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Jake Anthony

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Jake Anthony

The driving force behind this series of publications

was born in England, just one year into World War
Two. People dying not in combat but from health prob-
lems relating to lifestyle, including his own parents,was
the life-amending catalyst which launched Jake Antho-
ny’s lifelong interest in health, fitness and life extension
- and a search for answers.
A wish to become a professional actor and writer
was fulfilled through hard work and dedication against
the odds, and Jake Anthony obtained a degree of ‘ce-
lebrity’ over the years. His work as a character actor
can still be seen on TV from time to time.
Another life-amending incident occurred when his
extremely fit and healthy actor and stunt man son, died
from an interaction between prescribed drugs. Like
‘Lord Jim’ - Joseph Conrad’s character in the book
and movie - Jake left his homeland and wandered the
Orient for 20 plus years trying to make sense of it all.
This was interrupted by a series of health disas-
ters at the hands of the allopathic medical system in
the West which would have killed most people. Ironi-
cally, they were initiated by prescribed drugs that were
supposed to cure, not kill. This was added to by the
Western system of treating the symptom rather than
fully identifying the cause.
Jake’s series of the potential lifestyle based killers
included cancer, crisis level hypertension, borderline
type-2 diabetes, acute and chronic pancreatitis, and
gallstones. As prescribed drugs had initiated his series
of interlinked health disasters - and time after time ex-
acerbated them - Jake turned his back on the Western
medical system and from then on utilised nutritional,
holistic and alternative therapies known about for thou-
sands of years in the Orient and the East. His host of
ailments regressed or were controlled, and extra dec-
ades of life were obtained. The use of holistic and
alternative therapies, almost certainly played a part in
his survival. The ‘How To’ and ‘Why’ are detailed in
this series of books.
Jake’s fit and youthful appearance belies the fact
that he is technically a senior citizen, well over the age
of retirement. Knowledge is power. Your choice.
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ISBN: 978-616-90444-2-0

First Pressing: E-Book October 2009.


Included in this publication are extracts

from the ‘Holistic Health’ series of books.
Books in the Holistic Mini - Guide series:

1. ‘AIDS’

2. ‘Alzheimer’s’

3. ‘Hypertension / High Blood Pressure’

4. ‘Cancer’

5. ‘Diabetes’

6. ‘Gallstones’

7. ‘Heart Disease’

8. ‘Influenza & Infection’

9. ‘Kidney Disease’

10. ‘Liver Disease’

11. ‘Prostate Problems’

12. ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis’

13. ‘Vaccination’

Modern medicine has made great technical progress in the
science of diagnostics. An ailment can now be diagnosed
with greater accuracy and speed than ever before.
However, the allopathic medical community has not
particularly made great strides in the prevention and cure of
disabling and deadly diseases. In fact the reverse has oc-
curred, and AIDS, cancer, diabetes, stroke, heart attack and
many others have reached epidemic proportions.
As to more common place everyday ailments, not
much progress has been made here either. In fact, many
would say that since Big Pharma has dominated the medical
scene during the last fifty years or so in the West, the aver-
age person is less fit and healthy.
This is basically because the whole person is not usu-
ally taken into account. All too often the symptom is tar-
geted rather than the cause. When healing does takes place
utilising modern medicine, often the suspicion lingers that
nature took its course - as against the efficacy of the often
expensive medicine which the doctor prescribed.
That is probably the most fundamental difference be-
tween conventional medicine and naturopathic alternatives:
Modern medicine more often treats the symptom; naturo-
pathic procedures treat the cause. Where success is achieved
in treating the cause, the symptoms are automatically taken
care of. Simple, effective, but not profitable for Big Pharma.
Diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and immune system re-
lated ailments such as cancer and AIDS, are predominately
lifestyle based killer diseases.
Hypertension (high blood pressure), influenza, gall-
stones, prostate problems, kidney disease and liver disease
are additional contenders as lifestyle killer diseases. Al-
though rarely a killer, there is also the crippling condition
known as rheumatoid arthritis, which can make life pain-
fully unbearable.
Other than individuals predisposed to these ailments
through genetically inherited factors, we increase the risk
of suffering from them due to components in our environ-
ment and lifestyle.
Poor nutrition emanating from junk food restaurants,
highly processed supermarket foods, transfat and salt in al-
most everything, and sugar based drinks - in effect, dead
food - has helped create a world of people in extremely
poor health. This has resulted in an overwhelmed health sys-
tem which is coming close to bankrupting many nations. To
that must be added the individual cost in pain, suffering and
impaired personal capacity to enjoy the pleasures of a
healthy life.
However, drugs and vaccines are almost certainly not
the key to getting your life back. In fact, considerable evi-
dence suggests that they are part of the problem, not the
cure. Big Pharma has not been our friend.
Yet the solution is quite simple, and is based on the
principles of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine,
of prevention being better than cure.
That requires two components: Knowledge and self-
discipline. This series of Holistic Mini-Guides will hope-
fully supply some of the knowledge.
Take back your life.





Growing Old Disgracefully



Doctors Can Be Bad For Your Health - The Proof

Disease Mongering
Same Gene Pool; Different Health Results
Big Food’s Subtle Health Destroying Scam
What Doctors Didn’t Tell Me
They Almost Killed Me
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When doctors in Israel went on strike in 2000, the death

rate plummeted by nearly 40%. But that’s not an isolated
example, as in 1973, Israeli doctors went on strike for 4
weeks and deaths fell by a staggering 50% during that month.
The same happened in Los Angeles in 1976, which
saw an 18% decline in deaths during industrial action by
doctors. When the strike ended, the death rate returned to
the usual higher levels. It also happened in Bogota in 1972.
Doctors withdrew all treatments apart from emergency care,
and mortality rates went down by 35%.
As one Chicago MD put it, way back in 1979: “If doc-
tors reduced their involvement with people and only attended
emergencies, there’s no doubt we’d be better off.”
There is also the fact that medical errors account for
an estimated 40,000 deaths each year in the UK alone, be-
coming Britain’s third biggest killer behind cancer and heart
disease. Plus, serious reactions to prescription drugs are
believed to be responsible for a further 250,000 Britons
being hospitalised each year.
There are many dedicated people in the British medi-
cal system, but overall the state run NHS should carry a Gov-
ernment Health Warning!
The medical profession has made superb advances in
diagnostic techniques and equipment, and finding out what
is actually wrong with us has become a fast and accurate
science. However, treatments from Big Pharma have be-
come less effective than traditional remedies. Antibiotics,
drugs and vaccines quickly lose their effectiveness and have
a wide range of adverse side-effects, often as bad or worse
than each disease they are meant to cure.
But you do not have to be victim of such negligence
and insanity, as our health and wellbeing is predominately
maintained by way of lifestyle factors, all of which can help
prevent, treat and even cure, almost every ailment and dis-
ease on the planet. They also do it far more safely and
cheaply, which this author can personally verify. But that’s
the thrust of this mini-guide, so read on.


All of us have probably had cancer many times in our lives.

If our defence mechanisms are functioning normally, the
body kills off the cancer cells and we are never aware that it
happened. If there is a breakdown in our defence mecha-
nisms when cancer cells appear, there is nothing to prevent
the growth of those cancer cells and soon there is a tumour.
There is an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart dis-
ease, cancer and immune deficiency related diseases in the
world at large. Further, despite virtually compulsory regimes
of vaccine protocols in the West - which were supposed to
completely eliminate disease for all time, but which have
not - young people are not healthier but less so than previ-
ous generations. They are suffering from diabetes in fright-
ening numbers and a wide range of allergy complaints rang-
ing from asthma to eczema to autism, and many more. Even
cancer is now affecting young people. Statistics also con-
firm that current generations have a lower general immu-
nity to all diseases than previous generations - most of whom
including this author, received absolutely no vaccines against
In an age where Big-Pharma, the allopathic medical
However, I am not alone in the world and perhaps oth-
ers from every generation can make more informed choices,
based on research carried out by the world’s finest minds in
every discipline, interpreted using this author’s decades of
‘beating the odds’ experience using holistic and alternative

Approaching Seventy, Posing at the

2009 Bangkok Film Festival.