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University of Southeastern Philippines College of Teacher Education and Technology Tagum-Mabini Campus Apokon Tagum City

A Portfolio in Field Study 2 Classroom Management Skills in the Teaching Learning Process

Submitted by! Eugene S. Abuloc Pre-Service Teacher

Submitted to! Mrs. Maricel A. Palomata "ield Study # Supervisor

March #$%%


"ield Study # is the second in a series of si& related field study courses' (t is focused primarily on observing the teacher)s application of the teaching theories and principles and his*her classroom management skills in the environment' (t has special reference to aspects such as creating a conducive teaching-atmosphere observing a child friendly school environment discipline use and care of supplies and reference materials the physical features of the classroom and general housekeeping' "S # is also concerned +ith the development of the pre-service teacher)s communication skills as he*she interacts +ith the buddy and cooperating teacher' This "S can be anchored on the follo+ing professional Education sub,ects! "acilitating and Principle of Teaching % - #'


"ield study # is an integral part of the ne+ teacher education curriculum' (t is a course that focuses on the pre-service teacher.s observation of the mentor.s classroom management skills in the teaching-learning process applied in the classroom' This one-unit course +ill enable the pre-service teachers to identify the various aspects of teaching classroom management and techni/ues used by the cooperating teacher' These aspects and techni/ues +ill then be described by the PST through a narrative report reflected as ,ournal entries' These techni/ues in the teaching-learning process and classroom management +ill provide students +ith opportunities to e&amine their application in the teaching learning environment' 0ood.s 1ictionary of Education defines classroom management as 2the administration or direction of activities +ith special reference to such problem as discipline democratic teaching-learning techni/ues the use and care of supplies and reference materials the physical features of the classroom general

housekeeping and the social relationships of the learners'3 A +ell-managed classroom is conducive to mental gro+th and development of the learners. skills in teaching' 4earning becomes interesting and en,oyable under favorable +orking conditions and an organi5ed classroom environment'


The author +ould like to e&tend his sincere appreciation and deep gratitude to all in one +ay or another rendered assistance and contributed their effort in making this pro,ect possible' "irst to our po+erful and Almighty 0od for 6is guidance and countless blessings in making this portfolio a successful one' To my beloved parents +ho provided me their unselfish care and endless support most in the financial aspect' To my adviser Miss Maricel A' Palomata for her genuine dedication and constructive criticism to improve the /uality of this compilation' To the administration faculty and staff of Maco 7ational 6igh School headed by Mrs' 7ila 4' Palmero School Principal to the students and my cooperating teacher Mrs' Mary Ann 8' Arafol +ho patiently rendered their time and for letting us observe their classes that motivated us in completing our task' Thank you so much' May our good 0od bless us'

#The Author

Background of the Cooperating School

History 8y the virtue of 9epublic Act :;<= in >une %< %;?< the Municipality of Maco +as created' "or t+o years of e&istence there +as no public school in the municipality' (n September %;<% Maco 7ational Municipal 6igh School no+ Maco 7ational 7ational 6igh School +as established through the effort of the municipal officials +ith the leadership of the municipal mayor the late Atty' @rlando S' 9imando' (t is located at barangay 8inuangan +ith a land area of #'= hectares' (n its first year of operation there +ere only three classrooms occupied by the first year and second year level +ith five teachers' The students paid monthly tuition for the operational e&penses and salaries for teachers' (n %;<A Mrs' "lavia 9imando +as appointed principal of the school she served for seven years' (t +as during that time +hen additional #A classrooms +ere constructed for the use of the increasing population' After the death of Mrs' "lavia 9imando Mrs' 1eborah 0' Simeon took over as principal from %;B%until her retirement in #$$A' (n %;BB all public school including Maco Municipal 6igh School +ere nationali5ed' 1uring these years the school continues to develop and additional classrooms and buildings that are geared to+ard educational alleviation of students +ere constructed' 1ue to the classroom shortage the administration +ith the support of the PTA offers late afternoon classes from first year to fourth year' This caters +orking students +hen Mrs' 1eborah 0' Simeon retires in #$$AC Mr' Dirgilito C' Pabrecis took over and after t+o years +ith his promotion to Education Supervision of Compostela Dalley 1ivision Mrs' 7ila 4' Palmero took over until at present' The school continues to cater the youth of the coastal barangay of Mabini and Tagum City' After A< years of its creation it has gone so far +ith the support of the 40U other government agencies PTA and stakeholders' (n %;;< the school

established anne& in barangay Eli5alde +hich +as nationali5ed after five years of operation additional anne& school +as established in 7e+ 4eyte and Mainit +hich +ere legislated on @ctober this year' 8ut due to the Masara landslide Mainit 7ational 6igh School anne& +as closed' (ts enrolment +as catered by the ne+ly created anne& school of Panibasan near the relocation area'

Mission To provide access to /uality basic secondary education through highly motivated and competent teachers and staff +ith sufficient and appropriate

learning instructional materials and modern facilities relevant curriculum and pro,ects responsive in the needs of the learners +ith a strong partnership of the stakeholders in a conducive learning environment'

$ision To produce globally competent graduates +ith desirable attitudes and moral values through a /uality basic secondary education +ith highly competent and committed teachers ade/uate modern facilities and supportive stakeholders providing them +ith technological kno+ ho+ and lifetime and an asset member of the local and global community'

Profiles Pre#Ser%ice Teacher Profile A&'L(C) E'*E+E S. 1istrict = 4a "ilipina Tagum City E?;;A$%<=<#A= E?A;$?%:$=:$% brainiacFESAGyahoo'com E,'CAT (+AL &AC-*!('+,..................................... /ighest Education 4evel "ield of Study Ma,or University 4ocated in SATT 9esult ! ! ! ! ! ! College 1egree 8achelor in Secondary Education English University of Southeastern Philippines Apokon Tagum City (ntellectual! <= 7on-intellectual! ;B Total! ;# Secondary Education School ! 4ocated in ! Hear 0raduated ! 0raduated as ! 7CEA Percentile 9ank! Passer of ! Elementary Education School 4ocated in Hear 0raduated 0raduated as ! ! ! ! 4a "ilipina Elementary School 4a "ilipina Tagum City #$$= Class Daledictorian 4a "ilipina 7ational 6igh School 4a "ilipina Tagum City #$$; Class Third 6onorable Mention ;=I UPCAT #$$; USePAT #$$;

PE!S(+AL S- LLS A+, ST!E+*T/S............................... Computer Skills >ournalistic Skills Mental Skills ! MSJord MSE&cel and Movie Maker MSPublisher MSPo+erpoint

! Jriting Essays 7e+s Editorial "eature and others both in English and "ilipino' ! Analytical and (nvestigatory

AFF LAT (+S.................................................. Adhoc Chairman-designate! 4a "ilipina 7ational 6igh School Alumni Association President ! 7STP- 4iteracy Training Services President ! 7arranian Empire 4"76SAA 8ach 6ead ! 4"76S 0raduates 8atch #$$; President ! Peer Counselors. @rgani5ation President ! Supreme Student 0overnment President ! "ilipiniana Club President ! English Club Third Hear 9epresentative ! Supreme Student 0overnment Second Hear 9epresentative! Supreme Student 0overnment Secreatry ! 4eague of Class Mayors Secretary !Tagum 1ivision Supreme Student 0overnment "ederation Editor-in-chief ! Ang Tambuli! @fficial School Paper of 4"76S 7e+s Editor* Copy Editor ! Ang Tambuli @fficial School Paper of 4"76S Associate Editor ! The 0a5ette @fficial 7e+sletter of PC@ and 0SC-USeP Dice-President ! Pro,ect 9eading Empo+ered Houth Councilor ! School 0overning Council-4"76S Team 4eader ! Scince (nvestigatory Pro,ect- 4ife Science Category Team 4eader ! 4aban Team- 7STP- 4TS Class Mayor ! 8SE1 English Secretary ! School 6ealth Dolunteers- 9ed Cross Houth 8usiness Manager ! Houth for Environment in School @rgani5ation Member ! Peer Counselors. @rgani5ation #$$;-%$ Member ! @rgani5ation of "uture Educators Member ! Editors. 0uild of the Philippines Member ! Supreme Student Council Member ! 9egional Supreme Student 0overnment "ederation Member ! 7ational Supreme Student 0overnment "ederation Member ! Class Mayors. 4eague #$$;-%$ SEM +A!S A+, C(MPET T (+S ATTE+,E,.......................... +ational Le%el Participant Participant Participant Participant Participant !egional Le%el Participant! 9egional Training for School Paper Advisers and Campus >ournalists 1avao City Participant! 9egional Secondary Schools Press Conference Panabo City Participant! 9egional Secondary Schools Press Conference Tagum City Participant ! 9egional (ntel Philippines Science "air 1avao City ! Houth for Environment Summer Camp 1umaguete City ! ?th 7ational 4eadership Training for Student 0overnment @fficers 8aguio City ! #nd 7CCT 7ational Training on 8asic Media Education and Dideo Production 1avao City ! %st 7CCT 7ational Houth "estival on Media Cebu City ! %#th (ntel-Philippines Science "air Subic @llonggapo City

,i%ision Le%el Participant Participant Participant Participant Participant Participant Participant Participant "acilitator Participant Participant "acilitator Participant School Le%el "acilitator Participant Participant Speaker Speaker 6ost Speaker*6ost Speaker*6ost @rgani5er @rgani5er @rgani5er @rgani5er @rgani5er @rgani5er ! Hou Can Succeed Seminar AC4C ! Team building Seminar USeP ! Hou Can Succeed Seminar USeP ! School 8ased leadership Training 4"76S ! 0ender and 1evelopment Seminar AC4C ! 4ove! "orgiveness Seminar USeP ! Path+ays Seminar USeP ! 9eal 6appiness Seminar USeP ! Meditation and Counseling Seminar P: 8ermude5 Apokon ! 1rug and Alcohol Campaign +ith Se& Education ! "ind 9eal 6appiness in "inding Jays in 9eaching 0oals ! PC@ 8riefing and @rientation Seminar ! 0ender and 1evelopment USeP ! 9e,ect Me ( 4ove (t Seminar-Jorkshop USeP ! Pandivisyong Tagisan ng Talino ! Training School Paper Advisers and Campus >ournalists ! 1ivision Schools Press Conference ! 9ead-A-Thon Competition ! Houth 4eadership Jorkshop ! Search for Culture of E&cellence A+ard ! 9i5al is Alive "orum ! 9amon Magsaysay E&hibit ! Scholars Tribute to Mayor 9ey T' Uy ! Pro,ect 9EH Planting ! Press Conference "inal @ccular Disit on 4iteracy A+ard ! Coastal Clean-Up ! Jeeding Activity

PE!S(+AL ,ATA................................................. "ather. 7ame Mother.s 7ame 8irth date Place of 8irth Civil Status Citi5enship 9eligion ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Eugenio E' Abuloc Elenita S'Abuloc @ctober %; %;;% Tagum City Single "ilipino 9oman Catholic

Coo0erating Teacher1s Profile . Personal nformation 7ame! Mary Ann &. Arafol 9esidence! Prk. Ca0agngan) $isayan $illage) Tagum City Civil Status! Married Citi5enship! Fili0ino Se&! Male Age! 23 years old 1ate of 8irth! 4une 22) 5678 Place of 8irth! Tagum) ,a%ao del +orte . Family &ackground Spouse.s 7ame! Miriam Parecto#Labad @ccupation! La" Enforcer Age! 28 years old 7ame of Children 8onn 9egis P' 4abad >ude 4ucis P' 4abad 1ate of 8irth April B #$$# >une %# #$$A

Educational &ackground Elementary! Magugpo Pilot Central Elementary School Secondary! Tagum City 7ational 6igh School College! Kueen of Apostles College Seminary

0raduate Studies! Master of Arts Special Eudaction LA$ unitsM 8achelor of 4a+ LpresentM


Eligibility 4icensure E&am for Teacher Passer and CSC Professional

Table of Contents

Title Page9999999999999999999..99999999999.i ntroduction9999999999999..999999999999..999.ii !ationale999999999999999999999999999999..iii Ackno"ledgment999999999999..9999999999...999.i% &ackground of the Coo0erating School9999999999999.99.%i a. School Profile b. School $ision) Mission and *oals Profiles99999999999999999999999...999999..%ii a. Coo0erating Teacher1s Profile b. Pre#Ser%ice Teacher1s Profile Professional !eading99999999999999999999999..%iii

5 Checklists99999999. 99999999999999999995 Checklist for Effective Classroom ManagementNNNNNNNN''# Activity Sheet' Enriching learning E&pereincesNNNNNN'NN'': Competency ChecklistNNNNNNNN'NNNNNNNN'NN''= Checklist for Communication Skills %NNNNNNNNNNNNN? Checklist for Communication Skills #NNNNNNNNNN'NN''<

2 Pro:ects99999999999999999. 999999999993 Class 4istNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN'NNNNN''; Seat PlanNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN'%$

4ournals999999999999999999999999..55 Classroom Management Skills and StylesNNNNNNNNNN'%# Enriching Teaching and 4earning E&periencesNNNNN'''NN''%: Communication Skills Enhancement +ith 8uddy and MentorN'N%? Summary of all the E&periences in "ield Study #NNNNNNN''%<

A00endices9999999999999999999999999...999.56 "ield Study % Schedule of ActivitiesNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN#$ Pre-Service Teacher.s 1aily Time 9ecordNNNNNNNNNNNNN'#% Pre-Service Teacher.s ClearanceNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN## 1ocumentationNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN#A 9ubric for >ournal JritingNNNNNNNNNNNNNN'NNNNNN'#: 9ubric for PortfolioNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN''#=

Professional !eading

Common Teaching Methods 4ecture ST9E70T6S! - presents factual material in direct logical manner - contains e&perience +hich inspires - stimulates thinking to open discussion - useful for large groups 4(M(TAT(@7S! - e&perts are not al+ays good teachers - audience is passive - learning is difficult to gauge - communication in one +ay P9EPA9AT(@7! - needs clear introduction and summary - needs time and content limit to be effective - should include e&amples anecdotes 4ecture Jith 1iscussion ST9E70T6S! - involves audience at least after the lecture - audience can /uestion clarify - challenge 4(M(TAT(@7S! - time may limit discussion period - /uality is limited to /uality of /uestions and discussion P9EPA9AT(@7!

- re/uires that /uestions be prepared prior to discussion

Panel of E&perts ST9E70T6S! - allo+s e&perts to present different opinions - can provoke better discussion than a one person discussion - fre/uent change of speaker keeps attention from lagging 4(M(TAT(@7S! - e&perts may not be good speakers - personalities may overshado+ content - sub,ect may not be in logical order P9EPA9AT(@7! - facilitator coordinates focus of panel summari5es and briefs panel 8rainstorming ST9E70T6S! - listening e&ercise that allo+s creative thinking for ne+ ideas - encourages full participation because all ideas e/ually recorded and dra+s on group)s kno+ledge and e&perience - spirit of congeniality is created - one idea can spark off other other ideas 4(M(TAT(@7S! - can be unfocused - needs to be limited to = - < minutes - people may have difficulty getting a+ay from kno+n reality introduces and

- if not facilitated +ell criticism and evaluation may occur P9EPA9AT(@7! - facilitator selects issue - must have some ideas if group needs to be stimulated Dideotapes ST9E70T6S! - entertaining +ay of teaching content and raising issues - keep group)s attention - looks professional - stimulates discussion 4(M(TAT(@7S! - can raise too many issues to have a focused discussion - discussion may not have full participation - only as effective as follo+ing discussion P9EPA9AT(@7! - need to set up e/uipment - effective only if facilitator prepares /uestions to discuss after the sho+ Class 1iscussion ST9E70T6S! - pools ideas and e&periences from group - effective after a presentation film or e&perience that needs to be analy5ed - allo+s everyone to participate in an active process 4(M(TAT(@7S! - not practical +ith more that #$ people - fe+ people can dominate - others may not participate - is time consuming

- can get off the track P9EPA9AT(@7! - re/uires careful planning by facilitator to guide discussion - re/uires /uestion outline Small 0roup 1iscussion ST9E70T6S! - allo+s participation of everyone - people often more comfortable in small groups - can reach group consensus 4(M(TAT(@7S! - needs careful thought as to purpose of group - groups may get side tracked P9EPA9AT(@7! - needs to prepare specific tasks or /uestions for group to ans+er Case Studies ST9E70T6S! - develops analytic and problem solving skills - allo+s for e&ploration of solutions for comple& issues - allo+s student to apply ne+ kno+ledge and skills 4(M(TAT(@7S! - people may not see relevance to o+n situation - insufficient information can lead to inappropriate results P9EPA9AT(@7! - case must be clearly defined in some cases - case study must be prepared 9ole Playing ST9E70T6S! - introduces problem situation dramatically

- provides opportunity for people to assume roles of others and thus appreciate another point of vie+ - allo+s for e&ploration of solutions - provides opportunity to practice skills 4(M(TAT(@7S! - people may be too self-conscious - not appropriate for large groups - people may feel threatened P9EPA9AT(@7! - trainer has to define problem situation and roles clearly - trainer must give very clear instructions 9eport-8ack Sessions ST9E70T6S! - allo+s for large group discussion of role plays case studies and small group e&ercise - gives people a chance to reflect on e&perience - each group takes responsibility for its operation 4(M(TAT(@7S! - can be repetitive if each small group says the same thing P9EPA9AT(@7! - trainer has to prepare /uestions for groups to discuss Jorksheets*Surveys ST9E70T6S! - allo+s people to thing for themselves +ithout being influences by others - individual thoughts can then be shared in large group 4(M(TAT(@7S! - can be used only for short period of time P9EPA9AT(@7!

- facilitator has to prepare handouts (nde& Card E&ercise ST9E70T6S! - opportunity to e&plore difficult and comple& issues 4(M(TAT(@7S! - people may not do e&ercise P9EPA9AT(@7! - facilitator must prepare /uestions 0uest Speaker ST9E70T6S! - personali5es topic - breaks do+n audience)s stereotypes 4(M(TAT(@7S! - may not be a good speaker P9EPA9AT(@7! - contact speakers and coordinate - introduce speaker appropriately Dalues Clarification E&ercise ST9E70T6S! - opportunity to e&plore values and beliefs - allo+s people to discuss values in a safe environment - gives structure to discussion 4(M(TAT(@7! - people may not be honest - people may be too self-conscious P9EPA9AT(@7! - facilitator must carefully prepare e&ercise - must give clear instructions - facilitator must prepare discussion /uestions

Teaching Methods Each pedagogic approach is described succinctly so you can /uickly understand ho+ the techni/ue might be relevant to your teaching' Jritten by fello+ educators these descriptions include tips for effectively using each techni/ue related research on their impacts on learning as +ell as a set of e&ample activities' This list is by no means comprehensive' (t reflects the interests and priorities of the partners and pro,ects that have contributed to the library so far' (f you)d like to contribute to the library and help this list gro+ +e)d love to hear from you'

Assessment provides educators +ith a better understanding of +hat students are learning and engages students more deeply in the process of learning content' Compiled by Jilliam Slattery at 1epartments of 0eological Sciences and Teacher Education Jright State University 1ayton @hio'

Calibrated Peer 9evie+O LCP9M is a +eb-based management tool that enables discipline-based +riting +ith peer revie+ in classes of any si5e' Compiled by Arlene A' 9ussell 1epartment of Chemistry and

8iochemistry UC4A'

Campus-8ased 4earning uses the campus environment itself as a teaching tool' Compiled by Su5anne Savanick at SE9C Carleton College'

Classroom E&periments are activities +here any number of students +ork in groups on carefully designed guided in/uiry /uestions' Compiled by Sheryl 8all Dirginia Tech +ith assistance from Tisha Emerson >ennifer 4e+is and >' Todd S+arthout'

Classroom 9esponse Systems use technology that promotes and implements active and cooperative learning' Compiled by >oe Calhoun "lorida State University then enhanced +ith the valuable assistance from S' 9a, Chaudhury Shelby "rost 8ill 0offe PimMarie Mc0oldrick Mark Maier and Scott Simkins'

Coached Problem Solving is a class format in +hich professors provide a structured guided conte&t for students +orking collaboratively to solve problems' Compiled by 1ebby Jalser-Punt5 Sarah 1eel and Susan Singer Carleton College'

ConcepTests are conceptual multiple-choice /uestions that focus on one key concept of an instructor)s learning goals for a lesson' Jhen coupled +ith student interaction through peer instruction ConcepTests represent a rapid method of formative assessment of student understanding' Compiled by 1avid McConnell 7orth Carolina State University'

Conte&t-9ich Problems are short realistic scenarios giving the students a plausible motivation for solving the problem' Compiled by >oann 8angs St' Catherine University and enhanced by >ennifer 1ocktor and Pen 6eller University of Minnesota 8rian Peterson Central College and 9ochelle 9uffer 7a5areth College'

Cooperative 4earning involves students +orking in groups to accomplish learning goals' Compiled by 9ebecca Teed and >ohn Mc1aris SE9C at Carleton College and Cary 9oseth University of Minnesota'

1ocumented Problem Solving (new module) is an active learning assessment techni/ue in +hich students become more a+are about their learning and their problem-solving resulting in a transition from the Qsteps used to solve a problemQ to the application of analytical and critical thinking skills' Compiled by 4inda Jilson University of Te&as at Arlington +ith help from Amber Casolari 9iverside City College Patie To+nsendMerino Palomar College and Todd Easton University of Portland'

Using an Earth 6istory Approach helps students understand ho+ human impact on the Earth)s systems has increased e&ponentially over time' Compiled by 9ebecca Teed at SE9C Carleton College'

E&perience-8ased Environmental Pro,ects get students involved in their o+n learning' Compiled by Parin Pirk at Montana State University'

"ield 4abs introduce students to comple& natural systems breaks do+n barriers among academic fields encourages multiple observations and introduces students to the area near their campus' Compiled by Mary Savina Carleton College'

The "irst 1ay of Class is your opportunity to stimulate e&citement about the course establish a positive classroom climate and engage students +ith course content - right from the start' Compiled by Carol @rmand at SE9C Carleton College'

0allery Jalk activities get students out of their chairs to actively +ork together' Compiled by Mark "rancek at Central Michigan University'

0ame-8ased 4earning +as +ritten to assist geoscience faculty +ho +ant to start using games to help them teach' Compiled by 9ebecca Teed at SE9C Carleton College'

0uided 1iscovery Problems offer intriguing pu55les to solve structured hands-on activities carefully +orded leading /uestions crucial hints and ,ust-in-time presentations of information in order to escort students stepby-step through the process of scientific discovery' Compiled by Ann 8ykerk-Pauffman California State University Chico'









investigations and e&periments of materials models and other e/uipment' Compiled by Mary Savina Carleton College'

(nteractive 4ectures provide short activities that can break up a lecture' Compiled by 6eather Macdonald College of Jilliam and Mary and 9ebecca Teed at SE9C Carleton College'

(nteractive 4ecture 1emonstrations engage students in activities that confront their prior understanding of a core concept' The activity can be a classroom e&periment a survey a simulation or an analysis of secondary data' Compiled by 1orothy Merritts and 9obert Jalter "ranklin - Marshall College and 8ob MacPay Clark College' Enhanced by Mark Maier +ith assistance from 9ochelle 9uffer Sue Stockly and 9onald Thornton'

(nterdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching entails the use and integration of methods and analytical frame+orks from more than one academic discipline to e&amine a theme issue /uestion or topic' Compiled by Art 0oldsmith 1arrick 6amilton Paren 6ornsby and 1ave Jells'

(nventing and Testing Models approach uses Model-Eliciting Activities +hich are posed as open-ended problems that are designed to challenge students to build models in order to solve comple& real-+orld problems' Compiled by >oan 0arfield 9obert delMas and Andre+ Rieffler of the University of Minnesota'

(nvestigative Case-8ased 4earning involves students in addressing real +orld problems' Compiled by Ethel Stanley 8ioKUEST 8eloit College and Margaret Jaterman Southeast Missouri State University'

>igsa+s are an option +hen you have several related data sets you +ould like students to e&plore' (n a ,igsa+ each student develops some e&pertise +ith one data set then teaches a fe+ classmates about it Land learns about related data sets from those classmatesM' Compiled by 8arbara Te+ksbury 6amilton College'

>ust-in-Time Teaching gets students to read assigned material outside of class respond to short /uestions online and then participate in discussion and collaborative e&ercises in the follo+ing class period' Compiled by 4aura 0uertin Pennsylvania State University 1ela+are County'

4ecture Tutorials are short +orksheets that students complete in class to make lecture more interactive' They are designed specifically to address

misconceptions and other topics +ith +hich students have difficulties' Compiled by Paren Port5 Community College of 9hode (sland and >essica Smay San >ose City College'

Measurement and Uncertainty provides science educators +ith clearly +ritten effective material to teach introductory level students the

fundamentals of effective measurement and describes ho+ to integrate these ideas into science teaching' This increases scientific literacy helps students use data to understand science concepts during in/uiry-based labs and activities and prepares students for future science education' Compiled by Peter 8ohacek and 0reg Schmidt Sibley Public 6igh School'

Models help students understand the relationships bet+een data and Earth processes' Compiled by 8ob MacPay at Clark College'

Conceptual Models are /ualitative models that help highlight important connections in real +orld systems and processes' Compiled by 8ob MacPay Clark College'

Mathematical and Statistical Models involve solving relevant e/uationLsM of a system or characteri5ing a system based upon its statistical parameters' Compiled by 8ob MacPay Clark College'

Peer 9evie+ uses interaction around +riting to refine students understanding' Compiled by 4aura 0uertin Pennsylvania State University 1ela+are County'

Peer-4ed Team 4earning engages teams of si& to eight students in learning sciences mathematics and other undergraduate disciplines

guided by a peer leader' Peer leaders are dra+n from the pool of students +ho have done +ell in the course previously' Compiled by Pratibha Darma-7elson (ndiana University Purdue University (ndianapolis'

PhET (nteractive Science Simulations (new module) is a suite of researchbased interactive computer simulations for teaching and learning physics

chemistry math and other sciences' Compiled by Sam McPagen based on material from the PhET Team'

Process of Science means going beyond the content to help students understand ho+ +e kno+ +hat +e kno+ and giving them the tools they need to think scientifically' Compiled by Anne E' Egger University' Stanford

Process-@riented 0uided (n/uiry 4earning LP@0(4M is a research-based learning environment +here students are actively engaged in mastering course content and in developing essential skills by +orking in selfmanaged teams on guided in/uiry activities' Compiled by 9ick Moog >ames Spencer "rank Creegan Troy Jolfskill 1avid 6anson Andrei Stroumanis 1iane 8unce and >ennifer 4e+is'








communicate scientific information in a genre that professional scientists are e&pected to master such as +ith scientific posters conference proposals or oral presentations' Compiled by Colleen 6' "ava and 1arrell 6enry 4ouisiana State University'

Kuantitative Jriting engages students +ith numbers by asking them to analy5e and use /uantitative data in +ritten reports and arguments' Compiled by >ohn C' 8ean Seattle University'

9ole Playing immerses students in debate around Earth science issues' Compiled by 9ebecca Teed at SE9C Carleton College'

SCA4E-UP is a Student-Centered Active 4earning Environment for Undergraduate Programs' Carefully designed studio classrooms facilitate student team+ork and instructor movement bet+een groups' 1eveloped by 8ob 8eichner 7orth Carolina State University and Sharon (sern "lorida 0ulf Coast University'

Service 4earning in the 0eosciences offers the opportunity to link academic learning +ith community service' Compiled by Su5anne Savanick at SE9C Carleton College'

Socratic Kuestioning turns a lecture into a guided discussion' Compiled by 1orothy Merritts and 9obert Jalter at "ranklin - Marshall College'

Structured Academic Controversy is a type of cooperative learning strategy in +hich small teams of students learn about a controversial issue from multiple perspectives' Compiled by Claudia Phourey-8o+ers Pent State University'

Studio Teaching can provide a /uintessential active and cooperative learning environment' Compiled by 1e&ter Perkins University of 7orth 1akota'

Teaching Kuantitative 9easoning +ith the 7e+s describes ho+ one can use media articles as the main content for a course focused on honing students) ability to critically think about and analy5e /uantitative information' Compiled by Stuart 8oersma Central Jashington University'

Teaching Urban Students assists educators of urban students to bring a rich set of e&periences to the classroom that may be significantly different than those of students in small-to+n settings' Effective teaching of urban students re/uires instructors to tap into these rich e&periences cultural customs and practical skills sets' Compiled by Jayne Po+ell 8rooklyn College City University of 7e+ Hork'

Teaching +ith 1ata helps faculty find and integrate real data sets into their classes' Compiled by 9obert MacPay Clark College'

Teaching +ith 1ata Simulations allo+s students to visuali5e probability distributions +hich in turn can make the processes associated +ith probability more concrete' Compiled by 1anielle 1upuis University of Minnesota - T+in Cities'

Teaching +ith 0(S in the 0eosciences sho+s ho+ this po+erful ne+ tool can be used to help teach geoscience' Compiled by 8rian Jelch at 1ept' of Environmental Studies St' @laf College 7orthfield M7'

Teaching +ith 0oogle Earth provides detailed instructions for bringing rich imagery and interactive information into the classroom' Compiled by 0lenn A' 9ichard Mineral Physics (nstitute Stony 8rook University'

Teaching +ith 4earning Assistants (new module) incorporates talented undergraduate students primarily in mathematics and the sciences chosen for their broad interest in teaching and prepared to provide support for student learning in interactive classroom environments' Compiled by Stephanie Chasteen and Dalerie @tero University of Colorado at 8oulder'

Teaching +ith Simulations uses a model of behavior to gain a better understanding of that behavior' Compiled by 8etty 8lecha San "rancisco State University and refined and enhanced by Mark Mc8ride Teresa 9iley Patherine 9o+ell PimMarie Mc0oldrick Mark Maier and Scott Simkins'

Teaching +ith Spreadsheets (new module) allo+s students to Qget their hands dirtyQ by +orking +ith real-+orld data' Spreadsheets make abstract or comple& models accessible by providing concrete e&amples and allo+ing Q+hat ifQ analyses' Compiled by Miles Cahill 1epa+ University +ith help from 6umberto 8arreto 1epa+ University Semra Pilic-8ahi Colby-Sa+yer College and 1avid Schodt St' @laf College'

Teaching +ith Spreadsheets Across The Curriculum helps students build spreadsheets and apply elementary mathematics to solve problems in conte&t' Compiled by 4en Dacher at University of South "lorida Tampa'

Teaching +ith the Case Method combines t+o elements! the case itself and the discussion of that case' Teaching cases provide information but neither analysis nor conclusions' The analytical +ork of e&plaining the relationships among events in the case identifying options evaluating

choices and predicting the effects of actions is the +ork done by students during the classroom discussion' Compiled by Ann Delenchik Jellesley College'

Teaching +ith Disuali5ations helps students see ho+ systems +ork' Compiled by 8ob MacPay Clark College'

Testing Con,ectures is an effective +ay of engaging students in learning and helping them to develop their reasoning abilities' Compiled by Shirley >' Alt The University of Minnesota - T+in Cities'








collaborate +ith faculty on actual research pro,ects learning about both a particular topic in a field and the research process in general' Compiled by Eli5abeth Perry-Si5emore 9andolph College +ith assistance from 0eorge Alter Mary 8org Steve 1e4oach Steve 0reenla+ PimMarie Mc0oldrick Sheila Pennison Mark Maier and Scott Simkins'

Using an Earth System Approach introduces concepts and resources centered on space air +ater land life and human dimensions'

Using Media to Enhance Teaching and 4earning (new module) can engage students and produce more meaningful and deep learning e&periences by using films television sho+s popular music ne+s stories literature documentaries and videos from sources such as youTube' Compiled by 0' 1irk Mateer Penn State University +ith help from 4inda S' 0hent Eastern (llinois University Tod Porter Houngsto+n State University and 9ay Purdom University of 7orth Carolina at 0reensboro'

Using Socioscientific (ssues to Teach Science (new module) combines the use of controversial socially-relevant real +orld issues +ith course content to engage students in their learning' Compiled by Sandra 4atourelle Ale& Popla+sky 8rian Shmaefsky and Susan Musante'


http!**serc'carleton'edu*sp*library*pedagogies'html honolulu'ha+aii'edu*'''*guidebk*teachtip*comteach'htm

A00endi; E< Marking *uide for !eflection=4ournal Entries Performance Le%el E;cellent Criterion Presents comprehensive description of +orth+hile e&periences e&plains sound ,udgment on personal strengths and +eaknesses anchored on many theories learned' ' 4egend! % S 7eeds (mprovement L<=-<;M # S 1eveloping A S Satisfactory : S Proficient = S E&cellent LB$-B:M LB=-B;M L;$-;:M L;=-%$$M Presents very clear description of +orth+hile e&periences e&plains sound ,udgment on personal strengths and +eaknesses anchored on some theories learned' Presents some description of +orth+hile e&periences e&plains sound ,udgment on personal strengths and +eaknesses anchored on fe+ theories learned Proficient Satisfactory 8 > 2

9eflection ,ournal entry includes PSTs learning e&periences ,udgments performance and other insights gained in the course'


A00endi; E< !ubric for 4ournal ?riting A00endi; E< Marking *uide for !eflection=4ournal Entries

Performance Le%el


E;cellent Criterion Presents comprehensive description of +orth+hile e&periences e&plains sound ,udgment on personal strengths and +eaknesses anchored on many theories learned' '



9eflection ,ournal entry includes PSTs learning e&periences ,udgments performance and other insights gained in the course'

Presents very clear description of +orth+hile e&periences e&plains sound ,udgment on personal strengths and +eaknesses anchored on some theories learned'

Presents some description of +orth+hile e&periences e&plains sound ,udgment on personal strengths and +eaknesses anchored on fe+ theories learned



% S 7eeds (mprovement L<=-<;M # S 1eveloping A S Satisfactory : S Proficient LB$-B:M LB=-B;M L;$-;:M

= S E&cellent