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Premium Floor and Wall Thin-set Adhesive
LATICRETE® 290 Premium Floor and Wall Thin Set Adhesive is a high er!orman"e #agged "ementitious o$der to #e mi%ed $ith either $ater or late% admi% to install "erami" tile and natural stone using the thin&set method o! installation'

!ac%a$in$ – 20 2g = >0 2g #ag (olour0 7re+ and White (o&era$e
A ro% >>&?0 s!t er 202g #ag $ith @*AB % @*AB 8?mm % ?mm: sCuare not"h tro$el

Coverage will vary depending on trowel notch size, type and size of tile and substrate

(esigned !or interior) installation o! "erami" tile and natural stone !or $alls and !loors' For Tile * stone installation on l+$ood,- mi% $ith LATICRETE® ... Su er Fle%i#le Late% admi% *For exterior installation of tiles/stones with Laticrete® 290, use Laticrete® 73 / Laticrete® 333 Admix instead of water. !l"wood shall #e of exterior $rade and shall #e thermal and shoc% resistant.

'helf Life - Fa"tor+ sealed #ag o! this rodu"t are
guaranteed to #e o! !irst Cualit+ !or one 8@: +ear) i! stored o!! the ground in a dr+ area' )1igh humidit+ $ill redu"e the shel! li!e o! #agged rodu"t'

/(o not a l+ dire"tl+ to l+$ood- "hi #oardarti"le#oard- de"orative laminates or resilient !looring' /For installations over E%terior 7rade l+$ood $alls use $ith LATICRETE® ... Su er Fle%i#le late% admi%' / For installation o! tiles in $et areassu#merged areas- use $ith LATICRETE® <. late% admi%' /(o not install tile*stone $hen sur!a"e tem eratures are #elo$ !ree;ing oint 8.2 DF*0 DC:' Al$a+s use LATICRETE® late% additives $hen tem eratures a roa"h !ree;ing' /3se LATAP9EF® .00 E o%+ Adhesive !or installing green mar#le or $ater sensitive natural stone and agglomerates' /Adhesives*masti"s- mortars and grouts !or "erami" tileavers- #ri"2 and stone are not designed as mem#rane is reCuireduse a re la"ements !or $ater roo! mem#ranes' When a $ater roo! LATICRETE®92.< * 1+dro#an Water roo! 4em#rane'

/ (ual use0 !or #oth !loors and $alls / 1igh #ond strength / 1igh Ta"2 & Will hang tile $ithout sli /Eas+ to 3se /In"reased !le%i#ilit+ /Im roved im a"t resistan"e


'uita#le 'u#strates
/ Con"rete /Con"rete masonr+ / Cement 4ortar 5eds /Cement Plaster / 6itri!ied Tile and Stones)) / 5ri"2 4asonr+ / E%terior 7rade Pl+$ood) 8Interior 9nl+: / Cement Terra;;o)) / 7+ sum Wall 5oard)8Interior 9nl+: / Cement 5a"2er #oard))) )When mi%ed $ith LATICRETE® ... Su er Fle%i#le Late% Admi%' ))When mi%ed $ith LATICRETE® <. Crete Amdi%' )))Consult "ement #a"2er #oard manu!a"turer !or s e"i!i" installation re"ommendations and to veri!+ a""e ta#ilit+ !or e%terior use'

#ote$ Sur!a"es must #e stru"turall+ sound- sta#le
and rigid enough to su ort "erami" tile*stone- thin

must not e%"eed L*. Su er Fle%i#le Late% Admi%' (autions /Contains Portland "ement and sili"a sand' 4a+ irritate e+es and s2in' Avoid "onta"t $ith e+es or rolonged "onta"t $ith s2in' In "ase o! "onta"t..IS9 @. (2/) '0 1or%in$ !roperties +.!lush thoroughl+ $ith $ater' /(o not ta2e internall+' Sili"a sand ma+ "ause "an"er or serious lung ro#lems' Avoid #reathing dust' Wear a res irator in dust+ areas' /Prote"t !inished $or2 !rom tra!!i" or damage #+ other trades !or an e%tended eriod o! time during "old $eather "onditions' At room tem erature "onditions <0 DF 820DC:.'.?0 !or thin #ed "erami" tile*#ri"2 installations or L*AG0 !or thin #ed stone installations $here LHs an length' #OTE TO T%E "PECIFIER A# I#"TALLER$ While installing tile*stone on the e%ternal $alls and !loors.standards . 4Pa: F&'@ 8modi!ied: (omplies with )*+ ..00< Test Shear 5ond Por"elain Tile2G da+ "ure Shear 5ond Por"elain TileWater immersion Com ressive Strength Test &ethod AKSI A@@G'A& @999M F&>'2'A AKSI A@@G'A& @999M C&>'2'.0° F +2*° C-- . Results 2G0 si 8@'9 4Pa: @G0 si 8@'2 4Pa: AKSI A@@G'A& A@00 si @999M 82G'.#ri"2 and similar !inishes' Su#strate de!le"tion under all livedead and im a"t loadsin"luding "on"entrated loads.00< Test Shear 5ond Por"elain Tile2G da+ "ure Shear 5ond Por"elain TileWater immersion Com ressive Strength Test &ethod AKSI A@@G'@ L @999M C&>'2'A AKSI A@@G'@& @999M C&>'2'. AKSI A@@G'A& @999M F&?'@ 8modi!ied: Results N2>? si 8@'< 4Pa: N@?> si 8@'@ 4Pa: N2>>0 si 8@<'> 4Pa: Com'lies (ith E# ) I"O standard$ C* T LATICRETE® 290 Premium Floor and Wall Thin&Set Adhesive mi%ed $ith LATICRETE® .IS9 @.$e need to rovide the movement Ioints #+ "reating s a"es #et$een the tiles*stones and !illing them u $ith "ement #ased grout mi%ed $ith L@<<? grout admi% lus or sili"one sealants' It is also im ortant to note that the e%terior tile * stone installations are rovided $ith Ioints 8s a"es: on the eri her+ o! the area $ithout allo$ing the tile * stone to #e #ound #+ the eri heral masonr+ $or2 or laster' It is also im ortant to note that the tiles*stones are not installed dire"tl+ on e% ansion Ioints' The e% ansion Ioints need to #e run through the tile * stone $or2 till to sur!a"e and !illed $ith materials $hi"h a""ommodate the movements' TEC%#ICAL ATA !erformance !roperties LATICRETE® 290 Premium Floor and Wall Thin&Set Adhesive mi%ed $ith Water Applica#le 'tandard / AKSI A@@G'@ L @999M EK @200A.rote"t overnight' /Jee out o! rea"h o! "hildren' Applica#le 'tandard / AKSI A@@G'A L @999M EK @200A.

LATICRETE® 290 Premium Floor and Wall Thin&Set Adhesive 4i%ed $ith $ater 9 en Time A ro% 20 minutes Pot Li!e Time to 1eav+ Tra!!i" .?0 !or "erami" tile and #ri"2 or L*AG0 !or stone installations $here LHs an lengthM 23 &inimum .ed nails 8or s"re$s:M allo$ @*GB 8. L A hours 2A hours E% ansion QointsB or TCA (etail EQ@<@ PE% ansion QointsB' (o not "over e% ansion Ioints $ith mortar' Cement 5a"2er 5oard0 !ollo$ TCA installation detail W2AA' #ote$ @' Installer must veri!+ that de!le"tion under all livedead and im a"t loads o! interior l+$ood !loors does not e%"eed industr+ standards o! L*. Su er Fle%i#le Late% Admi%' 9 en Time 82@ DC: A ro% .i/i.e (ill de'end on installation methods and site ."lean and !ree o! all dirt..ations su01e.edures used3 A.'G PReCuirements !or 2ixin$ "tir LATICRETE® Admi7 thorou2hl4 0e/ore use3 Pla"e "lean.t test 'ro.grease.2DC: and stru"turall+ sound.ation3 Results sho(n are t4'i.m:' E% ansion Ioints shall #e rovided through the tile $or2 !rom all "onstru"tion or e% ansion Ioints in the su#strate' Follo$ AKSI S e"i!i"ation AK&.loose eeling aint.tual /ield 'er/ #et$een sheet ends and OB 8?mm: #et$een sheets edgesM all sheet ends must #e su orted #+ a !raming mem#erM glue sheets to Ioints $ith "onstru"tion adhesiveM !# ERLA6&E#T$ >*GB 8@>mm: thi"2 e%terior grade l+$ood !astened ?B 8@>0mm: o'"' along sheet ends and GB 8200mm: o'"' in the anel !ield 8#oth dire"tions: $ith Gd ring&shan2."oated or hot di galvani.ota#le $ater or a LATICRETE® late% admi% into a "lean ail' Add LATICRETE® 290 o$der slo$l+ in to the same ail' 3se a ro%imatel+ ? to < .tion /or interior 'l4(ood /loors$ "!5FLOOR$ >*GB 8@>mm: thi"2 e%terior grade l+$ood.t to .ed nails 8or s"re$s:M allo$ @*GB 8.oil.han2e (ithout noti/i.dust+ "on"rete sla#s or masonr+ should #e dam ened and e%"ess $ater s$e t o!!' Installation ma+ #e made on a dam sur!a"e' Ke$ "on"rete sla#s shall #e dam "ured and 2G da+s) old #e!ore a li"ation' )Ko minimum "ure time !or "on"rete sla#s $hen thin&set adhesive is mi%ed $ith late% additive' All sla#s must #e lum# and true to $ithin OB 8?mm: in @0 !t 0ut re/ to OB 8?mm: #et$een sheets and OB 8?mm: #et$een sheet edges and an+ a#utting sur!a"esM o!!set underla+ment Ioints !rom Ioints in su#!loor and stagger Ioints #et$een sheet endsM glue underla+ment to su#!loor $ith "onstru"tion adhesive' Re!er to Te"hni"al (ata Sheet @>2 PReCuirements !or (ire"t 5onding o! Cerami" or Stone Tiles over Wood FloorsB !or "om lete details' LATICRETE® 290 Premium Floor and Wall Thin&Set Adhesive mi%ed $ith LATICRETE® .over #ridged Ioints s a"ed @?B 8A00 mm: o'"' ma%imumM !asten l+$ood ?B 8@>0mm: o'"' along sheet ends and GB 8200mm: o'"' along intermediate su orts $ith Gd ring&shan2"oated or hot di galvani.onditions3 I#"TALLATIO# 'urface !reparation All sur!a"es should #e #et$een A0 DF 8ADC: and 90 DF 8.laitan"e"on"rete sealers or "uring "om ounds' Rough or uneven "on"rete sur!a"es should #e made smooth $ith LATICRETE® Late% Portland Cement underla+ment to rovide a $ood !loat 8or #etter: !inish' (r+.either lain $ith all sheet edges #lo"2ed or tongue and groove..0 minutes Pot Li!e 82@ DC: Time to 1eav+ Tra!!i" A ro% > hours 2A hours "'e.

.Litres o! Lati"rete® .ressing !irml+ to $or2 into sur!a"e' Com# on additional adhesive $ith the not"hed side' 3se the ro er si. or > to ? Litres $ater !or 20 2g o! o$der' 4i% #+ hand or $ith a slo$ s eed mi%er to a smoothtro$ela#le "onsisten"+' Allo$ adhesive to sla2e !or >& @0 minutes' AdIust "onsisten"+ i! ne"essar+' Remi% and a l+ $ith the ro er si.remove and re la"e $ith !resh adhesive' A.0A@.en' WARRA#T6 4FJ Lati"rete India Pvt Ltd $arrants that LATICRETE®290 Premium Floor and Wall Thin&Set adhesive is !ree !rom manu!a"turing de!e"ts and $ill not #rea2 do$n.a series suita#le "leaners' All other LATICRETE® and LATAP9EF® materials reCuire no maintenan"e #ut ro er installation as er instru"tion' Per!orman"e and dura#ilit+ ma+ de end on ro erl+ maintaining o! Installed area' 3routin$ 7rout installation a!ter a minimum o! 2A hours "uring time at <0° F 82@° C:' 7rout $ith LATICRETE® Sanded or 3nsanded 7rout mi%ed $ith LATICRETE® @<<? 7rout Admi% Plus' For ma%imum stain resistan"e use S e"traL9CJ® Pro Premium 9R LATAP9EF® SP&@00 Stain!ree 7rout' Cold Weather #ote$ The setting o! Portland "ement adhesives and grouts are retarded #+ lo$ tem eratures' Prote"t !inished $or2 !or an e%tended eriod $hen installing in "old $eather' For !aster setting adhesive use LATICRETE® 2>2 Fast Set 9R LATICRETE® <..sti"2+ adhesive and #eat in using a #eating #lo"2 or ru##er mallet to im#ed tile and adIust level' Che"2 adhesive !or "om lete "overage #+ eriodi"all+ removing a tile and ins e"ting #edding adhesive trans!er onto #a"2 o! tile'I! adhesive is s2inned over 8not sti"2+:.ed not"hed tro$el to insure !ull #edding o! the tile' S read as mu"h adhesive as "an #e "overed $ith tile in @0 minutes' 5a"2 #utter large tiles 8N @2B%@2B: to rovide !ull #edding and !irm su ort' Pla"e tiles into $ oint or $hen su#strate is !ro.<G<GA e&mail0 "onta"tSm+2lati"rete'"om (ost Conta"t a LATICRETE® (istri#utor in +our area' &AI#TE#A#CE LATICRETE® and LATAP9EF® grouts reCuire routine "leaning $ith neutral 1 soa and $ater or 4FJ LATICRETE Clen.ed not"hed tro$el' #ote$ For im'roved 0ond stren2th8 /le7i0ilit4 and /or e7terior installations use LATICRETE® .@00 FAE0 R9@&A0&2.AILA5ILIT6 A# CO"T A&aila#ilit" LATICRETE® and LATAP9EF® materials are availa#le $orld$ide' For distri#utor in!ormation0 Tele hone0 R9@&A0&.dr+ "onditions' A l+ to dam ened sur!a"es and rote"t !reshl+ s read adhesive and !inished $or2 $hen installing in tem eratures over. 8Ra id: Crete admi% $ith LATICRETE® @@@ Crete !iller o$der' (o not set tile $hen sur!a"e tem erature is #elo$ !ree.>°C' (leanin$ Clean tools and tile $or2 $ith $ater $hile adhesive is !resh' Application A l+ adhesive to the su#strate $ith the !lat side o! the tro$el.deteriorate or disintegrate under normal usage !or a eriod o! one8@: +ear !rom manu!a"turing o! the rodu"t su#Ie"t to the terms and "onditions stated in LATICRETE® Produ"t Warrant+' .9 Crete Admi7: LATICRETE® 999 "u'er Fle7i0le Admi73 %ot Weather #ote$ The eva oration o! moisture in Portland "ement adhesives and grouts is a""elerated #+ hot..

<G<GA e&mail0 te"hni"alservi"esSm+2lati"rete'"om &6< Lati.@00 Fa%0 R9@&A0&2.5anIara 1ills1+dera#ad L >000.Leela 7o al To$ers Road Ko&@2.<G<GA e&mail0 "onta"tSm+2lati"rete'"om We#site0 $$$'m+2lati"rete'"om .TEC%#ICAL "ER.0A@..0A@.*A.Fourth Floor.ICE" /echnical assistance In!ormation is availa#le #+ "alling the 4FJ LATICRETE Te"hni"al Servi"e at0 Tele hone0 R9@&A0&.@00 FAE0 R9@&A0&2..rete India Pvt Ltd3 G&2&<0.A 8A'P: Tel0 R9@&A0&&.