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NUMBER 206 JUNE 1985

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This issue welcomes back a former editor of the Journal,
103 Oldtowne Rd. Richard Hall, with some pungent points about the current state of
Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 affairs in ufology. Jennie Zeidman gives us an on-the:spot impresison
of her recent visit to Rendlesham Forest, and Stan Gordon looks at
DENNIS W. STACY current Pennsylvania reports. Philip Mantle, Overseas Liaison
Editor Officer for the Yorkshire (England) UFO Society, re-opens the case
WALTER H. ANDRUS, JR. for the extraterrestrial hypothesis, and Francis Ridge, MUFON
International Director and State-Section Director for Indiana, reviews NICAP's The UFO
Associate Editor Evidence, 20 years after its original publication. Our cover is by west
THOMAS P. DEULEY Texas cartoonist, Gary Oliver, pen name "Golliver". We hope to see
Art Director
more of his work in the Journal, too.
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Books/Periodicals/History In this issue
GREG LONG IN OTHERS' WORDS, by Lucius Parish 8
Staff Writer THE CASE FOR E-T CONTACT, by Philip Mantle 9
Staff Artist THE UFO EVIDENCE: 20 Years After, by Francis Ridge 14
Landing Trace Cases LETTERS : 16
Medical Cases DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE, by Walt Andrus 20
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By Jennie Zeldman

By now, ufologists and ufobuffs

alike are familiar with the Rendlesham
Forest Affair. The night of December
27, 1980, a UFO allegedly crash-landed
in a forest near a U.S. Air Base (RAF
Woodbridge) in Suffolk, England. U.S.
personnel went to the site, and the Base
Commander communicated with three
alien entities during the several hours
the triangular-shaped craft was
grounded for repairs. Two nights later,
at the same site, the Deputy Base
Commander (Lt. Col. Charles Halt)
and others were treated to a repeat visit
by strange pulsing lights. Halt made a
"real-time" audio tape of that event.
The case "belongs" to Jenny
Randies, Dot Street, and Brenda
Butler. Dot . and Brenda, relatively
inexperienced, non-scientifically
oriented UFO investigators (Dot,
BUFORA; Brenda, independent) did
most of the leg work, while Jenny, RALPH NOYES and JENNY HANDLES
internationally respected Chief of
Investigations for BUFORA, was their —Photo by Jenny Zeldman
mentor, coaching from the sidelines at retirement in 1977, Noyes was head of HALT'S ROLE
her home in Warrington, near DS 8, the office "in charge of UFO
Liverpool. Their book, S/cy Crash,1 is a matters." Jenny said having Ralph I consider the primary witness to
convoluted chronology of their Noyes l e c t u r e B U F O R A w a s be Col. Halt. He is admittedly an
investigation which creates more equivalent to having Ed Ruppelt lecture eyewitness, and it is he who is identified
mysteries than it solves. It concerns CUFOS. as the originator of two of the four
itself not so much with their findings None of this makes me an expert documents (that I am aware of) on the
(which were few) but with their great on the RFA (Rendlesham Forest case.
difficulties with witnesses and Affair); however I believe it has given As a point of view, the four
government agencies. The contention me a perspective on the case that I documents are:
is that there exists a gigantic haven't seen elsewhere, and I'd like to
• Halt's memo to the Ministry of
conspiratorial coverup on the case. make a few comments to that effect. If
nothing more, the moles among us may Defense, dated 1/31/81
VISIT enjoy a few hearty laughs.2 • Halt's audio tape, allegedly made in
In our "usual" cases, we (the "real time," 12/29/80
I spent, all day April 9, 1985, with investigators) interrogate witnesses
Dot Street-in Woodbridge village, in who are cooperative to the best of their • MOD memo, lightly censored,
Rendlesham Forest, and at the site, and abilities, i.e., they're "on our side," they undated, leaked to Jenny Randies
the following Saturday evening in are truly puzzled, and they are looking • MOD letter to Jenny re: 12/27
London-with Dot, Jenny Randies, to us for help. In the RFA (as presented events, dated April 13, 1983.
Peter Warrington, Hilary Evans, in S/cy Crash), just the opposite is true:
Tomothy Good, et al, at a BUFORA the primary witness has done his best to Once a document (written, tape,
meeting where the topic was British impede the investigation and confuse, photo, whatever) is introduced into a
Government cover-up, and the speaker mislead, and even tease the investi- scenario, it becomes an "exhibit" of
was Ralph Noyes, a former Air Ministry gators.
Intelligence Officer. Upon his (continued next page)
-Photo by Jennie Zeidman —Photo by Dot Street
RENDLESHAM, Continued told Jenny that he had heard, etc ). things out-a method of discovering
The information therefore consistencies and discrepancies (and
hard evidence--o>he/her true or false- becomes anecdotal, not testimonial. just which character did what, and with
-and it cannot be disregarded, for Fine nuances and intricacies of tone what, to whom!).
(paranoia hats on, everyone!) if false, it and language are lost. Granted, we are
nevertheless has been created and not in a court of law, where verbiage of CAUTION
disseminated for a purpose. The person this sort is inadmissible. But we are in a
indentified as responsible for the court of science, where any and every But caution is advised. Some of the
creation of that document has put shred of subjectivity or generality material is simply not true-and not
himself on the line, whether of his own muddies our case. And many a court necessarily from witness testimony but
volition or on orders, and he must case has been lost not because that side from false premises put forward by the
forever be associated with that was wrong, but because it was ill- authors. E.g.; the morning after our
document, regardless of its legitimacy. prepared. The. testimony did not arrival at Woodbridge, I asked my
Col. Halt has certainly put himself convince the jurors. Jurors become husband's liaison, Sgt. Vergil
on the line. discouraged and negatively disposed Yarborough, how long he'd been on
But not all the problems with the when offered a can of worms. base. "Five years come June," he
case revolve around Col. Halt. The Of course S/cy Crash was replied. "Gosh," I said (batting
hard facts are that of the few alleged constructed anecdotally for wider eyelashes), "that's a long time! Why,
eye-witnesses, much of their testimony reader appeal, and I respect that you must have been here when the
has been surrendered reluctantly, and choice of treatment by the authors. It UFO landed!" "Yeah," He said. "Did
none of their testimony (in the book) was not intended as a technical report. you see it?" I asked, "Do you know
has been offered verbatim. We know And that's too bad, because I suspect anything about it?" "No," he replied, "I
that Dot and Brenda had a tape that if scraped down to the bare bones, just heard about it from other fellows.
recorder, yet we are offered no rich marrow could yet be retrieved. Best thing, you get the book. There's a
question and answer transcripts or Going through the book-and the book out on it-it's for sale at the base
even dialogue--only generalities, investigators' original tapes and notes- bookstore-it'll tell you all about it."
sometimes second-and-third line by line, and constructing flow
generation ones, at that (Paul Begg charts, could be of value in sorting (continued on page 15)
By Stan Gordon

It was 6:10 AM on the morning of

January 2, 1985. Jerry Murtha* and
Tom Mench*, ages 12 and 13, had
gotten up early to check their game
traps before going to school.
The sun was just beginning to rise
at Jamestown, a rural community
located in Lebanon County. The local
sky conditions were cloudy with some
fog. Jerry and Tom were on the way
over to the ravine where they had their
traps set when they heard a dog
howling from that area. They began to
hurry, thinking that the dog must have
been caught in one of the traps along
the creek. They checked them out and
found them empty.


After spending some time in the

area they were just about to return
— Illustration by Jack Stoner
home, when in the distance they blocked the sphere from view, but gave transmission tower, but electrical lines
noticed 3 sets of glowing eyes. the boys the impression that it was from the tower were close to the vicinity
Assuming that they belonged to some going to land. where the larger object was observed.
type of game they were familiar with, A short time after the ball PASU investigator Jack Vogel
they began to move in that direction. disappeared from sight, the main interviewed the boys and their families,
It was then that Jerry looked up to object began to move off in a slow, and found them to be sincere and
observe a strange object, which he controlled manner, until it could no concerned over the incident. They are
pointed out to his friend. The two boys longer be seen. The sighting encounter not publicity seekers and are not UFO
laid down on the ground and watched lasted about 5 minutes. Both boys were buffs.
the object as it moved from southwest quite disturbed, and ran home to tell A search of the area where the ball
towards the northeast. The object was their parents about what they had seen. was seen descending did not turn up
described as being oval in shape, After discussing the incident, the two any evidence on the ground. However,
metallic gray in color and having a boys decided to go back to the area, not two pine trees which the sphere
series of lights flashing along its middle only to see if they could again see the descended over were found to have had
edge. The object was estimated to be object, but to check to see if a skunk the tops cleanly sheared off about 15 to
about 15 feet in diameter, and about 200 they had shot that morning was still 18 feet in height. No burn marks were
feet above the ground. As the boys alive. apparent.
watched, the object moved very slowly, PASU is also investigating another
then stopped and hovered. A low FIGURE SEEN daylight UFO sighting which occurred
humming sound could be heard as the the next day about 30 miles Northwest
objected began to slowly move again They were about half way towards of Jonestown at Shamokin. These
toward a grove of pine trees. the ravine, when they noticed the sightings are among a wave of incidents
The object then stopped over the silhouette of a man that seemed to have which have been reported through the
pine grove, and from the bottom front a very tall stature and large build, run first two months of 1985 across
section, a bright ball of yellow light through the ravine across the road from Pennsylvania.
about 4 feet in diameter was emitted. them. They assumed that whoever it
^Indicates a psuedonym for the actual witness. It
This yellow sphere slowly descended was might have been raiding their traps. has been my policy not to use the name of actual
towards the top of the tree line, and The sighting occurred about 1,000 observers in my articles unless the actual name
went down behind the trees, which yards from a high-tension power has already been used in press coverage.
and very close to it without touching it.
The witness watched as the object
dropped from the roof and moved
lower toward a brook below where the
witness was standing. Mrs. X was
higher in elevation than the object was,
and could see the top of the object at
this point. She described the object as
being shaped like an oblong box, solid
in appearance, and about 5 feet long,
2'/2 to 3 feet high, and about 2% feet .
wide. The side of the object . was
flourescent appearing, but not very
bright. From the center of the back of
the object was a tail-like projection
about 3 feet long. This tail did not give
Multiple Bright Lights the appearance of burning like fire, but
was also flourescent in appearance.
—Illustration by Jack Stoner This tail-like appendage was about
2l/2 inches wide and tapered down to
On the night of October 14, 1984, entry of space debris could account for about ]/2 inch. About 5 inches from the
numerous residents of Pennsylvania the reports. NORAD could not at this ojbect, the appendage had a dark space
reported sightings of Unidentified time find any such correlation. of 3 or 4 inches, then it was illuminated
Flying Objects from many sections of The most unusual UFO incident for several inches, then there was
the state. The reports began to come in occurring on this night was reported by another dark space, then it was
to the PASU Pa. UFO Hotline number a woman who lives near Smethport in illuminated to the end of the tail. The
at about 9 PM when observers in Blair Mckean County. The woman; who bottom of the object was covered with
County were reporting bright flashing wishes to remain anonymous (this .numerous bright white lights that did
lights and a red ball that streaked information on file with MUFON), did not flash or blink. The witness had the
vertically into the sky. At about 9:30 not report the incident to PASU until feeling "as if it was taking pictures."
PM, a woman near Vail in Blair County, October 20th, after becoming fearful . The object, which made no sound,
observed a large torpedo-shaped object that the object she had seen at close was first observed approximately 25
that appeared to pass low over the field. range may have affected her health. feet above the ground. It then slowly
The object which made no sound, It is important for serious UFO moved in a bat-like manner down
. appeared to coincide with electrical researchers to look into each UFO towards a ditch until it was about 15 feet
interference reported on the television report as a separate incident. It would above the ground. Mrs. X thought that
by the witness's family. A short time have been very easy to dismiss this case the tail appendage would drop into the
after the object passed over, a strong as another sighting of the bolide since ditch, but it continued to move on in a
sulphur smell was reported in the area. the time and location correlated closely controlled manner, toward a hill.behind
with those reports. A more detailed the house. The object then rose in
GREEN FIREBALL study of the event seems to rule out this altitude to about 400 feet as it passed
possibility. over a group of trees and could no
The majority of reports received It was 9:55 PM, and Mrs. X had just longer be seen.
on this night were observations of a taken her poodle outside for their
bright green fireball with a tail, that nightly stroll. She was standing just MANUEVERS
streaked across the state from outside the backdoor, when she
Northwest to Southeast. Initial noticed flashes of bright light on the The witness awaited the sound of a
information indicated the observed ground. She assumed that the 100 watt crash, but nothing was heard. The
object was likely a bolide-type meteor. bulb located at the corner of the house object as it moved around the area of
The National UFO Reporting Center in was going bad. She stepped away from the house, missed two TV antennas, a
Seattle, Washington, also received the house so that she could see where high brick chimney, a large Canadian
numerous reports from other states the light was landing, and soon realized spruce tree, a 30-feet pine tree, and 6
indicating that the object which had that nothing was wrong with the bulb. large Colorado spruce trees growing all
been reported at approximately 9:50 around the house except in the back.
PM had covered a large geographical BOX-SHAPE About 75 feet in front of the house
is the electric supply line for the
PASU contacted the Space As she glanced upwards toward witness's home and that of her
Center with NORAD, located in the roof, a strange illuminated object
Cheyenne Mountain, to see if any re- floated slowly over the edge of the roof (continued next page)
PENNSYLVANIA, Continued microscope at low power and on a Immediately after hearing the taps,
scanning electron microscope with X- Mr. Robinson observed a strange
neighbors. About 500 feet in back of the Ray analyzing capabilities. A series of object moving slowly to the right,
house, and up the hill where the object s c a n n i n g e l e c t r o n microscope directly in front of the window. Mr.
moved towards, is a high-tension power photographs were taken at different Robinson who was sitting only 6 feet
line. The object, which moved towards powers. away, jumped up and ran over to the
the Southeast, was observed for less window and observed the object as it
than a minute. ANALYZED turned sideways and rose up in the air.
The object passed within inches under
HEALTH EFFECTS The original structure of the the electric supply line which connects
material was that of a square grid and both Mr. Robinson's and his neighbor's
The next morning Mrs. X awoke has an extremely smooth surface. The home. The object continued to rise as if
with a severe headache and sore throat. color of the material samples range it was going to move over the roof, but
The headache persisted day and night from black, through brown, through this was blocked from view from where
for two weeks after the incident. It was tan. The material is somewhat Mr. Robinson was looking.
also noted at the location where the transparent at the edges.
object had passed over the roof that the The X-Ray analyzer can detect "EYE"
red paint and asphalt was burned off. elements except hydrogen. The
Mrs. X also noticed that a strange material contains only carbon, and The object when first seen in the
black soot-like material covered floors probably hydrogen. No other elements window appeared to be facing toward
in various rooms of her home. As she could be.detected (0.5% detectability). the observers. It was described as being
began to clean it up, she complained The analyst's conclusion is that the spherical in shape, and a little larger
that when she touched it, it would sting material is biological in nature, and than a basketball in diameter. The main
her hands. After handling the material, should be examined more thoroughly object was a bright red color, but did
Mrs. X reported that her hands and by a biologist. Samples of the residue not glow or appear illuminated.
thumb cracked open which she have been sent to MUFON for further There were two dark lines that
covered with a band aid. study by Burt Monroe, Jr. Ph.D., appeared either black or dark blue in
Several days after the incident, the Consultant in Biology. color, which seemed to extend from the
daughter of Mrs. X came to visit. It was In conclusion, this UFO incident center of the object in a Vrlike
at this time the UFO encounter and the will continue under investigation. The configuration to the top edge. In the
soot-like material were discussed. The close proximity of the object to the center of this V-shaped area was a dark
daughter asked her mother what she witness, the unusual shape of the object dot the same color as the two lines. The
had worn the night of the encounter and the apparent controlled dot was about an inch in diameter and
and it was determined it was a heavy movement, seem to indicate that gave the impression "of an eye."
black dress which had been hanging in .something unusual did indeed occur. When Mr. Robinson looked out
the clothes closet since the night of the How the residue relates to this the window at the object, he saw it turn
incident. observation is open for speculation at before it began to ascend towards the
this time. roof. The back of the object was of the
SOOTY RESIDUE same red color; however there were
two beams of bright white light about
A white sheet was placed on the one inch in thickness and about 16
outside porch and the dress laid on it. Mr. .Robinson and his sister Mrs. inches long, that extended out from the
The black soot fell from the dress, Jackson*, both retired, live near the object. These beams originated at the
which seemed full:of the substance. c o m m u n i t y of Level Green, center of the back side of the object and
Mrs. X feels this residue fell from the Pennsylvania, in Westmoreland seemed to relate to the V-
object onto herself and the dog. She has County. It was December 31,1984, and configuration on the opposite side. The
never seen this type of material around the couple had just sat down in their light from the beams did not appear to
her property. comfortable living room, to watch the show any reflecting light on the
Even though we had corresponded evening news. surrounding area, and white sparks
with the witness several times since she could be seen around both of the
and her family made the report to us, TWO TAPS beams. The object appeared to be
we did not receive the dress and sheet pulled in the direction of these two light
with the residue until January 26, 1985, About 6:10 AM, both parties heard sources.
when a certified package was received two loud taps in succession against the
from Mrs. X. living room window which faces the MORE TAPS
A PASU consultant examined the front porch. It was unusually warm and
material on January 28th. His report pleasant for that time of year, and even After Mr. Robinson saw the object
indicated that the material was though it was dark, the drapes at the
examined on an optical zoom front window were drawn back. (continued next page)
the first time through the window, he
turned on the porch light and went IN OTHERS' WORDS
outside to look but nothing was seen.
He turned out the light, went to sit By Lucius Parish
down in his chair, and within seconds
two more taps were heard at the
window again. The object once again
moved slowly directly in front of the
window and once again was seen to go UFO reports over the Pyrenees MAGNOCRAFT (mentioned in a
up towards the roof and out of sight. mountains of France are detailed in an previous column) may like to know that
This time both Mr. Robinson and Mrs. article in the April 9 issue of he has another paper available, THE
Jackson saw the object. Mrs. Jackson NATIONAL ENQUIRER. A OSCILLATORY CHAMBER. As
had heard the taps at the window both photograph of one object was obtained with his previous writings, this is a
times, but only observed the object the by a ski instructor and police officers technical dissertation on possible UFO
second time. After the second sighting, sighted yet another UFO in the same propulsion methods and related
Mr. Robinson turned on both the front area. Soviet UFO reports and a phenomena. Pajak's material is
porch light as well as the back light, and mysterious "cold fire" are featured in extremely interesting, even for anyone
walked all around the yard trying to see the ENQUIRER'S April 23 issue. The (such as myself) who doesn't fully
where the object had gone. It was never May 14 issue contains the testimony of appreciate, the technical aspects. More
seen again. Danish Air Force Major Hans Petersen information on Pajak's research and
Mrs. Jackson told her brother concerning hostile UFO incidents. publications can be obtained from him
what she had seen, but he didn't discuss However, at least one of the cases cited at: P.O. Box 1705 - Invercargill, New
what he had observed with her until two originated with highly questionable Zealand.
days later, since she was at home by sources and is probably fictional A word of warning to videophiles in
herself quite often and he did not want The NATIONAL ENQUIRER the reading audience. United
to frighten her. The object made no UFO REPORT is a new paperback E n t e r t a i n m e n t , I n c . of T u l s a ,
sound, and no unusual interference was from Pocketbooks, containing re- Oklahoma, is currently offering
noted on the TV at the time. Mr. written material taken from videotapes of two "documentaries,"
Robinson had not been a UFO believer ENQUIRER issues of the past several UFO—TOP SECRET and ATTACK
until this experience. years. The book covers numerous FROM OUTER SPACE, at $13.95
Reports of mini-UFOs are rare in aspects of the UFO subject and, while it each. If that seems like a bargain, be
comparison to the number of larger might be wise to keep your salt shaker assured that it isn't. These two films
unidentified aerial objects we hear handy while reading it, it does make it have to be the worst attempts at
about. Here in Pennyslvania, we have handy to have the "highlights" of such documentaries (on any subject) that it
investigated several such incidents in reports between two covers. It is now has ever been my misfortune to watch.
the last 20 years. We have cases on file available at newsstands or may be You will be well advised to save your
where very small objects ranging in size ordered from Pocket Books - Dept. money.
from several inches to a few feet in NAT - 1230 Avenue of the Americas -
diameter, were observed entering a car New York, NY 10020. Add 75C for
where the window was left down, postage and handling on mail orders;
hovering around the heads of people on the book is priced at $2.95.
a golf course in Pittsburgh and flying Dr. Brue Maccabee's series of
around the interior of a home. UFO articles continues in FATE. The
Even though the two observers of
this mini-UFO didn't know it, our PASU
May issue contains two "classic" cases
of daylight discs, while the article in the
unit has been receiving almost yearly June issue deals with UFO landings in
the Southwest (the Levelland, Texas,
reports of low level UFO activity, from
several areas close to the Level Green cases from 1957 and the Socorro, N .M., RADIO
area. case of 1964).
The "Anti-Matter/UFO Update"
For further information please
contact (PASU) the Pennsylvania column in April OMNI is devoted to the
Association For the Study of the research conducted by Ellen Crystal!
Unexplained, 6 Oakhill Avenue, near Pine Bush, New York. A great deal EVERY SATURDAY
Greensburg, Pa. 15601 or call the Pa. of UFO activity was reported in the MORNING
UFO Hotline at 412-838-7768. area and Crystal! comments on the AT 0800 EST (OR DST)
investigations which she and Harry
Lebelson conducted.
ON 7237 KHz S.S.B.
*The actual names and addresses of the real
observers are on file with MUFON. Readers who have obtained Dr.
By Philip Mantle

By the end of this century, we with a huge explosion. The Big Bang seemingly universal trend can be
should know if we are alone in the theory has now been proved to be a fact discerned in evolution, and this is the
cosmos. Scientific evidence indicates by the Nobel Prize-winning work of trend towards greater .intelligence.
superior beings from other worlds are ARNO PENZIAS and ROBERT Since before the fishes left the water,
apt to find us. WILSON, who discovered the remnant the most intelligent form of life present
Can you imagine a form of life as of the primordial flash of light and heat on Earth in each era has been the
far beyond man as man is beyond the that filled the Universe at the time of the rootstock out of which new and still
worm? Science assures us that such great explosion. In other words, they more intelligent forms have evolved.
highly evolved beings must exist on the discovered a relic of events that actually The line of increasing intelligence
stars and planets around us, if life is took place shortly after the beginning of stretches unbroken from the fishes to
common in the Universe. the world. Although many astronomers the reptiles to the mammals, the
These Extraterrestrials are not like had resisted the Big Bang theory, the primates and man. Apparently,
the flower children in CLOSE PENZIAS-WILSON discovery has intelligence which permits a flexible
ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD convinced most of them. response to changing conditions, has a
KIND or the space cowboys of STAR BIG BANG greater survival value than any other
WARS. They are creatures whom we The importance of the Big Bang in single trait.
will judge to be possessed of magical a discussion of UFOs and life on other Now we come to a critical point.
powers when we see them. By bur worlds is that it tells us when the world Why would a line of evolution that has
standards they will be immortal and began, it tells us the age of the proceeded unchecked for hundreds of
omnipotent. They are the kind of Universe. An astronomer can calculate millions of years stop at the particular
creatures who would be capable of a on the back of an envelope how long level of intelligence that we call
trip to the Earth from another star. ago the Big Bang occurred. That "human"? Homo Erectus had less brain
OTHER SUNS moment marked the birth of the power than Homosapiens has, the
How can these bizarre notions be Universe. The result of the calculation successors to Homosapiens should
supported by science? Here is the is that the Universe came into being 20 have more. If the past is any guide to the
evidence. One hundred billion stars like billion years ago. future, our descendants a billion years
the sun surround us in our galaxy alone, The Earth, on the other hand, was from now will surpass us in intelligence.
according to indirect but solid born only 4.6 billion years ago. That And if the Earth is typical of planets in
astronomical evidence; many have result comes from measurements of the the universe (and everything we know
planets made up of the same ages of meteorites arid from the ages of in astronomy and geology tells us that it
ingredients as the Earth. These planets the rocks brought back by Apollo is), intelligent beings who live on planets
have water and air and the same astronauts. Since meteorites and the billions of years older than the Earth
structure for climate as that of the moon are relatively unchanged samples have already reached that advanced
Earth. The molecules on their surfaces of solar-system material, dating back to level of intelligence that our successors
enter into the same chemical the birth of the planets, their age is will only achieve in the distant future.
combinations, subject to the same laws thought to give a good estimate of the This argument, proceeding step by
of chemistry and physics, as molecules age of the Earth.. step on the basis of evidence acquired
on our planet. All the necessary. Thus many planets circling distant in the basic scientific disciplines, leads
elements for the evolution of life are stars are 5, 10 and even 15 billion years to the conclusion that life on Other
present, simple unthinking life at first, older than the Earth. It follows that the worlds is not only billions of years older
and complex intelligent life later on. Earth is a very recent arrival in the than man, but also billions of years
On the basis of these cosmic family of planets, and man is beyond him in intelligence.
considerations, I believe that life is among the youngest citizens of the HEADSTART
common on the many planetary Universe. What does a billion years mean in
systems in the Universe. Recent Of course, the fact that life the evolution of intelligence? For an
discoveries in astronomy prove that if elsewhere is older than man does not answer, look again at the fossil record.
life exists on other planets in the necessarily mean that this life is more One billion years ago, the highest form
Universe, most of this life is far older intelligent. However, the scientific of life on Earth was a simple wormlike
than life on Earth. The discoveries evidence suggests that this is likely to animal. The creatures that dwell on
relate to the so-called Big Bang theory, be the case. Throughout the last 300
which holds that the Universe started million years of life on Earth, only one (confirmed next page)
The 12 nearest stars outside our solar system


Distance from the

Earth Is in light

Diagram by Philip Mantle/Tom Deuley

Name of Star Age of Star Distance from Chance of Life those enormous distances somehow.
Earth in light They must have started out from
someplace beyond the edge of our solar
A ALPHA 4.6 Billion 4.3 Good, this triple system. They cannot come from the
CENTAURI years, (approx. star is about as Earth's sister planets, because no
same as the sun) old as the sun, intelligent life exists in this solar system
Thus was formed except on our own planet. All the
when the Universe evidence acquired by NASA spacecraft
had large amounts in the past few years regarding Venus,
of carbon, oxygen Mars and Jupiter points to that
and other elements conclusion. It follows that UFOs, if they
essential for life. arrive here, have come from another
B BARNARDS 20 Billion years 6 Poor, too old, no
The closest star to the sun is 25
STAR (as old as the carbon etc. available
trillion miles away, and it would take
Universe) when this star was
one million years to cover that
enormous distance with the fastest
C WOLF 359 20 Billion years 7.7 Same as above. rockets known to man. Our science
and engineering are not adequate to
D LAL 21185 20 Billion years 8.2 Same as above.
meet that challenge: a trip to the stars is
E SIRIUS 300 Million 8.7 Poor, it is a young beyond our reach at the present time.
years star, any life would But in another billion years, our
be primitive. descendants, possessed of highly
evolved minds and with science and
F UV CETI UNCERTAIN 8.7 Poor, it is a flare
star, emiting bursts engineering far beyond ours, should be
able to undertake an interstellar
of lethal, ionizing
voyage. And what our descendants can
do a billion years in the future, other
G ROSS 154 Younger than the 9.3 Fair if the star is races, a billion years older and more
sun. Exact age not too young. evolved than man, should be able to do
uncertain. today.
My conclusion is that UFOs,
H ROSS 248 20 Billion years 10.3 Poor, too old, no
visitors from another star, is a
carbon etc. available
scientifically sound concept because
when this star was
r*. science tells us that it is reasonable to
believe in the existence of forms of life
I EPSILON 4.6 Billion years 10.8 Good, chance for older and far more intelligent than man.
ERIDANI (approx. same as planets and good PREVIOUS VISITS?
sun) chance for life. Has the Earth already been visited
BEST BET. by these older more advanced beings?
According to some scientists the Bible
J ROSS 128 4.6 Billion years 10.9 Good, chance for
tells of these visits. Numerous books
planets and fair
have appeared telling of visits from
chance for life.
these beings throughout the history of
K L 789-6 20 Billion years 11 Poor, too old. mankind.
L 61 CYGNI 20 Billion years Same as above. Are such visits occurring at the
moment? Dr. J. Allen Hynek is one of
KEY TO DIAGRAM many eminent scientists who have
made a study of reported UFO
E-T CONTACT, Continued is likelyJo be as far beyond man as man sightings and concludes that several are
is beyond the worm. unmistakably UFOs (Unidentified
planets a billion years older than the Why is it so important, in a Flying Objects). He cannot say whether
Earth must possess an intelligence that discussion of UFOs, to establish a these unidentified objects have come
surpasses us by as much as we surpass scientific foundation for the existence from another star, but there are good
the worm. of races more intelligent than man? The reasons for believing that such
These considerations bring me full answer is related to the fact that the extraterrestrial contacts, either visitors
circle to my opening statement. distances between the stars are so or messengers, are more probable
According to the best scientific enormously great. If a UFO reaches
evidence, intelligent life on other worlds Earth, its crew must have covered (continued on page 17)
By Richard Hall

In the spirit of other recent so they .are not likely to be able to relations and end up talking only to
analyses of the State-of-the-Art, I offer differentiate us from crackpots and themselves, aiding and abetting the
the following remarks about the status, mystics. All of this underlines the biases against the subject, and engaging
goals, and f u t u r e outlook for importance of the outreach effort being in a lot of pretense. In the famous words
"UFOlogy". They may seem radical, undertaken by Marge Christensen and of Pogo, "We have met the enemy and
and surely will offend some people, but her colleagues. he is us!" Skeptics are not our real
we must face up to reality if we ever By now it should be obvious that enemies; they can perform an
hope to get anywhere. First of all, we the UFO movement speaks with a important function, and in any event we
must recognize that "UFOlogy" is a cacaphony of voices to the public at have ample information to deal with
contradiction in terms — there is no large, and we end up sounding pretty them if we use it effectively. News
"science" of UFO investigation and silly. Just scan through a sample of media are not our enemies; they should
research. There are many small and a UFO publications and you will find be our natural allies, and we have failed
few large UFO groups, some of which fundamentalist religious views, mystical to understand the needs of the press
have a smattering of scientists as and occult themes, automatic and how to work with them. Nor is the
members, and whatever "science" they assumptions that UFOs are related to Government our enemy; though some
apply is at best — spare time, sporadic, every other mystery under the sun, and policy-makers (in our view) have erred
and unsystematic. Instead of talking all sorts of ranting and raving, on the side of secrecy, many people in
about improving or e x p a n d i n g sometimes i n c l u d i n g deliberate, Government take UFOs seriously and
"UFOlogy" we should talk about conscious efforts to muddle things up would like to see an open, scientific
establishing it in the first place! As it worse than they already are by certain study.
stands, UFOlogy is a pretense — a people who function effectively .as No, Pogo was r i g h t . We
fiction. Only when qualified scientists disinformation specialists. Then there (collectively) are the enemy, and we
are funded to do systematic research are the egomaniacs who must be big must police pur own ranks.
will there be a UFOlogy. wheels, have titles, and run their own To get a handle on the problem, we
On the other hand, a few UFO splinter groups; they typically find it must ask ourselves, "Who are we trying
groups (notably MUFON andCUFOS) necessary to take potshots at the to convince? Who should be reading
do operate in a scientific spirit and larger, better established groups in our information that isn't doing so
attempt to bring scientific resources to order to carve out a niche for now?" Unless we are naive enough to
bear on the UFO problem, but with the themselves. believe that the existing rag-tag army of
limitations cited above. Basically, that When some potentially important UFOlogists can go it alone and don't
means applying thorough investigative UFO news breaks, none of this is lost need any help, we must have someone
procedures, carefully sifting evidence on the news media or other significant — some groups — in mind that we
and weeding out IFOs and hoaxes, and segments of society because the would like to have on our side. I suggest
using logic and reason to try to make cranks, mystics, and axe-grinders that the prime movers and shakers, the
sense of what is going on. However, swarm out of the woodwork and talk major opinion-makers in our society,
resources are woefully lacking and no loudest of all. Since some of them are are: ,
matter how well-intentioned such "colorful," they are also "newsworthy" • Members of Congress
efforts are they amount only to stop- to a certain breed of alleged journalists • Other Government officials
gap actions pending real, large-scale who seek only color arid controversy. . • News media
scientific investigation. Some very The general perception on the UFO • Scientists/scientific organiza-
good work is being accomplished, but subject (the existing bias) is that it is tions
then the results typically never are read much ado about nothing; only fantasy • Universities/research centers
by anyone other than members of- the spread by "believers" and wishful These should be the targets of our
in-group. thinkers. Thus, many journalists efforts, but — the manner of approach
UFO ZOO probably feel that they are only is vital to success, and it cannot be
We also must learn to see reporting things as they really are when • chaotic and disorganized. As a first
ourselves as others see us — especially they seize on non-sensical aspects of order of business, these target groups
significant others. Frankly, it is the subject. must be made aware that the
extremely doubtful that important THE ENEMY crackpots, mystics, and opportunitsts
people and opinion-makers in society On the whole, would-be
(more on them later) see us at all, and if UFOlogists do a very poor job of public (continued next page)
BLUEPRINT, Continued work together with them and make one tion, and scholarship, and the careful
unified approach to the person you are use of logic and reason to support our
are not representative of the core UFO seeking to persuade. Make a clear, arguments.
problem, and furthermore that we logical, coherent case and demonstrate • Self-policing, including public
totally disown them and find their that the views you are presenting rebuke of alleged "UFOlogists" who
actions and ideas reprehensible. represent those of the many people in engage in ego-building self promotion,
Positive Differentiation from the the common group. Larger numbers of specious logic, unscientific claims,
cacaphony of voices is essential. people agreeing on issues and speaking loose thinking, and the many other
CONGRESS with one voice can be much more destructive behaviors evident in the
For the past five years in my persuasive then separate communica- UFO literature which tend to demean
professional work, I have read and tions from each of the individuals, UFO research.
abstracted Congressional hearing which are likely to be idiosyncratic and "UFOlogy" really is a very mixed
testimony on a daily basis. The to blur the focus. By the same token, it bag of people who, for good and bad
testimony, covers issues large and also makes sense to select as a reasons, would like to convince the
small, some life or death matters and spokesperson someone who is literate world that UFOs are something
many affecting citizens everywhere and articulate. important and deserving of serious
(e.g., "Star Wars," D e f e n s e TOO MANY VOICES attention. Some have ulterior motives
Department budgets, social security, Considering every youngster from and wish to see their ideas prevail;
aviation safety). <• each new generation who jumps into others are convinced that science
safety). the fray, all the egomaniacs, the ought to look into the problem far more
Witnesses appear and testify mystics, the opportunists, and the thoroughly than they have to date.
on every conceivable facet of each crackpots, there are far too many This, in fact, is the dichotomy that
issue, pro and con. The arguments are voices in UFOlogy, and all too many of needs to be made: between those who
complex and intricate. The busy them uninformed or discordant. Not think they already have the answer and
Members of Congress must listen to much can be done about that, except to those who perceive UFOs as a scientific
warring voices of all kinds and every make it absolutely clear that they do not problem badly in need of systematic,
shade of opinion, and digest what they represent UFOlogy, and to work thorough, and well-funded investiga-
hear in order to construct legislation or toward an organized voice for UFOlogy tion. I think I already know the answer,
cast a vote. that can be recognized as such and will but I identify myself with the latter
How do they manage to do this be respected and heeded. That group. What you think you know is a
with long lines of interested or affected requires strong scientific and ethical hypothesis; then you need to test that
parties lined up to testify? Three of their standards, among other things. It does hypothesis — and others — in order to
basic techniques are relevant here: 1) not require a Supergroup; only determine the truth.
they confine oral testimony to a brief cooperation among all who hold to the
summary statement and question-and- principles and spirit of science.
answer period while placing the longer A blueprint for progress in
written testimony in the hearing record UFOlogy, then, as a minimum involves SUPPORT
for reference; 2) they encourage the following elements:
associations and organizations to pool • Self-realization, that UFOlogy as NATIONAL
resources and have one spokesperson; presently constructed is not a science, UFO
and 3) they commonly require but a stop-gap effort by intelligent and
witnesses to appear together as a panel well-meaning citizens to bring the UFO INFORMATION WEEK
rather than one by one, to speed things problem to the attention of people with
along and get to the core of the issue as the ability and resources to do
efficiently as possible. something about it.
LESSONS • Positive differentiation, to *****
There are several lessons in this, articulate clearly that the loudest and 18-25 AUGUST
the following chief among them: If you most commonly heard voices are not
want to get the attention of important necessarily representative of the real 1985
and busy people, be organized, problem and that (in specified
concise, to the point, and document instances) we don't agree with them *****
your statements. Congressional and reject their views.
hearing records nearly always include • Sophistication, including
many pages of documents. If your recognition of who our real "enemies"
argument or statement is unfocused or and (potential) "allies" are and how to INFORM YOURSELF
rambling, the Congressman's eyes will deal with them. INFORM OTHERS!
quickly glaze over. • Scientific spirit, particularly
Where you have common ground focusing on truly objective and
with other individuals and/or groups, thorough investigation, documenta-
THE UFO EVIDENCE: 20 Years After
By Francis Ridge

As a previous Subcommittee neglected. I found some interesting reports during the fall of that year alone.
Chairman for NICAP I have been . data in the old Air Force statistics of Six of these were CE4's or missing
comparing MUFON's efforts and the 1953 in regard to radar reports. Captain time/abduction cases.
work of other ufologists with the efforts Ruppelt stated that there were 429 Some reports that always
of NICAP since their publication of Unknowns and that 10% were radar impressed me were the reports by
THE UFO EVIDENCE in 1964. We cases. That's 42 cases! In the 701 pilots and aviation experts. NICAP's
have, surprisingly, added a lot of 'unknowns" that the Air Force ended UFO EVIDENCE listed 118 cases. Dr.
interesting data to the statistics of up with in 1969, there were less than 20 Richard Haines has over 3,000 cases on
twenty years ago. I am still very reports of radar cases. . computer. Ninety percent were
impressed with THE UFO EVIDENCE In my MADAR research (Multiple observed by more than one witness;
as a basic research tool and feel it is a Anomaly Detection & Automated 85% for more than 1-minute. The data
must for all ufologists. For those who Recording) I am very especially base covers 40 countries. In his
might think that not too much has been interested in E-M cases. NICAP listed "Review of Selected Sightings From
accomplished in the last two decades in 106 cases in 1964. Rodeghier published Aircraft", Dr. Hain'es studies 72 cases
the subject of UFOs, I have done a little his report through the Center for UFO covering the period 1973-1978.
research of my own. I think you will find Studies, .entitled "UFO Reports Seventy-two point two percent were
this useful if you are doing any PR work. Involving Vehicle Interference" in 1981. from commercial a/c, 19.5% private,
Most people are now more There were now 441 documented cases and 8.3% military. In the study for the
conditioned to be receptive to special on record. period 1942-1952, 283 cases were
evidence cases and cases of high- PHOTOGRAPHS selected and 68% were military a/c, 20%
strangeness (provided there is some In the area of photography and commercial, 11% private. (1%
believability), rather than just lights in pictures of alleged UFOs NICAP listed unspecified). Twenty-nine cases
the sky reports. In this area we have 64 cases of either still photos or motion involved E-M effects.
come a long way. In 1964, UFO picture filmstrips. Since then Ground For those skeptics that think the
EVIDENCE cited 35 cases of physical Saucer Watch has studied over 600 lights in the sky are simply all
evidence. This was covering the entire such items and found about 30 to be conventional objects viewed under
spectrum of physical & physiological authentic as analyzed by their unusual conditions by untrained
evidence and not what we term "trace computer. I do not understand the observers, the old UFO EVIDENCE
cases". The 1981 MUFON Symposium technical aspects or form an opinion as cites just a fraction (17 years of data
presented Ted Phillip's trace case study to the remaining 30 to say whether compared to 38 years) of the now
w h i c h was classified as close there are more authentic cases or not, overwhelming evidence for intelligent.
encounters of the 2nd kind and but I am impressed that someone is control of these objects. In 47 cases
represented a catalog of 2,108 events studying 600 photos. there was inquisitiveness & reaction to
u n d e r t h a t heading. Quite an An area of high significance exists observers, 59 cases .of UFOs in
advancement. Regardless of all the in the abduction reports or close geometrical formation with 26 listed as
inherent technical data & conclusions, encounters of the 4th kind. A project to satellite object cases (mothership-
the collection alone was a hell of an catalog these cases has been funded by types). I n t e l l i g e n t m a n e u v e r s
achievement. In 1980, the Center for the Fund for UFO Research. Without themselves were represented in 100
UFO Studies put out a computer the aid of a computer and someone to cases with the oft-reported oscillation
printout of 5,633 entries. keep it updated, the report will not (wobble on axis) cited in 35 reports.
RADAR reflect the total cases on record, but Violent or erratic maneuvers were
In the area of radar cases, UFO illustrates the high number of CE4's in reported in 40 cases. Ballester's "Close
EVIDENCE listed 81 cases. This was the open literature. Dr. Leo Sprinkle Encounter Cases, Catalog of 200 Type-
very impressive. I personally xeroxed believes that one out of four people 1 Events in Spain & Portugal" (1976
copies of the reports themselves, have been abducted! Budd Hopkins report through the CUFOS) illustrates
found in the open literature and found has found a considerable number of that objects within 200 feet of the
another 18 cases. I'm sure there are abduction cases. ground are not rare at all and give the
many more since then. I believe and According to David Webb in his observer an excellent chance to
hope someone undertakes the project r e p o r t , "1973-YEAR OF THE observe a UFO at close range.
of radar case studies and think these HUMANOIDS", there were 70
cases are very significant and documented cases of humanoid (continued on page 17)
The MUFON 1985 UFO
Symposium Proceedings
are respectfully dedicated to
Norma E. Short 1;KE D.H. SHORTS
Public recognition is hereby
bestowed upon Norma E. Short for her
conscientious editing and publishing of
the monthly UFO magazine
SKYLOOK for over six years. Norma is
credited for providing the publishing
link for the fledgling Midwest UFO
Network that ultimately became the
world's largest UFO membership • ''•• v
organization — the Mutual UFO
Network. She will be remembered for
her editorial policy "We Tell It Like It *> « W-"•->*»< ~
Is." It is with profound gratitude that
voluntary dedicated service may be
honored in this manner to such a
gracious lady.
In 1967, Mrs. Norma E. Short was
invited to become the editor of a new reflecting the fantastic work of Mrs. just...sorrow."
UFO newsletter that was to be named Donald H. Short and her dedicated Under Norma's six-year
SKYLOOK. Being a former reporter staff. Toward the end of 1973, Norma editorship, SKYLOOK earned the
for the Salem Post (Missouri) and a sadly realized that even with the aid. of respect and reputation as one of the
"UFO buff," she enthusiastically an electric typewriter, the arthritis in leading monthly UFO publications in
accepted the challenge. The inaugural her fingers would prevent her from the world. Norma had nurtured her
edition on September 1967 carried the typing camera-ready copy for the "child" from a 5-page newletter to an
motto: "Let's Separate Fact from printer and maintaining her extensive "adult," full fledged UFO magazine. In
Fantasy." The founding staff consisted .correspondence. In her final edition in June 1976, the name was changed from
of John F. Kuhn, publisher; Mrs. Short, January 1974, Mrs. Short had these SKYLOOK to the MUFON UFO
editor and Ted Phillips, Jr., assistant words for her readers; "Parting is such JOURNAL to more adequately identify
editor. The nucleus of subscribers sweet sorrow . according to Mr. its contents, goals and purposes.
came from members of the UFO Study Shakespeare's Juliet — but I don't SKYLOOK was published in Stover,
Group of Greater St. Louis and theTri- agree, as I come to the point where 1 Missouri; however, since retiring, Mrs.
State UFO Study Group (Quincy, have to announce this is Ye Ed's last Short now resides at 723 McGrath
Illinois). issue of SKYLOOK. Parting is Lane, Salem, MO 65560.
Norma became both publisher and
editor in January 1969, necessitating
the purchase of a mimeograph machine RENDLESHAM, Continued with a follow-up book of their own on
that she lovingly dubbed "the monster." the case (Brenda has pretty much
The staff in the February ,1968 Sgt. Yarborough is straight-as-an- dropped out of things).
masthead listed Ted Phillips, John arrow; a humorless career man who It remains to be seen whether any
Schuessler, Walter Andrus, Lucius goes strictly by the rules. Doesn't look of these endeavors clarify the
Parish and Mrs. R.E. Holmes. The to the right or left. It was prudent to Rendlesham Forest Affair. Meanwhile,
column "In Others' Words" by Lucius drop the subject there and then. Jenny w i t h o u t the cooperation of
Parish was introduced in June 1969. makes quite a point that when the book eyewitnesses, we are left with a jigsaw
The 24-page July 1969 edition was written (1983) no one remained on puzzle of unknown dimensions, no box-
announced that SKYLOOK had been base who had been stationed there top picture, and a dreadful surmise
named the official publication of the during the UFO events. A flow-chart t hat-while some pieces are missing,
Midwest UFO Network (MUFON) with analysis would automatically weed out others, entirely irrelevant, have been
Allen R. Utke, Ph.D. as Director. "A this type of extraneous material. scattered at out feet.
Message From Your Director" column Dot named an American ufologist
started in October 1970 when Walt whom she understood is under NOTES
Andrus was elected Director of contract-not only for a book on the 1 Neville Spearman Co.. Suffolk, 1984.
2. The entire trip was a fluke. My husband had
MUFON. Rendlesham Forest Affair, but also a engineering consulting work at RAF Bentwaters
By the fall of 1973, the circulation dramatic film script. And Dot said that (sister base (o M/oodbridge,), and aaiare of the
of SKYLOOK had reached 700, she and Jenny are seriously underway • case, and my inferesf in if, he inuifed me a/ong.
Crecfts & Debits

-By the Readers

Dear Editor, anti-UFO position is total; that his sightings reported. In excess of half the
The MUFON Monthly Journal has NASA connection and general stature verbiage published describing these
my vote for excellence in reporting the allow him almost instant national media events is devoted to provocative
current scene. However, I find your access at the literal snap of a finger— theories of extra-terrestrial, hollow
publications even more informative a factor now denied those on the "pro" earth dwellers or other esoteric origins
when incorporated with other related side. of the phenomena, thus detracting from
newsletters; especially the Lucius If you were going to be shot at the prime motive of determining the
Parish UFO Newsclipping Service in sunrise would you help the firing squad individual parameters and character-
Arkansas. load the rifles? Well, that's what you're istics of the objects involved.
For instance: You published a doing by handing out a free platform to This approach to analysis provides
report by Larry W. Bryant regarding the all commanding professional a fertile field for the debunkers, who
the August 25, 1984 UFO Town-Hall debunkers. delight in attacking a theory which is
Meeting in Brewster, New York (see In a state of disbelief, I remain, obviously indefensible, particularly
Oct. 1984 Journal No. 198). A grand Jack P. Swaney when the described event borders on
event, indeed. But several articles Las Vegas the para-normal. Opposition to those
included in the "Newsclipping Service" who dissect some of these stories
enhanced it all. You became aware Of course a "mere" subscriber to becomes difficult when the content
that the forum had captured wide the Journal can take exception to the sometimes approaches what you would
media coverage in newspapers appearance of James Oberg in its expect to find in publications on the
throughout the Northern East Coast. pages. Without such subscribers, mere order of Fate Magazine.
Reports showcased a historical or otherwise, obviously there would be The logic demonstrated in James
perspective of the day's events, the no Journal in the first place! McCampbell's article (No. 189,
speakers, their viewpoints and On the other hand, Oberg may November 1983) titled "UFOs AND
occupations and the vast amount of take exception to your appearance, HOT RINGS" is exemplary as the text
aerial sightings. and then what's an editor to do? He or adheres to known and accepted
It seemed as if I had actually she hopefully does what this one does, physical laws and illustrates a keen
attended the forum, met all the and that is to present both sides of the insight into the properties of UFOs.
participants and experienced the argument. Like Oberg personally or, Particularly interesting are his
vibrant atmosphere inside and out of not, agree with his thought or not, it references to the orientation of the
the Henry Well's Middle School on that cannot be denied that his article, rings relative to the field of radiation and
sunny August day. "South American Uforia," contained the fact the skin was only burned under
It should be imperative for any valuable data, particularly the table of the rings.
MUFON reader who hasn't yet Soviet satellite launches, that helps us The article by Michael D. Swords,
subscribed to the UFO Newsclipping all separate the chaff from the wheat of Ph.D. in the same issue titled "COULD
Service, to do so immediately; or else ufology. And it was for that reason LOOKALIKE ASTRONAUTS BE
they will be missing out on a significant alone it was published. CLONES", although debunking in
amount of u p - t o - t h e - m i n u t e As editor, I don't particularly feel nature it should be read and heeded by
information. it's my duty to censor someone or some most writers as it points up the fallacy of
Sincerely, viewpoint before you, the reader, have expounding a theory which is not based
Joan H. Laurino the opportunity to weigh and respond on factual evidence. His caution to "do
San Francisco, CA yourself. In this particular instance, I your homework" is well taken.
think we've both done our job, and I With the advent of computers and
appreciate your comments. available and economical computer
Dear Editor, -Editor leasing time, all of the recorded UFO
May a mere subscriber take sightings and verification methods,
exception to the surfacing of James placed in the appropriate time frames,
Oberg in your April issue? Dear Editor, could be categorized and published
Not for a moment can we deny that It is little wonder the general (see accompanying chart). A document
rocket launchings have spurred various public, the news media and the of this stature would establish a solid
UFO reports, but neither can we deny scientific community give small
that Mr. Oberg's commitment to the credence to the numerous UFO (continued next page)
UFO EVIDENCE, Continued meant that from 1947 to 1953, 44,000 LETTERS, Continued
sightings were made in the US alone.
Comparing our efforts with those Before you wonder where the factual data base helping to persuade
of the Air Force, you can see who's 44,000 came from, Ruppelt stated that the skeptics that we are not "just
working on the problem. It's very much the Air Force had actually received whistling Dixie."
like the oil business; 90% of the oil in this 4,400 reports, but all except 1593 cases Additional factual evidence
country is produced by the little had been immediately rejected for the compiled in a like manner could then
independents. As far as we are special analysis! He therefore indicate the areas of the sightings in
concerned, their best effort was in the extrapolated that there were over geographical locations vs, the time
early 50's and the statistics then were 39,000 not reported! frame, illustrating the tracking of UFO
not only more accurate, but revealing. One thing we can all agree on, movements on a global scale.
Out of 1,593 cases, 429 were listed as where there is smoke there is usually A hard nosed "nuts and bolts
"unknown", 26.94%. Insufficient Data fire. Where there is a lot of smoke, you approach" to the phenomena would go
reports totaled a whopping 22.72%. had better dial 911! a long way toward gaining acceptance
More information here could have and the use of graphics could be
meant more "unknowns". The Air extended to the analysis of landing site
Force always said that if they would E-T CONTACT, Continued data, electromagnetic effects and
have had more information, even the observations of various propulsion
26.94% would have been reduced! In today than ever before in the history of variations recorded. Charts and graphs
actuality, Balloons listed as 18.51% our planet. Since about 1960, television are a most effective way of presenting
were actually known as balloons in only stations across the Earth have been evidence and are more easily
1.57% of the cases. Possible balloons spraying their signals into space at a assimilated by the reader, especially
4.99 & probable 11.95%, and so on with million-watt level. In the course of the those in the field of science.
Aircraft, Astronomical cases, etc. The last 20 years, that exploding shell of I am personally convinced UFOs
real hard truth and the bottom line is television signals, moving away from are E.T. in origin, but equally sure we
this: Earth at the speed of light, has travelled should attack the problems of what
240 trillion miles. It has now swept past they are, where they appear, when and
Known Balloons, Aircraft, 40 stars in the neighborhood of the sun. in what quantity, etc., before we
Astronomical cases 11.21% Early TV programs, moving away attempt to theorize on their base of
Possible 16.74 from the Earth at the speed of light, operations. Let us organize a truly
Probable 22.39 have carried the message to these stars investigative force and track down the
Insufficient Data? that intelligent life exists on this planet. facts, organizing and displaying them in
(Come now!) 22.72 These television signals make the Earth a logical manner as a law enforcement
UNKNOWNS 26.94 the brightest radio star in our agency would operate.
Hoaxes neighborhood of the galaxy of TV After all, if you were being
frequencies. For the first time in 4.6 observed at various times and locations
Hoaxes (A surprising million years, our planet is a notable by a variety of unknown observers,
• admission) 1.66 object in the heavens. If any of these 40 your priorities would be to obtain the
Other 4.21 nearby stars harbour intelligent beings, physical characteristics of your
(Insufficient data was actually 61.85%!) our presence is now known to them. As observers, the f r e q u e n c y of
Amazing as the above figures are, it took 20 years for our signals to reach observation and the locales involved
there is more. The Air Force had 429 these stars, it must take 20 years for before becoming concerned with their
Unknowns in 6 years and during the their reply travelling at the same speed, place of residence.
next 17 years only 272 more Unknowns to get back. Unless man is alone in the The credibility of UFOs is in our
were added and most of the database in universe, we can expect to receive a hands. Let us m a x i m i z e the
the early years were military cases. message, or a visit by the end of this opportunity by presenting factual
When Blue Book closed in 1969 they century (unless they have already evidence in an orderly and easily
had 701 Unknowns on the books. The arrived). assimilated manner. Such an effort
1953 figures, more accurate when the And would these superior beings could substantially reduce the existing
Air Force took a serious role, showed bother to talk to us? In their eyes credibility gap now facing us.
that pilot reports constituted 17.1%. Einstein would qualify as a waiter and Cliff Henderson, M.E.E.
Scientists & engineers reported 5.7%, Thomas Jefferson as a busybody. MUFON Research Specialist,
followed by Air Route Traffic I think they would. They are jaded, Propulsion Systems
Controllers at 1.0%. Radar cases they have lived a billion years, they have Sunnyvale, Calif.
represented 12.5%. Military & civilian done nearly everything, they are eager
cases, other than those just mentioned .for fresh experiences. After all, where
totaled the remaining 63.7%. Ruppelt else in the universe have they seen a
stated that the Air Force assumed 1 out creature like man before? 103 OLDTOWNE RD.
SEGUIN, TX 78155
of 10 sightings was reported. This
Director of Intelligence and Office of By Walter N. Webb
Naval Intelligence. Originally classified MUFON Astronomy Consultant
TOP SECRET, it was declassified on
March 5, 1985. Some of the UFO July 1985
sightings reported are part of Edward J.
Ruppelt's book The Report on Bright Planets (Evening Sky):
Unidentified Flying Objects. In a letter
dated 25 Sept 1950, the Dept of the Air Saturn is low in the southern sky at dusk and sets south of west about 1:30 AM
Force Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Daylight Time in midmonth. The yellow planet resumes its normal eastward
ordered the destruction of Air motion in Libra on the 26th.
Intelligence Report Number 100-203-
79. In order that the readers of the Jupiter, still brightening in Capricornus, rises in the east-southeast about an
MUFON UFO JOURNAL may have hour after sunset in midmonth. The moon lies below the giant planet on the
access to this significant historical Fourth of July .and also on the 31st.
study, the majority of the July 1985
issue will be devoted to a reprint of the Bright Planets (Morning Sky):
document. Some of the photographs of
UFOs and flying wing aircraft in the Venus shines brilliantly low in the east during morning twilight, while Jupiter
report will not be reproduced due to the (3}/2 times fainter) illuminates the southwestern sky. The former rises about 2:30
poor quality of the copying process by AM in midmonth. .Venus appears 5° to the right of the crescent moon on the
the U.S.A.F. 14th and 3° above the orange star Aldebaran on the 15th.

Meteor Shower:
SERVICE The July or Delta Aquarid meteors extend from about mid-July to mid-August.
The UFO NEWSCLIPPING SERVICE They peak on the morning of July 28 at a rate of about 20 per hour. Wait until
will keep you informed of all the latest the bright gibbous moon sets about 2 AM to begin observing that morning.
United States and World-Wide UFO Although the meteors appear to radiate from a point in Aquarius in the
activity, as it happens! Our service was southern sky, the glowing streaks of light do not become visible until some
started in 1969, at which time we
distance away from the spot. Thus, the viewer should scan the whole sky for the
contracted with a reputable
international newspaper-clipping relatively slow Aquarids which leave long paths across the heavens.
bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
find UFO reports (i.e., little known Moon Phases:
photographic cases, close encounter
and landing reports, occupant cases) Full moon-July 2 Note two full moons in one month. The
and all other UFO reports, many of Last quarter-July 9 second full moon is sometimes called
which are carried only in small town or
New moon-July 17 a "blue moon," a term derived from another
foreign newspapers.
"Our UFO Newsclipping Service
First quarter-July 24 unusual event when forest fire smoke may
issues are 20-page monthly reports, Full moon-July 31 tinge the moon bluish. Hence, "once in a blue
reproduced by photo-offset, moon." A double full moon occurs again in
containing the latest United States and May 1988.
Canadian UFO newsclippings, with
our foreign section carrying the latest The Stars:
British, Australian, New Zealand and
other foreign press reports. Also
included is a 3-5 page section of
The Summer Triangle is now well up in the eastern sky after twilight ends. The
"Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and' star in each corner of the triangle belongs to a separate constellation: Vega lies
other "monster" reports). Let us keep in Lyra the Harp, Deneb in Cygnus the Swan, and Altair in Aquila the Eagle.
• you informed of the latest happenings Below the triangle appears a heavenly hint of autumn-the Great Square of
in the UFO and Fortean fields." Pegasus.
For subscription information .and
sample pages from our service, write The constellations of spring-Leo, Bootes, Virgo, Libra-are slipping toward the
today to: western horizon. In the south, Scorpius crawls westward. This pattern is one of
the easiest to spot, with head and curved claws to the west and curling tail to the
Route 1 — Box 220
east. The star Antares marks the red heart of the scorpion.
Plumerville, Arkansas 72127
In the north, the Big Dipper stands to the west or left of Polaris the North Star.
Use the pointer stars in the dipper's bowl to locate Polaris.
MESSAGE, Continued

David M. Jacobs will moderate the

program, featuring the following
speakers: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, John
Schuessler, Budd Hopkins, Barry
Greenwood, Dan Wright and Marge
Christensen. For further information,
contact Mass. MUFON, Inc., P.O. Box
176, Stoneham, MA 02180.
The Montana Chapter of S.B.I, is
sponsoring a UFO Conference at the
Holiday Inn of Great Falls on June 14,
15 and 16, 1985, using the theme — A
Piece of the Puzzle: The Public's Role in
Research." The scheduled speakers
are Peter Mazzola, James Leming,
Major Colman Von Keviczky, Linda
Moulton Howe, Dr. Kirk Seekins
and Capt. Keith Wolverton. Lecture
package fees are 1 day - $3.50, 2 days -
$6.00 and 3 days - $8.50. The Holiday Tom Gates. Through the generosity of Robert
Inn is located at 1411 - 10th Ave. South, * **
Todd and Peter A. Gersten,
Great Falls, MT 59405 and hotel The UFO L i t e r a t u r e A MUFON recently received a large
reservations may be made by calling Comprehensive Annotated Biblio- number of U.S. Air Force documents
(406) 761-4600. graphy of Works in English by Richard declassified on January 29, 1985 under
The Sixth Annual Rocky Mountain M. Rasmussen has been published by the Freedoms of Information Act
Conference on UFO investigations is McFarland & Company, Inc., Box 611, (FO1A). Mr. Todd is to be commended
being held July 11-13, 1985 at the Jefferson, North Carolina 28640, for his diligent research on behalf of
University of Wyoming in Laramie, telephone (919) 246-4460. Published Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS)
sponsored by Pro/UFO's and IF and released May 1985, the price of the and for sharing his work with MUFON.
UFOCS (Douglas G. Tipton and R. hardback (cloth, 263 pages) is $29.95. Most of the documents are from the
Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.). A registration Mr. Rasmussen has been collecting year of 1952. Also included is the 18
form and more details may be obtained UFO information literature for many pages of. unclassified correspondence
by writing to Conferences and years and this is the culmination of his prompted by Chuck de Caro's inquiry
Institutes, P.O. Box 3972, University detailed and painstaking research. The into the Bentwaters AFB case of
Station, Laramie, WY 82071-3972. format is by author and the index by December 1980 when he was preparing
* ** book title and author. (It lists MUFON the Cable News Network (CNN)
The CUFOS UFO Exhibit was on UFO Symposium Proceedings from Special Assignment Documentary. We
display at the Future World Exposition 1972 through 1983 by editors, and will publish the series of questions
at the Mascone Center in San includes speakers, titles, themes, and and answers posed by Mr. de Caro and
Francisco,. Calif, on April 17 through locations of each Symposium, as an the answers the U.S.A.F. received from
the 21st. John Timmerman contacted example.) Richard has included a USAF Ramstein AB (Germany), RAF
Tom Gates and asked if he would source of "Where to Find New and Out Bentwaters (England) and RAF
handle the exhibit arrangements. It of Print UFO Titles," although some Mildenhall (England) in a future issue of
became a cooperative venture for addresses are already obsolete. In the Journal.
CUFOS and MUFON as members in addition to the Introduction, two However, a very significant report
the San Francisco Bay Area manned chapters are devoted to "The Nature of dated December 10,1948 was probably
the booth, passed out literature and the Literature" and "UFOs in the source material for the now famous
answered questions. An appreciative Literature: A Brief History," which sets Estimate of the Situation, in which
thank you is extended to the following the stage for the Annotated Biblio- Project Sign personnel at A.T.I.C.
members for participating in this public graphy. This book is a good supplement declared in 1948 that "UFOs were inter-
education exhibit; Paul Norman to the computer reference catalog planetary." This 26-page document is
(Australia), Jim McCampbell, Ron developed by David Christensen for Air Intelligence Report No. 100-203-79,
Lakis, Stan Musselman, Virgil Staff, MUFON. The author may be titled "Analysis of Flying Objects in the
Paul Cerny, Bill McGuigan, Bruce contacted at address: Richard M. U.S.," Air Intelligence Division Study
Shelton, Tom and Delia Page, Harry Rasmussen, 4589 - 70thSt., LaMesa, No. 203, dated 10 December 1948 (by)
Potter, Dick Henry, Bill Diangson, Cliff California 92041.
Eagleson, Roger Godt, Steve Kiefel and * ** (continued on page 18)
Walt Andrus

The M U F O N 1985 UFO scientific manner. It shall also be the Greenwood, Dan Wright and
Symposium in St. Louis, Missouri on task of the Committee to disseminate Raymond Fowler. Videotapes are
June 28,29, and 30 will be remembered factual information on its workings to all now available in ]/2 inch VHS or Beta
by the attendees as another successful interested parties. Starting in 1979, format for $20.00, as well as in 3/4 inch
conference when this issue reaches our there has been interim activity taking VHS or Beta format for $50.00. Checks
readers in the far corners of the Earth. place under the name of "The should be made payable to: Mass.
The speakers at the sixteenth annual Provisional Committee for UFO MUFON, inc., and mailed to Marge
MUFON symposium were Marge Research" (PICUR). Dr. Michael Christensen at 2 Cherry Road, Beverly,
Christense, George D. Fawcett, Sinclair, MUFON I n t e r n a t i o n a l MA 01915. This film will be an integral
Leonard H. Stringfield, Budd Coordinator, has been the MUFON part of the National UFO information
Hopkins, John F. Schuessler, Ted representative at all of the meetings to Week observance on August 18 to 25,
Phillips, David F. Webb, William L. date. Officers elected on August 26, 1985. Please order your copies now so
Moore, Stanton T. Friedman, and 1983 at the annual meeting are Bertil you will be prepared for showing on
Peter A. Gersten, addressing the the Kuhlemann, (Sweden) Chairman; local cable systems, P.B.S. TV, and
theme — "UFO: The Burden of Proof." Bjarne Hakansson, (Sweden) public educational exhibits.
The MUFON 1985 UFO Symposium Secretary; and Robert Digby * **
Proceedings are dedicated to Mrs. (England) Treasurer. Peter A. Hill The nationally syndicated ABC-
Norma E. Short, the Editor of (Scotland) was the former chairman. TV program "Eye on Hollywood,"
SKYLOOK from its inception in The founding member organizations featuring UFOs, was viewed on May 9,
September 1967 through January 1974. and their representatives at the August 1985. Arranged by Bill Moore, live
* ** 1983 meeting in London, England were interviews were conducted with people
The MUFON 1985 UFO CUFOS/USA, J. Allen Hynek directly involved in the Roswell, New
Symposium Proceedings will be (President Emeritus of ICUR): SUFOI/ Mexico crash in 1947. Motion picture
available at the St. Louis symposium for Denmark, Per Anderson; BUFORA/ footage from the film "UFOs Are Real"
$10.00 and by mail after July 15, 1985 England, Robert Dibgy; UFOCAN/ was shown as well as interviews with
for $11.50 which includes postage and Canada, Stanton T. Friedman; Pro- some of the witnesses who previously
handling. ject URD/Sweden, Bertil Kuhlemann participated in the MUFON 1983 UFO
* •*• * VUFORS/Australia (Victoria), Paul Symposium in Pasadena, Calif. The
Richard D. Seifried, State Norman; and MUFON/USA, Michael original plan was to show the MUFON
Director, has appointed Fred W. Hays Sinclair. MUFON annual dues are UFO Hotline telephone number (512)
of Kettering to be the Assistant State based upon a member organization of 379-9216 on the screen when the
Director for Ohio. James C. DeLotel between 1000 and 1999 members. program host announced "where to
has accepted the position of State MUFON elected to resign from the report UFO sightings." A last minute
Section Director for the southeastern very unstable North American UFO change was made in the programing
counties of Clark, Floyd and Harrison Federation in August 1984 and will whereby the number was left out and
in Indiana. Thomas P. Deuley, State concentrate its efforts with the viewers had no idea whatsoever where
Director for Texas, has approved the prestigious ICUR on an international to report UFOs. While being
appointment of Virgil Gordon Wells scope. interviewed, a credit appeared
as the new State Section Director for identifying "William L. Moore, Mutual
* **
Liberty and San Jacinto Counties. We are extremely proud of Marge UFO Network."
Donald A. Johnson has selected Dale Christensen, Director of Public Everyone is reminded that July 1st
Goudie to be the State of Washington Relations and Massachusetts MUFON, is the deadline for submitting early
Public Relations Director. Inc. for p r o d u c i n g the UFO registrations for the UFO Forum
* ** documentary for the Mutual UFO sponsored by Mass. MUFON on
The Mutual UFO Network is a Network as a public relations function. August 17 & 18 in Beverly, Mass.
founding member of The International Designed for a 60-minute time slot on Anyone planning to attend should
Committee for UFO Research (ICUR). television, the videotaped program is make their motel reservations
The aims of ICUR shall be to promote, hosted by Dr. David M. Jacobs and immediately, as motels in the area are
undertake and standardize the features segments by Dr. J. Allen already filling up for that weekend. Dr.
investigation and research on the UFO Hynek, Walt Andrus, John
phenomenon on a global basis and in a Schuessler, Budd Hopkins, Barry (continued inside)