on the nature and limits of
ultraviolent radiation. Chamblee's enlargement when compared with the human perception or on the capabilities
images, as well as those obtained by image's size on the original negative, we of modern .photography can quickly
P.S.I, in 1974, are clearly focused. seem to see substantially more detail prove the fallacy of such
Ultraviolent light cannot, be focused than Chamblee noticed during the 60 to pseudoscientific "expertise."
with standard glass lenses such as both 90 second sighting. Notice the two oval It is time UFO photo interpretation
Chamblee and P.S.I, used. Expensive or hexagonal light sources that seem to came out of the dark ages. The NICAP
quartz lenses would have been required be identical. position was a purely defensive one,
to obtain a focus of ultraviolent light. Calculation based upon the filmed with little or no view toward
Increasing infrared light with image size and other data suggests that understanding short-duration or high
distance or some other more complex the angular width of the two combined speed events that might be associated
explanation might be hypothesized, but bright lights was roughly 2.5 minutes of with UFO physics, regardless of the
the phenomenon is one toward which arc. Compare that to the appfpxirriate nature of the object or phenomenon
UFO researchers using instrument1 30-minute arch of the sun or moon. being photographed.
ation in the field as well as theoreticians Could Chamblee have been expected For some, it may have been
might profitably give some attention. to perceive a separation in two, tiny justifiable by the emotional needs of an
On-site measurements indicate lights so close together and bright red in even less than "fledgling" UFO
that Chamblee's final photo of the six color, as seen against the dark night "science" during the '50s and '60s. But if
(frame 15A-16 on the film edge) was sky? "UFO research" is ever to do any
taken at about 28° elevation above an What is known about human meaningful study of visual observations
azimuth of 70° magnetic. Chamblee, a perception suggests that under the coupled with genuine photographic
careful observer, pointed out that this visual circumstances, it would have records of the reported events, we had
particular elevation measurement may been very difficult for any of the four
be slightly exaggerated due to the fact witnesses to have noticed that the red (continued on next page)
Chamblee, Continued "live" cameras taking "instantaneous" shown by reproducing all the six UFOs
and "time" exposure photos of images. But for economics, it shall be
best get our experts in human conventional aircraft, satellites, sufficient to say that there are
perception and experts in analysis of balloons, etc. In my evaluation of the considerable images in the Chamblee
photographic records to understand Chamblee photos, I have reviewed photos that seem to correlate with
that problems of photographic hundreds of the practice films and their anomalous images obtained in several
interpretation can be very, very difficult photographic prints. We never even still photos and even with motion
and complex. This could be one of the once obtained a photographic image of picture films P.S.I, has recorded during
few viable approaches toward any of the a f o r e m e n t i o n e d several different UFO sightings.
understanding physical phenomena conventional objects that in any way Perhaps space can be found in some
associated with genuine UFO resembles the red object Chamblee future MUFON UFO JOURNAL for
observations and filmings. photographed on March 20, 1984. that study.
In fact, a careful look at the Resultantly, it seems realistic to say that In my not inexperienced opinion,
Chamblee photos reveals something at the photographic images Chamblee the four known UFO witnesses in Llano
least suggestive of structure beneath recorded were not taken of any known are sincere beyond reasonable
the two bright ovals of light. The conventional aircraft, satellite, or question. By nature, an architect must
"structure" might be interpreted as balloon known to the author. be a careful worker, and Michael
roughly triangular with one vertex If the dark "striping" on the dim, Chamblee seems to have carried over
upward and the two bright light sources lower "structure" shown in Chamblee's his architectural precision in noticing
mounted upon it. If we accept this photo six seems familiar to some and reporting details of the March 20
interpretation, then the base of the readers, they may be consciously or UFO photographic event. Finally, it is
triangle is tilted slightly upward and to unconsciously remembering two important to note that the UFO images
the left. Two dark streaks or bands drawings on page 4 of the Center for in the Llano photos are consistently in
seem to project symmetrically UFO Studies' "International UFO or quite near the middle of the camera's
downward from the "seven o'clock" Reporter," January/Februrary 1983. field of view. We are involved here with
and the "five o'clock" positions of the The two drawings reproduced therein truly anomalous images, not with
left and right ovals of light, respectively. are not exactly identical but are the photographic "artifacts," lens flares,
There may be similar dark bands individual renditions of Mary etc.
or light obstructions located parallel to LaMontague and Rose Messina, two of The Chamblee film was processed
the aforementioned two and located four witnesses to a "close-range" UFO at the standard 400 ASA for Tri-X film
just outside each of the two vertices of sighting on September 30,1982, in the by Jerry Bethel of Llano, as there are no
the seeming triangle base. These are area of Exeter, New Hampshire. professional labs there. Bethel is an
more difficult to see due to their being Of course, there are other cases of amateur, but the negatives turned out
against the night sky background, such dark stripes on objects and if any to be fairly clean, with only a few minor
instead of against the light gray reader can point out a case even more scratches, mainly along edges, well
"triangle" as are the former two. closely resembling the Chamblee away from the frame center where
If one overexposes in making a object, please communicate that to me Chamblee had positioned the UFO via
print of this photo, the division between at the address below. Both New the viewfinder. No properly focused,
those two bright oval or hexagonal light Hampshire drawings suggest four or enlarged images of the UFO(s) were
sources becomes much more distinct, approximately four dark "stripes," just produced until Chamblee gave me the
visible as a dark division separating the as seem to be evident in the Chamblee original negatives for study and
two. photo(s). enlargement.
Thus, the black-and-white image of In photo number five, we see an Without the photos, the
the UFO in photo six may evoke in us image of the same two light sources Chamblee-Llano sighting would be just
thought of some weird delta-wing more clearly recorded in photo six. It is one more "nocturnal light" case of little
aircraft approaching the observer with reproduced here for comparison, and interest. But because the architect felt
two bright landing lights on its nose and careful examination -thereof also compelled after his initial sighting to
with the under-body and under-wing reveals the two separate bright oval or carry a loaded camera, we now have
areas lighted more subtly. But let us hexagonal lights as well as an image of new photographic images (especially of
remember that the bright illumination the same dim "triangle" beneath the the red object involved) that are
was RED (not white as are landing lights, just as is shown more clearly in interesting because of the structure and
lights) and the object was, after all, the next photo. phenomena they seem to reveal. Few
moving generally away from the Comparatively, the UFO image in credible nocturnal UFO photos show
observers. photo five seems rotated roughly 80° to other than a blob or blobs of light,
Over a period of years I have the photographer's left and also tilted at usually image-smeared.
trained and directed Project Starlight a different angle. Photo four, not Thus, in some ways, Chamblee's,
International's synchronous camera reproduced in this article, also shows photographs are at least somewhat
crews during hundreds of training and the triangular shape with some clarity.
practice sessions. We always used Much more could be said about and (continued on next page)

At about 11 o'clock on a warm

Sunday night in late August 1983, Helen
Conrad, a security firm secretary, went
upstairs to the bedroom of her 12-year-
old daughter, Synthia. Before saying
goodnight and turning off the lights,
Mrs. Conrad looked out of the window
next to Synthia's bed. As she viewed
the rural countryside just south of
Vienna, North Carolina, she noted that
the whole neighborhood had settled in
for the night and the starlit western sky
gave a peaceful quietness to the scene.
It was truly a pleasant evening.
As she started to turn away,
something odd caught her eye.
"I noticed a small ball of light slowly
moving through the sky, heading north
across the background of stars," Mrs.
Conras told me.
"This puzzled me, and, thinking it Artwork by Simone Mendez
was an optical illusion or glare from the back again. Pressing my face closer to this was no airplane, it surely wasn't
room light, I quickly turned away and the window, I had no difficulty finding blinking like one," she said
the mystery light, which, by this time, emphatically.
Chamblee, Continued had moved lower in the sky and seemed Suddenly the thing burst into a
brighter. My first thought was that this series of multicolored lights — white,
exceptional. Additionally, the UFO was some kind of aircraft light." red, green, then yellow, and an occa-
shape suggested by the recorded image This response was understandable sional blue. Mrs. Conrad said it remind-
is very unlike the typical cartoon image since the Smith-Reynolds Airport is ed her of an array of tri-colored lights on
of a domed disc. In short, it is sfrange. only 9 miles east of her house. Then the top of police vehicles. They seemed to
To the author at least, that makes it not light stopped still. At that point it was be rotating in a counter-clockwise
only more interesting but almost approximately the size and intensity of direction around the edge of a dark
convincing. Those who, unlike a large star, but it did not pulsate, fade, circle. The overall effect was one of a
Chamblee, are inclined to fake UFO or diffuse. slow spinning, like a circus merry-go-
photos usually try to show us precisely "My next thought was perhaps a round.
what they think we want to see, the helicopter was in the area," she said. "The distance of the lights was
more legendary UFO. "Wouldn't that explain why the light's difficult to determine in the darkness,"
Following my advice, Michael movement could stop so suddenly?" Mrs. Conrad said, "but I now felt
Chamblee is preparing to register his This also was an understandable intuitively that these lights were part of
copyright to the March 20,1984, photos response, especially to anyone familiar something else, something real and
with the Library of Congress, hoping to with the visual effects military solid.
prevent misuse of the images he has helicopters produce while on night "Next, the fantastic aerial
obtained. The photos should be exercise. Suddenly the object's color maneuvers began, almost too exotic to
considered his copyright property, changed from white to brilliant red, and describe. At first I couln't believe what I
registration pending. Persons wishing it started flashing and gradually growing was seeing. The mysterious object flew
to communicate either with Chamblee larger until it was comparable to a large patterns I know no man-made aircraft
or with me concerning this headlight. could possible perform."
photographic case should write either "Immediately I realized that Using hand and body movements,
of us in care of Project Starlight whatever it was had changed direction Mrs. Conrad attempted to show me the
International, P.O. Box 5310, Austin, and was heading due east, coming
TX 78763. directly toward my house. Now I knew (continued on next page)
Rhein, Continued

erratic flight of the object and how it

changed positions at unbelievable
speeds in both the vertical and
horizontal planes. She said it reminded
her of a child playing hop, skip and
Unable to contain her excitement,
she called to her daughter, "Synthia,
come here: quick! Look out there -
that's not a plane!"
Synthia, sensing the excitement in
her mother's voice, jumped out of bed
and peered out the window. As if
waiting for Synthia to find it, the
mystery ship suddenly slowed down
and stopped dead still. It remained
stationary for almost a full minute, its
lights slowly rotating around the center.
, Then it began moving again slowly seriously: The dispatcher immediately They also reported the absence of any
towards the house. Its lights dimmed • radioed the nearest patrol car and also exhaust: no flame, no smoke, no vapor
and the color band suddenly turned contacted me so I might possibly catch trail.
dark red as it stopped again above the sight of the unknown object. A check with the Smith-Reynolds
• trees. , . • - • , ' ••'•'• While her mother was on the Airport revealed no record of anything
"It sat there in the air, hovering and telephone, Synthia saw the object unusual in the' sky that night. No ad-
tilting from side to side ever so slightly," perform a new maneuver. She said it planes were scheduled, no low level
Mrs. Conrad said. "It.was scary and began with a shallow climb and a military operations were in the area, no
exciting at once. I could now see its brightening of the lights; then it shot night balloon launches. A spokesman
lights illuminated something solid, upward, its lights turning to a brilliant for air traffic control said visibility was
something round. It had . an sparkling yellow. It turned on edge, excellent to 10 miles, and they had no
indeterminate number of lights all creating a wheel of vivid light rolling unusual contacts in the sighting
blending together around its briefly across the night sky. This was quadrant between 10 PM and 11 PM.
midsection. The reflected light from the followed by rapid spinning while the The tower closed at 11 PM. ;
hull gave me the impression it was craft flew in circles. This case does not appear to
smooth metal. By the time Mrs, Conrad returned satisfactorily fit any of the stock
"Then, as if to help my study, its to the window, the UFO had descended explanations like misidentificatiori of
lighting swiftly changed to a pale yellow- to a point apparently 25 feet above land aircraft or stars, atmospheric
orange. Incredible as it may sound, behind a 70-foot oak tree, about 2,500 phenomena, hoax, hullucinations, etc.
there, several yards away, bathed in a feet from the window. An estimate Just what Mrs. Conrad and Synthia
pale light, appeared a solid object of based on subsequent measurements observed in the night sky may never b^
considerable size, shaped like a disc suggested that the object was 30 to 50 identified positively. One thing is
somewhat flattened on the bottom. The feet in diameter and was approximately certain, it adds to the records piling up
lights now came out of a series of 1,000 feet above the ground at this for the unsolved UFO mystery. '
windows that reminded me of a brightly point.
lit Pullman car. The whole thing looked Finally, as Mrs. Conrad and
s m o o t h , no p r o t r u s i o n s or Synthia watched, the object
appendages." accelerated upward, the colors and
Telling her daughter to keep intensity dimming. When Deputy Ray
watch, she hurriedly left the bedroom Bottoms arrived in about 10 minutes
to grab the nearest phone. Although it and they pointed it out to him, it had FREE BOOK OFFERED
seemed like hours since she had first diminished to the size of a large star.
seen the light, only five or six minutes Soon it became a pinpoint of light and A revised edition of the UFO
had actually passed. She reported what was lost in the starry sky. Enigma, by Marcia Smith, is being
they were seeing to the Forsythe Both Mrs. Conrad and her offered by the Congressional Research
County Sheriffs Office, and asked daughter mentioned a curious thing Service free of charge. This'book may
whether anyone else had reported the during my interview with them, the be obtained by writing to your U.S.
unusual aerial lights. To her relief, the almost eerie quiet as they watched the Congressman and asking for Report 83-
sheriffs department treated her call alien object execute its acrobatics. P205SPR.
Mercury-a possible clue to UFO propulsion?

Parti winged staff This Roman god also many of us and generously shared her
became associated with magic and information, intellect, and philosophy
Some UFO researchers direct science, although how this gradation as well as her magazines, journals and
their main attention to the puzzle of came about seems as mysterious as the newsclips.
UFO propulsion. This is natural for- origin of the god himself. Out of two newspapers in towns
technically-trained persons who are His Greek equivalent is Hermes, surrounding Rio Vista came reports of a
exploring the phenomena of objects who had basically the same traveling flat, elongated craft, from the sides of
, which seemingly fly in a manner which equipment and symbolized the same which came streaks of fire. 2,3 The
often apparently defies known physical aspects of man's culture — travel, object, which was witnessed on May 16,
laws. commerce, messenger from the gods, 1964, was seen to touch the earth,
Other researchers who are .not etc. leaving behind scorched ground. It
physical scientists or who have no I include these facts about departed in a red haze and was
specialized technical nowledge are also, Mercury as an ancient god mainly reported to the Rio Vista police by Mrs.
naturally, interested in how the UFOs because myths have often been found Walter McKarley and her three sons,
are propelled. But such researchers' to contain grains of truth, if one Alan, Bruce and Brent.
curiosity about this facet of the UFO searches deeply into them. We might The large object, which seemingly
phenomenon is limited to vague ask ourselves, why was "Mercury" the paralleled the movement of their family
impressions that they "defy gravity" or god of travel and flight? car, had a smaller object which seemed
"tap the earth's magnetic field", etc. The earliest reference I found to to be associated with it, somewhat in
My own education and training the metal mercury, as associated with the manner of a "remote-sensing"
was in the social sciences, but over the UFO propulsion was in a book by device, according to the witnesses. At
past 26 years I have repeatedly run into Harold T. Wilkins. My personal library least a dozen other persons
references in UFO literature which does not contain all the Wilkins books independently reported seeing the
mention a specific earth element, the which discuss Fortean and UFO object.
liquid metal, m e r c u r y . These phenomena, but recently my colleague Although the fact was not
references are in books, articles in both Raymond Bayless directed me to mentioned in the newsclips, Idabel
popular magazines and research passages in one of Ivan T. Sanderson's learned later from a northern California
journals, newspaper clips, and a books which contained similar material. investigator that the object had
personally investigated CE III case. The ancient Sanskrit writings, hovered in and around an oil field and
Perhaps a person educated in the particularly those portions called the that the next day considerable
social sciences is not prepared to "Manusa" (supposedly factual), contain quantities of mercury, which were used
suggest clues as to how UFOs are descriptions of a war1 between two in, the oil wells' machinery, were
propelled. However, my specialty of civilizations who lived on earth many missing. As interesting as this fact was,
correlation of UFO information may thousands of years ago in antedeluvian no f u r t h e r i n f o r m a t i o n was
give clues to others. times. According to that portion of the forthcpming.
'., Mercury, as'we know, is the only Manusa called S a m a r a n g a n a Time .passed, and references to
metal which is liquid at ordinary Sutradhara, their defense systems had mercury associated with UFO sightings
temperatures. It occurs native and in arsenals of what sounded like atomic continued to surface. On December 13,
other compounds. It is released by weapons, and they also had the power 1973, 16-year-old Patrick Thrush was
roasting cinnabar, for example, and of flight in vehicles called "vimanas". reportedly driving near his home in
condensing the vapors. It is also known These were flying craft of various sizes Braderton, Florida, when he saw a
by the popular name "quicksilver." which used mercury as an essential brilliant object hovering over a river. A
Mercury, in Roman mythology, element in their propulsive systmes;1 tube was protruding out of the object
was the god of commerce, roads and In 1964,' some years after into the water. Patrick took two
travel. He was also the messenger of becoming interested in active field pictures of the object, which
the gods. He was noted for being rather investigation, I read about UFO immediately pulled in the tube and
crafty and deceptive at times, even a sightings in Rio Vista, a small town in swooshed over his car, dropping three
trickster or thief when need arose. northern California. The Rio Vista warm lightweight rocks which had the
Mercury's gift of flight was newsclip was given to several southern appearance of lava.4
smybolized by his winged sandals and a California researchers by Idabel
broad, winged hat. He also carried a Epperson of Los Angeles. She taught (continued on next page
Druffel, Continued McMaster University, Hamilton, pentafluoride in sulphur dioxide, I
Ontario (Canada), who had claimed to wondered if tin might be a byproduct of
Patrick was not an ordinary 16- have found a new way to convert an engine employing atomic reaction,
year-old. He was a former science fair mercury into . a gold-like metal. using (radioactive) mercury as a basic
winner, a student of higher math and Although nuclear accelerators had fuel.
physics who had designed and built been known to convert small amounts I consulted scientific sources, who
custom electronic equipment. of base metals, such as lead and informed me that it was unlikely that the
He reported that when the object mercury, into true gold by nuclear two elements — mercury and tin —
passed low over his car, it emitted a transformation at stupendous cost, could be involved in the way suggested.
bluish-green glow. As it turned Gillespie's method used conventional If mercury had been made radioactive
southward, it changed to color chemical techniques. Metallic mercury for the purpose of an atomic engine, the
and disappeared. Two independent was treated with arsenic pentfluoride in two elements are still 30 places away
witnesses some distance away saw the liquid sulphur dioxide, and the mercury from each other on the atomic scale. An
bright object departing and one of these was transformed into a crystalline element is changed by taking away or
saw, below the bright light, two smaller material with a golden appearance. Its adding protons and neutrons. In earth
lights which merged into the larger empirical formula, however, was not science, light elements are used for
object. AU (gold) but the "rather mysterious atomic reactions, since they are
Patrick not only reported the Hg2.85ASf6". According to the article, reactive (easier to take away protons
object; he went further. Based on what the X-ray diffraction photograph of this and neutrons). But mercury is a heavy
he had observed (and apparently using compound is even more unusual. It was element. I wondered if perhaps UFO
intuitive skill?) he theorized that the ascribed to linear rows of mercury entities didn't have to use light elements
craft was navigated by "magnetic push- atoms in two non-intersecting perpen- if their propulsion systems involved
pull". He referred to "an incomplete dicular directions, while AsF 6 - atomic energy. After all, might not
MIT concept" called a mercury pool in octahedra are spaced regularly mercury, having more electrons and
which, according to his statements, a between them. These metal rows protons than many other elements, be
nuclear fusion device provides heat apparently accounted for "the preferred as a sheer matter of
between two mercury pools. The pools compound's surprising electrical economy, all well as being easy to
rotate in opposite directions, he conductivity". handle because of its fluidity?
explained, creating a magnetic force In discussing the above, consider This reference stayed in the
between them. the following as possible correlations "Mercury" file, which was growing
He theorized that some type of with what we know about UFOs: 1. thicker as years passed. But in 1965
shield or conductor directed the force repeated references to mercury in un- another possible clue, not recognized
to propel the craft. He also theorized conventional propulsion systems; 2. as such at the time, had surfaced. My
that the power for the fusion device even more frequent references to husband Charles and I had interviewed
might be deuterium or tritium (heavy "sulphur" odors associated with UFO a close encounter witness for NICAP
hydrogen). These, he pointed out, sightings (is there a possible correlation who claimed to have met the occupants
could be processed from ordinary here with the sulphur dioxide used in of a large flying saucer near a large city
water, and he has observed the craft Gillespie's experiments?); 3. the in the southwest section of our country,
apparently drawing up water from the mysterious and apparently easy to have been taken for a ride and given
lake via a tube. rearrangement of atoms associated information about the workings of the
I never found out if the Thrush with the element mercury, at least in propulsion system of the craft.6
case was proved genuine or not. The this particular experiment; 4. the The witness had specifically
rocks and photos were presumedly compound's high degree of electrical mentioned that a substance "that
analyzed by scientists but, to my conductivity, (if, theoretically, it might looked like Mercury" was involved in
knowledge, no definite conclusions ever be used in an (atomic?) propulsion the alien machinery. A careful
were published. The newspaper clip system also involving electro- investigation of the report was made,
went into a file which I had now labelled magnetism). but no verification of the witness' claims
"References to Mercury." I searched Admittedly I was swimming in the was found. The witness, whom we will
scientific references in the library with dark, but decided to venture further refer to as M.C., described with some
the competent help of an interested into the unknown blackness. I precision, the manner in which the craft
librarian, attempting to find published remembered a case in South America was propelled and had furnished a few
material about the alleged "incomplete where a UFO had been witnessed, drawings related to this.
MIT concept" mentioned by Thrush, apparently in trouble, over a city. It The education level and verbal
but we were unable to find any scientific dribbled liquid metal, afterward alacrity of the witness was impressive
literature which seemed to fit. identified as tin, then "recovered" and enough that the case was followed up
Time passed, and then in the sped away. Remembering Gillespie's by a group of scientific and technical
scientific journal Cnem/sfry 5 I reference to mercury atoms being researchers in the southern California
happened upon a reference to research rearranged in "mysterious" formations
by Ronald T. Gillespie and associates of by i n t e r a c t i o n w i t h arsenic (continued on next page)
Hysteria & UFOs-is there a connection?
Copyright © 1984 by Michael D. Swords

The goal of this report is to explore seem to have understood the

the psychiatric literature on the nature Can so-called "mass hysteria" current thinking on the subject
of'hysteria," and to begin to determine account for some multiple- before commenting. The most
whether the loosely used explanations witness . UFO sightings, as significant published remarks
of "mass hysteria," hysterical neurosis, some debunkers claim? We relating to hysteria in the UFO-
hysterical contagion, or "status asked Michael D. Swords, a literature, and available to the
inconsistency" have any important MUFON consultant in science author, are Mark Rhine's chapter
relevancy to UFO experiences. Let's and a member of the science . i n the Condon Report,2 Robert
also take a look at the woefully sparse faculty at Western Michigan Hall's and Grinspoon and Persky's
UFO literature on the subject. University, to take a look at chapters in UFOs: A Scientific
When you begin researching this the subject. This is the first in a Debate,3 Donald Warren's article
topic you run into several surprises, series of three articles on his on "Status in Consistency,"4 and
which make you wonder whether you findings. the chapters'by Phillis Fox and
should even bother going on: Ronald Westrum in Haines' UFO
examples... Phenomena and the Behavioral
1. The psychiatric profession reappeared in the 1968 edition Scientist,5 w h i c h i n c l u d e
hasn't quite made up its mind as to under several headings. More comments on Warren's ideas.
whether "hysteria" even exists. about these later. Hmm. Well, you can see why one
Some books define it as "a name This confusion stems from the might wonder if it's worth going on. The
once used for a variety of revolution taking place all across psychiatrists admit that they don't
neuroses." The word "hysteria" psychiatry today. Old terms such know what we're talking about, we
even disappeared entirely from the as "epilepsy," "schizophrenia," don't seem to know what we're talking
psychiatrist's "Bible," the "hysteria" and many others are about, and our UFO writers,
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual being recognized as vague understandably therefore, may not
for Mental Disorders, in 1952. It concepts at best — "garbage" know what we're talking about either
words into which a multitude of (as regards "hysteria," anyway).
poorly understood organic and So,, should we just pack it up and
Druffel, Continued environmental problems have forget it? If this author had any sense
been grouped. The task of modem that's probably what he'd do, but let's
area. In Part II of this article, details of psychiatry and medicine is to give it a try anyway. Let's see what
this strange case wll be explored. unravel a very tangled group of unravelling we can do.
knots. Here's our procedure: First, we
To be continued 2. What we usually picture in find out what the psychiatrists think
.1 . • '
our minds when the word that they do know about the various
REFERENCES AND FOOTNOTES " h y s t e r i a " is m e n t i o n e d forms of hysteria (as painlessly as
1. Sanderson, IvanT. INVISIBLE RESIDENTS, (individuals screaming uncontrol- possible); second, we eliminate those
New York and Cleveland, The World Publishing lably and a movie hero smacking syndromes .which seem to have very
Company, pp. 221-22 them in the face) seems to have little relevance to our phenomena;
2. "Strange Flying Saucer Report Stirs Residents little or nothing to do with third, we take a good close look at
of Rio Vista," Tribune, (Dixon, CA), May 21, "hysteria" as currently described. "mass hysteria"; and, fourth, a close
1964. look at "dissociative hysteria" while
Also, "crowd panic," a la the "fire
,3. "Objects Sighted in Sky", RIVER NEWS-
HERALD, (Rio Vista, CA), May 20,1964 in the crowded theater" (whether including some comments on how the
4. "What Did Patrick Thrush See Hovering there is a real fire or not), seems to "status inconsistency" theory is related
Above?", TIMES, (Pinellas, FL). December 31, have little or nothing to do with to the syndromes. Hang in there, folks,
1973 hysteria. It is certainly not what the this won't hurt a bit.
5. "Research Reporter" (column", "The
Philosopher's Stone?" CHEMISTRY, Vol. 46,
psychiatrist means by "mass
No. 9, p. 32 hysteria." What the psychiatric profession
•, 6. Due to the sensitive nature of this cose, details 3. The relevant UFO- feels that it knows.
of date, location, etc. are obscured. Original literature on the topic is nearly When reading the prominent
reports and transcript in N1CAP archives and non-existant, and, worse, doesn't (continued on next page)
Druffel files.
Swords, Continued "re-run" acting out of traumas in a mechanical, chemical, or
trance-like state, which are sometimes physiological causality."8
texts, handbooks, and manuals, the mistaken for convulsions. So, the prime ingredient is fear,
constellation of hysterical syndromes Number 4, Briquet's syndrome, and the "symptoms," whatever they
seems to break down as in the following has been recently detailed by a team at turn out to be, are inexplicable on usual
list:* Washington University of St. Louis, physical or "organic" grounds (i.e. they
1. hysterical neurosis, conversion thus the nickname "St. Louis hysteria." are psychologically generated).
type; It, too, seems largely irrelevant here. It The "contagious behavior" usually
2. hysterical neurosis, dissociative is a type of conversion hysteria dealing begins with a single case, which is often
type; with a cluster of psychosomatic a day or more removed from the
3. hysterical psychosis; complaints, and having a recognizable acceleration of the symptoms which is
4. Briquet's syndrome, or "St. "home environment" (for example, the "epidemic." The first case is the
Louis" hysteria; alcoholism, socio-pathy in spouse) as "trigger event" and contains within it
5. mass psychogenic illness its breeding ground. something which may cue the future
6. hysterical personality; and, This leaves us with four potentially cases to begin (for example, a bug bite,
although not classed as hysteria: important conditions. We'll deal with an odd odor). Once the second and
7. group anxiety or phobic "mass psychogenic illness" first, and third cases occur the phenomenon
reactions, as in a crowd panic. include remarks on "crowd panic" as spreads rapidly, cases occurring within
Let's combine our first two tasks we go into "MPI." Secondly, we'll take minutes of each other at the
(knowledge and elimination) for a bit on "dissociative hysteria" with "contagion's" peak. After the MPI
here to save time, patience, journal inclusions about "status inconsistency" peaks and "bums out," a smaller
space, and our own sanity. Number 1, and "hysterical personality" when "rebound" peak may occur involving
hysterical neurosis of the conversion appropriate. "repeaters" (individuals affected
type, seems not too pertinent to our previously). In a week or so the
field of study. Why? It is characterized Mass hysteria phenomenon ceases entirely.
by very obvious, even spectacular, loss In the "June Bug" case, involving
of functions of specific body parts As mentioned above, the modern the "typical" MPI symptoms of nausea,
despite the absence of any organic term for "mass hysteria" is "mass nervousness, weakness, and
dysfunction in those parts. Limb psychogenic illness" or MPI."7 numbness, 50 cases occurred in the
rigidity, or deafness, or blindness, Although a rare and amazing sequence peak two-day period. The day prior, five
would be examples of these of envets, at least two dozen such cases occurred; the day after, four. The
occurrences. Uncontrolled motor clusters of hysteria have been closely initial case occurred five days before
movements (dyskinesias) are another studied. Through these cases a pattern the peak, and only two cases occurred
symptom. Visual hallucinations and has emerged and some understanding in the "tail" of the phenomenon, three
internal delusions are hot part of the of underlying causes is now available. and five days later. The total time
core of this syndrome. As perhaps a necessary aside, we period: 11 days. This sort of time
Number 3, hysterical psychosis is should list a few other names this spectrum is not at all unusual. It is the
probably "out" as well. Attaching the phenomenon has been given, since the typical pattern.
word "psychosis" to hysteria implies quotes which follow do not use the So, what else can we say? Typical
that the individual is seriously out of same terms: "hysterical contagion," symptoms have been mentioned
touch with reality. Now, some skeptics "epidemic hysteria," "group hysteria," above. What other "behaviors" might
might feel that that is precisely the "mass conversion reactions," and occur? Headaches are very common.
description of some UFO experiences, "collective delusion." Now the patterns Occasionally screaming, struggling and
but the psychiatric profession is seen... violence are present. Unexplained
unlikely to agree. Why? Hysterical Let's start with a quote from the laughter may appear, and feelings of
psychosis is not a one-time episode of investigators of one of the most famous cold and dizziness. There is often some
fantasy and delusion, but an on-going cases of MPI, the "June Bug Incident": paranoia. More d r a m a t i c or
recurrent syndrome described as "A case spectacular phenomena, such as
"blatantly obvious" and resistant to" one in which a set of experiences "possession," "trance speaking," or
normal psychotherapy. It often involves or behaviors which are heavily "running amok" will occur only when a
laden with the emotion of fear of a cultural matrix has created the
mysterious force are disseminated precedences for such bizarre actions.
thorugh a collectivity. The type of
MUFON behavior which forms the manifest
content of the case may vary
To Be Continued

103 OLDTOWNE RD. widely from one example to the REFERENCES

next, but all are indicative of fear, 1. American Psychiatric Association, Diagnostic
SEGUIN, TX 78155
and all are inexplicable in terms of
the usual standards of (continued on next page)
Lucius Farish


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3. Sagan, Carl and Thorton Page (eds.). UFO's: read this book, as well as the others found. I, for one, welcome their
A Scientific Debate. Ithaca, N.Y. 1972. dealing with this case, before making a contributions to the UFO subject. Read
4. Warren, Donald. "Status Inconsistency decision concerning the truth of Meier's and make your own decisions, rather
Theory and Flying Saucer Sighting." Science
170:599-603. 1970.
claims. than conveniently accepting the
5. Haines, Richard (ed.). UFO Phenomena and As with its predecessor, Volume D criticisms and accusations made by
the Behavioral Scientist. Mefuchen, N.J. 1979. is a "picture-book," composed largely those who have not conducted a proper
6. Readers may survey most of the syndromes of the Meier photos, along with other investigation of the case. Volume n is
below in Horowitz, Mardi J. (ed.). Hysterical photos and illustrations pertinent to the available from Geneis III Publishing,
Personality. N.Y. 1977.
7. For most thorough survey: Cottigan, MichaelJ. case. The text has been written by two Inc. - P.O. Box 32067 - Phoenix,
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