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Symposium Proceedings

The Burden of Proof

Saint Louis, Missouri June 28, 29 & 30
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(ISSN 0270-6822)
The next best thing to having been there? This issue of the
103 Oldtowne Rd. Journal, with its complete print and picture coverage of the 1985 St.
Seguin, Texas 78155-4099 Louis Symposium. In addition, there's a preview of the activities
planned for the first national UFO Information Week, presented by
Marge Christensen, and commentary and suggestions by Larry
Bryant concerning the present status of UFO secrecy. Also, most of
International Director and
our usual departments, including The Night Sky, In Others' Words,
Associate Editor and Director's Message.
THOMAS P. DEULEY Was UFO Week a success? In terms of the first, nationwide
Art Director concerted effort of its kind, undoubtedly. But the bottom line, as
MILDRED BIESELE with most PR programs, is one of dollars. Publicity MUFON,
Contributing Editor CUFOS and the Fund for UFO Research got. For the momentum to
ANN DRUFFEL be maintained, however, such organizations need to have brought in
Contributing Editor new subscribers and increased operating funds. Whether that will
prove the case remains to be seen. What is clear, even at this early
TED BLOECHER stage, is that we not rest on our laurels and remember that there are
DAVE WEBB another fifty-one weeks in the year. UFOs don't take vacations. Why
Co-Chairmen, should we?
Humanoid Study Group
Promotion/Publicity In this issue
Public Relations UFO INFORMATION WEEK by Marge Christensen 9
Religion and UFOs NEWS'N'NOTES by Walt Andrus 12
Books/Periodicals/History UFO SECRECY UPDATE by Larry Bryant 15
Promotion/Publicity THE NIGHT SKY by Walter Webb 18
IN OTHERS' WORDS by Lucius Parish 19
Staff Writer DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE by Walt Andrus 20
COVER by Ronald R. Schmitt
Staff Artist
Landing Trace Cases
Medical Cases
UFO Crash/Retrieval
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The Welcome Mat is Out!

-Dennis Stacy

Breakfast With Speakers

-Dennis Stacy
Article and Photographs

By Dennis Stacy

The Sixteenth Annual MUFON

Symposium, "UFOs: Burden of Proof,"
opened with the customary reception
Friday night, June 28th, in the stately
Chase Park Plaza Hotel, near
downtown St. Louis, a:.d within
eyesight of the landmark "Golden
Arch," commemorating the winning of
the West. Sponsored by the UFO
Study Group of Greater St. Louis, the
Symposium featured a stellar line-up of
speakers and, for the first time, a
complete videotaping of the full
Saturday morning, the proceed-
ings got underway with an early
welcome by John Schroeder of St.
Louis, who served a delightful stint as
Master of Ceremonies. MUFON's
International Director, Walt Andrus,
then greeted the assembled attendees
who had come from as far away as
Australia. The first Symposium speaker
to the podium was Massachusetts
MUFON's Marge Christensen, who
also serves as our National Director of WALT ANDRUS
Public Relations and publishes the
monthly newsletter, "P.I.P.E. Line." also the chief mover and main co- sightings have repeated themselves
ordinator of the first National UFO time and again over the past 40 years on
EDUCATION Information Week, scheduled for a global scale, and that these repetitious
August 18th through the 25th. Marge factors present a challenge to both
The abstract of Marge's speech reviewed many of the public displays science and society. "Any future
(and the complete text of all the papers and information projects underway by solution," said Fawcett, "to the growing
can be obtained in the published various state MUFON organizations worldwide UFO enigma will have to
Proceedings) can be summarized as for that period, but since the details can deal d i r e c t l y w i t h these UFO
follows: "Arguments are presented to be found in her own article elsewhere in repetitions."
show that if the American public were this issue, I will not go into them here. George, MUFON State Director
well-informed about the UFO subject, Suffice it to say that all who have for North Carolina, is a tireless
the burden of proof would lie not with contributed their time and energy to investigator of UFOs who has
UFOlogists, but rather with the U.S. this first-of-its-kind project deserve our personally looked into over a thousand
Government to explain to the congratulations and assistance, and reports and authored more than a
American people why a major world none more than its prime originator, hundred articles about the subject in
power is 'not interested' in flying objects Marge Christensen. various newspapers and magazines. He
which exhibit a propulsion system has also managed to amass a
obviously in advance of our own REPETITIONS considerable body of UFO ephemera,
aircraft, and which have exhibited an including the numerous clippings and
interest in our own nuclear weapons George Fawcett of Lincolton, p h o t o g r a p h s d i s p l a y e d in- his
storage areas, according to our North Carolina, followed Marge with a accompanying slide show. Like many of
government's own documents." talk on "UFO Repetitions: A Challenge us, George is perplexed both by the
As most of you are aware by now, to Scientific Investigations." George's phenomenon and by the way it is
the indefatigable Mrs. Christensen is thesis was that certain aspects of UFO perceived by various segments of
society, including government and
science. In 1984, he noted, Dr. J. Allen
Hynek addressed a meeting of the
American Association for the
Advancement of Science with a talk on
"The 125 Properties of the UFO
Phenomenon," while James Oberg
spoke on "The Absence of a UFO
Phenomenon." "How," Fawcett asked,
"can something that doesn't exist have
125 properties?"
His own talk to the Symposium
centered around 25 particular
repeating properties of the UFO
phenomenon. These included their
unique disc and dome-shapes, high-
speed maneuverability, the pacing of
cars and airplanes, radar-tracking, falls
of angel hair, increases in background
radiation, physiological and
psychological effects on witnesses,
electromagnetic effects, physical
landing traces, contacts with alleged
entities, periodic increases in the
number of sightings reported,
associated power failures, and so on. GEORGE FAWCETT
"The unexplained UFO residue is
not just a matter of feelings and general New Jersey, adjoining Fort Dix, the wooden crate built around it in place. It
impressions as some would have us night of January 18, 1978. As relayed by was then put in a metal container and
believe," concluded Fawcett, "but Morse, there was considerable UFO forklifted aboard an air force C-141
represents a genuine, growing, global activity in the area that night, he alone bound for Wright-Patterson.
problem, yet to be solved. We have having seen up to 12 individual, A couple of days afterwards,
learned a great deal from UFO greenish-blue lights flying in various Morse and other MPs on duty that night
repetitions already, but I also feel there stages of formation. Reportedly, one of were sent to W P and interrogated
is a great deal more to be learned." these lights came near the car of a Fort about what they had seen and how
Dix MP who was engaged in active much they might know. Morse said he
FATAL ENCOUNTER pursuit, interferring with the officer's signed a document swearing secrecy
radio transmission. about the event. After his first contact
One of the repeated character- At that time, according to Morse, a with Stringfield, he said he had reason
istics of the phenomenon, of course, is four-foot tall "thing" with grayish-brown to believe his mail was being
the recurring stories of crashed saucers skin and fat head appeared in front of intercepted, his telephone tapped, and
and retrieved alien bodies. And one of his car. The officer fired five times at the perhaps even personal surveillance
the more well-known researchers of thing with a .45, and once overhead at maintained.
this specialized category has been, and the object hovering in the sky, which Stringfield has since continued
is, Leonard Stringfield of Cincinatti, then rose straight up and away, joining investigating the case, constrained by
Ohio, the author of "Inside Saucer with 11 other objects. The humanoid Morse's situation (at one time his
Post, 3-0 Blue," "Situation Red: The ran across the ground and disappeared civilian job appeared threatened) and
UFO Siege," and several monologues into some woods, apparently climbing a the usual disappointments of trying to
on alleged crash/retrievals. The topic of fence around McGuire and collapsing obtain various documents and reports
Leonard's talk before this Symposium on the end of an old runway. The area through the Freedom of Information
was "The Fatal Encounter at Ft. Dix- was then cordoned off by MPs, Act. The air force replied that after a
McGuire: A Case Study; Status Report including Morse, who were not five-year waiting period, MP reports are
IV." themselves allowed any closer. A routinely destroyed, the one in question
On September 23, 1980, said special group of "blue berets" then having been scheduled for destruction
Stringfield, he received the first of what arrived on the scene and were placed in in January of 1984. Through Morse
would be an interrupted series of charge of the fallen body Morse'said he Stringfield obtained a copy of an
communications with one "Jeffrey could see no more than 50 feet away. "Incident/Complaint Report," form
Morse," who claimed to be a military The body was sprayed with something,
policeman on patrol at McGuire AFB, placed on a platform, and then a (continued next page)
investigator. Said medical effects range
from anorexia, cancer, hair and
fingernail loss to diarrhea, vomiting and
other serious disabilities.
Schuessler then offered his own
prescription for how future cases
involving human injury should be
handled and investigated. The first
thing is to approach the problem with a
positive attitude, and not waste time
and energy in negatives. The
investigator should have a warm
personal regard for the victim, and
work closely with competent medical
consultants. All relevant information
should be collected and detailed
records of meetings and interviews
kept; photographs should be taken.
"Strive for co-operation with
responsible individuals and groups,"
Schuessler advised, " but do not
hesitate to ignore anyone that does not
demonstrate ethical behavior. Do not
bow to pressure to do anything other
than find the truth. Re-visit the case
PETER GERSTEN from time to time. Don't just get the
report and then forget about the well-
SYMPOSIUM, Continued MUFON Deputy Director John being of the victim. Most victims will
Schuessler of Houston, followed need some support for months and
1569, which mentioned "that an Gersten with a summary of physical even years after the event. This is a big
unidentified body had been shot," but effects cases, and especially those responsibility to be shouldered by any
without official confirmation of same by found in the Cash-Landrum case, of investigator. Finally, share the results of
the air force, the report remains in which Schuessler was the chief your work, so other victims may
limbo, somewhere between evidence of
a stupendous encounter or a clever


New York attorney and chief

counsel for CAUS (Citizens Against
UFO Secrecy) Peter Gersten, as he did
at the M.I.T. MUFON Symposium,
addressed the issue of the burden of
UFO proof from the viewpoint of a
practicing criminal lawyer. "There is
already enough evidence in the form of
thousands of reports, hundreds of still
and moving pictures, and countless
government documents to adduce the
existence of UFOs," Gersten argued.
"The case has already been proved.
But not in court. In September, in
Houston, Gersten will carry the $20
million personal injury suit of the Cash-
Landrum case into U.S. District Court,
but admits the chances of his winning
are "slim and none."


Another excellently illustrated

slide show was presented by Ted
Phillips on the subject of "Physical
Trace Landing Reports: The Case For
UFOs." Phillips, of Reed Springs,
Missouri, is also a member of CUFOS
and CAUS, and over the years has put
together a landing case catalog of some
2,677 reports from 64 countries. "I feel
such cases represent one of the most
direct approaches to resolving the UFO
mystery," Phillips said. "Traces remain
as visible evidence long after the
reported event. And if UFOs are not
available for study in the laboratory,
their physical traces certainly are."
Phillips then summarized five
cases which he admitted were "not well
known, not taken from the latest
reports, and are perhaps even among
the more controversial. They were
chosen because they push us to the
edge of what we can or should believe."
Space hardly permits a review of
the cases here, but interested parties
are strongly urged to consult Phillips'
paper in the published Proceedings, or
the video-taping of same. Details of how
these can be ordered will be found
elsewhere in this issue of the Journal.

After an evening dinner break, the
always engaging William Moore of the "mysterious Dr. Gee," who turned added, the incident reveals how an
Burbank, California, regaled the out to be, Moore is convinced, one Leo official FBI document relating to the
assembled audience with a talk based A. GeBauer. Apparently the idea grew alleged crashed landing, after a diligent
on two . full-length papers in the out of Newton's oil leases, GeBauer's investigation, can be traced back to its
Proceedings, "Crashed Saucers: self-taught electrical knowledge, and an fraudulent source in Newton's active
Evidence in Search of Proof," and "The aborted Hollywood publicity campaign imagination. In contrast, the Roswell
Roswell Incident." Combined, they for a grade B science-fiction movie Incident continues to hold up under
cover 50 of 180 published pages, and known simply as "The Flying Saucer," scrutiny, according to Moore and
are well worth the price of admission which was touted as having real footage Friedman.
alone. of a captured flying saucer.
Moore contrasted a legendary GeBauer had developed a dubious NOISY NEGATIVISTS
(and apparently fictitious) crashed device known as a "doodlebug," which
saucer report which appeared in Frank was supposed to detect fluctuations in Friedman added a few more details
Scully's "Behind the Flying Saucers" the earth's magnetic field and thereby to the Roswell roster in his keynote
with a similar report coming out of signal the presence of oil, gas and other speech, "Flying Saucers, Noisy
Roswell, New Mexico, which he and mineral deposits. Newton's somewhat Negativists and Truth," a liberal
Stanton Friedman have investigated imbalanced genius derived the idea of broadside at Carl Sagan, Philip Klass
extensively. Briefly, the former tale can heralding the doodlebug as captured and other vocal skeptics who, Friedman
be traced to the handiwork of a saucer technology. Scully, Moore charged, often resort to outright
convicted con man known as Silas M. believed, was an unwitting dupe in the
Newton, and his equally shady cohort, scheme. More importantly, Moore (continued next page)
about the alleged 'on-board' portion of
the experience. In one-third of the
reports, hypnosis was not used at all
during the investigation." Webb
concluded: "Investigators of abduction
reports know that the core experience
has consistent, recurring elements
irrespective of how the information is
retrieved. Such cases may represent
the key to the UFO mystery. Significant
advances in our understanding will
occur only when we greatly increase
the number of reports investigated and
more effectively pool our analytical
resources in their analysis. The solution
may be within our grasp."


Abduction reports themselves

were the subject of New York artist
Budd Hopkins' speech. Hopkins is the
author of "Missing Time," and is
presently working on another book,
"The Haunting of Kitley Woods - An
Ongoing UFO Saga," which he
previewed at last year's MUFON
Symposium in San Antonio.
"The subject of UFO abduction
reports," Hopkins said, "is approached
as if these kidnappings were crimes,
and I were an investigator trying to
assemble sufficient evidence for a
'grand jury' to decide that such events
did, in fact, happen as the abductees
STANTON T. FRIEDMAN "First, an attempt is made to refute
Symposium, Continued which they are to be recommended. the two theories that claim no
Only one speaker failed to make the kidnappings occurred — that the
distortion of the available evidence. morning call. Following breakfast, the witnesses are either lying or are
Those who have never had the pleasure annual corporate meeting was held as somehow deluded. Next, the various
of hearing Stanton in person should reported elsewhere. classes of evidence are presented to
treat themselves and others to the support the physical reality of these
videotape of his talk. The complete HYPNOSIS kidnappings. These are 1), secondary
text, of course, can be found in the witnesses to the abductions; 2),
printed Proceedings. The afternoon session opened physical traces - landing marks on the
Following Friedman's present- with David Webb's "The Influence of ground, wounds and marks upon the
ation, all the speakers were called to the Hypnosis in the Investigation of abductees' bodies; and 3), the
front table to form a panel and respond Abduction Cases." Webb, a senior congruity of description by the
to questions moderated by MC John scientist specializing in solar physics, abductees.
Schroeder from the floor. selected a large sampling of abduction "Finally a motive for the 'crime' is
Sunday morning attendees could cases to test the hypothesis that presented: a longterm research project
sign up for a "Breakfast With the hypnosis itself is somehow fundamental upon, and active interaction (including
Speakers," which involved a full to the UFO abduction phenomenon. genetic or reproductive experiment-
breakfast buffet and seating with the What he discovered might surprise ation) with human beings by their
speaker of your choice, another some. "In forty per cent of the kidnappers, whom I identify finally as
innovative twist, among several, grafted abduction reports in my sample," said extraterrestrial in origin. And then the
on the standard Symposium fare by the Webb, "I found the use of hypnosis was
Greater St. Louis host group, and for not important in gaining information (continued on page 17)

The first national UFO Information
Week in the nation's history will be held
during the week of August 18-25,1985.
The Mutual UFO Network will sponsor .
this important endeavor, in
cooperation with wht Center for UFO
Studies and the Fund for UFO
Research, in.order to heighten public
awareness of the UFO subject and of
the need for services for research of it.
Forty-one MUFON State organizations
will participate in this week.


Massachusetts will initiate the

week's activities with its 1 and !/2 day
UFO Forum on August 17-18. The
Forum will be moderated by Dr. David
M. Jacobs, and will feature the following
speakers: Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Mr. John
Schuessler, Mr. Dan Wright, Dr. Willy
Smith, Mr. Budd Hopkins, Mr. Barry
Greenwood, and Mrs. Marge
UFO exhibits at shopping malls or MARGE CHRISTENSEN
County Fairs will be held in Texas, -Dennis Stacy
Florida, Iowa, Wyoming, Massachu- UFO Information Service International guest appearances on radio and
setts, Southern California, Northern (Tel: 206-721-5035). television.
California, North Carolina, New Maine, Iowa, Michigan and New Press releases to the media will be
Mexico, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Jersey will piovide lectures on college sent out by Tennessee, New Mexico,
Nebraska. campuses, at libraries, and at civic M a s s a c h u s e t t s , C o n n e t i c u t , New
MUFON organizations in Utah, organizations. York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas,
Wyoming, and Virginia will present South Carolina, North Carolina,
photographic exhibits at public OPINION POLLS Colorado, Illinois, Nebraska, Michigan,
libraries. Iowa, Northern California, Maine,
Iowa will sponsor UFO displays at Public opinion polls on the UFO Washington, Wyoming, .Vermont,
the Center of Science & Technology subject will be sponsored in Texas, Missouri, Utah, New Hampshire,
and at the Des Moines Park & Maine, Colorado, Iowa, and Illinois. Maryland, Washington, D.C., Georgia
Recreation Festival. The North Carolina MUFON and Wisconsin.
In Wisconsin, the MUFON organization will sponsor a UFO In New Jersey, a permanent store
organization will present a TV news Information Night at a local theatre. window display on UFOs will be
report on the UFO subject from Louisiania, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, established. Also, Melanie Benson, wife
Milwaukee. Nebraska's MUFON group South Carolina, North Carolina, New of State Director Tom Benson, will take
will launch a new series of 26 half-hour York, Massachusetts, Colorado, a ride in a hot air balloon with a banner
programs on cable television entitled, Nebraska, Utah, Pennsylvania, New advertising the first National UFO
"Exploring Unexplained Phenomena." Jersey, C o n n e c t i c u t , M i c h i g a n , Information Week.
In Washington, the Puget Sound Missouri, Washington, Northern MUFON information pages are
Aerial Phenomena Research California, Southern California, Illinois,
Organization will initiate a 24-hour Georgia, and Wisconsin will sponsor (continued on page 16)
Chase Park Plaza Hotel

John Roppoli With

Symposium T-Shirts

Display Area
Frank Brown's
UFO Plates

Michael Swords
Between Sessions

Master of Ceremonies
John Schroeder

(All photographs by Dennis Stacy)

Corporate Meet, France, Indiana

By Walt Andrus
The Annual MUFON Corporate the film and the conditions for its use). MUFON. After all of the above people
meeting was held Sunday, June 30, The film "UFOs: What's Going On?", have taken the examination, a decision
1985 at the Chase Hotel in St. Louis, being produced and directed by Fred will be made as to its application' for
Missouri in conjunction with the Rosen for H.B.O. Cable TV distribution advancement from Field Investigator
Sixteenth Annual UFO Symposium. was announced with a tentative release Trainee to Field Investigator and who
The meeting was called to order at date of August 1985. will administer the program in the
10:30 a.m. by Walter H. Andrus Jr., Regional and State Directors made future. This is a mjaor step in upgrading
International Director with John F. their annual reports. Typed copies the professionalism of MUFON
Schuessler, Deputy Director for were submitted in full to the investigators and researchers.
Administration, acting as Secretary. International Director. Brief statements A commendation was given to Dan
were made by each of the annual Wright and his committee for
CENTRAL DIRECTOR meeting audience. Oral reports were developing two 35mm slide sets of 50
made by Paul Cerny (State Director for and 100 sets for use as visual aids in
The UFO Study Group of Greater Northern California and Western giving UFO lectures. Only a limited
St. Louis was commended for their well Regional Director), Henry H. McKay supply is available so please place your
organized and implemented part in (Ontario Provincial Director and orders with Dan Wright, 1502
hosting the Symposium. The first order Candian Regional Director), Joe Marquette, Lansing, MI 48906. The 50
of business was to elect a new Central Santangelo (Eastern Regional Director slide set costs $25.00 and the 100 slide
Regional Director to replace Charles L. and MUFON Amateur Radio Net), Dan set $45.00. Marge Christensen
Tucker whose term had expired on the Wright (State Director for Michigan reviewed the National UFO
Board of Directors. Since only one and Central Regional Director), Forrest Information Week activities throughout
nomination was received, a mail ballot Lundberg (Iowa), Leonard Sturm the country scheduled for August 18-
was not required this year. Dan L. (Illinois), Marge Christensen 25, 1985. Both she and Doug Labat
Wright, state director from Michigan,. (Massachusetts), Mildred Biesle discussed the UFO Library Resource
was approved and elected by the (Utah), Steve Toth (Ohio), Ken Centers in various parts of the country,
members present from the twenty McLean (Wyoming), Jean Waller which is being spearheaded by David
central states. (Oklahoma), Michael Brein (Hawaii), Christensen.
The 1986 MUFON Symposium will Donald Ware (Florida), Donald Schmitt
be held at Michigan State University in (Wisconsin), Doug Labat (Louisiana), RADIO
East Lansing on June 27, 28 & 29,1986 Bruce A. Widaman (Missouri), and Paul
and will be science-oriented (further Norman (Victoria, Australia). Joe Santangelo gave a six month
details in Director's Message). report on the MUFON Amateur Radio
FIELD EXAM Net in which 23 different stations had
FRENCH REPORT checked in on Saturday mornings. Due
Thomas H. Nicholl, Deputy to the "Breakfast with the Speakers,"
It was announced that Dr. Hynek, Director for Business Management, concluding at 10:30 a.m. and the
Dr. Vallee and Dr. Niemtzow had was introduced as well as the Assistant afternoon session starting at 12:30
recently flown to France to evaluate the State Directors attending the corporate p.m., it was necessary to adjourn the
work of GEPAN and to make meeting. Dan Wright presented the annual meeting at 12:30 p.m., thereby
recommendations upon future funding final version of the Field Investigator's preventing sufficient time for additional
for UFO investigations and research by Exam for acceptance by the new business on the agenda.
the French Government. They also met organization, which was subsequently
privately with Claude Poher former approved. The exam will be first given GEPAN
Chief of GEPAN (see separate article in to all State Directors, State Section
this issue concerning their visit as Directors and Field Investigators The French Government is the
related by Richard Niemtzow, M.D. during the next six months so that all only nation publicly funding UFO
upon his return). will be familiar with and cognizant of the research at the present time through its
Ron Lakis was introduced, with contents. The program will be space program Centre National
credit given for his UFO documentary administered initially by Mrs. Shirley D'Etudes Spatiales. Group D'Etudes
"The UFO Experience" (see Director's Coyne in Michigan under the direction
Message for details on how to purchase of Dan Wright and financed by (continued next page)
NEWS'N'NOTES, Continued encouraged international collaboration personal access to the GEPAN UFO
on exceptional UFO cases in either file and computerized file. The found no
Phenomenes A e r o s p a t i a u x Non country. If a significant case occurred in evidence of humanoids or UFO crashes
Identifies (GEPAN) is the organization France, Dr. Hynek and Niemtzow or any type of aggressive sightings such
specifically responsible for UFO would be invited to participate and as radar or aircraft. All cases were very
investigations and research in France. likewise GEPAN personnel would well investigated. They expressed their
Claude Poher served as Chief of come to the United States. Unofficially, desire to continue working with
GEPAN for two years, followed by Dr. Jacques Vallee was present as an GEPAN and Jean Jacques Velasco, the
Alain Esterle, while Jean Jacques observer to offer his support to GEPAN Chief. In the Paris meeting on June 24, a
Velasco presently occupies this and recommend its continuance. representative of the Prime Minister
position of responsibility. Dr. Niemtzow, who speaks French was in the audience to observe and
fluently having attended medical school report back to his superior.
OUTSIDE ADVICE in France, had two p r i v a t e
conversations with top officials of the NO PRESS
In order to evaluate future funding French space program. Mr. Lions,
for GEPAN, the Prime Minister of Director of the National Space Center, For the record, Richard C.
France sought the advice of sources felt that GEPAN should continue to be Niemtzow, M.D. was invited as a
independent of political and scientific active in spite of political and scientific private citizen and a Consultant to the
personnel in France who might be problems. Mr. J. Gruau, Inspector GEPAN meetings by the French
prejudiced. Dr. J. Allen Hynek and General of the Space Center and Government. In reality, Dr. Niemtzow
Richard C. Niemtzow, M.D. were Secretary to the GEPAN Scientific is a Major in the U.S.A.F. Medical Corp
invited to meet with government Council also supported the research stationed at Andrews AFB, Maryland.
officials and to make recommendations work of GEPAN. He has a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences.
for the continuation of GEPAN. Dr. Richard has been a M U F O N
Jacques Vallee accompanied Dr. SPACE CENTER Consultant in Radiation since 197.7, and
Hynek and Niemtzow as an unofficial is presently the State Section Director
observer to the meetings and The National Space Center for Prince Georges-County in Mayland.
conferences due to his interest and Headquarters and offices of GEPAN in The U.S.A.F. approved of Dr.
knowledge. Toulouse, France was the site for the Niemtzow's visit to France, but he was
The triumvirate arrived in Paris on meetings on June 25th. Mr. P. Bescond, forbidden to participate in any JDress
June 23rd and had lunch with Claude Under Director of the Space Center at conference due to the sensitive nature
Poher. Mr. Poher is still very interested Toulouse welcomed the U.S. of his position. We are indebted to Dr.
in UFOs. In spite of rumors circulated a Consultants to the seminar/ Niemtzow for providing this
few years ago, he is "alive and well." symposium-style all-day meeting. Dr. information to the MUFON UFO
Poher advised that he will continue to Jacques Vallee presented a paper titled JOURNAL by telephone.
be watching the progress of GEPAN "Applications of methods of artificial The Mutual UFO Network has
from the sidelines as it faces political intelligence for the screening of witness been cooperating with GEPAN since its
attacks. reports." This is a method of inception and will continue to do so. In
On Monday, June 24th a determining by telephone, using our library, we have all of their technical
conference was held at the French computer displayed questions, whether reports form No. 3 dated April 3.981
National Space Center in Paris (Centre a case should be investigated further. through No. 18 dated March 15, i9/>3
National D'Etudes Spatiales), attended All three Consultants recommended and Note D'Information numbers 2, 3,
by 20 to 30 space center officials and that GEPAN should continue in the and 4.
university professors. Both Dr. Hynek future due to the wide collection of
and Niemtzow presented papers to this material that would otherwise be INDIANA
prestigious conclave. Dr. Neimtzow's wasted.
paper was titled "Physiological and They also met Dr. Alain Esterle Jerry L. Sievers, Assistant State
radiation effects from intense luminous former Chief of GEPAN who is now Director for Indiana, hosted an
unidentified flying objects" and Dr. involved in evaluation of space excellent UFO meeting in Vincennes,
Hynek's was "An approach to the study programs. Dr. Esterle obtained his Indiana, at the beautiful Executive
of unidentified aerospace phenom- Ph.D. from the U n i v e r s i t y of Inn on Saturday, July 6th. Following a
enon." Hynek discussed his Washington and while Chief of delicious buffet dinner in the immense
computerized UFO catalog and firmly GEPAN, he met with MUFON officers dining room, attendees convened in a
advised that he supported the activity in Houston, Texas. hotel meeting room where TV
and e f f o r t s of GEPAN and equipment had been installed. The
recommended that it not be closed FILE ACCESS purpose of the session was another
down. Hynek and Niemtzow offered step in organizing the MUFON team in
the cooperation of UFO organizations On Wednesday, June 26th, Hynek
in the U.S.A. to GEPAN and and Niemtzow had the pleasure of (continued on page 18)


At this time, the act of reaching the

public with information about ufology
seems to be a paramount concern for
MUFON. I am proud to say I've finally
been able to take steps forward in this
department with the video-taping of the
entire 1985 MUFON Symposium.
By publication, the production
group engaged for not-for-profit
Midwest Motion Picture Proteges, Inc.,
will have post-produced and will be
making available, the lectures,
atmosphere and excitement of the
Symposium on either VMS or Beta
tapes. The sale of the Symposium tapes
are in two categories....individual
lectures at the current cost of $27.00 or
the entire Symposium (roughly 14
hours!) at the current cost of $121.0QAt
the time of this writing, we've already
received one order for the entire
Symposium and are expecting more in
the mail.
The individual lectures are as
follows....Peter Gersten's THE
Stanton T. Friedman's NOISY
NEGATIVISTS, George Fawcett's Lights, Camera, Action!
UFO REPETITIONS, Ted Phillips' -Dennis Stacy
PHYSICAL TRACE L A N D I N G lectures, or the complete Symposium We'll be happy to arrange a deal with
REPORTS, John Schuessler's set, simply write down what you them.
M E D I C A L E V I D E N C E , Budd want....specify VHSor Beta, make your These tapes will not only bring you
Hopkins' ABDUCTION REPORTS, check or money order payable to up-todate, they are capable of
David Webb's HYPNOSIS AND Midwest Motion Picture Proteges, Inc., informing those family members and
ABDUCTION CASES, and Leonard and mail to MMPPI, 9327 Corregidor, friends who you wish you could explain
Stringfield's FATAL ENCOUNTER AT St. Louis, Missouri 63134. Our phone ufology to, plus they will also raise
FT. DIX. number is (314) 423-2827 with an monies for both MUFON and MMPPI.
An equally exciting opportunity for answer machine for placing orders also.
all of us is that Midwest Films If you call, be sure and leave your
Productions, Inc., the company aiding number and an appropriate time you
MMPPI in its releasing efforts, is in
negotiations with video clubs in the St.
Louis area for working the tapes in a
may be reached. (DUE TO THE
now for two years and have heard of 4 TO 6 WEEKS FOR CHECK
and seen the need for both money and CLEARANCE, DUBBING, AND ATOBOOEST(ORDST)
public education. I'm working on both. DELIVERY.) Also, if you would like to
If you would like to order either an rent the tapes, take this article to your on 7237 KHz SSB
individual lecture, several individual video club and ask them to contact us.
By Larry Bryant

What could (and should) have surrounding the incident? unknown origin" (the terminology
been a publicity bombshell at the Finding the answers will of course entered on the DD Form 1569 Incident
MUFON St. Louis Symposium this require additional time and effort on the Report), the intelligence-analysis report
June turned out to be a misfire. part of us all, the only reward being on the body's personal effects, the
Whether the case study in Truth. various witness statements, and the
question — Leonard H. Stringfield's Where to start? Writing to your audio/video/polygraph transcripts of all
status update on the Fort Dix-McGuire representatives and senators in interrogation sessions with the
AFB, N.J., UFO encounter/alien-body Congress might help. In your letter, incident's participants and witnesses.
retrieval operation of January 18, 1978 enclose a copy of the Incident Report In the coming months of expected
— should thus be written off by the (reproduced on pages 60-61 in the St. USAF stonewalling on the group's
casual observer as a passe myth or as Louis MUFON Symposium Proceed- pursuit, they'll be mapping out the long-
an expose slightly ahead of its time, I ings) and ask the Congress member to term strategy. This will entail the
know not. What I do know, though, send i t t o t h e a p p r o p r i a t e services of an attorney for filing the
ought to serve as a new point of House/Senate committee for their appropriate lawsuit, the preparation of
departure for dealing with the Dix- review and investigation. About 30 days interrogatories for the court to grant a
McGuire incident. after your member thus responds to "discovery motion" toward
Item: After months of exhaustive this request, write direct to the determining the exact nature and
research by Stringfield, Richard Hall, committee chairman to determine what whereabouts of the sought-for records,
and a few others, this case seems to be his committee is doing, or plans to do, and any necessary issuing of the
standing the test of time. Indeed, Hall to resolve the issue. His answer ought subpoenas to both participants in and
puts it at the top of the credibility scale to prove useful in preparing1 a letter-to- witnesses to the incident, in an effort to
as regards Stringfield's assortment of the-editor or Op-ED Page item for your show that an event of this magnitude
UFO crash-retrieval accounts. local newspaper. (Once the news media must have generated a permanently
Item: The uniqueness of the case begin to sink their teeth into this case, maintained file of records.
lies in two mutually supporting pieces of the snowball should start rolling on its Of course, such an undertaking
evidence: (1) the testimony of one of its own.) will incur substantial expense. But it
principals, a former McGuire security While you thus perform your civic also offers you a chance to put your
policeman, who feels it necessary not to duty on the stage of public opinion, you UFO-research contributions toward a
"go public" with his name until he's should know that back in the wings history-making pay-off. Here's the
assured of a safe forum for his story Richard Hall and others are trying to proposal: send whatever you can, right
(such as a Congressional committee track down the current location of the now, to the Fund for UFO Research,
•i • hearing?); (2) a "leaked" document several principals cited in the Inc (P.O. Box 277, Mount Rainier, MD
confirming the basic facts of his story — preliminary Incident Report (whose 20712). On the t a x - d e d u c t i b l e
the document being an "Incident names are deleted from the published check/money order, note your desire
Report" filed by McGuire Security copy of the report so as to protect them that the donation be applied to the
Police and forwarded to the USAF from the same kind of reprisal allegedly "Dix-McGuire FOIA UFO Litigation
Office of Special Investigations incurred by Stringfield's informant). Project." The monies thus received will
(O.S.O.) for coordination of any follow- be kept separate from the Fund's other
up reports. NEW CAMPAIGN resources, expressly to wage this battle
for the release of all official information
DATA QUEST Aside from the approach to on New Jersey's ultimate UFO
Congress, we have another, high- encounter. Note: any left-over project
It's those follow-up reports that visibility avenue to the Truth: the U.S. funds will be transferred to the Fund's
can help resolve any question about the Freedom of Information Act. general operating account.
case's authenticity, comparative A c c o r d i n g l y , a g r o u p of As the suite moves forward in the
importance, and outcome. Where do researchers in the Washington, D.C., courts, check the pages of the MUFON
the reports repose now? What agencies area has embarked on the FOIA pursuit UFO Journal for periodic status
have had custody over them during the of all records pertaining to the O.S.I, reports. Remember: the success of this
past seven years, and why? How can we involvement in the incident's reportage project depends on your personal
get Congress to launch an inquiry into and aftermath: such records as the
the events and documentation autopsy report on the "one body of (continued on page 16)
Meier Case, an Apology

By the Readers

Dear Editor, which we are being prepared gradually Dear Editor,

The recent article (June 1985) by to accept the nearby presence of In the May 1985 issue of the
Philip Mantle reminds us that if we diverse ET civilizations far superior to Journal, I made a sarcastic joke at
should happen to observe or confront ours, but being prepared in a manner Robert Sheaffer's expense. I wish to
any ET technology, we would judge it to designed not to alert scientists and apologize to Mr. Sheaffer and to all who
be possessed of magical powers. It is governments, so that the "official" seek to make this subject respectable.
worth emphasizing that, as a corollary, embargo can hold for a while longer. If Young ufologists, take heed of my
what they could do should violate or so, it is possible that they may have error: Moral character is not earned at
circumvent many of our present laws of contacted a few individuals in a similar the expense of another. Please
physics, probably much more than manner, so as not to catch the attention remember Dr. Hynek's maxim:
what we can do now would violate the of scientists, in order to explain more Ridicule is not a part of the scientific
laws of nature as understood by fully what may be going on, and to get method and people should not be
scientists of 500 years ago. In short, their messages into our literature. taught that it is!
their technology should seem beyond Putting all of this together, the E. Daniel Eden
the.range of ordinary knowledge, or Meier case seems to be a good
occult, according to the dictionary condidate for one such definitive SECRECY, Continued
meaning. As Mantle infers, this should contact. This is the case briefly
include the high technology that would described in the book reviewed commitment toward its related
permit easy travel between star favorably by L. Parish (July-Aug., activities (e.g., in mobilizing
systems. 1984). Although the case had Congressional action), as well as on
A related point coming up previously been mostly dismissed whatever financial support you can
frequently now in recent scientific partly because Meier's huge numbers marshal.
literature on this topic is that our galaxy of color photos of posing saucer craft
should be "saturated" with ET races, look too good, it is mainly because the UFO WEEK, Continued
due to their past colonization and very lengthy, ET message accompany-
migration, if not due also to their ing his contact sessions seems occult in being furnished to all states by Walt
independent earlier starts of life on many respects. From the foregoing Andrus. Public service announcements
millions of suitable planets. The fact discussion, however, this is more a for radio will be provided by John
that scientists have not spotted any point in favor than against, provided the Timmerman, of the Center for UFO
official evidence of them is now taken to accompanying physical evidence is Studies. Posters stressing public
mean that they have a sort of embargo very firm. I know of none of his several awareness of this week are being
or quarantine against us, until we reach hundred UFO photos that have been designed by Wisconsin State Director,
a level of understanding where we could found fraudulent. Claims to the Donald Schmidt, and these will be
accept their presence without contrary by Ground Saucer Watch furnished to all MUFON State
launching nuclear warheads or going around 1980 seem unsupportable by Organizations.
into panic or feeling that our religious the evidence, and seem forced by the Slide sets a n d v i d e o t a p e
values are threatened. From this it opinions of its director who, in Flying documentaries are being made
follows that such ETs, for the most part, Saucer Review (Vol. 30, No. 5, 1985) available to all State organizations by
must be benevolent in a hands-off way, wrote, "Simply stated, the few bona fide MUFON's P.I.P.E. Committee.
especially since we otherwise would not 'saucers' actually observed during the According to Dr. Bruce
exist apparently unexploited by them last forty years represent clandestine Maccabee, the Fund for UFO Research
today. government technology testing, which in Washington, D.C. will donate sets of
The embargo idea, described for we can support with technical reports U.S. Government documents released
example in The Planetary Report (Vol. and photos." under the Freedom of Information Act,
V, No. 1, 1985, p.20), further implies It should also be pointed out that to Washington, D.C. area public
that they are observing us, if only to no hoaxist has been uncovered, after libraries.
determine when it will be time for the the ten years since the Meier affair And finally, MUFON Coordinator
embargo to be lifted. However, any began, and the names of at least 28 for A f r i c a , C y n t h i a H i n d , has
abrupt lifting of the embargo would witnesses to secondary events in the announced that Africa will observe a
probably have disastrous results at case are known.
present. Perhaps UFOs are one way in James W. Deardorff, Ph.D. (continued next page)
UFO WEEK, Continued
UFO Information Week which will
coincide with our own. Cynthia will hold
a one-day UFO Forum, make radio and
T.V. appearances, and coordinate
other activities that week.
Increased public awareness of the
UFO subject and increased public
support for recognition of the subject as
a legitimate area for serious, scientific
research, could conceivably move us
closer to a solution to this vital enigma.
Likewise, the solution to the UFO
enigma could very well launch mankind
into new discoveries of technology,
medicine, communications, and an
infinite amount of other areas. All of this
could result in a quantum leap forward
for the human race.
Please do your part to support
National UFO Information Week.

SYMPOSIUM, Continued

prosecution will rest its case."

Hopkins also conducted an
impromptu afternoon workshop on
how to investigate UFO incidents in
general, and clues that might indicate
an abduction had taken place in
particular. These latter often include a
disjointed, or chopped-up, account of
events that might indicate a period of
missing time.
All in all, the Symposium was a
resounding success, due both to the BUDD HOPKINS
speakers, and their well-illustrated
presentations, and the foresight and
Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood
warm hospitality of the host Greater St. bookbags emblazoned w i t h the
Louis MUFON group. For the first MUFON logo were offered (or sale. St.
time, the entire proceedings were Louis definitely set precedents that will
videotaped, attendees had an hopefully be emulated by subsequent
opportunity to breakfast with their
favorite speakers, and T-shirts and
symposia. Congratulations are due all
around. INTENT

CHASE HOTEL What does the government know
about UFOs and why won't it tell us?
St. Louis, Mo. 63108
With a foreword by Dr. J. Allen Hy nek
SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 1985
By Walter N. Webb Indiana. Participants attended from
MUFON Astronomy Consultant Indianapolis to the north and south to
the Ohio River, virtually half of the
SEPTEMBER 1985 State Section Directors present
were Kerry Dean Teverbaugh (Vigo
Bright Planets (Evening Sky): and Clay Counties), Francis L. Ridge
(Posey, Vanderburgh and Gibson
The two giant planets of the solar system can be seen at the same time during Counties), James C. DeLotel (Clark,
twilight. Jupiter, still retrograding westward in Capricornus, glows brilliantly in Floyd and Harrison Counties), and
the SE while fainter Saturn in Libra shines in the SW. The latter sets about 9:30 Jerry L. Sievers (Knox, Daviess and
PM Daylight Time in midmonth. Jupiter is due south at 10 PM. Sullivan Counties). Kerry Dean
Teverbaugh, meteorologist for
Bright Planets (Morning Sky): WTWO-TV in Terre Haute, served as
master of ceremonies. Mr. Sievers
The brightest planet Venus rises north of east about 3:45 AM in midmonth, handled the business meeting in which
followed by the much dimmer red planet Mars an hour later in the same he discussed the proposed newsletter
direction. Venus appears 5° south of the crescent moon on the 12th; the planet for Indiana MUFON, organizational
and the star Regulus make a close pair on the 21st. plans, and National UFO Information
Jupiter sets in the WSW at about 2:30 AM in midmonth. It is 4° north of the Michael B. White, State Section
gibbous moon at 2 AM on the 24th. Director for Monroe and Brown
Counties, has produced a short,
Halley's Comet: professionally-done UFO documentary
for Channel 4 WTTV in Bloomington,
"The Comet" is now within range of backyard astronomers with 6-to-8-inch depicting sightings at an area known as
telescopes. In midnorthern latitudes the dim object rises about 12:30 AM Lucky Point (south of Monroe City
Daylight Time in midmonth north of east between the stars 68 and 71 Orionis along the White River), including
(exact position on the 15th is R.A. 6h 13m, Dec. +19° 37 [1950 coordinates]). interviews with witnesses and
Best viewing period is from about Sept. 10 to 25 when moonlight won't be a investigators. In a two-part article in
factor. During this time-frame the comet's magnitude increases from 12.2 to The Saturday Evening Post magazine
11.4. (March 1984), Donald W. White related
some of these incidents in his article
Moon Phases: titled "Flying Saucers: Are They Us?"
After the meeting was adjourned
Last quarter-Sept. 7 Saturday evening, four carloads of
New moon-Sept. 14 people drove to Lucky Point for a short
First quarter-Sept. 21
€ skywatch.
Full moon-Sept. 28 (Harvest Moon)
O Walt Andrus gave a short
presentation on the objectives of the
Mutual UFO Network, the MUFON
The Stars: UFO JOURNAL, the MUFON Field
Investigator's Manual and displayed the
, At 10 PM in mid-September the sky is evenly split between the summer stars in c u r r e n t M U F O N 1985 UFO
the western half and the autumn constellations in the eastern half. The fall Symposium Proceedings, specifically
season's celestial symbol, the Great Square of Pegasus, is easily visible in the for those attending who were not
east while the summer symbol, the Summer Triangle, stands high in the west. familiar with MUFON. News media
present, in addition to one of the local
Three bright stars near the horizon create frequent false UFO reports at this radio stations, included reporters from
time of the year. Watch out for yellow-white Capella in the NE, red Antares in the Indianapolis News and the Terre
the WSW, and orange Arcturus in the WNW Atmospheric refraction causes
Haute Gazette.
such low stars to change colors and to appear to move about. :
Debbie, the principal in Budd
Hopkins 1984 Sumposium paper titled
The Milky Way now passes directly overhead from NE to SW, its best evening
"The Haunting of Kitley Woods,"
appearance of the year.
shared some of her personal

(continued on page 19)

IN OTHERS' WORDS subject. Rasmussen includes chapters
on "The Nature of the Literature" and
September 19-22, 1985, titled "Primer
Congreso Latinoamericano y del
By "UFOs in Literature: A Brief History." Caribe." Anyone interested in
Lucius Parish While not a complete listing of all attending should write to Dr. Aguilar at
published works (as is the case with all Apartado 681, Panama 9A, Republic of
such bibliographies, it seems), this Panama.
compilation does include some titles * **
which are little-known. Overall, A report on the MUFON Annual
The NATIONAL ENQUIRER'S however, one can question the need for Corporate Meeting held in St. Louis
issue of May 21 reported on Dr. David yet another reference work of this sort. appears elsewhere in this issue.
Jacobs' college course on the UFO Another drawback is the price ($29.95)
subject, taught at Temple University in for a 263-page hardcover, even though NEWS'N'NOTES, Continued
Philadelphia. Dr. Jacobs comments on it is nicely done.
the increasing number of UFO If you want to add THE UFO experiences and answered questions
abduction reports, saying the LITERATURE to your UFO literature, from the audience. She has become an
abductees' stories are believable for a the publisher is McFarland & enthusiastic member and promotes
number of reasons. An article in the Company, Inc. - Box 611 - Jefferson, MUFON in the Indianapolis area.
ENQUIRER'S May 28 issue quotes NC 28640. Several other attendees told of their
Brad Steiger and Hayden Hewes as personal UFO sightings and were
saying that Bigfoot creatures are lower- MESSAGE, Continued filmed by Terry Dean. Michael White
life forms which have been brought has filmed Debbie on several occasions
here by UFO occupants from other In the March 1985 issue of the for a possible future documentary.
planets. The pilot of an Iberia Airlines Journal, a new magazine titled THE Debbie participated with Walt Andrus
jetliner says he was ordered to change UNKNOWN was announced with Jon on the one hour WLS-TV program
course to investigate a brilliant UFO Violette and Stan Mussman as Co- "AM Chicago" on January 18, 1985.
seen over the Canary Islands, Editors. The original investors in this Mr. Sievers is to be commended
according to a report in the July 2 issue project have decided not to continue for arranging this informative meeting
of ENQUIRER. because of a lack of committment from as a means of organizing UFO
Those who have read Zecharia advertisers. This has necessitated a investigative teams in the "Hoosier
Sitchin's two previous books, THE reorganization, as well as exploring State." We heartily recommend this
12TH PLANET and THE STAIR- some alternative approaches to idea to every state, because it becomes
WAY TO HEAVEN, will certainly marketing. However, it does not look an ongoing "National UFO Information
want to obtain his newest title, THE like THE UNKNOWN will debut on the Week."
WARS OF GODS AND MEN. In the newsstands this year according to Jon
previous books, Sitchin cited ancient Violette.
Sumerian and Biblical references to
support his theory that the human race
Ron Lakis, Producer of the KPIX-
TV UFO documentary, "The UFO
was "created" by extraterrestrials. In Experience" has purchased the
THE WARS OF GODS AND MEN, he syndication rights for this film, and is
continues his central theme, amplifying making copies available for purchase by "UFO —
his previous conclusions with new individuals for personal use. The film WHAT'S GOING ON?"
evidence from his research. There is a may not be aired on TV stations unless
15-page listing of references in this the station enters into an agreement H.B.O. Programmed for September
book, so one can see that Sitchin has with Mr. Lakis in regard to payment of DATES & TIMES (COST) FOR SHOWING:
done his homework before setting out royalties. Lakis hopes to sell 250 copies Sept. 10 9:00 PM
of the film in order to fund the cost of a Sept. 18 10:50 PM
his controversial theories. I personally
Sept. 21 5:00 PM
regard all three books as "must" second documentary on the UFO Sept. 23 10:15 PM
reading and look forward to many more subject. Tapes may be purchased for Sept. 26 9:00 PM
volumes in the "Earth Chronicles" $39.95 p l u s s h i p p i n g f r o m : Sept. 29 9:15 PM
series of books. Copies of the three STARRION PRODUCTIONS, P.O. Please refer to your local cable guide for
Box 31-555, San Francisco, CA 94131. local programing times.
books may be obtained from Avon
Books (1790 Broadway - New York, NY The film is highly recommended to all
10019) in paperback editions. THE interested people due to its professional
12TH PLANET is $4.50; the two later
books are $3.95 each.
caliber and because it features many
MUFON people.
Richard Michael Rasmussen's * **
THE UFO LITERATURE is the latest Dr. Ramon De Aguilar has
annotated bibliography of English- announced that they will be sponsoring SEGUIN, TX 78155
language books dealing with the UFO a meeting in the Republic of Panama on
Walt Andrus
The August Journal is a special MUFON's success may be directly State of Louisiana.
issue devoted to the very enjoyable and attributed to the leadership at the state •*• * *
educational MUFON 1985 UFO level where UFO investigative teams Robert Guenette Productions in
Symposium at the Chase Hotel in St. are organized. David E. Rubien of Los Angeles, was contracted by Home
Louis, Missouri. Congratulations are Saunderston, R.I., a former State Box Office (H.B.O.) to produce a UFO
e x t e n d e d to C l i f f Palmberg, Section Director has accepted the documentary to be shown to their 15
Chairman, and his outstanding host responsibility of State Director for million cable subscribers. For several
committee for a superb meeting. The Rhode Island. A graduate of the months, your Director has been
elegant Chase Hotel provided ideal University of Rhode Island, Mr. Rubien working with Fred Rosen, the
facilities for the sixteenth annual is now a developer. producer/director, as a Consultant.
MUFON symposium. Since MUFON Richard D. Seifried, State The film has been tentatively titled
was founded in the St. Louis/Quincy, Director for Ohio has made the "UFOs: What's Going on." Fred Rosen
Illinois locale in 1969, a large number of following new promotions: Christine was targeting for an August showing,
the founding members were present to A. Hanson, Dayton, Ohio, from Field however the listing does not appear in
reminisce and to visit their friends in Investigator Trainee to State Section the August cable programming for
Ufology. Director for Montgomery, Preble and H.B.O. Watch your TV cable guide for
Dan Wright led a twelve-member Greene Counties; and Jennie (Mrs. a possible showing in September,
Michigan MUFON contingent to St. Gordon) Zeidman, Columbus, Ohio to because this is a more realistic
Louis to specifically invite everyone to State Section Director for Franklin and schedule.
attend the MUFON 1986 UFO Delaware Counties. Irena Scott, * •*• *
Symposium to be held at the Kellog Ph.D., who resides in Galena, Ohio, Michael D. Hart, Director of The
Center for Continuing Education, recently volunteered to become a Compufon Network, P.O. Box 954,
Michigan State University in East Consultant in Physiology and a Field Duvall, Washington 98019 and the
Lansing on June 27, 28 and 29, 1986. Investigator. Dr. Scott will also be Pudget Sound Aerial Phenomena
His host committee provided literature working with Jennie Zeidman in Research have donated an Atari
to entice visitors to the Symposium Delaware County. Dr. Scott is 1200XL (64K) computer to the Mutual
under the state banner "Say Yes to employed as a Researcher at Battelle UFO Network. The Compufon
Michigan." Speakers already confirmed Memorial Institute and is a Research Network has placed their new IBM PC
are Dr. J. Allen Hynck, Dr. Bruce S. Associate at the Ohio State University in operation and is entering their
Maccabee, Dr. David M. Jacobs, Dr. Medical School, both in Columbus. newsletter on a "bulletin board"
Michael Swords and Mrs. Marge Dan Wright has selected Wayne service. They may be contacted by
Christensen. Erickson of Redford, Mich., to be the calling (206) 788-5901. Mr. Hart is on
* ** State Section Director for Wayne and the MUFON Staff for Computer
The MUFON Annual UFO Oakland Counties. Mr. Erickson has a Science. MUFON members constitute
Symposium is inteded to examine the B.S.E.E. degree and is amateur radio 26% of the Compufon membership,
s c i e n t i f i c d i l e m m a k n o w n as operator W8ZDX. Marge Christen- leading all organizations. The MUFON
unidentified flying objects. By increased sen, State Director for Massachusetts, headquarters is seeking a modem that
awareness, the public is served. In has appointed Victor W. Zeller, is compatible with the Atari System,
recognition of the University's mission M.A.T. in Physics, to ( become a such as an MPP-1000C or a Hayes
to inform and educate, MUFON'S 17th Research Specialist. Mr. Zeller, who Smartmodem.
Annual UFO Symposium is sponsored resides in South Dartmouth, Mass., is a * **
by the Division of Lifelong Education College Professor who teaches physics Video tapes were made of the
Programs. Michigan State University and astronomy. entire MUFON 1985 UFO Symposium
takes no position regarding the subject Doug Labat, State Director for in St. Louis by Joe Palermo of
of aerial phenomena. Fees for all Louisiana, promoted Richard S. Midwest Motion Picture Proteges, Inc.
Symposium sessions, workshops, Matthews to State Section Director and are available for purchase. Please
wine-cheese reception, and related for the Louisiana Parishes of Orleans, refer to a separate article in this issue of
activites are $25.00 in advance. Now is St. Bernard, Jefferson, St. Charles and the Journal for details.
the time to plan next year's summer Plaquemines in the New Orleans area. * * *
vacation to visit the beautiful state of Mr. Matthews has become a real asset
Michigan. to Mr. Labat in helping to organize the (continued on page 19)