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AvondaleAvondale-Waterview Historical Society Incorporated

March—April 2014 No. 68 Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor

Guest Speakers
Contact Alison Turner, 825-0300, if you have any suggestions for our Guest Speakers schedule for the new year. Alison says: “The next talk could be of interest to gardeners … As you sow, so shall you reap.”

"Goodwin Reserve" at a public meeting. This fooled nobody as the meeting was stacked with family! The name eventually decided upon was "Kuaka Park," the Bar-tailed Godwit. Why and by whom? Anyway it is an appropriate name as the Godwits spend summer in New Zealand and migrate to Siberia to breed. They have the longest flight pattern of any land bird. While at school, in February and early March you would see vast flocks flying north over Avondale Intermediate school. Long lines of them one behind the other in their tens of thousands. Where have they gone? It is many years since they flew over like this. Is the park a memorial to their demise." I put in a report in an earlier newsletter as to how the reserve was renamed from Saxon to Kuaka by the Albert-Eden Local Board, despite the fact at the public consultation there were more in favour of retaining the name Saxon Reserve, or changing it to Goodwin Reserve. In your editor’s opinion — someone among the decision–makers just liked Kuaka, and that was it. The park hasn’t a lot to do with godwits, who don’t flock there, and actually go much further in the Waitemata Harbour from the Manukau and back. Tony would like to see a sign somewhere at the reserve to recognise the long association of the Goodwin family with the site. I believe he has yet to hear from the Albert-Eden Local Board with regard to that suggestion.

Heritage Wish-list to Whau Local Board
I did make a presentation at the February meeting of the Whau Local Board, but to date I am uncertain whether any of the suggestions put forward may be taken up within their term, or put on a future planning structure. However, there is always next year, and at least a list can be dusted off and presented again. The Board are at least looking at a review of previously researched sites in the area.

Recognising the Goodwins of Alford Street
From AWHS member Tony Goodwin: "I was recently interviewed for an oral history recording regarding the property at 43 Alford Street. The property had been owned and occupied by the Goodwin family since Jack Goodwin had it built in 1907. The house was a standard design by the "Kauri Timber Company" who floated logs up from the Coromandel. It was vacated by the ate Edith Goodwin in 2008 when she moved into Selwyn Village. The property was sold by auction to CIT Developments, the directors of whom had strong ties to Waterview. It was proposed to subdivide the land into four lots for the construction of substantial two story homes, but before this could become a reality, it was taken over by the Crown as mitigation for park land lost due to the proposed Western link. “As a family we strongly advocated for the name

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