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Twelve Episode Outline

Episode I, Pilot

A cop, Denny Rourke, is assigned to a case involving a mass murder committed by

a dragon. The site where the crime occurred is the location of a fluctuating
gateway which leads to the land of Faery. His partner is killed during a stakeout
and Rourke ends up passing through the gate into Faery. There he meets a number
of “allies” who form the foundation of the Hellcops.

A crime scene at a derelict warehouse. Rourke is investigating what looks like a

mass murder by a lunatic: a group of homeless people has been found torn to shreds and
incinerated. Crime scene techs are collecting evidence, among them a young scholarly-
looking woman. The cops find a survivor who tells them that “a dragon” appeared out of
nowhere and did the slaughtering. Naturally, the cops pass this off as a doper’s fantasy.
The young woman introduces herself to Rourke as Amanda Winkle and begins to tell
him matter-of-factly about the gate between the worlds and the difference between a
firedrake and a dragon. He ignores this as looney-tunes and has her thrown out of the
crime scene.

In the days that follow, the city is afflicted with a series of horrible, inexplicable
crimes: mutilations, kidnappings of children, fires. Witnesses are confused and
frightened—they describe impossible things happening. Rourke is tasked by his
Lieutenant AMOS BEAME, to drop everything and concentrate on what the press has
called the Halloween crimes. He and his partner RUDY BERLINSKI are baffled until
Rourke remembers the girl at the original crime scene. He looks her up and finds she is
an anthropologist at the local university. At their interview she tells him about the
permelions, the gates that open between our world and the world of myth—Faery--which
is as real as our own, but operating under different physical laws. He doesn’t believe her,
of course. Angry, she tells him that the gate at the massacre site at the warehouse will
open again this very night and he can see for himself.

That night, Rourke and Berlinski are staked out at the warehouse, the gate opens, a
troll emerges. Berlinski is killed. Amanda shows up in time to save Rourke, then
disappears. Rourke tells Lt. Beame the truth about what happened and is immediately
placed on psychiatric leave and a regime of psychotherapy. Rourke goes downhill. He
drinks, he sees things that aren’t there. He considers suicide. Then he has a dream.
Amanda appears to him and tells him she is stranded in Faery. He’s the only one who can
rescue her. She directs him to an antique shop in the city, run by a MR. ZELLOP (aka
NAROK). Then the dream turns into a nightmare; Rourke wakes up, shaken.

Rourke finds the antique shop. Narok sobers him up, explains the situation in
Faery. A war there between the evil forces of a monstrous being called SADOCUR and
the last independent Faery kingdom—Broceliande—has spilled over into this world.
Sadocur feeds on human torment, which is why he has sent his minions to commit horrid
crimes. The chamberlain of Broceliande, UDRAINE, an ally of Sadocur, has Amanda
captive, but does not realize who she is. Narok tells Rourke that he has to go through the
gate and rescue Amanda. Rourke stays with Narok, who trains him in the basics of
swordsmanship and gives him a magic sword covered in ancient runes. Narok provides
his wolf, TEWA, to guide Rourke on his travels. Narok gives them a map, directions, and
two warnings—stay away from the Forest of Shadows; and things are never what they
seem in Faery.

Man and dog descend to the subway tunnels, where they go through a gate into
Faery. They are immediately attacked by a band of goblins. In the fight, Rourke and
Tewa get separated. Roarke emerges into the land of Faery. Roarke comes upon a pool
besides which sits Amanda. She says she’s escaped from Udraine. She feeds him berries,
becomes amorous. They start to make love. Rourke wakes up drowning. “Amanda” has
become a nixie, a water spirit, with green skin, needle teeth. At the last moment, he is
rescued by a powerfully-built woman with silver hair. She drags him to shore barely
conscious. When he comes to, she’s gone. Tewa the wolfdog is back. She leads him
down a road. A party of faery warriors appears and forces them to Udraine’s castle.

Rourke is greeted by Udraine and his faery court. The fey are beautiful and
charming, but they have no hearts. Rourke learns he is a semi-guest, semi-prisoner.
Later, he is contacted by RODION, a spy for King Elan posing as a castle servant.
Rodion warns him he is in great danger, and not to trust anyone. Rourke spots Amanda
working as a serving maid. She tries to talk to him, but he doesn’t trust her. That night,
Rourke attends the king at a feast. The guest of honor is an avatar of WOLTOTH (in fact
just one of many avatars of Woltoth, though this one resembles an Elven nobleman), a
malignant being, who Rourke learns is one of the Fellthane, the chief lieutenants of
Sadocur. Woltoth uses his magic powers to penetrate Amanda’s disguise and she is
condemned to a cruel death for the amusement of Udraine and his company.
Rourke looks for Rodion, but the spy seems to have disappeared. The next day, he
can only watch helplessly as Amanda is led to a pit. There she is chained to a post and
huge wolves are released to attack her. One of the wolves suddenly becomes a woman,
the same woman who rescued Rourke from the water demon. It is Tewa, who is now
revealed as a werewolf. She unlatches Amanda’s chain and they escape into the castle.
At the top of the tallest tower, surrounded, Rourke throws his puny spells at the elf
soldiers, with some effect, until Woltoth decides to end it by turning himself into a dragon
and attacking. The three are at the last instant rescued by Rodion, riding on a Roc, a bird
the size of a jetliner. The dragon pursues them into the sky, shooting flames.

The roc catches fire. Desperately, it flies it toward a dark fog on the horizon..
This is the Night Forest. Tewa, Amanda, and Rodion are appalled, but Rourke realizes
that since the map and the directions that Narok gave him have continually put him in
danger, maybe the warning to stay away from the Night Forest really means the opposite,
that it is a way home.

The Night Forest is where dreams are real. Rourke flees from a series of horrors,
then recalls what the police therapist said about going toward, rather than fleeing the
things he fears. He does that and a gate appears. Rodion determines that it is not a real
gate, but a one-way rift in the fabric of reality. If they go through, they will not be able to
return. They hear the sound of pursuit—an avatar of Woltoth--and rush through. They
find themselves on a street in Rourke’s city. Rourke wants to know what Narok’s game
is, and seeks him out, but the antique shop has vanished. Rourke finds he is falling in
love with Amanda, who seems more interested in Rodion. Tewa is becoming involved
with Rourke, which does not make Rourke happy.

Rourke presents himself back at the cops as ready for duty. He gets Tewa and
Rodion a job with the K-9 squad as dog and handler, and spins a story about how their
help is required to bring the perps of the horrible murders to justice. He cannot, of
course, reveal anything of the supernatural to his superiors. Using a combination of
standard police powers and unearthly ones, Rourke and his companions lay a trap for
Woltoth, defeat his forces, and drive the monsters back across the gate. Now Narok
reappears, and announces that another gate has opened. They demand to know whose
side he’s on, but he remains ambiguous. The hellcops put their various emotional tangles
aside and rally to go back into battle.
Episode II


Tewa is loose on Earth. She kills a rapist and turns a group of winoss into werewolves.
Amanda and Rourke must find her, stop her from killing, and convince her to help them.
She turns the winos back to humans and agrees to help.

Things are back to normal at the office. ROURKE is cleaned up now. He’s not
drinking or thinking he’s crazy. LT. BEAME introduces him to his new partner, STEVE
JACKSON. There’s an immediate tension between the two; Jackson is much younger
and inexperienced and definitely no substitute for RUDY BERLINSKI, his recently
fallen partner.
A woman walks down a dark street at night. The shadows conceal her features. A
man loads his van. As the woman passes, he hits her on the head and pulls her into the
back. She screams… then laughs. Shortly following are more screams, only this time
from the would-be rapist. A giant canine emerges from the back of the van and darts
down the street.
The next day, at the crime scene. A cop tells Rourke that it looks like an animal
attack. ID on the victim reveals he’s an ex-con on parole for rape. Jackson is quick on
his feet and ready to prove himself, suggests contacting the Forest Service and all zoos
within fifty miles to check for leads, etc., etc. Rourke just wants to talk to the witness.
She’s a nervous old woman, her eyes are probably shot, but she swears she saw a dog or
small bear push the van doors open and dart down the street as fast as lightning.
Rourke calls AMANDA. They meet at her place that evening. She sits at her
computer reviewing the chronicles of a priest from a village near Hue-Au-Gal, France,
“where in 1851 a single wolf bit forty-six people and slaughtered eighty-two head of
livestock in one day.” The priest called for a witch trial and ordered that the infected be
disposed of. Her fear is that Tewa will infect humans, and that these
“lycanthropes” (those infected with lycanthropy) will go on murderous rampages.
Forensics. A SPECIALIST in animal attacks has been called in for autopsy. She is
baffled because the tooth wounds resemble those inflicted by an extremely large dog,
though much more similar to a bear’s but lacking the signature claw mauling. Jackson
asks if foul play could be suspect, such as simulated animal attacks. The specialist says
that the best bet is that the body was dragged in from the woods and planted in the van.
Rourke gets the specialist to create a profile; where would a bear hide, and what would it
need to survive? “Hunting space, hiding space, and plenty of fresh water…”
A forest at night. A group of winos drink by a pond. TEWA lurks in the shadows.
She emerges in the light of the fire in her beautiful woman form, naked. The homeless
guys are blown away. She begins her transformation into wolf, the men scatter, and the
hunt begins. She chases each one down and infects them all.
Missing persons call. A homeless center has voiced some concern over the
disappearance of some regulars. None of their friends know where they are. Jackson and
Rourke go to the park, look for clues. Large paw prints in the mud by the pond,
intermixed with boot prints leading into every direction of the woods. Jackson suggests
a rabid bear, explaining the photophobia and why the attacks happen at night. They
search the woods. Jackson has found a place by a stream where the prints converge, but
dissolve as soon as they hit the water. Right under their feet is a dark hollow adjacent to
the stream that Tewa has carved out. Her green eyes gleam in the shadows, and are
joined by the eyes of the infected. Rourke orders a full search team to sweep the

Rourke at home in the evening. He writes Amanda an instant message, “Meet me

at the park in 30 minutes.” They agree to try to talk to Tewa.
Meanwhile the wolves surround a playground. They are on the hunt. Some
children play on the swings in the dusk. The K-9 search team combs the park, but the
werewolves sense them and disappear into the woods, as if in thin air.
ROURKE meets with AMANDA. The sun has set, and a greenish mist pours into
the field. Howls echo through the park. They cross the field towards a park bathroom.
Rourke goes into the men’s bathroom, where there is a sound of a lapping tongue
drinking from the toilet. The lapping stops. “Tewa, this is the men’s bathroom.” She
laughs. She emerges from the stall in woman form and greets Rourke seductively. She
sends her wolves to Amanda so that they’ll chase her around. She turns it into a cruel
game. He tells her that things are different on Earth, and if she wants to find a way back
to Faery she’s going to have to obey the rules. For a moment, Rourke feels like he’s
disciplining a pet dog. He convinces her to call the wolves off, though Tewa is reluctant
to do so because of her jealousy and infatuation with him.
She transforms the wolves back into naked, confused men who were too drunk to
know what was going on in the first place. There is immediate animosity and constant
tension between Amanda/Tewa.
Tewa agrees to their deal and says they need to find Rodion. Rourke manages to
sell the story as a drug trip gone wrong. PCP or some other powerful dissociative is
responsible, drugs that create experiences where it’s common for people to wander off for
days, naked and clueless. The rabid bear murders remain a mystery.
Episode III

The Ivory Box

An evil billionaire controls an object (the Ivory Box) that opens permelions to Faery. The
object is stolen from an antique dealer who is imprisoned within it. With aide from
Narok, the evil billionaire is defeated and the Ivory Box returned to safe hands.

A Chinese man (Mr. Liu) opens a safe, takes out a shoe-box-sized chest, sits, opens the
chest, removes a cloth-wrapped package. Inside there is an intricately carved ivory box,
covered with pierced Celtic designs. He examines it with a magnifier. A look of horror
appears on his face. A young Chinese woman (Margaret Liu) enters the room, carrying a
tea service. Puzzled, she looks around the room. She calls out for her father. The room
is empty. On the desk sits the ivory box.

Rourke and Jackson are called to the townhouse of billionaire developer Ronald
Brannett to investigate a murder and theft of art objects. The murdered man is Darryl
Meecher, in charge of security for the Brannett empire. Missing are a number of precious
curios. Brannett seems uncooperative. Rourke and Jackson interview the staff. They
learn that Brannett had recently purchased an ancient carved ivory box from Mr. Liu, an
antiquities dealer. He kept this box closely guarded and allowed no one to touch it. To
the cops’ surprise, it does not appear on the inventory of stolen items. Questioned,
Brannett says the box was a trifle and not worth mentioning. They suspect he is lying.
From the medical examiner they learn that Meecher died of ‘natural’ causes, a
stroke, even though he was an athlete in perfect condition. It’d not a murder anymore, so
Lt. Beame takes them off the case. But because of the strangeness about the mysterious
box, Rourke senses that the case is more complex than a simple theft. He checks out Mr.
Liu, the antiquities dealer. The computer shows him as the subject of a missing persons
report. Rourke visits Liu’s daughter in Chinatown. She is terrified, tells how her father
vanished. Soon after, Brannett contacted her, offered an astronomical sum for the box,
which she sold. Now her father comes to her in dreams, saying he is trapped, begging for
rescue. Rourke obtains a photo of the box. On his way out, he is set on by a gang, who
are chased off by Jackson, who has come looking for him. There is a break in the
Brannett case. Someone has brought one of the Brannett pieces to a pawnshop. The
pawnbroker gives a description of the thief. Rourke visits Amanda. He tells her about
the ivory box, disappearance of Liu, etc., also that the description of the supposed thief
matches Rodion. She doesn’t believe him. He shows her a photo of the box. She has a
strong reaction, but attempts to conceal it. He knows she’s hiding something. Roarke
visits Tewa, who’s working at a dog training school. He tells her the news and shows her
the photo of the box. She becomes excited and tells him that the box may be one of the
seven lost gates to Faery. She accepts the idea that Rodion may be the thief; the box may
be a way back home for both of them. Why did he try to pawn stuff? Because Rodion is
too proud to accept work. He’s an aristocrat in Faery. They decide to search for Narok.
Tewa, in dog form, sniffs Narok out at a carpet shop he is operating. Amanda is
there, too. Rourke wants to know what’s going on. Narok tells him the ivory box really
is a gate. But engaging the gate is not a simple matter. It requires a spell to unlock it, and
the wrong spell can open the gate to places that are neither this world nor Faery. Bad
places. He has the spell to work it, Rodion has the box. He also reveals that Brannett is in
league with the Fellthane Androgar, who enabled him to accumulate his fortune. They
are waiting for Rodion to arrive with the box. Rourke objects that Rodion is a thief and
perhaps a murderer, and plans to arrest him when he shows up. The carpet shop is
attacked my Brannett’s henchmen, who have been tailing Rourke. Brannett wants his
box back. Rodion arrive and cuts his way through the thugs with fancy Faery swordplay.
Once in the shop, Rourke arrests him and calls for backup. The cops arrive, along with
Lt. Beame. Rodion is taken off to jail. The cops want to take the ivory box as evidence,
but Brannett insists it is too valuable to leave with the police. After they’ve all gone,
Amanda scolds Narok for letting it go so easily, but Narok smiles and proposes they pay
a visit to Brannett’s house that evening. Narok, Amanda and Tewa go to Brannett’s
house. Narok proposes that in return for the spell that unlocks the gate, Brannett will
withdraw charges against Rodion. Brannett agrees, but demands Narok stay as a hostage.
Rodion in jail; interaction with other prisoners. Amanda gets him out. He is outraged
when he hears what Narok has agreed to. He declares he’s going to Brannett’s house, to
kill both Narok and Brannett. Amanda gets Rourke and they both go to Brannett’s to stop
this from occurring.
They arrive as Narok is casting his spell. The gate appears. Rodion charges in;
Rourke blocks him from harming Brannett. Brannett goes through the gate. An instant
later, he falls out of it, dead. The corpse has aged thirty years and is dressed in strange
rags. Narok explains that time runs differently on the other side of permelions, and that
not all spells open them into Faery. He does another spell; the room goes dark. When
they can see again, they find both Narok and the ivory box have vanished.

Rourke drives by the carpet shop. It is not there and no one recalls it ever being
there. Rourke is frustrated, Amanda tells him to get used to it. It’s Faeryland.

Episode IV

Bad Children
Children are being captured by Dark Fey and replaced by mischievous and murderous
twins. The Hellcops must find the gate that the Dark Fey are traveling through, rescue
the original children, dispel the Dark Fey, and close the gate.

The cleaning woman raps at the door for the third time. Through the window, an
eight year old girl drags something along the ground in the living room. She is giggling
to herself innocently. The cleaning woman screams, because the girl is dragging a dead
dog by its tail. We see in the next room a woman and a man, the girl’s parents, laying
dead on the linoleum.

Later, LT. BEAME, ROURKE, JACKSON are at the crime scene. A cop tells
ROURKE how the father was tortured, the mother killed by a blunt object. Not much
evidence of any intruder. ROURKE approaches the maid who is held for questioning.
She says to Rourke that something was wrong with the child, that she must be mental.
The child didn’t want to be held and didn’t cry. She was more disturbed by the kid than
the murders.

Rourke and Jackson interview the child who is being held in protective services.
The child’s emotional detachment from the situation is chilling, and the councelor frankly
admits that the she shows all signs of a Schizotypal Personality Disorder (believing in
magic and fantastic things, detachment from emotions and social settings, etc.).

Back at the playground some children stand together, smiling eerily and staring at
a little boy playing alone in the sandbox. “Want to play with us?” One says… The boy
follows them into the forest…

Police HQ. Beame is notified that several children in the same neighborhood are
missing near the house where the murders took place. JACKSON goes to investigate,
questions some worried moms, some kids. The children really have disappeared; they
were all at the playground near the forest. ROURKE doesn’t need any proof when he is
informed of this, he goes straight to AMANDA WINKLE for help. That evening he tries
to contact Winkle, but she is feeling ill and is bedridden. ROURKE tells her about the
faery murder and the kids. She doesn’t want to be bothered, but she is perplexed. She
explains it’s odd because she had a dream the night before, when she’d just started getting
sick, of being a mother of “cruel, sadistic children that were not her own.” (we see this
dream) She had no control over them but she knew they were hers. She goes into some
history about how people believed fairies would steal their children and gives an
overview of faery behavior, how they are invisible to all but children. She tells him to go
to TEWA.. Amanda is sensitive to powerful psychic and magical phenomena, and feels
intense emotions and physical side effects due to this.
(Secret: Amanda’s father was an elf)

ROURKE goes to TEWA’S hovel/studio, which we see for the first time (imagine
a wolf’s accommodations). The door is unlocked. She isn’t there.

Meanwhile, in the darkness of a dense wood, TEWA lurks in the shadows, she is
sniffing, snorting in wolf form as if tracking something. We hear childish giggling in the
darkness, which disperses in all directions as TEWA starts to pursue. The park is
transforming due to intense magical energies. The Faeries play tricks on her by conjuring
illusions of fake permelions. Tewa is looking for the permelion for selfish reasons; she
wants to escape to Faery forever.

The next morning, Rourke goes to find TEWA. The kennel manager says she
didn’t show up to work because she had to take care of some children in the park.
ROURKE gleans which park and jets off, it is the same park where we see Faeries luring
children into the forest earlier. He takes the sword given to him by Narok. The forest
morphs, time speeds up and slows down, day turns into night within seconds. As he
walks the trees become older and less Earthly. The Faeries’ childish giggles break out in
the shadows. Rourke is lured to the site of a group of hideous sleeping monsters. They
awaken and a fight ensues. He defeats some of them, but is overpowered. RODION
rescues him and leads him through the permelion. On the other side, they discover the
Faery ring where the children are being held captive. The Faeries dance and sing, the
children with them, dressed in Faery clothes. A terrifying cacophone, almost like music,
fills the air. The Faery ring is surrounded by brilliantly glowing, ancient gnarled green
trees. They scare the Faeries off and free some of the children. A Faery magician casts a
spell on them and they fall asleep, they wake up in ropes being poked and taunted by

WINKLE is still in bed, sick. She dreams of the captured children in a dark forest,
the Faeries are playing with them, trying to make them forget who they are so that they’ll
never return to Earth. The children enjoy this, but the overall feeling is sinister. She
rushes to the park, where the Faeries attempt to charm her, but she is immune to this sort
of magic (because she has Elven blood). They scurry into the shadows. Tewa has been
watching her from the darkness, and her she was stupid for coming here alone, it’s
infested with monsters. Tewa can sense where the monsters are from a distance, but
Winkle’s psychic abilities tell her exactly where the permelion is and how it fluctuates.
Tewa, who dislikes Amanda immensely, agrees to team up with her. They find the
permelion and pass through.

Meanwhile the Faeries are dressing RODION and ROURKE like clowns. The
magician forces them to dance for their amusement. They dance faster and faster,
straining their bodies to the limit. To the pair’s relief, the music stops and the Faeries
flee. A winged shadow descends on them. It is a Draake (see below), by the looks of it
quite an old and powerful one, by the name of FELSWERN. She has come to inspect the
permelion, and she is hungry. Draakes enjoy playing with their prey before killing, and
Felswern spends a good time gloating, gathering the children into a screaming mass.
AMANDA emerges, threatening to cut Felswern down with Rourke’s blade. The Draake
finds this amusing, but not so amusing when TEWA jumps on her from behind and claws
one of her eyes out. AMANDA uses this distraction to free ROURKE and RODION
from their binds. While Rodion and Amanda round up the children and run them into
Faery, Rourke holds off the enraged Felswern with his blade. The permelion starts to
collapse, and they have only moments to return to Earth or risk being trapped in Faery.
Tewa is knocked to the side. Rourke is no match for Felswern, who grabs his blade and
snaps it in two like a toothpick, then kicks him to the ground, breaking a rib and slashing
his chest.

TEWA must choose: save Roarke and transport him back to Earth, or flee and
return to her home. She chooses her love for Roarke over her home, breaks off a branch
and plunges it into FELSWERN’S bleeding eye. She plucks Roarke off the ground and
they flee through the permelion, which closes shortly afterwards. Felswern collapses to
the ground, swearing revenge. The children are returned to their homes, each of them full
of stories about dragons and faeries, which no one believes.

Episode IV

The Crow Queen Leiko

The beautiful Rodion finds work as a fashion model. He meets a rival model, Leiko, who
is in fact a fugitive from Faery and a notorious witch. Leiko frames Rodion for murder
and magically charms Rourke. Tewa, Rodion, and Amanda go to her lair, and using a
special ring given to Amanda when she was a child by an unknown stranger, they banish
Leiko, strip her of her power and save Rourke.

RODION is a model. We open with him at a shoot. He overhears some models

talking about a big party occurring that night, which will be full of various influentials.
His personality among the models is obviously not admired, because when they see him
approach he is shunned. He extracts the location of the party from one of the models,
using his natural Elfish ability to seduce & charm.
RODION up till this point has been missing from Hellcops. This episode is meant
to both re-establish Rodion with the team and build his character, as well as introduce a
tentative recurring character: Leiko. RODION’S vanity and Epicurean habits no doubt
bring him to professional modeling, where he has been quite successful. At a party, he
meets Leiko, a beautiful Japanese (Fey) woman who is surrounded by wealthy and
powerful sycophants.
A jealous millionaire from the party murders Leiko’s lover, guard, and plaything,
Tyson. Leiko had intended for this to happen. She gets a rise out of causing havoc and
erasing the tracks. She also gets material gain from this, and has amassed a large fortune
and network of secretive admirers/worshippers. Her main motive here is to get Rodion
away from her. Leiko was a traitor and a fugitive in her former land. Using magic she
escaped to the Earth realm. The murder is intentionally framed on Rodion, who was
seen having a spat with Tyson out on the street when Tyson started threatening Rodion
and warning him to keep his distance from Leiko. The police go to Rodion’s apartment
the morning after. There is a comic relief scene here, where we see him prepare
breakfast, use modern conveniences, and watch morning talk shows.
ROURKE & JACKSON at murder scene. Forensics informs them that Tyson was
repeatedly stabbed by a large combat blade not found at the scene, which suggests the
weapon was brought to the house and the crime was premeditated. An officer approaches
ROURKE and tells him they retained a suspect, “some fairy named RODION,” who
claims to know him.
That morning in jail RODION tells Rourke that he knows who she is, we see a
story of Leiko in the fey realm unfold, who she betrayed and how she escaped.
ROURKE is suspicious of RODION still, he knows he is selfish and not totally
trustworthy. Rourke calls JACKSON at his desk and tells him to start tracing Leiko,
question around, find out things about her.
AMANDA, meanwhile, is doing some gardening. She starts hearing voices, like
fairy laughter. She flashes back to her childhood playing in the garden and hearing
similar voices. A young AMANDA is surrounded by goblins and fairies. An
unspeakably beautiful, tall Elven man walks down the row with something in his hand. It
is raining flowers, as if a celebration were occurring. He gives her a green ring, with a
glistening emerald set in it. He tells her she will know what to do with it when the time
comes. Immediately everything is back to normal and AMANDA frantically runs inside
to tell her mother. The ring has turned into a ring made out of knotted wood. Her mom
nods placatively, “Yes dear, how nice.” The scene flashes back to the present. The ring
is actually the wedding ring of Leiko and her betrayed husband, the former King of
Broceliande. The elf who delivered the ring to her was her true father, a noble Elven
magician, though this will not be revealed for a long time to come. Through the ring’s
spell, Leiko will lose her beauty and her power. AMANDA rushes upstairs to a closet,
retrieves a box of things from her childhood. She finds the old wooden ring.

Meanwhile LEIKO is in her mansion. She sits in her enchanted study, gazing into
a pool. The reflection on the pool is what she is seeing through the eyes of her crow
minions, and right now she is watching ROURKE. He is in front of Amanda’s house,
ringing the doorbell. Inside, as Amanda begins talking to Rourke, she notices that all the
birds have stopped chirping. Everything is silent. Her “fairie sense” is blaring and she
feels she is being watched. Out the window she sees a crow watching them. As Leiko
studies Rourke, she notes that he has a weakness, and he can be exploited.
ROURKE and JACKSON meet up to interrogate the jealous millionaire. He is
very defensive and wants his attorney. His home has a Japanese motif; there are rice
paper room dividers, and samurai weaponry lines the walls… They let him know that
Rodion has an alibi, and they also know that Leiko is involved. Rourke gets Leiko’s
location out of him. Rodion is released from jail as the JEALOUS MILLIONAIRE
becomes the chief suspect. Later that night Leiko turns into a mist and enters the
millionaire’s cell. She convinces him to commit suicide that night.
While AMANDA is in bed, she has a dream, actually a spell cast by Leiko. It’s a
sleepy dream. In it a soothing female tells her that there’s nothing wrong with sleeping in
tomorrow. And she does. She awakes to a ringing phone, the afternoon sun beaming
over her bed. Rourke is mad that she’s still asleep and an hour late, and that he’s going to
the mansion without her. She hurries out of bed. When she leaves, some crows smash
through her house windows. The crows transform into men with black dress and crow
faces and rummage through her things. Fortunately the ring is safe with Amanda in her
Jackson and Rourke pull into the driveway. Amanda calls Rourke’s cell and tells
him her alarm has gone off and she has to turn back and check it out. Rourke sends
Jackson after her to protect her. He is left at the mansion without a car, but Rodion has
been trailing them with Tewa in dog form. Out of nowhere Tewa growls menacingly at
Rodion, frightening him. He asks what’s wrong and Tewa relaxes (this is another of a
series of hints dropped regarding the “Tewa losing control” subplot that culminates in
Episode VIII).
Rourke walks along the ominous wooded pathway. The forest is dark and
completely quiet except for the sparse, eerie cackles of crows. He comes to a clearing
behind the mansion. There are trellices with vines of big, blooming, trumpet-like flowers
(like Daturas). Pollen from the daturas wafts over him, sending him into dreamy state.
After entering her mansion, Leiko casts a charm spell on him and manages to get his
mission out of her. She finds out all about the permelions and the main characters he has
encountered, Narok, Tewa, Rodion…
Rodion starts to make his way through the woods with his sword unsheathed.
Tewa acts up again. She is becoming more feral the longer she stays on Earth. She
dashes off into the wood. The crows erupt with an alarm of cackles and squawks. Leiko,
who sees things through crows’ eyes, sends the seduced Rourke out to intercept him. A
hunter-hunted sequence unfolds across the estate, with Rodion trying to get Rourke to
come to his senses.
Back at Amanda’s home, she goes over the damage. They have done quite a job
on her property, even ravaging her garden. Jackson is perplexed, what would anyone
want from an anthropologist? Amanda tells him she has won some valuable antiques at
auctions, and word gets around. She picks up a foot long crow feather. Jackson says
he’ll make sure there’s a real investigation and not some half-assed-blue-suit-and-notepad
deal. After he leaves, Amanda races off to the mansion.
Rourke is shouting things to Rodion about his love for Leiko. He accuses him of
all kinds of faery trickery. Amanda arrives at the wooded path, taking her ring out of the
purse as she runs through the woods. The crows are clustering around her, chasing her.
As she runs through the datura in the back yard, the vines come alive and the flowers
spray their magic pollen on her. Somehow she resists the magic, and continues upstairs,
as if guided by a higher power.
In Leiko’s chamber, she stands over her enchanted pool. She attempts to charm
Amanda. Amanda almost falls for the spell, but upon showing her the ring, which has
turned back into the beautiful bejeweled ring from her childhood, Leiko is terrified.
“Who are you?!” Leiko asks. From out of the ring a green, spectral head appears. It is
the head of the groom of Broceliande that she betrayed. It gets brighter and brighter,
driving Leiko to agony.
Rourke, meanwhile, is raising his gun to a fallen Rodion…
The only way Leiko can stop the haunting head is to plug the light with her finger,
slipping the ring over it. It binds to her flesh and leeches her power, turning her into an
old fossil of a woman. Rourke snaps out of the spell. Rodion is saved just in time. They
rush towards the mansion. Rodion wants to kill Leiko, who is decrepit and pathetic,
whining for her life (she sounds like a crow, of course). Amanda demands that she be
spared, again acting from a higher power. Leiko turns into a crow and springs through
the window.
Outside, the flowers are gone. The three stand there, perplexed. Amanda has a
vision. In her eyes, it is the garden of her youth. A man emerges in masquerade garb,
though he is obviously Narok, and slips a blue, raindrop gem ring onto her hand. It
dissolves into her palm, and it starts to rain in real life. “You are learning.” The man
says. He disappears. The episode ends with them standing in the rain. Hellcops heroes
will from time to time gain magical blessings or curses during a show, and “Narok” has
just granted Amanda heightened empathic abilities.
Episode V
Airy Fairy
A one-way permelion is opened by a Fellthane in the wetlands surrounding an airport.
An airport worker is possessed by the demon, who can only possess him as long as the
permelion is there. Tthe opening of the gate also invitess an unwanted nature spirit who’s
power is multiplied by the energies pouring from the nexus. The spirit’s home must be
saved from destruction if it’s to halt its havoc on the human world and close the

The black of night in a vacant lot adjacent to an airport runway. A van is parked
there, and there’s woman screaming inside. Time passes, it’s a little lighter outside, and a
man later emerges from the van with the body and throws it into a wide expanse of
wetlands that runs against the airstrips.
Two weeks later, a hunter hired by the airport to prevent marsh birds from flying
onto the airfield is tromping through the mud. He smells rotting flesh. He says over his
radio that “Somethin’ died.” Mezmerizing faery music fills the air. The hunter is taken
aback, until he notices a very large, graceful swan. It’s beautiful, and it’s smiling at him.
He raises his rifle, but it’s too late, he has been magically charmed. Later, two hunters
discover him naked in the mud. He is shaking with fear. The hunters discover the dead
body of the woman close by, floating in the muddy water.

Jackson & Rourke are at the scene now. Rourke looks around on his own, while
Jackson studies the crime scene. Rourke hears a shuffling in the muddy weeds and snaps
around as if something is evading him in his peripheral vision.

Amanda is at home as she does some repairs from last episode’s bird-man
makeover. . The hunter from the marsh comes on the TV news. He talks about how he
was sexually assaulted by a giant swan. A psychiatrist comes on shortly after to theorize
that the hunter’s witnessing of the dead woman, because he was a Vietnam veteran,
triggered a dissociative fantasy, etc. She calls Rourke to tell him the news and he asks
her to round up Rodion and meet at a diner. Tewa is still wild, since she is slowly turning
more animal and less werewolf the longer she stays on Earth. Rourke stiffs Jackson with
the paperwork (this helps draw out the continuing tension between Jackson and Rourke)
and heads off.

At the Denny’s, Rodion complains a lot. The food disgusts him, and so do the
suburbs. He goes on a tirade. He’s rude to the waitress. Rodion is to wait until evening,
when he can break into the murder scene and inspect for faery activity. Rourke and
Amanda go to the hospital and interview the “rape victim.”
During the meeting with the hunter in the hospital, he confirms their fears that it is faery
or demonic activity. They ask him if he’d experienced anything like this before… No,
but he won’t again, because they are plowing the land over for an extension to the

In the airport executive conference room, a group of suits and engineers discuss
plans about the difficulties they are having with wetlands protection and residential
complaints. Diagrams are pointed to, people nod, but in the end the feeling is that they
will be successful in their endeavor.
Outside the conference room in the office lunch room, DAN HENLEY heats up his
coffee in the microwave. HENLEY has been possessed by a Fellthane demon. He killed
the girl, torturing her so that the Fellthane could feed on the anguish. He hears voices,
terrible sounds that he is combating with every atom in his body. His boss approaches
him and treats him in a jovial boss-like way (“Given’ you enough work there Henley?”
etc.), but Henley’s demon distorts the words to become violent and terrifying.
Outside, a thick mist consumes the airport. Inside the airport, we see a sequence
of terrible things happening to people. Suitcase handles break, lattes are way too hot, and
generally it’s a much worse than normal day. Clouds billow in and darken the skies. All
flights are cancelled.

Police guard the crime scene. Rodion sneaks into the marsh from his parked car.
He has been bored out of his mind until this time. Inside he encounters Tewa in human
form. Tewa tells him she thinks she knows where the undine (water spirit) is, it’s angry
and its causing the haunting of the airport. He’s baffled by her behavior, how she doesn’t
even pay attention to him, how she attacked him before and doesn’t seem concerned that
she abandoned the group. Tewa asks the rotted log, where the undine lives, why it is so
angry. A haunting whisper from the hole in the log returns “Let me be.” Tewa wants to
know if there is a permelion close by. The undine is further angered and Tewa starts to
sink into the mud. Rodion rescues her.
Amanda, Jackson, and Rourke are looking over the body at the morgue. Jackson
comments on the ritualistic nature of the killing. A surgical dish holds a variety of ritual
fetishes, as well as objects used to prolong the victim’s pain that were found within the
body; razors, clamps, etc. Amanda compares the killings to Liberian black magic rituals
where the victim is tortured and body parts are amputated and consumed to appease a
demon or increase the magician’s power.

The skies over the airport are blackening. News says it might be a high breeze
carrying sands from the Gobi desert or other unique weather anomaly. People at the
airport are in panic.
Outside cars are getting into accidents, people are getting sick and irritated. Henley looks
like one of them. He’s covered in sweat and washing his face in the bathroom. As
Henley stares in the mirror, the reflection of the bathroom dissolves to reveal the chamber
of Woltoth, the Lord of the Fellthane and servant of Sardocur, the Prince of Hell. He
flees to his car, where he spots a cross and rosary in a car nearby. With exorcism in mind
he drives to a church and enters the confession booth. After the priest asks him if he’s on
medication, he snaps and retrieves a meat cleaver from his trunk. As he is about to crash
through the confession doors, Narok appears. He tells the possessed Henley that he
should be killing Winkle and Rourke, and that he is the Fallen One. Narok takes the
cleaver and kills the priest, proving that he is evil and that he can join the Fellthane.
Woltoth has been seeing these events through Henley’s eyes. He reports to
Sadocur (who we don’t see yet, he’s just a voice) that they have found Narok, and that he
is bound to the Earth world. Sadocur permits the Fellthane to trust Narok and follow the
advice to pursue Winkle and Rourke. At this point in the story line of the show as a
whole, Sadocur is not terribly concerned. This is small change. Narok tells them they
will be at the wetlands, where the permelion has opened.

News media has gathered around the perimeter of the airport. People are pouring
into the parking lot that borders the wetlands. TEWA and RODION watch the spectacle.
It starts to rain tiny fish on the crowd. A huge salmon crashes into the windshield of a
news van. Tewa turns to Rodion, “Maybe we should call the others.”
Jackson, Rourke and Winkle are in the car heading towards the airport, and fish are
bouncing off the windshield. Winkle is feeling tremendous energies and she says so.
Jackson looks at her like she’s crazy.

At the scene Winkle senses that the presence is emanating from the wetlands. It
seems to be “groaning” from the disturbance around it. Jackson, still a little on edge from
Winkle’s New Age revelations, jokes that nothing will be emanating from it anymore,
because in a month it will be under ten feet of asphalt as they build a runway extension.
Tewa is anxious to know if there’s a permelion. Amanda runs into the wetlands to try to
communicate with the undine while Rourke and Rodion follow, calling out to her that it’s
a bad idea.
Amanda pleads with the undine to close the gate. Just as Henley is about to attack
her, the spirit closes the gate, releasing him from demonic possession. The magic mists
dissipate, and the blackness in the sky clears. Everything appears as it normally would.
Confused and terrified, Henley jolts off into the shadows. Rourke and Rodion capture
Show ends with a national news anchor giving a debriefing of the strange “weather
anomaly” that occurred in the city. Scientists have postulated a variety of theories. The
newscaster cuts to the reporter in the empty lot, who says that the recent events have
drawn national attention to the wetlands around the airport. “The airport is under
extreme pressure from environmental groups and ecologists to be preserved.” The camera
drifts past the reporter and into the wetlands. Voiceover of the reporter ending her story
while the undine lurks, forcing the mud to stir and the breeze to blow....

Episode VI
The Green Man
A mysterious force has descended upon a small wooded area on the outskirts of the city.
When a man disappears in the area and emerges weeks later but decades older, the group
goes to investigate. Rourke and Tewa enter a permelion hoping to find out about the
other missing people and to meet with the King of Broceliande. In the process they get
lost and separated. They haven’t arrived anywhere on the Faery realm, but on the
domain of the Green Man. Rourke is “annointed” by the Green Man and he gains magic

A man takes a peaceful walk along a roadway. He notices a peculiar opening in

the wood along the road. The forest path glistens with gold as he walks along it. Three
weeks later he returns an old man with a long white beard and torn clothes. The Hellcops
are sent to investigate the incident, which has been getting a lot of press, particularly in
the conspiracy and New Age media. Amanda gives some history lessons to the team; the
forest has had many unsolved disappearances in the past. Rourke and the others go to
inspect the scene. They arrive to find that cultists, neo-pagan “witches,” and conspiracy
theorists have besieged the forest. A crazy man tells them that the park has been “taken
back by the Earth Goddess and her minions are upon them.”
They enter the forest and under the instruction of RODION find a permelion
located in a circle of ferns. They walk in circles around it, thinking that nothing has
changed, but behind them a long corridor of vines and brambles appears leading into
darkness. Rodion and WINKLE stay while TEWA and ROURKE enter, since Tewa’s
super senses can guide them more easily, and someone needs stay behind to insure no one
else enters the permelion. They walk through the corridor of vines for what seems like
hours, until they turn to tree roots and soil, which grow larger as they walk on until the
walls of the corridor are solid with tortuous roots as thick as logs.
When they come out the other side they are in another forest, though this one is
obviously not on Earth. The trees are as wide as buildings and rise so high that they blot
out the sun. TEWA is overjoyed that at last she is in Faery and is free. She tells Rourke
she’ll guide him to safety, but then she must leave to rejoin her pack. As they walk
through the wood, Tewa gets disheartened, because the scents are different than in
Broceliande and she doesn’t recognize any of the flora.
Faery music fills the air as they stumble upon a Faery feast. Tiny little pixies,
sprites and other faeries dance around, Rourke is completely mesmerized and under their
spell. Tewa is yelling at him to keep moving but he doesn’t hear. She screams “They are
stealing your footsteps!” and shakes him free. Behind Rourke are some little men
“stealing” his footsteps, prying them off the ground with pick axes. They flee, and Tewa
explains that if he had let his footsteps get stolen he would never be able to remember if
he had been somewhere before.
Back on Earth Amanda and Rodion watch the tunnel. They think they can still see
them walking, but they haven’t gotten smaller or faded into the distance, as if they were
traveling without moving. One of the girls from the New Age crowd emerges from the
woods. The tunnel terrifies her, she screams, asks Amanda and Rodion what it is and
where it came from. Amanda says they have to stop her from getting away or else she
will attract attention, and they can’t allow anyone to go through the permelion. A chase
ensues while they plead for her to stop, but it doesn’t last long as they all realize the park
is transforming and they are lost. Rodion suggests it might be a flickering and the terrain
has temporarily transformed. They stick together to see if they can’t find the permelion
corridor again.
Tewa and Rourke walk cautiously, at a slow pace. Tewa is nervous, they could be
anywhere. They have to find the permelion opening, and Tewa is trying to sniff out
where they walked before. Out of frustration they run for a distance to where they were
before, but are shocked to find that the forest has been changing shape as they’ve been
walking. Tewa knows now that this isn’t Broceliande. It’s not even the Faery Realm,
but the dominion of the Green Man, the otherworldly being that encompasses the forces
of chaos, life, and nature, though neither of them know this. In the short time it took
them to run, it has gotten darker, as if it were dusk.
Lights approach from a distance, they look like torches, but as they get closer it is
apparent that they are balls of floating energy (strange creatures called willow-wisps),
like ball lightning. Rourke can’t handle it, he runs off into the brush in panic. Tewa
follows in pursuit. The willow-wisps give chase. They slip through a sinkhole and end
up sliding down to the bottom of a steep, crater-like ravine. The willow-wisps pause at
the top of the ravine, they appear to be “looking” down at them, but dart off.
A moth lands on a leaf nearby, it is noticeable because its wings are clearly
decorated with a large eyeball pattern. Another moth lands near it, so it appears that two
eyes are staring at them. Suddenly, moths begin landing everywhere, until a great swarm
of moths is upon them and the two eyeball moths become the eyes of a hulking humanoid
composed completely of moths crawling atop one another. TEWA and ROURKE are
frozen with fear. The moths flying around start to bite them and eat their clothes (the
sounds of chewing fabric fills the air). The moth hulk opens its “mouth” and groans, a
breath of moth-wings puff into the air. The two run, but get split up. As Rourke attempts
to claw his way out of the ravine, the moth hulk attacks, striking with a bloated arm of
voracious moths. He is barely saved by Tewa, who fashioned a flaming torch out of bric-
a-brac which she plunges into the hulk, causing thousands of moths to disperse in a cloud
of panic. With super human strength she snatches up Rourke and tears out of the ravine.
They rest at the bank of a river, huddling together for warmth. A suggestive romantic
scene unfolds as she treats his wounds with mud, though Rourke is uninterested.
Amanda, Rodion, and the newage girl are still lost. The forest continues to
transform before their eyes making it impossible to find their bearings. They give up
trying to find a path. A beautiful dryad emerges from a tree and picks flowers. The
Newage girl is fixated and attempts to talk to her, against the warnings of Amanda and
Rodion. She is convinced that such a beautiful creature of nature is good. As soon as the
dryad is disturbed, she snaps into a fit of anger and curses the Newage girl, then dissolves
into the wood of a tree. The girl says she must have frightened her, and when she turns
to face Rodion and Amanda, we see she has been given “real witch” features. Her skin is
jaundiced, her nose long, thin and crooked, and she is riddled with hairy warts. They
explain to her that she made a big mistake. She freaks out, screams at the two and asks
for answers. Amanda tells her a fairy curse can last a day or a lifetime, depending on how
upset the dryad was at being seen and disturbed. If she were to forget that she ever saw
the dryad, the curse could also be undone. The flickering starts to end, the real forest
path returns and they try to re-orient themselves and find the permelion.
TEWA and ROURKE walk through the darkened forest, worn and defeated.
There is howling in the far distance, but only Tewa hears it. Believing they are
werewolves she asks Rourke to stay put so she can get their help. They are actually
werejackals, the natural enemy of werewolves. They surround her and mock her,
menacingly. They allow her to run for sport. ROURKE is meanwhile lured into a
swamp by magical energies, and heads right to the “lair” of the Green Man. A large pile
of moss-covered logs and stones morphs into a giant head before Rourke’s eyes. It is the
Green Man. He tells Rourke “help us,” repeatedly in a deep, booming voice. Vines start
to envelop Rourke and thorny brambles encompass his body so that only his head
remains free. A black, sticky tendril emerges from the earth, the black tar burns as it
touched his cheek. The tendril seems to be burning a pattern into his face, like runes.
After it is done he is pulled into the murky swamp water, where he appears to drown to
TEWA is running for her life. The pack of werejackals are closing in, heading her
off and herding her against a shallow, muddy gully. Rourke rises out of the of the mud,
gasping for breathe. The werejackals are frightened of him because of the runes on his
face. They run off. Tewa helps Rourke, asks him what happened. He tells her it felt like
he was submerged in searing hot mud for days. Behind them is the corridor of brambles
leading back to Earth, which they enter. When they get to Earth, Rourke’s rune-scars
disappear. They re-unite with AMANDA and RODION. They had only been gone about
30 minutes on Earth. Rourke uses the power that the Green Man gave him to wipe the
memory of the cursed girl. This removes the curse and she returns to normal. She walks
off happily as if nothing had happened. The Hellcops are baffled by this. He breathes in
the nature around him and heads off to the car without hesitation.
Rourke has been changed. He is different, calmer, wiser, more powerful, but in
pain. Amanda regards this with concern. The permelion closes, the vined tunnel
decomposing into compost before them. Rourke gains TWO MAGIC POWERS this
episode: 1) The ability to wipe the short term memories of individuals and 2) a
resistance (but not immunity) to mental takeover, hypnosis, and charms by Faery or other
magical means.

Episode VII
Banished in Mirrors
Barry Elwin is a gameshow host who’s enormous wealth and good looks are attributable
to the trading of his soul for a powerful magic mirror. The Fellthane Lord that gave him
the mirror orders him to find Narok and the Hellcops. All the Hellcops except Tewa are
imprisoned or trapped in nightmarish magical scenarios, and she must save them while
battling her own werewolf dimentia. Narok juggles helping the Hellcops with not
drawing too much of the Fellthanes’ attention.
BARRY ELWIN, the world famous game-show host and media tycoon, is
wrapping up the taping of the 109th episode of Money Talks, one of his more recent
network successes. He’s 75 years old, but he looks 45, and so much better looking than
Dick Clark. While in the limo he makes some calls, showing his clout in the business
and making some more money. As he’s telling someone to sell some stock for some price
higher than he bought it, he is interrupted by another call. The sinister voice on the other
line tells him “It’s time to return a favor.”
In a spacious chamber in Elwin’s mansion there sits an ancient, wall-length silver
mirror. ELWIN stares into the mirror, the room in the reflection dissolves to reveal a
giant, ugly mouth. It is WOLTOTH. It tells Elwin to spy on the Hellcops and see if they
can’t use them to find NAROK. If need be the Hellcops must be destroyed.
The alarm goes off and AMANDA WINKLE awakes and does her morning yoga.
She catches her bedroom door opening in the reflection of a mirror, but when she snaps to
see who is coming in, she finds that it is still closed. She leaves the room with the shivers
and goes to her study. The drawers of her desk have been opened. She calls Rourke.
Rodion is examining his face with deep scrutiny in the mirror. He tells himself
“the air on Earth is killing his skin.” The mirror subtly ripples like the surface of water.
He stares into it intently and becomes fixated on his eyes. His reflection appears to move
briefly despite him. A man stands in the tiny reflection within his pupils, staring blankly
at him. It is ELWIN. RODION gasps, but it is too late, he is sucked into the mirror. He
surfaces through the floor of a prison contained within ELWIN’S magic mirror. A hall
leads forward and back in both directions and is surrounded by two high, smooth silver
walls. The hallway curves into infinity. Water covers the ground. When he walks, the
splashing echoes maddeningly against the walls, which reflect and distort his movements.
ROURKE is doing his morning ritual, washing his face, brushing his teeth. The
rune-scars from the Green Man suddenly appear, and briefly superimposed on the mirror
is ELWIN’S face, his eyes squinting as if he were studying them. Later he tells
JACKSON in the office that he swears he saw Elwin looking at him in the mirror.
Jackson thinks seeing gameshow hosts leering in mirrors is a little crazy and out of
genuine concern convinces LT. BEAME to force Rourke to take it easy and stick to paper
work. Rourke agrees, seeing this as a chance to figure out what is going on.
The alarm goes off and Amanda wakes up. It’s the same scene as before, and to
Amanda it feels like déjà vu, but in fact she is in a magic trap engineered by Elwin. The
scene unfolds as before leading to the call to Rourke. The alarm goes off, again she is
back where she started. The next time the alarm goes off, the radio announcer asks,
“What does Narok look like?” She sees Narok standing there, not doing anything but
staring. This whole sequence unfolds like a nightmare.
Rourke is driving home. In his rearview mirror is Narok (actually a phantom of
Elwin’s creation). He tells him to pull over so they can talk. The fake Narok tries to get
Rourke to divulge secrets about the Hellcops and get a feel for how close Narok is
involved. At first it seems Rourke is under his spell, but his resistance to magic enables
him to remain free. Rourke pretends to be subdued and confirms that Narok is an
impostor. The fake Narok sends him to the prison within the mirror where Rodion is. A
sequence unfolds between Rodion and Rourke. Rodion has been driven mad and Rourke
tries to save him.
TEWA is alone at a park, in human form. She is yelling at herself like a mentally
ill person and looks terrible. Bystanders cower from her. The real Narok approaches her
in the form of a pigeon and tells her she must save the Hellcops by destroying the mirror.
She can’t because she spends half of her time fighting for her sanity. She is slowly being
turned to a normal wolf and losing her sentience. Narok convinces her that all will be
lost if she doesn’t try. She sniffs out the mansion. She is set upon by several vicious
guard dogs. She growls at them and they cower away. Inside the mansion she easily
dispatches several of ELWIN’S guards in a dramatic display of a werewolve’s prowess,
despite being shot, since small amounts normal ammunition does little to hinder a were-
creature. ELWIN is surprised to see her, but is assured that in his own lair, with the
magic mirror nearby, he can get rid of her. He didn’t count on her being immune to
mental manipulation spells and illusions. TEWA gives him the choice to release her
friends or be torn into tiny pieces and eaten. ELWIN of course agrees to this deal.
RODION and ROURKE have since found each other in the labrynth. Rodion, who has
completely broken down emotionally, reveals parts of himself to Rourke, who has taken
the strange position of counselor.
A door in the mirror opens before them and Rourke and Rodion pass through.
Elwin goes back on his deal with Tewa and attempts to manipulate Rourke and Rodion
against her. The real Narok enters the scene and foils his plan. Narok casts a spell and
releases Elwin from his bond to the mirror, so that when he looks at it he is old and
withered. The mirror cracks into a thousand shards. By Narok’s order Elwin’s life is
spared. Narok tells that he must serve him instead of the Fellthane. He threatens the life
of the Hellcops, but instead of killing them transports them back to their beds, to where
the beginning of the episode started. They awake as if everything was a dream. Amanda
is the only one who notices that something isn’t right, her 6th sense ringing.

Episode VIII
The Problem with Werewomen
A string of serial murders occur and Rourke and Jackson are assigned to the case.
Tewa, who is progressively becoming more “wild” from being on Earth too long
attempts to seduce Rourke, he resists and she infects him with lycanthropy. When Rouke
becomes infected, he falls in love with Tewa. He uses his new werewolf powers to solve
the case, but if Tewa doesn’t cure him of lycanthropy before the impending full moon, he
will remain a werewolf forever. Narok sends her to Faery to recover.

A HOMICIDAL MANIAC gets a homeless teen to come into his car under the
guise of a drug deal. Later, the boy is found naked and dead in a shallow grave,
discovered by a hiker walking her dog. ROURKE and JACKSON are on the case.
Rourke tries to find Tewa, who can easily find clues leading to the murderer, but she has
completely disappeared. He meets with WINKLE and RODION. They break into her
apartment to find the bones of her meals scattered around the floor, and she has destroyed
most of her furniture. TEWA is close to permanently becoming an animal, mentally. If
she doesn’t return to Faery soon to “recharge” she will turn into a normal wolf, losing all
memory of her werewolf self.
TEWA is wandering the streets, behaving like a complete lunatic. She chases
around pigeons, j-walks and gets hit by a car. The driver gets out to help her and she
bears her fangs, chasing him away. She bursts into a grocery store, darts to the deli and
begins voraciously consuming the meat. Her features are becoming more wolf-like, and
she is growing thick black hairs. The police arrive and they chase her, but she is easily
able to escape. Night arrives, TEWA is “in heat.” She calls Rourke, tells him it’s urgent
and she must meet with him. When he arrives, Tewa is quick to try and seduce him. He
tries to talk to her, attempts to understand what she’s going through. Tewa claws into him
and bites, which infects him with lyncanthropy. He is under her spell, and what follows
can only be described as two animals mating.
The next morning, Rourke is wearing a collared shirt and tie (which he never does)
to hide his bites, and is forced to lie about the scratch marks on his face. Rourke has a
growing power of enhanced canine smell and hearing. He can smell the age of the coffee
in the coffee machine, he knows that a coworker is a month pregnant, he can overhear the
captain talking in his office upstairs, etc. While reviewing the murder case with Jackson,
Amanda, and Rodion, Rourke voraciously consumes a sandwich, right after they ate
lunch. The Hellcops are perturbed.
A schoolyard. A boy is playing by himself, he crosses the street and is snatched by
the MANIAC. It is late evening in front of a anonymous suburban home. The maniac’s
van pulls up. He takes the laundry bag containing the boy, still alive, into his house.
The Hellcops are called in to examine the evidence. Rourke smells the boy’s
clothes and the air. He thinks he’s still alive and that the killer is prolonging his fantasy
by keeping the child in captivity. Later that night, ROURKE and TEWA go hunting
together. She explains to him that he can’t turn into a wolf yet because the full moon
hasn’t arrived. He is upset because he is completely seduced by his growing power and
wants to hunt with her and make to her as a wolf. When a werewolf infects a human with
lycanthropy, that person becomes a slave to the disease and the infector. He returns to his
home at dawn, his scars have completely healed and he feels no need to sleep.
The killer is sitting down to breakfast with the child. He pours him some cereal
and talks to him in a paternal manner. The child is tied to his chair and weeping. The
killer asks the child to stay. He tells him he loves him, etc. It’s a terrifying Dahlmer
At work as they discuss the case, ROURKE outlines who the killer is. He’s a
white male of Slavic and Scottish descent, 35, well shaven, and he wears contacts.
Everyone is baffled. Rourke is arrogant and pompous, he insults the men and makes
passes at the women. JACKSON snaps at him and he leaves the room.
TEWA sits on a park bench. There are kids all around. She looks like she’s been
sleeping on the streets. She’s filthy. A pigeon lands by her, it’s actually NAROK in
disguise. He tells her to try and maintain her sanity for a bit longer. To release Rourke
from his lycanthropy. He’s working on a way to open a permilion long enough for her to
return to Faery. She defends herself and says he enjoys his state and he loves her now,
they are mates. Mothers and their children scurry away from the woman yelling at a
pigeon. Suddenly, she senses something in the air and darts off to…
AMANDA, she’s getting ready to go out to dinner with an professor from the
University. ROURKE surprises her, he has snuck in and he sits in her living room. He
tries to seduce her by demonstrating his new powers. Amanda knows he has lycanthropy
now, because he has symptoms of infection like an out of control libido and a cessation of
hygienal habits. Rourke is jealous. He doesn’t understand why she doesn’t want him. Is
he not smart enough like that professor? Not pretty enough like Rodion? TEWA enters
in half-wolf form, her razor sharp claws protracted, and threatens AMANDA. Amanda
says she has no interest in Rourke.
Rourke is humiliated. He runs through the night. Visions of his human life
conflict with his growing werewolf life, mixing together in his head. He must hunt. He
starts a hunt for the killer. He jumps from building to building, dodges cars, and death
defying leaps from great heights.
The MANIAC, meanwhile, begins an elaborate feeding ritual. He repeats how
much he loves the child, who is bound and crying. A race-against-time sequence ensues,
where ROURKE must use his wolfen powers to find the killer. The killer is nude, about
to hurt the boy, when a large thump is heard on the roof, a window breaks. The
MANIAC is pumped full of adrenaline, and when the fight ensues, he is able to deliver
many normally death wielding blows to Rourke. Rourke enjoys this, playing with his
prey before breaking him into submission. He releases the boy and carries him home,
wiping he short term memory using the magic power he acquired in episode 6. TEWA
has been following him. He arrives at the maniac’s home, where he is beaten and tied,
awaiting arrest. Angry that he harmed ROURKE, she tears him to shreds.
JACKSON, AMANDA, RODION drive to Rourke’s home after visiting the
murder scene. He is waiting. Blood from his wounds are everywhere. He is angered
that they are together, that they would flaunt their love for each other. Rourke can
“smell” it between them. He tells Amanda they are meant for each other, because she
isn’t even human. He kicks Rodion to the ground and darts off to commit more acts of
Rourke visits a mafia hangout. The doorman recognizes him as an old enemy, but
doesn’t have time to stop him. Rourke enters the lair of the mafia base and spreads
carnage. The mob boss tells him can’t do it, it’s not legal. Doesn’t really matter at this
point. The mobsters are killed.
A confrontation occurs between Tewa, Rodion and Amanda. Where Amanda
asserts she has no interest in Rourke and that if she doesn’t remove the lycanthropy, he
won’t be Rourke anymore.
The full moon is coming, and Rourke is howling in the forest. TEWA joins him,
tells him they are soulmates. Rourke is split. His human side wants Amanda and his
wolf side wants Tewa. In the back of Tewa’s mind, underneath her growing lunacy, she
knows she must cure him, that it’s not real love. She bites him, like a kiss, as if to suck
the disease from him and purify his blood. The permelion opens. Narok had planned this
all along. She gives a tearful, heartfelt goodbye, and passes through the permelion,
while Rourke, exhausted, collapses into a deep sleep underneath the full moon.

Episode IX
Train of Thought
A mysterious interdimensional train emerges out of nowhere. The passengers that board
it become mad, spreading misery throughout the world for the Fellthane. A powerful
demon called The Conductor controls the train. Rourke and the others ares taken over by
the Conductor. They must save their sanity and stick together to defeat the demon and
return the train to Earth.

An early morning train pulls up to a station. A lone man gets on, only to discover
it’s completely empty. A beautiful woman sits in front of him. She giggles seductively
and the train doors slam shut. The train starts moving, but only for a few moments. He
gets out, hails a cab back home, retrieves his pistol from the closet, and without any
emotion or provocation murders his entire family while they sleep. He then calls the
police and turns himself in.
Upon questioning, he admits that he got the idea on the train ride, where he visited
the Hells and saw that the only way to save his family from going there was to kill them.
AMANDA admits she felt magical activity earlier that day. Rodion, Jackson, and Tewa
visit the train station. This time it’s crowded. A group of Taebisils (evil lizard men from
Faery) appear. They scuttle around the tracks, and wield their weapons menacingly.
They vanish into thin air within seconds. People panic. The Fellthane train arrives.
People begin boarding as if in a trance. The HELLCOPS try to stop them after noticing
that the conductor is a monstrous demon. No one listens. The doors close and the train
leaves. It makes no noise as it disappears into the distance.
Shortly after, the train returns. The people get out, but all of them have gone mad.
They are screaming, many half naked and talking to themselves. The Hellcops are
absorbed in the mob. They can’t harm the people, so they attempt to get to the car.
RODION deflects many of them with agile martial arts. AMANDA is grabbed by a
group of crazed men, they pin her down. RODION saves her. They wave for Rourke,
who is cornered against the train. The only way to escape, since he can’t shoot civilians
who might only be temporarily possessed, is to enter the train. The train starts to move.
Rodion and Amanda are able to board the last car of the train, just as the doors are
closing. They are in for a terrifying ride, full of hallucinations and psychological
The train is full of passengers, there’s one empty seat. He sits down, and the
passenger immediately asks him what he’s going down for. Down for? He says the train
is bound for hell. Rourke is resistant at first, his will is strong. What follows is a wave of
tests, each more effective in breaking down his will and driving him mad. Time
protracts, and it feels like he’s in there for hours… days…
Rodion and Amanda are undergoing similar tests, but they have each other as
strength. The Conductor catches on, and makes it so each hallucinates that the other has
gone mad. They are on the opposite sides of the car in fear of each other. At one moment
Rodion will be pounding on the door, trying to get into the next car, and the next Amanda
thinks he’s trying to hack her to pieces.
Meanwhile the possessed passengers committing all manner of terror in the city,
ranging from annoyances and petty crimes to the heinously violent.
JACKSON and BEAME are coping with this outbreak. The TSA (Transportation
Security Administration) moves special forces to the station to inspect for chemical
contamination, and there’s some tension between BEAME and TSA AGENT BENSON,
who demands control of the operation. The authorities are baffled, since no trains were
scheduled or witnessed leaving or entering the station at the time of the outbreak.
Rourke is beat. He has been up for days (remember, time has no meaning) and
must sleep. While sleeping, he has nightmarish dreams. The Conductor is trying to gain
information about NAROK. Rourke isn’t sure if he’s awake or dreaming. The spirit of
RUDY BERLINKSI (his murdered partner from Episode I) appears. Berlinski tells him
to stay strong, that all this is an illusion. Rourke doesn’t trust him, he’s losing it.
AMANDA and RODION are losing it too, and have been arguing over nothing.
The door to the next car opens on its own, leading into darkness. They enter the dark.
They are lost in a nightmare. They go mad. It’s up to Rourke to save them now.
The ghost of BERLINSKI wakes Rourke up. He tells him it’s time to save his
friends, and to remember the GREEN MAN. The arcane tattoos on Rourke’s body begin
to glow. He has found an inner strength and will that allows him to see through the
nightmares that the Conductor sets upon him. He enters the darkness and finding Rodion
and Amanda terrified and insane, talks them into a relaxed state where he can wipe their
memories and restore their sanity. Now that they are together and strong, not even the
Conductor’s worst illusions can get to them. They get into the Conductor’s box and see it
in it’s true form; a giant brain with frail, vine-like appendages that operate the controls.
They slay it, but this sends the train out of control. The view from the window rapidly
morphs every second as they dart through the time and space. Rourke takes the control
seat. The physical controls are meaningless, its piloted by thought.
The possessed people stop in their tracks, freed from possession when the
Conductor is slain. The train appears on the tracks from out of nowhere and comes to a
stop. The TSA crews are in disbelief, JACKSON and BEAME’S mouths drop open as
the Hellcops emerge. Rourke wipes all of their memories, except JACKSON’S. He tells
him it’s time he knows about the Hellcops and everything they entail. Jackson thinks he’s
been infected with chemicals and that he’s hallucinating, so he hurries to an ambulance
by the decontamination crew. The poor man will need some time to adjust. “I could use
a steak and a shower.” Rourke says. They leave together, stronger and with a greater
sense of unity than ever, having saved the city once again.

Episode X
The Wreathe
An extremely powerful magic wreathe that allows its wearer to open portals and travel
the Metaverse falls into the hands of a young Elf girl. She ends up on Earth, where she
is pursued by hellish beings who each want the Wreathe for themselves. The Hellcops
save the girl from the demons and use the item to return to Broceliande, where they warn
the King about the plot to depose him.

A great battle between an Elven hero and a demonic knight is in progress. The Elf
deals the demon a fatal blow, but not before the demon can stab him with a concealed,
magically poisoned blade. The hero removes a glowing wreathe from the demon’s
saddlebag and places it on his head. He collapses under a tree, but before he dies he casts
a spell on the wreathe which “silences” it. The power emanating from the Wreathe
A Elven child playing alone in the forest discovers the Wreathe atop a pile of
bones and rusted armor, under the tree which has since died and fallen over. She places
the Wreathe on her head and is able to travel, thousands of feet with every step. She has
a lot of fun with this.
Demons from across Faery are immediately made aware of the Wreathe. They all
know that the Wreathe has been “awakened,” and they must be the first to find it.
A friendly, rosey-cheeked woman approaches the girl as she’s playing and asks her
nicely to hand over the Wreathe, because it’s very dangerous. The girl hesitates, and just
as she is about to hand it over, a monstrous demon appears, and the sweet looking
woman gets in an argument with it over who will get the Wreathe. They fight, the old
woman clearly revealed as a demon herself. The girl flees. As she runs, the scenery
melts away. Permelions are opening all around her. She enters one by mistake and is
transported to the middle of the Utah Badlands.
Demons from all around Earth, each invisibly situated in places surrounded by
human suffering (a refugee camp, a junky squat house, a starving village, etc.), all of
them know and go off to find it.
AMANDA WINKLE is giving a lecture to a class of archaeology students. She
immediately feels the pulse of magic power caused by the Wreathe arriving on Earth, and
excuses herself. She rounds up the Hellcops, JACKSON too, though he is reluctant to
participate. It seems she’s driving aimlessly, and Jackson is getting pissed at the lunacy
of it all.
NAROK is with the girl in the desert. He tries to persuade her to give him the
wreathe, but she’s too frightened. He tells her not to worry, but to run towards a red star
in the sky (he conjures a glowing star in the distance) which leads to a great city. A
demon appears, and as Narok stems it off, the girl flees toward the star.
They’ve been driving for hours and they’re in suburban wasteland. It’s getting
dark. A strange red star looms in the distance. AMANDA almost crashes as the girl exits
a permelion that opens in the street, spitting her out. Its pouring rain and the girl is
terrified, she’s never seen a human being, let alone a car. Amanda convinces her to trust
them and they head back home. JACKSON is astonished.
On the way they spot an exit sign, “1 M. Lionpeer.” Jackson remarks that he’s
never heard of a town called Lionpeer. Total silence. AMANDA suddenly realizes, “M
Lionpeer” is an anagram for “permelion!” She speeds down the winding exitway. They
enter a broke-down garage which is teaming with magical energies and arcane ritual
objects. A spellbook sits open on a podium which Narok stands beind, intently casting
the spell. JACKSON can’t deal with this (psychologically he’s where Rourke was in the
pilot) and he runs off, only to spot a swarm of encroaching demons in the distance.
RODION and ROURKE retrieve their blades.
WOLTOTH floats in his chamber. SARDOCUR is speaking to him through a
magic window. It demands that Woltoth recover the Wreathe, and is curious as to why no
one had mentioned the Hellcops before. Woltoth informs him that the Fellthane minions
are descending upon them now. Failure is not an option for Woltoth. The Wreathe must
be recovered.
The demons hit a force field surrounding the gas station. Some fight each other.
The Fellthane arrive, a dozen in number, their black hooded cloaks hiding their faces.
The other demons pause and, belittled by the power of the Fellthane, they skulk away
into the shadows. The Fellthane remove their hoods to reveal decayed faces with bright,
glowing eye sockets. These Fellthane are “Liches,” the word ascribed to necromancers
who turn themselves undead in order to become immortal. The Liches throw energy
bolts against the force field, slowly battering it down. The permelion starts to open and
the Hellcops pass through. Narok goes off to face the Liches. He tells them not to be
foolish, the Wreathe is his. The Liches realize that this is the great Narok, the Fallen One,
and choose not to get involved.
They are transported to a high hillside overlooking the forests of Broceliande, with
the great castle looming in the distance. UDRAINE’S guards comb the roads, so they
take the wayward route to the castle through a perilous bog. En route they are beset by
FELSWERN, the Drake with a personal vendetta against the Hellcops. JACKSON
attempts to shoot her, but his pistol doesn’t work in Faery. He takes off running into the
wilds of the swamp. Felswern’s attacks send RODION close to his death, and he looks
close to finishing the others off too, but TEWA and her entire pack arrive and surround
her. A patrol of Royal Guards discovers the skirmish and Felswern is able to escape. The
guards rush Rodion, a military hero and friend to King Elan, to a temple for healing, but
take Amanda and Rourke to the castle dungeon.
JACKSON is captured by demons, but we don’t see what they do to him. He is
possessed by a demon and will become a spy for the Fellthane until he is exorcised in a
future episode. ROURKE scales the wall between Amanda and his cell and kicks in the
bars, climbing down to join her. Some of UDRAINE’S hired thugs dressed as Royal
Guard enter her cell with the hopes of having their way with her. Rourke is able to sneak
up and disarm one. They kill the guards and escape, rushing toward the feast hall to warn
the king of Udraine’s intentions to stage a coup and assassinate him.
UDRAINE gloats over the fallen RODION, happy that the King’s greatest spy is
out of the way. The trumpets sound, the King has arrived in the feast hall.
KING ELAN gives a speech about the selfishness of Elves and the growing plague
of treachery in his kingdom. He is wearing the Wreathe. Next to him are TEWA and the
little girl. Rourke and Amanda arrive, too late, and are cornered. JACKSON is there, also
disguised as a Royal Guard. The fake royal guards attack, kill the real guards and tackle
the King. JACKSON demonstrates heroic proficiency with his sword, a skill granted to
him by the demonic spy hiding within his body. The King vanishes from the pile of
tangled mercenaries. The mercenaries are frightened now, but Udraine can’t wait any
longer, and hastily pronounces himself sovereign.
King Elan knew of the treachery beforehand from Tewa, and came prepared.
Using the Wreathe he transports to a secret garrison in the hills. He opens a permelion
between the garrison and the feast hall and a cadre of soldiers charge through and take
back his throne, engaging the mercenaries and arresting UDRAINE. A few of the fake
guards turn into Shades (practically mindless humanoids with bodies made of black
aether, they serve the Fellthane as spies) and escape through the windows.
KING ELAN invites the Hellcops to stay as long as they want, and a great feast is
declared. The Wreathe is to be destroyed by magical means, so that no evil can ever gain
hold of it. AMANDA is given a spellbook, mostly blank except for one spell, but that
fills with more spells as she grows more experienced in future episodes. He says it was a
gift from a strange sorcerer long ago, and that he was told to give it to a woman from
Earth. AMANDA can read the spellbook’s mystical glyphs without ever having seen
them before.
ELAN and the Hellcops gather around RODION. He is alive, but just barely.
Rodion smiles, knowing that his King is safe and the on this day, the Fellthane have been
delivered a devastating blow… or so it seems.

Episode XI
Vengeance of the Fellthane, Part I of II.

With the help of Sadocur, Woltoth mobilizes all his forces on Earth against the Hellcops
and Narok. A permelion of immense power is opening between the planes , and the
Fellthane want to use it to invade both Earth and Faery. Narok tries to stop the
permelion from opening, but is captured and imprisoned. Evil creatures slowly seep
through the growing crack of the permelion and wreak havoc on both Faery and Earth.
The Hellcops are almost killed by a monster, but are rescued by a member of the
Draconian Order.
AMANDA is shopping in a supermall toystore. A great heaviness besets her, her
psychic alarm is blaring, something big is happening. Time freezes. The clerk down the
aisle is paused in mid-motion. She pulls out her notebook and looks at the glyphs of one
of the spells from her spellbook she has transcribed. They are dancing around the page,
glowing with power all their own. Something VERY big is happening. AMANDA casts
the spell on the page, her breath forms into colorful ancient glyphs, the words themselves
carry magic. The spell forms a protective aura around her. Fellthane Shades appear,
they are looking for her. A pursuit ensues around the toy store, the Shades probing the
frozen bodies, sensing her movement, her body heat. They surround her and attempt to
capture her, but the aura deflects their blows and she is able to escape into the parking lot.
The Shades’ ethereal bodies dissolve in the sunlight. She narrowly avoids a car that
becomes unpaused at full force when the Shades dissipate. After getting to a safe
distance from the parking lot, she pulls over to call Rourke, but cellphones aren’t working
due to the intensity of the permelion. She concetrates hard, attempting to psychically
transmit an image of her home to RODION, ROURKE and JACKSON. RODION and
ROURKE are in their car. A river of boiling, colorful light blasts across the freeway,
sending freeway traffic to a sudden halt in front of them. The light pours from the
opening permelion in the wharf district. They both sense Amanda’s message. ROURKE
drives into the meridian to circumvent the traffic, blasting into the wall of energy.
JACKSON is in the office. He is pressed upon by the sinister force of the demon
that is within him as time comes to a halt around him. The demonic voice tells him it is
time to obey the commands of Sadocur and find Narok. Just the sound of the word
“Sadocur” burns inside him. Demonic glyphs fade onto his skin as if he were being fire
branded. In the bathroom he opens his shirt to reveal a network of burning scars. The
only way to get rid of the pain is to find Narok. As he’s leaving to the parking lot the
rest of reality slowly returns to normal speed, people go about their business as normal.
He tears our of the parking lot, covered in sweat and tormented by the burning of his
NAROK stands at the permelion, a gaping portal of energy fifty feet wide. He is
in deep meditation as he tries to contain and close it. Exotic plants from Faery grow
within the warehouse and outside, and strange animals creep in the brush and meander
about the empty lots. Meanwhile in Faery, an army of goblins assembles around an
infernal shrine on a wasteland hilltop. The minions of the Fellthane abound, with new
aberrations emerging from the gateway at every other moment. The shrine encircles a
permelion, where a Fellthane ritual is in progress Demonic priests mumble incantations
in order to open the permelion further.
AMANDA WINKLE pulls her car up to her driveway and rushes upstairs to a
bolted safe in the corner of her room. With a quick magic spell, she opens the enchanted
lock on the safe and retrieves her spellbook. Downstairs, RODION and ROURKE wait,
their swords readied, but where’s JACKSON?
He pulls up to the abandoned warehouse, taking his blade with him. When inside,
he confronts Narok, who is too deeply absorbed in his magic to sense that something is
wrong with Jackson. The rune-scars on Jackson’s skin burn brightly and painfully,
commanding him to do the demon’s bidding. He touches Narok, thus releasing the spell
contained within the runes. Energies pour out of Jackson’s body as the demon leaves
him, surrounding Narok and draining his power. The permelion becomes unstable,
growing even further as Narok’s spell is cancelled. Narok, wreathing in pain, is pulled
into the permelion by an invisible force. Jackson collapses to the ground in exhaustion,
but he cannot rest yet. Now that Narok is gone, monsters are appearing everywhere in
the vicinity, and he is forced into battle.
The others arrive at the scene. Jackson is pressed in a corner, his exhausted body
no match for the onslaught of fiends. Rodion and Rourke tear into the monsters, and with
stunning swordplay the beasts are vanquished. Jackson is delirious, but manages to
explain that Narok has been captured. Outside the warehouse, the terrain is transforming
into a desolate wasteland similar those found in the far reaches of Faery. Stones fall from
the sky and puddles of bubbling black goo coalesce around them. The sky has turned a
sick yellow, and it casts a jaundiced hue on the landscape.
KING ELAN is panicking, demonic minions and other monsters are ravaging
Broceliande and it seems there is no end to their ranks. TEWA is there, she All around
the walls of the city are tents of refugees who have been driven from the countryside and
the forests. NAROK is at the center of the Fellthane shrine. The demonic priests blast
him with energy bolts that form a web around him, imprisoning and torturing him. The
permelion has has grown to a be massive, a tear in the fabric of reality reaching hundreds
of meters in all directions.
WOLTOTH floats in his abyssmal chamber. He reports to SADOCUR that the
operation was successful. Narok was captured and the interrogation process is underway.
The conquest and enslavement of Earth-Faery is inevitable.
A party of Taebesils (cruel lizardmen) chase Amanda, Rodion, and Jackson across
the Earth wasteland. Amanda throws some combat spells at them, but they are too great
in number and cannot be thwarted. A handsome Chinese man appears from out of
nowhere, perfectly groomed in a fine suit. The Taebesils stop in their tracks as the man
begins shouting warnings to them in the Taebesil language. The man is ARTHUR
LUNG, and he is a Dragon. The Taebesils argue among themselves briefly, but continue
their attack. LUNG waves his hand and a bright light eminates from it, blinding the
Taebesils. They scatter in all directions. A limousine pulls up and they five climb inside.
LUNG introduces himself as a member of the Draconian Order, an ancient society
of Dragons who have lived among humans in disguise for millenia for various reasons;
domination, infatuation, experiments, etc. LUNG explains that the Order has requested
an audience with them, one of the first times in centuries that they have revealed
themselves to non-humans. They are taken to a mysterious compound, a base of the
Inside, they are seated in the center of an amphitheater. The Dragons, in human
form, fill the rows of seats, examining their every move from the shadows. A hail of
questions: Who are you? Who is the Elf (Rodion)? Why do you work for Narok, the
Fallen One? Is Narok responsible for the permelion? Who is this human that practices
Faery magic (Amanda)? The Hellcops have no knowledge of Narok’s past, or even his
true name (they know him only as MR. ZELLOP). ROURKE gets testy, what right do
these creatures have to be so arrogant? He demands answers.
LUNG tells the the story of NAROK, THE FALLEN ONE: We see his role as a
Fellthane overlord, commanding his minions on the conquest and torture of races across a
hundred planets. He appears as he really is in this narrative, not as a man but a hideous
demon. This is all that they know of Narok, who is called the Fallen One because he
disappeared from existence, only resurfacing until now. AMANDA and ROURKE
whisper to one to one another. It makes sense, TEWA was Narok’s friend, that might
explain her miscreance. Didn’t Narok often lead them astray? Are they being used?
The Hellcops are being held by the Order for suspected collaboration with the
Fellthane, who are the enemy of all, even Dragons. They are to be interrogated and put to
a death befitting servants of Hell. JACKSON has been quiet until this point, but he
knows who is responsible for the permelion, the invasion of evil things on Earth, and the
capture of Narok. He blurts out the one name he knows: SADOCUR. A furor erupts.
This is far bigger than anything the Draconian Order has ever had to confront. Now their
questions aren’t cold and aggressive, because the Dragons are experiencing something
they’ve never had to before: Fear.
The permelion on Faery stretches for miles. The armies of evil surround the gate
in black hordes. An avatar of WOLTOTH, a terrifying sight, passes through the
permelion. The hordes erupt with ghastly cheers. WOLTOTH tells his children that the
will of Sadocur will be obeyed. Faery and Earth will be in ruins. To be continued in
Episode XII

Vengeance of the Fellthane Part II of II.

Narok is being tortured and interrogated in a Fellthane base in the mountainous

wastelands of Faery. The Draconian Order wants to close the permelion, but they will
need to befriend a cloistered Ancient Dragon to do so, no easy task. The Order tells the
Hellcops who Narok really is, which damages their trust in him. The Ancient Dragon
summons the Dragons on Faery to join forces. They free Narok for mysterious reasons.
The invasion is thwarted and the permelion is closed.

The area around the permelion has been dubbed “The Zone.” Federal emergency
teams surround the area. Security is tight. A TV reporter stands in front of a camer and
tells the American People that it’s an environmental disaster. A chemical spill or terrorist
attack? Scientists are baffled. Thousands are being evacuated. The world is going to
KING ELAN is deep in thought. A battle worn soldier bursts into his chamber
with news; The horde is approaching the castle walls. TEWA stands by the King. She
must rejoin her pack in the forests, but Elan informs her that no forest of Broceliande, or
any other domain, could possibly be safe.
Tewa’s pack is in the forest, they are fleeing the horde, trying to find solace in the
deeper woods. Strange, finger-like mushrooms sprout from the soil. They wreak of
rotten flesh, and the pack stops to examine them. In fact it is an evil spell cast by
FELSWERN, meant to hide her scent from the werewolves’ acute senses. The aroma of
the mushrooms has an intoxicating effect, and Felswern waits silently in the shadows of a
nearby grotto until the pack is drunk.. She unleashes her ambush, delivering a flurry of
fatal blows. Only one werewolf in Tewa’s pack escapes, the youngest and weakest of the
males. FELSWERN lets him escape, for she has a more pressing matter settle with the
Hellcops. They will taste far better than dog meat in any case.
AMANDA, ROURKE, RODION, and JACKSON wait in a luxuriant anteroom. A
Dragon (in human form) GREIL stands at the door to ensure they don’t go anywhere until
the Draconian Order comes to a decision on what to do. Greil, displaying typical
Draconian arrogance, approaches AMANDA and snatches her bag away from her, and
removes her spellbook. “What little tricks has the little human learned?” he asks. He tries
to open the book, but is delivered a powerful shock.. He recoils in shock, and for a
moment his body morphs in serpentine anger. He returns to his post a humbled reptile.
ARTHUR LUNG enters the room, a nervousness weighing upon his face. A decision is
reached. LUNG is to take the Hellcops to a cavern in Mexico, the lair of RHAGROL, an
Ancient Dragon of legend who possesses untold magical powers. They have to convince
her to help them, but this is no easy task. Rhagrol is feared for good reason. She is both
eccentric and paranoid, and may just destroy them on arrival. LUNG leads them to a
great chamber with a ritual platform in the center. A group of Dragons weave spells to
open a portal on the platform. Passing through the Hellcops and Lung appear at the
entrance of the Cacahuamilpa Caverns in Guerrero, Mexico.
AMANDA notes that these caverns are quite well explored, and someone would
have encountered a Dragon at some point before now. LUNG is scared out of his wits
and commands Amanda to be silent. Inside the cavern, they stop at an ordinary looking
dead end. With a wave of his hand an elaborate web of ancient Draconian symbols glow
brightly on the wall. LUNG reads the code aloud, concentrating on the complex puzzle
of the Dragon lock. The wall vanishes, revealing an ancient hall. After traversing a
series of daunting magical traps, horrifying illusions, and mental tests, they come to a
stone door, several stories in height. LUNG doesn’t know how to open it. Did they come
this long for nothing? They are stuck.. All there is to do is wait in frustation.
In the court of Broceliande, TEWA weeps. She has felt the destruction of her pack
from miles away. She transforms into a wolf and howls a song of mourning, as is the
tradition among her kind. KING ELAN stands by the window of his study. He holds 13
scrolls, one for each Elven House. The scrolls contain a call for unity among the Houses
and an end to the selfishness, the envy, and the vanity that separates them. If the Elves
are to be slaughtered, they should at least fight. The hawks deliver the scrolls to each
Elven House, each a governor of a dominion a fraction the size and grandeur of
Broceliande. Some are fleeing, some are so envious of the Pinewill that at first they
refuse to join. The letter is so moving that there isn’t a lord or lady that hasn’t be swayed
at least slightly in the King’s favor. The heads of the Houses debate, conspiracy theories
are drawn, but in the end, the commands of 13 kings and queens are heard: to fight the
Fellthane to the death on the soil of Broceliande. Can their armies reach the Kingdom in
ARTHUR LUNG studies the doors carefully. The Hellcops sit, their faces sunk
in their hands in hopelessness. RODION has the idea to try “knocking” on the door.
Lung looks at him with terror. If anything, RHAGROL should not be trifled with.
Merely knocking might offend her! Regardless of Lung’s warnings, Rodion pounds the
door and demands entrance. There is a loud groan, followed by the low, gutteral laugh of
a female Dragon who is somewhat amused. The great doors slowly creak open. Golden,
shimmering light pours out of the doorway.
RHAGROL lays atop a bed of gold. Her Dragon form is enormous, and stretches
to the end of her chamber. She toys with her guests for awhile, taunting and insulting
each in turn. ROURKE boldly demands that she help them. Rhagrol, looking more
closely, sees that Rourke has been touched by the Green Man. Her interest is peaked, and
they tell her of Narok, whom she knows quite well. Narok, she explains, has no need of
spells or ritual. Even she is no comparison to him in terms of power. She points out the
weaknesses of each member of the Hellcops in riddles, then belittles the young Dragon
for masquerading his time away in human flesh. She tells them that at this moment,
WOLTOTH and the other Fellthane are conjoining their permelion with the one on Earth,
so that a full scale invasion can take place. Extending her claw, she effortlessly draws in
the air a rippling gateway leading to the court of Broceliande, and grants them passage.
Before they leave, she tells them there are things they are incapable of understanding.
At the shrine on the wasteland hilltop, WOLTOTH’S avatar is in the midst of
joining the Fellthane permelion with the one on Earth. The new, unstable permelion
forms in the air as the demons work to contain it. FELSWERN circles the horde in flight.
She swoops down, and taking an enormous chance, passes through the demonic
TEWA’S heart is lifted to see her friends, but they greet her coldly. She is a
servant of Narok, who they now believe to be evil. They have no time for words. The
horde has arrived. The Hellcops set forth to defend the castle.
The armies of the Elves move ever closer to Broceliande, but another, very hidden
army is moving as well. RHAGROL is calling the Ancient Dragons of Faery out of their
lairs. Dozens of them take to the skies to free NAROK.
In the wastelands, RHAGROL and the other Dragons assault the demonic legions
with devastating spells of war. Their firey breath coats the ground, cleaning it of goblins.
The demons of the shrine are distracted, and a great battle ensues between the Dragons
and WOLTOTH and his guard. With the demonic priests distracted, NAROK’S body
dissolves in a pillar of light. He has vanished. The permelions start to collapse, and the
dark hordes scatter in fear.
The castle guard and the Hellcops fight a good fight, but they can’t fight forever.
All seems to be lost until the first of the allied armies is spotted in the distance. Those in
the castle that are still alive cheer, there is still hope! Sensing the collapse of the
permelions, many of the officers and major demons in the horde panic and take flight.
The horde is crushed from all directions as the allied formations arrive.
A celebration takes place in Broceliande that night. Never before have all the
Elven Houses gathered in one court.
SADOCUR is not pleased. It removes WOLTOTH from his post, cloistering him
on his world and depriving him of the abilities Sadocur has endowed him. We see, at
long last, the face of Sadocur. It has been defeated this day, and it will not forget.

The Hellcops Bible

The New Earth

Earth is under assault. It has been for quite some time. The rational world of
physics, of cause and effect, and what you take comfort in knowing as a predictable
system of measuring space and time has been a convenience made possible only by the
lack of Faery influence on Earth. The true nature of reality is not so predictable. The
laws of nature are not so clearly written.
The closing of the doors between the two worlds, the Faery world and Earth, was
just a fluke of nature, like an interdimensional ice age, but all this is changing. The
worlds join again. The advent of analytical thought and the taming of the natural world
have caused most of us to write off the Old Ways as fantasy. Slowly but surely, what was
once quite real has become sanitized entertainment and fodder for cartoons and bedtime
stories. Even children don’t believe in the Faery anymore. Yet their world has never
gone away. In the last thousand years, there has been a progressive closing of the major
gateways (called permelions) between Faery and Earth. But a great awakening is in
progress. The permelions are opening once again. Not for tens of thousands of years has
there been such a joining. Something very big is happening. They are coming.
The people of Earth are unprepared for the onslaught of things from the other side.
They have only one hope: homicide Detective Denny Rourke and his team of pan-
dimensional guardians. The odds seem to be against them, but together they will
overcome their differences and their faults to become a power to be reckoned with, both
on Earth and in Faery. Sadocur itself will turn its eyes to only them. They will raise
hell. They are the Hellcops.

The Faery Realm and Earth

“There are those that would defend Humanity’s resilience. They have dominated the
elements and proved to be the supreme species of their world, Earth. However I feel
nothing but a sense of tragedy for their situation. Should the Fellthanes’ veil descend
upon their planet it would be a total catastrophe; The utter annihilation of all things good
and sacred. Man would suffer their ignorance for eons, for Fellthane find no greater
delight than to feast on those who are strong in mind but frail in spirit.” –Narok, from
Reflections On the Movements of Mortals Through the Fourth Epoch, Chapter XXI, The
Earth Anomaly, p. 1,944.

The popular depiction of a “Faery” is of a pretty, tiny, pale creature with gossamer
wings and a sprightly laugh. Though there certainly are Fay of this kind, the true
meaning of the word applies to a vast bestiary of creatures. Some are quite large,
ferocious, and ugly. Some are hideous and malformed, yet good-hearted, and some of the
most cruel and sadistic Faery creatures are the ones that we find graceful and beautiful.
Some Faeries have life-spans, some short like ours, others thousands of years in length,
some live forever, and some are neither dead nor alive, but mortals turned undead. While
“Faery” has traditionally been used to describe the pagan spiritual world of ancient
Western European cultures, they exist across the Earth under a million different names.
Faery societies and cultures are as diverse and strange to each other as our own.
Some would attribute the downfall of Faeries on Earth to the rise of science, but
this is certainly not the case. On the contrary, the rise of science is due only to the
disappearance of the Faeries! When the last great permelions vanished toward the closing
of your 14th century, A.D., humanity was left isolated in the Metaverse, undisturbed by
the Elves, goblins, Dragons, and myriad plagues of demons that surround us. Since that
time, humanity has grown weak. Once strong in the ways of magic, Man understood the
workings of the Faery world and the permelions. They respected them, they feared
them, and they kept them under control. There are still places on Earth where magic is
practiced by human beings, but for the most part they have grown ignorant of the true
nature of the universe. They would make easy prey.

The Metaverse and Permelions

Per•mel•ē•in – A rift or gateway between two or more dimensions or planes of

existence. Etym. Ancient Nimbusyne. From Il’perimil, the Singing Stone of Elven
mythology. This legendary stone was used by Nimbusyne sorcerers to open
doorways to different planes and travel in time. Ex. A permelion has opened in
Central Park leading to Faery, and goblins are pouring out of it!
The Metaverse is not to be confused with the universe, which is everything on the
Earth’s plane of existence from the tiniest photon to the sprawl of a trillion galaxies.
There are many universes within the Metaverse, spanning an infinite number of planes.
To fully explain the nature of the Metaverse is far beyond the scope of this or any other
document written in a human tongue. To do so would be like trying to explain the solar
system to a two-dimensional citizen of a postage stamp.
The best way to briefly explain the Metaverse is to imagine a giant ball filled with
many smaller balls. Each of these smaller balls is a “planar type,” unique in its physical
laws. Some planar types include: Prime Material (Earth is located in the Prime Material
plane), Energy, Thought, Time, Entropy, Order, etc. Within each of these planar-types are
limitless smaller balls, each a unique plane. The Faery realm is a plane in the Prime
Material sphere that happens to overlap with the plane that Earth inhabits. It shares many
of the same characteristics and physical laws. This is why traveling between Faery and
Earth is relatively simple compared to travel between other planes.
The planes of the Metaverse are for the most part shut off from each other
completely, with the exception of a few "wrinkles” in the fabric of space and time that
tear open and act as gateways between them. These gateways are known in Faery as
permelions. There are many kinds of planes, with permelions opening up between them
all the time. Fortunately no one knows when, where and how permelions open. Powerful
entities can often open up a permelion or entrap it in an object or thought, but there is no
sure way to control them.
There exist special “keys” to open permelions. A key can take the form of
anything; a physical object, a thought or emotion, a group of ritual actions, or a certain
thing done at a certain place and at a certain time. It is technically possible, but highly
improbable, that beings can travel between planar types. Even if it was possible to do
this, a creature made of Thought traveling to a Prime Material plane could not “legally”
exist there, because the natural laws of these planar types differ so drastically. Any
attempt along these lines would most likely result in the creature of Thought immediately
dissolving into nothingness, though it might be possible through exceptionally powerful
magic to accomplish this. For this reason we will mostly concern ourselves with the
Prime Material plane.

The phenomenon known as flickering refers to the overlapping of Faery onto the
Earth world for small amounts of time. What may be a normal street scene in an urban
setting may blend with the Faery realm for a short period of time, so mythic creatures
suddenly appear to walk amongst people. Likewise, the street scene could fade away
entirely and human beings could find themselves momentarily in the Faery realm.
Flickerings often occur before a permelion opens up, but they also occur by themselves
with no cause. During a flickering any number of things can happen. In the smallest
flickerings, there might only be a momentary aura that permeates the air, or a small
animal from the Faery realm appears and shuffles across the street. In more extreme
cases the terrain is transformed and swarmed by monsters. A flickering can last
anywhere from a few seconds to the duration of a long dream, or about two hours, but
this is highly uncommon. The term “reality” loses its meaning now that flickerings are
active on Earth once more. Life has become, once again, but a dream.

The Elves

There is a wide range of Elf, from the haughty, regal Nimbusyne of Broceliande to
the dark-eyed, cruel Darrow of the more remote forests. There are the Ghandarvas, who
were known to wander the desolate regions of ancient India. They would sing their cities
into existence, and everything from their swords to their clothing was woven from their
mysterious music. There are also the Anakhs of North Africa. They are exotic and
beautiful, their eyes are like smooth bloodstones and their flesh is made of sand. They
can summon wind, and ride tempests as steeds. These are only a few examples of the
fourteen known races of Elf. The only common thread that all Elves share is their
astonishing physical beauty, their tendency towards possessing innate magical power, and
their obstinate pride and vanity. The latter are often considered the greatest drawback to
keeping an Elf’s company. Most Elves are so self-absorbed that they seem to have no
hearts at all, rather like spoiled children. This may only be the case because their
paradise has never truly been threatened by outside forces, as it is now.

Faeries of the Elements and Natural World

Many Faeries are closely tied to a particular habitat or element of nature. A wise
alchemist named Paracelcus categorized the faeries into four elements in the 15th century.
They are the salamander (fire), the undine (water), the sylph (air), and the gnome (earth).
Faeries of the elements tend to be corporeal in the Land of Faery, taking on a variety of
humanoid forms, whereas they usually exist as specters or haunts in the Earth world. It is
not known exactly how the opening of the permelions will affect this, though their power
on Earth is certain to be magnified. Other sorts of faeries choose a particular natural
habitat to dwell in. The mischievous, often sadistic pixie will almost certainly live in
older forests, particularly near forest clearings where flowers can be found. The cymbee,
or West African Undine, only likes dark, stagnant water, where it can trap children in the
mud and devour them. The tiny, solitary, bearded cluricaun of Celtic tradition lives in the
homes of families, and depending on its nature can be a curse or a blessing. Some
cluricaun will make babies ill and cause food to spoil, whereas others will stash valuables
that they find in cobwebbed corners. Fairies of these kinds will generally defend their
homes if threatened with physical attacks or by more subtle magic.

Goblins, Trolls, and Other Fiends

Many creatures that wander the Faery realm are not “Faery” in any sense. They
are mortal, possess no innate magical abilities, and seem to resemble human beings in
their concern for material things. Such are the goblins that used to wander the Earth in
droves millions of years ago, but were hunted to extinction. These are fundamentally
ugly creatures in every sense. They are stupid and lazy, with a body odor something like
rotten meat. Their faces are contorted as if always angry and uncomfortable, and they
possess the bodies short Neanderthals, but with thick, oily, bluish leather skin. Goblins
are still very formidable in the desolate Outlands of Faery, where hordes composed of
competing clans vie for supremacy. King Elan the Pinewill IV of Broceliande has
pledged a crusade to stem this tide. Trolls on the other hand are mostly solitary, far
larger, and far more dangerous. Whereas goblins (a cousin of the troll) are cowardly, a
troll has no sense of fear and an insatiable appetite. It is said one can smell the frequent
belches of a troll from quite a distance, for their stomachs are so powerful that they can
digest beer barrels and wine bottles, which they readily consume with their contents still
inside. Trolls enjoy “foraging” in the forests of Broceliande on whatever is unfortunate
enough to be in their way.
On the far northern reaches of the Faery world, where sandy deserts reach for a
thousand miles in every direction, the Taebesils reign. These are the Lizard Men, the cold
slave masters. They are known for the cruel ingenuity of their weapons and their ability
to withstand great amounts of pain. They have never encroached on Broceliande, and no
record of them remains of them on Earth. What little is known of the Taebesils has been
passed on by wilderness travelers and escaped slaves.
There are many other creatures of the types mentioned above scattered about
Faery and on other planes. As the permelions continue to open erratically between Faery
and Earth, confrontations between humans and the fiends of Faery are almost inevitable.

Demons, the Fellthane, & Sadocur

There are beings that are by their very nature evil. Suffering, domination, and
destructive force bring them a form of passing joy. These are the demons and devils of
the Metaverse. They can take any number of forms. Woltoth, for instance, is a massive
blob of tentacles and eyes with a gigantic (think several hundred feet in diameter) fanged
mouth randomly skewed diagonally across its flesh. It floats at the bottom of a great,
black ocean on a planet made entirely of boiling water and steam clouds. Other demons
appear more conventional. The horned imps, for example, possess the familiar pointed
tails and live in pits of hot ash while doing slave work for their masters. Some demons
are the servants of greater demons, some are solitary and serve only themselves, and
some are the Fellthane, who serve only Sadocur.
Sadocur, the Master of the Twelve Hells, the Eternal Torment, exists across twelve
planes, each one a unique Hell of his artifice. Sadocur is the greatest evil in the
Metaverse, a force so powerful as to defy description. Its essence is hate, and its only
desire is to devour. It is stuck in the Realms of Hell, and will do anything to be free. It
has consumed much, and created nothing, and so lacks the power to expand to other
planes. It hates all that live, and all who die to be reborn again, though it is the suffering
of living souls that bring it the most nourishment. It is this anguish and disorder that
gives it its power. Without the systematic “harvesting” of pain and the proliferation of
chaos its inter-dimensional organization would cease to function. It could not commune
with its Fellthane servants, and could not provide them with the magical endowments
they crave in return for their servitude. It is constantly hungry. When it exhausts its
“food sources” it moves on to the next victims without concern. It has enslaved the souls
of entire universes to an eternity of amplified pain. It also commands the Fellthane, who
wish to free it so that they can share in its dominance of the Metaverse, though this is
foolish belief, because if it were ever freed it would consume even those that helped it.
It is not “the Devil,” nor is it associated with any Earthly religion in particular, even
though many cultures have described something like it in mythology. It simply is. We
will not see Sadocur for a long time. It will take a while for the Hellcops to attract its
attention. When they do, it won’t be pretty.
The Fellthane formed when a gathering of greater demons (including Narok and
Woltoth), all amorous of Sadocur’s power, decided to organize for the purpose of freeing
Sadocur from its planar prison. They named themselves the Fellthane, and they set forth
to conquer in its name. The Fellthane hope that Sadocur will grant each of them
sovereignty over an entire plane of existence, their own Hell, in exchange for their
worship and servitude.

Dragons and Drakes

The Dragons are a complex, mysterious species. At one time they walked the
Earth and swarmed the skies, dominating life there for eons. Dragons are as rare on Earth
now as they are in Faery, but unlike on Earth, the Dragons of Faery were never driven
extinct by global catastrophe. Any Dragons on Earth at the moment almost certainly
traveled through a permelion to get there. A typical Dragon will live to be several
thousand years old. In their natural form, they appear to be massive dinosaur-like
creatures. A Dragon’s size varies depending on its race, but a small adult can range from
forty feet long (the sinister Blacktooth Dragons) to well over a hundred-twenty yards (the
regal Cinnabar Dragons). They possess powerful magic abilities and spells, shape-
shifting being the most notable of these. Many Dragons find humans extremely
interesting (while others find them merely edible), and some live centuries in human
form, watching and often times altering the course of their histories. Napoleon Bonaparte
was a famous Dragon, as was Emperor Tai Zong of the Tang Dynasty of China. Edgar
Allen Poe was one of the more eccentric Dragons, feigning his death after a failed try at a
writing career so that he could change shape again, marry a young woman named Clara
Parker, and settle an Oklahoma farm. So it is that some Dragons form protective bonds
with people while others find joy in experimenting with and manipulating them. The
younger, more gregarious Dragons enjoy exchanging anecdotes about their experiences in
the human world.
Dragons possess an innate fondness for material possessions, but their most valued
possession is always their Real Name. The Real Name of a Dragon is so strong that once
it is written, the letters themselves hold power. Naturally Dragons become reclusive and
paranoid, becoming increasingly more fearful that someone or something might find their
Names and curse them. Older Dragons tend to seal themselves away from the world for
centuries, burrowing into the caverns of the underworld where they can be left alone to
their arcane studies. It is for this reason that it tends to be the younger, less wise Dragons
who live among humans. It is said that there are only two times in a Dragon’s life that its
Real Name is spoken; when it is born, and when it dies.
One thing a Dragon cannot bear is to be confused for a Drake. Drakes lack the
nobility and wisdom of Dragons, possessing only the worst of their characteristics; greed,
selfishness, jealousy, and an insatiable appetite. A standard Drake will be about ½ to ¼
the size of a dragon in its natural form. They are intelligent and magically inclined, but
far less so than an average Dragon. This is a source of undying envy for the Drakes, who
despise Dragons with a religious zeal, wishing to wipe them from existence. Also, they
do not possess a Real Name, but make their own names up as they go along. Whereas
Dragons are born two eggs a brood to a loving mother in a warm nest of mud and twig,
Drake eggs are hatched several score at a time in a dark, rocky pit. They must fight each
other to the death for their mother’s food until there are only a half dozen or so left.
Needless to say in such circumstances the family name fades from relevance.
Drakes have not resided on Earth for thousands of years. Most likely they were
hunted to extinction by their much more powerful Dragon cousins and by organized
human campaigns. The permelions will probably change this. The people of Earth will
know a Drake has arrived by the number of people who end up being eaten that day.
Both Dragons and Drakes are natural enemies of the Fellthane, but it’s possible to
conceive that the Fellthane would use the animosity they have toward each other against

Politics as Unusual
“Chamberlain Udraine has been a loyal subject of the Pinewills for centuries. In his
youth he fought along the side of King Elan III against the onslaught of the goblin clans
Horsemeat and the Many Scars… He is one of the most trusted courtiers in all of
Broceliande, the sworn protector of the forests, and the shire’s ward as the King is
away… But even the greatest men fall prey to the temptation of power, and where such
temptation resides, there waits the Fellthane.”
-Narok, from Reflections On the Movements of Mortals Through the Fourth Epoch,
Chapter XXII, The Rise of Faery, p. 2,851.

There has always existed a struggle between the forces of chaos, entropy, order
and law. Faery is no exception to the rule, where the struggle is composed of many
layers taking many forms. The accounts of political intrigues and scandalous betrayals
within the House of Pinewill itself could constitute several cumbersome volumes, but we
will not concern ourselves too much with the Pinewills, instead turning to a much greater
power game which spans across the Metaverse. So often are the lines between good and
evil blurred that it becomes difficult to know just which is which. The attempt of the
author here will be to quickly summarize the major forces at hand in the Metaverse,
particularly those that concern the Hellcops directly.

Narok, The Fallen One

Narok should deserve his own book, for he is the greatest enigma in all of
creation. Many thousands of years ago, Narok was a Greater Fellthane, a lieutenant who
commanded legions of faithful demon spawn. His power rivaled even that of Woltoth the
Ten-Thousand-Eyed, the Tentacled Horror, Lord of the Fellthane. The suffering he
wrought across the planes is beyond description. He is responsible for the torturous,
prolonged genocide of countless races.
Narok was always an intellect of enormous power. His need to understand the
nature of the Metaverse drove him to an obsession with the balance of creation and
entropy. While the power Sardocur granted him was vast, he came to realize that there
were many things he did not understand, and possessing the sort of power that Sadocur
and the Fellthane promised did not compare to true understanding of the Metaverse.
Narok knew that he could not control what he failed to understand. It is not completely
certain how the change occurred, be it divine intervention or revelation, but Narok one
day left his Fellthane seat, disappearing into oblivion.
Out of the Fellthane’s vice, Narok absorbed himself in the lives of mortals,
studying them, being the hidden archivist to epochs now lost to memory. Narok learned
how mortals work, and he gauged their purpose in the Metaverse, but in doing so he
himself was transformed. In knowing mortals, Narok knew the value of life, and in
knowing the value of life, Narok began to value the forces of Creation as much as he had
cherished the power he harnessed in Destruction. Narok became repentant. Among the
Fellthane he is known as the Fallen One.
Narok walks a thin line between good and evil. He must restore balance to the
Metaverse, but he knows he can’t do it all at once, he can’t make too much noise doing it,
and he can’t do it alone. Can he escape his past? Can his wisdom and power be of any
help against the Fellthane? And will he feel the seduction, once again, to join their ranks?
There are times when Narok will stand with the Hellcops, and there are times when he
seems to be against them. In any case, they could not survive without him.

The Kingdom of Broceliande

The forest Kingdom of Broceliande stretches to the Northern Plateau, to the Forest
of Shadows to the West, to the south is the Sea of Marryl, and to the East its border
dissolves into the Kataran Foothills. It is a ancient nation composed of Elven clans who
hold deep ties to its great trees and streams. Of the Fourteen Houses of Elvenkind, the
House of Pinewill is the strongest, for they control Broceliande, the mightiest of realms.
Broceliande is free from the creatures of chaos that roam other parts of Faery, but
no place is without evil. Elves, particularly the proud Elves of Broceliande and its sister
lands, can be a vane, proud people. Pride leads to blindness, and blindness allows
corruption to grow like mold in a tree, rotting it slowly from the inside.
Broceliande has for thirty-two generations been under the rule of the House of
Pinewill, from which King Elan IV is descended. The good king is currently on a
massive campaign against a rapidly encroaching threat: the union of the Horsemeat and
Many Scars goblin tribes far to the north. Through his leadership and disciplined army
the goblin horde will most likely be checked, but a far greater threat to Broceliande grows
in the heart of the kingdom itself.
Udraine, the chamberlain of Broceliande, has long been the most trusted comrade
of both the king and his father and mother before him, and he has been given stewardship
of the Kingdom until the king’s return. When Udraine began to taste this power, his heart
grew dark, and he has become involved with a Fellthane conspiracy to usurp the throne
and replace the Pinewills as ruler supreme of all of Broceliande and its neighboring lands.
With the Pinewills out of the way, the Fellthane may begin a more intensified campaign
in the realms of Faery.

The Draconian Order

The Draconian Order was formed by young Dragons on Earth many thousands of
years ago and is still fully operational, completely hidden from human knowledge. The
Order has gone through many transformations, with few constants determining what
purpose it is to take other than the protection of its members’ interests and the promotion
of stability among Earth’s Dragonkind. At various times the Order has been a potent,
hegemonic cabal aimed at the conquest of Earth, but now it is little more than a social
club for younger dragons (that is to say, dragons no older than several centuries) who
spend most of their time in human form. The nature of the Order is currently highly
individualistic, and the personality of each member can range from extreme benevolence
to humanity to insidious and manipulative. As long as no Dragons are hurt, anything
The Draconian Order is quite private in nature and excludes itself from the shifting
shapes of power on other worlds. Their indifference toward the growing threat of the
Fellthane will most likely change as they themselves are brought into the struggle. The
Order are adept at the magical arts, and its members masquerade as some of the most
influential people in the world, from corporate mogols to nameless agents of recondite
government bureaucracies. They will turn out to be very useful, if somewhat volatile
allies for the Hellcops.


Lt. Amos BEAME – Denny Rourke’s boss. When Rourke lost his partner, Beame was
there for him. He’s a big brother character, he watches over Rourke and keeps him in
check. Rourke is constantly trying to hide Faery phenomenon from Beame, and this is a
source of serious conflict between them, as Rourke is often at odds to explain his
eccentric tactics. It isn’t certain if Rourke’s strange behavior is due to him cracking, and
Beame is constantly suspecting that he isn’t capable of doing his job. However Beame
takes a liking to Amanda Winkle, Rourke’s strange scholarly “advisor,” though he doesn’t
know the extent to which she and the others participate in the cases

Agent Paul BENSON - An agent from the Transportation Security Administration who
is first introduced in Episode IX.

Rudy BERLINKSI – Rourke’s first partner. He was killed in the pilot by a troll. He
returns again further downstream as a spectral ally that Rourke can see and commune
with after his “anointment” by the Green Man.

CONDUCTOR, The – The powerful demon that controls the Fellthane train in Episode
IX. It can take over peoples’ minds and drive them insane. Its true form is that of a giant,
gooey brain with a number of frail, prehensile appendages that allow it to operate the
train. The Hellcops slay it.

ELAN IV of Broceliande– The wayward King of Broceliande. He is off in the north

fighting the goblin clans Horsemeat and Many Scars. He is a good King, kinder and far
more wise than most Elves. He is unaware that Udraine has betrayed him.

Barry ELWIN – World famous entertainment mogul and gameshow host. He is a

servant of the Fellthane and bound by a diabolic mirror that grants him both eternal youth
and the power to manipulate people, particularly those who are vane and greedy.
NAROK breaks his mirror and thus his bond to the Fellthane. He becomes Narok’s

FELSWERN – A shadow Draake from Faery. Covered in shiny obsidian scales,

Felswern stands twelve feet tall. She is a formidable warrior who is immune to minor
magic. She almost eats the Hellcops in episode IV, but TEWA claws one of her eyes out
and they escape. She swears revenge and plots a way to get to Earth.

GREEN MAN - An entity as old as time. The Green Man is the personified force of
natural balance in Faery and in Earth. His power is both creative and destructive. The
Green Man has been in danger since Sadocur came into existence. He grants Rourke
special powers and orders him to fight the encroaching evil and destruction of the
Fellthane. Rourke is the only human being that has ever met him.
Dan HENLEY – An innocent airport office worker possessed by Fellthane as a “feeder,”
a mortal that is used to perpetuate suffering for the nourishment of the Fellthane
overlords. He disappears after arrest in Episode V, but lingers on as a kind of advisor
driven insane by his possession. He becomes an R. N. Renfield type, the insane
character from Bram Stoker’s Dracula who offers demented anecdotes, puzzles, and
equivocal advice to the heros.

Detective I, Steve JACKSON – A smooth, clean cut, handsome detective who is

ROURKE’S partner (though not his equal in rank and experience, as ROURKE is oft to
point out). He is hard working with an eye on promotion. He comes from a long line of
cops and is eager to prove himself. He has a hard time winning ROURKE’S trust. The
building of the bond between these two characters will be an ongoing source of conflict.

LEIKO, The Crow Queen – In Episode IV Leiko is introduced. A seductress and witch
from Faerie, her domain is surrounded by crows that can transform into cackling
humanoid-crow servants. She was a criminal and traitor in Broceliande, and has been
hiding on Earth for centuries. Amanda uses a special ring given to her by a mysterious
other-worldly character to strip Leiko of her power. She is turned into a old woman and
cowers away. She may return to settle the score at a later episode.

NAROK, The Fallen One / MR. ZELLOP– Narok was a Greater Fellthane who
disappeared to the Faery and Earth realms to fulfill his curiosity about the nature of
mortality. He ended up being changed in the process and now works clandestinely to
undermine the demons he once helped command. He sometimes helps the Hellcops and
sometimes appears to be against them. A mysterious character, his Earth name is Mr.

RHAGROL - An Ancient Dragon of immense power. She is close to 8,000 years old.
Rhagrol spends all of her time in a hidden cavern on Earth. All she wants is to protect her
Real Name from her enemies and expand her mastery of magic. In Episode XII, she is
made to work for the Hellcops and the Draconian Order and help them stop the Fellthane
invasion. She and her dragon allies rescue Narok for their own mysterious purposes.

RODION- An Elven servant of King Elan IV. He was spying for King Elan in the pilot,
checking up on Udraine. He helps Rourke escape and gets trapped on the Earth world
where he becomes one of the Hellcops. Rodion is extremely vane and proud of his royal
heritage. He is exceptionally attractive even by Elven standards, and his skill with a
sword is legendary in the Court of Broceliande. Rodion has the Elven ability to charm
people and sway the feelings of those who aren’t sharp enough to know that they are
being charmed.
Detective II, Denny ROURKE - The main protagonist and leader of the Hellcops.

Aisling ROURKE – Denny Rourke’s grandmother and his emotional confidante. Aisling
is first-generation Irish. She is able to answer many of Rourke’s questions and has an
understanding of the Old Ways. She is also somewhat of a witch, possessing knowledge
of various cantrips and wards.

SADOCUR: The “Master of the Twelve Hells.” SADOCUR, Master of the Twelve
Hells, the Eternal Torment, exists across twelve planes, each one a unique Hell of his
artifice. The greatest evil in the Metaverse, a force so powerful as to defy description.
Its essence is hate, and its only desire is to devour. The main purpose of the
FELLTHANE is to worship Sadocur and set it free.

TEWA – Tewa is a werewolf from the forests of Broceliande and one of the Hellcops.
She can change between wolf and woman at will. Tewa is mercenary in demeanor and
generally blunt in all social situations. In wolf form she serves as a K-9 unit for
ROURKE, who she blatantly lusts after. An ongoing crisis at the beginning of the season
involves her losing control of her were-powers. The longer she stays away from Faery
the more canine and less predictable she becomes. Though she used to be a companion
of NAROK, she knows little of him except that he was an occasional visitor to the court
of Broceliande.

UDRAINE: The wise and trusted Chamberlain of Broceliande. He is also a traitor.

Seduced by power, he became the pawn of the Fellthane, and uses his command of the
throne to further their cause while KING ELAN fights goblin hordes in the Outlands.

Dr. Amanda WINKLE – The beautiful, intense forensic anthropologist that ROURKE
first meets in the pilot at a crime scene. She is one of the Hellcops. Rourke is deeply
enamoured by her but this only manifests itself as constant tension. She has innate
psychic abilities that grow in power as permelion activity increases. Slowly she comes to
understand who she really is. WINKLE is actually half elf and half human and doesn’t
know it. This is why she is innately attracted to RODION, an elf of noble descent.

WOLTOTH: He is the commander of the Fellthane, second in line to SADOCUR itself.

He lives on a black ocean planet made of boiling water and steam. Woltoth is a Greater
Fellthane and as such is undefeatable by mortal standards. The only way to harm him
would be to cloister him from the rest of the Fellthane either by magic or political means.
He is able to send monstrous avatars of himself to other planes of the Prime Material
type, though this taps his powers considerably.

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