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GLORIA by John Cassavetes Fifth pratt duly 9, 1979 ren. thry Sept. 24,1474 CQ i 2. 3. 4. Se "ONE SUMMER NIGHT” The woman has a truer sense of morality based upon her love for children. AERIAL VIEW OF YANKEE STADIUM MOVING OVER TO THE BRIDGE, PICKING UP BUS GOING OVER 155th STREET BRIDGE. RIDS hang on the back, clutching to nothing. ANGLE CAMERA TRAILS the bus, Its exhaust spewing fumes. WE CAN SEE through the rear window. Some KIDS peering at us from the back of the bus. They make “hi” signs and fight amongst themselves INT. Bus, As’it moves through to the Bronx. The KIDS in the back -- Black, Puerto Rican, a few Whites. The CAMERA SKIRTS the shapes of the LOCALS. Most of them are low income or on Relief, Some of them are coming back from shopping with their food stamps, others are tired; out of work. FOUR NURSES in white uniforms. And particularly WE FOCUS on a Hispanic WOMAN that bites her lip. Her eyes dart furiously around the bus. she continually rubs her chest. The bus comes to a stop. TWO PASSENGERS get on. BLACK KIDS. They argue with the BUS DRIVER. An OLD LADY gets of£ carrying bundles, The door CLOSES in the middle of her one-step descent, She turns to the door. OLD LADY I'm getting off, Open the door. You want to break my foot? The door steams open. OLD LADY gets off. EXT. BUS. WE SEE the OLD LADY trudging down the street and WE TRAIL the bus again. This is the Grand Concourse. WE SEE buildings on the side, broken windows. What once was palatial and prime real estate has deteriorated. INT. BUS. CLOSE UP ~ JERI (The Puerto Rican WOMAN we had seen before) with bundles, and a stainless steel shopping dolly. She tries to get herself together, clutches at her chest, pulls the stop cord. WE HEAR a ding. Some bundles fall. Groceries all over the floor of the bus, Nobody moves, (CONTINUED) I (ContINUED) The bus lurches to a stop. JERI falls into the lap of an OLDER BLACK WOMAN. The bus begins to take off again. The PEOPLE on the bus start screaming at the BUS DRIVER to stop. JERI, crying with frustration, tries to reassemble herself and her groceries as the bus stops and she lurches again, Some PEOPLE help her off the bus. HIGH ANGLE ‘The bus pulls away and JERI tries to pull the cart together. CLOSE UP = JERT She shakes her head back and forth in frustration. cur TO: INT. CONCOURSE PLAZA APARTMENT BUILDING. WE SEE JERI approaching, pulling the cart, clutching at her groceries, perspiring, dishaveled. She comes to the entrance with a key, she unlocks it and enters. INT. LOBBY. Aa JERI enters, ONE MAN, simply dressed, ia there. CLOSE UP = JERI She looks at the MAN, moves away to an elevator. She pushes the button. The INDICATOR shows that the elevator 4s on the SIXTH FLOOR, She looks back at the MAN, ANGLE - MAN He's not looking at her. ANGLE = INDICATOR "THREE," "TWO." CLOSE UP - JERI Her hand pushes at the button, frantically. The doors open. - ANGLE On the other side of the lobby. An elevator door opens, ANGLE A MAN, in his 50's gets out, He walks over to the mail- boxes. The FIRST MAN in the lobby turns and looks at 2nd MAN 601. He's home. (CONTINUED)