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Subject: Human Resource Planning and Job Analysis For Square Textiles Limited Of Bangladesh (HUMAN RESOURCE PLAN AND JOB ANALYSIS, CHAPTER#05, MGT:351)

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Human Resource Management, MGT-351

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Topic 1. Abstruct 2. Preface 3. Analysis of Human Resource Planning 4. Pros and Cons 5. Comments and Suggestions 6. Present and Beyond Page 3 4 5 13 15 15


Square Textile Limited is one of the leading companies in

Bangladesh. This organization has high technology and strong machinary but it did not replace human being, rather it has put demand on their quality, skill and dedication. This textile has followed all steps of human resource planning. They have collected information from the external environment for their economy, technology, compitition, labor market demography and government regulation. It also forcast demand, supply, plan and conduct, and feedback of human resource planning process. There are strategic direct of human resourcemission, objectives and goals, strategy, structure and people. This company has also job analysis process. Which generates three tangible outcomes- job description, job specification, and job evolution. Though Square Textile is a newly ventured company, its growth and expansion is praise worthy. It will be able to set a role model in our country.


The ongoing process of systematic planning to achieve

optimum use of an organization's most valuable asset- is human resources. There are three key elements of Human Resource Planning. SQUARE TEXTILE LIMITED one of the large companies in Bangladesh also follows these elements. These are: forecasting labor demand, analyzing present labor supply and balancing projected labor demand and supply. Square Textile Ltd. started its operation in 1997. It was enlisted in Dhaka Stock Exchange & Chittagong Stock Exchange in 2002. The business lines of Square Textile Ltd. are manufacturing and marketing of yarn. Its factory is located in Gazipur, Dhaka. In home, customers of Square Textile Limited are export oriented readymade Garments Industry. The Company also exports its products to the market of Europe & USA. Among the other foreign competitors Srilanka, China, Pakistan and India are prominent. Square is one of the biggest employees in Bangladesh. It has a personnel and administrative department. The total number of employees is 1223. For the employees there are systematic in house training in home and abroad .The managing director, the CEO is the head of the executive management team. Below in there are directors , executive directors and general manager. Under the direct supervision of the general manager a number of departments are controlled.

Analysis of the Subject:

The major force behind world investment

is Human Resoures. It is generally accepted that manpower constitutes the most effective and economical way of fulfilling resources to achieve the desired goal. In Square Textiles Ltd. we can see that introduction of technology and mechanization have not replaced human beings, rather it has put greater demand on their quality, skill and dedication. Now a days the term Human Resource is presently used in place of manpower which was a very popular term during World War 2, then apparently passed out of widespread usage and reappeared about 1960. the term has many different meanings today and has once again become quite popular. In Square Textiles, Manpower is a macro-concept reffering to an aggegate of categories of skilled personnel; distinct and seperate categories of manpower and identifiable on the basis of the level and type of their skills; and these skills are generated by means of education and training, both within the formal education system and outside it. As there is a huge Human Resouce, they need Human Resource Planning to determine human resource needs. Planning is bridge between where we are and where we want to go. It has three characteristics: 1. First, it should involve the future 2. Second, it must involve action 3. Third, there should be an element of personal or organizational identification or causation, which means simply that the future course of action will be taken by the planner or someone designated by him within an organization or within society.

A Model of Human Resource Planning:

1.Collect Information A)from the External Environment:a. Economy-General and Specific Industry b. Technology c. Compitition d. Labor Market e. Demography and Social Trend f. Government Regulations B)from Inside the Organization:a. Strategy b. Business Plan c. Current Human Resources d. Rates of Turnover and Mobility 2. Forcast Demand for Human Resources

a. Short and Long Term b. Aggregate or Individual Position 3. Forcast Supply of Human Resources a. Internal Supply b. External Supply

4. Plan and Conduct Need Program a. Increase or Reduce Work Force Size

b. Change Skill Mix c. Develop Managerial Succession Plans d. Develop Career Plan 5. Feedback in the Planning Process a. Were the Forecasts Accurate? b. Did the Programs Meet the Need?
Square has a personal and administrative Department. Square is one of the biggest employers in Bangladesh. The total number of employers in Bangladesh. The total number of employees is 1,223. For the employees there are systematic in house trainings in home and abroad. To motivate the employees, along with salary and benefits the company provides various facilities like free meals, free transportation, 24 hour medical center, on site sports. Production and accommodation facilities includes full time supply of safe drinking water, adequate lighting and ventilation facilities from the sheets.

The Strategic Direction- Human Resouce Linkage:

Mission Objectives and Goals Strategy Structure People


The mission statement of Square Textiles Limited is Our

mission is realization of vision through maximum production of goods and services strictly on ethical and moral standards at minimum costs to the society ensuring optimum benefits to the shareholders and other stakeholders. This mission is envisioned by the concept of business which ensures wellbeing of the investors, stakeholders, employees and members of the society which will create new wealth in the form of goods and services.

Objectices and Goals: The company sets the following objectives for it
to achieve: To strive hard to optimize profit through conduction of transparent business operations within the legal and social framework with malice to none and justice for all. To create more jobs with minimum investments To be competitive in the internal as well as external markets To maximize export earning with minimum imported in-puts

To reduce the income gap between top and bottom categories of employees. Thus the company focuses to polestar its mission that fulfill the objective with emphasis on the quality of the product , process and services blended with good governance that help build the image of the most enable corporate citizenship at home and abroad. The company wants to produce such society friendly goods and services that go to satisfy the wants of all the relevant party without disturbing or damaging the socioeconomic and ecological, balance of the mother earth and the process of human civilization leading to peaceful co-existence of all the leaving beings. The company always strives for top quality products at the least cost reaching the lowest rungs of the economic class of people in the country. The company values its obligation to the greater society as well as it strives to protect the interests of its shareholders and to ensure highest return and growth of their assets.

Strategy: Square Textiles Ltd. follows the following strategies Lowest cost: Lower output costs per employee, Individual & group incentive plans, Behavioral encouragement plans Differentiation: Unique product or services- Creative, risk taking employees Long term focus, Team - based incentives

Structure: In structure leadership is the team which is responsible for

providing critial elements in relation to strategic planning and goal setting for the division to ensure that Human Resource practices and outcomes are aligned with the strategic directions of the company. Consulting services team which provides human resources consultation with respect to best practices for creating an enabling and supportive culture for the


strategic directions of the company. Operational services team provides customer service for day-to-day operational human resources issues. The team is responsible for the effectiveness of human resource processes to reduce bureaucratic complexities in the functional areas of recruitment, employment, and total compensation and rewards. Information management team has the stewardship responsibility for the quality of the information, data, and processes relating to Square Textile's human resource information system. This team also provides information to support the decision-making activities of the organization with respect to its human resources. And the last one is health and wellness centre. This team of professional staff promotes the shared responsibility between the University and all staff for health and wellness. The team supports both individual and organizational health and wellness through collaboration with appropriate professionals in the campus and health care communities.

People: Square has a personal and administrative department. This

department works for the personal and administrative activities of the employees. Square has the biggest amount of employees in Bangladesh right now. The total number of employees who are working for Square is 1223. For employees, they have systematic house training in home and abroad. They are giving this training to the employees so that the employees can benefit themselves and also the organization. On the other hand, the employees are enhancing their own capacity to work and also are helping the organization to reach its goal. To motivate the employees, along with the salary and benefits, the company serves various facilities like meals, free transportation, 24 hours medical center, on site sports and a few more. They also provide the employees production and


accommodation facilities including full times supply of safe drinking water, adequate lightening and ventilation facilities to bring out the best outcome. Employers and employees each have their own sets of needs and values, and successful relationship between these two sides requires that some sort of balance be struck. This balance often takes the form of a psychological contract, an understood agreement between employer and employees that defines the work relationship. This contract with or without support of a formal collective bargaining, agreement influence the outcome achieve by each side. Square group has three different channel categories. They are:

Employee safety: Square provides employee safety. It ensures all kinds

of job safety such as insurance of each employee to their labors.

Employee health: Free medical checkup, provides health card and also
provides necessary medical facilities.

Employee working condition: The working condition inside the firm is

very hygienic.

Job Analysis: Job analysis is the procedure for determining the duties
and skill required for a job and the kind of person who should be hired for it .The supervisor or HR specialist of SQUARE normally collects one of the following types of information:

Work activities: First he or she collects information about the job actual
work activities such as marketing, sewing, production. This list also include how, why and when the worker performance each activity.


Education and qualification: Collects the information about education

background and qualification. Experience: Experience must be needed for any job in SQUARE.

Job Design: Job design is the process of structuring work and

designating the specific work activates of an individual or group of individuals to achieve certain organizational objectives. The job design can generally be divided into three phases: 1. The specification of individual task 2. The specification of the method of performing each task 3. The combination of individual tasks into specific job to be assign to individual Organizational considerations for job design

Job Description:

Job Description is a statement indicating what a

job entails. It should accurately portray, job content, environment, and condition of conditions of employment. SQUARE follows a common format for a job description which includes the job title, the duties which to be performed, the distinguishing characteristics of the job, environmental conditions, and the authorities and responsibilities of job holder.

Job Specification: The job specification states the minimum

accepted qualifications that the incumbent must possess to perform the job successfully. The employee of should have knowledge, skills, education, experience, certification, and abilities. The job specification, therefore, is an important tool for keeping the selector's


attention on the list of necessary qualifications and assisting in determining whether candidates are essentially qualified.

Job Evaluation: Specifies the reletive value of each job in the

organization. In SQUARE job evolution contributes by specifying the relative value of each job in the organization, which makes it an important part of compensation administration. Job evolution relies on data generate from job analysis.

Pros And Cons:

SWOT Analysis: A process for determining an organizations
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats is called SWOT Analysis. The SWOT Analysis of Square Textiles Ltd. is given below:

Strengths: Square Textiles Ltd. is a rapidly expanding. Starting its

journey in 1997 it has already doubled the net turnover by the year of 2006. All the machinaries of all units of the company are imported from Germany, Switzerland, Italy & Japan . As a result it can maintain a smooth rate of production. Well trained human recourses are another strength of the Company. They train up their key personally in the country and abroad. So that the Company can get some competitive advantages over the competitions. The HRM practice is also remarkable.

Weaknesse: There are too many departments under the super

vision of the general manager which can cause low productivity due to large span of supervision.

Opportunity: There are bright opportunities for the Company in the


overseas market .If they can communicate well and capture a significant market portion in the Europe and USA market, it can get scale of economic.

Threats: Square Textile is one of the leading textile companies of

Bangladesh. Their main competitor is Beximco Textile and Akij Textile. These two companies are considered as threats to Square Textile. Even though Habib Textile and Ananda Textile are not as as Square they still considered as competitors of the company.

Core Competency: Core Cmpetency is an organizations uniqe

skills and resources. - Square Textiles keeps the lowest price of their goods - They support individual and group incentive plans which motivate them to work more - They follow the behaviourial encouragement plan which motivates the employees to bring out their best outputs - Making unique products - Showing more creativity - Hiring risk taking employees - Focusing on long term procedure - Believes in team based incentives


Comments and Suggestions:

Square is a very company

containing a huge amount of employees. The firm is creating employment for the uneducated people who do not get to work somewhere. These people are working for the family earnings and thus bringing out new possibilities out of themselves! Square Textile is playing a vital role in gaining the foreign dollars from the other countries. Thus the economic growth is facing a good future. Square Textile is following all the human resource planning rules. This company can definitely act as an idol.

Present and Beyond:

The flourishment of any industry requires

combined efforts and co-operation from several parties. Social, political and macroeconomic environment play pivotal role in this regard. Though Square Textile is a newly Ventured Company in the respective sector, its growth and expansion is praise worthy. It is contributing the country and serving the nation in different ways. If it can up hold its much toward advancement, it will be able to set a role model in our country.