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Valencia 1 Alfonso Valencia English 11 Oberg, Laurie 10 Oct.

2012 B4 The Death Penalty can bring up so many different opinions. For those who are currently on death row its an everyday thought, but the real question is should we keep it or get rid of it? The death penalty should be permanently suspended because there are so many inhumane, unfair, and efficient reasons. Physicians shouldnt take part in executions, because it would allow people to think its okay and its done correctly. The AMAs (American Medical Association) policy is clear, stating that allowing physicians to take place in executions violates their oath to protect lives and the publics confidence in the medical profession. The basic ethical foundations of medicine- first do no harm.(AMA) The AMA urges all physicians to remain dedicated to the ethnical obligations that prohibit involvement in capital punishment. In an article by Bruce E. Ellerin he says the participation of untrained people could inflict needless suffering, if the physician isnt there.(Ellerin) This states that the person being executed does suffer, and that isnt right. Income level does affect the chance of someone receiving the death penalty (NAACP). Nearly all of the 3,500 Americans awaiting execution on death row today have low-income backgrounds. The justice system is biased to those who dont have money to hire better legal defense attorneys. This is unfair because there are wealthy people who have done worse, but able to hire more expensive legal defense to keep them from being put on death row.

Valencia 2 People debate whether executions are cost effective. This is a big concern when it comes to executions and life in prison. It was believed that death was more cost effective than life in prison, but that was when it was fast and sure. Its not now. The delays put in more trail preparation, longer trail time, longer jury, and appeals. Making life in prison more efficient. The death penalty should be removed because its inhumane, unfair, and not cost effective. Its in humane because not all physicians participate in executions. Its unfair because your level of income affects your change of death penalty. Its not cost effective because more money is spent in trail then being put in prison for life. These topics show proof of the flaws in the justice system and should be resolved by permanently suspending the death penalty.

Valencia 3 Work Cited The American Medical Association (AMA), in a July 17, 2006 press release titled "AMA: Physician Participation in Lethal Injection Violates Medical Ethics," Bruce E. Ellerin, MD, JD, Doctor of Oncology Radiation at Sierra Providence Health Network in El Paso, TX, in a July 6, 2006 response letter to the New England Journal of Medicine regarding an article titled "When Law and Ethics Collide Why Physicians Participate in Executions," by Atul Gawande, MD The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) wrote the following in its release Talking Points: Suspend the Death Penalty, published on (accessed Aug. 4, 2008) Charles M. Harris, JD, Senior Judge of the Fifth District Court of Appeal in Florida published the following in an opinion piece for The Gainesville Sun, on Apr. 18, 2012, available at