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Vol XIV No 7-8-q

J~Iy-A\.IgllSt-5eptember .:2003

Can You Identify this Man?

Terrace Fagan Mitchell has sent a copy of an original photograph which hung in the home of her grandmother, Cymera R. Fagan, at 301 Wilson Street, Plymouth. "This photograph was printed on paper and paper prints were started circa 1850. My grandmother was born in 1880./1 A copy of the photograph was printed in the Roanoke Beacon in hopes a reader would recognize the distinguished gentleman. Terri also asked a cousin to show the picture to her uncle who resides at Plumb lee Nursing Center. He said it was his father, according to info from Terri. (


Vail Hope Ellis advises the 2003 Vail Reunion will be in Plymouth 25-27 July at the Holiday Inn Express. The Vai Is are descended from the

Tarkingtons, Armstrongs, Powers. All Vail descendants and friends are welcome. More info? Contact:

Descendants of Richard Waylon and Alethia JaneBClteman Furlougnwi II nold second onnuol reunion Sunday, 5 August 2003 at 1:30 p.m., First OFWB Church, US 64 West, Plymouth. Attendees are asked to bring favorite foods for dinner, as well as photos and fcmi Iy history to share. Contact: Harrison Waylon Phelps, 252-793-5236 (or

UnllS\.Ial Visitor Here Last Friday

While on a brief visit to Plymouth last Friday, some very unusual facts were learned about Columbus Cooper, highly respected farmer of the Pungo section.

Born on May 8, 1863, Mr. Cooper is going on 81 years of age, yet he stated that he had never had occasion to call on a physician in all of his life. He has never lost a day's work on account of illness. Without any help at all, this year he' said he had raised about 60 barrels of corn, two bales of cotton, and 125 bushels of sweet potatoes. Incidentally, he harvested the sweet potatoes by digging them himself with a grubbing hoe. Mr. Cooper said thct he had not hired or had a helper a single day this year.

Mr. Cooper has been a member of the Disciples Church for 63 years and a regular attendant at district conventions of that denomination for the past 50 years. His wife died about six years ago. They had nine children, five of whom are living, the youngest 31 years of age. None of his four living sons is in the service, as they are over age, but he has four grandsons in the Army.

In the best of health, it is apparent that hard work to which he is accustomed has not harmed him in the slightest degree. He is well known throughout his community and commands the

2 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

respect and esteem of all with whom he comes in contact.

And, from Oct, 7 1938:

Mrs. H. W. Pritchett to Open store in Creswell

Creswell. - Mrs. H. W. Pritchette has entered the mercantile business in the store recently occupied by Mrs. H. T. Jackson. Besides yard goods and notions, Mrs. Pritchette expects to carry a line of ladies' and children's ready to wear, hats, and school supplies. (Cont. By Veronica J. Haskett who notes: Ronnie Pritchett's mom)

From Gene Chesson: July 17,;200;2 Greetings:

I was especially interested to see a "Joshua Chesson Line" on page 23-24 of the July/August 2002 issue of your newsletter. However, my research shows some differences, and I will mention two. First, James Chesson (1812-ca 1865) apparently had 15 children, including 6 by his first wife. Second, some data shown for Hezekiah Chesson, in my opinion, is incorrect!

HEZEKIAH CHESSON: The birth/death dates you published are just as they appear on his cemetery monument, which I have seen and photographed. But, part of that information is incorrect. Still, this monument's inscription has been seen by many people who then repeated the incorrect data in numerous family histories and genealogies! What is incorrect? It is his death date! Why is it incorrect? Here are some reasons:

(1) The monument states: born 26 Oct. 1784, died 11 Aug. 1869, age 64y 9m 16d If that birth date is correct (and it is the same as shown in his Bible), then adding 64y 9m 16d gives 11 Aug 1849 - not 1869! This Hezekiah died 20 years earlier than shown on his monument inscription. Simple addition (or subtraction) using only the monument data shows that something is incorrect as carved!

(2) I have a poor but readable photocopy of the Bible record of this Hezekiah Chesson. That photocopy was made in 1980 by Martha Spruill of a Bible then held by Ellen Marriner Taylor of Roper,

July-August-September 2003

NC showing actual pages, not a modern transcription. "Hezekiah Chesson (the handwriting uses what looks like fs for the double ss) Son of Joshua Chesson And Martha his Wife was borned oct. the 26,1784." "Hezekiah Chesson Died August the 11 th 1849 at 1 5 minets after 7 oclock in the morning Aged 64 years 9 months and 16 days."

(3) The 1850 census has a mortality schedule for those who died in the year preceding (1849). There is a Hezekiah Chesson listed but with age of 75 either given by a respondent or recorded incorrectly by the census taker. (Perhaps the informant said age 65, and the recorder heard 75?)

(4) This Hezekiah had two wives and two sets of children. The first wife (not mentioned in the Bible pages I have!) was Mary Bushel and they apparently had two sons based on those sons' apparent birth dates- James and George Warren. Mary must have died about 1820 to 1823 because the Bible shows "Hezekiah Chesson And Sarah his wife was Married Augst the 24th 1823" and then names ()nly his and Sarah I s chi Idren with birth dates: Henry 5., Richard B., Edward F., Thomas W., and Hezekiah. "Sarah Chesson died September the 16th 1871 at 11 oclock in the morning Aged 73 years 2 months 1 day."

(5) The two sets of heirs from the two wives of our Hezekiah had some differences of opinion, as I recall, and the probate of his estate was filed 9 Dec. 1868. So his probate was recorded about 8 months earlier than his death date shown on the monument. But no probate is filed for a person who is still living.

Enclosed are two charts starting with the first Hilton Otis Chesson and going as far back as my data now shows. If correct, these extend the line about 4 generations earlier than Joshua Chesson. My Chesson line branched off through a son of the James Chesson who was born in 1685.

Best regards, EUGENE CHESSON 640 Cosmos Way Prescott, AZ 86303-5049 Phone: (928) 778-6789 e-mail:

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

3 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

July-August-September 2003

1. Hilton Otis CHESSON 13idll*

26 MaY1919

2. AlpheusMarion CHESSON

Birth* 25 Aug 1873

Marriage" 02 Jan 1900

Death" 27 Jan 1965

Burial" 29 Jlltr 1965

4.· Jil.tnesCP!ESsbN

l3irth.* ITOct1812

Marriage" Marriage", Marriage" Marriage"



Marriage" Marriage" Death" Burial"

16. JoshuacHESSON


Marriage' Death"

b 1848 c220cU8S). 16Fcb1862

c 18&5

26 Oct 1784

c 1811

24 Aug 1823 II Aug 1849 s 13 Aug J 849


Washington County, North Carolina. BOnnie Eloise SWANNER

Skinnersville, Washington County, North-Carolina. Roper, Washington Collnty; North Ga.roliha.

--- 3r£GenmUi0i1 ---

Jeannette. FAGAN

Zilpha DAVENPORT Margaret Elizabetlr LEARY Ch loe Frances WILLIAMS

--- 4th Generation -,"

Nancy BUSHEL Sarah. Ann SMITH

Roper; WashingtonCounty, Ncrth.Carolina,

--- Sth (Jeneralion ---

24 Jun 1757

II Jun 1782 Martha SMITH; Tyrrell County, North Caronna.

a 1810

Eugene Chesson (928) 778·6789.640 Cosmos Way.Prescott AZ 86303-5049, (g;ChesSOI1@cablebne,net)

17 Jul2002

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

.~----~--~-------~- .. --------------- -----'--------~

4 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

July-August-September 2003

Page 2

32. James CHESSON BJrth* Marriage" Death"

64. James CHESSON Sirth* Marriage" Death"

128. John CHASTbN SWth* Marriage" Marriage*' Death*

25.6.. Roger CHAS'fbN Birth" Marriage" Death"

s b c

08 Nov 1685 s 1710 s30May 1727

15 Oct 1661 21 Aug )684

b 1695

13 May 1695

1630 s~_165.Q 09 Apr 1669

-~~61h Generation ---

1722 North Carolina.

1750 Keziah SPRUILL

1766 Tyrrell County, NorthCaroliua.

PerquimansPrct., North Carolina. Anne GARRETT

--- 81h Generation -

Petq'ti!fi;\ansPtct" North Carolina.

EliiapeJI} LQNG; Perqu.irnaps Prot, North Carolina; Cumfort PETIT

Perquimans Prct., North Carolina.

Elizabeth ??( .-? .. -) w/o Roger Chasten Perquimans Pret., North Carolina,

Eugene Chesson (928) 778-6789, 640 COSillOS Way, Prescott AZ863Q3.5049.; (gchesson,@cableone,net)

17 Jul 2002

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

5Vol XIV No 7-8-9

Fire in Plymouth

We regret to learn that a fire of a serious nature occured in Plymouth on the night of the seventh inst. - Among the buildings consumed were the stores of E. H. Willis, Ferdinand Long, Dr. Ward, Mr. Cohn, and Richard Baker's. We understand though they were insured. It is thought to be the work of an incendiary. (Williamston Mercury- June 15,1859 -

-Contributor: Barbara Modlin Revels)

Roper Post Office 50ld by Mr. Walker

Mrs. Perla H. (Hopkins) Bray, postmistress at Roper, has purchased the old bank building on Main and Bank Streets in Roper. This is to be continued as a post office building for the town. This

building was first the quarters of the Bank of Roper, which has been defunct for years.

The purchasers are to pay $1,000 for it, payable monthly. It was purchased from C. L. Walker, who was formerly postmaster. (The Roanoke Beacon, Nov. 6, 1936; Contributor:" Veronica Jones Haskett.)

Other News:

New member Michael Phelps Is searching:

Phelps, Ambrose, Smith, Dillon, Basnight, Bateman, Patrick and Spruill. (

We welcome back Thelma Terry. Thelma has been great at helping with the clean-up and upkeep of the Weede Cemetery. We also welcome new member Dian S. Williams.

NC Department of Cultural Resources announces the publication of Volume 15 of North

Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster (W. T. .

Jordan, editor North Carolina Troops plans to retire in 2004) for ordering info.

Ben Midgett of Wanchese is searching info on Belanga, specially Evelyn Belanga Sindelar and family.

For information and/or links for North Carolina military units, Revolutionary War ancestor

July-August-September 2003

stories, and county-by-county links for specific battles, historic sites, loyalists and genealogy research, visit: ... ncrevwar/ncrevwar. htm

(Source: Carolina Country April 2003 p.

Now Available For Loan to North Carolina Residents

.. fhe··StateTibraryof NorfhCcir6nna's Genealogical Services has 1930 North Carolina Federal Population Census Schedules AND Soundex Microfilm and

Census Descriptions of Geographic Subdivisions and Enumeration Districts. 1930:

North Carolina and Enumeration District Maps for the Fifteenth Census of the United State$; 1930:

North Carolina ' .

These are available thru Interlibrary Loan Service - check out rsb/ILLGenea logy .htm or contact:<mail (919-733- 7223)

The 1930 census recorded more than 124 million residents in 17,000 cities, boroughs and Villages. It was the last census to ask who could read and write and the first to ask if the family owned a radio.

Early 5ettlers of Washington County Along the 5clIppernong Riverf rails by Loretta Phelps

Loretta Phelps has published a new book, dedicated to Levora Witte, with lots of interesting graphics and stories about life in that area of Washington County. To order, send check payable to WCHS for $15 plus $3 s/h to her at: 2637 Mt. Tabor Rd., Creswell NC 27928.

"Rett" is to be commended for all she does for Washington County - historians, genealogists; friends - and total strangers! Thanks, RETT! (And Bobby) (And all their kids)

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

6 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

July-August-September 2003

Descendants of Able Belanga

Generation No.1


2. i. JAMES F.2 BELANGA, d. 28 December 1934, Scuppernong Twp, Washington Co, NC.

Generation No.2

2. JAMES F.2 BELANGA (ABU?-) died 28 December 1934 in Scuppernong Twp, Washington Co, NCI. He married EMMA P. OWENS, daughter of WILLIAM OWENS and ANOR BRICKHOUSE. She died 22 November 1934 in Scuppernong Twp, Washington Co, NC2•


3. i. PAUL BRYAN3 BELANGA, d. 18 March 1969, Creswell, Washington Co, NC.

Generation No.3

3. PAUL BRYAN3 BELANGA (JAMES F.2, ABLE) died 18 March 1969 in Creswell, Washington Co, NC3. He married PEARL LEOLA VOLIVA, daughter of WILLIAM VOLIVA and FANNIE PARISHER. She died 23 May 1964 in Scuppernong Twp, Washington Co, NC4•

Children of PAUL BELANGA and PEARL VOLIVA are:

1. EVELYN RAy4 BELANGA, b. 8 January 1926, Washington Co., NC5,6; d. 9 May 1997, Williamsburg, James

City, VAl; m. OTTO BARRETT SINDELAR; b. 20 July 1914, Chicago?8; d. 25 September 19849.

Notes for EVELYN RAY BELANGA: Death Benefit Localities Zip code 60525 Burr Ridge, Cook, Illinois Query 6/4/03 Ben Midgett More About EVELYN RAY BELANGA: Burial: Creswell, Washington Co, NC Social Security Number: 9 May 1997, 245-20-5099

More About OTTO BARRETT SINDELAR: Burial: Creswell, Washington Co, NC

ii. FRANCIS EMMA BELANGA, b. 18 December 1933, Scuppernong Twp, Washington Co, NCIO. iii. PAUL BELANGA.

iv. NORMA BELANGA, b. 12 May 1928, Washington Co., NCII.


1. Index to Death Records. Washington Co., NC, B 9 P 206.

2. Index to Death Records, Washington Co., NC, B 9 P 205.

3. Index to Death Records,Washington Co., NC, B 41 P 14.

4. Index to Death Records, Washington Co., NC, B 36 P 23.

5. Washington County Cemeteries Vol III Scuppernong Twp, p 42.

6. Index to Births, Washington Co, NC, B 4 P 571.

7. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day

Saints, U.S. Social Security Death Index .. 8. Washington County Cemeteries Vol III Scuppernong Twp, p 42.

9. Washington County Cemeteries Vol III Scuppernong Twp, P 42.

10. Index to Births, Washington Co, NC, B 9 P 536.

11. Index to Births, Washington Co, NC, B 6 P 485.

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

7Vol XIV No 7-8-9

July-August-September 2003

Descendants of Doctorine Ira Davenport

Generation No.1

1. DOCTORINE IRA2 DAVENPORT (STEPHEN A.i)was born October 02, 18507, and died July 08,1935. He married CHARLOTTE ANN ARMSTRONG December 19, 1869 in Washington County, North Carolina2, daughter of SILVANiS ARMSTRONG and ELIZABETH ??? She was born March 18,1848, and died January 28,1921.


i. INDIANA ESTELLE3 DAVENPORT, b. 1877; d. April 08, 1934, Scuppernong Tvvsp .. Washington County, North Carolina .... ; m. WILLIAM BAILEY WOODLEY; b. January 08, 1874; d. January 03,1964,

Scuppernong Ivvsp., Washington County, North. Carolina..... _

2. ii. ULYSSES GRANT DAVENPORT, b. October 31,1870. Creswell, Washington County, North Carolina: d. June 17, 1950, Creswell, Washington County, North Carolina.

iii CELIA ANN DAVENPORT, b. Abt. 1873-'; m. JOHN ELSBERRY HASSELL, December 28, 1902,

Columbia, Tyrrell County, North Carolina-'; b. August 1879-'.

3. iv. JAMES EDWARD DAVENPORT, b. January 14, 1875; d. March 1948.

4. v. AARON WASHINGTON DAVENPORT, b. March 29, 1885; d. January 21,born 1957.

5. vi. DOCTRINE ELWOOD DAVENPORT, b. June 29, 1887.

vii. M1TTlE GERTRUDE DAVENPORT, b. March 1889 .... ; d.1942"; m. WILL1E SEATON PHEl:.PS. December 29,1907, South Fork. Tyrrell County, North Carolina7; b. Abt.18837; d. June 22, 1958, Scuppernong, Washington County, North Carolinas.

Generation No.2

2. Ulysses GRANT3 DAVENPORT (DOCTORINE IRA21 STEPHEN A/)was born October 31,1870 in

Creswell, Washington County, North Carolina, and died June 17, 1950 in Creswell, Washington County, North Carolina. He married LAURA ANN AMBROSE, daughter of JAMES AMBROSE and MARY PHELPS. She was born July 08, 1875 in Washington County, North Carolina, and died November 25, 1958 in Creswell, Washington County, North Carolina.


i. ESSIE4 DAVENPORT, b. Creswell, Washington County. North Carolina; d. April 19, 1996, Creswell, Washington County, North Carolina: m. HARRY P. BARNES.

ii. STEPHEN AARON DAVENPORT, b. September 15, 1909, Newland. Washington County, North Carolina; m. VIRGINIA DARE WHITE, 1932, Columbia, Tyrrell County, North Carolina; d. October 13, 1996, Chowan County, North Carolina.

3. JAMES EDWARD3 DAVENPORT (DOCTORINE IRA21 STEPHEN A/)was born January 14, 1875, and died March 1948. He married (1) MIRANDA E. ??? He married (2) MARY E. FURLOUGH October 11, 1898, daughter of DAVID FURLOUGH and ANGELINE PHELPS. She was born February 16, 18799.

Child of JAMES DAVENPORT and MIRANDA ??? is:

i. MAUDE LEE4 DAVENPORT, b. September 14, 1895; d. February 08,1962; m. JAMES R. DAVENPORT, December 21. 1913; b. October 11, 1893; d. September 11, 1977.


ii. JAMES HONDURAS4 DAVENPORT, b. February 06, 1901; d. November 1901. iii. DOCTRINE I. DAVENPORT, b. February 22, 1902; d. February 20, 1915.

iv. DAVID ELWOOD DAVENPORT, b. April 19, 1905; d. June 06,1972.

v. CHESTER ALSTON DAVENPORT, b. August 27, 1911; d. May 30,1983.

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

8 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

July-August-September 2003

vi. VELENER ESTELLE DAVENPORT, b. November 06,1913.

vii. MAMIE ANGELINE DAVENPORT, b. February 11. 1918. viii. WILLIAM DAVENPORT, b. May 03,1926; d. May 23,1926.

4. Aaron WASHINGTON3 DAVENPORT (DOCTORINE IRA!, STEPHEN A/)was born March 29,1885, and died January 21, 1957. He married EMMA JANE WOODLEY November 25, 1906 in Hilly Dumpling, South fork, Tyrrell County, North Carolina70, daughter of GEORGE WOODLEY and HESTER OLIVER. She was born November 01, 1885, and died february 11, 1958.


i. OLIVER WOODLEy4 DAVENPORT, b. December 21, 1907; d. January 26, 1996, Chapel Hill, Orange County, North Carolina; m. (1) MADELINE PROCTOR, Bef. 1940; b. From Bitterford. MA; m. (2) MARGARET VINCENT, Abt. 1940; b. 1920, Indiana; d. 1970, Alexandria, Virginia; m. (3) MARGARET ???, Abt. 1972: d. Florida.

ii. BEVERLY ARMSTRONG DAVENPORT, b. April 24. 1910; d. April 26, 1967; m. (1) JEAN ELIBIN; m. (2) EVA ALENE PEARCE; d. March 10, 2000, Orlando, Florida.

iii. ELIZABETH MCDONALD DAVENPORT, b. September 18, 1912, Washington County. North Carolina; d. December 25, 1997, Pin County, North Carolina; m. JOSEPH AYDETT MORRIS; b. December 21, 1907, Tyrrell County. North Carolina"; d. June 12,1982, New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina". iv. AARON WADE LANCELOT DAVENPORT, b. June 11, 1914; d. February 23,1997; m. LYNNE BABETTE LOCH; b. December 1918, Pennsylvania; d. June 24, 1974.

v. DOCTRINE FRANKLIN DAVENPORT, b. July 27, 1916; d. January 12, 1998, Washington County, North Carolina; m. IRMA CHRISTINE WHITE; b. June 23,1916.

vi. DOUGLAS WINSTEAD DAVENPORT, b. September 27, 1919, Cherry, Washington County, North Carolina; d. September 16, 1999, Cherry, Washington County. North Carolina; m. VIVIAN LEE HOLTON, July 28,1951; b. October 24, 1929.

vii. RALPH GORDON DAVENPORT, b. February 05,1922; m. MARTHA ANN BOUGH, May 21, 1955; b.


viii. CAROL VAN. DAVENPORT, b. December 21, 1925; m. SYBIL LEDFORD, June 08, 1946; d. December 28, 1988. Florida.

ix. EMMA LUC1LLE DAVENPORT, b. June 06,1927; m. WILBERT OAKLEY REYNOLDS, December 20, 1947; b. March 06,1923; d. May 13, 1983, Florida.

5. DOCTRINE ELWOOD3 DAVENPORT (DOCTORINE IRA2, STEPHEN A!}was born June 29,1887'2. He married RENNIE VIOLA AINSLEY August 14, 1905 in South fork, Tyrrell County, North Carolina'2, daughter of J AMES AINSLEY and CAROLINE PHELPS. She was born Abt. 188712.


i. JENNINGS MARION4 DAVENPORT, b. November 06. 1906, Washington County, North Carolina; m.

MAYME WOODLEY; b. March 26. 1913, Washington County, North Carolina; d. January 23, 2002.

ii. MINNIE LEE DAVENPORT, b. April 27, 1910.


1. 1870 Washington County, NC Census.

2. Washington County Marriage Index.

3. Washington County, NC Death Index.

4. Tyrrell County, NC Marriage License.

5. Tyrrell County Marriage License.

6. Tyrrell County, NC Death Index.

7. Tyrrell County Marriage License.

8. Washington County, NC Birth Index. 9.1880 Washington County, NC Census.

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

9 VoIXIVNo,7",8-9, "

July-August-September 2003"

10. Tyrrell County Marriage License.

11. Camille B. Everton. Tyrrell Cemeteries.

12. Tyrrell County, NC Marriage License.

Contributor: Gordon Basnight 112003

Me.osuring Land:

Online query 6/25 (Identies withheld)

Can someone explain the role of chain carrier when land was surveyed?

Was it just an occupation ... the same chain carrier worked for a hired surveyor, or is there a genealogical importance to knowing who the chain carrier was when property was surveyed? For example, would a son or son - in law or some other relative to the owner, work the chains when the land was being surveyed?

. A: Response l:I don't know what)t meanseither ... .but Ido have a 1783Iand.record(in Pitt Co, even!)

. where the person mentioned in the transaction was Stephen Gurganus, and it mentions a "chain bearer" as Reuben Gurganus. I don't know what their relationship was, but my purely circumstantial guess is that they may have been brothers. So it does seem worth giving it some attention.

A: Response 2: I guess it is up to us really old people to define a chain bearer A chain bearer was just an assistant, employee, etc. of the surveyor and could be anyone. A "chain" as a measuring device used for land surveys, and was 60 feet in length. You will see on old deeds measurements in "chains."

A proper definition is: chain carrier (CC, SCC): also "chain bearer." land surveyor's assistant; handled measuring chain. Note: Generally, there was a legal requirement that chain carriers taKe 'an oath as to the honesty of their work; therefore the chain carrier should have been of legal age.

f e.rminology found on plot mops * Acre - 160 square rods.

* Arpent - Similar to an acre, used in French sections of the U.S. The side of an arpent equals 191,994 ft.; one square arpent is 0.84625 acre. In Missouri, an arpent was .8507 acres, or 192.5 feet square.

* Chain - Invented by Edmund Gunter in 1620, a chain is 66 feet long with 100 links. One mile is 80 chains. * Degree - 1/360th of the distance around a circle. Used to measure direction, with 0 degrees referring to north or south. Other directions are usually given in terms of degrees from North or South.

* Link - 1/100th of a chain, 7.92 inches long. 25 links = 1 rod.

* Metes & Bounds - A type of survey based on measurements (chains, rods, poles, perches, etc.) and country

markers (trees, stakes, streams, etc.) * Minute - 1/60th of a degree.

* Perch - Same as rod.

* Pole - Same as rod.

* Rectangular Survey - Adopted in the U.S. in 1785 and used in public land states (most states west of the Appalachian Mountains.) Based on certain longitude and latitude lines (meridians and base lines), land is described in terms of range, township, sections, and quarter-sections, etc.

* Rod - 16 1/2 feet. Measured as 1/4 of a chain or 25 links. Also called pole or perch.

* Vara - Unit of measure used in parts of the U.S. settled by Spain. Varying lengths, with the Texas vara being 33.3333 inches (36 varas = 100 feet), the Florida vara being larger, and the southwestern vara being smaller. (From: AntiqueWeek - Mon, July 15 1996 Eastern Edition Pg 8B)

Recommended Reading: Andro Linklater's Measuring America (Walker Publishing Company)

A Publicction of W~~hington Cou,nty Ge,n,ealo,gical Society" Plymouth NC 2796~

'. ,. ,.

10 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

July-August-September 2003

"Billie Peal gave this to me ... She found it in some of her mother's things. Her mother lived to be 104 years old." Loretta H. Phelps (This appeared in the Wasington Daily News, Beaufort County, NC.

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

11 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

July-August-September 2003


Transcribed from Photocopies obtained from Department of Archives and History Raleigh, N.C. and Presented to the Washington County Genealogical Society by Sybble M. Smithwick Transcribed by: Shirleyan B. Phelps


Plymouth, N.C. Washington County

This survey was made by Mrs. Kathleen Spruill Aug. 12-13, 1936.

Alexcnder, Joseph B. Beasley, Karl W. Beasley, Rhoda Ann Beasley, Samuel W. Brinkley, David Lenord Brinkley, Emma S. Brinkley, Javon F. Brinkley, Mary A. Browning, Elizabeth Fagan, A. L.

Ferrell, Lizzie E. Gardner, Hallet S.

Gardner, Tarleton Thompson Hassell, W. A.

Hucker, Mary Eliza

Hughes, James E.

Jackson, Grace Eldridge Jackson, Eva Viola

Jackson, Florence

Jackson, Henri Gray Jackson, James E.

Jackson, James Hubert Jackson, Levy F.

Jackson, Maude

Jackson, Ruth Rosalie Jackson, Leah V ..

Jackson, W. J.

Leroy, W. P.

McConnica, Joshua D. Moore, John F.

Nurney, B. F.

Pinkham, Fannie P.

Swain, O'Corneli

Swain, Sarah D.

Tucker, Joseph

b. May 5, 1833;

. b. Sept. if, 1891 b. Oct. 26, 1822; b. 1859;

b. Aug. 6, 1880; b. Dec. 8, 1852;

. b. July 25,1842; b. Feb. 14, 1820; b. Feb. 5, 1903;

b. March 25, 1845; b. Feb. 24, 1854; b. Nov. 14, 1898; b.1868;

b. Nov. 18, 1849;

b. March 23, 1850; b. Dec. 25, 1842; b. Sept. 2, 1901;

b. Not given; b.1872;

b. Sept. 1, 1882; b. Aug. 4,1842; b. Feb. 21, 1898; b. June 22, 1863; b.1897;

b. Aug. 12, 1897; b. 1861;


b. May 20, 1875;

b. Jan. 15, 1853;

b. June 6, 1851;

b. Aug. 21, '1878;

b. June 22, 1883; b. April 22, 1852; b. June 25, 1848; b. March 23, 1850;

d. April 2, 1901

-d. May 10,1892 d. Jan. 31, 1882

d. Jan. 4,1934

d. Nov. 4,1900

d. Oct. 14, 1883 d. July 11, 1888

d. Dec. 31, 1893 d. Feb. 6, 1903

d. Jan. 19, 1927

d. Dec. 27, 1910 d. June 15, 1899 d. March 26, 1931 d. July 11, 1895

d. May 6,1915

d. July 15, 1906

d. Oct. 12, 1918

d. April 4, 1874

d. Jan. 14, 1927

d. Oct. 8, 1917

d. Aug. 2, 1883

d. Oct. 8,1918

d. March 26,1917 d. May 24, 1933 d. Nov. 13, 1912 d.1927


d. March 12,1905 d. April 11, 1909 d. June 18, 1880 d. July 18, 1905

d. Oct. 2, 1925

d. Dec. 10, 1915

d. Oct. 24,1934 d. May 6, 1915

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society. Plymouth NC 27962

12 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

Williams, Louisa Wymn,G. W.

Allen, John W.

Allen, Staurt G. Brinkley, David O. Brinkley, Emma E. Chesson, Marion E. Chesson, Martha Chesson, Whit E. Clifton, Ella M. Clifton, Ernest G. Clifton, Louise Agnes Darden, Goodwan Darden, Ida Harrison Darden, Mary Jane Daughtie, N. D. Doughtie, Amanda L. Doughtie, J. E.

Davis, Margret A. Everett, Eva B. Everett, Lucy E. Everett, Robert L. Flowers, Callie E. Flowers, Jane B. Magee, Mary A. Magee, William N. Martin, Fred

Moore, Stephen E. Overton, Maude M. Peele, George T. Peele, Gradie Boyd Peele, Hosea

Peele, Ola Ray Rodgers, Agnes L. Rodgers, Thomas W. Rodgers, Thomas W. Stacks, Deborah Stacks,John

Tubford, Fannie Darden


b. March 9, 1868;

July-August-September 2003 d. Feb. 28, 1904

d. Feb. 6, 1903


Plymouth, N.C. Washington County

This survey was made by Kathleen Spruill Aug. 10-11, 1936.

b. March 23, 1889; b. June 15. 1859

b. April 22,1853; b. Aug. 31, 1865;

b. Feb. 21, 1869;

b. Oct. 2, 1901;

b. March 24, 1870; b. Nov. 5, 1884;

b. Feb. 6, 1912;

b. July 30, 1915

b. March 25, 1827; b. Nov. 10, 1889;

b. Nov. 28, 1836; b. Aug. 21, 1844;

b. Not given; b.1870;

b. May 5, 1859; b. April 8, 1891; b. May 2, 1860; b. Dec. 20, 1886; b. July 22, 1862; b. May 8, 1868; b. July 1, 1857; b.1852;

b. Nov. 22, 1895; b. May 21, 1875; b.1913;

b. Jan. 8, 1848; b. Feb. 22, 1905; b. Jan. 3, 1852; b. July 7, 1906; b. July 3, 1870; b. July 3, 1870; b. Aug. 10, 1863;

b. March 28, 1846; b. Aug. 14, 1834;

b. July 8, 1872;

d. April 16, 1911 d. May 20,1911 d. Feb. 28, 1932 d. Jan. 19, 1924 d. May 8, 1920 d. Oct. 16, 1906 d. Sept. 11, 1927 d. April 1, 1916 d. April 1, 1918 d. Feb. 3, 1933 d. May 13, 1900

d. March 24, 1917 d. March 1, 1890 d. Jan. 9, 1909

d. Feb. 15, 1915

d. Oct. 15, 1931

d. Oct. 20, 1921 d. Feb. 28, 1916

d. May 9, 1910

d. June 20,1906 d. Aug. 23, 1909 d. March 3, 1928 d. April 21, 1928 d.1927

d. Nov. 2, 1919 d. Oct. 18,1918

d. March 16, 1935 d. May 9,1915

d. Oct. 19, 1905 d. May 3, 1914

d. Sept. 2, 1906 d. March 13, 1918 d. March 13, 1918 d. Jan. 15, 1904

d. Dec. 31, 1913

d. Feb. 14, 1914

d. Jan. 31, 1895

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

Plymouth, N.C. Washington County

This survey was made by Mrs. Kathleen Spruill Aug. 17-20,1936. This cemetery is located in the town of Plymouth on Adams and Water Streets.

B. May 9,1777; b. Dec. 3, 1868; b.1821;

b. Not given; b. Not given; b. Not given;

b. March 18,1800; b. March 18, 1800; b. Not given;

b. Jan. 11, 1851; b. Jan. 11, 1851; b. Sept. 19, 1830; b. June 5, 1898; b. Nov. 2, 1856; b. Oct. 13, 1912; b.1868;

b. Jan. 31, 1897; b. Sept. 1896;

b. May 11, 1846; b. Oct. 23, 1877; b. Not given;

b. Feb. 20, 1831; b. May 25,1832; b. Not given;

b. Not given;

b. Aug. 8, 1817;· b. Dec. 28, 1847; b. Aug. 13, 1881; b. Not given;

b. Not given;

b. March 28, 1853 b. Nov. 14, 1841; b. Sept. 27, 1844; b. July 9,1888; b.1808;

b. Nov. 27, 1894; b. Feb. 11, 1853; b. Nov. 1, 1886; b. April 17, 1868; b. Nov. 27, 1905;

13 Vol XIV No 7-8-9


Alexander, Clarky Alexander, Ernestine Alexander, S.

Alexander, Thomas Alligood, Allie

Armistead, Benjamin Armistead, Robert M.D. Armistead, Mrs. Robert Armistead, William Arrington, Ida (twin) Arrington, Ann Salley (twin) Arrington, Sallie

Arps, Hilliary H.

Arps, Joseph M.

Arps, Williams E.

Ausbon, Fletcher W. Ausbon, Fletcher

Ausbon, Horace V.

Ayers, Nannie Ayers, Narcissa H. Beasley, E. Beasley, Harriett Beasley, Henry A. Beasley, Henry E. Beasley, John B. Beasley, Sarah Belle, Corinne S. Bennie, Baby Blankin, Ann Bankin, John Blount, Frances Blount, Levi

Blount, Sarah Aleitha

Boyle, Frances A. Boyle, J. Mc. G.

Brown, Carlton Carlyle Brown, Henry H. Brown, Henry W. Brown, Kitty S.

Brown, Luther A.

July-August-September 2003

d. March 26,1838 d. Aug. 4, 1901 d.1910

d. April 24, 1882 d.1912

d. Jan. 27, 1854 "d. Aug. 3,1857 d. Aug. 3, 1857* d. April 27,1909 d. July 21, 1852 d. July 21, 1852 d. Nov. 27, 1851 d. Aug. 23, 1926 d. Sept. 27, 1933 d. June 22, 1935 d.1926

d. Feb. 17, 1897 d. July 1927

d. Aug. 2, 1887 d. Nov. 15, 1926 d. Sept. 19,1843 d. Sept. 12, 1834 d. Sept. 12, 1832 d. Sept. 2, 1817 d. Dec. 13, 1855 d. July 18, 1857 d.Jan.20,1849 d. Dec. 10, 1882 d.1859


d. Aug. 8, 1924

d. May 11, 1918

d. May 4, 1913

d. July 4,1907

d. Jan. 6, 1867

d. Dec. 1, 1895

d. May 11, 1929

d. Dec. 3, 1927

d. Dec. 28, 1927 d. March 23, 1935

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

14 Vol XIV No 7-8-9 July-August-September 2003
Bwecom, Lehaman b. Not given; d.1936
Cahoon, Charlie W. b. Oct. 18, 1896; d. Dec. 1, 1931
Cahoon, Clyde b. March 30, 1880 d. April 4, 1922
Cahoon, Philip Clyde b. Nov. 29, 1904; d. Oct. 12, 1908
Chesson, Nellie b. Sept. 25, 1875; d. May 29, 1920
Clark, Daniel b. Aug. 8, 1874; d. Feb. 8, 1917
Davenport, Johnston b. July 19, 1837; d. Aug. 18, 1854
Estell, Helen b. Sept. 23, 1891; d. July 12, 1892
Everitt, Febretta Ann b.1825; d. Sept. 10,1855
Fagan, Ann Fogleman b. Jan. 15, 1814; d. March 17, 1878
Fagan, Frances Ann b. Aug. 1835; d. June 1860
Fagan, Franklin L. b.1817; d.1874
Fagan, Fred Ford b. Not given; d.1880
Fagan, Levin b.1844; d.1894
Fitchett, William H. b. June 28, 1840; d. Apri I 15, 1894
Forbes, Pattie H. b. Jan. 6, 1894; d. April 14, 1902
Forbes, Selma C. b. April 18, 1899; d. Nov. 15,1899
Goelet, Robert Smith b. Not given; Age 50 Yrs d. Nov given
Griffin, Eliza Jane b. Not given; d. 1913
Griffin, Jesse b.1853; d.1853
Griffin, Jesse G. b.1835; d.1835
Halsey, Sarah E. b. Nov. 22, 1834; d. Jan. 24, 1908
Halsey, Dr. Robert S. b. March 5, 1828; d. Aug. 28,1880
Hampton, John H. b. Sept. 1842; d. Jan. 24, 1885
Hampton, Kate b. Dec. 4,1815; d. July 10, 1862
Hampton, Mary C. b. Sept. 16, 1836; d. Oct. 14, 1906
Hampton, W. H. b. Oct. 26, 1845; d. Feb. 20, 1911
Hardison, Ella b. Not given; d. 87 years old
Harlee, Katherine Elvin b. July 4,1843; d. Nov. 11, 1897
Harnthal, Florence Harlee b. Dec. 8, 1871; d. March 6, 1931
Harnthal, Martha b. July 19, 1847; d. March 17, 1894
Harrison, Isaac F. b. May 25,1849; d. Nov. 6, 1893
Harrison, Louis H. b. Aug. 30, 1874; d. Sept. 25,1894
Harrison, Sammy b. Not given; d. Dec. 19, 1934
Haughton, Susal Elexina b.1871; d.1871
Hilton, Rev. Horace J. b. Not given; d. Nov. 21, 1887
Hoell, Welcome b. Not given; d.1845
Hooker, Amelia Ann b. April 1787 d. Nov. 1787
Hooker, Nellie R. b. 1833; d. Aug. 1853
Hooker, Sallie b. July 9, 1852; d. June 1852
Hornthal, Herman b. Oct. 22, 1875; d. March 9, 1919
Hornthal, Louis P. b. Nov. 17,1870; d. Feb. 18, 1931
Horton, Margaret T. b. April 1, 1796; d. Oct. 9, 1869
Hunter, Martha Summer b. Oct. 5, 1872; d. Aug. 10, 1903
Irwin, Anna N. b. Sept. 1821; d.1894 A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

15 Vol XIV No 7-8-9 July-August-September 2003
Johnston, Asa b. May 18, 1886; d. Dec. 28, 1897
Johnston, Billie Warren b. Sept. 20, 1867; d. Nov. 14, 1885
Johnston, Della Virginia b. April 6, 1904; d. Aug. 13,1904
Johnston, Estelle b. June 17, 1885; d.1887
Johnston, John H. b. July 6,1859; d. Dec. 2, 1864
Johnston, Hampton C. b. Not given; d. Not given
Johnston, Neva Theresa b. March 31, 1873; d. June 2, 1923
Johnston, Pattie V. Hampton b.1840; d.1933
Johnston, Stuart L. b. July 8, 1835; d. March 26, 1900
Johnston, William K. b. Not given; d. Not given
. Johnston,WilliamM, b. Oct.·26, 1901; . -d. March 16, 1903··
Landing, Infant of L. S. and
Gertrude Ldnding b. Not given; d. Not given
Latham, Agnes b. March 6, 1908; d. May 22, 1909
Lathan, Annie N. b. Not given; d.1868
Lathan, Blanche b.1873; d.1873
Latham, Edgar B. b. Dec. 6, 1844; d. Sept. 10, 1895
Latham, Lena Inez b. April 1, 1819; d. Oct. 23, 1889
Latham, Phillip P. b. Nov. 9, 1895; d. Aug. 27, 1914
Leggett, Mabel b. Not given; d.1926
Leggett, Margaret E. b. Nov. 8, 1914; d. Jan. 7, 1915
Leggett, Onward R. b. Jan. 19, 1878; d. Oct. 16,1918
Leitch, Alfred b.1857; d.1883
Litchfield, Albert B. b.1888; d.1926
Lyon, Phillip Wingate b. July 18, 1921; d. July 21, 1921
MacRea, Sarah D. b. May 20,1823 d. Dec. 12, 1853
MacRea, S. H. b. May 1, 1818; d. Dec. 14,1898
Maitland, Emma b. Not given; d.1848
Maitland, Frances b. Not given; d.1852
Manning, John b. Not given; d. 1812
Martain, Van Buren b. March 3, 1883; d. June 26, 1930
Morgan, Benjamin J. b. Not given; d.1840
Morgan, Joseph b. Not given; d.1866
Morton, Myrtle b. Not given; d. Dec. 21, 1899
Newberry, A. F. Dr. b. March 23, 1860; d. June 9,1907
Newman, Conway b. Nov. 26, 1875; d. May 29, 1920
Nicholis, Mary W. b.1817; d.1830
Owens, Annie L. b. June 21, 1846; d. Dec. 31, 1909
Owens, B. F. b. May 27, 1841; D. Oct. 30, 1912
Owens, Ida S. b. Dec. 30, 1891; d. Oct. 13, 1918
Owens, Jessie Ward b. March 21, 1902; d. June 22, 1902
Owens, Mary H. b. Aug. 11, 1874; d. Sept. 16, 1912
Owens, Nellie Horton b. May 21, 1903; d. Jan. 19, 1908
Pettijohn, John C. b. Not given; d. March 29, 1803
Pettijohn, Martha Ann b. Nov. 27, 1809; d. May 28, 1855 A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

16 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

Pettijohn, Mary Plumbe, Francis M. Price, Lucinda Price, Winifred Rankins, Eliza Kincla Rankins, William M. Read, Jack W. Sanderson, William Sawyer, Jerry A.

Simmons, Harriett Alexander Spruill, Ann Louisa

Spruill, Evelin

Spruill, H. G.

Spruill, M. E.

Spruill, Dr. William R.

Vail, Annie Laurie

Walker, Martha A.

Ward, George

Ward, Harriett L.

Ward, Jessie Garrett

Ward, Johnson G.

Ward, Mary E.

Ward, Melice A.

Ward, Nance A.

Ward, Virgia A.

Ward, Warren W.

Ward, Wi lIiam Ward Whitehurst, N. J.

Windley, Virginia Dare Wingate, Henry Holmer Hunter Wingate, Rev. Henry

b. Not given;

b. Feb. 17, 1717; b. Not given;

b. Not given;

b. Aug. 23, 1830; b. April 20, 1821; b. April 6, 1862; b. Not given; b.1902;

b. Nov. 27, 1837; b. Nov. 18, 1811; b. June 1838;

b. Sept. 8, 1808; b. Not given;

b. June 19, 1833; b. Dec. 24, 1918; b. Oct. 16,1809; b. May 23, 1848; b.1855;

b. Feb. 28, 1860; b. July 1, 1850; b.1852;

b. July 6,1865; b.1852; b.1852; b.1818;

b. Jan. 3, 1857; b. Not given;

b. Aug. 13, 1858; b. Not given;

b. June 16, 1866;

July-August-September 2003 d. May 1882

d. Dec. 19, 1850

d. Not given (age 88 yrs) d. Not given

d. Sept. 23, 1914 d. May 1883

d. April 11, 1914 d. Feb. 28, 1827 d.1931

d. Jan. 6, 1897

d. Jan. 24, 1855

d. Feb. 18, 1899

d. June 20, 1887 d. Dec. 1, 1880

d. Aug. 29, 1872 d. March 29, 1930 d. Dec. 8, 1879

d. Jan. 11, 1881 d.1884

d. June 8, 1903 d. Sept. 1, 1934 d.1854

d. Oct. 7, 1921 d.1854 d.1866 d.1879

d. Nov. 9, 1930 d. May 11, 1878 d. Nov. 13, 1898 d. 1901

d. Jan. 18, 1903


Plymouth, N.C. Washington County

This survey was made by Mrs. Kathleen Spruill Aug. 3-6, 1936. Located on square on Adams and Third Streets.

Methodist Church stands in center of lot, front is used as a lcwn only, cemetery extends from Church to back of the lot.

Alexander, William b. Not given; d. Not given

Ange, Annie Isolind b. 1899; d. 1934

Ausbon, Clarence b. 1892; d. 1932

Ausbon, Pricilla Ann b. 1833; d. 1900

Ayers, Fannie Long Dixon b. 1884; d. 1934

Bateman, Angeline b. 1843; d. 1877

Bateman, John M. b. July 25,1835; d. March 11, 1914

Bateman, Martha W. b. 1829; d. 1894

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

17 Vol XIV No 7-8-9 July-August-September 2003
'9 Bateman, Martha W. b.1829; d.1894
Bateman, Wi Ibur b. June 6, 1897; d. Dec. 14, 1910
Bateman, Joseph b. Not given; d.1897
Bateman, William H. b. Not given; d.1857
Beckwith, Chloe Ann b. Not given; d.1848
Bell, James Wilson b. Not given; d. Not given
Bell, James W. Dr. b. Sept. 11, 1800; d. April 3, 1865
Bell, Lva Orphelia b. Not given; d.1853
Bell, Mary E. b. 1811; d.1885
Bell, Mary Marcia b.1845; d.1858
Bell-Infcntof Mr.J. W.and
Mrs. M. E. Bell b. Not given; d.Feb.8,1863
Blount, Annie M. b. Feb. 6, 1856; d. July 9,1911
Blount, Camille b. Not given; d.1890
Bateman, Marcia Louise b. Oct. 20, 1898; d. May 19, 1925
Britt, Elizabeth b. Not given; d. Feb. 1831
Carter, Mary Belle b.1885; d.1912
Carter, Mitty Bell b.1850; d.1898
Clayton, Job. b. 1861; d.1934
Clayton, Job. b. Not given; d. May 1936
Concoet, Marina b. Not given; d.1850
Cornell, William Jane b. Not given; d.1842
Carstarphen, Claudia b. Not given; d. Not given
Carstraphen, Claudia b.1886; d.1887
Carstraphen, Louisa b. Not given; d. Jan. 11, 1920
Carstraphen, Walter b.1886; d.1887
Carstraphen, Walter b. Not given; d. Not given
Carstraphen, William D. b.1814; d.1883
Carstraphen, William M. b.1855; d.1883
Davenport, Haywood b. Not given; d. Not given
Dillion, Harriett Eliza b. Not given; d.1851
Dillon, Sarah Lorena b. Not given; d. Not given
Eborn, Zachariah M. b. Not given; d.1851
Ellis, Elizabeth Jane b. Not given; d.1854
Everett, W. H. b. Aug. 29, 1845; d. April 18, 1891 ..>
Fitzpatrick, F. F. b. Not given; d.1859
Gaylord, A. O. b. July 1857; d. 1915
Gaylord, Avery C. b. Not given; d. April 18, 1936
Hall, Courtney Ann b.1843; d.1885
Hall, William b.1834; d.1888
Hanks, Ella b.1856; d.1857
Hanks, Horatio b. Not given; d. Not given
Harrison, Asa b.1823; d.1880 17

18 Vol XIV No 7-8-9 July-August-September 2003
Harrison, Earnest b. Oct. 24, 1897; d. May 20, 1898
Harrison, Emma S. b. Feb. 13, 1847; d. May 19, 1887
Harrison, George H. Jr. b. Nov. 7, 1894; d. April 22, 1926
Harrison, Harriett W. b.1818; d.1872
Harrison, J. F. b. Not given; d.1910
Harrison, Mrs. J. F. b. Not given; d.1910
Herrington, Ann b. Not given; d.1855
Herrington, Sarah Frances b. Not given; d.1854
Hornthal, William Henry b. Not given; d.1869
Johnston, Annie M. b.1887; d.1897
Johnston, Charles b.1885; d.1904
Johnston, Frank b. Not given; d. Jan. 1919
Jones, David Gladstone b. June 26,1899; d. April 23, 1900
Jones, Matilda Ann b. Not given; d.1907
Keith, Mary Stout b. Not given; d.1857
Keith, William b. Not given; d.1855
Latham, Charles b.1811; d.1893
Latham, Emma b. Not given; d.1923
Latham, John W. b. Not given; d. March 26, 1884
Latham, Julian A. b. Not given; d.1880
Latham, Laura b. Not given; d.1920
Latham, Martha b. Nov. 18, 1839; d. Oct. 29, 1877
Latham, Mollie b. Not given; d.1873
Latham, Nancy b.1806; d.1866
Latham, Samuel b. Feb. 12,1864; d. Aug. 1843
Leggett, Andrew b.1833; d.1901
Leggett, Margaret b. Not given; d. Jan. 4, 1935
Luvas, Elizabeth b. Not given; d. Not given
Morse, Stewart b. Not given; d. Not given
Nor-com, Eliza b. Not given; d.1840
Norman, Auba Elizabeth b. Not given; d.1854
Norman, Celesta J. b. 1851; d.1927
Norman, Cicero J. b.1853; d.1925
Norman, Emily Bell b.1846; d. 1912
Norman, Isolind L b. Oct. 12, 1872; d. Jan. 27, 1901
Norman, James F. b.1836; d.1896
Norman, Octavia Fisher b.1856; d.1858
Norman, Saddie b.1823; d.1880
Norman, Stella Lovina b.1890; d. 1891
Norman, Walter C. b. April 27,1855; d. June 8, 1883
Pegram, L. M. b.1841; d.1882
Pender, James C. b. Not given; d.1844
Pender, Sarah R. b.1813; d.1844 18

,d 19 Vol XIV No 7-8-9
July-August-September 2003
q Pike, Emma Washington b.1800; d.1856
Pike, Emma W. b.1818; d.1819
Pike, John b.1835; d.1860
Pike, William Edmund b. Not given; d.1817
Polk, Sarah A. b. Jan. 26, 1816; d.Aug. 20, 1894
Ramsey, Eunice b. Not given; d.1812
Ramsey, Jane b. Not given; d.1814
Ramsey, Joseph b. Not given; d.1844
Ramsey, Joseph Norcom b. Not given; d.1854
Ramsey, Peggy b. Not given; d.1808
Ramsey, William· .... b. Not given;"" d;1820
Ramsey, William b. Not given; d.1830
Rice, Clarence P. b.1896; d.1897
Rice, Mary Lorena b. Sept. 4,1893; . d. Aug. 10, 1896
Ripps, Cenelia b. Not given; d.1851
Sanderson, Martha Ann b. Not given; d.1855
Saunders, Mrs. B. D. b. Not given; d.1897
Skiles, William b. Not given; d.1854
Skittlethorpe, Frances b.1832; d.1891
Skittlethorpe, John H. b. Dec. 29, 1870; d. May 6,1912
Skittlethorpe, Joseph b.1833; d.1904
Smith, Gertrude Ward b. Not given; d.1858
Smith, James H. b.1833; d.1846
Spruill, Freddie W b. Jan. 11, 1888; d. Oct. 30, 1898
Spruill, Mrs. Jennie b. July 15, 1859; d. Oct. 18, 1932
Spruill, Jerry Clinton b. Sept. 1860; d. Sept. 1935
Spruill, Jerry Layton b. Jan. 18, 1894; d. May 20,1934
Swain, James F. b. Sept. 4, 1847; d. Dec. 24, 1881
Thompson, Margaret A. b.1843; d.1844
Thompson, Nathan b.1819; d.1881
Thompson, Sarah b. Not given; d. May 12, 1900
Thompson, Warren W. b.1846; d.1848
Todd, Catherine b. Not given; d. Not given
Todd,Lena b. Not given; d. Not given
Todd, Sarah b. Not given; d. Not given
Walker, C. W. b. Jan. 29, 1846; d. Aug. 21, 1889
Waters, George b.1873; d.1935
White, Wilson R. b. Dec. 1804; d.1848
Williams, Joseph Gordon b. Jan. 9, 1916; d. April 15, 1917
Willis, Charlie b. June 7, 1891; d. Aug. 3, 1892
Windley, Joseph b. Not given; d.1831
Windley, Penelope b. Not given; d.1857
Windley, William B. b.1837; d.1846 19

20 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

July-August-September 2003


Plymouth, N.C. Washington County

This survey was made by Mrs. Kathleen Spruill Aug. 6-7- 1936. It is located near Plymouth, N.C.

Allen, Delivia F. Allen, Mrs Julia Allen, Lillian Mae Allen, Nannie D. A lien, Nathan N. Arnold, A. F.

Barber, Dellar Hardison Bateman, Rilla F.

Baleman, Samuel R.

Bowen, Rudolph W. Brinkley, Sally Ann

Clifton, William B.

Darden, J. Marvin

Glover, Amos F.

Gurkin, Harmon

Hamilton, Sarah

Hardison, William R. Harriaon, James Sylvester Harrison, Jessie White Harrison, Marcia M. Hopkins, Inez Knowles Hopkins, Jordan J. Hopkins, Nannie E.

Jones, Denson Samuel Kernan, Mary Jane Latham, Mary P.

McNair, Carl W

Midgett, Ida E. Morgan Midgett, James O. Muceller, Charles J. Nurney, William T. Overton, R. E.

Spruill, Walter S.

Stuart, Allie Allen

Stubbs, Dorr~Sanderson Stubbs, William Hyman Willoughby, John A.

b. Nov 20,1859 b.1855

d. July 12, 1932 d.1928

b. Jan 17, 1926 d. Feb 21, 1928

b. Sept 25, 1872 d. Feb 8, 1930

b. April 30, 1862 d. Jan 26, 1923

b. 1882 d. July 29, 1936

b. Sept 17, 1884 d. Feb 27, 1920

b. May 15, 1872 d. Dec 30, 1917

b. December 23, 1871d. Jan 4, 1929

b. April 4, 1921 d. Aug 22, 1925

b. October 21, 1874 d. May 31, 1936

b. (not given) d. Sept 1, 1934

b. Nov 17, 1907 d. April 23,1924

b. Sept 17, 1868 d. May 1, 1923

b. (not given) d. Sept 24, 1934

b. (not given) d. Feb. 11, 1922

b. May 10, 1848 d. Oct. 1, 1916

b. 1853 d. 1935

b. (not given)

b. Oct 23, 1884 b. (not given)

b. May 12, 1856

b. October 9, 1858 b. (not given)

b. March 28, 1875 b. Feb 4,1926

b. June 6, 1891

b. May 28, 1861

b. July 30,1853

b. Feb 2, 1886

b. October 22, 1875 b. August 28, 1873 b. May 7, 1863

b. Nov 20, 1884

b. March 30, 1851

b. March 16, 1841

b. October 9, 1858

d. March 8, 1935. d. Feb 11, 1923

d. Feb 21, 1936 d. June 21, 1924 d. (not given)

d. May 27, 1931 d. Jan 29, 1935 d. June 18,1927 d. Jan 22, 1932 d. April 8, 1928 d. May 29, 1896 d. Oct 19, 1927

d. March 19, 1923 d. Jan 14, 1935

d. April 8, 1924 d. August 2, 1934 d. March 6, 1928 d. Sept 11, 1913 d. Feb 27, 1923

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962

". 21 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

July-August-September 2003 d. Feb 27, 1923

." Willoughby, John A.

b. October 9, 1858

Downing Cemetery

Roper, N.C. Washington County

This Cemetery was surveyed Mrs. Kathleen Spruill October 6, 1936 and is located on Mill Pond road one half mi from

Roper, N.C.

b. March 27, 1836 b. Sept 24, 1839 b. March 26, 1848 b. Oct 281894

Downing, James H. Downing, Robert W. Downing, William

Gaylord, Carl ...

Son of Mr and Mrs I. G. Gaylord Gaylord, Harriette

Gaylord, Hosea S

Gaylord, Ida Lewis

Johnston, Albert S.

Lewis, Annie Elizabeth

Lewis, Audry

Lewis, G. N.

Lewis r James H.

Lewis, Salle M.

Lloyd, May Belle

Daughter of J. L. and S. M. Savage OBerry, Sallie

Savage, J. L.

d. August 6, 1894 d.1862

d. not given-1883 d.-JanA,1895 .

b. Oct 28, 1809

b. March 20, 1817 b. May 21,1874

b. March 1, 1869 b. March 28, 1885 b. Feb 4, 1902

b. March 12,1848 b. Dec 14,1897

b. May 15, 1848

b. Oct 28, 1886

d. Feb 7, 1865 d. Dec 21, 1888 d. Aug 17,1923 d. Dec 28, 1904 d. June 4,1911 d. Nov 21, 1906 d. Jan 4, 1914 d. Dec 14, 1897 d. June 7,1920 d. Nov 26, 1912

b. May 13, 1856 b. May 24, 1857

d. Dec 24, 1928 d. April 8,1907

We originally offered the WPA Cemetery Survey as transcribed by Ms. Smithwick as a separate publication; with the publication of Washington County Cemeteries, we have discontinued publicaiton.

Washington County, NC: a Tapestry

Washington County Bicentennial Committee - 1998

Has been Reduced from $50 to $40 plus $3 s/h Order from:

WCHHC 'Yo Loretta H. Phelps 2637 Mt Tabor Rd, Creswell NC 27928

Encourage your local library to order a copy before the sUJ)J~ly is depleted.


22 Vol XIV No 7-8-9

. July-August-September 2003 .

June 30, 2003 Letter to Members:

Happy Fourth of July! Hopefully, this will reach you before that date.

First Vice President Virginia Haire promises interesting meetings for July, October and January 2004.

Please join us on third Sunday of those months at First OFWB Church, us 64 West, Plymouth at 2:30. We do not elect officers at our October annual Meeting, having revised bylaws so officers serve 2-year terms. If you are interested or willing to be a volunteer, please let one of us know - it would be great to have someone volunteer

. to edit / produce the newsletter.

The Vail and the Furlough families will hold reunions in Plymouth - see details in WCGS News. Concord Primitive Baptist Church Preservation Society, Inc. will hold Homecoming 2003 on the third Saturday in September at 11 am. Our speaker will be Keith Phelps from the Washington County Clerk of Superior Court's Office. We know he'll have an interesting presentation and the food to follow will be the frosting on the cake.

Loretta Phelps has, as always, been busy. Rett and Bobby conduct tours of the Davenport Homestead; they'll take genealogists around the neighborhood, and Rett has a supply of books for purchase while you visit the Creswell / Backwoods area. You will certainly want a copy of her newest publication.

The purpose of WCGS News is to provide a forum for members, genealogists and historians to share fami Iy information and queries. We do not vouch for the accuracy of material but ask that you either contact the person shown as the contributor or verify the information from sources cited. We also acknowledge we may at times duplicate information - we are making an effort to go through WCGS files and organize, sort and publish any info found. Sometimes we may duplicate material used earlier to share with new members or researchers.

We are grateful for all of you who share with WCGS members. We need for more of you to submit family data, information about reunions, and queries. Not everyone has adopted online research - and will benefit from your sharing. We specially appreciate information shared via e-mail or on disk. It reduces time spent scanning or typing and proofing material. Scanners are great but beware errors.

Wake County Genealogical Society (P 0 Box 17713 Raleigh NC 27619-7713) is sponsoring a workshop 27 September 2003 with speaker Patricia Law Hatcher, CG, F ASG. Lectures begin at 8: 30 am - contact Judy Rysdon, secretary for details.

FINALLY - We need your feedback on the number of times we publish WCGS News - 12 issues means 12 mailings - and we are sorely limited in volunteers. If you want to go back to 12x a year - will you volunteer to edit, have printed and mail?

Shirleyan Beacham Phelps, President / Editor WCGS News


Washington County Cemeteries - Vol. I, Plymouth Twp.: Vol II - Lees Mill Twp & Vol. III - Scuppernong Twp - $17 each plus $3 s/h I", $.50 each additional book.

A Publication of Washington County Genealogical Society, Plymouth NC 27962