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Gakuen Love. chapter 7.

Created by ReiichiVII

Oh.. x_x. I'm sorry to tell you readers that in this chapter it's about Kei
and Yori. Hmm..this is new.. Kenji and I decided to have some 'private
moment' for today. H-hey..don't get that dirty minded. By the way, i hope
you'll enjoy Kei and Yori. ^^ heh. Thanx for waiting. Created by Reiichivii on
15th december 2008.

Y ori held Kei's arm tight, as his other hand hugging closely to a big
fluffy brown teddy bear.
"Thanks Kei, for this bear. What should we call him??" Yori said in mirth,
clinging to Kei closer.
"O_o you're kinky today, Yori. heh. Suzuki is a nice name.. Suzuki-san.
How about it..?"
Kei would stroke gently on the younger boy's hair, pulling him into his arms.
A smile of pure happiness gracing over Yori's face. Yori nodded, as he
replied. "Okie dokie. Suzuki-san is it."

They sat on a small bench around the corner of the mall, as then Yori
pounced cutely on Kei's laps, leaning his body forward a bit touching his lips
to Kei's. "ergh..!" Kei would shudder, snatching his face from Yori's.
"S-shit..." Yori looked at him, confused.
"w-what's wrong..?" He asked, looking straight into Kei's eyes.
"'s just you're too cute..~_~" Kei gently held Yori's face, as he
kissed the blonde boy deeply on his lips. Yori swiveled his head slightly,
blinking twice. He smiled cutely, pulling Kei's cheek softly.
"I'm hungry..i wanna chocolate cake.." Yori whined, tugging on Kei and acting
like a little kid..
"okie okie..lets go" Kei replied, snatching Yori's hand as both of them walked
away. Kei held the boy's hand closely like he would disappear any second..
"Here we are.." Kei would grit his teeth, looking at the big
[Coffee Bean Shop] signboard. It has been his favourite coffee shop for
ages! Yori turned to him, chuckling softly. They went into the cafe, as Yori
took a seat near the window while Kei went to order. At the counter, Kei
suddenly bumped onto someone, resulting both of them to fall on the floor.
Kei got up, offered his hand to the boy, "I'm so sorry."
The boy would glance at Kei, muttered softly.
"D-damn it hurts.. ehh..? Kei senpai..?" He added, as curiosity leaking through
his words. "Y-yea..oh, it's you, Ryuichi-kun." Kei helped the boy to get up,
then playfully ruffled his hair. Ryuichi-kun appeared to be one of Kei's junior
at highschool. They both laughed, as then Kei invited him to sit at the same
table with him and Yori. Kei placed two cups of cappucino on the table, then
introduced Ryuichi to Yori. "Yori, this is Ryuichi-kun. He was my junior at
highschool last time." He said, along with his warm smile to both of them.
"Oh..i see.." Yori briefly replied, then turned his look to his coffee, pouting
his lips.

The three of them sat at the wooden table, enjoying their drinks. The
atmosphere obviously seemed tense with Ryuichi always set his purple eyes
on Kei, and with Yori glared fiercly at both of the males. Things remained
silent for a few minutes........
"Excuse me, sir, your chocolate fudge cakes. 3 chocolate cakes and 1 with
extra strawberries as you wish, for this cute boy.
"The waitress appearance broke the silence as she placed 3 plates of
chocolate cake on the table, then politely walked away. "Yay!! You know i love
strawberries on chocolate cakes!"
Yori's glomped Kei, hugging the 22 year old male's arm tight.
"I know i know. hehe.." Kei would pat Yori's head, then told him to sit down
and enjoy the cake. Yori nodded, smiled cutely to him.
"'re amazingly cute Yori.." Kei said, as he scooped some of the
cake. "Here, open up cutie." Kei added, as he gently fed some into Yori's
mouth, leaving the boy's face consumed with blush. Ryuichi would just look,
clenching his fist tightly. "Kei senpai, y-you have some chocolate at the edge
of your" Ryuichi shifted his chair closer to Kei, wiping gently Kei's
mouth with a napkins.
The hell.. Yori quickly stoop up, grabbing Kei's hand closely.
"um..i wanna go to toilet.." Letting go of Kei's hand, Yori stomped off in
anger all his way to washroom. "Claptrap..." Yori muttered softly under his
breath. "I see..senpai is going out with him.." Ryuichi said to Kei, giving him
the fiendish grin of his. The 18 year old male would slowly wrap both of his
arms around Kei's neck, trying to get closer.
"Senpai still has those beautiful eyes and warm smile.." Ryuichi softly
whispered on Kei's ear, at the same time he leaned closer and
closer..reaching for the other male's warm lips...

"W-what do you think you trying to do with my Kei?!!" Yori's voice startled
almost everyone in the cafe.
"He..he belongs to me!" He retorted, before grabbing Kei's hand. They left
the cafe, running all their way and came to stop at the corner. Both of them
were panting, and breathed raggedly. Yori let out a small grunt of frustation,
setting his eyes on Kei.
"w-what was that..i know.. he's doing it on purpose..K-kei.."
Yori would whine a little, as his words echoed through Kei's ears.. Tears
started trickling down on his soft cheeks.
"I love you.. i love you so much Kei.." Yori lowered his voice, covering his face
with his hand. Kei would pulled the boy, hugging him closely in his arms.
"I'm sorry.. i love you too. I won't happen again.." He responded,
smiling warmly. "I'm glad you stood up like that Yori.." He added, as his
remarks brought flush to the boy's face. The moment couldn't get any
further when Kei gently lifted gently Yori's face, then crashing his lips
deeply onto the other male's. Sliding his wet and moist tongue inside, Kei
reluctanct to let go of Yori even for a second.. His arms would wrap closely
around the boy's waist, pulling him closer and tighter, leaving both of them
motionless for a moment..
Kei gloated, looking straight into Yori's charming face, and his glittering
eyes. "Lets go home..i'm tired and really could use the hotspring. heh"
Kei added, holding Yori's hand tight.
"erm..okie. could we go back to the cafe..? x_x" Yori replied, lifting his head
up a bit looking at Kei.


"K-kenji san...p-please..not there..a-anywhere but there.." That idiot would

grab me to the couch, toying with my body. X_X. As what i expected, i've
been harrased everyday by him.. I made my innocent look,blowing softly into
Kenji's ear.. His eyes even more glazed than before, and he breathed
raggedly, looking at me. His body pretty much on top of me, not to mention
he started to unbutton my shirt, giving me his lustful look at the same time.
He would growl softly, and his fingers were lingering on my cute body.
"Uhh.. K-kenji..." My soft whine impelled him to get more aggresive, as waves
of pleasure roared through him unrentingly. My heart was like a time bomb..
waiting for any second to explode..
H-he dragged me gently to the bedroom...shutting the door close!!

---end of chapter 7---