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General Capabilities: Literacy  Numeracy ICT  Critical and creative thinking  Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia ASSESSMENT (what & how) Ethical Behaviour Personal and social Competence Sustainability TEACHING & LEARNING EXPERIENCES (include learner diversity) KEY QUESTIONS RESOURCES Intercultural Understanding

Cross-curriculum priorities: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and Cultures WEEK/ LESSON AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM LINKS Historical Historical Skills Knowledge & Understanding The Industrial One Revolution (1750 – 1914) The technological innovations that led to the Industrial Revolution, and other conditions that influenced the industrialisatio n of Britain (the agricultural revolution, access to raw materials, wealthy middle class, cheap labour, transport system, and expanding Identify and locate relevant sources, using ICT and other methods (ACHHS168) Use chronological sequencing to demonstrate the relationship between events and developments in different periods and places (ACHHS164) Use historical terms and concepts (ACHHS165) SPECIFIC LESSON OBJECTIVE

To gain an understanding of the changes that occurred in agriculture. Identify new technology that assisted in the agricultural revolution. Identify how the changes in agriculture altered farming and lifestyles.

Identify, locate and organise relevant information from a range of primary and secondary sources. Correctly define key terms such as Enclosure and open field farming. Students summarise information correctly and confidently. Task 4: Students are to create a new mind map on Spiderscribe answering the four key points (further explained under venture one on the weebly page). Task 3: Students are to research information in regards to open field farming, enclosure, and changes in crop rotation methods and technology. Resources can be located under the resource tab on the weebly. Task 2: Students are to log onto their Spiderscribe accounts. Task 1: Students are to access the weebly page and click on the “venture” tab at the top of the page. Topic: Industrial Revolution Changes in Agriculture

Are students able to define key concepts?

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Are students able to identify the main changes in agriculture during the industrial revolution? Are students able to identify how these changes impacted people’s lifestyles? Were students able to compile their information in the form of mind map using Resources provided on Weebly Page

empire) and of Australia (ACDSEH017)