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An evaluation of how the introduction of a new technology can assist an organisation in achieving its business objectives

The Topic focuses on two key issues: * Evaluation of the introduction of new technology by an organization. * Assistance of new technology in the achievement of organizations objectives.

In this topic I will be evaluating new technology introduced by my selected organisation and how that new technology has helped/is helping the organization in pulling off its objectives. Evaluation and assessment of the introduction of new technology will depend on the systems which already e ist in the organisation. !his will e amine "uestions li#e$ * %ow the new technology will be/has been implemented& * 'hether direct method of implementation or parallel running will be used& * 'hy management believes that implementation of the new technology would be successful& * Are objectives of the company in line with the new technology introduced& * 'hether staff and resources are ade"uate for injection and implementation& (everal other "uestions will also be as#ed based on the case and circumstances that affect my chosen company. )lin#bo as a *digital technology+ platform for !escos customer,driven transformation towards the digitalisation of -.-/ boo#s and music media In the case of )lin#bo / I will li#e to view this company as a technology in its entirety. )lin#bo can be seen as a form of digital technology incorporated by the grocer *!esco+ and now becomes its digital arm. Once digital sat in marketing; today it cuts through the whole organisation , Egon 0ehnder Is !esco recognising the shift in consumer behaviour which is transforming the !1! sector by its ac"uisition of )lin#bo & !he !esco/)lin#bo scenario brings about the following "uestions$ !ell me more about your digital strategy

%ow far are you prepared to go digital *from !escos perspective+ 'hat digital s#ill set do you have in,house already %ow committed are you in terms of resources 'hat percentages of your companys *!esco+ business is digital& !o what e tent is )lin#bo sensitive to !escos core values and business objectives& !esco is now turning its attention to opportunities for achieving competitive advantage through the use of digital technology. Large companies are in a race to become digital. Those that get there first will be able to disrupt their existing markets and penetrate new ones. They will be in control of their digital destinies. For business leaders e erywhere! the next three years will be about determining their organi"ations# pace in this digital race$and their place in the new world of digital. %%Accenture 2345

Blinkboxs relationship with Tesco will help it differentiate itself from competitors and also offers deep customer insight, which can be used for more highly, targeted marketing. -Kate Simon