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This test was based on 72 Question on personality assesment. 2 Hours Time 3 options A B C based. Example 1.

You Feel fear from wild animals even when they are in strong cage. A) Yes B) Uncertain C) No 2. You always keep your goods in order. A) Yes B) In Between C) No No intelligence test, No sentence Formation or Picture Story. Write a paragraph on Causes of increase in Crime Rate in Pakistan. Write in English, 10-15 Lines

cholgical test of SI (skp) was quite simple. You have to fill OMR sheet. MCQs 72 (72 marks & No negative marking and you are required to answer each question) 1 paragraph of 10-15 sentences. "Biggest ambition of your life" 10 marks Some of the MCQs are(Wording me 19, 20 ka farq ho skta h) 1. If two children are querelling, you would i. Let them settle it ii. Reason them iii. uncertain 2. If you commit a social mistake, you i. forget it soon ii. in between iii. remember it 3.If you have,sometimes, an weired idea you i. sleep easily ii. does not let you sleep iii. uncertain 4.If someone is talking dirty things, when there is no female in that group, does it irritate you i. yes ii. in between iii. No 5. if your friends are listening loud music, do you still have concentration on your work i. yes ii. in between iii. no 6.Do you certify, "Boss may always not be right, but he has right to be boss" i. yes ii. uncertain iii. no 7.Do you make taunting comments on your friends, when they deserve it i. quite often ii. occasionally iii. generally 8.Do you consider minor details of every task i. yes ii. in between iii. no 9.Do you think plenty of freedom is better than certain manners and observation of law i. yes ii. uncertain iii. no Do you think 'sickness is due to mental problem as much as physical problems" is much exagegertaed i. yes ii. uncertain iii. no 10.When you see careless people. you i. keep quite ii. reason them iii. hate them 11.Do you have sense of unpredicted danger whom you don't know reasons i. no ii. uncertain iii. yes 12. Do you keep basic difference of good and bad in your mind while accomplishing task i. yes ii. in between iii. no 13. Do you take a quick action to abolish something even affecting other people at the same time i. yes between iii. no 14. Do you have vivid (clear) dreams, disturbing your sleep

in between . uncertain 18. I always think for a while beforing giving an argument. yes ii. to some extent. don't feel guilt iii. your friend don't give you due value even you have true intentions i. yes ii. Do you like to keep things organised in your room all the time i. of wild animals even they are closed in the cage i. Do you i. no iii. Are you properly describes as stated i.i. no. yes ii. keep quite 19. no 23. uncertain iii. yes ii. you geat lead of your group i. When your boss call you. you i. yes ii. don't like 22. uncertain 24. let them speak iii. to strangers if they have not asked you to do so i. take chance to say what you want iii. You like to tell some information.When things are happening accoording to your nature. you i. yes if it is impracticable 15. If you are punished for something you did not do. in between iii. think that you are gonna be punished of something you did wrong ii. yes ii. When you enter an untidy (scatterd things) room. You take drastic action agaist your friends but stiil they think that you are likeable i. no ii. get annoyed ii. which are important to tell. in between 17. Do you think sometimes. you i. no iii. in between 20. in between iii. feel guilt ii. in between iii. no iii. in between 21. iii. overpower in talking ii. no 16. uncertain iii. When you are sittig in a small group of you friends. You get frightened. uncertain 25. yes ii.