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Unconsciously; you have been placed in a state of fear by the EGO-Minus Man; who says that there are not enough resources in the world to go around, and definitely not enough for YOU to get your share. Unconsciously. You have been put in a state of fear by the EGO-Minus Man into believing you are not enough; and that you are not good enough to be or to do state of ind. Unconsciously, Your EGO has gotten you to believe that GO! ME""E! U#, that GO! can lose and so can you. Your EGO has gotten you to believe that there is not enough ti e and that you are too old or too young do get what you need or want in life.

5 HABITS OF YOUR EGO- (Maniac) or Minu Man Cau in! Su""#rin! in Your $i"#
$. Co%&arin! % &he EGO-Maniac has you constantly suffering inferiority by co paring yourself to other people, big events versus s aller events in your life, past good ti es versus future good ti es and so on. &his Ego indset will have you suffering lac' and poverty in the wrong place at the wrong ti e, with the wrong people, doing the wrong thing for your destiny and well being. Everything, every person, every ti eline and every event is "U##O"E to uni(ue and different; otherwise we would live in a terribly boring world. )ife needs to have "#*+E. ,. P'#a in! % &he EGO-Minus Man causing you suffering by telling you that you are -ot Enough, therefore, you go around accepting crap fro others because you feel you are not good enough or not rich enough or not pretty enough, s art enough or not strong enough, or not blac'.white enough, etc. You beco e a wal'ing 'ic' e sign. You should never please anyone but yourself. #leasing yourself *" accepting and loving yourself. Even if you thin' you are pleasing so eone who is an asshole, they -E/E0 see it that way. &hey can O-)Y see their own self-hatred and self-inflicted inferiority co ple1. 2. Cri(ici)in!- &he Ego-Minus Man has you 3udging and critici4ing others e1pression of the selves. Your opinions don5t count for s(uat concerning another5s life. &heir choices and their life is their business not yours. 6 critici4ing person hates LAUGHTER. *f you continue to 3udge and conde n, you will suffer when their proble s will shift fro their life to yours. You critici4e because you are cowardly in e1pressing your true self or your true beliefs confidently with grace and ease. You are afraid to, because you can5t ta'e their 3udging and conde nation of you. "o you hide who you really are. You never reali4e this is wasted fear, because people 3udge and conde n everything you do anyway. BE COURAGEOUS! BE JOY! LAUGH OUT LOUD! BE FREE! 7. Pro*in! % &he EGO-Mania Man has you trying to prove you are right and everyone else is wrong even about the s allest, tiniest, uni portant thing or issue in life. &rying to a'e others loo' and feel bad about the selves. 8* a righter than you, you are wrong, wrong, wrong you say to others all the ti e. &his is all based on your refusal to ta'e responsibility for your beliefs and life with grace and ease about the . &his EGO indset 9 attitude shows up as disrespectful to others and disrespect for their choices in life. You disrespects and put down everyone else5s ideas, opinions and their perceptions of life trying to #0O/E yours are better and theirs is bad, wrong and inferior; therefore atte pting to a'e the accept the selves as bad, wrong, and inferior. 6ll you have shown and awa'e person is that YOU feel bad, wrong and inferior. 6 wea'-asleep person +I$$ be da aged by this type of EGO-Maniac Man. :. Co%&#(in! % &his Ego indset creates suffering for the one co peting. *t 'eeps you pushing and pushing against others continually. *t is a sic', twisted and ugly energy. *t is a dar' and hateful 3ealous and envious attitude at its worst. You are distracted fro your own goals, drea s and desires. You are ost iserable and will only suffer to co e in last place all the ti e. ;hat5s really hilarious, about this person, is that ost people sees the co ing and goes the other way. <6= <6= )oneliness will be your greatest pain.

"olutions to all this


You have over $>,>>> ancestors and angel surrounding you at all ti e waiting for you to ac'nowledge the and as' for help. ;hat are you waiting for? <urry up and start as'ing for help. &hey do hear, and they !O 0E"#O-!. &here is NOTHING, * repeat, NOTHING wrong with you. @now this== &a'e responsibility for your beliefs, your goals, your drea s, your present situation, your coward within, your fears, etc. by cal ly and courageously e bracing all of these openly, without apology or sha e. &a'e bac' you life and your freedo others and their ugly conde ning and 3udging attitudes. &here is no need to discuss with anyone the reasons for your choices or for your beliefs. *t is none of their business and they cannot and will not live your life for you. &hey are not going to pay your bills. &here is nothing wrong with you. You are an individuated aspect of the One God, having e1periences for your "oul growth and e1perience. End of story. &his is the only true way to evolve and ascend up out of this adness and confusion. &a'e responsibility for your life and beliefs and ove on up= Ay !r.&a ara +ole an-6scension &ools for 6scension "chool