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SIEMENS S7 Ethenet

1. Overview
This driver provides the software interface and communication protocol between XPanel and Siemens Simatic S7 PLCs. It supports the following families of Siemens Simatic S7 system. S7-300 CPU via the communication card CP343-1 IT S7-400 CPU via the communication card CP443-1 IT

2. Communication Setup : XPanel

(1) Create a new device. For creating a new device activate the menu Tools->I/O Devices or bar. Following picture shows the first step of creating a new device. icon in tool-

I/O Device Name Give a device name. This name will be used in the TAG configuration window of database accompanied by the Station Name.

(2) Select a network type : SIEMENS S7 Ethernet After selecting the OK button of previous step, Ethernet Communication SIEMENS S7 Ethernet - 1

Configuration dialog box will be popped up as shown in following picture.

In this window, select the Device Type as SIEMENS S7 Ethernet and TCP protocol. This driver supports only TCP/IP protocol stack.

(3) Create a station Move to the Station tab of Ethernet Communication Configuration dialog box.

In this dialog box, all the connected PLC stations can be configured and registered to the SIEMENS S7 Ethernet - 2

XPanel. Each field can be configured with following rules. Station Name Give a name to the PLC. This name will be used in the database window accompanied with the Device Name. Station Type Choose the S7. (No other type can be selected.) Network ID This network ID is a combination of CPUs rack and slot number. This ID must be given by decimal number with following format. (000..714)

IP Address Give the IP address of PLC with dotted decimal format. Socket Port Number Dont change the default number (102). This number is a TCP/IP port which is opened by PLC for communication service.

16Bit Data Swap This option swaps bytes of all word or double word sized data. Following diagram shows an example of byte swapping.

Almost all of the data type will be influenced by this option except INT8 / UINT8 / BCD8 / UBCD8. 32Bit Data Swap This option swaps words of all double word sized data. Following diagram shows an example of word swapping.

Double Word Data



INT32 / UINT32 / BCD32 / UBCD32 / FLOAT type of TAG values will be influenced by this option. Fixed XPANEL Socket Port / XPANEL Socket Port No. If this option was checked, XPanel will use only one port defined in XPANEL Socket Port No. field for connection with PLC. Otherwise, XPanel will change the port at every TCP connection or communication error. SIEMENS S7 Ethernet - 3

This option is provided for XPanel to deal with various TCP port management ways of PLC. Some PLC has a limit on the number of TCP services. In that case, this option can be a help. The actual effect of this option on PLC cannot be described here. Because, there are too many kinds of PLC and the response in PLC is entirely dependant on the specification of PLC and engineers experience. The default setting of this option is unchecked state. Comm. Error Message Pop Up If this item is checked, XPanel displays a communication error notification message at every Rx and Tx error. Otherwise(unchecked), XPanel does not display the message at data receive error. Only when there is data transmit (writing a TAG value to the station) error, the notification message is popped up. This message box will be closed automatically about 5 seconds after.

SIEMENS S7 Ethernet - 4

3. Address Notation
The address of TAG in XPanel has the following format. TAG Type Analog Digital Format [Symbol][DB Number,][Address] [Symbol][DB Number,][Address].[Bit Number] Example DB1,1 DB1,2.7

DB Number, : decimal number (0..65535) followed by comma (,). It is used in data block (DB) addressing only. For other types of memory, this field must be omitted. Address : decimal number (0..65535) Bit Number : decimal number (0..7)

Following table shows the list of devices which can be referenced in XPanel database. Symbol PI I Q M DB T C Description Peripheral Input Input Output Memory Data Block Timer Counter Word Notation PI001 I002 Q003 M004 DB01,01 T005 C006 Bit Notation PI001.7 I002.7 Q003.7 M004.7 DB01,01.7 Type Analog/Digital Analog/Digital Analog/Digital Analog/Digital Analog/Digital Analog Analog Access R/W R/W R/W R/W R/W R R

The device T and C (timer and counter) must be defined as UBCD16 typed TAG for normal data manipulation. Following picture shows the data type configuration window of XPanel database.

SIEMENS S7 Ethernet - 5

4. Communication Cable Wiring

(1) Connect through the Ethernet HUB

(2) Direct connection

SIEMENS S7 Ethernet - 6